The Road to Battlefield 4: Tweaked to the Core

In this second post in “The Road to Battlefield 4” blog series, we dive deeper into the Field Upgrade system and how we are tweaking the core gameplay to allow for more diversity in combat roles. Also: Vote for your favorite upgrade path and we’ll build it and submit it so it makes it into Battlefield 4 at launch!

Last week, we discussed how nearly all elements In Battlefield 4’s multiplayer work to bring out the best team player in you. This week, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Field Upgrades and discuss how we’re tweaking Battlefield 4 based on the massive amounts of feedback and data that 1 billion hours of Battlefield 3 play time has given us. Here to take you through the nitty-gritty of these mechanics is Core Gameplay Designer Alan Kertz.

Meet the crew

Allow us to proudly present the first group shot of Battlefield 4’s multiplayer kits, showing the Assault, Recon, Engineer, and Support kits from the Russian, U.S. and Chinese armies. Based on the multiplayer map in question, you’ll be able to choose from two of these three factions (and if you run your own server, we’ll let you pick and choose the opposing teams at your leisure.)

Meet the Chinese squad from Battlefield 4 with a sample setup of weapons and gear.

Meet the Chinese squad from Battlefield 4 with a sample setup of weapons and gear.

Going into Battlefield 4, we knew we wanted to take the four playable classes from Battlefield 3 as a starting point. We’ve tweaked them to be more versatile and more highly specialized within their fields. Now more than ever, you can explore a wide range of combat roles and sub-roles when picking your load out and kit.


The Russian Support, Engineer, Recon, and Assault Kit are waiting for you in Battlefield 4

For example, this time around the Engineer has a lot more variation in anti-vehicle weapons. We’ve also revamped the way we do vehicle disables and guided weapon systems to give the Engineer a broader set of tactics at his disposal. This includes everything from high damage weapons that may be more challenging to use (like RPG-7V2) to fire-and-forget smart weapons with low damage (like the MBT LAW), and the fan favorite Wire Guided Engineer Missile (the FGM-172 SRAW) that you might recognize from Battlefield 2.


Meet the U.S. playable kits from Battlefield 4, showcasing a sample of gear and weapons

The Support kit has a few more offensive options,  and thanks to community feedback will retain his C4 and Claymores from Battlefield 3. The XM25 gives him some nice indirect suppressive fire, a redesigned remote mortar allows him to use indirect fire from a distance, and the ability to equip carbines and DMRs gives him an added versatility in combat roles.

Recon has gotten a much needed boost to mobility, as well as the return of the Spec Ops play style from Battlefield 2. Pack a carbine, C4 (or Claymores), and Motion Sensors and you’re good to go behind enemy lines. Fans of more traditional sniping roles will enjoy our revamped sniping mechanics with rebalanced Sniper Rifles, the ability to zero your sights (set an aiming distance), and additional optics and accessories. Finally, the Recon players can still utilize the MAV, T-UGS, and Radio Beacon to help out their team.

Assault is still the frontline run-and-gun kit that also serves the role of combat medic. This was one of the major changes in Battlefield 3 compared to Battlefield 2, and one that players have really appreciated. Assault is still the go-to kit with med kits and defibrillators but has picked up some additional mobility with the First Aid Pack, which heals a single soldier over time, or the 40mm Flash Bang rounds to help clear rooms.

The Quest for Mobility

One of the main quests for the team when developing Battlefield 4 was to create a more mobile Battlefield. Squad players became very mobile in Battlefield 3 and we saw a gap where some of the more team play focused gadgets required players to sit still. We adjusted this by tailoring the kits, the gadgets, and the available specializations.

As far as gadgets go, we’re allowing for stronger team play on the move by introducing all-new gadgets like the Portable Laser Designator, and adding new portable First Aid and Ammo Packs. These packs now allow Assault and Support players to top off a single teammate’s health or ammo on the move, while the traditional Ammo Box and Med Kit keep their stationary area heal and resupply roles. In the case of the Portable Laser Designator, it’s designed as a SOFLAM for the Recon on the run – allowing you to quickly laser designate targets without the longer setup time of a SOFLAM (with the tradeoff of not being able to deploy it and have it auto-designate targets for you.)

Suppressing Fire!

No one single gameplay mechanic has been as frequently discussed as the suppression system in Battlefield 3. Suppression will return in Battlefield 4, but we’re redesigning it based on your extensive feedback while keeping the intense feeling of being under fire that a system like Suppression provides.

We’re increasing the suppression effect of Light Machine Guns, exclusive to the Support kit, while other weapons are less suppressive. Additionally, we’ve decreased suppression at close range to ensure that close quarters battles always focus sharply on player skill. Besides changing the visual effects of suppression, we’re also replacing the accuracy penalty in Battlefield 3 with a scope sway effect – similar to what snipers get in Battlefield 3 while suppressed. A skilled, focused player can keep his aim on target and get hits, even while under the effects of Suppression.

Overall, we believe we have a great-performing suppression system in Battlefield 4 that doesn’t interfere in close quarters combat, while at the same time allowing for skilled players of the Support kit to really make a difference. Laying down covering fire as Support means your frontline runners can gain a crucial momentum in medium-range combat and still allows you to combat the improved long-range options we’ve given players who prefer to stay back at long range.

Choose your path – Field Upgrades and you

Last week on the blog, you could read about how Field Upgrades are the new specializations in Battlefield 4. You pick a set path of four upgrades which unlock in order as you perform squad actions like resupplies, repairs, healing, and following orders. You can track your progress in the Field Upgrade Progress Bar – or the “Bro Bar” as it has become known internally at DICE.


The focus on specifically squad-related actions means that the biggest rewards come from sticking with your squad and being a great team player. However, if your entire squad is wiped out, you will lose some of your progress in the upgrade path. Finally, Lone Wolves can still benefit from the base specialization since it’s always unlocked and available.

Each of the playable kits: Engineer, Recon, Assault, and Support, have four upgrade careers to choose between. Two of these are global and usable for any kit – one of them focusing on Offense and one on Defense. Offense starts with SPRINT and goes through AMMO, MORE GRENADES, and REDUCED FALL. These give you quicker sprint speed, more available ammo magazines, one extra hand grenade, and allows you to fall from greater heights without taking any damage, respectively. This universal upgrade path is great for players who enjoy being at the front lines and leading the charge.

Meanwhile, the Defense path will net you ARMOR, COVER, FLAK, and QUICK REGEN. These grant you increased protection from shots to the chest, a decreased rate of being suppressed, decreased damage from explosions, and a shorter time span before the out-of-combat health regeneration kicks in. If you are more defensive-minded, perhaps playing as Support from the sidelines, this can be an excellent choice.

Besides the two universal Offense and Defense Field Upgrade careers, you will also be able to choose between two upgrade paths that are unique to your class and allow an increased specialization in specific combat roles. So while the Assault kit has the unique Combat Medic and Grenadier upgrade paths, Engineer can choose between specializing in the roles of either a Mechanic or Anti-Tank soldier. The first of these is all about repairing your own vehicles, while the latter deals with taking out enemy armor.

While the path you choose will allow for different types of roles on the Battlefield, you’re never stuck with your first choice for the rest of the round. Whenever you wish, you can simple reselect. Doing this will never set you back in your current level of progress, so if you’re currently at level three out of four, you will keep that level and have it applied even if you change kit and/or upgrade path from the customization screen. Should you choose to leave a squad without entering a new squad, your current progress will be saved. So if you later in the same round join a new squad, you won’t have to start from scratch.

We have greatly increased the number of unique specializations available in the game from Battlefield 3’s seven to over 25 in Battlefield 4. It’s a conscious design decision to allow for greater variety in any kit’s battlefield role – and here’s your chance to impact the design of these for the launch of the game.

Vote – Get your favorite path included in BF4!

Now that you know a bit more about Field Upgrades and upgrade career paths – what would YOU like to see in Battlefield 4 when it launches? We still have the possibility to add one additional universal upgrade career based on your feedback!

Below, we have four different types of universal upgrade careers depending on your preferred style of play and what combat role you’d want to explore. Vote for your favorite in the poll and we’ll make sure it makes it into the game as the third and final universal career upgrade path. Vote now!

Community Career Path 1: Shockwave
This is the career for players who want to wreak havoc at the frontlines. Built to promote offensive play and gung-ho attitude, you’ll need all the extra AMMO you can get. ARMOR gives you that increased protection that means you could walk away from chance encounters at zero range when rounding a corner, while an added GRENADE lets you clear out enemy camps more freely. Lastly, that extra SUPPRESSION boost comes in handy when you find out you’ve run into a hornet’s nest.

Community Career Path 2: Survivor
Fortune favors the brave. Or in the case of the “SURVIVOR” career, fortune favors players who have bolstered their survival capabilities by picking the right specializations. REDUCED FALL means you can jump off rooftops when enemies are blasting RPG into your building, while extra AMMO always helps when trying to shoot yourself out of a pinch. QUICK REGEN means you only need a short period of time before your soldier starts to auto heal, while COVER effectively means enemy suppression will not have as much effect on your ability to return fire with accuracy.

Community Career Path 3: Shadow
Inspired by the fabled shadow warriors of the Orient, the “SHADOW” career grants you the mystical powers you need to infiltrate enemy territory without being seen. Okay, not really, but it grants you some perks that accumulated will give you an edge when going behind enemy lines. QUICK UNSPOT means you’ll disappear more quickly from enemy radars when you’ve been spotted, while SPRINT lets you move quickly from cover to cover. REDUCED FALL lets you jump from your favorite hiding places without taking damage, while STEALTH grants you the ability to remain undetected when passing within range of enemy motion sensors.

Community Career Path 4: Hunter
So you want to be a big game hunter? ADVANCED SPOT grants you the ability to have targets spotted for extended periods of time – they can run, but they can’t hide. While they’re cowering behind cover thinking that they’ve escaped detection, SPRINT up to them and use your extra AMMO and GRENADE to flush them out! Sometimes, playing Battlefield is almost too easy.

And there you have them: Your choice of four custom-created community upgrade paths to choose between. Vote for your favorite and we’ll include the winner in the final game. Remember to cast your vote no later than August 22 so we can implement the necessary changes in time for launch.

Plan your career

Below is the full list of specializations that will be available in Battlefield 4. Note that we are still in Alpha stage, so all names, designs, and fine-tuning are subject to change. This will give you an idea about the type and variety of specializations in the game. Some of these are universal, some of them are tied to one of the specific playable soldier types – and most of them are all-new to Battlefield 4.

SPRINT Increases maximum sprint speed
AMMO Increases maximum inventory of bullets
C4 EXPLOSIVES Increases maximum inventory of C4 explosives
COVER Decreases amount of incoming suppression
SUPPRESSION Increases the amount of outgoing suppression
FLAK Decreases explosion damage
GRENADES Increases maximum inventory of hand grenades
(NEW) ROCKETS Increases maximum inventory of AT (anti-tank) and AA (anti-air) ammo
(NEW) MINES Increases maximum inventory of AT Mines or M2 SLAM
(NEW) STEALTH Player is undetected by Motion Sensors except when sprinting
(NEW) HOLD BREATH Increases time you can Steady your scope
(NEW) FAST REPAIR Increases speed and sabotage of Repairs
(NEW) DEFIB UPGRADE Increases charge up speed of the defibrillators
(NEW) 40mm GRENADES Increases maximum inventory of 40mm grenades
(NEW) ADVANCED SPOT Increases time your targets are Spotted
(NEW) MEDKITS UPGRADE Increases maximum deployed medic bags and packs
(NEW) MOTION SENSORS UPGRADE Increases the maximum inventory of Motion Sensors. Increases the range of T-UGS and MAV
(NEW) MORE DEPLOYED EXPLOSIVES Increases maximum deployed Explosives
(NEW) AMMO BAG UPGRADE Increases maximum deployed ammo boxes and packs
(NEW) ARMOR Reduces incoming damage to the chest
(NEW) QUICK UNSPOT Reduces time you are spotted
(NEW) MEDICAL UNIT Occupied vehicles will slowly heal nearby soldiers
(NEW) SUPPLY UNIT Occupied vehicles will slowly resupply nearby soldiers
(NEW) REPAIR UNIT Occupied vehicles will slowly repair nearby vehicles
(NEW) REDUCED FALL Increases height you can fall without damage
(NEW) QUICK REGEN Decreases time before out of combat heal
(NEW) MP-APS UPGRADE Longer uptime on MP APS
(NEW) INDIRECT FIRE UPGRADE Increases maximum M224 ammo. Increases maximum XM25 magazines
(NEW) CLAYMORES Increases the maxium inventory of claymores

We still have a lot more details to share with you about weapons, gadgets, and vehicles – but I think long time Battlefield fans can see how we’re really focused on responding to the torrent of feedback that passionate fans contribute to the series.  Battlefield 4 aims to stay true to the best parts of Battlefield 3, while also pushing to expand the game in fresh directions. Keep your feedback coming, and don’t be afraid to Point At All The Things you’d like to see in Battlefield 4.
-Alan Kertz

Stay tuned to “The Road to Battlefield 4”, where we’ll continue the journey towards launch by diving deeper and deeper into every nuance of the biggest Battlefield game ever developed at DICE. Next episode: Bringing down skyscrapers was just the beginning! More examples of the game-changing Levolution concept, and new multiplayer footage from a new map.

