All Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Maps Revealed

Battlefield 4 is just about a month away and we couldn’t wait any longer to reveal the full map list that you’ll get to experience in the game. You’ll be able to choose from 10 maps, playable on all seven game modes. The maps vary from the open Chinese metropolis in Siege of Shanghai and the violent seas of Paracel Storm to the flooded inner city streets of Flood Zone. Another map, Zavod 311, takes the fight in a completely different direction, which we wanted to highlight here as we unveiled it this week at the Eurogamer Expo in London.

BF4 - Zavod 311_WM

Zavod 311 puts players in a Soviet tank factory that dates back to the Cold War era. Long abandoned, Mother Nature has completely taken over the facility and now overgrown trees and bushes cover the compound. Deep within the factory is an active warhead, which players can detonate to send a towering chimney crashing to the ground. Doing this opens up gameplay paths and routes previously not available while closing others, and making the use of ground vehicles extremely difficult in the area. Players will also find munitions depots filled with highly explosive materials spread across the map that they can use to their advantage.

Check out the full list of maps coming on October 29:

- Siege of Shanghai

- Paracel Storm

- Zavod 311

- Lancang Dam

- Flood Zone

- Rogue Transmission

- Hainan Resort

- Dawnbreaker

- Operation Locker

- Golmud Railway

What do you think the experience will be like in the other new maps? Let us know in the comments.

Battlefield 4 begins its release on October 29, 2013 and will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition and get access to the exclusive Battlefield 4 Beta on Oct 1.

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  • 1n5lr 10.17.13 at 13:52

    Gutted, i heard a rumour that since this time the other side is china again Dice would bring back Dragon Valley! shame!

  • virtuel player 10.14.13 at 12:59

    yes i agree, i loved playing metro bf3, close contact, im not interested in all the arms in the game, just sniper, LMG, shotgun, smoke. metro was great for that.

    • BMDC 10.15.13 at 00:03

      Metro was fantastic on 32 and 48 player modes, though 64 player was just a grenade spam fest. There was no greater feeling than turning a corner with an LMG or a semi-auto shotgun with extended mags and finding 10 enemies all with their backs turned towards you.

  • SilentBarrel121 10.10.13 at 07:48

    Next gen consoles and, I guess, current PC’s will have 64 player servers. Maps, even close quarter ones, need to be larger or else it is too crowded, too confusing and a complete sausage fest. Besides, in the second assault map pack. Maybe their bringing a revamped Operation Metro.

    • XxPyrotechnicxX 10.14.13 at 18:06

      Operation Locker will be close quarters, or just get the second assult pack with metro

  • rustcifyy 10.08.13 at 16:23

    Really hope there’s a close quarters map like metro in bf4

    • btgamer3 10.10.13 at 04:16

      Don’t take my word for it, but I think operation locker is going to be like that but a bit bigger in length

  • WeezelKing13 10.07.13 at 14:03

    WeezelKing13 10.07.13 at 14:01
    Everyone is dumb we’re playing a next gen game on crapy current consoles. On top of that this games in beta, a trial. In a beta there not testing the final graphics but the games servers and mechanics.

  • GHOST_DULA 10.05.13 at 02:28

    I liked the beta. yeah it has some issues but im confidant dice will fix them. As for the overall game i think it’s gonna be great. I also believe the game looks great on current gen systems, as long as your having fun who cares. Remember when games was about overall quality and not just graphics well thats what this game does for me i have fun every time I play even BF3 so thanks DICE keep up the good work

    • electoblaze 10.11.13 at 02:52

      I completely agree with you. Nice to see a genuine battlefield player, and not the usual troll comment you find littering the forums.

  • The_Matrix29 10.05.13 at 01:08

    this is the pc I have:
    3770k, 16gb ram, windows 7, gtx 680 2gb
    im having really low fps on the beta and I think I need to upgrade, so I was thinking…gtx780 or wait until r9-290x….but I like nividia a lot more, had bad luck with AMD, im playing on a 30″ 1080p 60HZ monitor, I don’t want to drop under 60 fps…..

