Ask DICE: Commander Mode Revisited

The feedback we’ve received following our in-depth blog post on the return of Commander Mode has been tremendous, and we’re listening! The team at DICE is hard at work putting the final touches on Battlefield 4, but we managed to get some time with Valerian Noghin, Multiplayer Designer on Commander Mode.

High Value Targets

One of the primary objectives for a Commander will be to identify threats.  In Battlefield 4, we are giving the Commander the ability to identify High Value Targets, turning up the intensity on the battlefield even more.

When a player has reached a kill streak of six, they will appear as a selectable unit on the Commander Screen. Once this happens, the opposing teams Commander can choose to reveal the HVT’s location on the map. Once they do that, a timer begins to count down and a message will appear on-screen letting that Commanders team know where that HVT is via the mini map.

If the HVT takes down an enemy while the timer is counting down, they will receive bonus points for each kill. If you’re good, racking up great amounts of points during a match will be easier, but don’t expect it to be easy if you’re playing against a well-coordinated team. Rewarding skilled players is really important for us, as we don’t want them to feel as if this is a punishment, but rather something that they should be proud about.

When a player eliminates a HVT they will receive a one-time bonus, and the Commander that issued the order will also receive a bonus based on the total amount of kills the HVT had during their kill streak. Taking down a HVT isn’t an easy task, especially if the opposing Commander utilizes assets such as the EMP or even supply drops to help his team out. When the countdown ends, there will be a cool down before a Commander can choose a new target, so it won’t be possible to HVT spam.

Becoming a Commander

You’ve been on the battlefield and now you’re ready to lead your team to victory. Players that have reached Rank 10, will be able to join matches as a Commander on a first-come, first-served basis. This rank requirement will also be required for Commanders playing on tablets, meaning they will need PC/console experience before leading their teams while on the move. PC players will use Battlelog to join, while console players will be able to do this through the in-game menus.

Commander Mutiny

Think you can be a better Commander? If so, start a mutiny. Squad leaders who disapprove of the Commanders performance will be able to vote for a mutiny against the Commander. When a Commander reaches the munity threshold, all players on the team will be informed and a countdown timer of 2 minutes will appear on the Commander Screen (and those of the squad leaders). The Commander will be able to directly see which leaders disapprove and will have some time to turn the tide of the battle, showing that they are worthy to be in the position. Unlike normal voting, squad leaders can at any point change their minds and show that they now approve of how the Commander plays.  If a mutiny does occur, new Commanders will have a couple of minutes’ grace period when taking the seat before a mutiny can be started against them.

Until next time…

Check back here at the Battlefield blog next week for a special BF4 Beta edition of Ask DICE.

Next time we’ll be answering questions about the Battlefield 4 Beta as well as any other burning questions. What questions do you have? Let us know in the comments below.

Battlefield 4 begins its release on October 29, 2013 and will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition and get access to the exclusive Battlefield 4 Beta on Oct 1.

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  • tuman31 02.05.14 at 08:52

    When update the application iOS Commander Battlefield 4?

  • LethalSpyder 01.31.14 at 18:31

    I love commander but I would like to play it on my windows 8.1 tablet.

  • feiokok 11.17.13 at 00:24


  • TIMETRAVEL1966 11.05.13 at 19:34

    Great game, is it possible for me to play a game and see my progress live on a ipad in the form of a map ? If it is how do I set this up on a ipad
    Cheers Nige

  • RATLHED 11.03.13 at 03:31

    This game is a turd, the maps are getting old. Better push China Rising ahead about 3 weeks to keep people Interested. Or it may be time for a change – COD!
    I’m pissed that I actually paid for premium before playing the game. My expectations were based on Bad Co. and BF3. What a let down. Also, Dawn Breaker – What a stupid map for Jets. Get rid of Commander and utilize some better graphics.
    This Game Doesn’t have that old BF feel.
    Nice job screwing up the vehicle controls.
    P.S. The Campaign Story Line Sucks, and way to many long dragged out Soap Opera Cut Scenes

  • ZEN MA5TER 10.31.13 at 18:37

    I’m sure this has been asked before… but I’m on a lunch break so I don’t have a lot of time to sift through the posts. So, I apologize. Here’s my deal. My brother bought the game for the Xbox 360… I bought it for the PC. I KNOW I can’t fight in the same game as him… but am I able to enter the game HE’S PLAYING as the commander? From what I’ve been reading, you can’t control what game you join as the commander… but then sometimes I see someone say it’s possible. So as a commander, could I find HIS game he’s playing on the Xbox 360 and join it as his commander? *This is assuming the slot is available and all that, as well* I just mean… is it POSSIBLE?