Until then, let us know what you think about this blog post, and what questions you want us to answer in the upcoming posts. Thanks for reading!

  • Iron Sixpac 03.12.15 at 09:07

    why can i only put down 3 mines apposed to 6??? I think this is ridiculous, especially since it takes 3 to destroy a single tank and at lest two to kill a mobile vehicle like a buggy. I disagree with a change like that, being an engineer veteran since bad co. It seems to make the game easier for the opposition. I thought you wanted all out war and not constant sniper fire.

  • lAfternoonl 10.23.13 at 14:53

    Why is everyone so quick to refuse change? WE know you are going to buy the game so why are you bitching about it? Second you might not even see the change on the specializations unless you are going againts an organized platoon/Team. Third if you guys do not like the changes then go to collage learn how to make games and make you’re own company that will FAIL due to you not knowing how to make a proper balanced game. If you do not want to listen then DON’T BUY THE GAME AND LET EVERYONE ELSE PLAY IN PEACE! -Thank you!

  • Arengorn 10.20.13 at 16:39

    Black chinese guys, sure

    • ChinoPisces 10.07.14 at 00:56

      You’re an idiot.

  • Impaler722 10.19.13 at 22:54

    Ammo-Armor-Cover-Class specific actually sounds best

    • Impaler722 10.19.13 at 22:58

      Ammo-Armor-Cover-Grenade most likely

  • Impaler722 10.19.13 at 17:16

    Honestly I want the upgrades I could use in BF3 that I found are most important to me. This is from most important to least. Ammo-Cover-Grenade. Then I would want one specific for the class I’m playing. I hate running out of ammo and trying to find a support class to steal some from, and cover was great in BF3 because it took way too long to recover from suppression otherwise. There are a variety of different field upgrades I would want. SO, why not have the ability to customize your own field upgrades, effectively making everyone happy?

  • SniperGhostRecon 10.19.13 at 11:53

    Will increase the damage of Sniper and precision.

  • TwiztidKilla00 10.04.13 at 08:23

    Hi i just got one thing to say when helicopter your jet uses there ecm jammer your flares they should repeat should be able land and get out and then get back in and they got fresh stuff if they use they should have to wait till recharges that be good thing to fix for bf4 r flares

  • DRUNKCLAM_Jr 10.03.13 at 07:12

    Idk if this is how I purpose an idea and to get it noticed or not but is it just me because I’m a little confused about the whole control change. Whether it’s vehicles or just your solider. Why isn’t there a way just to keep it like it was in bf3?? It’s especially annoying with vehicles. Plus why not keep the scoreboard as select, grenades as r2 and so on?? They should at least give it a an option to change it.

    • Lone-Spectator 10.11.13 at 02:49


    • Impaler722 10.19.13 at 17:17

      After the beta they realized this. They said they put controls similar to BF3 in the game now. When you get BF4, choose the ‘Legacy’ control scheme, or so they say…

  • M200_xTerminator 09.26.13 at 03:55

    Initially, my impression of the classes is pretty good. All 12 characters look pretty realistic, except perhaps the white Chinese support class. The Chinese sniper class looks pretty cool, especially while holding that futuristic-looking PSG-1; it’ll be interesting to see all of the new guns that Battlefield 4 has to offer…

    As for perks, I think that there is an absurd amount of overly-specific perks. For example, the explosives perk from Battlefield 3 got divided into the AT rocket, claymore, xm-25, 40mm grenades, c4 explosives, and mines perks; all focusing on giving more starting ammo with each of those weapons. Too many perks… However, some of them are quite practical. Take Armor for example, it will decrease shot damage to the chest. This seems like it will be very powerful, as we observed in the battlefield series, enemies take a lot of hits to die, especially at long range. Since the chest is center-mass and typically the first spot people aim at, it will be easy to take more fire when having this armor perk, and if this armor regenerates or is indestructible, it will be absolutely insane; essentially like having an MW2 juggernaut suit on.

    Thank goodness that suppression is finally nerfed…Back in battlefield 3, people could get suppressed by one bullet fired out of an M9, and their accuracy will be horrendous, unable to even hit targets at point-blank range, inevitably leading to a quick death. It was especially annoying when handling a sniper rifle and being unable to hit targets right in your crosshairs. Hopefully Bf4 will balance it out quite well.

  • MartinX DX 09.15.13 at 13:46

    ” A skilled, focused player can keep his aim on target and get hits, even while under the effects of Suppression. ”

    I hope that even the most skilled players can’t actually fire back accurately enough while completely supressed because that’s the whole point of suppressive fire. Make the enemy stay behind cover hiding for your team to make an action. I absolutely love being able to supress enemies and I’m a beast at it! Even if players are mad at the current suppression effect in BF3, I hope this new effect can make them realise that they should stay behind cover for their sakes. After all, Suppression does have it’s usefulness in real life but it’s hard to implement it in a game when your real life isn’t actually threaten.

    As for the Specializations (Not perks people. This isn’t CoD) I have a lot to say about it (both as negative as positive) but I would rather talk about it in the forums. But in short, I like the idea of adding more specializations but some do look more like unrealistic perks then a soldier/squad specialisation like Quick Unspot, Advanced spotting, Defibrillator upgrade and Stealth and some should also come together to become more general soldier/squad specialisations like Sprint and Reduced Fall together (i.e agile soldiers).

  • yksssyk 09.08.13 at 09:15

    我想64球員比賽或PS3 我也很希望這樣 每次看電腦都很羨慕這麼多人可以這樣玩

  • alexMflip 09.06.13 at 10:17

    Chinese Engineer with a gas mask? Why?!?!

  • xNightmar3s 09.05.13 at 21:14

    I love how sHadow sounds, but for universal it sounds Op and will be the most used.

  • juustomakkarae 09.05.13 at 06:23

    I want 64 player match or ps3.

  • DrDev17 09.05.13 at 05:33

    All complaints and debates aside… Dat chinese support character is the kinda guy you’d bump into in a warehouse battle movie scene.

  • TURKBOY_Jamal 08.30.13 at 04:43

    I just dont like the look of the Support and the sniper for US troops..Whats up with that black sleeve type of thing on their legs? Man come on BATTLEFIELD let us customize our own soldiers , that way it will be much better

    • ze_otturSpec5 08.30.13 at 07:39

      They are “Gators” they keep water, snow, and sand out of your boots and socks

  • Testoto 08.28.13 at 09:24

    The return of C4 for the Support class is really a no-sense srsly…

  • LucicanDash 08.25.13 at 08:25

    Why does american assault man’s mouth look… super stretched horizontally?

    • TacticalxZebra 08.25.13 at 18:43

      It’s not his mouth. His balaclava is just a little bunched up because of his chin strap.

    • Stealth-98_ 08.26.13 at 03:10

      lol that’s his helmets chin strap soldier

  • TRUvoodoo 08.23.13 at 21:30

    I’m disappointed that I do not see any mention of fixing the revive system that was clearly OP in BF3. There needs to be a recharge time on the defib paddles or a set-up time that requires the user to stand next to the target for 1 second. I’m so tired of playing BF3 and getting a good 3 or 4 kill streak and seeing medics halo jumping through the open and reviving all 3 or 4 guys before I can even reload. At which point they all know where I am because of the deathcam. They can revive a guy whie jumping over his body and there are glitches where you don’t take grenade damage before you stand up. I’m really tired of BF3 because of this, granted I still played for 100,000 kills. Even a recharge time would be great because one medic cant pick up 2 guys a second and render me useless. If it wasn’t OP, medics would jump through the open while being fired at. They would look for the threat before getting the revive which nearly never happens.

    • TRUvoodoo 08.23.13 at 21:31

      “If it wasn’t OP, medics wouldn’t*”

    • NWI_AZTEC 08.26.13 at 19:43

      The clearly have fixed it. There just isn’t any mention of it, They mention it and even show it in the Gamescom live gameplay this past week/weekend.

      • TRUvoodoo 08.28.13 at 20:30

        Ok, I’m glad to hear that. This is the only thing I’ve read so far about BF4. I just think it’s funny because in my opinion it was the biggest problem with BF3 but it got swept under the rug because it kept a lot of bk’s playing the game.

    • Del Karma 08.30.13 at 05:51


    • mynameisspam1 08.31.13 at 02:13

      Based on game footage I suspect there is. I saw a player revive and have to wait about two and a half seconds to recharge the thing after failing to revive the guy the first time.

  • blak_sushi 08.22.13 at 18:17

    Love pretty much everything DICE has thrown into BF4 multiplayer… BUUUTTTTT… I’m a bit disappointed that they didn’t create a black US soldier or even a female one for any of the factions. C’mon… embrace the 21st century guys! BF4 players are a diverse group. It would be great to see more of that in the multiplayer as in the singleplayer. #justsaying

    • TacticalxZebra 08.25.13 at 18:48

      Around 84% of the members of the Marine Corps (the American team) are white. And barely over 10% are female. Minorities and females and few and far between. Not to mention women in the infantry still is pretty much nonexistent. Why would a guy want to have to play as a female? Few girls play BF compared to guys. And you can’t even tell the ethnicity of the US Assault character anyways.

    • Lukuro 09.04.13 at 15:42

      The Russian Asault looks a little girlie to me. I think if is because the chest armor and the eyes diferent to the other russian males.

    • LoneShuffler 09.05.13 at 18:34

      Women aren’t really infantry. I don’t believe they are in any countries military. I do agree with some variation of skin color but they changed assault to a black man right before release so who knows, they could do the same.

  • STOTT 08.21.13 at 13:59

    I wish you could Laser Designate the ground or a structure and the Designation icon could appear as different from the vehicle Designation and other players could lock on to the location and blow that sniper on the crane sky high!

  • STOTT 08.21.13 at 13:40

    Everyone should be able to choose their own 4 specs and the Bro Bar would just read 1234 and you could pick your own specs. Everyone on your squad would still strive to fill the bro bar, while everyone gets the game experience that they are looking for.

    • STOTT 08.21.13 at 13:45

      And all of the specs could be divided into categories to prevent players from selecting Specs which should NOT be “doubled-down”

  • Olivo09 08.20.13 at 01:56

    wish we could chance our skin color as well, that would be pretty cool

    • Olivo09 08.20.13 at 01:57


    • Olivo09 08.20.13 at 01:59

      well i guess that wouldn’t work, it wouldn’t make any sense that i i think about it so ignore what i said

  • LunaticGunner 08.19.13 at 22:13

    DICE really needs to look into allowing open specializations. Just give us 4 slots and we will decide what path we want to take.

    • tactics68 08.21.13 at 05:01

      That would be cool, but then everyone would stack all of the best specializations, and then the whole point of the team play would be pointless

    • STOTT 08.21.13 at 14:03

      PREACH! I agree…

  • mangui24 08.19.13 at 22:00

    I love the Survivor one, I just can’t understand why would it be so little voted….

  • AngryDave-UK 08.19.13 at 21:32

    Yeah Shadow is gonna be a waste. Worst tree out of the 4. Such minor or useless benefits that there’s basically no point.

    • Lone-Spectator 10.11.13 at 02:51

      i want hunter bcause spot bonus

  • EMkaEL 08.19.13 at 20:56

    Shadow..? really..??!

  • Mirrinae_Mirr 08.19.13 at 07:15

    Well… but it just looks like one kind of BF3 DLC.
    But if it sales at store, Ill buy this game

  • MrDoubleTapChap 08.19.13 at 04:08

    How you like them apples, CoD Ghosts?

