The Road to Battlefield 4: Our deepest and most personal weapon customization ever

Whether you help your team by sniping from afar or run and gun with an assault rifle at the frontlines, choice is king. Weapon customization in Battlefield 4 will be deeper than ever, thanks to a powerful feature set that lets you adapt your gear to fit any combat role. In a new The Road to Battlefield 4 we cover these extreme customization options.

As with many other aspects of Battlefield 4, fan feedback has been crucial in making the weapon options better than ever. We’ve always strived for great weapon balance and numerous customization possibilities over the years, and now you can expect an even greater amount of depth. Listening to our fans, we’ve worked with everything from perfecting that sense of “oomph” in our guns, to bringing back some favorite weapons to Battlefield 4 – all of which have been completely rebalanced.

More weapon accessories, more accessory slots

The first thing you’ll notice while choosing your weapons in Battlefield 4 is the sheer number of weapons and accessories we’ve packed the game with. This time around, we have more than tripled the number of available accessories and increased the number of available slots where you can install them. Coupled with the amount of available weapons in the game, the number of potential combinations of weapons and accessories is nothing short of astronomical.

To give you a brief example of the vast amount of weapon variety you’ll get in Battlefield 4, let’s multiply the number of customization options you have on a single assault rifle. With everything from optics, other accessories and camos, you’ll end up with more than 240,000 variations – and that’s for one single weapon in your arsenal!


No matter which weapon type and combat role you prefer, you’ll be able to deeply customize your firearms in Battlefield 4 to fit your play style.

Notice the difference

With this depth of customization, it’s a good thing we’ve greatly enhanced the feedback to players on exactly how each accessory affects the weapon’s in-game performance. Browsing through the accessories, you’ll notice a handy visual guide on the right part of your screen. Here, weapon stats such as damage, accuracy, hip fire accuracy, range, and stability are displayed in easy to read bars – so you can immediately gauge what effect equipping a certain accessory has. Slap on the Laser Sight, for instance, and you’ll see the hip fire (accuracy) bar go up. Attach an Angled Grip on a rifle and you’ll notice an increase in the weapon’s stability. This interface is designed to encourage experimentation and make your Battlefield 4 experience even more rewarding.

Adaptive camos match your surroundings

When it comes to weapon customization, the icing on the cake comes from the possibility to pick a camouflage for your firearms. In Battlefield 4 we’ve greatly increased the number of camos you can choose from, and divided them into different sections including Autumn, Desert, Naval, Snow, Urban and Woodland. These paints will in turn come in 16 different pattern variations each. Not only are you able to choose dozens of paints, we’re also introducing something new: adaptive camouflages. With one of these equipped, the paint adapts to the environment in the level you’re playing. Fighting at sea on the Paracel Storm map, the adaptive camo will make you blend in with the blues, greys and greens on the level. If you were to bring the same adaptive camo to a more urban map like Siege of Shanghai, the camo would be more grey/black in tone when you spawn into the map.


Recon players will find increased optics variety and the option to manuall zero his rifle to better judge the effects of bullet drop when engaging long range targets.

New sniper options: Zero your rifle, add 40X scope

One new feature for all you Battlefield snipers out there is the ability to “zero” your rifle scope. When aiming at a remote enemy you can estimate the distance to your target. After you’ve figured out if your prey is 200, 500 or maybe even 1,000 meters away, you can calibrate your scope to compensate for the bullet drop that comes with long range shots. Zeroing your scope is an advanced technique and won’t make you perform perfect headshots every time, but for those skilled enough to approximate distance it will be a welcome strategic addition. To bring even more variety to all of our Recon players, we’ve also added a 40X zoom scope for extreme long-distance sniping, as well as a new 2X scope magnifier that you can bring to the front of existing 1X scopes to increase your optics options on the fly.

Powerful Battle Pickups lets you try new hardware

Aside from locating Conquest flags and Obliteration bombs there’s something new to keep an eye out for in Battlefield 4: Battle Pickups. These powerful weapons will be placed on specific parts of all the maps in most game modes, and knowledge of these can swing the battle in your favor. Take the .50 cal sniper rifle on the Paracel Storm map, for example. This Battle Pickup will affect both the battle and the player in certain ways. This sniper rifle can be found on the radar dish walkway high above the battlefield – the perfect spot for some sniping practice. The idea is to emphasize the strategic value of a specific position in question to the player, and to incite players to try out new types of gameplay. So even if you don’t spawn in on Paracel Storm as a Recon soldier, maybe the sniper rifle Battle Pickup will make you take the role of a sniper, at least momentarily. The area around Battle Pickups will also turn into minor hot spots for the map and create new and dynamic gameplay moments. But be advised: All Battle Pickups have limited ammo, so you need to make every shot count.

Extreme Weapon Makeover – including your handgun!

Here to give you an example of how you can customize two rifles in two totally different ways is Core Gameplay Lead Designer Alan Kertz. Alan will also reveal the ability to fully customize your hand gun in Battlefield 4, an all-new feature for the series. You can follow his customization tips in the below in-game footage from the game as well (captured from an Alpha version of Battlefield 4). Take it away, Alan!