  • hamano67 10.28.13 at 16:58

    I’ve tried the beta of the game with my friend,it was really cool. Then a question came up to my mind when I first saw the building fall: Could DICE Make the players slide off the building if theyre on the rooftop instead of dying instantly?

  • AntDude 10.23.13 at 15:13

    Why was commanders removed in BF3? :(

  • RealLRP 10.22.13 at 19:35

    I know A LOT of you guys are all about MULTIPLAYER, MULTIPLAYER, MULTIPLAYER, did I say MULTIPLAYER?? BUT, what about those of us who enjoy single player or “campaign mode” mostly? I can’t find ANYONE who can answer my questions about basically WASTING my money purchasing the Premium early digital etc., etc., version and getting all the “EXTRA GOODIES” and if ALL of that “EXTRA” content is for multiplayer only?? Is there ANYTHING in the expansion packs that are add-ons or enhance and or extend the campaign mode play in ANY manner?? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? I enjoy MP too I’m just not into it as much as a lot of folks due to the number of let’s say, very computer literate folk who can manipulate gameplay/outcome. Can someone please inform on this? I’d appreciate it -

  • Phantomfarter 10.19.13 at 05:30

    MMM very similar to PROJECT REALITY . Next is beening able to build forward posts and fox holes . Shit should go back to playing PR .

  • RaminDixin 10.19.13 at 04:16

    I see we are going back to Battlefield 2 Commander Mode. This is cool, but I sure hope it doesn’t start hassles in the game when more then one person wants to be this role and the false reports start coming in from spoiled babies wanting to be the man. Be prepared folks, many gamers like to sit and finger bomb instead of being in the field.

  • youndeke 10.12.13 at 08:20

    Please put the Commander Mode on the BF4 Beta please

  • serge121 10.11.13 at 22:24

    PLEASE… let use that s***

  • haust21 10.08.13 at 08:46

    P.s. the Air should clear up on siege of shanghai after 5 to 10 mins js..

  • JustWaitOK 10.06.13 at 00:57


  • dieplanes7891 10.05.13 at 22:34

    to be honest i agree with me11972 mostly other than the distance to detonate c4 but it should be farther than it is is beta or BF3 also i dont like the high value target if im sniping on a rooftop and get more than 6 kills thats usually because people dont know where i am so this defeats the purpose there it wouldnt be so bad on normal game modes but please dont implement the high balue target system on hardcore game modes

  • dieplanes7891 10.05.13 at 22:33

    to be honest i agree with me11972 mostly other than the distance to detonate c4 but it should be farther than it is also i dont live the high value target if im sniping on a rof and get more than 6 kills thats usually because people dont know where i am so this defeats the purpose there it wouldnt be so bad on normal game modes but please dont implement the high balue target system on hardcore game modes

  • FirefoxAAA 10.04.13 at 00:31

    Dear dice/ea i have been wondering when the commander mode will be realeased to puplic on tablets please response

  • Volt615 10.03.13 at 13:23

    I still do not have my dog tag from Gamescom live stream.

    You’ll be able to follow the Battlefield 4 live stream from gamescom 2013 at — and when you log in you’ll be awarded the “I WAS THERE” dog tag for use in Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4.

  • me11972 10.03.13 at 05:27

    I am alongtime Battlefield player and retired Army (22yrs), after playing BF3 for a long time, I would like to address things my friends and I would like to see changed to be more real.
    1. Get rid of the hand torch that can burn thru vehicles
    2. Make all weapons damage accurate to the caliber round fire.
    3. shooting pistols more than 50 feet with accuracy not true
    4. When Javelins lock on, there a guided missile, not affected by flares
    5. Get rid of these level 100 modders playin with aim bot
    6. When shooting any 50 caliber machine gun on vehicles there should be no hit markers on enemy soldier, one 50 cal round will kill an individual
    7. When planting C4 and exploding it , the individual should be more than 100 meters away otherwise he should be killed to.