  • countryboy1880 08.18.13 at 23:12

    I think battlefield should let you choose what bullets you want in your gun. Like if you want tracer rounds. Ap rounds. Explosive rounds all sorts or rounds. It would be cool

  • Frodo 54 08.18.13 at 19:24

    I don’t like how the field upgrade paths are locked into what DICE wants you to choose. I want to be able to choose any 4 of the 25 specializations for my upgrade path. I.E. Sprint, Defib upgrade, Medkit upgrade, and Medical unit, and I doubt that the path I want will be in. DICE is talking about being able to specialize your character more. I want to be able to heal everyone on my team, and to be able to do that, I need to be able to get to them, revive everybody I can, lay down as many medpacks as possible, and get out. Please lose the set paths and make them customizable

    • bigbang5766 08.19.13 at 03:15

      Yeah, let’s not do that. Everybody will just pick the same paths, or they will throw the one perk they really want on first and not care about helping their squad progress through the path.

      • Blackhawk11b 08.21.13 at 10:22

        Just give the perks certain slot numbers. For example make Sprint, and Ammo a slot 1-4 so they can be in any order but the more high end specializations like claymores have to be either 3 or 4

    • Lone-Spectator 10.11.13 at 02:51


    • lAfternoonl 10.23.13 at 14:56

      Don’t like it? too bad it’s not you’re choice it’s everones choice!

  • Fixeon 08.18.13 at 11:16

    Very nice to hear support will keep its c4 and clays. The new suppression model sounds interesting I look forward to seeing how it plays out. I am curious however if these field upgrade paths are fixed how they will be effected by HC mode. As we all know right now in HC mode there is no regen mechanic, so having a fixed perk of faster regen would be well, worthless. Maybe by having this perk they would in turn gain basic regen instead of not having any at all?

  • assault124 08.18.13 at 11:02


  • rimenshfiel 08.18.13 at 08:19

    God damn the Russian character models look cool and the US and Chinese look pretty awesome as well they are very detailed kudos dice.

  • Lieutenant00 08.18.13 at 08:07

    I like the shadow path for one reason… If my team is overall awful as a unit, then half way in is where I usually am forced to break off and go lone wolfing to benefit the team. If they do awful, then I go decimate wherever the enemy are and let my team be Camper Clean-up Crews(CCC’s for short). CCC’s are for getting rid of players that to afraid to show their faces to me, so they hide/camp.

  • BobTheSnowman 08.18.13 at 07:38

    Dear Dice,
    Please let us customize our soldiers such as race, headgear, chest gear, pants, pads and things like that. The ONLY thing CoD has over us right now is the Player design. Thats the ONLY thing. If BF4 had that, then we would be better 100%. I mean nothing ridiculous like diamond studded glasses and things like that but things like different variations of face mask, goggles, shoulder pads, elbow pads, all the same but different visually, but not to outrageous…Also, I think you should make sure the emblems on vehicles have a lock like certain shapes are not allowed…All we need are some CoD noobs with penises painted on the helicopters flying all over the place.

    • Lieutenant00 08.18.13 at 07:56

      I actually agree. If you want to rake in some of those COD queers and show them what a true war game is, then make everything detailed and very perfectly customizable… Even down to what the soldiers look like.

  • Bradztar117 08.18.13 at 04:55

    Kind of disappointed that suppression will still create scope sway, it is one of the most annoying mechanics that snipers had to deal with in BF3; now everyone has to feel the pain… :(

    • Matt-The-Silent 08.18.13 at 07:03

      But with only snipers and LMG’s able to really supress you, it will be less annoying. :)

      • Lieutenant00 08.18.13 at 08:02

        Mainly LMG’s, snipers won’t even have the excessive supression effects.

  • Rapid4ire 08.18.13 at 03:34

    The mines that disable vechicals should also be able to use as a IED, if a player steps over it , it should explode.

  • Bush_Killa-73 08.18.13 at 01:51

    Shadow is popular because the Veteran of the game hate the spotting function which cheapens the experience. At least Shadow negates it to some extent so it’s the obvious choice to make ‘Normal’ mode more like ‘Classic’ Battlefield.

  • bigbang5766 08.18.13 at 01:49

    Frankly, I don’t really want any of those perk paths to be added as a universal. They’re too playstyle-oriented and will leave other playstyles longing for their own perk path.
    That said, I wouldn’t mind both shadow and hunter. They balance each other out in a way

  • Reallycuteguy69 08.18.13 at 01:05

    I’m really sad that we as a community are allowing the “Shadow” Field Upgrade Path to win.

    • IamSuperChris 08.18.13 at 01:14

      I agree entirely, the fact that we see the focus they are trying to put on mobility and we turn around and attempt to pass the Shadow path, the one best suited for slow paced gameplay and sniping is extremely disappointing.

      • JeTeddy 08.18.13 at 06:51

        The reason why I voted for Stealth is not because I want to camp and snipe, but because I want to go for the objective. I don’t go in like a stupid rambo, I am used to competetive teamplay, and when I’m in a pub I kill only the guys I need to kill to make my way to the objective and take care for it without alerting the whole team to the danger they are in. I usually am on the top of the leaderboard. You guys probably celebrate a KD of 4 or don’t care for it.

      • Matt-The-Silent 08.18.13 at 07:05

        Its meant for stealth operatives, snipers will not benefit much from it at all. Its a very mobile play style as thats the style i normally play.

    • Bush_Killa-73 08.18.13 at 01:50

      Shadow is popular because the Veteran of the game hate the spotting function which cheapens the experience. At least Shadow negates it to some extent so it’s the obvious choice to make ‘Normal’ mode more like ‘Classic’ Battlefield.

    • Bradztar117 08.18.13 at 05:02

      I completely agree with you, and the fact that you wont be picked up by motion sensors? what is this, COD?

    • Lieutenant00 08.18.13 at 08:01

      The reason people are addicted with the Shadow path is simply in case your team is overall awful, and you are kind of forced into lone wolfing to benefit your team. If my team isn’t working well, then I split off and I destroy the enemy myself, and let the rest of my team be Camper Clean-up Crews. CCC’s go get the enemies too scared to show me their faces.

  • x2Beastx4U 08.18.13 at 01:03

    I don’t know why people are complaining about the armor spec. It was in BFBC2 and I worked fine. And the stealth only works when your walking, and most of the time people sprint so no big deal there. Just play some hardcore and quit whining.

  • KNGHADES3 08.18.13 at 01:01


    • KNGHADES3 08.18.13 at 01:02


  • DarkTyphlosion 08.18.13 at 00:59

    why dont you let us pick the order of the perks we get rather them be a set that you made for us?

  • santtiago42 08.18.13 at 00:56

    Remove the armmor is just going to break the game

  • COOJO253 08.18.13 at 00:51

    Please get rid of armor, there really is no need for those types of things.

  • Dr Doughnut29 08.18.13 at 00:49

    why cant we have all four field upgrades and each player can choose the one they like best?

  • Rauliont 08.18.13 at 00:45

    what exactly is MORE “DEPLOYED” EXPLOSIVES?

  • Rauliont 08.18.13 at 00:43

    Can anyone clerify as to what MP-APS UPGRADE is?

  • acashmoney89 08.17.13 at 23:47

    This seems to complex for Battlefield. Hopefully its not as confusing as call of duty bo2 setup with like a million different options

  • TooL- 08.17.13 at 23:35

    Agreed, no damage modifiers please.

  • FredLundi 08.17.13 at 23:19

    I’m afraid of any damage modifiers aswell. Please do your best to balance it out somehow…

  • BLACK OPS 535 08.17.13 at 22:09

    I agree armor should be removed. There should not be any damage reduction perks of any kind.

  • XERO SOLACE 08.17.13 at 21:53

    I have to agree with the fact that armor needs to be removed because any player found without it will be very disadvantaged in almost any combat situation. It will overshadow all of the other specializations rendering them useless. It should be standard with all players or removed.

  • GRIM PANDEMIC 08.17.13 at 21:45

    Armor is fine, I have a problem with shadow spec, snipers are already overpowered and annoying as we speak

  • Thoryan94 08.17.13 at 21:23

    What happened to the beard on the American engineer? This is bullshit I demand the return of the beard!

    • GRIM PANDEMIC 08.17.13 at 21:46

      I second that motion! Facial hair unite!

  • =gunhe4d= 08.17.13 at 21:17

    OMG people, the armor is FINE! It specifies chest hits only, plus look at all the other perks on that list. I can see so many other choices on there that any good player would pick over armor. Someone picks Armor upgrade, just get a headshot, boom problem solved.

  • Mr Creepy Creep 08.17.13 at 21:15

    Armor needs to be removed. It’s going to be mandatory for all players, and if you don’t use it, you’re going to be at a severe disadvantage.

  • Dr.Ali 08.17.13 at 21:09


  • DeceasedRyu 08.17.13 at 21:07

    Meant they should have multi splitscreen

  • DeceasedRyu 08.17.13 at 21:06

    I think they have multiplayer split screen. I have friends who want to play but don’t have same system and it’s boring to be the only to play while your buds just sit and watch.

  • psycotroop 08.17.13 at 21:03

    DICE I love ya, but no, this armor perk has just gotta go. No place in this game for overpowered perks. You put something like this into the game it it becomes that thing everyone has to have just to feel equal. If you keep it then you need to make it where it degrades over each shot, like say the first shot absorbs 75% of the damage, second shot 50, 3 shot 25 and 4 shot levels it out to normal. And if you survive it should protect anymore until you respawn. Also make headshots not affected at all by it.

  • ISUBIGCAT 08.17.13 at 20:36

    The armor perk is going to be great if it truly will reduces incoming damage to the chest and nothing more. If you a good shot, shoot them in the head!

  • v LegendHD v 08.17.13 at 19:04

    I really do hope that DICE listen to us on the armor perk, i really think BF4 will be a much better game without it, unless they can find a way to balance it, but it will be very hard to balance

  • RendomBob101 08.17.13 at 18:43

    I´m not a huge fan of Armor. It´s Like BFBC2 Magnum ammunition, everyone is using it. It´s the must have Perk. Superior to all the others. Pls get rid of it!!

  • N-Shifter 08.17.13 at 17:25

    Unless we’re not getting the full details, we could really do without armour, the rest sounds great though.

  • HououinKyoum4 08.17.13 at 16:44

    inb4 everyone running armor.

    Let’s be honest, this perk system it’s awesome, lots of new stuff and it is really going to encourage sticking togheter with your squad, but no one is going to run anything else than armor if they’re playing as infantry soldiers.

  • santtiago42 08.17.13 at 16:28

    Take out stelth and armmor!!!!

  • santtiago42 08.17.13 at 16:27

    Come on DICE take out armmor off the game is just a game braker

  • Stargaze 08.17.13 at 15:59

    I would much rather get to pick my own progression rather than have set paths that you decide for me to be honest ;)

    • RedOPants 08.17.13 at 17:54


    • HansWursT619 08.17.13 at 18:36

      This would be super hard to balance :(

  • 1ofgodssons009 08.17.13 at 14:50

    wishful thinking$$ alternate endings etc.

  • 1ofgodssons009 08.17.13 at 14:48

    battlefield 4 or 5 should have a multiplayer story mode??

  • 1ofgodssons009 08.17.13 at 14:44


  • 1ofgodssons009 08.17.13 at 14:41

    thank you creators of BF4 for listening, im so happy, for adding reverse melee attacks. Now, its a new ball game for y’all chain snatchers. see you in BF4

  • Badmothafcka 08.17.13 at 14:41

    Say NO to the body armor. Everything else is just fine Dice :)

  • Bush_Killa-73 08.17.13 at 13:51

    SHADOW ALL THE WAY! The less noob friendly casual features we can limit in Normal the better.

    Please stop diluting the magic tried & tested Classic Battlefield Paper, Scissors & Rock formula!!

  • dragonias75 08.17.13 at 13:39

    I love the new specialization system. BF4 is going to be awesome

  • IcN-HeLiiX 08.17.13 at 13:11

    Please no armor, it will be like magnum ammo all over again!

  • jam8munch 08.17.13 at 12:53

    Get rid of armor!!! Get rid of armor!!! Get rid of armor!!! Get rid of armor!!! Get rid of armor!!! THAT IS ALL!!!

  • Agrikaan 08.17.13 at 11:37

    Giving claymores to Recons is a double incitement for solo camping back at base. One of the reasons I stopped playing BF2 very early on. is not in sync with the focus on teamwork.