ALAN KERTZ: Okay. Let’s say I’m preparing for a round of Obliteration on the Paracel Storm map and I intend to run and gun and fire at close range on the central island. Then I could start off with the default Chinese assault rifle. First, I would want to attach a red dot sight to get that clear aim down the sight. Then I choose the canted iron sight, which lets me switch between two different sights on the same gun. Now I’ve got two different zoom options with the same gun. I also want to be stealthy and sneak up close on people, and for that I’d choose a Chinese suppressor, which will hide me on the minimap and make it harder for close range enemies to find and shoot back at me. I’d also go with the new Ergo Grip that makes me more accurate when I’m shooting while moving.

Battlefield 4 has some pretty long range infantry combat, so one of the things we’ve done is to give each class access to some long range guns. So let’s say we start with one of the semi-automatic rifles that every class can get, that’s fitting for long range. I’ll attach a long range scope that gives me 4X magnification and choose the canted iron sight so I still can fight a little bit up close and tilt the gun 45 degrees. After that I’ll put a heavy barrel on it to bump up my accuracy and give me that reach to really touch somebody. I’ll use the angled grip in order to control recoil on that first shot – that’s going to put things on target at long range. And as a final touch, let’s put some flare on it by choosing the naval camo. Now I’m going to fit in with the environment in Paracel Storm. They won’t see me coming!

Finally, this time around you can also customize your secondary weapon. This is another example of how everything is up to the player in Battlefield 4. Let’s say you pick up one of our many available pistols. Maybe you don’t like the default iron sight very much, then you can use a red dot scope to give you that clear sight picture. Throw on a tri-beam laser sight for more mobility and that Predator feel, and suppress it as well. Now your gun is different to everybody else’s, especially if you put your favorite paint on it. This way, each weapon in Battlefield 4 becomes a personal object.

Prepared 4 Battle

Battlefield 4 will give you endless creative and strategic possibilities while you’re customizing your weapon. You will be able to fine-tune your weapon loadout exactly the way you want it to maximize your chances of dominating the Battlefield and fitting your personal play style. All the while, we’ve made sure to make this incredibly deep customization comprehensible and accessible in new ways. In other words: just the thing you need when Preparing 4 Battle.

Stay tuned to “The Road to Battlefield 4”, where we’ll continue the journey towards launch by diving deeper and deeper into every nuance of the biggest Battlefield game ever developed at DICE.

Until then, let us know what you think about this blog post, vote in the poll below, and tell us what questions you want us to answer in the upcoming posts. Thanks for reading!


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  • Indignant Yeti 09.23.13 at 06:01

    Did you do something about those goddamn Gandalf invincibility bubble, you stop shooting when they’re aimed at you tactical lights?

  • Xida 09.17.13 at 09:41

    Squad spawning needs to be fixed.
    Because it unbalances the game.

    The game becomes a SPAWNATHON

    Spawning should not be used as a tactic unless there is reasonable logic. It’s ok to spawn in base, vehicles, radio beacons or flags.
    Spawning on any squad mate is totally beyond remotely realistic and destroys the flow of the game (squad leader only spawn makes a little more sense). There needs to be a reasonable expectation of a front.
    If friendly players are constantly moving up from the rear from their base spawn it helps to reinforce the rear and the player’s up front can focus on the enemy in front instead of watching the back all the time.
    Players should not be able to spawn anywhere where their squad mates are. Enemies appear out of thin air all over the battlefield which does not enhance the game it simply makes it chaotic and rather stupid.
    For example in conquest, if your team holds every flag you can have up to 5 flag spawn locations plus 3 one for each squad mate plus your base. So a total of 9 spawn points. This is ridiculous!
    It is imperative to have a front! I cannot stress that enough. In the very least there needs to be a negative to squad spawning (aside from being killed straight away – that just increases the frustration).
    Here are some ideas on how to fix the problem:
    (1) squad spawning only works when 2 or more squad mates (or team mates) are within 10-15 metres of each other. This encourages the squad to stick together and provides the squad with some centralization.
    (2) squad leader spawn only set to default whereby the squad leader is the player with the most points (usually not a sniper). Or points scored from long range headshots do not count toward the squad leader selection.
    (3) players use a radio button to call for reinforcements which lasts 10 seconds. Squad mates can then spawn on the player however the radio signal temporally gives away the players position to the enemy.
    (4) when joining a game there are two options: put me in a squad or not. There needs to be a third option: “put me in a squad and elect me squad leader”. This ensures player’s who want to be squad leader can take the role willingly instead of random assignment. If two or more players elect to be squad leader then randomly assign it to one of them. ie someone who does not want to be squad leader is not assigned to the role.
    (5) immediately after death, allow players to spawn almost instantly in their team’s base spawn location without having to watch the killcam, so long as they don’t change their load out (also referred to as ‘quick spawn’.)
    (6) Players can always spawn on their squad leader, but only on their squad mates when a squad mate is near another team/squad mate or inside a vehicle. This would encourage players to stick together and stop the lone flanker from spawning his 3 squad mates behind enemy lines.

