The Road to Battlefield 4: Battlelog

Always at your fingertips, Battlelog for Battlefield 4 delivers an amazing array of detailed stats, game-connected features and new ways to compete. Jesper Nielsen, Assistant Producer for Battlelog, will walk you through new details for Battlelog, and how it will make your BF4 experience truly unique.

Introducing Battlelog for Battlefield 4

We loved introducing Battlelog in Battlefield 3, but that was just the beginning. Since then, we’ve had some great ideas for how we could innovate and make it even better with Battlefield 4. The goal with Battlelog for BF4 is to create an enhanced experience for the player that allows them to be constantly connected to the game, whether it’s in front of their console or PC or on the go using their mobile device. We had to fundamentally change some features – like fully integrating Battlelog into the game on next-gen consoles and PC. By doing this, it has enabled us to give Battlelog a style and look that is much more in-tune with the game, introduce connected features to make it an even more powerful companion and provide new ways for you to customize your experience.

In-Game Integration

A core goal for the team was to deeply integrate the Battlelog experience within the game, utilizing the great platform we had already built for BF3. With seamless integration in mind, we’ve placed a widget in the top right corner of your interface, where you can see how many of your friends are currently playing BF4 or how many active Missions you have available(a new feature where you can create new challenges for you and your friends). This widget also gives you notifications for certain events. For example, Battlelog will let you know of Mission invites, if someone beat your score in a Mission or when a friend joins your server. We tried to balance it so it isn’t too intrusive, yet still gives you the information you want, when you want it. If you still prefer to go without it, you have the option to hide the widget.

At any time in-game, you can bring up the Battlelog overlay. For PC and next-gen consoles we’ve built a new platform to ensure we could bring Battlelog to players in the best possible way while they are playing the game. This means that it is built on the same core technology as Battlelog is on the web, tablet and mobile devices, making it easier and faster for us to update, and keeping it tightly connected to the Battlelog experience outside the game.

This in-game overlay will give you access to tons of Battlelog features. You can see what your friends are doing, check their stats and join their game. You can also see who is in your squad when playing multiplayer and look up their profile. Maybe you want to check your standings on the Geo Leaderboards, or create a Mission. It’s all available at any time during the game. You can even see how you’re progressing towards your next rank or unlocks in real-time!


In-game overlay – work-in-progress image

A Connected Experience

With BF3 we realized that the game, Battlelog on the web, and Battlelog on mobile felt like separate pieces. With Battlelog for BF4 the design across the in-game, web, tablet, and mobile experiences are much more uniform. Going between the game and Battlelog on the various platforms will feel much smoother and connected. We’re also working hard to ensure the Battlelog experience for BF4 on console is on par with the deep interaction PC players have enjoyed since BF3.

Another way we’ve bridged the gap between Battlelog and the game is with Emblems. You will now be able to create Emblems and take them into multiplayer to show off your style. Create an Emblem on Battlelog and then next time you join a multiplayer game, you will see this Emblem on both your gun and soldier – they even show upon vehicles as you enter them. We can’t wait to see all the creative emblems people will create and bring into the game.

The Battlefield 4 Companion

In addition to new levels of in-game integration, Battlelog is bringing both new and updated features through web and mobile devices. This extends Battlelog to be more than something you use while you’re not playing – Battlelog for BF4 is quite simply a full-fledged companion experience!

With the Battlelog app (and on web as well), you can do a lot of things away from the game. You can view your stats, customize your Loadout, write in the forums, read the latest news, connect with friends, and more. Where the magic starts to happen is that Battlelog will now recognize when you’re playing the game. We’ve created something we call the Unified Game Manager, which will show up on Battlelog as you start playing on PC or console, and will offer you quick access to our game-connected features: Real-time Loadout, Remote Joining and BattleScreen.

We’ve completely rebuilt the Loadout system on Battlelog, not only making it more user-friendly and intuitive, but also ensuring that it’s tightly integrated with the game. What this means is that you can customize your Loadout on Battlelog at any time and it’s automatically updated in-game. You just save it, and it’s applied.


