Over 30 Game Industry Awards Earned by Battlefield 4

Once again, DICE and EA are proud to present a list of new and prestigious awards that the game industry has honored Battlefield 4 with. Having won over 30 industry awards so far, we are very honored and thankful to receive these new recognitions. As we march towards our biggest release ever, we are confident and hopeful that you will enjoy the all-out war of Battlefield 4, starting October 29.


Battlefield 4 Accolades

• “The Next-Generation has arrived” – Games Radar

• “Looks absolutely nuts” – MTV

• “So far Battlefield 4 looks absolutely breathtaking” – Consol.at

• “DICE turns the destructibility back up to 11” – Game Informer

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Other Awards

Most Valuable Game Award (@Gamer, E3 2013)

Best PC Game (Atomix Mexico, E3 2013)

Best of E3 (CVGames, E3 2013)

Best Multiplayer (Digital Trends, E3 2013)

VS Award (Examiner, E3 2013)

Best FPS Game (Game Chronicles, E3 2013)

Best Multiplayer Game (Chronicles, E3 2013)

Best Game of Show (Game Chronicles, E3 2013)

Best FPS (Game One France, E3 2013)

Public Award (Game One France, E3 2013)

Best of E3 (GameSpot, E3 2013)

Most Valuable Game Award (GamesRadar, E3 2013)

Best Graphics (GamesRadar, E3 2013)

Game of Show (GamesRadar, E3 2013)

Best FPS (Habitor Russia, E3 2013)

Best Online Multiplayer (Machinima, E3 2013)

Most Valuable Game Award (PC Gamer, E3 2013)

Best of E3 (PlayStation LifeStyle, E3 2013)

Best FPS (Pop.com.br Brazil, E3 2013)

Best Shooter of the Show (PS3 Trophies, E3 2013)

Game of Show (Vandal.net Spain, E3 2013)

Best PC Game Gamescom (Official Awards, Gamescom)

Most Wanted PC (Computec, Gamescom)

Editor’s Choice PS3/PS4 Award (Play3, Gamescom)

Editor’s Choice X360/Xbox One award (XBG 360 Games, Gamescom)

Editor’s Choice PC award (PC Games, Gamescom)

Best Graphics Gamescom 2013 (World Game Navigator, Gamescom)

Best FPS Gamescom 2013 (World Game Navigator, Gamescom)

Future Game of Show Award (TGS Official Awards, TGS)

Best Xbox 360 Title (GameStop Managers Show – Italy, GSMS)

Best Game (GameStop Managers Show – Northern Europe, GSMS)

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  • 351Nova 02.07.14 at 18:28

    Nice Job DICE .

  • DpXFlOw 11.11.13 at 23:15

    make a game that works for god sake game freezed 5 times in 2 days it sucks everytime if you have +80 kills so don’t be proud of it fix it!

  • acidshell 11.06.13 at 02:40

    Yeah prior to release, this game sucks .

    Controler layout fix it

  • RATLHED 11.03.13 at 03:21

    This game is a turd, the maps are getting old. Better push China Rising ahead about 3 weeks to keep people Interested. Or it may be time for a change – COD!
    I’m pissed that I actually paid for premium before playing the game. My expectations were based on Bad Co. and BF3. What a let down. Also, Dawn Breaker – What a stupid map for Jets. Get rid of Commander and utilize some better graphics.
    This Game Doesn’t have that old BF feel.
    P.S. The Campaign Story Line Sucks, and way to many long dragged out Soap Opera Cut Scenes

  • TheLovePlumber 10.22.13 at 04:33

    Yay go Battlefield!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xPr0GRAFFIX24 10.21.13 at 23:43


  • OMGs_KODIAK 10.19.13 at 06:46


  • Jah_Warriah 10.18.13 at 22:55

    bless up

  • M1573R3X3 10.18.13 at 18:01

    Best Dust ( Desert Magazine)

    Best Intermittent Blue Icon ( Fratricide Prevention, US Army )

    Best Sound Effects ( American School for the Deaf )

    Best Game to Lampoon ( Battlefield Friends )

    Best Controls ( Puzzle Magazine )

    Best Menu ( Mind Tools Club )