    Nothing is more frustrating than being spawn camped, and squad spawning makes the whole thing worse.
    When players spawn into the game there should be an expectation of a front. Don’t get me wrong – its ok for players to outflank etc but NOT to then multiply behind enemy lines. Thus is very very wrong.
    For conquest squad spawning is not required and battlefield worked fine before its creation. In rush, the maps need redesign so the objectives are half way between the attackers and defenders with the defenders spawning closer to the objectives for the first 15 seconds of the MCOMs’ activation.
    BTW: please do not take this post to mean I hate battlefield 3. Rather it is positive criticism.
    I loved battlefield 1942 because when you captured a flag it was a lifeline away from your base. Squad spawning had ruined that experience, and in my opinion ruined the battlefield franchise. The reason I play battlefield still is because its other features go some way to compensate for the issues around squad spawning (mentioned above).
    So please Dice, look deep into your heart for what you know is true. You know squad spawning is wrong, I know it, I feel it and I am sure I am not the only one.
    I want to finish by saying battlefield was great until squad spawning. Please fix ASAP.
    Thank You

    • undermedicatedd 09.17.13 at 20:01

      Someone tell me this person isn’t serious. Squad spawn is essential to the game & it actually helps to prevent being spawn-killed. I can’t even make an educated guess to how many times I’ve joined a server & my team was being spawn-killed. I fight through, make a run for the furthest flag, my squad mates spawn on me, we take the flag & now our entire team has a spawn point so we can get back into the fight. If there were no squad spawn, I’d be alone at a flag with half the enemy team spawning on it & I’d get worked over quickly.. but, with 3 more teammates on my side, our chance to take that flag greatly increases. The enemy team will need more bodies at that flag, so it’s taking away bodies from the enemy team who are spawn-killing.. which also gives my team a chance to move out of deployment & advance.

      If anything, spawn beacons are pointless.

      A: people use them to camp outside of flags, rooftops, hills, wherever.
      B: they use them to parachute down into unreachable places.. so they can camp.
      C: if you want to spawn near your squad mate.. then spawn on them (it’s called ‘squad spawn’). You don’t need a beacon.

      Here’s my guess. You’re a noob who just wants to camp and you’re completely clueless about the dynamics of the game because.. well.. how can you be aware if you’re too scared to join your team & play the objective & you spend all your time away from the action? 10 times of 10, when a team is getting spawn-killed, it’s because that team is camping & the other team is playing the objective.. so let me break it down Barney style for you.

      1: grow some balls.
      2: stop camping.
      3: help your team.
      4: stop crying.
      5: go back to COD.

      I don’t get spawn killed.. because I play the objective, I capture flags, I don’t camp, & I help my team win. If I see an enemy & 3 more pop out of his ass.. awesome. That’s more kills for me & more points.

      • Big Bo55 10.03.13 at 00:44

        I like this reply. But, I don’t see what is wrong with camping. You seem to take a very harsh stance against it. Camping has won many battles. Being able to take away several of the other team’s tickets without ever wasting one is more of a benefit than a hindrance. I am primarily recon and have no problem helping my side win. The people who lose it for the team are the ones that:

        A. While already controlling a majority of the flags, continue to rush into another flag, alone or under prepared and constantly lose tickets for their team

        B. Continue to rush and rush and rush into the same area over and over and continually die expecting different results.

        The camper usually benefits from these situations. Usually.

    • Big Bo55 10.03.13 at 00:38

      So spawning on squad mates is totally unrealistic but into a portable radio beacon is? Cool. Honestly I didn’t even read the rest of the long winded post you had because after the opening statement I was laughing. A lot.

    • SwiftyFBGTX 10.16.13 at 17:24

      Move out of your mom’s basement and design your own game and you can bitch about it. The games not flawless, but its pretty kick ass. If you want a real military experience join the Army…

  • HELLAS967 09.15.13 at 11:30

    Hello Dice.
    I am a huge fan of this series and have played all the battlefields.
    My laptop:
    HP PAVILION DV6 laptop has the foloowing confis.
    2gb nvidia geforce gt630m graphics, 6 gb ram, 2.7 ghz intel i5 3rd gen processor, 640 gb hard disk.
    My laptop can easily run games like BF3,COD BO2, TOMBRAIDER on high settings.
    I really want this game so my question is whether BF4 would work on my laptop smoothly at low or medium settings without lags and can play the game smoothly.
    Please reply as soon as you can.

    • Big Bo55 10.03.13 at 00:39

      The game would install but you wont be able to play it.