Loadout – work-in-progress image

Remote Joining is another really cool game-connected feature. Perhaps you’re playing on a server, but you’d like to join a different one or you want to join a friend somewhere else.  Usually, you’d have to exit the game you’re currently in and then search for your next server in the menus. Now you can pull up the list of servers on Battlelog, find the one you want to play on, and press “Join”. It’ll pull you right into that server. It’s extremely fast and fluid and a whole new way to find games on both console and PC.

Another great feature for Battlelog on next-gen consoles and PC is BattleScreen, which is a real-time, interactive mini-map of the game that you’re currently playing in. Say you’re on your way to the fight as a passenger in a helicopter – if you’re the Squad Leader, you can grab the tablet next to you and set attack points for your pilot, prepping you and your squad for the battle to come. This all happens in real-time – there are no delays between what’s going on in-game and what you see on your device. It takes a bit of getting used to, having a second screen to look at, but once you get the hang of it you can use it your advantage. Gone are the days of bringing up the full-screen mini-map only to blur your view of the battle.


BattleScreen – work-in-progress image

In addition to this, we’ve done work to ensure that both the Battlelog and Commander Mode apps work well together. For example, once you find the server you want to play on from the Battlelog app, you just press “Join as Commander”, and it will boot up the Commander app for you, automatically joining that server. We wanted BF4 to feel like one unified experience, and this is just one of the ways we’re doing that.

Geo Leaderboards

Our inspiration for Geo Leaderboards came from video game arcades, back when you stopped by the local arcade every day after school to see if you were still the top dog or if someone in neighborhood beat your high score. Taking this idea to heart, we looked at leaderboards in BF4 with a lot of scrutiny. When you’re number 127,842 in the global rankings for a game, it can feel defeating. That’s why we’ve brought Geo Leaderboards into the mix, where you can set your position to compete against people in your city, state, and country, as well as the world at large.


Geo Leaderboards on tablet – work-in-progress image

We have leaderboards for weapons, vehicles, skill, kills, time played, and many more – allowing you to compete in a lot of different areas. We hope there’s a leaderboard that everyone feels they can compete in, no matter how they play the game. You can try to be the best assault player in your city, or the best reviver; you can go for getting the best Personal Record in your town. A Personal Record is getting the best score in a single round in some category, and it could be something like getting the most kills, best score or even destroying the most vehicles.


Leaderboards on tablet – work-in-progress image

When you set your location, it can be the city you actually live in or wherever else you’d like to be. Geo-Leaderboards are 100% opt-in and you completely control where your location appears, if you choose to use it.

Be the Best Where It Counts

Once you have your location set with Geo Leaderboards, you can take a look at how you’re doing. Zoom in and out of the city, state, country, and world. If you find that you’re number one in the city, you might want to step it up a notch and see how you compare to people in the state or country.

Players will also be divided into Divisions, inspired by FIFA’s Seasons system. All players on a leaderboard are divided into 10 Divisions, depending on your skills and ranking in a wide range of areas such as Kill/Death Ratio, Score Per Minute, and more. This stretches across each level of zoom (city, state, country, and world) in the Geo Leaderboards as well so you might be Division 1 in your city, but only Division 3 in the world. You’ll be notified in-game when you make the jump from one division to the next, giving you an even better idea of how you stack up to other players.

We’re trying to make it easier for you to sift through the many categories because we know there are a lot of leaderboards. Once you’ve put some time into multiplayer we’ll highlight the leaderboards you’re ranked the highest on so that you don’t have to dig through all the different options. You can still go and look at all of the leaderboards, but this is a way to get the most significant info to you as soon as possible.


Everyone knows that half the fun of multiplayer is showing off your skills to your friends, whether it’s that 20:1 kill/death ratio or getting a headshot from almost a kilometer away. It’s just not the same unless you know someone is witnessing your greatness. Now you can prove to your friends you’re the best on the battlefield with Missions.