    • dsr07mm 10.06.13 at 17:01

      FX8350 @ 4.4, HD7950 3GB Core Freq clocked to 1125mhz, 4gb ram (although I will get +4 for full game) works really smooth here. Everything maxed out except AA and sampling on normal. Looks really good aswel. Frames do drop sometimes on 30 but that doesnt affect sniping or any aiming.

    • 3vil_M3lon 10.07.13 at 16:27

      I have a gtx780, i7 4770K and 8gb ram. I’m playing the game in 1080P at ultra, and it doesn’t drop below the 60fps, thus you should be fine with a gtx780. :)

      • Lagunaii 10.25.13 at 10:43

        i7 980, 12gb DDR3
        Just installed the R9 290x running stock clocks. Used to be on 2 x 6970 in Crossfire.
        I have never seen BF3 run this smooth… 120FPS in Ultra… can’t wait to see BF4 :-)

    • SilentBarrel121 10.10.13 at 07:52

      I don’t use PC for Battlefield, but I will suggest that you use whatever is going to give you the best performance you can get.

  • The_Matrix29 10.05.13 at 01:07

    I need some help, this is the pc I have:
    3770k, 16gb ram, windows 7, gtx 680 2gb
    im having really low fps on the beta and I think I need to upgrade, so I was thinking…gtx780 or wait until r9-290x….but I like nividia a lot more, had bad luck with AMD, im playing on a 30″ 1080p 60HZ monitor, I don’t want to drop under 60 fps…..

  • Copter Doctor 10.02.13 at 07:53

    I’m so glad there is ongoing game play and not short battles only. Sounds like BF2 has a new competitor for best game.

  • VegasBlack317 10.01.13 at 07:06

    Lancang Dam sounds like it will be one of the most creative maps in Battlefield history. Operation locker may have the metro CQ feel which may be a good way to get practice with the new knifing animations!!

  • ty_anarchist187 10.01.13 at 03:12

    I wonder what it’ll look like on the ps3…nothing compared to ps4 but at least I’ll get to play it

  • Alleex47 09.30.13 at 16:11

    Good, I want to play <3 !

  • ayrglokbv 09.29.13 at 17:17

    More wind, rain, clouds, dust.

  • seanprice123 09.29.13 at 01:20

    Hey even if i dont get battlefield 4 on the launch day will i still get the maos

  • arialkiller19 09.28.13 at 23:42

    Screw Caspian Border, this is my new favorite :D

    • seanprice123 09.29.13 at 01:19


    • Akujuo 09.29.13 at 16:23

      Dude you took the words right out of my mouth… I think Dice out did themselfs and made BF way better… I’m like blowen away by it… I hope you and I are on the same team…

  • Crashpilot_GER 09.28.13 at 18:24

    Op Locker-the New metro

    • Akujuo 09.29.13 at 16:19

      Nooo! lol Not another Metro… Just joking… OP Locker looks bad a*** Two more days ’till Oct… Man… BF is just epic…

  • Crashpilot_GER 09.28.13 at 18:23

    Trailer 4 that map please!

  • wWaAVve 09.28.13 at 09:04

    Visually one of the greatest scenes for Battlefield 3 is on Alborz Mountain…(Tank Superiority) (not so much the map layout) but visually one of the greatest and hard to top scenes is…

    …running alongside a group of tanks charging down a steep snowy, rocky mountainside, as they are knocking down tall pine trees that slowly crash to the ground on the way to meet the enemy group of tanks at the bottom where a battle begins with shell explosions kicking up huge powdered snow sprays that shoot upwards in slow motion with a crumbling misty sound of the pieces of snow landing near you as you run through the cloud of white fog to see an open Battle on ice of laser trails of tank blasts and long trailing rockets from shoulder launchers…

    That’s fuckin’ HOTH pal!!!

    DICE, please do something like that in B4!