  • undermedicatedd 09.15.13 at 02:13

    DICE.. despite what blogs, websites, gaming magazines, and idiots are willing to admit.. Battlefield has put COD in the grave. You did this by giving us a lot more than small lifeless maps with child play tactics.. you know, the good ol’ ‘I’m going to camp this corner with a claymore & wait for someone to run by.. then I’m going to go with whatever weapon has the highest rate of fire, then run around hip firing everything.. because that is so difficult & so rewarding & so much fun’ (sarcasm).. and for that reason alone, I’ll never play COD again. Don’t cater to the pathetic COD enthuisiasts. If they want to cry about camo & weapon camo & blah blah blah.. then send their asses back to COD amongst the whiney, intellectually challenged, talentless children. For example.. do away with claymores, unless you are actually going to implement a handheld clacker for detonation.. that would take care of the problem of some wuss throwing down claymores in doorways, then scurrying off to lie in a corner somewhere until it goes off & they get an easy kill.. and then you gave them ammo packs so they can do it the entire game (COD didn’t even do that, so you should all feel ashamed). I hope you reconsider the functionality of the claymores in BF4.. since they just promote camping & completely go against all this ‘play as a team’ you’re preaching about. How can a team be effective & work together on the battlefield when half of the team are lying in corners, dependant on easy kills from those who actually are playing the objective? And.. I hate to say it, but the Recon class is 99% useless in Battlefield 3, and will be 99% useless in BF4. Players don’t use it to ‘support’ the team.. they use it so they can get as far away as they possibly can & camp atop buildings or cranes or hillsides or inside their deployment for kills.. or they take the high powered sniper rifles & throw a holographic site on it, a ‘straight pull bolt’, or they equip a semi automatic sniper rifle.. then they try to run around & drop people with one shot at close range (geez.. I wish my .44MAG would drop someone like that with 1 round.. from 2yds away.. on hardcore.. but, it doesn’t.. and my K/D thanks you for all the 99% kill assists with that one). So, how is any of that considered teamwork? How is any of that considered playing the objective? All that is, is you people at DICE trying to turn Battlefield into COD. I’m not impressed by Battlefield anymore. I’m just getting BF4 because of the new maps & new weapons. In its concept, Battlefield is the bees knees, the Holy Grail of FPS’s.. in reality, DICE is on the path of least resistance & headed straight towards full retard. You already sacked COD.. it’s got one foot in the grave, the other on a banana peel. Stop catering to the COD pussies & keep your loyalties with those of us who are dedicated to Battlefield & hate COD. COD is played out, it’s annoying, it’s dead, we’re sick of it. Battlefield becoming more like COD will only lead to us hate Battlefield too. DICE.. stop feeding into camping.. and never go full retard.

    • close yo legz 09.16.13 at 05:46

      I say they are still neck and neck if they want to officially put COD in its grave then they need realistic ballistics, allow us to equip and customize the M82 thats what i want and thats what ive been waiting for and i still aing got that im on the fence buy BF4 or WATCH_DOGS and i might go watch_dogs because watch_dogs is everything i have ever wanted in a RPG game and battlefield is getting close they just need those few things i said because any sniper or assault rifle or shot gun and any hand gun .40 cal and up is a one hit wonder and im wanting a real war simulation like arma 2 OA takes place in the middle east and the caliber determines how many shot it takes to kill a man. this is just an udated version of BF3 with new maps and trial runs of the M82 thats all and im not spending my money on that its no different and the M98B being stronger then the M82 is so off everyone knows the M82 is stronger. so in my point of view they are still neck and neck with COD.

      • CHAINSAW305 09.23.13 at 06:30

        You sir… need to calm down. The M82 is a 50. caliber rifle. So of course it does more damage… in real life! It will in the game when u pick it up too.
        If you “really” want that hardcore feel??? Go play hardcore on any BF game numbnuts! In BF3 you only start with 60% health and no health regen either. No hud, no nothing in BF3! Naked as the day you were born. You can get your one shot kills all day with the M98 or any sniper rifle for that matter.
        Now if you got hit in real life with something like a 7.62.. you”d be toast! But this isn’t real life. It’s a game. An awesome game. I’m sorry but COD couldn’t do what BF does right and never will.

    • onlinexd 09.22.13 at 01:07

      Oh you will love the 40X score then <3 only thing we need now isete grille suit

    • Y-All-IDs-Taken 11.04.13 at 17:02

      claymores have a good tactical role. but your right they do promote camping. heres a cool idea. add a time interval to which claymores can be deployed. say to deploy a claymore it takes 30 seconds (think like attaching a bomb to mcom) to set up the trip wires. failure to set up trip wires deploys a bomb insensitive to player movement (aka a waste of a claymore). this way any one who wishes to deploy one must wait out X amount of time. that way they must be vulnerable in order to camp.

      also i dont like the squad spawn mechanic either. either limit squad spawn to the leader or increase the amount of time players must wait. nothings worse than killing a guy just to have another spawn out of thin air while you reload…

  • M200_xTerminator 09.13.13 at 04:56

    It’s very nice to see DICE put in so much detail into weapon customization and variety. I was already blown away upon Battlefield 3’s release, and in late October of 2013, the bar will be raised even higher. Battlefield 3 had immense customization and attachment variety in weapon attachments, and now that DICE is claiming that Battlefield 4 will have triple the amount of accessories for weapons as BF3 did, I cannot imagine that finding two of the same exact gun will be common. Back when I played Call of Duty, I loved the performance bars for weapons; they were critical in making the most optimal weapon to use, and which attachments to put on them. To see this in Battlefield 4 with over 100 different weapons and dozens of attachments will be a true feat of modern game design. The increased customization of camouflage and addition of “adaptive camouflage” will also make the game seem much more realistic–undoubtedly better than any other first-person shooter ever released. My anticipation for this game is hard to contain.

