Welcome to the Battlefield 4 Beta: Everything you need to know

After two years of hard work we are finally getting ready to roll out Battlefield 4! Please join us next week in the Battlefield 4 Beta to help us make the launch a smoother experience. In this personal blog post, DICE General Manager Karl Magnus Troedsson explains this exciting milestone for Battlefield in detail and how you can help us make the game better.

This is a very exciting time for me and everyone at DICE. After years of hard work and passion, we are in the final stages of preparing for our biggest game yet. This beta marks one of the final milestones before Battlefield 4 launches October 29, and I couldn’t be more proud of what the team has accomplished.

Take part in the Siege of Shanghai

In this beta, you’ll be able to play the Siege of Shanghai map – perhaps our most ambitious and “Battlefield-y” map ever. Never before have we combined a dense urban environment with full infantry and vehicular combat. You’ll zigzag between the skyscrapers in helicopters or engage enemies right in the center of the city in our all-new attack boats. We’re also including the entire concept of Levolution, from the epic player-triggered moment where you can bring down an entire skyscraper, to all of the little things like raising bollards to stop advancing armor, car alarms going off, and being able to lower shutter gates to fortify your position.

In many ways, this map perfectly encapsulates the ideas we have for Battlefield 4 overall – the notion of all-out vehicle warfare with an increased focus on water-based combat and the game-changing concept of Levolution. We can’t wait for you to experience it, both in the Conquest and Domination game mode.

As a small token of appreciation, all players who take part in the Beta will be awarded a unique dog tag for use in Battlefield 4 (when the full game is out).

Beta Tag

Help us make the game better

While the release of Battlefield 4 is relatively close, I wanted to underline that this is, in every respect, a true Beta test. We still have time to implement changes based on your feedback. Some of these changes will happen in time for launch; some feedback will be addressed after launch in our extensive ongoing support of the game.

As long-term fans will know, we are also passionate about tweaking and balancing gameplay based on player feedback once the game is live – expect our commitment for Battlefield 4 to be equally strong. We take pride in listening to our fans so do make yourself heard.

If you have any feedback on the Beta, please submit it to us in the Battlefield 4 Beta forums that we will set up on Battlelog. We will provide regular updates on the beta itself in Battlelog News posts, in the Battlelog forums, and in news posts inside the game (on console).

While we are eager to hear your feedback on the actual gameplay, the beta is first and foremost an opportunity for us to test the underlying infrastructure – server loads, matchmaking systems, server browsers, and game mode rotations are now going to be tested at high capacity for the first time in a public environment. The data that we will receive during the beta period will be of great value to us when configuring the game for launch. Simply by joining the beta, you are helping us tweak very important details in the multiplayer components for our biggest and most ambitious game yet.

What to expect from the Beta

During the beta, we are aiming to be live 24/7. However, we will regularly restart servers on short notice or take down the beta for periods of time if needed for technical reasons. This is because we are still optimizing net code, updating the dedicated server code, updating the server infrastructure, and doing database work.

You can always check the notice bar on Battlelog for up to date information on server status for all platforms (PC, X360, PS3).

I would also like to point out that gameplay is still being balanced, and that the beta is not representative of the final quality of the game. The beta version of the game is actually older than the version we are currently working on at the DICE office, since the beta had to be submitted for testing and certification before it can go live.

How to join the Battlefield 4 Beta

I am happy to invite all of our fans to try the open beta. There is also an exclusive beta three days prior that is open for a select group of players including Battlefield 3 Premium members and fans who have pre-ordered the Battlefield 4 Digital Deluxe Edition on Origin. See below how and when you can join. The most up to date information on how to find and download the Beta for all platforms will be published on this Beta page.

Ways to get into the Beta Eligible for
Pre-order the Battlefield 4 PC Digital Deluxe Edition (Available on Origin) The Exclusive Beta starting October 1* and the Open Beta starting October 4* through October 15
Be a Battlefield 3 Premium member The Exclusive Beta starting October 1* and the Open Beta starting October 4* through October 15
Be a registered owner of Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition The Exclusive Beta starting October 1* and the Open Beta starting October 4* through October 15
Download the Open Beta on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or PC from Xbox Live, PSN and Origin.com The Open Beta October 4* through October 15

*Date subject to change

You can start pre-loading the exclusive Beta on PC on  Sept. 29 at 10AM PDT (click for global time).

64-bit OS required on PC

Note that you are required to run a 64-bit OS to join the Battlefield 4 Beta on PC. As a studio, we wanted to focus our efforts on testing the 64-bit version of the game. The full version of the game will also run on 32-bit Windows OS.

Keeping the Battlefield fair

At DICE, we are always striving to keep the Battlefield fair. We are happy to let you know that we have increased our protection against cheaters to not only use PunkBuster, but we will also work side by side with Gameblocks, who will provide us with their anti-cheat engine FairFight. We believe that the FairFight engine will be a great complement to the anti-cheat measures already in play. During the Beta we will try out both FairFight and PunkBuster to make the experience as good as possible for our players. You will notice information about the two anti-cheat measures on the server browser pages on Battlelog, and you will also potentially see messaging in the chat box in-game when a cheater is caught. We will get back to you later with more detail on how we are improving our anti-cheat measures in Battlefield 4.

To our fans: We salute you

Finally, I wanted to take the time to personally thank our millions of fans for making Battlefield what it is today. With Battlefield 4, we are making great new strides in the series and I am happy to have you along for the ride. Please let us know if you have any questions on the beta below and we’ll do our best to answer them. Now, all I have to do is to complete my three outstanding Assignments in Battlefield 3 before we launch Battlefield 4!

/Karl Magnus Troedsson
General Manager, DICE

Learn more about the Battlefield 4 Beta.
Learn more about Levolution.
Learn more about FairFight.
Learn more about PunkBuster.

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  • csalaza0905 10.16.13 at 02:14

    I cannot play the beta as it says not yet released even though I have the exclusive beta. I tried to re-install but it won’t even give me that option. I have essentially uninstalled BF4 and now would like to re-install it. Please help.

  • DarkMatterGaming 10.13.13 at 20:31

    The best gun glitch in Battlefield https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAn-YcvYekw

  • ver_gold 10.13.13 at 06:46

    I need help. I have MoH Warfighter but I have no clue how to download the exclusive onto the PS3

  • ramseyb7494 10.12.13 at 23:55

    i love the beta but i have seen a few issues which have probably already been addressed. my problem as of right now is that i went and unlocked the FY-JS sniper rifle and i cant even use it any ideas on what i should do?

  • nix0n002 10.12.13 at 19:22

    Will stats be carried over into the full game or will they be wiped?

  • DerpishLifeguard 10.12.13 at 18:20

    The beta looks great even on low settings! (I have to play them on low to get faster fps) problem is counter knife. Its not that I don’t like the idea of it, but every time the prompt for counter knife comes up, I can literally press “F” at high speed a million times, but they still get the knife kill, which, soon after, makes me throw the computer out the window. If this is a bug, then I really am looking forward to you fixing it.


  • grfx77 10.12.13 at 08:03

    Seige of Shanghai = campers on roof…. bad map

  • Gabo4502 10.11.13 at 22:53

    I have the ps3 but plan on changing to xbox one when it comes out, i do have the beta on my ps3 and have played it since oct 5. I was wondering if i can get the dog tag for my xbox one account or not

  • Erebus9125 10.11.13 at 17:28

    Freezes a TON on 360

  • Udonitron 10.11.13 at 01:50

    OK the update today seemed to have replaced the satchels with the old BF3 ammo and Med packs but it seems you cannot drop them on Obliteration mode now and the MG on the Support class is just iron sights now with the magnifier however when magnified you lose the center of the iron sight and cannot see any tracers on your rounds so it seems like you are not even firing….really odd choice guys.
    All my settings were reset too and the auto detect for graphics WAS choosing Ultra but now High?

  • BoganBattler 10.11.13 at 01:45

    Xbox 360 player here: My experiences are thus – the game certainly doesn’t feel right on current gen. Seige of Shanghai is way too big a map for 24 players. I spend most of my game time running around looking for action. When the skyscraper collapses it opens up a bit more but there’s still not that much action.

    Sound wise love everything except the sound of being hit by bullets. To me it sounds like when you fire a grenade launcher. For the first few deaths i actually thought people were killing me constantly with grenade launchers. Also I could never hear footsteps from enemy soldiers, like they were muffled?

    The kill cam is quite interesting but that orange is nasty.

    The textures are pretty horrible but I imagine that is because it is a beta. When the skyscraper collapses the whole map almost becomes one giant brown platform. I know the dust is supposed to cover everything but it would be cool to see different shades of dust, and even areas not dusty, where the wind blew elsewhere.

    Destruction is not really there besides in the shopping mall. I am hoping that’s because Seige of Shanghai has nothing except skyscrapers. Maybe other maps will be completely destructible? One can dream.

    Disappointed to see splash damage from tanks are still non existent. A bunny hop should not escape damage from a tank shell.

    Audio triggers seemed to not work much. For instance there is no warning when a tank is almost dead or a helicopter is about to blow up. When I asked for a ride, my guy did not speak. I hope that’s a beta issue.

    Medi packs and ammo packs don’t work unless you are right on top of them – would be better if you could be a couple of feet away at least.

    Love the new parachute mechanics. You can actually steer now.

    Counter knife never worked for me: it never appeared as a prompt. Is it supposed to?

    I like the super hard levelling up for kits. I’ve played hours and hardly unlocked a decent attachment. That’s good because I think the veteran players deserve some reward for their longevity.

    Squad perks I could not work out. A Dice blog explaining exactly how a squad can build up its green perk bar would be helpful. It seemed random. What kind of things does a squad need to do to get the perks?

    Overall I like it. I am just concerned about the lack of action. It feels a bit empty right now. And a bit slow. Look forward to seeing how it performs on next gen.

  • Erebus9125 10.10.13 at 13:46

    I will generally focus on recon for a moment since Bf has always presented the most realistic form of it. Vapor trials for sniper rifles are unrealistic and CoD like. It looks a lot like a focused convection current In reality and its only visible through a high powered scope. If you want them to be visible, I’d consider going with the bf3 every round is a tracer effect. Also, buildings external to the combat zone are glitchy. But it’s a beta so it looks good considering.

  • SilentBarrel121 10.10.13 at 07:38

    The beta on Xbox 360 has been fun so far, but I have a few bugs to mention. Here is the list
    1. Flying or standing dead bodies
    2. People disappearing when I look at them
    3.Vehicles freaking out and acting strange
    4.(I actually don’t know if this is intentional) Not being able to shoot through closed shutters.
    5. Textures begin to get wonky
    6. Building’s falling animation doesn’t look right (it doesn’t really fall, it sort of just slides the first few seconds).
    Anyway. I still enjoy the beta and I hope that feedback from all of the BF fans will be helpful in making the real deal great


  • srhblu30val210 10.09.13 at 17:52

    I like the game. I’ve had a few issues on PS3 I’m sure are related only to the beta though. The iron sights on the scar take a while to work, when a session starts I cannot use a weapon or turn for a few seconds, every now and then the sound gets muffled, the menus act up( usually on respawn/ class select, I have to pause to see the screen), I have to try a few times to connect to a match(it’ll say canning connect or seer not found), and constant lock ups. I’ll hear sound but I get a black screen and have to reset the system, usually after 2 rounds. I already reserved a copy, because when its running smooth its great.