Missions are challenges you can set amongst you and up to four friends. They allow you to tailor your multiplayer experience and choose how to define victory outside of normal game objectives. People can create missions based on the same criteria as Personal Records, giving you a list of objectives we’ll continue to increase over time.


Missions on mobile device – work-in-progress image

These Missions are always round-based, meaning each round is its own separate attempt to get the best score. While you’re setting up your Mission, you can choose which map should be used for the Mission (you can also pick “Any Map”) and the amount of attempts each participant will get (with an option for unlimited attempts), and then you have 48 hours to compete and claim victory. Set a mission on Friday and now you have the weekend to try and be the best among your friends.

You’ll get a notification on Battlelog when you are invited, when the lead in the mission has been taken from you, and when you or someone else wins. Notifications will be shown on Battlelog on all devices, including in-game notifications and even push notifications on mobile.  We’ll make sure you won’t miss any of these important events.


In-game notifications, upper right corner – work-in-progress image

Missions were one thing we wanted to create keeps people on their toes. It adds a great new dimension to multiplayer, and it’s a fantastic way to compete with your friends even if you can’t all be online at the same time.

Deep and Meaningful Stats

Stats are a big part of Battlelog and something we constantly focus on and improve. We’re capturing even more data in BF4. This means we can go back and see how you progressed since the start of your BF4 career. When the game launches, this will ultimately manifest itself in the Profile Replay. On your stats overview page, you can drag this slider around so you can see how your core stats have changed, and hopefully improved, over time. You can see how you were at the beginning of your BF4 career and how you’ve progressed since then. Press “Start” at the beginning and see it all unfold in front of you!


Soldier overview with Profile Replay – work-in-progress image

We have also improved Battle Reports, and I am particularly excited about the new dynamic prize system. We have around 40 different stats being analyzed, and if you are good enough, then you may be highlighted as a top player in that round. Even if you don’t get a Top Player award, there’s still a good chance that you’ve been the best at something, and we’ll make sure to tell you what that is. Even the small victories count, right?

We really want to tell stories with Battlelog, and by highlighting what you’re great at with stats, Geo Leaderboards, Missions and more, Battlelog for BF4 will tell you exactly what kind of BF player you are and help you play to your strengths.

Suggestions and Tracking

BF4 is a huge game with countless things to unlock and complete, and it’s not always easy to see what you should, or could, unlock over time. That’s why we are introducing Suggestions and Tracking.  Three prominent boxes called Suggestions are placed on the main Battlelog section on the web and mobile apps – even in-game! Our system will suggest unlocks, medals, assignments, service stars and more for you to complete, as well as those things you are already close to completing.

If you don’t like what’s in the Suggestions boxes you can always hit the refresh button to get new Suggestions, or if you’re really aiming for something specific, you can choose to track it. Just find that special unlock you’re after, hit the “Track” button, and then it will show up in one of the Suggestion boxes. .There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing all of your Suggestions completed after a night of Battlefield 4 gaming.


Assignments tracking – work-in-progress image

Looking Forward

Battlelog is a service that we plan on continuing to enhance and grow over time. That is why we’ve spent a lot of time building a shared, web-based technology platform for Battlelog on all devices as it will allow us to work faster, bring more features to the table, and deliver more frequent updates. We will actually be able to update Battlelog in-game without the need for downloading and installing any patches!

This is also important because we, as a service, want to make sure we can listen to community feedback and make the right decisions and implementations based on that. When Battlefield 4 and the new Battlelog launch, that’s only the beginning for us. Everyone on the Battlelog team is really excited to see how people will respond and see what kind of ideas and suggestions our new features will bring.

With a revamped look and feel, in-game integration, completely revamped mobile apps, companion features, Geo Leaderboards, Missions, and so much more, Battlelog will be an integral part to your Battlefield 4 experience.

See you on the battlefield!