    • close yo legz 09.16.13 at 06:10

      i disagree ARMA II: Operation ArrowHead has by far blown battlefield out of the water bing it is the most Realistic FPS on the market right now with realistic ballistics bullet drop and wind you cant beat that and the maps are so big, its rare to see the person you are shooting at and that my friends is a realistic FPS war simulation and at that the game takes place in the middle east in an Afghanistan settlement.

      • Big Bo55 10.03.13 at 00:46

        If only the devs were good at marketing as well. It is a shame. The ARMA series will never catch on with the mainstream because of this. It will always be an underground following keeping it alive. One of my favorite games though to this date.

  • APDevious 09.12.13 at 22:22

    Please, please, please, please don’t make active camo for players too. Just…. no. And battle pickups? Really DICE? First you attract COD players by toning down destruction and making even smaller maps, and now you’re attracting Halo players?

    • I-Chavez-I 09.13.13 at 09:03

      How is adaptive camouflage for players a bad idea? Do you like having to change your soldier’s camo between every round, only to spawn in and find out your Spec Ops Black has been magically reset to the default camo?

  • JAYNE COBB 316 09.12.13 at 17:09

    Oh, F me. It took me 18 months to acquire every single unlock in BF3 (taking into account the expansions). I’m all for giving upgrade options, but please tell me we’re not going to have to unlock 24 different gadgets for each individual weapon before we’re able to use them?

    • I-Chavez-I 09.13.13 at 09:05

      Would you rather run out of stuff to do after six months?

      • JAYNE COBB 316 09.13.13 at 15:13

        I can level up without having to first unlock each weapon then unlock each accessory to said weapon, and still have a great time with the game. I don’t even necessarily mind having to unlock the weapons, its just the continual grind of having to unlock each accessory one at a time in the order determined by the designers. And if they’ve now expanded the number of accessories it will take all that much more grind to do it. I like playing Battlefield, I don’t particularly like having to use weapons I don’t care for weeks at a time in order to unlock the accessories that make the palatable.

        • Cinco-Toes 09.14.13 at 19:01

          What is this have to idea you have? You don’t have to do shit. If you’re so compulsive that you feel you have to unlock everything, that’s a you problem.

    • Lumos 09.14.13 at 17:34

      Given that some attachments have a “battlepack” icon on them, I’m hoping that you’ll just have to unlock an attachment once and then it’d be available for use on all weapons. Hope dies last…

  • Crashpilot_GER 09.11.13 at 18:12

    Can you throw a magnifier behind an 40X Scope? Sometimes, zoom’s Not enough.

  • FI_Dutchman 09.11.13 at 01:02

    like to see the new accessory’s and battlepacks

  • TeHypno 09.10.13 at 22:17

    Currently with 12X Scope at 1200 meters a guy is a set of like 5 pixels while at 1800+ you can only see his scope glint. And that’s assuming you have Mesh quality set on ultra and resolution higher than 1680×1050. Scope glint being reduced, I will gladly take 40X scope. :)

  • kadasha910 09.10.13 at 22:09

    The world of the Middle East wishes from the battlefield to put the Arabic language between there Almlaan languages ​​followers Please Support Us this request and thank you

    Agree with opinion writes (Arabic language)

  • FULLMET4LJ4CKET 09.10.13 at 21:16

    Is it possible that Dice forgot to add the possibility to save the load out set for each map? Should we take 10 minutes to choose cammos each game?
    The full cammo options are a mistake imao: you cannot feel being part of an army if players use all the colors of the raimbow to wear… 1 side = 1 cammo

  • eldron2323 09.10.13 at 18:55

    How about ammo types (such as hollow-point, tracers, etc.)?

  • Tsarye69 09.10.13 at 16:24

    A 40X scope? Am I supposed to be looking for cavities on enemy troops half a mile away?

  • DocSmoothJew 09.10.13 at 14:55

    How come no Israeli Tavor? One of the most respected assault weapons out there.

  • Rappy 09.10.13 at 14:05

    Can you put a drum mag on an assault rifle/carbine rifle? That would be awesome!!!

  • NuRvios 09.10.13 at 12:11

    hey dice give the 50cal a chance to be a a loadout weapon even if u have to nerf it i love that gun

  • hADji_KiLLa 09.10.13 at 09:28

    My only beef with Dice is they don’t have a clue as to what weapon accessories (Optics, lasers, etc) are currently being used by military units. They continue to use reflex sights that NO ONE uses.

    • Starscream-19 09.13.13 at 02:10

      That’s your beef? Really? I can’t even think of the words right now.

  • ROBOELMAGNIFICO 09.10.13 at 05:00

    i’m with you chainsaw “thanks dice!” you guys rule …cant wait till the 28th took ,the day off on the 29th it’s gonna be “all out war” you guys keep up the good work and see ya on the battlefield…mang!

  • BlueEagle7000 09.10.13 at 04:20

    How about adding a way for players to actually access all these cool new customization options while still alive on the battlefield?

    Sorry about the long read, but bear through it.