  • Udonitron 10.09.13 at 09:26

    Please limit class numbers per team for balance. It makes so much more sense and keeps the game level & fun. I.E. so many snipers etc per team vs joining a match with 50%+ snipers. It ruins the flow of the game IMO.
    That is what I loved about Red Orchestra was that there could only be, depending on the team numbers, so many snipers per team/side.
    BF3 would get so frustrating when both sides were primarily snipers with high powered one shot kill rifles and spamming mortars from support.
    I know people want to level their respective class but I think an option via server set up to allow the admin to limit class numbers would be a good route and gives those who cannot stand sniper battle maps a choice to join a balanced match.

  • KettleCorn017 10.09.13 at 07:02

    the Scar H iron sight doesnt always work when spawn

  • O0oreo7 10.09.13 at 06:54

    The airburst gun does not lock at distances. the shotguns do not reload properly. There are areas on the map when you stand the screen turns white. The on screen d-pad indicator on xbox 360 beta dissapears sometimes. when leveling up the bar goes past the edge off to the side of my tv. I like the new reload style it makes the game more challenging. also the frontal knife reverse is a plus so people cant run around stabbing you.

  • djsizz42 10.08.13 at 17:28

    Atleast 50% of the buildings should be able to fall down. Medic packs need to be bigger, like the ones in BF3. People in the building that falls should have a chance to survive not just die the second the building tilts

    • IMANice16 10.08.13 at 23:19

      I agree with everything but there will be the large medic kits like the ones in bf3, they are just not included in the beta.

  • MrStrong16 10.08.13 at 00:34

    Can u change it back to when there was 4 people in a aqua d because it is a ” SQUAD” which contains 4 people because of the quad at the end. also why do recon classes get c4 now that is just dumb and can you all add more customization to the game like being able to change races, gender, and clothes which would be very cool and unique so that not that many people look the same. Thank You for reading this and i am excited for the game.

  • MrMacaw 10.07.13 at 23:33

    Hey, noticed a small problem today; don’t know if its a common one. I saw one of my team mates get melee attacked by a member of the opposition and they went into what looked like a small animation. I shot and killed the attacker before their cinematic finished and saved my team mate but right after this the enemy just froze on the spot. He was stood up and it gave me my points but still he remained frozen. After about 10-15 seconds he finally disappeared. Hope this helps, can’t wait for the launch!

  • l23lFirejetl17l 10.07.13 at 14:10

    Guys can someone fix or answeer the problem this video regarding the graphic problem with BF4 Beta??! /watch?v=hlY_hVbrL6E

  • streetglower 10.07.13 at 12:38

    some things that need to change, when you select the motion sensor you automaticly trow it away, you cant even aim properly, and what does a sniper need to do with c4 :s please change this. its a realy good game, and sometimes you get killed by a player that you dont even see, and then he pops up out of nothing very strange. but not the less i preorder the game

  • Yeah_ME_ 10.06.13 at 22:54

    loved bf3 dont like the changes in bf4 cod sucks dont downgrade to be more like it turn the auto aim down or off vehicle controls i dont like but can get used to everything else is great look forward to playing the whole game got it on reserve

  • STEPYOGAM3UP 10.06.13 at 21:53

    So many negative comments… Jesus people, does everything in life have to perfectly suit YOU? I am already happier with BF4 beta than I was with BF3 beta, and BF3 became my favorite videogame! By the way dprince72, you are “a member of hundreds of gamer boards”? LOL. Name a couple hundred by name, will you? And how important do you think you are to think that your negative ranting on these “hundreds” of boards will single-handedly hault BF4 presales? Grow up people. If you don’t like the game or support the developers, then DON’T BUY IT… simple as that.

  • samimanzur 10.06.13 at 18:56

    why does the beta keep asking me to install origin? i installed the beta through origin and i keep trying to join a server but it won’t work!

  • dprince72 10.06.13 at 04:01


    As far as i am concerned , I’ll be canceling my copy and getting a refund. In Battlefield 3 after ten kills with a gun, you get an attachment . I’ve killed at least 41 with every class and have NOTHING . People have max weapons, can snipe across map with pistols, I’m kicked after killing certain players (same player time after time) Obviously a programmer from one of battlefields design teams . These “Employees” always leave these holes in the game so they and there friends, and there friends friends, can get into the games “God Mode” this is garbage i’ve spent a 100+ for the game and premium membership and you allow this crap . I have been a licensed computer engineer for 12 yrs . I am a member of hundreds of gamer boards and sites everyone i speak to will here about how crappy your beta and game is. you made some good upgrades as i have previously posted this is true but you have created mounds of shit in the process. You dont care or wish to change anything significant cause to close your God mode holes youd have to shut down your beta and scrape the disc’s you’ve made . Dice there engineers and EA are nothing but Exploitative bullies. Why should you have the ability to do this in a demo or a production game. And before you wave your hands screaming your innocent , think if your not doing it then you’ve already been HACKED……. Even more reason to get a refund.
    SAVE your Money this game will be just as corrupted with back doors for friends and family to exploit which means those friends and family will show there friends so on and so forth.
    The only way to affect a change is if everyone gets there pre-order money back. Then and only then will a Small change be deployed and i promise you it will be small at best . Programmers are fickle and temperamental on there best days tell them they cant have a back door and they close it temporarily and later leak it to the public via YouTube like in MW3. You didn’t think the CALL OF DUTY serious split between development teams was simply because it was to big for one team did you people.

  • killCAMPERS 10.06.13 at 02:10

    Oh, by the way, why can’t I post in the forums? And why am I looking at very light grey letters when typing this comment? I can barely see what I’m typing.

  • killCAMPERS 10.06.13 at 02:00

    Stick controls need to have more options. I need the choice to be able to remove the Knife and Prone from the controller sticks. They interfere with my aiming my weapon.

  • count_blak-ula 10.05.13 at 22:57

    After watching the Low/Ultra comparison video I have to say that the art direction is steering too far away from what I consider a Battlefield only experience. Most of my gaming friends’ initial response was “This looks like a Call of Duty game.” Obviously it’s NOT a Call of Duty game but unfortunately the look of the game will have a huge impact on the overall experience in my opinion. As a mobile app/game developer I understand the purpose of the beta and accept that weird things will happen while playing during this phase. Still funny to hear people bitching about things :) ……but seriously DICE, is it too late to adjust things visually.
    BF3 was a huge step forward. BF4 looks even more promising with all of the awesome features of Frostbite 3 engine.

    PLEASE, PLEASE keep the option to have BF3 control scheme available in the final release. Vehicle controls were a bit odd to get used to and not too enjoyable as they are in BF3.

    Death sequence of your player is so “soft” compared to BF3. Although this is a small detail Beef it up a bit. At least in BF3 the zombie claw hand of death was a clear indicator that I died. In BF4 beta I hear a soft thud followed by a 3rd person view of a tumbling rag doll :(

    This applies to current BF3 and hopefully in future BF4: Please make the guns do what they’re supposed to. An MK3A1 at close range should be the equivalent of Quake III frag chunks…but instead my awesome sounding nerf gun does nothing most of the time.

    A lot of gripe from random players comes up frequently about Normal and Hardcore mode. Normal mode should not require me to shoot out a window with two or three shots. Nor should a .44 or JNG require multiple headshots to kill somebody. Normal mode should simply be Hardcore mode with regenerative health (if you must). If people want a “sissy run n gun” game let them buy some other game on the market.

    By the way, all of the things I am posting are from playing on a PS3. Anyway cheers DICE on a fantastic job once again. I hope you guys are taking in the feedback and hopefully addressing some of these issues/concerns.

  • papabear425 10.05.13 at 22:01

    how is it that some people already have like the best sniper and when i even go to look at it i can’t seem to find it…plus can you use the deluxe upgrades to vehicles and the gold battle-packs now or just when the actual game comes out?

  • facemoon_1992 10.05.13 at 19:36


  • Mik_The_Sniper 10.05.13 at 17:23

    on bf4 take off the c4 on recon class there will just camp on stairs with the support class people

  • red six 33 10.05.13 at 17:21

    very disapointed seems more like a call of duty game which i dont like them games was looking so forward to this new battlefield 4 game .. in the weaponery you should have kept it like battlefield 3 also when you are playing as support you have to use more then one ammo box and you have to stand right on top of it.. you should have kept it like bf3 , when you kill someone also it comes up to small and goes to quick .. also when you get killed yourself i dont like it you really should have kept it like bf3.. after 2 years in the makeing and its come to this im haveing second thoughts in buying bf4. but its not to late to change it u should keep it more like bf3.. you should keep all the soldiers equipped the same as bf3.. dont like all the changes to this.. hope you take this feed back into consideration.. thanks for listening….

  • KG771115 10.05.13 at 12:56

    Is there any possibility in PS4 BF4 to have the same control settings as PS3 BF3.
    its relly hard to learn the control settings in the beta version when you played 1500 hrs in the BF3 so i really hope its possible

  • Bleekz78 10.05.13 at 01:33

    Love to variable zoom scope!!! One small problem tho, when you’re looking thur the scope, it would make more sense to switch between magnification by pressing R3. Your thumb don’t have to move off the joysticks. It’s the same for cod. It’s just more practical.

    Also, please tell me there’s a straight pull bolt. I really miss that.
    Great job so far!!!!

  • TheBDC2000 10.05.13 at 00:16

    I have Battlefield 3 Premium but i cant get the premium because it says i cant download content with this rating but my game playing settings are at all so i can play games that are mature which is the esrb rating for BF4 i believe and my account is my dads birth date and he is over 17 so i was wondering if anyone is having this problem if its the game or if its my Xbox being stupid

  • Mik_The_Sniper 10.04.13 at 23:30

    should put the controls settings off bf3 on bf4….. bf4 controls am no good pre fare the bf3 control settings they am more better and put the tanks and jets and heli controls on it to from bf3…

  • djscottcross 10.04.13 at 19:51

    this new battlefield jus dont like it really dissapointed in the weaponery they should have kept it like battlefield 3 dont like when your support when you go to resupply yourself with ammo you have to use more then one ammo box…….. and you have to stand directly on top of it, and when your a recon you are giveing c4 dont like it .. should have kept all the same as battlefield 3.. so dissapointed if the game is defintly going to be like this im defintly haveing second thoughts in buying this.. all the soldiers should be equipted like battlefield 3 .. hope you listen to this feed back massive fan of the battlefield 3…

  • InFiDeLz_B_05 10.04.13 at 18:57

    when is the open beta for ps3 gonna be open cuz ive been waitin for the past two hours?

  • Mrrshal 10.04.13 at 17:15

    But players who own Bf3 Limited Edition? Left behind again, damn premium, burn in hell!