    And use it as test ground for that other little project ;)

    • MC_Stuvins 09.28.13 at 18:02

      DICE will do the Star Wars universe it’s justice. It would be wise to begin mentally preparing yourself now.

      You will begin mentally preparing yourself now.
      Envision the speeders on Endor

  • TrooperDeree 09.27.13 at 21:12

    DICE …. will there be a color blind option for us unfortunate souls… just wondering… also everything I have seen looks great myself and all my friends can’t wait to get started in the new battle.. awesome that we have 5 man squads now and that we can play more ppl on the map.. btw to all the ppl whining about the sun stop whineing have you ever been in a real combat zone… we use those things to r advantage the environment is your best friend or your worst enemy adapt and overcome I will if there is no colorblind setting and I will still have fun and enjoy the game… Death form Above Hooah !!!!!

    • xSEINFELDx 09.27.13 at 21:41

      Yes, Please DICE. Color blind option would be great

      • Hogstooth 09.27.13 at 22:36

        There is already colorblind support your asking them for something that they’ve already done.

    • Sonic-StonedHog 10.01.13 at 05:11

      “awesome that we have 5 man squads now and that we can play more ppl on the map”
      WTF 2 extra players = more ppl on the map, really??? how do you claim that, oh wow man we get 66 player maps now, that’s so much cooler than 64 player maps omg, you must be a console player!

  • papa33cs 09.27.13 at 21:05

    I don’t mind the sun glare so much as it is in the SAME PLACE everytime… why can’t they make it move so everytime you go into a map it would be in a different position thus providing new tactics for all sun positions. That would be more realistic.

  • CrossdSabers 09.27.13 at 20:19

    I find all this talk about “sun glare” funny… while there is sun glare in real life, and I agree with it in game as being part of the battlefield, there is one thing that you all are not seeing, or at least thinking about. So I have this to ask… How do you deal with the suns glare in real life?

    Foe me personally (now and when I was in Iraq) I put on a pair of sun glasses… this dramatically reduces or eliminates sun glare, at least for me. So yes, I do believe that you can reduce the sun glare and it still have a realistic outcome in game play… How about they make it a uniform option… just check a box if you want sun glasses… (just don’t keep it checked for night time maps lol)

    • Hogstooth 09.27.13 at 22:39

      There are no night time maps in BF4. Frostbite 3 engine can render day night cycles and DICE tried this while developing the game the problem that was run into was the same problem most people experience when it’s actually dark, they couldn’t see where they were going.

      • ArnulfTheMighty 09.28.13 at 10:08

        That’s just bullshit, what are you talking about? Sounds like you know Frostbite 3 in and out, which you don’t. Frostbite 3 can of course render night time environments! Haven’t you seen the glimpse of gameplay from the remake of Operation Firestorm? It’s at night. That proves the nighttime feature of Frostbite 3. Know your facts before posting, it can confuse people ;)

    • STEALTHKILL7 09.28.13 at 00:26

      Can’t understand folks complaining about it either…it actually adds another strategic value to the game and plus of course it’s realistic. Of course BF4 is not a sim BUT sun glare should be in the game not just some yellow disk painted on the backdrop.

    • Sonic-StonedHog 10.01.13 at 05:16

      do what they did in BF2SF with the night vision goggles, make it so we can put on and take off with a key, like turning off the light/laser on a gun, problem solved

  • ProMantella35 09.27.13 at 19:15

    Please don’t let the mines be visible on the mini map

  • wWaAVve 09.27.13 at 19:15

    Moh, this seems like a common question or concern (and was answered by some ppl and DICE), but peeps can correct me if I’m wrong. I think this is a question posed by people that are not used to playing Battlefield with their rented servers option which is one feature I really like about the game, unlike most other shooters.
    There will be basically 2 types of gameplay. One is regular (normal ranked games) like unlocking, etc that DICE has set basic parameters for so you can experience the typical gameplay that they intended for you to experience like certain number of players, etc.
    This seems like it can still be tweaked by hosts but if they fall outside of the general DICE guidelines too much, it just makes the game an unranked game. Still fun but it may not count everything toward your ranking up.
    So you can still play 64 players in TDM, RUSH, etc and make large ticket numbers/time settings.
    I played once in a game that was 1 Hour and 33 minutes! It happened to be very fun with lots of tug of war, but obviously you wouldn’t want every game to be that long. DICE is great at mixing up the experience, and rented servers is great for this.
    The point is DICE is giving us SO MUCH stuff that will keep us going, entertained and having fun for years! And then they will create more… :)
    So peeps, let’s not get caught up in worrying about the little things because all is good!