  • wWaAVve 08.17.13 at 07:54

    I would LOVE a gameplay mode called LONG PLAY!
    A match that is extremely long like 40-60 minutes!
    Sometimes when the play stops I am let down wanting a more tug of war play to keep going!
    Our team is coming back!
    Lets carry this out longer!
    Lets regroup our team and try the other strategy.
    One thing that makes a game like Planetside good is continuous battles.
    If we could have one game mode closer to that it would be AWESOME!
    I guarantee it will grow into a favorite game type!
    Just increase the ticket size to triple or more in conquest for example and VOILA done :)
    Please let DICE know now if you like this idea.
    They are reading this!

    • SgtKerl 08.17.13 at 14:28

      Well, what you described is exactly what made BF3 almost unplayable for me sometimes. Everything above 200% Ticks is a absolute no-go for me. Too long matches, too much stomp if one team has the upper hand. The fact that there are almost no servers without instant vehicle-spawn and >1000 ticks is the main reson I didnt play BF3 for about 3 months.

      So I think not everyone might be okay with such a gamemode… ;)

  • TheElite33 08.17.13 at 05:53

    All this is great but I still want an in game weather environment; light rain, heavy rain, strong winds and gusts, mud puddles and muddy uniforms, dark clouds, storms brewing maybe snow… have earthquakes already but the most exciting thing for realism is the elements that can’t be controlled due to forces of mother nature and I don’t just mean a map that rains, I’m speaking real life weather forces for all maps that can be selected. Please, a patch update or something.

  • PiNo_XIV 08.17.13 at 01:29


  • jjorlandos 08.17.13 at 01:15

    This is going to. Change people’s play style now.. No more 1 perk you have 4 ! Absolutely brilliant DICE. And we thought you heard people cry and moan during bf3 , OMG you guys have unleashed the cry baby’s to have make more cry baby’s ( cry baby cycle of life ) lol any ways DICE keep the goods coming so we can weed out the non real BF die hards.. HOOOOOOOOAH!!!!!

  • Qbert987 08.17.13 at 00:58

    The only one i don’t like is reduced fall, that just doesn’t seem to fit the BF style, the rest seem to fit very well.

  • PsychoticHamster 08.17.13 at 00:03

    How about all 4 of those specializations make it into the game. Each seem pretty damn useful for different scenarios.

    • Zyfnix 08.17.13 at 00:08

      That is exactly what i was thinking, i mean, its not like there isn’t going to be anymore space to implant these paths or cause instability in the gameplay.

  • VESPERJUNIOR 08.17.13 at 00:01

    I really think that armor will be useless against some high caliber guns

  • CIubFoot 08.16.13 at 23:59

    Oh and those complaining about Armor, how about shooting them in the head? lol

  • CIubFoot 08.16.13 at 23:58

    Loving it DICE. Obviously people are complaining about the Claymores and C4, but if I’m honest (as someone who plays as Medic most of the time) I rarely die by these things. It might give some more tactical edge and something to look out for (it’s usually the run-and-gun players who complain about claymores)

  • Zyfnix 08.16.13 at 23:56

    So if i would play Support, i’d still be able to use the shockwave path?

    • VESPERJUNIOR 08.16.13 at 23:59

      I think yes, only if that path be choosen by the communit. Because that will be the third universal path.

  • VESPERJUNIOR 08.16.13 at 23:53

    PEOPLE WHO COMPLAIN: READ FIRST! “Each of the playable kits: Engineer, Recon, Assault, and Support, have four upgrade careers to choose between. Two of these are global and usable for any kit – one of them focusing on Offense and one on Defense.”

    So, it’s like body armor will be a spec available to support kit and stealth only to recon kit… it’s makes all sense! Dont you think!?

    • VESPERJUNIOR 08.16.13 at 23:54

      Some of these are universal, some of them are tied to one of the specific playable soldier types – and most of them are all-new to Battlefield 4

    • VESPERJUNIOR 08.16.13 at 23:56

      For the looks of supports, they all have body armors… the others classes dont have.

      • Zyfnix 08.17.13 at 00:00

        I really hope so, caus i don’t want to play assassins creed style on this game, shadow path… please… Like a fart in a windstorm.

  • VESPERJUNIOR 08.16.13 at 23:42

    Anyone has noticed that the russian assault looks like a woman???!!! o.O

  • ArSj68 08.16.13 at 23:41

    1. It’d be cool, if the transport heli in BF4 could throw down a rope to pull up the infantry on sea or ground without having to land just to fetch them and continue …
    2. Please return the “Zip Line” and “grappling hook” from BF2. It gives amazing opportunity to every one to travel around at ease.
    3. Give us a better option to come off the sea rather than search for lader, Maybe a sexy jump off the sea to the edge and pull animation.
    4. Give us kill from above melee attack!

    If you like my comment repeat it until DICE notice it :)

  • ElGrandeGato 08.16.13 at 23:32

    Armor perk is just stupid, unless there are armor-piercing rounds to balance it out.
    It promotes usage of large caliber rifles. Frankly, not everybody wants to use guns just for their stats.
    Get rid of armor while it is not too late.

    • Im Rock Lee 08.17.13 at 01:31

      Well.. maybe you should just shoot them in the head then maybe? Headshot still kill them just as fast. But if you can’t do that then that’s your problem.

  • Fird96 08.16.13 at 21:53

    The C4 and claymore option for the recon is quite good to me b’coz despite the raining c4 of death, i was hoping for placing a c4 on a specific spot and take cover far away, looking through the 12x scope and wait for my prey, and claymore is a good option if you on a on a rooftop, coz you can lay these things around the stairs and worry nothin, when the claymore explodes, you will slightly fell the shockwave and indicates in the kill feeds that you killed a player and telling they will be back and are trying to get you, and have time to react as well, even IF it only do heavy damage and didnt kill the player, the hit marker will appear and give you the opportunity be ready rather than stealthily getting stab behind (rage!!!)

  • Armond 08.16.13 at 21:29

    So they are giving C4 and Claymores to Support AND Recon? Bad idea.

  • Sully__PA 08.16.13 at 21:21

    Most of this sounds good! I would say no STEALTH, ARMOR, REDUCED FALL DAMAGE too much like COD ….. Glad the C4 is back in the hands of support too …. we need someone on the front with C4for the tanks. Too many snipers hang back. I’m just hoping the L86A2 makes it’s way back to support… I think it’s one of the best LMG’s for support in the game.

  • Smooch01 08.16.13 at 21:09

    Really want to see some comments related to Matchmaking. I know that there are going to be servers for rent and this has caused quite a problem for players on BF3. As long as certain settings are not changed the game is still considered “Normal” so Quick Match puts you into games with 500% tickets lasting sometimes over an hour.. I would hardly consider this a “Quick Match”.

    But more importantly is the balance of servers. FAR too often I am in very one sided games that are never balanced thanks to the rented servers. I see a couple of huge downfalls that lead to unbalanced matchmaking.
    1, Players can Swap Teams
    2. Squads that join games together, are not necessarily on the same team.
    3. Owners are allowed to swap members, boot people for any reason, and balance the server in their favor.

    Any chance these issues are being looked into or resolved? I really want to see good team balance rather than a team of 20-30 Colonel versus a team with 1 or 2.

  • White 5orrow 08.16.13 at 20:50

    I find it funny (I don’t know why) that the US is the only one with their flag on their camos. ‘MURICA!

  • BIRTHDAYFACE046 08.16.13 at 20:25

    The weapon sight on the Chinese support gunner’s Type-88 is backwards.

  • BTL-A4_Ace 08.16.13 at 20:08

    This is incredible news. Man, I can’t wait for BF4.

    I was hoping we’d see the return of MEC forces, though. And what about info on jets (specifically two-seaters)?

    I REALLY hope grenade cook and the ability to toss live grenades will *finally* be implemented.

  • jew1 08.16.13 at 20:04

    damm it. not spawn beacon to snipers is stupid.many snipers put their beacon in the base and stay camping.beacon should be given to engineer/assaulter/support so they can put spawning points closer to the objectives especially in Rush mode.

  • uwantSAMOA 08.16.13 at 19:53

    Stealth and Armor specializations seem OP to me. Perhaps for Stealth it would reduce the diameter of being detected by a motion sensor. Armor should increase the amount of time for health to regen out of combat or only reduce minimum bullet damage.

  • Bruno Sardine 08.16.13 at 19:41

    These all just look like really, really terrible kits that an airsofter would set up. IE: Way too many pouches and ammo in spots that you can’t even get to it, just to name a few. I know DICE wants to make these guys look “Badass”, but at least get some actual military consultation so they don’t look completely ridiculous.

    • SgtJohns0n 08.16.13 at 20:05

      Look at the green berets then say that again

      • Bruno Sardine 08.16.13 at 20:51

        Wrong. Their kit is set up in a way that makes sense.

        Check the Chinese Assault Dude. He has a big ass pouch right above where he draws his magazines from. Yeah, cause that makes sense right?

        Same with the US Assault class. Pistol right above his primary ammo.

        All of the US classes have M9 magazines when they’re all running glocks. US Recon only has one kneepad in, which makes no sense. US Assault is wearing old-ass ESS goggles.


    • Alectrifiied 08.16.13 at 21:18

      It’s a “realism-based” arcade shooter, it’s meant to look cool even if some of it doesn’t make sense. If you want to nitpick pouch placement and sidearm draw distance, go play a MilSim game.

  • Sprint03 08.16.13 at 19:10

    does the Chinese squad character able to speak Chinese? i want that to be available since the Russian character is able to speak Russian in bf3…

  • slimphilthy 08.16.13 at 18:18

    Yes. I wouldn’t add armor to the game. No one want to have to empty and entire clip into an enemy in order to drop them. That’s a recipe for more rage quitting. If it have to stay, it needs to slow you down significantly! That way it will at least be undesirable to the run-and-gunners.

  • CmdrVOODOO 08.16.13 at 18:02

    Here’s how you balance body armor; make it so if you’re wearing it, you can’t be revived because it’s stopping the defibrillator paddles from making contact with your chest. ;)

  • CmdrVOODOO 08.16.13 at 17:56

    I don’t care for the idea of Armor being in the game either, but I guess we’ll have to see how it’s implemented (whether it’s for all the kits or not), if it slows you way down and how much protection it gives you. On paper though, I don’t like it at all.

  • Coreyweb 08.16.13 at 17:34

    Also….ya, body armor will probably end up being REALLY annoying at first. But none of these things will be that hard to adjust to. People who complain are people who can’t adapt. Suppression and 320s were really annoying in BF3 until I learned how to counter them and play the game. Now it’s easy. It just takes learning the way the game works…..people don’t want that though, they just want to play BF2 or *insert any nostalgically awesome game that they were good at*. As much as people complain about COD being “the same game” that’s basically what all these people want….they want the same game every game…..just with new maps and graphics. They want “new experiences” without being willing to have new experiences.

    Its funny and hypocritical.

    I enjoy letting DICE do what they want with the game they’re developing.

    90% of the time people complain about “this or that” being broken, its because they can’t adapt or don’t want to learn how the game works.

    • ProMantella35 08.16.13 at 18:39

      I agree

  • Coreyweb 08.16.13 at 17:14

    I want a ghillie suit!!!

  • Robpyne17 08.16.13 at 17:06

    Oh god, why? body armour will be the only thing anyone uses and will be so OP. Just imagine it:
    Assault class
    Medic bag
    OP assault rifle
    M320/ defib
    armour, stealth, ammo and suppression.

    why would anyone choose anything else??? you said you were trying to balance classes DICE and look what you have done!

    • VESPERJUNIOR 08.16.13 at 23:50

      Read! Specs will be 2 for each class, assault will never have body armor… it’s obvious that the support kit will have it….

  • GRAVE DIS0RDER 08.16.13 at 17:01

    It would b e nice to see some Female soldiers as they do exist and are becoming more common on the modern battlefield. Also AUSTRALIAN UNITS!!!!!!!!

  • oVER112 08.16.13 at 16:57

    what about hardcore players and servers without maps?? 3 of those voteable specialization paths are to no use then, the only logical choice left is Shockwave :/ …

  • Drakozen 08.16.13 at 16:50

    Swap out Survivors Cover for Armor, and it would make sense, cover is honestly useless, I can aim through suppression, and it makes more sense as survivor to be able to take more shots…

  • V_KURKIN_V 08.16.13 at 16:32

    Dear developers, do not add it to the game please! (REPAIR UNIT, SUPPLY UNIT, MEDICAL UNIT) It is quite unrealistic and arcade! On or even that does not work in a realistic mode!