  • temka_molodeC 10.04.13 at 17:01

    join the server and the game is loading is minimized do not know what to do windows 7 64-bit computers are very good response drivers are updated I do not know what to do help

  • Cowzgomooz 10.04.13 at 12:45

    Crap I was planning on getting it for Xbox One but play the beta on 360. Will I be able to keep the dog tag for Xbox one?

    • Bulletproof2233 10.04.13 at 19:11

      The Tag is linked to your origin account I believe so It will stay with you even if you decide to play on PS4.

  • 1soldier2name 10.04.13 at 04:43

    I keep getting a window that says BF4 beta has an upgrade: 2 choices are upgrade now or cancel and when I click upgrade, it never works, but the popup opens every time I start BF4 beta. The error message is that Origin ‘is already using that folder for another’ process…

    Also, I installed bf4 beta and the gameplay was fine when first starting, but then slowed down in any server and I had to log out, as it was unplayable: What I saw on the screen was not actual and it would “catch up” after character was ‘killed’ and display “what really happened”…as if the ping rate didn’t match the game, or it was lagging far behind actual so others moved normally in real time but my character was half time or less and could easily be killed, no chance to compete.

  • dprince72 10.03.13 at 17:49

    Will whats gained in open beta, carry over or be rewarded upon release.

  • dprince72 10.03.13 at 17:48

    Where is the feedback section in my play i have found some Glitches or holes. I am a certified computer tech / avid gamer. I just dont want to anger anyone by posting in the wrong blog .

  • BRAINNIAC 10.03.13 at 15:10

    Good day, I think a lack of respect to people who have NVIDIA video cards are failing to play BATTLEFIELD 4 – BETA DICE and shows no interest in helping users. I have a problem that more than 50,000 people have also reported the DICE and they do not bother. My error is the load time of the game and it closes simply alone. And also there’s this error from my image => http://img692.imageshack.us/img692/3672/hg6.png <= and they do not solve and do not speak when they solve. Part BETA ends tomorrow and I and many users will not get to enjoy it and that's a shame, I paid dearly for the game and will not get to play. My computer is very good and still the best parts of the market I am not able to play the game or during BETA. Situation is resolved soon or return the money of more than 50,000 people who bought the product elusive until now. BATTLEFIELD 4 – BETA a shame so far for many users.

  • matteb81 10.03.13 at 13:44

    Fix The beta on ps3 please crashes!

  • Brnanyri 10.03.13 at 10:57

    The game seemed worse-definition graphics, comparing with the previous part (only in multiplayer). A dark and muddy, and what is not natural.

    • Senna_Schumacher 10.05.13 at 04:59

      I totally agree and thought I was the only one!

      I mean Frostbite 3? REALLY??? Feels more like Frostbite 2.00.01

      At best the graphics are equal or slightly worse! Pretty much the only thing I see different besides some light cosmetic thing like menus, vapor trails, a few new FX etc, is a lot more particles floating around which doesn’t equate to better graphics to me.

      It feels like they took the HIDEOUS P.O.S. that is Medal Of Honor: War Fighter and mixed it with BF3 to give us some ugly hybrid that’s a major let down!

      I was blown away when I played MOH: WF by how terrible that game looked! $40 right down the drain, played it less than an hour in the year since purchased. Maybe woulda been OK in 2008 not 2012…but I digress..

      I’m glad I played this BETA so I know not to bother with pre-order and maybe pass on the whole game altogether. Considering it’s going to cost $110 total with Premium (which is an absolute must for any meaningful multi-player gaming) for a slightly tweaked, possibly worse game than the $110 BF3 I already have? NO THANKS!

  • ChoppySenna99 10.03.13 at 10:41

    Can you please please please allow for an option in the controls so that you can select the original battlefield 3 controls. The controls can be customised but we just want an option to allow us to set the controls the same as they were in battlefield 3. This is very important and I’m sure most fans would agree!!!

    • ErkBert 10.03.13 at 18:36

      Agreed 100%. Please include option or flexibility to get BF3 control layout.

  • Bleekz78 10.03.13 at 09:30

    Good job adding c4 to recon. It gives the class more if a job to do. You turned down the glint but added a bullet tracer :(
    I think a chest and up one shot/one kill rifle should be in the recon kit. IMO

  • Bleekz78 10.03.13 at 09:23

    Why did u guys change the controls??? There should be an option to set up exactly like bf3 !!

  • VleNik 10.03.13 at 08:02

    Could be me but when the full version of BF4 is out, will all our stats gain in BF4 Beta be resetted?
    So we need to start all over again?

  • me11972 10.03.13 at 05:21

    I am alongtime Battlefield player and retired Army (22yrs), after playing BF3 for a long time, I would like to address things my friends and I would like to see changed to be more real.
    1. Get rid of the hand torch that can burn thru vehicles
    2. Make all weapons damage accurate to the caliber round fire.
    3. shooting pistols more than 50 feet with accuracy not true
    4. When Javelins lock on, there a guided missile, not affected by flares5.
    5. Get rid of these level 100 modders playin with aim bot
    6. When shooting any 50 caliber machine gun on vehicles there should be no hit markers on enemy soldier, one 50 cal round will kill an individual
    7. When planting C4 and exploding it , the individual should be more than 100 meters away otherwise he should be killed to.

    • ThE uNcReAtIvE 10.03.13 at 08:20

      You gotta remember this is a game. not real life. Although your suggestions may be true to real life, most of those adjustments would make the game suck. tbh the only valid point is number 5, but it is kinda obvious that they don’t want hackers.

    • mosvalve 10.04.13 at 16:27

      I couldn’t agree with you more.

    • Senna_Schumacher 10.05.13 at 05:11

      Absolutlely right!

      Also, when you fire a tank shell point blank at a soldier on the ground and he hops away with slight/no damage there is a problem with that!

      I mean the guy has no injuries or death because the tank shell hit the wall 1foot next to him instead of right down his throat? CMON! I don’t care if it’s not a HE round, any shell should end his day if it lands EVEN 6-10 feet away and that’s pushing it!

  • DELCO_bc 10.03.13 at 03:57

    for ps3

  • DELCO_bc 10.03.13 at 03:53

    Lag in your team members being identified.

  • IIOASISII 10.03.13 at 02:17
  • Big Bo55 10.02.13 at 23:15

    Do you have the receipt of sale when you purchased BF4? You definitely have to specify when the time to order came around.

  • Pr3datoR_Ey3z 10.02.13 at 22:33

    My Opinion(I played 8 hours straight or so yesterday, it’s how addictive and fun BF4 is) The BF4 Exclusive Beta: graphics and all are Superb. You should get this ***Preorder the digital deluxe and join today. Best game ever & I have been a gamer of FPS games for many, many years. It’s way better than BF3. You will love it.

    • DragonAge_31706573 10.03.13 at 03:33

      I loved BF3, but not being able to play on LAN all the time was a downer, that’s the deciding factor if me and my friends will purchase this… :/

  • Dovah_1 10.02.13 at 21:56

    And btw 80% destruction? i dont see it

  • Dovah_1 10.02.13 at 21:53


  • 3MEN2_KBRON 10.02.13 at 20:53

    What did you guys ruin this game? Seriously i dont like the way it looks….good improvement in the guns but is looking like call of duty….i was going to buy this game but no anymore…i saty with old version

    • Big Bo55 10.03.13 at 01:06

      Are you even able to play beta without buying the game first?

      • VleNik 10.03.13 at 08:03

        Read the “How to join the Battlefield 4 Beta” section.

  • MR-Monopoly22 10.02.13 at 20:00

    I got given the beta on PC instead of PS3. I have MoH: Warfighter on PS3 and got an email telling me that I have the closed beta on PC for my purchase of MoH:Warfighter limited edition which I purchased on PS3… What gives?

    • Big Bo55 10.02.13 at 23:14

      Do you have the receipt of sale when you purchased BF4? You definitely have to specify when the time to order came around.

  • ErkBert 10.02.13 at 18:44

    Has anyone had luck using the QuickMatch selection? I’ve never had it work, just get a disconnect message or something, so I’ve just had to go through the Server Browser choice and randomly pick one, hoping other players are on (yes,the Server Browser screen does not show me how many players are in each server, always says 0/20 or 0/24 depending on the game type).

    • battleaxe123456 10.02.13 at 20:57

      depending on what type of graphic card you have …. that might be the problem…. i have ge force gtx 680, once updated the connection access worked… hopes this helps.

  • McWop 10.02.13 at 18:24

    PS3 Version

    What did you guys do to the controls?! Seriously allow for more customization please. The select button onto battlog? Why. Just allow me to set things up like BF3. Veteran is close to what they were setup as before but not good enough.

    Vehicle setups? Again please allow me to setup the controls the way I like to.

    Please let us assign controls and buttons where we want everything. Your current setup is frustrating and disappointing. I just want to spot people with select, like the last 3 games….

    Domination keeps freezing. I have to do a system reset. Conquest seems to be fine.

    Otherwise the sounds are great, I look forward to ps4 as there really isn’t enough people or vehicles in the ps3 version

    Thanks for the beta

    • Dtkoop 10.02.13 at 18:26

      Keybinding! yet another reason PC = win

    • Dovah_1 10.02.13 at 21:51


      • IIOASISII 10.03.13 at 02:06

        CONTROLS ARE SHIT ON PS3 Damn right it is!!! They should add a configuration so you can make it like BF3 atleast and the vehichle sensitivity movement the same, Maybe they want us to turn into call of duty fans, as their controller layout is the same in this BF4. Maybe they want us want us to rank up slowly, taking us a year at least to lern to get a heli off the ground

      • IIOASISII 10.03.13 at 02:17
    • Big Bo55 10.02.13 at 23:16


  • KillerScene 10.02.13 at 17:13

    Xbox 360 version here.
    I’m a southpaw gamer but I can’t get a control scheme to work in the tanks and trucks. I chose southpaw veteran to get a scheme that most closely matches BF3, and although the steer controls are switched to the right stick the look controls, which the graphic says are handled by the left stick are not switched, instead being on the right stick.

    This is a complete nightmare as the tank’s turret turns at a faster rate than it steers. I have to stop maneouvering to correct the turret to point forward.

    The same thing happens when I get in the trucks, Using the default in-car view, every time I steer left or right my view goes sideways so I’m looking out of the side window. I have to goe to the external view just to see what I’m doing.

    This has to be a bug. Why would both look and steer be on the same stick, with the other stick being redundant? It just doesn’t make any sense at all and basically means I can’t effectively drive any of the road vehicles in this beta.

    Please fix DICE, this is driving me up the wall!

  • LordStuff 10.02.13 at 15:56

    The PC version pretty much unplayable for me, it’s jerking around all the time, the graphic driver keeps crashing with the same error message. It looks pretty good, the maps are bigger, that kind of makes it better than BF3, but I’d like to play it as a not jerking, normal game, without getting kicked by my drivers all the time.
    This doesn’t have anything to with temps or something like that, I checked everything, on low and high graphics.