    • Gamemaker2 10.05.13 at 22:47

      +100 wish they would make it more real as like it is its Arcarde

    • MrGoodKat24o 10.06.13 at 19:33

      Go play ArmA if you want realism ;)

    • haust21 10.08.13 at 08:45

      Spoken by a true player such a myself I was gonna leave a comment saying pretty much the same thing but this is well put enough but 1 thing I would like to add is when you try to spawn into a heli and it puts you in the apc EVERY SINGLE TIME it gets annoying real fast please fix this!

    • SilentBarrel121 10.10.13 at 07:26

      While I agree with things like the damage to caliber size, repair tools can’t cut through vehicles, and getting rid of modders, A lot of this is just to make the fun. Not everything can be pinpoint accurate or else it is a little frustrating. The C4 for example. I know the stuff has a large explosion radius, but if it was realistic then people would stop using it. It would be frustrating to have to run so far so you don’t blow up and on large servers your being shot at from all sides. Again, this is all to make the game more fun for everyone.

  • wWaAVve 10.02.13 at 01:38

    DICE I have a question about the damage models in the beta versus the pre-alpha and B3.
    It seems so far (and I haven’t played the beta yet until Friday) that the damage of guns is a lot higher from pre alpha and possibly B3.
    I could be wrong but it seems that people are dying a lot quicker when they’re shot and there’s less of a firefight.
    Is the damage model different than the Pre-Alpha or B3?
    Personally I like the damage a little lower because there’s more of a firefight and you can kind of see the marker and where the enemy is shooting from to give you a better chance to take cover or survive some of the time.
    That’s less time in killcams or menus and more time in the battle.
    Plus that makes it less like the other shooters where you die every 5 seconds (there’s other reasons for that also).
    I Really liked the way the pre-alpha damage looked and I wouldn’t want higher damage than B3 which I’m playing first hand.
    Any thoughts about this?

  • KLON_ru 10.01.13 at 14:16

    Will commander mode be available for the beta :(

  • AGQ720 10.01.13 at 12:52

    Alright so it’s 4:00 am here in California and I’m trying to get the Exclusive Beta, I know I have access to it because I have MOH Warfighter, but it is not showing up on the Xbox Live Games store, does anyone know why? Or at least what time do they release for Xbox

  • wWaAVve 10.01.13 at 06:16

    Only in Battlefield: On Nebandan Flats…Conquest
    This happened tonight.
    Crawling Prone through tall wheat grass toward flag.
    Teammate spawns behind me and we both are now crawling, prone flanking the enemy.
    Suddenly I hear a knife sound behind me and as I turn still prone I see only the legs of the enemy standing above me about to stab me-I shoot a quick burst just in time and he goes down.
    I then barely made it to my teammate to revive him.
    We both continue going prone through high grass a few more feet to capture the B flag.
    I really like the style of play you get from the grass in Nebandan Flats because it’s almost like water in that you duck down since there is nowhere else to go to evade the enemy. Some very cool shootouts and cat and mouse/hide and seek play unfolds also where you can catch glimpses of the enemies in between the spaces of the light grass running by you.
    This wide/vast grass field is a different type of fight than bushes or typical grass you get on most maps. (which I also like)
    However, please DICE incorporate more of this type of high grass/cornfield type of cover and gameplay.

  • Kertys 10.01.13 at 05:07

    Will Commanders be able to see which friendly players have been identified as HVTs to the enemy Commander? This would help a Commander protect his/her troops. I suggest friendly HVTs be marked as VIP to the friendly team.

  • guitargas123 09.30.13 at 23:07

    Is there a tablet size limit for commander mode? I ask because I have a nexus 7 and have only seen commander used with 10″ tabs on the videos you have released.

  • Del Karma 09.30.13 at 22:35

    Just curious…When you have been chosen as an HVT by he opposing commander, will you be informed by an automated voice or some kind of on-screen message that you are an HVT? And how long will the HVT timer be active?