-Jesper Nielsen

Stay tuned to “The Road to Battlefield 4”, where we’ll continue the journey towards launch by diving deeper and deeper into every nuance of the biggest Battlefield game ever developed at DICE. Next episode we’ll explore Game Modes in Battlefield 4.

Until then, let us know what you think about this blog post, and what questions you want us to answer in the upcoming posts. Thanks for reading!

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  • MightyGoliath 06.09.14 at 06:51

    MESSAGE TO DICE: When you guys make the keyboard and mouse compatible, could you just separate servers that support just K&M and one’s with just game controllers, i want K&M, but to be fair and balanced, this is a great idea.

  • LethalSpyder 01.31.14 at 18:34

    Would love to have a battlelog app for windows 8.1 tablet

  • blooddevil007 01.19.14 at 02:16


  • spades117 01.08.14 at 16:00

    It would be awesome if i could get this app for my ps vita

  • QuinnHowarth 01.02.14 at 13:52

    on bf4 i am unable to get in a game when i connect i get sent back to the xbox one home and disconnected form the server

  • J22TL 11.16.13 at 20:31

    Question for the veterans that aren’t getting the black battle pack. some people says it showed up for them but not for some people that have a played all battlefield games or at least some of them. heck we would just like to know if ur going to give it to the veterans when china rising is coming out and i love premium.
    COD is low on my list of opions.
    once i get the ps4 i’ll make sure to switch this over to play battle for life.

  • BunnyWthShotgun 11.13.13 at 21:47

    How do i get to the home menu, when i launch the game it sends me directly to battlelog on chrome and i have to play everything from there, I Need Help it’s really pissing me off.

  • TheGhostsofWar 10.25.13 at 00:35

    Will Battlefield 4 have cross-platform gaming?

  • FROSTY-DRAK 10.17.13 at 20:14

    Basic missions? Never saw it in the PS3 Beta. What does it look like??

  • Coaiesmechere 10.15.13 at 12:24

    I use htc one with battle log and every time i write somthing on a forum the message area dissapear.
    And maibe a chat interface for phone battlelog users will be nice.

  • ScotEldridgeson 10.11.13 at 04:08

    Optimize for Nexus 10, please? Thank you.

  • DBMgamer 10.09.13 at 00:52

    Just looking forward to making more vids like this:

  • MastaGat 10.08.13 at 18:44

    Is says not avaliable for the galaxy note 2 humm

  • Lazurain 10.08.13 at 11:05

    could you look into making the battlelog app compatible with Nexus 7 tablets. I would prefer using it on my tablet then my phone

  • jonny_glamour92 10.07.13 at 18:29

    for wp8?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?

  • jolek 10.07.13 at 18:19

    My battlelog crashes down everytime i try to launch the BattleScreen. Is this tool avalable on Beta or is sth wrong?

  • Zaza-junior1234 10.07.13 at 18:08

    my battlelog shows that i am playing pc while i am playing the beta in ps3 ???how to change it !!!! plzzz replyy

  • is not null 10.07.13 at 14:58

    Is a version coming out for Windows Phone or Windows Surface?

  • WesG9 10.06.13 at 22:59

    make an app for Windows tablets and phones

  • THERUCKMAN 10.06.13 at 21:00

    Why is it not available for the Nexus 7 in the USA? Hhhh….

  • MessyMaj 09.30.13 at 18:41


  • Serpant333 09.30.13 at 16:45

    Mouth wide open sounds beast

  • Vintergron 09.30.13 at 02:06

    The new battlelog looks friggin awesome! Good job dice.
    Just one thing… why does it have to be browser based? I dun like that.

  • TimmyAHero 09.28.13 at 21:44

    Thats just awesome, and I can’t wait for it! Great improvement!

  • zapphp 09.27.13 at 18:01


  • Azj3rei 09.27.13 at 15:22

    What mobile platforms will be supported by BattleLog?