  • WVUSTARR 10.02.13 at 14:43

    Seems pretty good so far. Graphics are awful as expected on PS3. I will be waiting for the PS4. The 9.99 upgrade for a digital copy does not sound great to me. I like having a disk and case. Other than the Levolution additions , it pretty much Battlefield 3.

  • hawker_mech 10.02.13 at 14:04

    Can you please make it so that Space is accept revive.

  • WizardFlipper 10.02.13 at 13:22

    I got my beta via xbox dashboard not sure why u cant get it

  • WizardFlipper 10.02.13 at 13:21



  • ace4mma 10.02.13 at 04:10

    igot the email but no code for the pc or ps3 beta. i am a premium member. how do i go about this?

  • MolokoMan 10.02.13 at 04:09

    How do I get the beta for the 360? I was told that everything I needed would be on this page. They lied! It also isn’t even available on the Microsoft store.

  • Sarrafien 10.02.13 at 04:09

    If I was a premium member on PS3, would i be able to get BF4 beta on PC ? Doesn’t seem possible as i’ve tried to get it through origin and the only way is to pre-order the game. Reason im not trying it on PS3 is because i got rid of it in prep for PS4.

    • Big Bo55 10.03.13 at 01:13

      You have to buy the game to get access to beta for that particular platform.

  • T33J_1126 10.02.13 at 04:03

    Beta isn’t showing up on PSN.

  • RAJUNKAJUN 10.02.13 at 04:02

    so ea / orgin disappoints , I have tried to dload the beta for 2 days now gets to 99% then back to 81% bf4 beta sucks orgin sucks, I bought 2 copies of the bf4 digi delux edition and so far it’s worthless

  • SilentShot 305 10.02.13 at 04:01

    I could verify that I am downloading the beta right now on my 360. Thanks again for the heads up…

  • gluep51 10.02.13 at 04:01

    I don’t know how to download the beta on the xbox 360…

  • SilentShot 305 10.02.13 at 03:57

    Ok thanks im going to to download it on the 360

  • Liquefied_Liara 10.02.13 at 03:55

    Same with me, where is my Battlefield 4 Beta Code

  • Blaze ops420 10.02.13 at 03:54

    i just read and found out beta is only available on xbox if you got premium on xbox etc

  • Liquefied_Liara 10.02.13 at 03:53

    Same with me

  • neohunter1884 10.02.13 at 03:52

    so no beta for xbox 360 or am i missing something, got the email but i dont do pc

  • SilentShot 305 10.02.13 at 03:48

    I got an e-mail telling me to download the beta but its not working for me… This sucks

  • L0NG0N3 10.02.13 at 03:41

    Got a email telling me to play BF4 “NOW” and it wont let me. WHy?

    Click on the Arrow that looks like the go back arrow just left of the word SHOW. This gave me the option to DL the game. WOOT!!!!

  • L0NG0N3 10.02.13 at 03:38

    Got a email telling me to play BF4 “NOW” and it wont let me. WHy?

    • L0NG0N3 10.02.13 at 03:41

      Got a email telling me to play BF4 “NOW” and it wont let me. WHy?

      Click on the Arrow that looks like the go back arrow just left of the word SHOW. This gave me the option to DL the game. WOOT!!!!

  • Forte_Astro 10.02.13 at 03:38

    I own moh warfighter and i used the online code on a deleted user, astroforte100. I was wondering if i can get access if it isnt much to ask?

  • thatirishguy0 10.02.13 at 03:33

    So how do I actually download this beta? And it looks as if I’m not the only one.

  • aa 777 nx 10.02.13 at 03:18

    I bought Battlefield 3 Premium on my Xbox 360, but I switched over to PC gaming a few months later. Will I be able to access the PC beta on my computer? (I’m using the same Origin account and I don’t see the beta anywhere on my PC)

    • PooTossinApe 10.02.13 at 03:44

      Same here. I don’t think we’re eligible for the Exclusive BETA bro.

  • NyborgRebel 10.02.13 at 03:18

    I received the E-mail stating that I have received beta access and yet there is no game download available from my Origin “My Games” list.

  • TheXboxMom 10.02.13 at 03:11

    blood make the grass grow, YO

  • Layvian 10.02.13 at 03:10

    This Beta invite is poorly executed. I am a Premium member, it says I can play now, if I sign into my Origin Account, which is just not true. Nothing happens.

  • ChewyBoomStick 10.02.13 at 03:10

    cant even find the play button

    • evilbro3 10.02.13 at 03:23

      same. don’t even know where to download it :/

  • alohaSk808 10.02.13 at 03:07

    when I press play nothing happens

  • Acepeace 10.02.13 at 03:01

    where do i download

  • CycoChris 10.02.13 at 02:55

    Where do we download the beta? I got the email

  • EagleLao 10.02.13 at 02:51

    Same in Australia still can’t see the game on dashboard. But when I changed the location to the US and logged off, I can see the icon of exclusive beta, then I clicked in and logged in, and try to download the beta. It just played the Battlefield4 premium membership trailer for me and asked me to buy that membership after. I tried different methods online last night for about 2 hours but it didn’t work for me as well. It sucks.

  • ZOMBIEMAN1631 10.02.13 at 02:45

    were can I download the beta im a premum member I just got the email

  • BigEarnMcCraken 10.02.13 at 02:43

    On the next generation consoles will we be able to use a airplane joystick like you can on the PC?

  • RizzKi11 10.02.13 at 02:37

    i cant access it on my xbox 360. nothing is coming up as per the instructions. I live in Australia. so might be a time thing”?

    • EagleLao 10.02.13 at 02:50

      Same in Australia still can’t see the game on dashboard. But when I changed the location to the US and logged off, I can see the icon of exclusive beta, then I clicked in and logged in, and try to download the beta. It just played the Battlefield4 premium membership trailer for me and asked me to buy that membership after. I tried different methods online last night for about 2 hours but it didn’t work for me as well. It sucks.

  • wWaAVve 10.02.13 at 01:40

    DICE I have a question about the damage models in the beta versus the pre-alpha and B3.
    It seems so far (and I haven’t played the beta yet until Friday) that the damage of guns is a lot higher from pre alpha and possibly B3.
    I could be wrong but it seems that people are dying a lot quicker when they’re shot and there’s less of a firefight.
    Is the damage model different than the Pre-Alpha or B3?
    Personally I like the damage a little lower because there’s more of a firefight and you can kind of see the marker and where the enemy is shooting from to give you a better chance to take cover or survive some of the time.
    That’s less time in killcams or menus and more time in the battle.
    Plus that makes it less like the other shooters where you die every 5 seconds (there’s other reasons for that also).
    I Really liked the way the pre-alpha damage looked and I wouldn’t want higher damage than B3 which I’m playing first hand.
    Any thoughts about this?

  • XBeyondInsaneX 10.02.13 at 01:35

    The guns shoot like they are firing ballistic missiles. I pop around a corner and get two shotted by a carbine.

  • TipNineTwenty 10.01.13 at 23:24

    The Beta is freezing my ps3

    • DCdEsTrOyErZZ 10.02.13 at 01:24

      Same here bro and it’s pissing me off

    • battleaxe123456 10.02.13 at 21:05

      bc your playing on a POS concole … man up … pc is the only real match for the graphic content

  • DAVESUK 10.01.13 at 22:42

    Why cant people who have Premium Edition get the beta?

    • gpat138 10.01.13 at 23:40

      I’m a Premium member on PS3. I went to the Playstation Store and did a search for Battlefield 4. Once you get to the Battlefield 4 page, there will be a link which says “Try Free Demo”. That is the beta. Click on it to begin the download.

  • BentleyTheBrain 10.01.13 at 22:07

    How do I download it if I have the Battlefield 3 Premium Edition?

  • grapeAPEtoker 10.01.13 at 21:20

    Is no one on here cause all the lobbies are empty!

  • grapeAPEtoker 10.01.13 at 21:16

    Downloaded and installed beta for ps3, i live in Colorado, anyone else on ps3 get it?

  • BOBops 10.01.13 at 20:56

    This works, just started to download and I’m in Canada. Before you sign back in to your profile you need to actually click on the first “BF4 exclusive beta” icon and then hover on the beta icon.

  • RITMedic144 10.01.13 at 20:48

    So, I pre-ordered Warfighter and BF4 because of this tease and you’re just getting around to mentioning that PC users have to be using x64 OS to play the beta? Classy move, guys! You rock, no seriously!

  • ProDonce 10.01.13 at 20:42

    WIll stability issues be fixed?

  • merdan1993 10.01.13 at 20:26

    how can we send our thoughts about bf4 to dice ?

  • btalexbrown4 10.01.13 at 20:13

    Derpydude12 (page #16) got it right. It works. Follow these instructions to the letter

    GUYS I GOT IT FOR XBOX 360!!! I have been trying to figure it out all night but I finally did! 1. Go to console settings, change your locale to United Kingdom 2. Sign out of your profile 3. you should see the bf4 exclusive beta now in the games tab. Click it. 4. now hovering over the bf4 beta tab, sign back into your account via the Home button on the Xbox controller, otherwise the beta tab will disappear when you sign in( if you sign in a different way) 5. Now the beta should be downloading!

    • BOBops 10.01.13 at 20:56

      This works, just started to download and I’m in Canada. Before you sign back in to your profile you need to actually click on the first “BF4 exclusive beta” icon and then hover on the beta icon.

  • HairMcNabb 10.01.13 at 19:31

    Hello. I’ve bought the digital deluxe for PC, another friends aswell. But whenever I’m joining a server it crashes at the loading screen. I’ve got 64 bit OS so it’s not the problem. What is happening? I payed extra for playing 4 days earlier and I’m very dissapointed. I just wasted money on you.

  • crazybuzzsaw 10.01.13 at 19:18

    im now downloading the beta for xbox 360 1.56BG

  • ML7o0oSin 10.01.13 at 19:09

    nothing on ps3 and i’m premium member

  • crazybuzzsaw 10.01.13 at 19:04

    anyone found it on xbox yet?

  • Legionnaire_v1 10.01.13 at 19:04

    Can any of you help me, I have premium and the battlefield 4 beta is not popping up for me i have tried everything to downloading premium i dont know what to do

  • Kitsune Krew 10.01.13 at 18:52

    Guys, it’s a beta. What do you think that means? We find the glitches and tell of what happens in the game so that they make it better. Of course it is gonna have flaws. Also, Derpydude’s method does seem to work. I’m downloading it as I type lol

    • Azj3rei 10.01.13 at 19:27

      Flaws? It’s fucking UNPLAYABLE! This is not a beta, it is an alpha. It lags horribly. A bunch of retards working at DICE, that’s what I Think.

  • skyppl 10.01.13 at 18:10

    I cant get the beta on PS3 in Canada

  • Micozzi56 10.01.13 at 17:55

    Ok This beta is really shit i downloaded the game i thought everything would be fine but when i fucking try to join a game it always gives me an error. Can someone please tell me how to fix this.. i guess some things are to good to be true for me :l

  • philiplangoe 10.01.13 at 17:30

    How do you get bf4 on Xbox 360???? Im from Sweden and are premium member

  • Micozzi56 10.01.13 at 17:25

    Is anyone else playing or is the server shut down???? everytime i hit quick match conquest it says can not connect to server. Please Help!!