  • niclovin727 09.30.13 at 19:12

    Will commander mode be available for the beta

    • Justice 09.30.13 at 20:22

      So far I have read Commander mode will NOT be available to the public. DICE employees will be commanding on and off on certain servers. This is from what I have read online so far, you are welcome to do your own research.

  • Justice 09.30.13 at 18:00

    To the people who are wondering about the HVT….I am pretty sure that they have ulterior motives for adding this feature. Think about all the hackers that go on killstreaks and you never see them…now you will be able to spot them pretty quickly. Just saying….its a nice feature to add for admins who want to keep cheating ****s out of their server.

    • jTs Xbox 360 09.30.13 at 23:00

      +1 yea that has crossed my mind also haha

  • SG-01968 09.30.13 at 12:33

    Not sure about commander ~ many people got pretty fed up with it in Bf2
    Will it have artillery support also ? hope not ~ Package drop, vehicle drop and UAV ok

  • jTs Xbox 360 09.30.13 at 11:40

    Commander Mode will not be playable outside of DICE Dev’s during the BETA =(

  • Ev1l D3m0n 09.30.13 at 09:03

    Well, at least HVT is a minimap spot only. I was fearing it was going to be a 3D spot, imagine that LOL.

    That said, I’m still sceptical about HVT.

    • Azj3rei 09.30.13 at 10:03

      Yeah.. imagine a player like me, who suck, becoming an HVT by chance. I would be taken down immediately. It should be skill based, or something… Eh.. just remove the damned thing and let us have a clean game that is devoid of all clutter like this.

      • Benkbrodrost 09.30.13 at 12:44

        But if you read the article it says that you need to have a killstreak of 6 or higher before you can become a target. so pretty skillbased in my opinion.

        • Sonic-StonedHog 10.01.13 at 05:43

          getting 6 kills straight isn’t going to be hard, if you have a good squad around you, it should be points based, like 6000 points while alive makes you HVT

  • LIR-AAK 09.30.13 at 03:47

    I really hope there is going to be a squad speak channel, as well as team speak channel and I really hope there would be a COMMANDER speak channel which will have the commander and all of the squad leades…

  • DevilDogUSA 09.30.13 at 01:57

    I don’t like the HVT idea…. it bugs me.

    • DevilDogUSA 09.30.13 at 01:59

      Then again I like how I can rack up more points.

  • mcackay 09.30.13 at 01:06

    Follow-on to 00killer123′s question:

    - Will commander mode be available in the beta?
    - Will the TABLET version of commander mode be available in the beta?
    - How do we get the needed app?
    – Does it use the existing Battlelog app (e.g. will an update be posted) or is it a separate download
    - Will the phone/table second-screen app be available during beta (I recall you can modify loadouts while still playing).

  • xiondark2008 09.29.13 at 23:55

    Does anyone know WHAT tablets commander mode will be available on??? Specifically: can I use my Surface RT?

  • 00killer123 09.29.13 at 22:21

    Hey here’s a question will Commander Mode be in the beta?????????????

  • Magikbeenz 09.29.13 at 21:59

    I also have a question: in the bf4 beta, will we hav everything unlocked? Or will it be like in bf3 beta where we had to unlock everything first?

  • Magikbeenz 09.29.13 at 21:52

    So there are a lot of times in bf3 when one team is completely dominating the other in conquest. I had a thought that maybe, after a certain amount of time, the commander could call in a dropship on a certain part of the map, in order for the game to be more fun, and hav more lasting exciting games. I know that bf4 is coming out REALLY soon, but it was just an idea for maybe a last minute add in, or a future update. I’m really excited for bf4, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the beta!!!

  • Captain_Tasevski 09.29.13 at 20:47

    I know why mutiny is in the commander mode, I just don’t think it’s the best idea. Doesn’t let inexperienced players have an opportunity to properly learn it, and it will also open doors to force ‘known’ commanders in via mutiny. Most people who enter this mode, will already expect to fill a role – rather than just sitting there doing nothing.