    • Fataldisk 09.28.13 at 12:37

      Apple and Android would be obvious

      • Azj3rei 09.30.13 at 09:55

        That would suck if they did not support Windows Phone 8/Windows 8.

  • prestige-player3 09.27.13 at 05:35

    Lets hope the emblem creator doesnt become like Call of Duty!

  • wWaAVve 09.26.13 at 01:54

    I noticed by watching hours of B4 footage and playing B3 that there are many moments when you’re paranoid about where the enemy is…
    That’s GOOD and can become even BETTER at certain moments and heres how…

    I would enhance the heartbeat sounds in a subtle way, for example
    -when inside of rooms during a shootout when you’re not sure if the enemy is coming through the door or window or WHICH door or window.
    Dead Space did this and it was subtle but enhanced the paranoia!
    -you could do this not only in rooms but in any part of the battle scene behind rocks underwater, etc.
    … Enhanced emotion, including paranoia creates a nice rush during gameplay.

    (Note: not only heartbeats could be added but other subtle sounds at times that are a little off key as in BioShock to enhance that paranoia or fear).

  • 8CAKE_or_DEATH8 09.26.13 at 00:53

    I hope the new Battlelog includes /the/ most important feature, the ability to make a squad before the game and join on your friends in a closed squad. The current system really sucks, you’ll almost definitively end up the wrong teams.
    This is a must-have feature for the new battlelog.

  • MOE-DINJO 09.25.13 at 11:07


  • xSerialKillaKevx 09.25.13 at 03:30

    only a few days to go i can’t wait, sounds/looks amazing.

  • BF3_Premium_User 09.25.13 at 01:37

    Will the Battlelog app be made for other devices beside tablets such as phones and MP3 players with iOS and android? Concerned that the the word “tablet” was used repeatedly while “phone” was never used…

  • hotthorns 09.24.13 at 13:17

    What are the game modes that are transferring over from BF3 to BF4?

  • b4zook4tooth 09.24.13 at 09:26

    So does this meanw e can have the battlescreen open in a web browser on our second monitor?

    • tmtmaster4life 09.26.13 at 12:02

      Yes you can, however, to use it while playing BF4 at the same time will probly require you to have BF 4 in “windowed” mode on the resolution setting which unfortunately drops fps.

  • SSOwiD 09.24.13 at 02:56

    Todas son excelentes ideas. Sobre la posibilidad de crear y añadir tus propios símbolos que luego se verán en las armas y otros lugares.

  • Earl Lemongrabb 09.24.13 at 01:28

    I would really like to see a video or blog post on the battle packs.

  • xXCARLO51R1Xx 09.24.13 at 00:38
  • ZETey 09.23.13 at 19:25


  • Frickernator 09.23.13 at 15:25

    will we get the ability to have multiple soldiers? i miss that

  • iSkorpiusS 09.23.13 at 13:53

    bettlelog app will be availeble on 1 of october… during beta?

  • DarkSlayer3109 09.23.13 at 13:20


  • DarkSlayer3109 09.23.13 at 05:53


  • DrKissingher 09.23.13 at 05:31

    A levelution.

  • DrKissingher 09.23.13 at 05:28

    This is going to start a revolution.

  • JimmyRespawn 09.23.13 at 02:55

    No support for Windows Phone 8? Are you kidding me DICE!

  • KyPTeD 09.22.13 at 19:11

    OK, regarding this battlelog integration in PC and next-gen consoles how is it going to be in Current-gen consoles? Because we only know about PC and next-gen but.. i’m going to buy it before on current-gen so.. how is it going to be? I’ve seen footage on PC and PS4, but I really wanted to se how it feels like on PS3/X360 before the beta. Thanks.
    See you on the battlefield.

  • 2CoolBreeze 09.22.13 at 10:04

    Will this track each points you earned throughout the game so it can still update your stats if you lose connection to the server?

  • Coreyweb 09.21.13 at 22:23

    Geo leader boards are an awesome idea. That’ll be super cool. Emblems would be freakin’ sweet….but I’m a designer…totally wish I could like upload my own design and have it be on my gun and vehicle. That’d be super cool.