  • moh3dasy 09.27.13 at 18:24

    Is 32 players the max In rush & obliteration or can we play it on 48 & 64 players ?
    And TDM also, 20 players is the max or 48 & 64 can be playable of course on next-gen consoles and PC ? Please answer DICE please

    • 906Razor 09.27.13 at 20:10

      It’s only DESIGNED FOR, not that you will can only play on that ammount of players –’

    • CoDroStyle 09.28.13 at 02:20

      32 will be the max on the official DICE hosted servers.
      but you can bet they will bring back rent a server since it made so much money and you will start seeing 64 player variants of these maps on those servers.

    • Sonic-StonedHog 10.01.13 at 05:19

      PC has all modes up to 64players, consoles well lol buy a PC

  • Phuton 09.27.13 at 18:12

    Does the BF3 maps will be available too? i think not, maybe because of the frostbyte 3… but would be nice :)

  • Infante-Lk2 09.27.13 at 17:19

    i hope noshar canals , the most popular map in bf3.

    • Hogstooth 09.27.13 at 22:42

      Nope Second Assault DLC which will be second in a line of 5 themed expansion packs. Second Assault will feature Caspian Border, Gulf of Oman, Operation Firestorm and Operation Meatgrinder.

  • unclbv 09.27.13 at 16:19

    I know iam going to enjoy this game dice has taken this game to the next level and beyond

  • ProMantella35 09.27.13 at 16:15

    Can’t wait to play operation locker.

  • nonTROOL3r598 09.27.13 at 16:12

    I can’t wait to get my hands on BF4

  • DoctorStrange91 09.27.13 at 16:04

    Lets look at this like smart, sane, people who have a shred of common sense.

    The sun exists, just go and take a look for yourself. The sun is bright…if you look at it you will understand that. To try and “reduce”, “nerf”, “adjust” the sun is plain STUPID. If you want to get the drop on your enemy you should always attack with the sun at your back. Its a proven method that has been used since humans first started fighting. Deal with it and adapt. If you can’t adapt you die. Thus is the way of the Battlefield.

    Lasers, flashlights, hall lights, the sun…all are meant to provide light and the player that can turn those to his advantage will win. Deal with it. If you can’t you might as well go ahead and cancel your pre-order of BF4 so it doesn’t get screwed over like BF3 did with the influx of lower IQ’s and COD fans.

    • Crashpilot_GER 09.28.13 at 18:27

      Also, Sun can be used to your advantage. Flying an aircraft with the Sun in the back will litterally make you invisble. Nerdig the Sun would Take some potential tactics away and would be super stupid

  • wWaAVve 09.27.13 at 16:00

    Patch, I thought DICE mentioned they had toned down the sun glare in B4, early on in first Pre-Alpha.
    I do like a little sun glare, smoke, dust, and other dynamic elements that make things not so clear. In fact, many will disagree with me but I tend to like 30 frames per second because it seems more cinematic, a little more dreamlike and gritty. If something is too crystal clear it seems a little fake and polished.
    Sun Glare warms my bones on those snow maps ;)

  • wWaAVve 09.27.13 at 15:56

    Please have at least one map similar to Tehran Highway or Death Valley in terms of darkness. I’ve had some very cool games on those maps, and the harder to see enemies make it scary and thrilling when you see them come out of the shadows.
    Also the glow of rockets and tank blasts look very cool!!!
    Also, I love the look of Alborz Mountain. Who doesn’t like pine trees, snow, rocks and steep hills :)
    The 10 maps so far look awesome. Can’t wait!