    • ErkBert 10.01.13 at 19:43

      Try going through the server browser instead of choosing quick match. I was able to join one with a high ping value…problem is no one else was on, I just walked around Shanghai by myself. Hopefully more action tonight!

  • krekc 10.01.13 at 17:08

    What about BF4 Premium members? Can we get into the beta?

  • SGT NOOBSTER 10.01.13 at 17:02

    So I see the “Access to BF4″ in the games tab, but nothing happens. I tried what derpydude said and nothing happened either. This is just annoying.

  • MrGuts740 10.01.13 at 16:50

    Cant wait till the 4th

  • Hizzyboo 10.01.13 at 16:50

    I got it! As soon as your logging in from the dashboard! Quickly pres te guide button to exit the dashboard log in and quickly tap a as fast as you can! Thanks derpydude!

  • Micozzi56 10.01.13 at 16:50

    now its page 16

  • Micozzi56 10.01.13 at 16:43

    Scroll Down its on this page

  • Micozzi56 10.01.13 at 16:40

    scroll down to derpydude12 comment he helped me out so much!!!

  • Hizzyboo 10.01.13 at 16:40

    Where is it??? :(

  • Tatsuashi 10.01.13 at 16:38

    micozzi where did you find it??

  • MrRogers8585 10.01.13 at 16:37

    Derpydude12 is a mad genius!

  • Micozzi56 10.01.13 at 16:36

    I found it to but this bitch is going to take forever to download… i started 2 minutes ago and its still at 0% xD

  • Tatsuashi 10.01.13 at 16:35

    where the hell do you find it on xbox 360. i am a premium member but it is not on the dashboard… WTF DICE!!

  • EliteDeltaDC 10.01.13 at 16:31

    Downloading on Xbox360 NOW….64 percent of.the way there

  • xXEasyDayXx 10.01.13 at 16:28

    my donsent work is just says error… can i fix it i so mad!!!!!!

  • Micozzi56 10.01.13 at 16:25

    Ok so its october 1st battlefield 3 premium members should be getting the beta. i am looking everywere on xbox and cant find this fucking beta. SOMEONE please tell me what im doing wrong!!!

    • DefiniteHarp6 10.01.13 at 16:29

      Derpydude12 figured it out i am downloading it right now

    • DefiniteHarp6 10.01.13 at 16:30

      GUYS I GOT IT FOR XBOX 360!!! I have been trying to figure it out all night but I finally did! 1. Go to console settings, change your locale to United Kingdom 2. Sign out of your profile 3. you should see the bf4 exclusive beta now in the games tab. Click it. 4. now hovering over the bf4 beta tab, sign back into your account via the Home button on the Xbox controller, otherwise the beta tab will disappear when you sign in( if you sign in a different way) 5. Now the beta should be downloading!

  • DERPYDUDE12 10.01.13 at 16:15

    GUYS I GOT IT FOR XBOX 360!!! I have been trying to figure it out all night but I finally did! 1. Go to console settings, change your locale to United Kingdom 2. Sign out of your profile 3. you should see the bf4 exclusive beta now in the games tab. Click it. 4. now hovering over the bf4 beta tab, sign back into your account via the Home button on the Xbox controller, otherwise the beta tab will disappear when you sign in( if you sign in a different way) 5. Now the beta should be downloading!

  • Azj3rei 10.01.13 at 16:14

    Wow, I was expecting something short of a game, but THIS?!? Laggy, freezing piece of shit you have given us. And we’ve paid extra to get this beta. Fuck YOU, DICE, and Fuck YOU EA. I hope you bomb with this game.

    • gamekiller95 10.01.13 at 16:17

      it`s a beta it`s not done yet it will lag

      • Azj3rei 10.01.13 at 19:29

        Well, they have only convinced me to NOT buy this piece of shit. Beta or not, it’s supposed to show me how the game will be. Right now, it’s pre-beta. It is unplayable. If they cannot fix shit themselves, then the do not deserve anything. To hell with them.

  • gamekiller95 10.01.13 at 16:12

    for ps3 players go to search and search battlefield 4 then it says pre oder or try free demo your welome

  • RudyKamper 10.01.13 at 16:10

    I hope it will be just a good game ;)

  • ice_tiger_2013 10.01.13 at 15:45

    ik heb de beta maar steeds als hij net klaar is met laden zegt hij dat er een probleem is?

  • Fsmdf 10.01.13 at 15:17

    I just hope you, Dice, don’t turn conquest into a faked TDM, like in BF3! With your anti camper measures, everybody just run around prioritizing killing enemies instead of thinking about a strategy to conquer the flags. Don’t think the commander mode will change much on that (players won’t even listen to orders, they will always prefer to kill those SPOTTED enemies). You could actually take off those features that allow people to track each other from conquest mode and leave them for TDM, rush etc. and small-map games, they work well there.

  • GoldenTyga117 10.01.13 at 15:13

    I also can’t download the beta. I’m a premium member and got a welcome to the beta message and invite on bf3 but I can’t find the beta anywhere….it’s not showing up in any section. And it’s supposed to be up and running since it’s after 9am EST here. I hope this gets fixed soon or there’s an explanation

  • Bwick50 10.01.13 at 15:05

    How do i download the beta for xbox and i have premium?

    • KPOTSHOT2 10.01.13 at 15:11

      It doesn’t seem to be appearing for most on their xboxs

  • KPOTSHOT2 10.01.13 at 15:03

    I’m a premium member on Xbox and absolutely no icon on my dashboard to play the beta..this is bs dice..I’ve put a ton of money into bf and all I want is to play the beta I was promised 6 months ago

  • TheVanguard89 10.01.13 at 15:02

    the release date of the beta here in the states is the 1st of october (today) at 3pm, when the ps store updates, its stated in the FAQ for the beta on battlefield.com

  • sstan50 10.01.13 at 14:49

    for any ps3 user this is how you download it!! go to the store and go into games then ps3 demos and then scroll the whole way down to shooters and then it should be right there for you to download!! Enjoy

    • TheVanguard89 10.01.13 at 15:00

      no, not as far as east coast as of 9 am…

  • TheAwsomeMe03 10.01.13 at 14:28

    Why can’t i download the beta on the xbox, i have battlefield 3 premium but it dosen’t show up in my featured

  • TheAwsomeMe03 10.01.13 at 14:27

    Why can’t i download the beta from the xbox360, i have abttlefield 3 premium but it dosen’t show up in featured

  • Bronk91CZ 10.01.13 at 14:13

    vyplatilo jsi koupit Medal of Honor Warfitghter
    Digital deluxe :DD

  • jmelchio85 10.01.13 at 14:03

    what is the time that you can download on ps3 in toronto

  • merdan1993 10.01.13 at 13:45

    i am using gtx660m (rog g55v) notebook , and fps is really low – ( 25-30fps with full HD / 30-40 FPS with1600:900 Resolution ) i hope dice will solve the problem and i can get a little bit good gaming experience

    • C0R3SPEED 10.01.13 at 15:05

      Unfortunately that is going to be expected @ full HD with a gtx660m because the 128bit memory bus, lower clocks – it just won’t scale.

      I get a new laptop about every year because they do not have the longevity for gaming.

  • InDepth713 10.01.13 at 13:25

    dice I have been waiting up all night for this I am a bf3 premium member I am supposed to get a code cause I am getting very upset right about now if so please send me one via email

  • i_3bood_14 10.01.13 at 13:21

    Hi EA, I can’t run BF4 Beta on my PC, If I have run the game the game stops working!, Please help me.

  • ZiNk x J0sTeR 10.01.13 at 13:10

    Everyone the beta on BF3 came out after 12 noon remember its going to be the same way prob 1-2 hours before rush hour when everyone gets off of work

  • Jay dubster 10.01.13 at 13:09

    For all xbox users…

    The Exclusive Battlefield 4 Beta for Xbox 360 can now be accessed through Xbox Live. Navigate to the Games section on the Xbox 360 Dashboard. If you have either BF3 Premium or a Medal of Honor Warfighter – Limited Edition Online Pass, you will see an image for the Battlefield 4 Beta on your Dashboard. Select it and follow the download instructions. “

  • D1G1T4l Gh0sT 10.01.13 at 12:53

    I’m in Xbox now and can’t seem to find it, can someone please help I have premium and no image on games comes up.

    • DudeERROR0101 10.01.13 at 12:54

      Many people saying it’s not out for xobx yet, but I don’t know. I’m having the same problem as you.

  • DudeERROR0101 10.01.13 at 12:51

    Hello it’s 6:50 am eastern time and I’m a premium Battlefield 3 member, but I got no update or download link. I use the xbox 360. All I have gotten was a congratulation for being a member, but nothing to explain how can I get in the beta. If you could contact me soon this would be very helpful.

  • DAV1E47 10.01.13 at 12:26

    Does anyone know xbx live Europe release time

  • ironmanbf3 10.01.13 at 12:20

    that’s not fair! although i’m going to buy bf4 and i’m a premium member since the beginning,
    cant play the beta because i have a 32 bit os? bulshit!

  • kill__all 10.01.13 at 11:59

    glad to know the europe & usa psn release times, anyone know the australian release time for the psn???

  • srglt8 10.01.13 at 11:44

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: bf4.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 5242fdca
    Fault Module Name: bf4.exe
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 5242fdca
    Exception Code: c000001d
    Exception Offset: 0000000000f4c52c
    OS Version: 6.1.7600.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: 2d9e
    Additional Information 2: 2d9e90f5494e4bb5847f9f11d61a1097
    Additional Information 3: d69a
    Additional Information 4: d69aeefe7cce7bd7c3f4bb9a254b01c2

    Read our privacy statement online:
    http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=104288&clcid=0×0409 [go.microsoft.com]

    If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:
    not work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WoodyIVv 10.01.13 at 11:17

    Any one know to find the beta on xbox. Ingame store or do i get a code in an email

  • MighteeMee 10.01.13 at 11:15

    What e.s.t time will the beta go up?

  • MighteeMee 10.01.13 at 11:13

    I don’t think that anyone who plays ps3 csn find it

  • TaLeBaNy 10.01.13 at 11:02

    No i cant find

  • matteb81 10.01.13 at 10:47

    Enyone play it on ps3 yet? I dont find it!

    • gamekiller95 10.01.13 at 10:51

      i dont know if it is 11am or Sony’s regular update of the PlayStation Store:
      Europe: 4pm – 8pm
      North America: 3pm – 7pm

  • hideokojima2 10.01.13 at 10:40

    jede to někomu?me se to nechce spustit beta verze,jen to načte a pak mi spustí chybu…

  • crazybuzzsaw 10.01.13 at 10:38

    anyone on xbox found it yet? i cant seem to find it

    • Jay dubster 10.01.13 at 10:38

      Xbox isnt live until the MS update has taken place which is….

