10 Reasons to Play Battlefield 4 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

Powered by our advanced Frostbite 3 engine, Battlefield 4 represents the pinnacle of this generation. It brings together the most stunning visuals ever seen on a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, the most varied gameplay with the most chaotic, dramatic experience of all-our war breaking loose around you. No other game can do what Battlefield 4 does. With less than 6 weeks until the launch of Battlefield 4 on Xbox 360 and PS3, let us count the ways that Battlefield 4 will blow you away on October 29.



BRING YOUR UNLOCKS WHEN YOU MAKE THE JUMP TO NEXT-GEN Be the best you can be on Day 1 on next-gen. If you start playing Battlefield 4 on the current generation of consoles and make the jump to next-gen, you can bring all of your stats and unlocks. Don’t start from scratch when Battlefield 4 launches on Xbox One and PS4. You could join the next generation battle armed to the teeth and with a massive amount of unlocks, camos, and paints already unlocked. Learn more



PAY AS LOW AS $10 FOR BATTLEFIELD 4 ON NEXT-GEN If you’re not ready to make the jump to next-gen just yet, get the full Battlefield experience on PS3 and Xbox 360 – and when you do, it’ll only cost you as low as $10/£10/10€ to upgrade to Xbox One or PS4. Learn more



BRING DOWN A SKYSCRAPER. DESTROY AN ISLAND Levolution is about dynamic environments; how you affect the world, and how the world affects you back. But it’s not just about epic moments like the skyscraper falling down in a massive cloud of dust. It’s also the little things, like being alerted to enemy presence using metal detectors. It’s taking out the lights to be able to pick off enemies using your IRNV scope. It’s about trapping your foes inside a room with your cooked grenade. Levolution will change you how you play the game. Learn more



TRY THE GAME EARLY IN THE OPEN BETA Battlefield 4 is going into Beta soon so get into the action early! Join us on the Siege of Shanghai map and help us bring down the skyscraper. The Open Beta will be available on PC, PS3, and X360, starting October 4. Learn more



TURN THE TIDE OF BATTLE Take command and turn the tide of Battle in Commander Mode. Playable directly on your PS3, X360, and PC (or on-the-go on your tablets), Commander Mode lets you take a strategic overview of the map to survey the Battlefield, send orders to team mates, deliver critical war assets, and support your troops with gunships and missile strikes. Learn more



TACTICAL AND CHALLENGING WATER-BASED COMBAT You’ve seen the gameplay from our Paracel Storm map. One of the ways we’re bringing more diversity to Battlefield 4 is to increase the importance of naval combat. We’re doing this by increasing the number and types of naval units available to you. The other way is to create networked waves in multiplayer – this means all players in an online match will experience the same treacherous seas. This lets you hide between waves creating a cat-and-mouse type gameplay with enemies. You can engage in both challenging and tactically deep water-based combat like never before. Where water-based combat used to be played on a mostly flat water surface, it’s now played on anything from calm waters to raging oceans. Learn more



ENTER THE BATTLEFIELD IN STYLE In Battlefield 4, create your own emblems and have them appear on your soldier, weapons, and vehicles. Customizable emblems let you to enter the Battlefield in style and allow you to show your gaming allegiance in new ways. Who do you want to be on the Battlefield? Learn more



BUILD YOUR WEAPON OF CHOICE The customization options in Battlefield 4 are our deepest yet. Enhanced by a clear and easy to read interface, you can quickly gauge what the addition of a new accessory does to the handling of your weapon. With rotating 3D models you can inspect your weapons from any angle and verify they look cool enough to bring to the Battlefield. Learn more



ALL MAPS, ALL MODES, ALL PLATFORMS Battlefield 4 comes with 10 vast and distinct maps that are designed to house all 7 available game modes. From frantic infantry only combat in Defuse to the all-out vehicle warfare in Conquest, Battlefield 4 offers the greatest variety in game modes and maps in Battlefield history. Learn more



THE BATTLE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS With Battlelog for Battlefield 4, we’re creating a social experience on your console. Whether you’re creating custom Missions to challenge your friends, changing your loadout on the fly, or remote joining a server from the Battlelog app, we’ve got you covered. Learn more

Battlefield 4™ launches on Xbox 360 and PS3 Oct 29, Xbox One starting Nov 19/22 in North America/Europe, PS4 starting Nov 12/29 in North America/Europe, respectively. Learn more about Battlefield 4.