  • PatchRowcester 09.27.13 at 15:56

    I have been complaining about this for almost a year now. Tone down the sun please. Its ridiculous how bad it is in BF3 at times.

  • Acts7 09.27.13 at 15:30

    THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!!! All 10 maps playable in all game modes

  • TRIGG3RMAN 09.27.13 at 14:58

    :Yeah, will there be any jungle maps? And I think sun glare is great for campaign, but should be minimized for multiplayer so the sun doesnt give people a disadvantage. There’s already enough to worry about, without and EXCESSIVE amount of glare. Some, for effect, is okay.

    • oldskoolflavr79 09.27.13 at 15:02

      Cry baby ! Can u nerf sunglare in real life , you seem like a aggravated person everything bothers you

      • BraveExpress 09.27.13 at 15:50

        Yes, you can. They’re called sunglasses. If you think the sunglare in BF3 is remotely realistic you’re a fool. To make matters worse, the US support is wearing _cosmetic_ antiglare glasses

      • PatchRowcester 09.27.13 at 15:58

        Oh dear…

        I am not sure you know what you are talking. You probably have not played a lot of End Game – Kiasar Railroad and Sabalan Pipeline are the worst offenders. Should be standing at a certain angle, and the enemy is firing at you, there is almost no chance of retaliation.

        All of this for what? Realism?

    • NoseKills 09.27.13 at 15:21

      Also remove all hills because it gives advantage to the player on top, all buildings because it gives advantage to the players inside them, all trees because they give advantage to the players taking cover behind them, all…. :)

    • Azj3rei 09.27.13 at 15:37

      I agree. The sun flare and laser-sights should really, really be diminished to minimum amount of annoyance. It is hard to play for people with eye problems.

    • Acts7 09.27.13 at 15:37

      In theaters of war, one must look at disadvantages the same way one must face real life disadvantages…
      Don’t want to be staring into the sun glare, position yourself don’t.
      C’MON PEOPLE THIS isn’t COD. You have to use real life strategies.
      Battlefield 3 was dumbed down to attempt to attract more and newer players.
      But even the devs have said BF3 was a departure and BF4 will be a return to Battlefields roots.
      And thank God for giving the devs guts enough to do that.
      Run n gun is not.a strategy that will allow anyone to survive very long.
      You have to think and play this game like your soldiers life depends on it.
      No more surfs running past your suppression team. You have look and think where you’re going BEFORE you’re going. But don’t think too long or you’ll have to readily your course of action yet again.
      That’s what it was and going back to its roots that’s the way it will be .

      • Acts7 09.27.13 at 15:40

        Sorry should have said surfs running in front of the suppression team … aka into.the line of fire.

        This game always has been and always will be about being part of a larger team where each person that makes smart choices will lead their team to victory. Each dumb choice will give the enemy a foothold

  • ayrglokbv 09.27.13 at 14:55

    10 map?
    1% of GTA 5 !

    • Acts7 09.27.13 at 15:43

      Not entirely sure how GTA relates.
      How do 10 maps with 64+2 players diminish the size or strength of the maps?
      If you’re comparing apples to apples …
      GTA Online aka multiplayer only has 16 people. What gives?

      GTA = 25% of Battlefield.???

  • oldskoolflavr79 09.27.13 at 14:55

    Why are some people crying about sunglare ! I like the sunglare it bring realism ! soldier man the f **k up !!!!

    • Acts7 09.27.13 at 15:44

      Hear. Hear.
      Maybe they think if they wine enough, the devs will cave like they did to all the noobs in bf3?

  • razormoon 09.27.13 at 10:17

    I can’t believe Dice are using guns and vehicles in BF4! and what’s with the 10 maps and sun glare???

  • XTreaM101 09.27.13 at 09:42

    only 6 maps by default lolz? and yeah 4 maps of DLC but in battlefield 3 there were 9 maps by defualt

    • Agony. 09.27.13 at 09:48

      “Check out the full list of maps coming on October 29″ What part you don’t understand? Where did you get that 6+4DLC ?