  • Sum1betterthnU 09.29.13 at 20:39

    DICE pls add supermanauverabillity for jets…
    way better dogfights ^^

  • wWaAVve 09.29.13 at 20:23

    DICE please add a final kill cam at the end of each match if possible.
    Since we don’t have Battle recorder this would help us fulfill a need…
    One of the most thrilling experiences I’ve had other than Battlefield gameplay is at the end of each match when the final 10 seconds is counting down, knowing that my kill/battle scene has a chance of being on the big screen for all to see!
    It creates this feeling of excitement and adrenaline at the end that everyone is trying to get that last kill highlight.
    It’s only at the end and it has nothing to do with changing any gameplay of B4. Just show 1 clip at the end of each match.
    Do a poll and I’m sure many would welcome this feature.
    And please peeps don’t say “but other games have that feature.”
    So what!
    A Final Killcam would work incredibly well for Battlefield!
    Better than in that other game.
    Imagine the variety of different 7-15 second scenes we would see at the end of the match!
    And it would be VERY satisfying that we have an occasional highlight played from a game of some of the “cool shit” we are doing or seeing!
    Please DICE :)
    Thanks for listening.

    • supermazenizo 09.29.13 at 20:51

      I’m pretty sure that they DID in fact say that they are implementing a new “theater” or “Battle Recorder” system in a Gamescom livestream.

  • Gamegasje013 09.29.13 at 16:03

    Is Conquest Large available on the next gen consoles?

    • [DICE] Vincent Vukovic 09.29.13 at 18:26

      Yes! Conquest will be on all platforms.

  • PurestaR 09.29.13 at 13:15

    HVT is interesting concept. I agree that 6 is slightly low. 8-10 kill streak would be more appropriate for those individuals who are truly ‘HVTs’.

    In addition, I can see the issues that BF2 had – in selecting commanders and the frequency of mutinies – are going to be replicated. Imagine someone waited for 2 hours to get Commander Mode and is within 10 minutes voted out as others are spamming the mutiny button.

    I would recommend that someone cannot be voted out in the first 15 or 20 minutes of their tenure as Commander, and if a mutiny fails they cannot be voted against for another 15 minutes. The 10 minutes currently proposed is an extremely short time in a BF3 game.

    • Crashpilot_GER 09.29.13 at 20:17

      I totally agree with you, some really awesome idea!

  • Marseee 09.29.13 at 12:20

    Will the level required to be a commander be put up later on? Level 10 is very low and new players will have no idea what they are doing. Should be moved up to Colonel at least later on.

    • BOBBYSOUTH 09.29.13 at 15:13

      I agree with him most tens have no idea what they are doing while not colonel i think it needs to be bumped up to thirty

  • ShaN1N 09.29.13 at 11:31

    High Value Targets will be one of the worst thing in BF4. Its Battlefield trying to be COD but by punishing good players. Almost as bad as suppression and clouds in the building of metro. It was fine in BF2 and 2142. Please stop adding thing that make the game frustrating to play. Why not spend that time on adding battlerecorder like you said you would?!?

    • Marseee 09.29.13 at 12:19

      How is it punishing good players? I can’t wait for this feature and have players flooding towards me, extra points ftw!

      • ShaN1N 09.29.13 at 12:44

        - 1 Reading Point

        “When a player has reached a kill streak of six, they will appear as a selectable unit on the Commander Screen. Once this happens, the opposing teams Commander can choose to reveal the HVT’s location on the map. Once they do that, a timer begins to count down and a message will appear on-screen letting that Commanders team know where that HVT is via the mini map.”

        • 906Razor 09.29.13 at 17:38

          But if you are the HVT, if you kill someone, you will receive EXTRA POINTS

  • Snips86x 09.29.13 at 11:18

    Out of interest, will there be a dual screen option available players who want to be commanders, but don’t own a tablet?

    • Crashpilot_GER 09.29.13 at 20:20

      I think i know the awnser, but not sure what you mean. The Commander Is no longer a player on the battlefield, he’s only a Commander, to prevent him to advantage himself exclusifly. If you didnt mean that, sorry :)

  • d3w7 09.29.13 at 10:46

    who and when can the spectator be used?