      “*2am – 6am PDT / 11am – 3pm CET, October 1″

  • matteb81 10.01.13 at 10:35

    I dont find it on psn!! :-\

  • WilsonKoder111 10.01.13 at 10:33

    beta doesnt work………………. Fix it pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • matteb81 10.01.13 at 10:33

    Beta on psn release?

    • Jay dubster 10.01.13 at 10:35

      From the DICE site…

      “The Exclusive Battlefield 4™ Beta for PlayStation 3 will become available during Sony’s regular update of the PlayStation Store:

      *Europe: 4pm – 8pm CET, October 1
      *North America: 3pm – 7pm PDT, October 1″

  • selcukb006 10.01.13 at 10:26


    i started origin i can come on the site and start the game but when the game is about to start is says error it doesnt work

  • InDepth713 10.01.13 at 10:26

    dude please dice let us know when we will receive our code I my self am a premium member and I wanna know is there certain times your going to release the beta any time zone info you can give us would be grate also will you need the bf3 game disk to play it

  • deckattacker 10.01.13 at 10:24

    The console versions come out sometime during the day – google beta release times and you’ll find it. For me living in seattle, the slot is somewhere between 2 and 6 is when it’ll become available for download. It’s because it has to pass through microsoft

  • Jay dubster 10.01.13 at 10:23

    I purchased premium for xbox 360 but havent received any email – has anyone else had this problem?

    • crazybuzzsaw 10.01.13 at 10:25

      yup i cant i contacted EA bout 1-2 hours ago and got this back i quote “to inform you any players are not getting the option to play the beta even when they have access to it.”
      “there is some error in the servers”
      I pre-order the game and MoH and am a premium member and i cant play because there is error in the server.

  • GOW_Pre_Ci_Sion 10.01.13 at 10:22

    Has anyone had any luck in figuring out as to why the beta is still locked or not released yet? I hear they servers down but come on can’t you release it so we can at least download it?

  • ToT_Alexander 10.01.13 at 10:20

    I am Battlefield 3 Premium member. I cannot entry to beta game, why ?

  • CoIVIIVI4nd3R 10.01.13 at 10:16

    No beta we it the beta????

  • DrakeTheKitsune 10.01.13 at 09:52

    For xbox 360 Users, Are we receiving a code or something via EMAIL to get access? I got BF3 Premium and MOH Warfighter limited on 360
    and I haven’t received anything about it.

    • F00TBALLER167 10.01.13 at 09:55

      where did you get this info from??

    • crazybuzzsaw 10.01.13 at 09:55

      im in the same boat i contacted EA bout it and was told theres a “error in the servers”

  • crazybuzzsaw 10.01.13 at 09:34

    ya just got off of chat with ea and i quote “to inform you any players are not getting the option to play the beta even when they have access to it.”
    “there is some error in the servers”
    I pre-order the game and MoH and am a premium member and i cant play because there is error in the server.

  • SterRoids69 10.01.13 at 09:33

    25 minutes !!!!!!!

  • gamekiller95 10.01.13 at 09:29

    if i understand it right the beta for ps3 is coming 4 of october even for premium members

    • Jay dubster 10.01.13 at 13:01


      Its coming to Premium today – beta opens to everyone on 4th October.

  • RHRiflehood 10.01.13 at 08:05

    Lets start the game..,.,/,./.

  • Ethylene125 10.01.13 at 07:49

    Will we be able to utilize our rented servers for the beta?

  • crazybuzzsaw 10.01.13 at 07:08

    i know this question has been asked for a million times but were is the beta going to be able to download for xbox360?

    • Pr3datoR_Ey3z 10.01.13 at 07:43

      @ crazybuzzsaw In your email will be a code.

      • crazybuzzsaw 10.01.13 at 07:49

        oh i must of done something wrong because there’s noting in my email saying anything bout it :’(

    • Jay dubster 10.01.13 at 13:02

      If applicable to you then you will see it in xbox live once it is available.

  • MoodyJupiter9 10.01.13 at 06:38

    how do I download it to my xbox if my email does not work

    • Pr3datoR_Ey3z 10.01.13 at 06:39

      Have to contact Origin Live Help or call them I’d imagine.

  • Pr3datoR_Ey3z 10.01.13 at 06:32

    The Exclusive Beta is not showing up for me to download on PC.
    tried everything possible thus far. Origin live help(3 tried to fix it over past month), said it will show up when released today. But I doubt that cause it is supposed to be fixed today,according to EA_Rick’s post on battlelog .

  • Kaaz 10.01.13 at 06:25

    On PC… if you click on your greyed-out beta under “My Games” in your Origin client, it will tell you what time it’s released in your local time.

  • SoLo_XPredator 10.01.13 at 06:09

    what time will the beta servers be up

  • Exc7n 10.01.13 at 05:54

    So when the beta gets released In a few hours i’ll just look for it on psn? Cuz I’m a premium member and I had MOH limited edition?..

  • BMW_BONEZ 10.01.13 at 05:40

    Help were do u find it psn or what

  • thereSolute1 10.01.13 at 04:51

    So on October 4th we can download the beta off of playstation store for ps3 or do we get it from somewhere else?

  • GrandStyles 10.01.13 at 03:51

    If I’m a premium member on ps3 and I bought warfighter and registered my online pass w/ beta code, is it possible to get the early access on PC instead of PS3? I plan on getting the Deluxe edition later on.

  • Elektromarius 10.01.13 at 02:33

    How bout nothing on what you need to know. When, where, how?? Im on ps3 it’s prob gonna be an all day download. Was hoping I could do it tonight, i dont even know if I can. Jeez. Inbreads

    • Vandal_555 10.01.13 at 04:45

      This is hilarious. First you bitch at the devs giving you access to a game a month early because its not early enough, then complain about how long the download is probably going to take, then cap it off with a misspelled insult directed at those same devs (its *inbred* btw, and if that’s not a case of the pot calling the kettle black, I don’t know what is)

    • Kaaz 10.01.13 at 06:27

      How about scrolling up… and READING!

  • shadow_walkerOZ 10.01.13 at 01:31

    When it says “Be a registered owner of Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition” do I have to manually register the game or something or will I just be able to access the beta through an in game menu?

  • Longnose86 10.01.13 at 00:09

    so midnight my time, do i download on psn? or the bf3 store? need feedback please.

  • FriskerGore903 09.30.13 at 23:52

    where do i download it from live store or ingame

  • stealther39 09.30.13 at 21:57

    Where would we be able to download it? In the bf3 ingame store or in the playstation store?

  • F00TBALLER167 09.30.13 at 21:29

    when will the download be ready for the xbox360?? anybody???????

    • itsRickytakerz 10.01.13 at 01:26

      Depends on your time zone but for Xbox 2:00 a.m PDT

      • F00TBALLER167 10.01.13 at 05:53

        im in the eastern time zone, will it still be 2:00 a.m?

  • ZombieKerriganSP 09.30.13 at 19:25

    I am downloading the BETA right now, but when exactly are we going to be able to play. CMT time?

  • niclovin727 09.30.13 at 19:14

    At what time can we download the beta?

  • Zaza-junior1234 09.30.13 at 19:08

    Does open beta will be available in asia ????

  • The Hammer 1472 09.30.13 at 18:19

    Looking forward to taking part in this! Thanks for giving us the opportunity! I will be checking it out on Xbox 360.

  • MightiestBeard 09.30.13 at 17:52

    Are we going to be able to try out the two screen experience with the tablet apps during the beta or will we have to wait until release?

  • howie y 09.30.13 at 17:25

    When can X-Box 360 players start downloading? Is it midnight of October 1st?

  • Prometheus0282 09.30.13 at 16:10

    Will you have to download this on 360 with BF:3 loaded through the game store?

  • salmonK 09.30.13 at 15:40

    Can’t wait to give it a try! Thanks!

  • supr3m3b0y96 09.30.13 at 15:32

    can you give me information at which time the beta comes tomorrow in Europe?

  • emrejihancihan 09.30.13 at 14:56

    i want to buy BF4 premuim for xbox 360 can i get the beta answer plz.

  • KNGHADES3 09.30.13 at 14:54

    So how do u access the exclusive beta on Xbox 360 is it an email ? Or a message on live ?

  • SlashNeck 09.30.13 at 14:16

    Got too excited I thought we can actually play the game right this minute after installing. (for those you might want to know actually going on) Laugh!!… will wait for about less than 48hrs then!!.. good luck DICE teams!

    My salute on you guys doing the updates on the roll, sometimes even as it runs which to some websites its almost impossible. I imagine as the battlelog is shut down for an hour, all the tech dept running towards “server A”, planting cables on the rush, while tech dept types faster than M2, typed enter, enter, enter then slam the keyboard “!! FOOK!!..WE LOST THE UPDATES!!!”.. ROFL… then their tickets run out and had to roll out the battlelog just as the updates punched through, finally can hum the winning anthem….
    funny to imagine the reversal, ….we feel your pain guys, laugh ..just that sometimes we just got too anxious to wait.

    So for all the exclamation, rants, complaints, actually all channeled to one line “Great job DICE, keep it coming, make it fast cause we cant hold our horses..!!..”

  • A3shiftycat 09.30.13 at 06:36

    will console players be able to preload?

  • rohitchawla 09.30.13 at 05:39

    When can I download the open beta?
    Is the preload available to all pc users?
    Once downloaded from Origin can I install the open beta in any other computer?

  • metee20008 09.30.13 at 01:18

    i bought BF3 Premium and Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition on PS3 but i want to know Can i play BF4 Beta in 1 October or 4 October ?

    • MLP_Trixie69 09.30.13 at 04:12

      October 1, but i am also concerned if you have premium for bf 3, will you get ab option to download bf 4 beta in-game or will it be in the marketplace on 360

  • SterRoids69 09.30.13 at 00:09

    Will the exclusive beta be emailed to the email address that is associated with are Origin account?

    • Justhaff 09.30.13 at 01:08

      If you’re going to play the beta on console EA will probable send you a code to your email to download on your PS3 or Xbox and if your PC I don’t know what EA is doing

  • XD_U_MAD_BRO_XD 09.29.13 at 23:19

    If i bought premum do i get the game also???

  • ohno900 09.29.13 at 22:53

    What errors? All is fine on my end. Preloaded and ready to roll this October.

  • apkno99 09.29.13 at 20:49

    so the pre-loading is only for PC or it is also for console?

  • NK_Commander 09.29.13 at 20:32

    the preload is ready. now it’s waiting for 1 october…

  • Lt-Damian 09.29.13 at 20:18

    Can someone explain why it is that a Battlefield 3 Premium member gets early access to the beta, but a Battlefield 4 Premium member does not?

    That makes NO sense. I just paid $50 for a PREMIUM membership to bf4 only to find I get no early access. Since everyone who pre-orders gets the first expansion free the value of a premium membership is lessened, as you really aren’t getting 5 dlc’s for $50, just 4 of them.