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  • aussieinusa 11.14.13 at 19:34

    why can i not use my tag from bf3 on bf4? it tells me that its invalid or reserved how is that possible?

  • draegen 10.14.13 at 15:10

    On November 15th I will own 4 platforms to play this game with friends on. I’m not going to spend $240 on the base game and an extra $200 for premium on each. EA, we need a cheaper option/Multi platform premium pack. And we need a discount for going from 360 to ps4. Great game though!

  • nonTROOL3r598 10.12.13 at 16:17

    its cheaper then getting the xbox one

  • WeezelKing13 10.07.13 at 14:01

    Everyone is dumb we’re playing a next gen game on crapy current consoles. On top of that this games in beta, a trial. In a beta there not testing the final graphics but the games servers and mechanics.

    • RagenRyan 10.10.13 at 04:24

      i hear ya. its ea trying to steal 10 bucks from your pocket.

      • onedjchiszle 10.14.13 at 01:13

        how old are you? or are you not remembering the past? because just 6 or 7 years ago we would have needed to pay full price for the game twice if we wanted it on 2 generations of consoles. Sure they’re getting $10 but at least it’s only 10. Plus you can always not buy the game twice

      • thedialtech 10.15.13 at 07:52

        Here we go with the anti-EA speech again…

  • mikeaj1011 10.07.13 at 13:52

    I like everything on the beta. i’ll say the graphics are decent on current gen-console. the only thing i dont like is the counter-knifing system. its to easy to counter so theirs basically no point of stabbing from the front.

    • Coreyweb 10.07.13 at 17:08

      It SHOULD be pointless to go for a knife from the front. You shouldn’t be stabbing from the front anyway. If I see you coming of course I’m not gonna let you just walk up and get a insta-knife-kill.

  • Xyth0s 10.07.13 at 00:51

    DICE, I’m kind of disappointed with the beta. I play the beta on the Xbox 360. The beta is super fun. Too much is left out on conquest though. I know the hardware limitations could be and probably are part of the reason, but, if you can do it on PC and in BF3, I think you can add what is needed now being boats, LAVs, and the transport + attack helis. Also, the graphics suck. I thought they’d be better even with the Xbox 360s hardware limitations. BF3 Graphics are better! Please improve this DICE! I better not have wasted $60 on a game that is bad.

  • dprince72 10.06.13 at 07:09

    WOW it is amazing how fast the incredibly poor reviews are pouring in over the web on the demo and changes made to this game. But Funnier still is how the paid reviews from IGN, Gameinformer, Etc. Are like this game is amazing. Obviously they weren’t playing the same game we ALL are.

  • SyKoTiCxXxVeNoM 10.04.13 at 07:27

    I really love Battlefield, but i don’t like the counterknife so much because it is way too easy to stop a knife from the front. Otherwise i love the BF$ Beta alot.

    • Coreyweb 10.07.13 at 17:10

      DON’T Knife from the front then. You should never be able to get an insta-kill by running up and knifing me from the front. If you’re are that dumb then yes….you should be punished with a counter ability.

  • SKU77S 10.03.13 at 22:56

    I’ve played the 360 version and watched the pc version on a very decent setup.

    Great detail, good map design. Its very pretty [until you blow it up!] ON PC. Console of course leave most thing absent.

    The elevators feel thrown in. You could have incorporated more stories beyond top and bottom to add depth.

    The halo sniper trail.

    So many options that are going to decide the market are locked in beta. [With the option there] ergo commander mode, the absence of boats,l and attack choppers on console etc.

    In some ways the beta feels like a roll back of BF 3 with new controls.

    With the supposed price of consoles why not look into a pc, as a console player I certainly will be. If there was an option for split screen [even offline] or LAN I would immediately change my mind as that’s the intended purpose of consoles.

    • Coreyweb 10.07.13 at 17:13

      Totally agree with the more floors idea. I like the idea of vertical game-play. But it doesn’t feel very dynamic at all. Just like…..bottom floor……top floor. Completely disconnected…

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