  • wWaAVve 09.29.13 at 07:57

    Something small but it could make a big difference…
    … the DEPLOY button should be near spawn cam on left not on the right where it is because we wind up looking on left at camera more often before entering battle.
    Where it is located currently on right causes us to try to look in 2 opposite directions at once which is tricky and counter intuitive.

    • TonyH0014 09.29.13 at 09:13

      You can also just press enter while looking at the cam and you will spawn if that sorts out your issue easier. If you are on a console I know it is also addressed with one button.

  • DarkSlayer3109 09.29.13 at 07:08

    we need to have BATTLE LOG and COMMANDERS MODE for windows Tablet and Phone App… Please Dice

  • V4MP13R_M4S73R 09.29.13 at 06:04

    Wait, are we able to use commander mode on tablets such as iPad and the sort?

    • TonyH0014 09.29.13 at 09:11

      Yes, it will . They announced it while ago still with first multi player game play . At least you only have too reach Level 10 so will be a quick thing to do

    • Marseee 09.29.13 at 12:22

      yes but you wont have a first person view of the squad leader like you would do on PC/console

  • ISAF Mobius 18 09.29.13 at 05:40

    IN the Beta, will we be able to invite friends and others who also have the eta to join us on a team or squad? I want to see how well the squad and friend inviting works and improved.

  • AMF101 09.29.13 at 05:30

    OK great info, but I think you should be a much higher rank then 10 something like 20-30. because almost every one will reach rank 10 within the first few hrs of playing. I remember the days of bf2 of people spamming the commander tap and trying to get in it. Also I have not seen or heard this anywhere but will the commander still be able to have his boots on the ground,like in BF2? So in other words you cant kill the commander then.

    • [DICE] Vincent Vukovic 09.29.13 at 18:56

      You won’t be able to kill a Commander like in BF2.

  • jTs Xbox 360 09.29.13 at 04:36

    I cannot wait to experience Commander Mode. I’m excited. Having a background as being Platoon Leader in the PS3 exclusive title M.A.G.; I have to say it’s VOIP communication system is very involved where it is key to keep tactical strategy evolving and progressive throughout the 30-45 minutes of battle. DICE, please have a look at M.A.G.’s communication/chat system and take what you can from that and make it your own by adding DICE’s own touches and hopefully able to implement it into BF4′s Commander Mode!! I hope Commander Mode is playable within BETA because it’s going to be pretty awesome in COMMAND. =D

  • Coreyweb 09.29.13 at 04:33

    The High Value Targets is a cool idea in theory. But ya….it’s gonna be really annoying because it will put a HUGE handicap on flanking, sneaking, and out maneuvering people which is how I “out skill” other players. 6 kills is NOTHING. Especially on a 64 player match. I’d get that in the first like 30 seconds. Half my team will be HVTs if its only 6 kills….even kids that are bad (but simply understand how to be in the right positioning) will get 6 kill streaks easily. So what happens when half my team is a HVT?? My entire team just shows up on the mini map?

    • bakamund 09.29.13 at 04:42

      Because you get a 6 kill streak in the first like ***30 seconds***, seriously tone down those bragging balls. & only 1 HVT at a time, read man read. Excited aren’t you.

    • Crashpilot_GER 09.29.13 at 20:24

      The Commander choses to give your position away. So good commanders will See, if the soldier Is greatly fortified or behind Enemy lines

  • kaylord 09.29.13 at 03:47

    When will dice show next gen???????

  • DauntlessLamb81 09.29.13 at 03:03

    What limited resources would the acting Commander have at his disposal? For example; Artillery Fire Support, Air Strikes, etc. Would this be limited or unlimited usages? If unlimited, what would the reset/resupply rate be?

  • 352369154W140 09.29.13 at 02:08

    I think letting the commander know who doing good is great idea but to let other people on the ground know where he/she is at all times is a little cheap. Maybe instead of always letting people know where he maybe just have him show up every 5 or 10 seconds so the they stand some chance.