      • wattu77 09.27.13 at 09:57

        China Rising is an expansion. Although you get with preorder, it is still dlc, and not in the base game.

        • PetitNoir 09.27.13 at 10:15

          “Check out the full list of maps coming on October 29:” It means this maps are on the based game, because China Rising is not coming on October 29th, it come later.

          • Crashpilot_GER 09.28.13 at 18:22

            We have already Seen 7 of these Maps, none of them was CH Rising footage

    • Captain_Cowkill 09.27.13 at 11:02

      What the hell are you talking about ? I quote : “the full list of maps coming on October 29th”. The DLC won’t be released the 29. So those 10 maps are part of the vanilla game. We will have 4 more maps with the DLC (14 in total). Mathematics are not your drug aren’t they ?

    • [DICE] Vincent Vukovic 09.27.13 at 12:04

      Battlefield 4 will launch with 10 maps.

    • IITrue_LogicJKII 09.27.13 at 14:54

      There will be 10 maps in the base game, and if you count all the expansion packs you get a total of 30 maps. In BF3 we had a total of 29 maps including DLC:s.

    • Hogstooth 09.27.13 at 22:46

      10 base game maps bud check the list again.

  • exUSSR_BuzZ 09.27.13 at 09:17

    Just a clarification for those of you guys and gals who does not speak Russian, the name of the map “Zavod 311″ is in Russian and it translates as “Factory 311″ in English =)

  • sygys 09.27.13 at 08:40

    Am I seeing this right? Did you guys actually removed part of the sunglare??? Wow that would be nice!!!

  • GUNNER ll626ll 09.27.13 at 08:40

    is there any jungle maps?!???

    • IITrue_LogicJKII 09.27.13 at 14:56

      Yes, in the china rising DLC, there will be at least one, but probably more. That’s atleast what we saw in the Premium trailer.

    • Hogstooth 09.27.13 at 22:47

      Rogue Transmission which is based on the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico looks to have plenty of jungle to fight in.

  • EH U HOSER 09.27.13 at 07:43

    The new maps sound interesting, I’m sure they will in many ways be similar to the BF3 ones. I would like to see screenshots or what game type the maps belong to as well, are large scale, or close quarters etc.

  • Prufessor_Oak 09.27.13 at 07:03

    Are you guys serious with that fcken lens flare? WTF!!!!!!

    • sygys 09.27.13 at 08:41

      At least you see through it now…

      • MrS4UL1 09.27.13 at 09:02

        That´s right. In bF3 you can´t see anything. This is much better.

  • AwesomeKiller70 09.27.13 at 06:56

    Well I am finally excited that all public maps for anyone to use have been announced, but why not add on what each map is like and the environment in that one particular map.

  • FrOgM 09.27.13 at 05:48

    all the hyoe makes me wanna fart

  • stormblizzard-PR 09.27.13 at 05:45

    the part that the antena fall not the one from caspian bolder,the one from the trailer, the one in the forest is that in Puerto Rico????? and sorry for my english….

    • IITrue_LogicJKII 09.27.13 at 15:00

      Every one first seemed to think that, as it is very similar and alot of people have seen the bond movie that had a scene take place there, though the nature around it did not really fit in with that place, and they’ve already said that it will mostly be focused around the russian/chinese theaters of war. Though, as I said, they said mostly.

  • NECRO_559 09.27.13 at 05:20

    The question, will map design be as legendary and have the replay value as BF3 did? Like Grand Bazaar. Tehran Highway. Seine Crossing. Noshahr Canals. Operation Metro. Operation Firestorm. Damavand Peak. I mean these are some of the greatest maps ever created. Its going to hard to live up to that. I see the game failing if map design isnt up to par.