    Like the integration and everything said here. Hope it doesn’t feel to complicated and clunky though.

  • DarkSlayer3109 09.21.13 at 21:45

    will there be a Battlelog APP for the windows phone and the windows Tablet????

  • Lophuns 09.21.13 at 20:43

    will the game released for pc ?????

  • iceblood75 09.21.13 at 18:58

    Its alot of great news but what i dont like is creating your own emblems. Thats so….COD like. Its gonna be a lot of boobies, dicks and asses. Its so anoying but hopefully all kids choose COD!

  • Mr_H4DES 09.21.13 at 17:27

    Yeah if you could stop whoring for money, and make BF4 Digital Deluxe more worth, that would be great….Also put in 2 seated jets.. Every single air vehicle has more than 1 seat.. It could be awesome if you bought 2 seated jets like from the campaign(and please teach nooblings how to fly; I’m sick and tired of crashing every 5 seconds while in the gunner seat…)

    • its flashpoint 09.21.13 at 19:53

      “Every single air vehicle has more than 1 seat.”

      A10, F-18 bunch of other aircrafts are single sitter..

      • killjoy5541 09.24.13 at 22:16

        He means most aircraft have a two seater variant, the F-18 has a two seater variant where the second seat controls all the weapons systems, and the front seat is for the pilot. The A-10, well why change it :)

  • editor d 09.21.13 at 15:49

    Great stuff guys but I still see no mention of how joining friends will be any easier than before. It’s a real problem to get balanced to other teams and have your squad broken up. Will there be a way to lock squads or have the game “know” that a group is a group so it doesn’t break them up? If not then just say so please.

  • FruitCakeFPS 09.21.13 at 12:41

    I more more concerned with the mobile app for Battlelog. There is still issues that has yet been addressed. Such as not automatically logging you into Battlelog with your account.

    Also, the forums have to be in the mobile app! Nonetheless, thanks Jesper for the information. Definitely helps out a lot!

  • meny82 09.21.13 at 09:56

    Two questions:
    IT: Are you also working on the Forum?
    OT: Next-gen consoles shows ping (number) in game?

    Thanks and good work, Jesper ;)

  • Whoareyou190 09.21.13 at 07:56

    People with windows tablets are pissed.

  • DarkSlayer3109 09.21.13 at 06:40

    Window phone and Windows RT Tablet APP for battle log PLEASE

    • PalZer0 09.21.13 at 10:34

      This x1000. I’m surprised that you can do a deal with MS to have Xbox One get BF4 Second Assault first but can’t talk to them about getting Windows Phone and Windows 8 Metro apps ready for BF4′s launch.

  • kingmatt007 09.21.13 at 05:10

    counting the days

  • moh3dasy 09.21.13 at 04:31

    Hackers and cheaters, what are you going to do to them, dice ?

    • Kaappi_Jugent 09.21.13 at 12:36

      well in bf3 on these days you might find a hacker in 1 out of a thousand ++ games so idk does dice need to do anything for them becouse there is also this ggc-stream thingy that prevents them pretty damn well, aswell admins on the server, but for some reason most of the people they ban are just good players :/

    • Mr_H4DES 09.21.13 at 17:28

      BF is being well monitored unlike some kind of call of bullshit crap

  • PhoenixHope 09.21.13 at 02:23

    So you made sharing things with friends really good, but can you help me make friends ’cause I don’t have any.

  • PalZer0 09.21.13 at 02:15

    So are the relevant apps also going to be available on Windows Phone?

  • MajorSlick 09.21.13 at 01:36

    Let’s just say you all have upped the Bar again for first person shooter…! Can’t wait to get my grubby little fingers on the trigger..counting the days

  • stelton4 09.21.13 at 01:27

    Is all this going to be for the current gen consoles too? Or just the next gen and pc :/

  • h4nnibal 09.21.13 at 00:44

    Battlelog app on Windows Phone and Windows 8/RT please!