  • Crashpilot_GER 09.29.13 at 01:37

    Well, the possibility to votre down a bad performing Commander Is Great, but what if any Commander Is going to get voted down just because someone Else wants his Place, or some people vote them öden for fun? And if you are a new Commander, have not much experience with it, how can you get better if your Team votes you down? Cause alot of players wont care about the commanders excuse that he Is new, they all want some kick ass Commander who Is really good à this job. Otherwise, i absolutly Love that Commander Is back, i CANNOT WAIT FOR THE STUPID FIRST OF OCTOBER, and BF4 will be the best Battlefield ever, no,wait, the best FPS of all time!

  • DravinClaw 09.29.13 at 00:57

    Will it be available for kindle fire or just ipads?

    • [DICE] Vincent Vukovic 09.29.13 at 18:57

      Commander Mode will be available for both iOS and Android tablets.

  • jobo92DK 09.28.13 at 23:34

    Really hope titan mode returns, and i am really looking forward to the game :) going to be great!

  • Lieutenant00 09.28.13 at 23:29

    I can’t wait to have my commander mode back, and this time around it’s going to be better, as well as fair for other players.

    • [DICE] Vincent Vukovic 09.29.13 at 19:10

      Great to hear Lieutenant00. We really like what we’ve done with Commander Mode this time around and hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we have done during our internal play-tests!

  • Paulir 09.28.13 at 23:20

    Thank you for clarifying HVT mechanics, it but a lot of worries to rest.

    • [DICE] Vincent Vukovic 09.29.13 at 18:42

      Happy to hear that! We’re also very interested in hearing your feedback on Commander Mode later on.

  • Hattiwatti 09.28.13 at 23:10

    Last time there were 2 maps in the beta, Metro and then later on Caspian on passworded servers. Are you going to do the same with Paracel Storm?

  • Mr-taha117 09.28.13 at 23:06


  • nikoskatsanos 09.28.13 at 22:54

    All weapons will have camo ? If we kill players we will earn xp ? can we use commander mode for ps3 ?

  • coolfield7 09.28.13 at 22:50

    Hey, I want to give you my idea that you can add in BF4 Commander Mode. My idea is to add a message option in BF4 Commander Mode. In my idea, when you’re in Commander Mode you can send messages to your teammates. Like in BF3, when a custom match starts you get a prepared message from the owner saying join our clan or whatever. In BF3, the owner of the server can only send a one time message to all of the players when the match starts, they cannot send one in the middle of the match, they cannot send one whenever they would like. In my idea you can send live messages to your teammates which they would be able to see right there on the screen, as commander you would be able to send messages anytime during the match. You can even send motivational lines to your troops to make them fight harder! Battlefield games are all about teamwork, if you don’t have proper communication your performance will suffer. Players sometimes forget to look at the mini-map. Letting your team know there’s a tank at Bravo will help them, alerting your troops that there’s 3 enemy squads plowing their way through Charlie will also help them.

    I’ve also posted my idea on Battlelog

    If you see the forum some people are worried that commanders will spam things like, “join my clan, join my clan,” or “trololololol.” Because of this there will be a button which stops all messages from showing up on your screen.

  • KADMF 09.28.13 at 22:47

    will window tablet have commander mode too???

    • [DICE] Vincent Vukovic 09.29.13 at 19:04

      We currently only have support for iOS and Android tablets.

  • XTR4L4RG3 09.28.13 at 22:32

    How many ranks/levels will we have in BF4?

  • DucKaPus 09.28.13 at 22:18

    In obliteration, how do you prevent players from grabbing the bomb and then not playing the objective? For example a player picks up the bomb then goes off to long range snipe. How will you prevent this?

    • SS-RandyWatson 09.28.13 at 22:45

      I suspect that the bomb carrier will not be able to just “go off to long range snipe”. While carrying the bomb you are tagged in the HUD so every player can see your position and that you are carrying the bomb.

    • Lieutenant00 09.28.13 at 23:21

      The opposing team then hunts and kills them…

    • [DICE] Vincent Vukovic 09.29.13 at 18:50

      The bomb will be visible on the HUD. Players that carry it won’t be able to hide, in any way.

  • Collision_TN 09.28.13 at 21:59

    “Until next time…
    Check back here at the Battlefield blog next week for a special BF4 Beta edition of Ask DICE.