    • xKUSHxKOMANDOx 09.27.13 at 05:39

      >operation metro was one of the gretest maps ever created

      i logged in just to let you know that you have bad opinion

      • STEALTHKILL7 09.27.13 at 06:06

        Had to login just to agree with you. Can’t imagine any veteran BF player thinking Metro was a great map. Matter of fact I’m hoping NECRO was being sarcastic because every map he named was horrid with the exception of Firestorm & Noshahr which for me were just okay maps.

        Each one of those maps (minus Firestorm & Noshahr) were linear as hell and/or had no good flanking routes. I’d take the Karkand & Armored Kill maps any day over them. At least those had large battlegrounds with tons of vehicle assets. From the base maps I’d take Caspian as the best map from that set of nine and tolerate Firestorm.

        It’s too bad that Metro somehow ended up popular enough to make a comeback in BF4 compared to at least one map from Armored Kill.

        • razormoon 09.27.13 at 09:35

          Don’t agree that all these maps are terrible. Granted, some maps seem to be predisposed (by design?) for one side to be easily overwhelmed (especially Op Metro). There should be something in place for the overwhelming baserape (one server that I know of had “Nuke” to push back a baseraping team, but that was up to admin, if admin was on), but I guess it should be up to the respective server…

    • Captain_Cowkill 09.27.13 at 11:04

      Haha, I see what you did here. BF3 had the worst map design i’ve seen in years. I do really hope DICE worked like crazy on this part.

    • Hogstooth 09.27.13 at 22:53

      Operation Metro is a horribly designed map in Conquest too linear no serious flanking routes the best part of the map Chardonnay Park.

  • DogTagsUk 09.27.13 at 05:17

    Looks really nice what we can see of it glade that dice got out the colour palette for this game , BF3 is great game but the colours were a bit dingy . Roll on the 1st hip hip hooray :D

  • Zietlogik 09.27.13 at 05:13

    That….sun flare…please no, not again

  • MrpmMxr 09.27.13 at 05:13

    As DICE says these maps will emphasize a mix of vehicle and infantry combat, I’m sure all of them will have lots of replay value. I’m excited. DICE is getting more creative with maps and if all the maps have the complexity of what we have seen, it should be the best Battlefield experience yet!!

  • nodaz99 09.27.13 at 05:10

    I have no idea what the game play will be like, but as always it is sure to be a insane amount of fun! love what your doing EA! keep it coming.

  • EC-PRECISION 09.27.13 at 05:09

    I want to see Hainan Resort. It’s a real place and looks like a tropical map like paracel storm

    • nodaz99 09.27.13 at 05:11

      Would be nice if it was thick jungle like in BC2 Vietnam.

      • razormoon 09.27.13 at 09:39

        That was such a good game!! Thick as no one’s business…would be awesome in BF4. I think that Caspian Border was the closest to that jungle!

      • Crashpilot_GER 09.28.13 at 18:19

        Check Out the trailer for China Rising DLC. It Looks like there Is definitly going to be some serious Jungle warfare

  • BalboaCZ 09.27.13 at 05:04

    What do you think the experience will be like in the other new maps?

    How the hell am i supposed to know? Just listing the names doesn’t tell me anything about the maps.

    Instead of asking silly questions, go over and fix BFBC2. Because I am not buying a damned thing from EA till BC2 get fixed!

    • Pasonia 09.27.13 at 13:00

      Well, then you wouldn’t ever play BF4 because BC2 is fixed. Get over it, BC2 is passe and will remain passe.

  • MDJ1987 09.27.13 at 04:57

    I cannot wait! Hope the beta isn’t to buggy this time.

    • therealGLAD 09.27.13 at 15:53

      It’s a beta, not a demo, you better hope it’s buggy!

  • PowSucka 09.27.13 at 04:48

    I can’t wait! What I’m hoping for in BF4 is VOIP! So great being able to communicate with teammates. Will make these dynamic maps a lot more fun.

  • Gonzai99 09.27.13 at 04:46

    I cannot wait for the beta! Im ready to test it out. I really hope these maps are as descructible as bad company because the full destruction is what made battlefield my all time favorite fps :)