  • bernabn 08.16.13 at 16:23

    Guys add female soldiers, this is the future of warfare, their isn’t sexual difference.

  • Edgell 08.16.13 at 15:50

    Not to get off the topic of multiplayer, but, how about some better co-op. Not the BF3 side mission co-op stuff, but like actual in campaign co-op. Even if its only two player it would be pretty awesome. I mean, the campaign has a squad, so whats the story with some good co-op?

    • Asianeering 08.16.13 at 16:04

      Im with you on this one Edgell. I liked the co-op! Seeing it improved would be sweet

  • DA2_2964066572273595967132028152 08.16.13 at 14:55

    Why is everyone so butthurt about Stealth and Armor?

    For Stealth, it ONLY affects motion sensors, and if the player runs, it’s void. Besides, there’s no minimap in hardcore. Who cares?

    Armor, alright, this one is easy. Armor only applies to the chest area. Headshots are still headshots. Just shoot the damned enemy a few more times. Simple?

  • wWaAVve 08.16.13 at 14:50

    DICE whatever you do please playtest the shit out of it in the office.
    Don’t put in stuff based on just theory that this perk or that gadget might work.
    Don’t listen to everybody’s opinion, Only those that make sense to you in the office. It shouldn’t be a complete democracy. You’re in control.
    I trust you enough that if you played it in the office over and over and LOVE it, and it’s FUN then we will too!
    That’s why the Pre-Alpha was so awesome!

  • CD_Ambion 08.16.13 at 13:58

    BF4 Needs Grappling Hooks, Rapeling and Ziplines…
    Help get up to those pesky rooftop snipers from the ground.

    • ColonelChocomel 08.16.13 at 14:26

      That also helps Snipers get on rooftops.

  • merdan1993 08.16.13 at 13:49

    this is what i want : team play and it looks like i am gonna find it in bf4

  • Marfield000 08.16.13 at 13:26

    I really hope the support class will not carry so much LMG’s but a shared balance of a variety of Assault Rifles, Carbine Rifles and SMG’s. Also I wish they bring back the crossbow on number 4

  • ColonelChocomel 08.16.13 at 11:47

    I like that you’re adding more teamplay encouraging elements to the game. Different upgrade paths to choose is a very nice option. This way you can prioritize your gameplay style. Looking forward to BF4. Is it October yet?

    PS: Text in the comment-posting box is unreadably bright. I’m using Chrome on Ubuntu now, so i don’t know if it has the same problem in Windows.

  • cubeline82 08.16.13 at 11:45

    give back recon/sniper kit from BC2 and Support kit like it was in BF3. Path idea looks like from battlefield play 4 free and its bad. Hardcore mode should be more hard and realistic like was in BC2.

  • Lt_BAD-DOG 08.16.13 at 11:33

    How the hell does this post correspond to the poll on Battlelog (“Battlefield 4 is going to gamescom with tons of news. What would you like to hear more about?”)?
    DICE is asking players what would they want to hear about first and as always they do what they think is best.
    First, some basic info about team play, than perks (again), next is levolution…
    I’m just asking where’s the desired by battlefield community map and weapon info?

    • ColonelChocomel 08.16.13 at 11:43

      Gamescom hasn’t started yet. They will reveal more info at the expo (starting 21 August)

  • P01NTM4N 08.16.13 at 10:53

    Also, DICE you are to eager to make us happy. To give two classes C4 is not making the Classes more distinguishable. I think it would be more appropriate to give the recon class Claymores, and the Support class C4 or vice versa. People will get over it, and if players won’t play Battlefield because the class they want won’t have C4. Than those are the types of players that give horrible feedback and encourage unreasonable nerfs and buffs. To put it short, these are the players we don’t want in the game.

  • P01NTM4N 08.16.13 at 10:48

    Sadly the community is giving some bad feedback right now. Mainly because people don’t know how to read and analyze correctly. Each Class will have 4 Upgrade Paths, two of them, being universal. So certain classes won’t have access to certain perks. If people would just read what DICE is saying. People would realize all these perks are a good thing because it forces players to play their roles, play the objective, and it encourages team play. This is all good stuff because perks give players an incentive to play the objective which is most important especially since the Commander Mode is coming back.

  • Xida 08.16.13 at 10:37

    Squad spawning needs to be fixed.
    Because it unbalances the game.

    The game becomes a SPAWNATHON

    Spawning should not be used as a tactic unless there is reasonable logic. It’s ok to spawn in base, vehicles, radio beacons or flags.
    Spawning on any squad mate is totally beyond remotely realistic and destroys the flow of the game (squad leader only spawn makes a little more sense). There needs to be a reasonable expectation of a front.
    If friendly players are constantly moving up from the rear from their base spawn it helps to reinforce the rear and the player’s up front can focus on the enemy in front instead of watching the back all the time.
    Players should not be able to spawn anywhere where their squad mates are. Enemies appear out of thin air all over the battlefield which does not enhance the game it simply makes it chaotic and rather stupid.
    For example in conquest, if your team holds every flag you can have up to 5 flag spawn locations plus 3 one for each squad mate plus your base. So a total of 9 spawn points. This is ridiculous!
    It is imperative to have a front! I cannot stress that enough. In the very least there needs to be a negative to squad spawning (aside from being killed straight away – that just increases the frustration).
    Here are some ideas on how to fix the problem:
    (1) squad spawning only works when 2 or more squad mates (or team mates) are within 10-15 metres of each other. This encourages the squad to stick together and provides the squad with some centralization.
    (2) squad leader spawn only set to default whereby the squad leader is the player with the most points (usually not a sniper). Or points scored from long range headshots do not count toward the squad leader selection.
    (3) players use a radio button to call for reinforcements which lasts 10 seconds. Squad mates can then spawn on the player however the radio signal temporally gives away the players position to the enemy.
    (4) when joining a game there are two options: put me in a squad or not. There needs to be a third option: “put me in a squad and elect me squad leader”. This ensures player’s who want to be squad leader can take the role willingly instead of random assignment. If two or more players elect to be squad leader then randomly assign it to one of them. ie someone who does not want to be squad leader is not assigned to the role.
    (5) immediately after death, allow players to spawn almost instantly in their team’s base spawn location without having to watch the killcam, so long as they don’t change their load out (also referred to as ‘quick spawn’.)
    (6) My personal favourite – players can always spawn on their squad leader, but only on their squad mates when a squad mate is near another team/squad mate or inside a vehicle. This would encourage players to stick together and stop the lone flanker from spawning his 3 squad mates behind enemy lines.

    Nothing is more frustrating than being spawn camped, and squad spawning makes the whole thing worse.
    When players spawn into the game there should be an expectation of a front. Don’t get me wrong – its ok for players to outflank etc but NOT to then multiply behind enemy lines. Thus is very very wrong.
    For conquest squad spawning is not required and battlefield worked fine before its creation. In rush , the maps need redesign so the objectives are further from the defenders but the bomb count down timer is increased.
    I want to finish by saying battlefield was great until squad spawning. Please fix ASAP.
    BTW: please do not take this post to mean I hate battlefield 3. Rather it is positive criticism.
    And please do not reply with the usual “go play COD” etc. if I liked COD I would play it or buy premium close quarters (which I will not do).

    • Lt_BAD-DOG 08.16.13 at 11:36

      I agree totally.

    • Marfield000 08.16.13 at 13:28

      I agree with this

  • Azj3rei 08.16.13 at 10:37

    So the Support class gets to keep the C4?? There is a big big problem with this, something that is really keeping me from even considering this game after what I would consider to be really annoying BF3. With the Ammo Crate, the Support class can basically have an endless supply of C4. In many cases, this has proven to become unplayable. Unless you change the way that explosives (the same goes for grenades, who have not been annoyed by a seemingly endless rain of grenades?) are resupplied.

    This is a bad idea basically… Please remove C4 from Support, or remake the way explosives are resupplied (= never resupplied until you have < EXPLOSIVES_LIMIT out in the field). Grenades should never be resupplied until you die.

  • Cogneter 08.16.13 at 10:37

    I really don’t think that giving C4 and Claymores to two classes is a good idea. I suspect it will lead to huge Claymore fields, especially in game modes that require defending (like Rush).

    I’m also skeptical about splitting the Explosives specialization from BF3 into many specializations for specific explosive weapons (and then calling them “all-new”). I imagine one of the career paths for a class may feature 3 specializations that I need, and the 4th specialization would be for a specific weapon that I wouldn’t want to use. I feel this unnecessarily limits the freedom of choice.

    Last but not least, it would be nice to have slightly more character customization, namely the ability to choose gender and skin color. Females have the right to serve too.

  • ProfKiller_LT 08.16.13 at 10:25

    15 suggestions how make this game AWESOME.

    Hey, I got tons of suggestions !

    First I would like to see 4th faction. It could be DLC, premium or anything else. But 4th faction would be awesome !

    Other important this is glowes. BF3 had different glowes between first and third persons. That’s realy annoing and unrealistic. Also more different glowes would make game not so boring as bf3.

    3. Health regen should be server option !

    4. server should have setting to select one of few available custom lightings for maps ! Every map should have: default, night, dust/foggy and twilling lighting option(s). That would make us feel like playing on ,,new” map actualy. Custom lighting = random warfare and unforgetable moments !

    I’m lighting expert for BF2 mods. I think some sky options should be available ! THIS + levoliution= best fps ever been.

    5. New survival gamemode idea:

    It could be something like survival. Imagine: super-troopers squad – armored demolitions soldiers with heavy armor (200-250 HP) (it could be 5-10 players) has been sent into unknown mission to stop enemies invasion. Using armor and very poverfull weapons those troopers should try survive agains unarmored normal players. Like this: 5-10 troopers versus 22-30 players. Surivival time could be 10-15 mins. After player (attacker) is killed he spawns with more powerfull weapons starting from pistol and ending with lmgs, AT weapons and anti-material rilfes. Every new enemy spawn would make less chances to survive for demolitions squad ! After demolitions player is killed he instant spawns as attacker and he’s mission is to kill others alive survivors.

    Some notes: demolitions squad should have no med kits, ammo packs and ability to revive.

    6. More pick-up kits. I wish there’s could be MK-19 and AA-12 + drum mag. Pick up kits should have no resuplyable ammo. No ammo- drop gun and that’s all. Also I would suggest to hiden one pick up kit per flag on map.

    7. Vehicles should be ,,heavy”. Bf3 vehicles were flying, rolling and doing other lolwut moments all time. Fix this for love of God.

    8. 2 seat jets. Peoples want it !

    9. Custom stocks on guns. Probably it’s too late to suggest this, but anyways, I’m letting know :P That was fun in MOHW !

    10. More custom voices from cammo rose. It’s boring then you already know what he sais after click. *derp*

    11. Soldier head customisation/random soldiers. Yes, there’s should be random spawned soldier models with different heads, bags, glasses, masks. That would make game more unique !

    12. Secret weapons DLC. We all want this. I wish there’s could be experimental equipment like BF1942 SW jetpack. Flying soldiers yay ! that would be realy fun.

    13. 100-95% dark map. Players could use signal pistols, flares and fight in totaly dark. Don’t forget and Night vission or peoples starts spamming to add it. (back to suggestion 4 about custom lighting).

    14. Minimal modding tool to make least custom lighting for map (it can be un-ranked only). Of course full maps design would be awesome.

    15. Custom melee kill anims. I would suggest to make different knife kill anims for all melee weapons. Also killing enemy with hands only would be cool too.

    And last one. Bring me back DICE friends dog tag. Peoples from EA/DICE should remmeber this.

  • minibears 08.16.13 at 10:23

    DON’T BE LIKE COD. I play battlefield because it doesn’t have all that junk!!

  • KitsuniRose 08.16.13 at 10:11

    There better fucking be female characters in multiplayer… Specially after teasing with the female in single player and specially if that CoD garbage is going to have them…

    • Gamer73195 08.16.13 at 10:15

      if you look closely to the images then (i think) US recon, russian assault and chinese recon are female

  • InsaneSiKness 08.16.13 at 10:09

    DICE it would be cool if we could unlock the gillie suit on the recon.

  • fishfishfish12 08.16.13 at 10:05


  • fishfishfish12 08.16.13 at 10:01

    get rid of armor, reduced fall damage, and c4 for more than one class. This is not COD all these perks are unnecessary and i feel like they will make the game too complicated.