    Up until now you’ve had to die to be able to do anything to your kit, but imagine instead that whenever you wanted to switch method of engagement, say try to go from long range single shot/burst with a scope to something a bit stealthier, you’d get over to a supply station at one of the bases/areas under your control (or a supply crate dropped by your commander), enter the customization menu, attach a silencer, a red dot sight, a grip and a laser sight to your rifle instead. You lock and load, and you’re ready to go again.

    Or, say you’ve been covering your squad for a while with your trusty sniper rifle, but now you guys decide to try to breach C base with an APC and a tank, and you want to switch to something a little more catered towards vehicle team play. You meet up with your squad at the base holding the vehicles, you interact with the supply station and you suit up for the engineering kit, pick a decent anti tank launcher, a repair tool and a decent shotgun and you’re ready to roll out.

    If something like it is in the game already, then please talk about it.
    As long as you implement some kind of cool-down timer for it, to prevent something like, let’s say, an engineer sitting by his supply station constantly switching between AA and AT launchers for whatever needs taking down (or worse, 5 of them). Also, ammo doesn’t get resupplied at the station (if you’re completely out and you switch to a different weapon, you might get, say one magazine or something), and whatever class you play and you have equipment (ammo packs, claymores, medkits, motion sensors, mines) out somewhere on the map and you switch to a different class, they are despawned.

    I really think it would be a feature pretty much every Battlefield player would want and enjoy.

    Please consider it DICE, and have a good week.

    • Del Karma 09.10.13 at 05:37

      DICE, please consider this one!

    • Starscream-19 09.13.13 at 02:12

      So like Crysis, yeah I agree, but disagree. This would make it really annoying as snipers would keep switching between long and close range.

  • CHAINSAW305 09.10.13 at 02:28

    Dice! Thank you for the camos, more accessory’s, customizable secondary’s, more customizable slots, performance bars and every new accessory you’ve added to the game….AWESOME!

  • Crashpilot_GER 09.10.13 at 01:28

    Please DICE, in your next Post Could you please explain how exactly the ammo limitation on vehicules works? Are vehicules going to be abel to be litterally Out of ammo, or will it be more like at gamescom Demo, meaning some sort of magazin system for vehicules.
    Another Thing about vehicule camos. If there are multiple persons in the vehicule, and they have different camos equipped, how Is that going to work? I mean, who will have the “priority”? If its the driver, what would happen if someone Else becomes the driver, with another equipped camo? The camo would magically change during ride? That’d be weird.
    Otherwise, Keep up the good work DICE, BF4 will be the best Game evarrr!

  • wWaAVve 09.09.13 at 19:16

    I don’t mind the 40x zoom but I’m a little concerned about spotting balance. Basically you can spot anyone anywhere on map. With HVT, Commander, Motion Balls, UAVs etc. I just hope the balance and space is still there. I don’t want it to feel like those other shooters where everyone is running toward icons rambo style.
    I like to run for awhile not sure where everyone is,and sneak around or have the shit scared out of me when a non-spotted enemy runs right by.
    Please DICE remember the SPACE between the music notes.

    • alexMflip 09.10.13 at 11:58

      I totally agree with you. Plz DICE, watch out for the gameplay!

  • PvtHashbrowns 09.09.13 at 18:27

    Yea can’t wait for 15 idiots on each team fighting over 1 gun somewhere. Sounds like a terrible idea to implement.

  • DumbledoreDies 09.09.13 at 05:29

    Are you finally going to allow us to save loadouts?

    • Erebus_Rox 09.09.13 at 18:22

      “Stupid Loadout, resetting everytime I log out.” – Erebus_Rox, Poet.

    • Del Karma 09.10.13 at 05:39

      That would be great.

  • Valdamart 09.09.13 at 02:18

    but ya i hope the maps are giant as long as the max amount of ppl on 1 team is more the 15

  • Valdamart 09.09.13 at 02:17

    16x would be good to

  • Valdamart 09.09.13 at 02:13

    so excited for snipeing w\ 40x zoom!!

  • Adam821748 09.08.13 at 21:59

    one more thing I love that they now have the angle grip I have been waiting for that in battlefield 3

  • Adam821748 09.08.13 at 21:57

    I don’t really snipe very often but i gotta say the map that is a city will be my best map that i can snipe on.

  • m522522 09.08.13 at 07:43


  • m522522 09.08.13 at 07:32

    I think that the 40x sniper scope is stupid, because my longest hradshot is 1101 and i used a 12x so the 40x makes it were any1 can say there a sniper. Also it makes fag faces who can only make 250m headshots be able to make a 5000x and it would basically be the same as making a 250m, uless the maps are big as shit. Hopefully they are so i can sit on a building getting long range snipes on retards that are 4000 meters away.

    • General534 09.08.13 at 17:08

      Don’t use it. Problem solved.

    • UpmostC423 09.08.13 at 22:15

      unless you have a 20mm cannon your carrying around on your back I dont think so. Battlefield has a lot of foundation in realism and there is no way they would let you make an absurd shot like that

  • BTL-A4_Ace 09.08.13 at 03:00

    EPIC info, DICE. I can’t wait! :D

    I just want to know – especially with the advent of all the different grenade types being introduced in BF4 – if we will FINALLY be able to cook grenades (and toss live ones back at the enemy).