    • Martinspire 09.21.13 at 01:26

      Thats something i’m hoping for too. And if you guys could show a ping on the scoreboard for console-servers, that would be awesome (currently there is no logical way to check for laggers as an admin!)

  • Sheik_Arif 09.21.13 at 00:03

    love you guys. you guys always rocking. move on. my prayers and wishes is always for you guys.

  • SpiderPants 09.20.13 at 23:51

    Sounds great!

    What has been done for BF4 to prevent cheating in the leaderboards? If you check the BF3 leaderboards, it is completely hacked, e.g. longest headshot is 3.668.670 meter.

    • Sheik_Arif 09.21.13 at 00:00

      yes you are right. that distance of head shot is not possible.

  • LabelMabel 09.20.13 at 23:22

    I stopped at “In-Game Integration” just to say It’s about time!

    • Alpha-MF-Zulu 09.20.13 at 23:31

      LORD It’s a miracle! Thank you for FINALLY implementing this. It should’ve been in BF3 from day 1.

    • NioXinOne 09.20.13 at 23:47

      +1 I think this feature is counts for about 95% of the new Battlelog needed features.

  • Aggression_Meph 09.20.13 at 23:20

    respect, people! keep this up and I’ll ask you to marry me! :D

  • stelton4 09.20.13 at 22:32

    Is all this not for current gen consoles? They keep saying “Next gen and pc” They never mentioned anything about current gen consoles :/ It’ll suck if this isn’t for current gen too….

    • jojoPUS 09.20.13 at 22:57

      most of those screenshots are showing the logged in soldier as PS3. Look in the upper left corner.

  • Centias 09.20.13 at 22:32

    Please be sure players’ geographical locations is somewhat obscure and not too exact. That isn’t the sort of information you make public. Also, still hoping to hear how the game and battlelog are being optimized for multiple displays on PC for an uninterrupted playing experience.

    • Lun471k 09.20.13 at 23:14

      Everyone can EASILY find your position on any console, at ~100 feet precision. That’s the joy of having an IP Address. It’s been like that since Internet was made.

      • SpiderPants 09.20.13 at 23:57

        That is absolutely not true. IP addresses are not geographical markers. When you trace the path to an IP, you could potentially deduct the city, if the last routers have their city name encoded in their hostname (and they often have), but that’s about it.

  • Bela9a 09.20.13 at 22:25

    What I’ve learned so far is that you don’t have to give your exact place in some kind of options

  • shintopig 09.20.13 at 22:05

    I hope the BattleLog divisions leaderboard doesn’t give away your exact position on your street like it shows. That seems rather intrusive

    • mundox 09.20.13 at 22:34

      They have confirmed (dont remember the exact interview) that you can opt-out of it.

      • NioXinOne 09.20.13 at 23:47

        If any one bothered to read this blog, it does say in this blog it is opt in only, and that you can choose your location and it can be any where you want not even near your own house.

  • tmtmaster4life 09.20.13 at 21:48

    To Jesper Nielsen – One of my biggest concerns and frustrations about the social aspect of Battlefield 3 was the difficulty of playing together with your friends within the same squad in matches.

    The server balancing feature present on many servers would sometimes break apart friends who wanted to play together but forced them to separate teams. Please implement some friend joining system that would ensure a way that people who wanted to play together on the same team could both join a server TOGETHER and be placed on the same team and the same squad (given that there are enough open slots of course).

    I’m sure that many other Battlefield gamers can relate to this friend breaking feature and that they all want to see a fix to this. Please don’t let us who want to play with friends be broken apart… Don’t fail us DICE.

    • KalistoD 09.20.13 at 22:14

      He is right, we play a lot together and the balancing system is horrible sometimes, it makes just playing as a squad a challenge…

  • Juuzoboy 09.20.13 at 21:41

    Can’t. Wait.