    Next time we’ll be answering questions about the Battlefield 4 Beta as well as any other burning questions. What questions do you have? Let us know in the comments below.”
    Guess we will be playing it at that time.

  • Crawlndog 09.28.13 at 21:49

    Commander mode should be squad based…. each squad has it’s own commander… that way one person doesn’t ruin it for everyone!

    • piieers 09.28.13 at 21:51

      Huh? Each squad already has a leader – known as the squad leader.

    • Lieutenant00 09.28.13 at 23:24

      But then every player can just make their own squad and just spam UAVs and Cruise Missiles.

  • piieers 09.28.13 at 21:47

    “Rewarding skilled players is really important for us, as we don’t want them to feel as if this is a punishment, but rather something that they should be proud about.” Yet you don’t reward them? I don’t care for this HVT thing. It’s basically like “Hey, this guy is good – let’s magically put a transmitter on him and reveal his position”. The idea of getting a bonus when killing a target that’s particularly good is a good idea. However, revealing their position like this doesn’t seem fair in any way.

  • ChrisSF 09.28.13 at 21:34

    When are you (DICE) going to make available the new smartphone/tablet app for the users? When the beta starts or only when the came officially comes out?

    You already told us that users can choose by taking their stats made during the beta to the final game. But what about the weapon unlocks that may happen during the beta? Can those be migrated too?

    I agree with UberSlackr, level 10 is probably not enough… any one can achieve that within 10-20 hours playing at modes that produces looks of kills (like TDM).

  • Timo82 09.28.13 at 21:28

    So if u have 2 be rank 10 then there’s not going 2 be a commander at first.What’s the point in that?

    • UberSlackr 09.28.13 at 21:31

      To prevent inexperienced players from going crazy with commander mode. They should have raised the rank level, imo.

      It will not take long for someone to reach Rank 10…

    • TonyH0014 09.29.13 at 09:22

      Dice is doing it this way so you know how the battle is and may know the maps a bit better and have a better understanding of what the guys in battle are thinking to be a better commander.

  • MagicNutbar 09.28.13 at 21:04

    Can we play the commander mode on Smartphones and on every tablet with android?

  • MadMedic581 09.28.13 at 20:53

    why reward a player that is playing well with showing him on the map to the enemy team?Of course evrey commander will choose to reveal if it costs nothing and gives him more points.This is a mistake if you ask me.If i am rushing behind them with a surpressor your “reward”is making my surpressor useless after 6 kills and making me a big target on the map.At least make the timer the smallest you can possibly can.

    • Cactuskooler 09.28.13 at 21:14

      I totally agree, and its not like a 6 killstreak is even that much. I think they should make it atleast a 15 streak if not 20.

    • Xylanth 09.29.13 at 00:51

      This x100 why would anyone want to have themselfs on the minimap for getting a (measly) 6 kill streak. That is a big advantage for the opposing team. Pretty stupid imo.

  • THELANKANCOMRADE 09.28.13 at 20:52

    Do we get to play as commander in the BETA ?

    • UberSlackr 09.28.13 at 21:25

      This is what I would like to know…

      Because using and working with the “Commander” is going to part of determining if I cancel my Pre-order or not. If the commander seems to be causing more trouble than assisting, I’m going to avoid BF4 and cancel. For Example: Sending in an airstrike over a building occupied by a squad of his own team, causing it to crash down killing all inside. Or creating a Cloud of smoke (via explosions) in front of or around a squad while they are in a heated gun fight, causing them to be unable to see the enemy.

  • LordOdin99 09.28.13 at 20:45

    I’d like to know how the Commander is even selected. Do people wait in a Queue screen until they become commander or can they play on the field until its their time? Does the Queue list transfer over to the next round if the game ends?

  • Commando1012 09.28.13 at 20:35

    only problem i can see with mutiny is the spammers even if the commander is good people would spam it to become commander. Also if a mutiny fails it should be 10 minutes before you can mutiny again to avoid spam agian

  • FatalMarauder 09.28.13 at 20:35

    If there is a mutiny against the commander, will a new commander be selected from within the game, or will a player from outside the game immediately join?

  • stelton4 09.28.13 at 20:16

    When does the beta end?