  • NITR0UX 08.16.13 at 09:58

    some of these specs are horrible. stealth…..?

  • Gamer73195 08.16.13 at 09:56

    we want dino mode

  • bloodyADA 08.16.13 at 09:56

    I wanna tell something entirely different from this blog page but I couldn’nt find any place to give my response anywhere but here.So I would like to see playable characters must have more than one selectable suit by the player choice,so that in different areas with different cloaths will be more the way i have been waiting multiplay map max player capacity to get much more with bigger maps to make air and sea vehicle playing to be moooore fun,also ground too.

  • Bundok 08.16.13 at 09:50

    I remember DICE talking about the release of Karkand for BF3 and how “everything is destructible” yet nothing could have been further from the truth. It appears that “Levolution” is headed in the right direction but I would like to see it carried one step further and literally be able to level an entire map with enough time and effort.

    Speaking for Recon, I would like to see more access to sniping roosts. Nothing bugs me more than seeing a bunch of towers and perfect sniping perches which are inaccessible because no ladder was placed (though there are visible remnants of ladders) or snipers hijacking helicopters solely for the purpose of getting them to those high up, hidden or out of the way perches and then ditching them. If they combined that idea with complete destruction then fully accessible perches wouldn’t be an issue. Sniper on a rooftop pissing you off? Grab a couple tanks and blow the *#%* out of the building supports. Bring it down.

    Really happy about the return of claymores to the recon package though. :)

  • SS-RandyWatson 08.16.13 at 09:08

    WTF is with this perks BS? If I wanted to play Call Of Duty then I would just play COD. The reason people play Battlefield is because it is NOT Call Of Duty.

  • Corporal-troller 08.16.13 at 08:57

    i think the battlefield 2 special force thing can be remake as a expention pack

  • DJ_Cas 08.16.13 at 08:53

    I think it’s a mistake to have so many specs like:
    (NEW) 40mm GRENADES

    P.S. It would be much more fun to have 1 spec instead of 7 like: EXPLOSIVES

    It will be now very confusing for all players to have sooo many specs. Alan plz rework this moment. It’s gonna be a game killing mechanic what you did right now with 7 specs instead of just having 1. Game should be as simply as possible so that players wouldn’t break their minds while playing it!

  • CxpDeed 08.16.13 at 08:42

    Russian and US factions look very good, pro-military looking. Meanwhile Chinese soldiers look like terrorist, even chinese soldiers model in BF2 are better.

  • lazydna 08.16.13 at 08:32

    seriously dice? more claymores?
    they are already the most annoying pace breaking, anti-skill mechanic in bf3.

    you either crouch to bypass, which makes you slower and easier to get shot at.
    or you shoot the claymore, which gives you away.
    or you get 1 shotted by a claymore behind a corner with no chance to see it.

  • Smaisteri 08.16.13 at 08:29

    The ARMOR has gotta go. The worst thing to do would be to change it later into the unlock tree. That would be really unfair for solo and small squad players and would definitely punish players for dying.

    • Traytt 08.16.13 at 08:41

      Agreed, +armor perks are always for the worst, its similar to adding +damage. Just doesnt make sense, onlything to do if this stays is to slow the user down as well since it would undoubtedly add weight.

  • Weezie313 08.16.13 at 08:12

    So this is Call of Duty now with all of the “extended perks”? Ridiculous.

  • byMrCocos 08.16.13 at 08:11

    Too many SPEC’s

  • iiTz-GraveKeeper 08.16.13 at 08:02

    Any thoughts on bringing back tracer darts from bad company? If you are talking mobility there was nothing more mobile than tracer darts for tagging armored vehicles. It also was a great resource for encouraging team play since the darts were useless without a engineering class teammate. When I play bf3 I wish I had them since the SOFLAM is cumbersome and stationary as it were, not to mention it being able to auto paint targets is cheap/annoying. However I do understand that when the tracer darts were used well in bad company they caused balancing issues, since tanks became the easiest prey on the battlefield.

  • itsKcB 08.16.13 at 08:02

    How about having separate competitive scrim servers with it’s own ranking system? Kind of like how CSGO works? A pub game ranking and a competitive matchmaking ranking with their own servers? BF needs some more competitive style gaming.

  • CaliberKing 08.16.13 at 07:51

    Let’s get a solution for ground troops against jets. BF3 is ridiculous for anything but a jet to take out another jet. Flares and afterburner totally nullify all other means.
    And by the way, what about female soldiers? My wife and I have been playing battlefield since BF2. She is sick of the guy monopoly on characters. =

    • Traytt 08.16.13 at 08:47

      Yea were all supposed to be equal and what not, I say if im forced to be a specific race for americans, why not force a class to be female? Or, better yet give me some options. Id atleast like players to have an option of vanilla or chocolate skin or randomize it per player during thr match. (This is trivial i know, but it slightly always has bothered me)

  • RadioactiveAfro 08.16.13 at 07:43

    Could you make it so that we unlock upgrades and then can use them to make our own custom upgrade path? I really like the shock wave path but unless it gets voted for (seems unlikely now) I won’t be able to use it.

  • Faust621 08.16.13 at 07:19

    Armor? No problem. Balance by making the player slower / clunky. Slightly decrease movement speed, reload time ADS movement and accuracy on the move. But in the name of balance, also give us the opposite of armor, call it what you want. Slightly decrease health but increase all movement and reload speed as well as accuracy on the move.

  • Gonzai99 08.16.13 at 06:52

    Dice I am longtime hardcore fan of battlefield and have loved the series since bad company. Bf3 was an amazing game but I did see a lot of cod related integrations to make it a rival in the competition which was good and bad. This blog is very informative and exciting and seeing that you are making so many amazing changes to the gameplay shows you really listen. I envy you guys for your dedication to your fans and I can’t wait to pick up what will be the best battlefield to date. Can’t wait to hear what else we have in store!

  • GhostZeik 08.16.13 at 06:46

    Awesome designs on the new crews. I’m very impressed, major change instead of just small details.

  • FEARsABYSS 08.16.13 at 06:41

    Battlefield 4 should include a map that is in a completely chaotic storm. itd be sick and it would create an entire new dynamic of a battlefield

    • iiTz-GraveKeeper 08.16.13 at 08:11

      I like it

  • SHOCKWAVE DMOC 08.16.13 at 06:14

    Bf4 looks very promising. I expect Dice too show the fans as well as potential fans, why it will be the game of the year at gamecom. Hope too see a lot more of the game mechanics shown at this event.

  • jlvega1231 08.16.13 at 06:05

    I would like to see the BF3 Health pack and Ammo, meaning we can deploy as many as we want. Besides that everything you are doing and are showing us looks amazing. I have my copy paid and just cant wait to start spending hours after hours playing BF4.

  • wWaAVve 08.16.13 at 05:59

    I hate C4. I don’t like using it or it being used on me. Tanks are already slower and clunkier which i like but only a launcher should take them out or vehicle.
    I know we have to have it but the less the better. With a grenade or launcher it at least gives you a chance to counter by hearing it roll or seeing a flame.
    C4 now slides silently and gently and KAPOW! Plus it’s already overused so doubling the amount in the game sucks. Sorry but can you at least cut the amount in game.

  • Knight_of_Light7 08.16.13 at 05:52

    BF4 is looking great DICE! These improvements all seem to be beneficial to the BF experience, especially with the focus on squad play for the field upgrades. Also, the character models look great! Keep up the good work guys. As for the people complaining about 2 classes with c4, just learn to protect your vehicle better. It’s not like everyone with those classes will be using c4.

  • zakrocz 08.16.13 at 05:48

    Fucking great, so now I have to worry about 3 out of 4 classes destroying my tank. Why not give Assault c4 and be done with it, dont want the assault class to be left out eh?!!!
    I hope you guys are going to balance this out with some kind of tank perk that offers more protection offset by less firepower.

  • IITHEPATRIOTII 08.16.13 at 05:47

    Everyone is freaking out about the specs but what is so bad they have lots of variety and allow you to play the game in your style your way, I do think the Armor Spec should be removed. Also the C4 should stick with Support and Recon should get the Bad company 2 Mortar that looks like an air strike that would be awesome and balance out the classes better, instead of having 2 classes with the same gadget I don’t think that would be a good idea.

    • iiTz-GraveKeeper 08.16.13 at 08:13


  • Canitomic66 08.16.13 at 05:47

    I think the recon class should be the only one with access to C4 and not the support class.

    • IITHEPATRIOTII 08.16.13 at 05:48

      Why? I think it should be the support only and not the Recon, Recon should have the Bad company 2 mortar makes more sense to me.

      • Canitomic66 08.16.13 at 06:10

        Well, the support class should “support” their team with ammo and suppression and recon should sneak up to enemy vehicles or enemy objectives to take out and spot things.

        • IITHEPATRIOTII 08.16.13 at 16:24

          Yea I guess your right, I remember the Bad Company 2 days

  • BeyondEnergy 08.16.13 at 05:29

    Calm down people. Having 2 classes with C4 wont change anything. If it does it will only make recons less useless in situation where they will have to move up and run after tanks then stay hidden in a spot where they halp no one.

    • zakrocz 08.16.13 at 05:53

      Nope!! At the moment as a tanker you avoid driving into the infantry hotspots as you know the engineers and support guys are waiting for you, so you flank them on the outer areas and guess which class likes to set themselves up in the outer areas… Yep the recon guys. So your damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

  • wWaAVve 08.16.13 at 05:29

    Battlefield 4 E3 Alpha footage has the best gameplay I’ve seen in any existing Battlefield. The burden of greatness so early in pre-alpha is that DICE must remain CAREFUL in tweaking ANYTHING. Once you have a masterpiece you don’t want to overdo the brushstrokes.

  • CrimsonVolver 08.16.13 at 05:19

    I agree with some of the comments about armor, to a point. I agree, if armor can be setup without any affect on other characteristics or specialties than I agree, game modes like TDM would be pointless without the armor. But, perhaps there’s an alternative here. It would seem that extra armor, like extra ammo or explosives/mines would mean extra weight, and you would think the players speed, endurance and general mobility would be affected, for example. I would say op specialties like armor should have drawbacks that level the playing field more. I don’t mind these changes, and I can see how they will make game play interesting. Perhaps a way to make armor less op would be to 1. Decrease speed (sprint/walk/crawl), slow down reaction time and mobility, and by adding a more realistic component to sprint: endurance. All players would have endurance. Players who are running light could run for longer periods and regenerate faster than players weighed down. I have to say, I don’t like the cod infinite running mode. I think by adding endurance qualities it would help make choices to load up with heavy armor and extra ammo or explosives more balanced. I don’t think it makes sense that players weighed down in bf3 can more as agile or we with the same speed as less encumbered players. Also, players with heavy armor or extra explosives could have the option to “drop” or “discard” armor, extra ammo, explosives, etc, in order to evade or attack enemies with normal agility.

    What I would like to see is new ways to encourage, or force, team play, such as much greater advantages to team play and squad play as opposed to just screwing off. But I think there should be ways to reward players that like long range play, such as increasing bonuses if they snipe enemies spotted by squad (there should be different spotting indicators for squad and team, or outside your squad). Other squad perks would be responding to squad and team directives, like the guy mentioned about the preset list of social commands, like “requesting backup at B”, etc. Perhaps this might involve a beacon of sorts, where once a squad member makes a request, as each squad member enters area of request they receive the awards. This would be another way to assess a players level of cooperative teamwork. Also, perhaps when a team member requests assistance players en route could send a response like “Hold the objective, we are on our way.” This would extend the award beacon. Just some thoughts.

  • ViexM 08.16.13 at 05:14

    I have been a fan of Battlefield since bad company 2 so maybe I’m a little new at this but I disagree with people that feel the perks are going to change drastically the game play (well yes and no). I see it more of a way to specialize yourself. You might feel like it will overpower you but in reality it only gives you a small edge in certain places but it also gives you disadvantages. If your someone with armor as a perk the you might not be fast as others or perhaps very easy to spot in the battlefield. I compare it to Skyrim (odd comparison) My character is great with stealth but I need a companion that is good with magic or with heavy weapons. This is were teamwork comes into play. It’s a more strategic way of playing. If you see a guy with a “powerful perk” then you find his weakness and take him down.

  • WandererBR 08.16.13 at 05:08

    Well, I see two major complaints here.