    Thanks for the wide overview about this, I got many answers.
    My PC is prepared 4 battle :P ( And my tablet, too)

  • Eternal Seas 09.20.13 at 21:38

    Will this system be intergrated ingame? Will the beneficial updates also benefit BF3?

  • ksmith369 09.20.13 at 21:33

    I’m not sure if this was mentioned in the article (I’m in too much of a hurry to check, but did they say if the commander mode for the tablet would be available on anything else? Like perhaps iPhone 5?

    • [DICE] Vincent Vukovic 09.27.13 at 12:19

      Commander Mode will not be available for smartphones.

  • Collision_TN 09.20.13 at 20:54

    “Usually, you’d have to exit the game you’re currently in and then search for your next server in the menus.”
    Nah, you can press “Join” in the server page and change server.

  • RVDHUDDING 09.20.13 at 20:53

    can we try this when the beta launches

  • Collision_TN 09.20.13 at 20:45

    “We can’t wait to see all the creative emblems people will create and bring into the game.”
    Expect kiddish emblems like the ones on the weapons from Call of Duty: Black Ops

  • ChiruSKLM 09.20.13 at 20:41

    Its like this..
    Few attachments like potato grip…folding grips are available for battlepacks(deluxe version) ordered ones only…
    Secondly, in the battelfield 4 Overvew screen..
    What is the other specilizaion in the pic out there below support ?? Commander?

  • Smksjoints 09.20.13 at 20:26

    I am also concerned about my privacy with the geo leader-board feature. I don’t mind people know what state i live in but being able to zoom in to street level i feel is a little much.

    • thewoogier 09.20.13 at 20:30

      You can put as little or even no information in if you don’t want to. It’s something you basically enroll yourself in.

    • SkyS1gn 09.20.13 at 20:39

      Its optional man!

  • Titan1930 09.20.13 at 20:24

    so we finally can play without using web browsers on PC

  • DarkSlayer3109 09.20.13 at 20:09

    Battlelog app on Windows Phone and windows tablet DICE make it happen Please.

    • sudo007 09.21.13 at 22:17

      Yes, please do this DICE! Windows 8 is only going to grow in 2 years

  • IIRobbeNNII 09.20.13 at 20:08

    Battlelog for windows phone please!!!

  • Boatcommando 09.20.13 at 20:06

    I concerned about privacy issue on geo-map feature, is there is an option to turn it off?

    And is commander app free of charge? (Of coursr, if I already own BF4)

    • [DICE] Vincent Vukovic 09.27.13 at 12:13

      It’s 100% opt-in. You choose which location you want to set, or if you want to set a location at all.

  • ZechsMerquise82 09.20.13 at 20:05

    Looks great, my only comment comes on the custom graphic…. as much as I love the idea please make sure you have some sort of way to submit for offensive emblems. COD shares the issue of things that would even make a porn star blush.

  • theJBRU 09.20.13 at 20:03

    Sounding good. The one suggestion I’d made on first read is that it’d be nice if Missions could have longer durations. People are busy and 48 hours may not be long enough to even know the Mission exists, much less take part in it. Allowing for something at least a week long, or better yet, a month, would give people more opportunity to participate in the Mission.

  • 906Razor 09.20.13 at 19:49

    Awesome, but please, 100+ friends, 100 friends is not suficient

  • Kenzibit 09.20.13 at 19:43

    Please bring Battlelog app on Windows Phone. Already on iOS and Android. Windows Phone users like myself need it too to make life easier. Thanks :)

  • DeadhunterZ404 09.20.13 at 19:41

    Awesome stuff DICE, my only concern is the friend limitation at 100, i hope it’s fixed

    • EL_Toxic 09.20.13 at 19:46

      Why would anyone need more than 100 friends, oh wait i get it, this is like facebook friends right? You just add everyone you played with and never talk to them again.

  • Crudyg123 09.20.13 at 19:41

    how about letting us access the bf4 battlelog to test it by our self ?

  • killar7v2 09.20.13 at 19:38

    cool ,cool cool cool