    • m522522 09.08.13 at 07:33

      hold r1 took cook the bacon

    • Lord Tai 09.25.13 at 21:37

      Cooking grenades would be acceptable, although I don’t mind the current system, but throwing a grenade back at an enemy is the height of foolishness. Taking the time to pick up a grenade that may or may not have been “cooked” by its owner is just asking to die, and if an ally is unfortunate enough to be next to you, you might just get him/her killed, too (especially if the “this is a fucking grenade” icon disappears when you pick it up). I would prefer a mechanic similar to that which was featured in Medal of Honor: European Assault, which allowed you to kick the grenade back (and, if memory serves me correctly, how far the grenade was launched when kicked depended on your forward momentum up until you actually kicked it).

  • kadasha910 09.07.13 at 21:17

    Since the large maps hope to have the telescope for a sniper x16 We wish Anicon a machine gun ak 100 under development thanks

  • Erebus_Rox 09.07.13 at 14:41

    Nice blog post, but could you post the list weapons included in the vanilla version BEFORE the release date?

    • Niblick_MahBalls 09.07.13 at 17:38 Levelcap has a list and description video of all current weapons in BF4.

    • m522522 09.08.13 at 07:34

      vanilla is just for minecraft technic not all games.

  • DSX1999 09.07.13 at 12:59

    One of the things that I really loved that you guys did with BF3 in the weapon models was that the AR patterned rifles, the M16s and M4s had their gas blocks/front sight posts still present when optics were attached. I don’t know how many more kudos you got over COD(trust me it was already substantial difference between the two anyway). So now I’m hoping that when the firing modes are being toggled for the weapons that I can see my player model physically move the fire selector switches. I know minor things like that generally aren’t that important to the other gamers but to me it shows you guys have great attention detail and aren’t gonna half ass the little things. It speaks volumes to me.

  • NWI_AZTEC 09.07.13 at 08:59

    Will there be a system for platoons/squads of 5 or more players to bypass auto-balancing so they can remain on one side?

    Are there dumb bombs for jets?

    Is ranking slower than BF3, and or are there more unique ranks?

    Which gadgets/explosives will not disappear after death/re-spawn?

    Will modes like Scavenger, Gun Master, Assault, Air and Tank Superiority make a return at some point?

    Will vehicles have limited ammo? Will they have to resupply at base/at an ammo crate? Or will it slowly re-gen?

    Does each faction start out with a different set of weapons like in Battlefield 3?

    What’s the difference between bronze, silver, and gold Battlepacks, and which of these will come with your Premium membership?

    Will you be able to spot an enemy player through smoke?

    Have improvements been made to vehicle physics, specifically tanks sliding, jeeps rubber banding colliding with other vehicles?

    Any new maps to be revealed before the game launches? Names? Map layouts? Screenshots? Gameplay?

    Can everything in the Premium and Digital Deluxe Edition Battlepacks be eventually unlocked/earned?

    Will players lose ammo if they reload a non empty magazine? Server option?

    What game modes will be available for the Siege of Shanghai Beta?

    Can the smaller First Aid Packs and Ammo Packs be resupplied? How many will be available to give out?

    Will the US have the F-22 to compete against the SU-50 and J-20?

    • DaSnickerdoodle 09.08.13 at 01:53

      Dude….chill the fuck out and wait for the game.

    • m522522 09.08.13 at 07:38

      :0 wait 4 the fuckin game man. and a lot of the stuff your asking is fucking stupid anyway. such as the bypass team balance, seeing through smoke (wtf do u think smoke is 4 dumbshit), and if the maps have names watch the fucking trailers like evr1 else and that last questin will be answered.

    • General534 09.08.13 at 17:14


  • RaginDude 09.07.13 at 06:42

    Will BF4 hit detection be server side? Grow a pair and stop dodging the question already. On the other hand Dice silence on this pretty much give the answer. No buy for me.

    • s3R3Nity404 09.07.13 at 09:11

      Dude, You are one true gamer. The most important thing abot multiplayer FPS games is connection mechanics which makes game fair or not OR should I say smooth or not. However as long as I see, these kind of crucial details which affects %99 of the game experience are generally ignored by most players. So the producers are just deceiving players by those kind of minor details like Weapon Cust./ New Vehicles, Modes and Maps/ Better Graphics/ New Vehicles
      Thanks for bringing that up dude even if we will just be ignored by DICE

    • Hogstooth 09.08.13 at 03:11

      No BF4 hit detection will not be server side this question has already been answered by Papa Battlefield himself Lars Gustavsson.

  • mr.derek 09.07.13 at 06:15

    This personalisation is awesome news! Great work DICE! I just hope the AS VAL makes an appearance! =D

  • OxideSeven 09.07.13 at 04:45

    The M1911 is coming back to BF4. Watch some gameplay from Gamescom and you might get a glimpse of it, I know I did.