    -On cheap upgrades like Armor, which punishes everyone who tries to run a different Field Upgrade path and does not favor skill at all.
    -Having C4 Explosives on two classes. As if having Support running with an infinite load of them was not enough on BF3, now we have to deal with half the classes running with C4s and three quarters of the classes having Anti-Tank capabilities.

    Hope we get some feedback from DICE soon.

  • UntotenKartofel 08.16.13 at 05:02

    Yeah so the armor idea may sound dumb but having it only be on the chest is a good idea for a perk that increases health…..however increasing health in itself is a bad idea…However, the redesign of suppression and more damage to skills weapons, simply just makes so much sense. Also, the medic looks like it’s definitely been redesigned to not be such a point machine simply by dropping infinite packs and instantly reviving everyone. But yeah, a 5 class simply would make more sense, this whole this about having new upgrades creating variety in gameplay…well, we’re gonna see more than half of them dropped i think. Also, what we maybe need, is dividing the teams up into 4 sets of 2 squads that work together. Each squad can talk among themselves, while the squad leader has direct com with their sister-squad’s leader, (unless the squads are in close proximity to eachother, then the two can hear eachother) and whoever is higher score then has direct coms with the commander. that way, the commander has basically a squad sized team of four to work as to have direct feed to the battle, but not be cluttered by such a large team. Portable SOFLAM? I mean, it’s a much easier target than in bf3, but it would be really nice to see it simply locking on to whatever point it’s aimed at, so that locking on the vehicles will take more skill, as you have to track them, as well as being able to just target a building (the jet’s guided bombs really just are ineffective against anything that’s not a vehicle)

  • wWaAVve 08.16.13 at 04:55

    I think DICE has the right idea in wanting to enhance teamwork and add variety with perks, however I think they are focused in the wrong place -the PLAYER.
    The player has enough shit. Too much C4 results in a player throwing more C4-blowing up more shit but that doesn’t enhance anything necessarily. That just desensitizes us and adds more notes to an already great song.

    The ENVIRONMENT will achieve what we are looking for-teamwork and variety, depth and strategy, NOT more gadgets and crap, so perk up those “mini” Levolutions and here’s why.
    Fire extinguishers exploding, glass windows breaking, alarms and bollards are not just COOL but can actually affect STRATEGY. And they’re just scratching the surface.

    In any game mode there could be mini or side objectives along the way to a flag that squad and classes would focus on more instead of simply having everyone attack a flag or defending a flag or just shooting enemies randomly.

    Dont get me wrong that’s all fun and good, however some BF play feels a little scattered at times as a team.

    These mini levolutions directly affect strategy which just unites the whole force adding TEAMWORK while still allowing freedom to go off to take out a generator, but now your generator wasn’t just some cool blowing up effect. Instead it stopped all elevators to the flag. I know DICE is starting to do more stuff like this and that is the RIGHT DIRECTION.

    That creates more depth and organized teamwork and the feeling that your squad physically helped the whole 32 player battalion in very SPECIFIC ways.

    Your squad is taking out that mini radio tower which blocks the enemy Commander’s communication with their own squad for awhile while I go East with my squad to take that flag.
    It’s still Conquest but with more depth and little side missions that affect strategy directly. That is more rewarding and focused.
    So DICE please focus more on strategic MINI Levolutions not player perks.
    Perk up the ENVIRONMENT!

  • MrLepola 08.16.13 at 04:45

    Or why won’t you DICE just do 5th class named Special Forces like BF2 and only that class can use C4? That would fix the balance and there would be more playable Classes and content to this game.

  • Engi_08 08.16.13 at 04:45

    I’m not a fan of the body armor idea. I fear balance issues with it and this will eventually lead to people choosing body armor over a more desired specialization just to be on a level playing field. Seriously reconsider this Dice

  • IITHEPATRIOTII 08.16.13 at 04:40

    I think the C4 should be left to Support and bring back the mortar strike from Bad Company 2 and give that to the Recon makes more sense to me

  • IITHEPATRIOTII 08.16.13 at 04:37

    I love that you guys are reaching out to the community, that’s what a real company does.
    I love everything you guys are doing right now but I am worried about some things, and those things being the (New) Armor Spec. I think it’s cheap not needed, I really wouldn’t like to see that I was killed not because the other player was more skillful but only because he had a spec that makes me have to shoot him more to kill him. Also it would be awesome if you guys could tweak the character model for the Russian Engineer make him look more different than the American Engineer, give him that gas mask back. Other than that the game looks awesome so far can’t wait for that Beta and love the new stealth specs some people might disagree but I like being stealthy

  • Der Bierkrieger 08.16.13 at 04:32

    Being able to avoid motion sensors by simply walking instead of running feels way too powerful. You don’t even have to crouch or belly crawl? Please leave Stealth out of the game, if I wanted to play CoD I’d play CoD.

  • WandererBR 08.16.13 at 04:10

    So what’s the point on having two classes with such a game-changing gadget as the C4 explosives?

    We were already plagued by infinite C4 on BF3, now we have to worry about half the classes running around with them?

    Please make it exclusive to one class, be it Recon or Support. Patrick Bach already said one of DICE mistakes on BF3 was to ignore the game designer’s gut and listen to community, and now DICE is doing it again. That decision do not only tweaks the game, but modify significantly it’s design.

    • Der Bierkrieger 08.16.13 at 04:30

      I agree 100%, not sure how this could possibly be a good idea.

    • CrimsonVolver 08.16.13 at 04:38

      I see your point about c4. I also see what they are attempting to do. Perhaps an alternative could be a trip wire or motion sensor laser that sets off a flash bang grenade. It doesn’t really make sense that you would want c4 if you are trying to remain unnoticed. A trip wire type setup would be stealthier, and give player slight advantage in hand to hand assassination.

    • GhostTribe 08.16.13 at 04:38

      In Battlefield 3, the support were able to carry 6 C4 charges. Maybe they will reduce that amount to balance things out.

  • jj16802 08.16.13 at 03:56

    This is just something small, but I thought that the Russian Engineer’s gas mask in Battlefield 3 is very cool, but now in BF4 he looks very similar to the US Engineer. You guys should consider adding the gas mask back to the RU Engineer’s model! Or maybe add it as an cosmetic option in the game.

  • WandererBR 08.16.13 at 03:52

    These batch of news made me not only want to cancel my preorder but reappraise my commitment to the Battlefield series.

    I remember when DICE ditched cheap specs like Armor and Magnum Ammo for BF3 and was received with high appraise by the Battlefield Community. Now they’re bringing Armor and a couple of cheap specs as well.

    I can already picture myself picking a Anti-Tank Field Upgrade path only to lose a firefight to an enemy issued with the Armor spec, not because he is better skilled than me, but because he receives lesser damage from my bullets.

    The current specs on Field Upgrades do not reward skill at all. In the end, we’ll only see everybody running with these cheap specs because otherwise they would be in plain disavantage, and everybody who tries to run a different setting would be punished for that.

    I can see a bunch of people here complaining as well, so please, DICE, do reconsider these features.

  • Oddball97 08.16.13 at 03:21

    I want hardcore gamemode with no spotting on screen, no hpregen and a reduced HUD. And multiple soldiers for account, like in bf2.

  • Oddball97 08.16.13 at 03:18

    I don’t like the armor idea, sounds very op

  • ZAANOS 08.16.13 at 03:12

    Greetings DICE from East L.A.,

    Fan since BF1942 demo on PC. I was hoping you would consider some ideas I have for making BF4 an even greater game, I’d like to see BF4 be the greatest online experience anyone has ever had. It seems games can sometimes become mundane, in that all we do is shoot and blow stuff up.
    Aside from the Battlefield series, my favorite multiplayer game is Return to Castle Wolfenstein (2001. PC), Battlefield 2 seemed to be an RTCW 2.0 for me in that it was a team class based shooter which I naturally gravitated to and was thankful for after I grew tired of RTCW’s dated graphics. One thing I want to say about RTCW in its prime is that the multiplayer was the best FPS online experience I ever had and nothing has ever come close to it.
    It seems to me that the biggest thing developers have been completely oblivious to, is focusing some time on the Social Interactive aspect of their games, even in Battlefield a game that’s supposed to be team oriented there’s utter chaos and disorganization people run around and do what they want
    What made the experience of RTCW so great, for one thing Social Interaction in the form of quick voice commands(I’m aware they’ve been in past BF titles but I’m suggesting they become an even bigger focus), having voice chat with mics is great and all but having pre-made commands that you can refer to and input to alert your team of your needs is a crucial tool for working together. It helps define roles and shape the team to work towards a goal. When you’re in a situation where you can’t defend an objective, you were able to hit a command and shout “I need back up!, or We need an Engineer!”, sure enough people would realize where you are broadcasting from and appear to come to your aid to help fend off the enemy players and appear as an engineer and help defuse an explosive or repair an objective. You would alert people that you need ammo and need health or revives and the appropriate class would come and help you out, we did have that in BF2-3 but really these commands should call them out specifically not just in the form of an icon, but a message that appears on their screen like an alert that a friendly nearby needs assistance, have it phase out after player confirms it though it wouldn’t be something that interrupts the player, so long as he knows someone needs help, have icons on top of players body become graded in color so you can prioritize who’s been without ammo the longest or w/e.

    One thought, the engineers seemed dumbed down in BF3, BF2 Engineers were so cool! Engies were able to rebuild bridges after they were blown up along with radars and artillery cannons. BF4 should also have key enemy installations that become targets to a Recon/Spec Ops class and engineers are needed to help repair them Aside from that, the commander should have more options for the battlefield, like allocating resources in the form of sandbags for cover and turrets and having engineers build those type of items, an engineer or squad leader could suggest or request where the placement should be and commander can confirm or adjust the;location. The build process would be automatically like when you see a structure being built in an RTS game but slow, items could only be built if an engineer is on site and begins the build process, if an engineer chooses to he can speed up the process by whacking the site with his wrench or applying his torch at it since this is BF4. A more limited resource as in only one or two (depending on the map) per team could be the placement of watchtowers/ gun nests/tank traps. To build these key objectives you would require the cooperation of an engineer from a different squad. These would slowly autobuild or can be sped up with the help of additional engineers.

    Instead of damaging vehicles with the torch, the engineer should only be able to sabotage vehicles, damage a tank’s tracks, weld the doors of enemy vehicles shut so he can’t enter it or trap him in it, that’s a silly idea, but others would be to cut breaks and loosen wheels so it makes it harder to drive, an engineer would be able to restore any sabotaged vehicles.

    The key part to make this game easily more Socially interactive would be to allow players to greet each other. When a player enters a game, if he decides to greet the entire server with a command that audibly shouts Hello! You will find other players will naturally greet each other. If a player is about to leave a match , and wants to let everyone know he’ll hit the audible voice command to shout Bye! to the entire server ,players will naturally respond and say bye with the same command. Obviously like in RTCW you would have the same line said in different tones by a voice actor so it’s not always the same Bye! audio file. In audition have a command for Great shot! so you can compliment a friendly or enemy player. Also a command for Good Game so when the game end is approaching people naturally input the command and agree with “Affirmative” or “ No” “Yuup” “NOPE!” if you want to insult the enemy a command that shouts “ The Enemy is weakened!” would do the job. Really just copy and paste all the commands from RTCW multiplayer and they will apply to BF4. I’ll come up with the control scheme on controllers if you want to hire me temporarily, I’m in L.A. last time I checked part of you is in L.A. Sorry for the big unorganized comment.

    • DrSlite 08.16.13 at 04:29

      This Gentleman, this guy, this team player, has the right idea.

    • CrimsonVolver 08.16.13 at 04:30

      I really like your ideas. I have only been with Battlefield since bf3, but I am hooked. My other primary game is Halo. I particularly like the social interaction part you mentioned, I’ve thought of it before. Kind of like when you spot on a team mate or vehicle, but objective based or squad based as well. Also, I agree, engineers should be able to repair more than just vehicles.

    • [DICE] Vincent Vukovic 08.16.13 at 10:29

      Greetings from DICE in Stockholm. Thank you for being a long-time fan! We appreciate your passion for Battlefield and will make sure to save your ideas.