    The least they could do is give the early access, I’m already regretting getting the premium membership. By the time SECOND ASSAULT comes out the price of premium would already be getting cheaper.

    • IarFANG 09.29.13 at 20:25

      you do realise you bought JUST premium with no BF4 (you didnt buy the game)

      • Lt-Damian 09.29.13 at 20:28

        No, actually I bought both. ($118.00). Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

    • Captain_Tasevski 09.29.13 at 21:05

      Whoah you loose 3 days because you don’t have premium? SOB SOB. Owning BF4 premium has nothing to do with beta access – it isn’t even released yet.

      • Lt-Damian 09.30.13 at 07:38

        BF4 premium should have more to do with BF4 beta then premium from a 2 year old game. The whole selling point to premium is the touted “early access”, it would make sense that ALL premium memberships have it.

        Not that I assume logic would occur to you…

    • L0NG_SHOT_28 09.30.13 at 01:38

      Some people payed 50+ dollars for BF3 then another 50+ for premium. So unless you’ve paid for both Early BF3 premium adopters are more entitled.

      • Lt-Damian 09.30.13 at 07:48

        The point is I have paid for both, for BF4, a game that they earned $118.00 for just on faith.
        Bf3 customers have already received 2 years worth of goods and service, and whatever enjoyment that got out of it. And have made no commitment towards purchasing the same for bf4.

        So, if anyone is entitled to anything you would think it would be the one who already gave you their money in advance for the game you’re trying to sell. Not entirely unfair, is it?

        • SlashNeck 09.30.13 at 11:44

          One thing I noticed is that they haven’t charge me yet. State is ‘pre-ordered’ and confirmed by my transaction. I do believe they will charge you upon completion, surely they don’t want to take money first, ‘half-cooked’ merchandise later. As for what premium should’ve get or not, ..if any, I think its a good Investment…imho, for me that is. …

          No game last forever, good game last several business cycle or improvement. Pride to be stakeholders that counts.

          Sorry to have drifted away from your topic.
          Lt., you can place your C4 or C5 or ONC explosive on my face now….rofl……. :P
          See you in BF4, away from your crosshair… o7 …

  • NK_Commander 09.29.13 at 20:03

    there is an error again but i can dowload it yet

  • Y2K95_exe 09.29.13 at 20:01

    I hope fiarfight really works. Bunkbusted was broken in a month or two and I encounter hackers fairly regularly.

  • NK_Commander 09.29.13 at 19:48

    it’s works YESSSS!!!

  • NK_Commander 09.29.13 at 19:40

    now i have a other error: 7049:408
    and also again the error: 196613:206

  • IarFANG 09.29.13 at 19:36

    EVERYBODY try it again fore mi it worked YES!!!!!!!

  • blutholy 09.29.13 at 19:33

    where can i download BF4 Open Beta for the 4.October???

  • KillSwitch655 09.29.13 at 19:28

    WTF really. I wanna download this but its not fucking possible… Why just why??

  • MugatoPdub 09.29.13 at 19:26

    I do not have an option to download, it’s greyed out? I pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe Edition, what gives? NOT a good way to start off the beta…reminds me of BF3 launch already.

  • NK_Commander 09.29.13 at 19:20

    when i am start the pre-load at origin i have a error: 196613:206
    when this is fixed?

  • kinggaxy 09.29.13 at 12:09

    hey when can you astart downloading the beta ?

  • IIIIINEXUSIIIII 09.29.13 at 12:00

    Which dog tags will be limited?

  • BeltraooxD 09.29.13 at 07:04

    I wonder if there is some pre-set time for release of Beta Exclusive to the beginning of the downloads. My Platform is PS3.
    Remembering that I already have that science is beginning on the 1st of October, I want to know the time.

    • Zakos- 09.29.13 at 11:58

      same.. cant find any info, do we get e-mail code like bf3?

  • Bellander 09.28.13 at 23:14

    Will I be able to rank up my soldier in the Beta or do we have to wait until the game releases?

    • FoxUnit7 09.29.13 at 18:17

      I think it’s the same as BF3, the stat will be reset once the game is released.

  • evilviking1280 09.28.13 at 21:02

    What time today will you alow premium players to preload the beta

  • P4thetic 09.28.13 at 18:22

    “Open Beta starting October 4* through October 15″ Thanks …
    From the 15th I have a week free… Swiss armed forces, why don’t you let me play D:

    • [DICE] Vincent Vukovic 09.29.13 at 19:11

      The launch of Battlefield 4 isn’t far away, hold on tight and we’ll soon be there!

  • XRoachP 09.28.13 at 17:49

    meh xD X64 xD

  • ZeroGameHD 09.28.13 at 16:50

    Ahh i’ve got 32 bit :(

  • BOBBYSOUTH 09.28.13 at 16:40

    Thanx for taking pride in your work

  • HybirdMan 09.28.13 at 16:14

    Is it possible to pre-load for the open beta on 2nd/3rd of October?

  • Snipers-Killer-N 09.28.13 at 13:49

    a mistake here: brn more about FairFigh
    you mean LEARN?

  • Fataldisk 09.28.13 at 12:35

    How long will the beta last , for premium ect from 1till 4 October or 1 AND 4 October?

  • Demzila 09.28.13 at 10:45

    Do you think this would run 70+ fps on Ultra?

    Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4820K CPU @ 3.70GHz (8 CPUs), ~4.2GHz
    Memory: 16384MB RAM
    Available OS Memory: 16304MB RAM
    Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780
    Dedicated Video Memory: 2994 MB
    Shared Memory: 3799 MB
    Current Mode: 1920 x 1200 (32 bit) (59Hz)

  • xLIx S T O R M 09.28.13 at 09:52


  • srglt8 09.28.13 at 07:26

    System Information
    Operating System: Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit (6.1, Build 7600) (7600.win7_rtm.090713-1255)
    Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
    System Manufacturer: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
    System Model: GA-990FXA-D3
    BIOS: Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG
    Processor: AMD FX(tm)-8120 Eight-Core Processor (8 CPUs), ~4.5GHz
    HD 6870 (256bit)
    Memory: 20480MB RAM
    Available OS Memory: 20462MB RAM
    The Hydro Series H100 Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler

  • Turtle_Sweg 09.28.13 at 07:13

    Hey guys

    I’m just wondering if these specs could run bf4? ( On at least low or medium settings)

    Processor: AMD A6-5400K 3.8 GHz

    Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 620 1GB

    Ram: 12GB

    Windows 8 64 Bit

    Cheers :)

  • Insanity-Vaas 09.28.13 at 01:41

    so all the weapons will be available or what?

  • Florida Tryhard 09.28.13 at 01:40


  • [Pr0]EaTmySheLL 09.27.13 at 23:56

    so yeah I preorderd this game months ago just for the beta now your telling me if I want to play the beta I have to buy a 64bit os because mine is 32 bit so ty for the waste of time waiting for the 1st of October.

    • Soviet_Penguin66 09.28.13 at 01:50

      if you are on windows the paragraph on the 64bit os says that it will run on 32 bit windows aswell.

    • SilverSquadron 09.28.13 at 09:22

      No. If you have Windows 7 or Windows 8 you can re-install your OS using a 64-bit disc and the same product key that you already used. Make sure you install the same version though. For instanec if you have 32bit Win7 Home Premium you need 64bit Win7 Home Premium for the key to work.

  • Stehlrain 09.27.13 at 20:15

    I was a little bit wherry about posting a comment because I normally never get an answer to my questions or suggestions. Even if what I suggest is stupid or not is going to be implemented in the game, I have always wanted to know why it can’t be in the game. I was reading your Beta Date post and DICE, you really seem interested in hearing out feedback so I finally thought to myself about posting a suggestion. Regardless if it would be implemented in the game, I would still like an answer if at all possible. So here goes.. The animations for entering vehicles, planting bombs, and all around “interaction” of objects in the game with your character seem a bit lack luster. Why not add a 2 second animation for planting a C4 charge on an MCOM or a 2 second animation climbing into a tank? You want the game to be immersive with the players but some things like these animations seem extremely fake. Granted it is a game, BF4 is going to be something special and while many people won’t give it a second thought, I think this would make the game really stand out and make it even more different than your typical First Person Shooter game. DICE, I hope you read this and at least give it some though. Its not a big game changer or anything but I think it would be. not only cool, but would step up the gameplay altogether and make a sort of “new” experience for players.


    • bobby_h1423 09.28.13 at 04:36

      Yes finally someone who thinks like me dice if you read this listen to Alex!!!!! This would make the game so much better and couldn’t hurt to try and implement this into the game.

    • PCunicorn 09.28.13 at 07:00

      While this may be cool in single player, Multiplayer is much to fast paced for a 2 second animation for laying C4 and hopping in vehicles. Your death rate would go up 40 percent when hopping in vehicles or laying C4 I can almost guarantee you.

    • SlashNeck 09.28.13 at 12:41

      Sthel, as I am well aware of the MoCap (motion capture) and the quality of the game FPS, there is a need of balance of both and I do believe DICE has come up with the best ‘appearance’ for the avatar that we been using, and I concur to your statement further work can be done, yet, one case you may have noticed, switching weapon, deepwater swim and jumping fence gives you disadvantage stance. IMHO within that disadvantage animation you may get shot at at with the probability of decreasing 40% of your health. Per se, changing animation is simple, keeping it coherent to the game is something to consider greatly. Perhaps in BF4 they already counter that, Perfection is made with a journey, and a journey to the finish line is the sweetest part of life. Catch you at BF4 … o7…..

  • stormravenz_RAV 09.27.13 at 20:06

    I am waiting patiently for it i realy like your idea of useing alternate anti hack partners to assist you in this release, there are so so many hackers out there in battlefield 3 and i know they are also anxious to go into BF4 and use them also to rank up faster, dont think for a minute that your first players in the actual game not the beta will be those type of players they will be the first on, just like when you run Double XP days they are all over the battlelog and in the game they go in get 100 or 200 kills then run out of the server when the game is over to not be noticed or caught and they know this they do it all the times, then jump into another server and repeat the same not giving any of you guys a chance to catch them , I know as an admin and owner of server seen it many times, it is my job to run my server clean away from these hackers and do the research on how to catch them also, i even spy and infiltrate hacksites just to see what they have to offer and what i need to know to catch them,been playing simce 2001 on EA and Dice i believe a campany named http://www.illusionhacks.com will demostrate this for you by the way they already have the new hack tool and is for sale also to hack and cheat on BF4, with aimbots, for $15.00 a month do i have to do the reseach for you guys these people in this company have been around makeing big money from you guys for a long time see for yourself, you should get royalty fees for thier sales in the millions, and find the leak in your company that released the info to them his pockets must be full to for leaking the information to them so they can majke the hack tools for BF4 good luck guys and for me to with these new hackers in the game my hands are going to be full i doudt that i can play much will be to busy serching the players for hack tools and previous banns.

  • Death1099 09.27.13 at 17:54

    How does Fair fight work?