  • DSX1999 09.07.13 at 04:03

    Please tell me the 1911 is coming back as a DLC weapon. I’m glad the P226 has been added but come on need a pistol with some real history behind it.

    • OxideSeven 09.07.13 at 04:41

      The M1911 is coming back to BF4. Watch some gameplay from Gamescom and you might get a glimpse of it, I know I did.

  • The-umbrella-360 09.07.13 at 02:11

    bf4 should have a suvivle mode but not people and not zombies but dinosaurs because dinos were found alot on maps in bf3 so there should be a online suvivle with like 10 to 15 dice please do this evan if it sets you back like 3 more months it would bring the game to a hole new level please please please!!!! SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wWaAVve 09.07.13 at 01:56

    All I have to say is thanks DICE for putting all of your effort and hard work into this game up until the launch and beyond! I can’t wait!

  • LORD MELVIN III 09.07.13 at 00:03

    Love the canted ironsights and cant wait to use them!

  • R3DT1D3 09.06.13 at 22:07

    The “Performance Bars” are all fine and good until the first balance patch happens. BC2′s bars quickly became irrelevant so I’m not confident DICE will keep them up to date.

  • IRELAND914 09.06.13 at 21:50

    LOL’d at “Whether you help your team by sniping from afar…”

    • Joao611 09.06.13 at 23:26

      Good snipers can help their team.
      The problem is that many of them on BF3 are terrible and the game itself doesn’t offer many long range teamwork-orientated options to the snipers and the bullets seem to travel much slower than what they should. But in BF4, the bullet velocity for snipers seems to have improved and you can zero in your scope to help with the bullet drop – know those guys camping in an unreachable position and you can’t do anything about them? That’s when a good sniper can come in hand.
      Also, when sniping, you can (finally) use the portable SOFLAM and target a chopper that may be owning your team in the front lines, for example, while in BF3 you had to use the placeable SOFLAM, which was kind of an easy target and not so practical.
      And let’s not forget the awesome advantage that is having someone in your team constantly spotting every hostile in the objective you are attacking/defending…
      But keep in mind that you should only have 1, maybe 2, of these awesome fellas in 1 team – more than that and it’s just a plague, like how many times it happens in BF3, because their team will lack lots of offensive and defensive capabilities

  • Da Bx Ghost 09.06.13 at 21:13

    Oh Hey DICE will you allows us to see the next map we’re playing while were waiting in the lobby or after a game has just finished?

    I Know it’s been confirmed for Battlelog 2.0 but i’m not sure if it’ll be implemented in game. If you see this Please do it. so far everything i’ve read and seen about BF4 has been perfect.

    Also can you blog about the audio in BF4 and how it’s been improved for PC’s,current and next gen consoles.

  • kaylord 09.06.13 at 20:55

    Talk about next gen dice

    • Da Bx Ghost 09.06.13 at 21:05

      IDK maybe i’m pushing it but is it possible you can give us the ability to leave up the stat bar all times?

    • Da Bx Ghost 09.06.13 at 21:05

      Yes i want to hear more about the PS4 And Xbox one.

  • Lestuniem 09.06.13 at 20:55

    Any chance that we’d be able to get some sort of fabric covers for snipers, aka your scope won’t glint to the next dimension. Your shots would still be seen if someone looks there when you take it, but imho it’s retarded that snipers get punished so bad for the scope design.

    Make it so that the fabric makes shooting bit harder as you can’t see 100% accurately as you would w/o, but in return you just can’t glint. Please?

  • kaylord 09.06.13 at 20:55

    Take about next gen dice !!

  • CptainCrunch 09.06.13 at 20:51

    Hey! All this customization is awesome, but is BF4 going to be able to remember your layout, unlike BF3 where we have to reset the camos and configurations every time we make a minor change to our kits?

  • dan_3_16 09.06.13 at 20:41

    where’s multicam camo for guns???, screw fake camos.

  • Khanzza 09.06.13 at 19:48

    Horrible interface.

    • Da Bx Ghost 09.06.13 at 21:06

      It’s Alpha dude. it might look better at launch.

      • m522522 09.08.13 at 07:46

        its not alpha it’s been out of alpha for about 2 years.

  • Hulk4D 09.06.13 at 19:14

    notice how the Recon player and caption are depicted in the art. i’d really like to see Recon play out closer to the way it did with BF3′s launch.

  • strYker555 09.06.13 at 19:11

    More accessories is always good. But I dont like the player models. DICE cheaped out.

    • Da Bx Ghost 09.06.13 at 21:08

      what are you talking about they look way better than the one BF3 had. Look at bf3 models on youtube and compare them to the models on BF4. everything looks better.

  • Ionjohn 09.06.13 at 19:10

    I have a question for Battlefield Devs, will they include a ViewModel FOV option in the game on PC?

  • Hogstooth 09.06.13 at 18:52

    I want to know if Conquest Assault CQA game mode is in BF4 or if it has gotten the axe that’s what I want to know, but none of you will answer the damned question.

    • Hogstooth 09.06.13 at 19:01

      Also adaptive camo is nice but unless you guys also have adaptive Loadout then just add a “Next Map/s” and “Loadout” tab with the other post round tabs please?