  • RD_Admin 09.27.13 at 17:52

    Fairfight? WTF is that? Oh …. so if you kill a server admin twice and she wets her diaper they can kick you and say it wasnt a “Fair Fight” They should break the BETA up in 3 sections… The cry baby section… the intermediate section…. and the .. “we dont have time for this crying crap and drama section”…. I of course will be in the “no drama section”… how ever it will be standing room only in the “butthurt/Crybaby… I can hit crap noob section”

  • COD-Blows 09.27.13 at 17:05

    fairfight sounds like garbage, and will hurt the good players

  • ShaneSkyz 09.27.13 at 16:23

    Dice, how improved will the network codes for Battlefield 4 be compared to Battlefield 3? The codes were very good for a game 2 years ago, but how much of an improvement will we see? Will rubber-banding be obsolete? or close to, I hope?

  • Mr-taha117 09.27.13 at 15:36


  • THELANKANCOMRADE 09.27.13 at 15:05

    Hi Do we get to use Commander mode on tablets/PC/Console during BETA ? Thankyou

  • KostiC-1996- 09.27.13 at 14:24

    32 bit OS only? its not fair i am a very big fan of battlefield and i want to try it so much . i was so exited of the beta realese and now i can play because of that

  • deojuvente 09.27.13 at 13:19

    i pre ordered BF4 here for the upcoming PS4… now i dont get in to Beta why..?

    • AdamKxZ 09.27.13 at 14:11

      Since the PS4 is not out yet, there will be no Beta version. Since I’m on PC I’m in the PC Beta but not say the Xbox 360 because that’s not the version I’m registered to be in Beta for.

      • deojuvente 09.28.13 at 12:53

        yeah oke but still there can at a beta to my PSN account for the PS3 ;)

  • the7thguest 09.27.13 at 11:53

    Do we already have any information about the size in GB of the beta client on pc?

  • Latetzki90 09.27.13 at 09:54

    So much for that exclusive beta then. Three damn days before others. Last time I pre-order BF.

  • iBeLucKyyy 09.27.13 at 08:18

    from what i read and see online FairFight is trash and if i go on ham one match in a tank or chopper i might get kicked or banned for it. Just stick to punkbuster even though i see new hackers everyday, it does it’s job!!

    • GreaterThanZero 09.27.13 at 11:30

      i for once am happy with more security measures. a few false positives may very well be worth a hacker clean game, even tho i think that will not be the case….

      because, fuck nonskilled hacking kiddies.

  • mlhor 09.27.13 at 06:18

    If I play and earn the exclusive beta dog tag on the PS3 platform but later purchase the final game for PS4. (skipping the PS3 version), will I still be able to use the dog tag in PS4?

    • terminus18 09.27.13 at 06:54

      Most likely, since the beta and the beta tag will be linked to your origin account

  • DemonLord87 09.27.13 at 05:10

    Oh Common why just 64-bit PC :(

    • KeelzYou 09.27.13 at 06:35

      If you would read they said “The full version of the game will also run on 32-bit Windows OS.”

    • [DICE] Vincent Vukovic 09.27.13 at 09:18

      We wanted to focus our efforts on testing the 64-bit version of the game for the Battlefield 4 Beta. When the game launches, you’ll be able to run it on 32-bit.

  • TypeProton 09.27.13 at 02:50

    64-bit only on PC? Aw.

    • SHADOWxWOLF 09.27.13 at 04:40

      Well 64bit CPU/OS will work with bf4 better and why would you still have a 32bit os still. most gamers on pc are using 64bit now

      • DemonLord87 09.27.13 at 05:14

        But most gamers might not know that the games released so far don’t make use of the memory bandwidth provided by 64 bit architecture e.g. Crysis 3 on a 64bit pc couldn’t make use of more than 2GB RAM. I hope they have built BF4 for 64 bit PC from ground up so that it can make use of the additional horse power.

  • TracyJackson 09.27.13 at 00:53

    So is the new BF4 battleog functions gonna be up for the beta?

    • [DICE] Vincent Vukovic 09.27.13 at 09:19

      You’ll get to try the new Battlelog during the Beta period.

  • ReignOfKhaos 09.27.13 at 00:52

    It’s probably already to late to ask, but we should have full access to all weapons, gadgets, and attachments in order to better test the game and avoid any “USAS-12 with frag rounds” type of miscues. After all weapon balance is something i know dice spends a lot of time on and something the players like to see. Any chance of all weapons and gadgets for the beta like you had for Paracel storm?

  • SWITCHY17 09.27.13 at 00:47

    Will there be a pre-load for PS3 or Xbox 360?

  • Overlordkai 09.26.13 at 23:52

    what’s the duration for the beta a month?

    • Kaaz 09.27.13 at 00:07

      Scroll up and READ

    • TracyJackson 09.27.13 at 00:54

      it’s 3 days for the exclusive access and the beta process itself end 2wks before the release.

    • IceFireNate 09.27.13 at 01:33

      i believe it lasts for 2 weeks, till October 15

  • Titan1930 09.26.13 at 23:31

    “The beta version of the game is actually older than the version we are currently working on at the DICE office”

    oh damn that doesn’t sounds good :/

    • Joao611 09.26.13 at 23:32

      It has always been like that on their Alphas and Demos…

  • LiquidNinjas 09.26.13 at 23:25

    Hey Karl, how big is the Beta? How many Gig’s we talking about here?

    • [DICE] Vincent Vukovic 09.27.13 at 09:21

      The BF4 Beta will require approximately 1.6 GB of free hard drive space.

  • Joao611 09.26.13 at 23:23

    “we are also passionate about tweaking and balancing gameplay based on player feedback once the game is live – expect our commitment for Battlefield 4 to be equally strong.”

    Yeah, because you’ve clearly done sucha great job on BF3… *sigh*

    “We can’t wait for you to experience it, both in the Conquest and Domination game mode.”

  • LordReserei 09.26.13 at 22:45

    Can’t wait for the Beta. Honest question though – who here still uses a 32-bit OS? I’ve been using 64-bit for three years or more now. O.o o.O

  • ThiSIrody 09.26.13 at 22:42

    Is there going to be a Commander Mode in the Beta? Are you able to play as a Commander on the Tablet?

  • ChuckNorrisIV 09.26.13 at 22:38

    I Wanted to make a suggestion if it has already been done, Awesome! Anyway being able to play 4 players on each xbox during a system link would be so awesome! Not very many games do this and I think that it is a huge disappointment when that is not available for players. Please consider this, I frequently get together with my friends with several xboxs to do this, but can only play a limited amount of games that arn’t even that good. Please!

    • RealityIsClose 09.26.13 at 23:13

      The xbox isnt capable of displaying 4 split screens of bf4 quality.

      • Dtkoop 10.02.13 at 18:29

        it’s not even capable of one screen of quality game play

  • rkshirey 09.26.13 at 22:07

    So, when is the pre load? Am I missing something?

    • rkshirey 09.26.13 at 22:08

      Nevermind, I just saw the post.

    • NotimPorten 09.26.13 at 22:16

      The preload is 28th of September in Europe, I think.

    • Crudyg123 09.26.13 at 22:24

      You can start pre-loading the exclusive Beta on PC on Sept. 29 at 10AM PDT

  • TheDiaperButtKid 09.26.13 at 22:06

    The best part of this blog was informing us that steps are being taken to stop the cheaters.
    That’s really great Karl. BF3 is seeing some serious plague these days. Thank you for increasing the crack-down on these losers.

  • TheeEliteSystem 09.26.13 at 21:42

    HA good thing I got that 64 bit, sucks to be you 32 bit fools. AMD Bulldozer FTW

  • jvigil07 09.26.13 at 21:31

    How are you guys encouraging team/squad play? One great aspect of Medal of Honor Warfighter was receiving extra points when you got a kill or objective while you were near a squad mate. This would be a great way for Battlefield 4 to encourage teamwork.

  • HyperNova B 09.26.13 at 21:31

    My heart. It’s so happy!

  • DeadMnstrTeaTime 09.26.13 at 21:24

    I bought Premium on PS3. I’ve since sold my PS3 and started playing PC. Can I get the beta for PC, even though I don’t have Premium on PC?

    • Belgian Sheep 09.26.13 at 21:45

      Same here, but then for X360 and now on pc !
      I thought it was a real bummer that i couldent change my premium from my x360 account to my pc account, but now i would also dislike the fact that i can’t take use of my bought premium to have the beta earlier!

      • Dtkoop 10.02.13 at 18:32

        you bought it on xbox, not pc, why are you surprised it doesn transfers over when nothing else transfers?

    • THE SCHWABr 09.26.13 at 22:45

      You can get it bro but not the early release. So you will have to wait three days is all.

    • chefdoggy 09.26.13 at 23:18

      Same here, but I had premium for Xbox and made the switch to PC.

    • Kaaz 09.27.13 at 00:09

      Read the beta FAQs… it’s been talked about over and over

  • 78rTiger 09.26.13 at 21:12

    Yeeaaaaah cant wait Mister Troedsson ;-) !!!!

  • Dead Sync 09.26.13 at 21:07

    Very excited to get the chance to play and help test!!

  • HexDT 09.26.13 at 21:04

    what size will it be ?

  • KadaF1 09.26.13 at 20:58

    If the open beta end in 15/10, when the exslusive beta end?

    • Sgt.Enigma 09.26.13 at 21:04

      Exclusive starts on the 1st and ends on the 3rd

    • Pr3datoR_Ey3z 10.01.13 at 07:00

      @ KadaF1 All beta stops the 15th I believe -so that they can sort out the feedback/bug’s etc.

  • Inkar 09.26.13 at 20:52

    Really hope the new anti-cheat engine will keep the skill-less cheating noobs away from the battlefield.

  • P4thetic 09.26.13 at 20:40

    S***t! I’m in the army now and I can’t play ):

    • Tzawa 09.26.13 at 21:17

      Well at least you can do bf4 shit ion real life lol

  • MapleTown 09.26.13 at 20:39

    For the folks that are streaming their game play, don’t forget to plant a C4 on your ATV and driving out the window at the top of the building to take out that Apache.

    Click clack!

  • RushIX 09.26.13 at 20:34

    That´s what i hoped for. Can´t wait to stream the game and show these poor people out there, who are not in the closed beta, what´s coming to them!

    • Agony. 09.26.13 at 20:53

      Yeah, yeah, yeah tough guy. With your ±46 hours of Battlefield 3, you gonna totally show them who’s the boss. Poor people, they can’t even imagine what will befall them.

  • ZILZAL 09.26.13 at 20:34

    nizeeee , but still you promised us exclusive beta , and deceived us , its just early access beta , and also its just 3 days early . shame on you EA , and DICE

    • Someoneels 10.01.13 at 01:52

      The exclusive is for 3 days, we still also will be in the open beta. Which will be for longer.

  • hamada_sivo0 09.26.13 at 20:30

    will the commander mode be available in the Beta ?

  • Vaughn Whiskey 09.26.13 at 20:28

    FYI Streamers, Twitch.tv tweeted out today that streamers can stream the BF4 beta aswell as upload game footage to their YouTube Channel.