  • PaRAtro0per 08.16.13 at 03:10

    I know we can melee attack in the water, but I would like to be able to knife a guy on a boat or a seadoo from the water. Also, could you raise the minimum flying speed for jets? It’s just ridiculous how slow they can go and still float in the air. I hate to see jet parked in the sky to finish off a tank than boost it’s way out. Jets are not suppose to hover, except for the F-35 off course. Thx

  • ShadowOasis 08.16.13 at 03:04

    Double medkit is abit game breaking, having to heal double much when taking damage… Imagine that with a medic train…

  • Sweettooth256 08.16.13 at 02:59

    I think the separation of specs for the Engineer is a mistake unless a significant amount of extra rockets/mines are added to your original count, and I’m also curious what MP-APS is

  • 6350945654613737733301177536173 08.16.13 at 02:53

    I like the Chinese support and the American and Russian recon most.

  • DarkScourgeX 08.16.13 at 02:47

    Do people even READ? Stealth doesn’t make you complete invisible, you CAN still get spotted with red Dorito, and it still show up on mini map when sprinting.

    Armor is way better than juggernaut and BC2 body armor, those two increased your health, which is additional 25% health. This one is just a damage multiplyer, to chest only.

  • Deathsyphon 08.16.13 at 02:31

    Don’t make the weapons so hard to unlock. It took forever to unlock everything rank wise. Then when you all released new expansion packs with weapons just give them to us. That is why I payed for it. I don’t want to play the game for hour upon hours to earn something that I payed for. Speaking of paying for the vehicle perks. I worked so hard for them. Then you released a cheat pack that just gave them away. Now you can’t shoot down anyone and what made the game unique disappear. Just make the stuff easier to unlock. would have been better. Another thing I can’t stand is damage of weapons. The popular weapons do the most damage. I think damage should be dealt through caliber size and velocity and barrel length. The light machine gun should do heavy damage with low mobility and not so great accuracy like in real life. Your 556 platforms should have good damage at longer ranges then an ak. The ak47 should have massive damage up close but poor down range due to its heavier caliber. I mean really use real life specs on the guns. You kinda do on sniper classes with the bullet drop and stuff but make it more realistic. I love this about battlefield. You can use real life tactics. Not just run and kill all the people that spawn in front of you that you can. Oh I know its a squad type game but sometimes you have to go the lone wolf rout so don’t penalize someone for doing it. I play like a champ with my friends but when you are online with a bunch of strangers who are shooting the ground and trying to block your view lone wolf is the only option to play. Just my view of the game. I love your games. You started something with bad company 2 , 3 I loved the original version and was a little let down with the update. The original UV Scope was to die for I hate how it was redone. With the original you could find those campers hiding in bushes as long as they didn’t have dark camo on. Oh and make the mortars stronger to.

    • Vilentsilent 08.16.13 at 02:39

      You cant be serious.People like you made diablo3 a complete trash game. All you want is PAY TO WIN.Thats completely unreasonable and unnecessary. They need to have ZERO short cuts PERIOD. You ever played bf2…..took forever to unlock a single gun, thats how it should be keep the players interested not by having Call of gay lvls were u play one round and ur already lvl 5. keep it simple, no shortcuts long level up xp, and no 100 levels of colonals thats just unnecessary.

      • Sweettooth256 08.16.13 at 02:51

        yea the 100 levels of colonels was a bit too much, I’m still surprised people actually reached that level

  • TheSnakiest 08.16.13 at 02:30

    Here are my thoughts. First of all, I think the spec list is excessively long. And because it is long, some of the specializations are going to ruin the gameplay for sure. For example, the c4 specs will promote a so much hated c4 spam on some maps. Did you like it? I totally didn’t. The increased armor spec is a meh. Not as bad as Stopping Power in Modern Warfare 1, but there is a reason why they removed it from the next installments. Extra power and extra armor were the perks to go for most of the players. Boring. Finally, I am really happy to see Shaddow winning because the first 2 paths look overpowered. I know there is a lot of versitality in BF, but the mechanics since BF3 has worked the way that a skillful shooter will outmatch anyone. You can play smart but only as long as you don’t have that one guy who knows how to kick ass close and personal storming your position. And with that armor perk you are empowering them even more… We will see how it goes, but I predict lots of patches to those perks.

  • Zencowboy007 08.16.13 at 02:27

    Only thing I like new from COD Ghosts is their ‘Marksman’ class in between Assault and Recon….

  • TheDiaperButtKid 08.16.13 at 02:25

    I’m kinda thinking the separation of the ammo types for the engineer (rockets, mines, etc) weakens the engineer class. The Assault noobs are always going to go with sprint, armor, fast revive, and stealth. All are significant perks. Maybe I just don’t understand it yet. I’m going to assume you get LOTS of mines when you choose the mine perk. Like 10 out at a time.

  • Zencowboy007 08.16.13 at 02:24

    Agree …
    Guys please you really need to get rid of armor or find a way to balance it out (e.g. by bringing back increased shot power like “magnum” from bc2). It’s gonna be absolute hell for snipers trying to get kills. Another thing is please make all bolt action sniper rifles a one-hit kill anywhere on the torso (not arms) and of course on the head.

    • HutchHogan 08.16.13 at 02:31

      The nice thing about it is that it might actually affect recon least on account of it only applying to the chest multiplier.
      That said, it hopefully is going to be a harder field upgrade to earn.

    • Sweettooth256 08.16.13 at 02:54

      I agree, bolt action rifles should practically be one shot kills depending on where you shoot the person, and yea I think Armor is going to be used too much and will overpower some players, patches will probably need to be made to nerf its ability

  • TIMUR421 08.16.13 at 02:21

    Guys please you really need to get rid of armor or find a way to balance it out (e.g. by bringing back increased shot power like “magnum” from bc2). It’s gonna be absolute hell for snipers trying to get kills. Another thing is please make all bolt action sniper rifles a one-hit kill anywhere on the torso (not arms) and of course on the head.

  • wWaAVve 08.16.13 at 02:14

    Like music the spaces are equally as important as the notes. I like to run sometimes in Battlefield with nothing going on but gunshots in the distance, my own footsteps and breathing and the SUSPENSE of what could be around the corner.
    I don’t mind adding perks and extra stuff as long as you PRESERVE the spaces!
    The SPACE is what makes Battlefield shine above other games so when you do finally see that Tank around the corner it means something and scares the shit out of you!
    If you see too many tanks around the corner too often it loses that emotional effect and becomes too much of an arcade shooter like the others.
    That’s why DICE should be very careful when ADDING unless they are also SUBTRACTING.

    • Zencowboy007 08.16.13 at 02:25

      agree there too

  • General534 08.16.13 at 02:10

    Russian classes look epic. Why don’t we havs laser mortars like in Bad Company 2 and BC2 Vietnam?

  • E_Faith 08.16.13 at 02:10

    The best one is Hunter because we can seek out all does COD campers. As for all the other perks go play COD.

  • CD_Ambion 08.16.13 at 02:09

    Great Models… I’m hoping that more avatar customization is in our future. Can Start basic like head covers and vests. And here’s to hoping for Female Avatars as well.
    And I’m hoping all weapons from Battlefield 3 Come back.

    Go get em’ Dice!

  • CardellFBarkhorn 08.16.13 at 02:01

    And take the “barrier” to the enemy’s deployment out too.
    If a team is getting baseraped, it’s their fault, because they let it happen!
    BTW, on BFBC2 and Battlefield 2, having no “main base’s barrier” stimulated players to play the objective and push the enemy as far as possible from their main base!

    • CardellFBarkhorn 08.16.13 at 02:03

      And it improved the game pace, teamwork and both teams’ strategy a lot! As it was “push to their base, or have it pushed to yours!”

  • CardellFBarkhorn 08.16.13 at 01:59

    Also, I think that it would be cool to have the UAV (from BFBC2) back, so, non commanders would be able to fire HellFire Missles on tanks, people, etc.!
    Ah, if you add the UAV, please give one for each team, not only one, that says on the Attacker’s deployment, or, when on Conquest, on the middle on the map, but two (one on each deployment)!

  • CardellFBarkhorn 08.16.13 at 01:55

    I would love to have these snipers (the person, not the gun) such as the ones from Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Jungle maps (otherwise, that would be totally stupid to have these leaves covering the body), and use this default BF4 sniper just for total urban maps!
    BTW, as already said, just like on BFBC2, cinematics would be total cool on each BF4’s round ending!
    Also, don’t nerf the snipers! These heavy duty snipers (mostly, Barrets), do one-shot-kills from farther than 1 kilometer in real life!

  • Loki823 08.16.13 at 01:54

    I think that some of the field upgrades are better than others but I think that is ok as long as they are the last tier and you have to work together really well to earn them. I think hard work SHOULD earn you better upgrades and equipment. As long as Armor, Stealth, Quick Regen, Quick Spot/Unspot at the last level I think it will be fine. People are blowing this out of proportion. If you play a 15 minute game and only the good squads even earn the final tier in the last 5 minutes of gametime I think it will be fine. As long as you can’t start off with Armor and Stealth and the really good ones I think it would be fine.

  • Sypher 08.16.13 at 01:53


    • wlchsbarryjuice 08.16.13 at 02:09

      or you could buy a console…

  • LIR-AAK 08.16.13 at 01:51

    The upgrades are way to specific. Mines, rockets c4 and claymores should come together. Graneds and grande launcher ammo should be a perk as well. Also, these reduced fall, stealth or spot related and ESPECIALY ARMOR are terrible perks. I can see endless controversy and patches comming from miles away, PLEASE GO back to the OLD BF3 in TERMS OF PERKS.

  • SSMaxRose 08.16.13 at 01:48

    These new models look awesome! Much more believable than the models of BF3. In respect to the new ‘field upgrade’ perk system I feel like they all could be very balanced depending on how hard it is to obtain them in-game. Example the sprint perk may only need a few kills or set amount of points acquired before it can be used, which is good because it is not a particularly gameplay-changing addition. However with the more controversial perks (such as stealth, reduced fall, etc.) it would make sense that they are much harder to get, and may require some teamwork (as so that one person cannot tank his way through a game with OP perks). I don’t see any major problems with any of these perks as long as how they are acquired in-game is balanced.

  • Zythe333 08.16.13 at 01:48

    I also agree with the other players talking about aesthetic customization for Soldiers. I would think With the xbox1 and ps4 there must still be some room for customization. That would really be a great addition to what already looks like an amazing game

  • xMyshadow 08.16.13 at 01:40

    The Russian engineer and assault look kinda gheeey. they looked like badasses in bf3.

  • Mobius2386 08.16.13 at 01:33

    DICE!!! I agree with most of the people posting on here. Armor, stealth, unspot, & reduced fall are BAD ideas. A lot of players will turn this into COD style game play. Running around unspotted, sprinting constantly, jumping off buildings and getting ninja kills.

  • Zythe333 08.16.13 at 01:33

    The new multiplayer models look great! awesome detail and good “tough” feel. The models of bf3 seemed to be wearing T-shirts into battle, but this will definitely give me as a player something immersive to look at.

    The perks look great and will definitely be cool to try and find the best one to suit my play style. It would be a really cool end-game (lvl 100 or so) dynamic to unlock the ability to customize any perk chain. This would probably require the development of perk tiers to ensure that certain perks weren’t given first and what not.

    A couple of concerns on the perks though: Armor seems a bit unbalanced depending on the effectiveness. If its by one bullet more to kill in close quarters I could see it being too much. if it is one bullet more to kill at mid/long range I could see it working fine..

    Quick un-spot and advanced spot sound like they ought not be messed with. quick un-spot seems overpowered in the way that it could eliminate the ability for a squad to work together to take out a valuable target. Spotting is a team play element in the game and everything else seems like it is built to encourage that team work. It doesn’t make sense to give a (most likely) experienced player any resilience to being teamed up on. Advanced spotting would however prove frustrating as the spotted player being teamed up on for too long.. the balance of spotting is a critical part of the game and might be better off left untouched.
    Thanks for reading!

  • wWaAVve 08.16.13 at 01:32

    I don’t think we need to freak out on either extreme just remember every little thing you add is multiplied by 64+ so like Patrick said there needs to be a counterbalance to everything but if too much stuff is added with balances it all turns to mud. Regardless of how much stuff you add which I’m all about adding more depth and lots and lots of customized stuff or gadgets etc but it shouldn’t affect the gameplay much only give the illusion that it is.
    I would honestly be happy buying the Alpha with one map the way I saw it and playing it for a year and paying full price. Anything else should be a cherry on top not a thick ass cheese cake on top of another pie. Coffee anyone? Cheers.

  • 2bedevious69 08.16.13 at 01:31

    please leave the call of duty crap out of our game dice the armor, the reduced fall and stealth. hell no! in fact if it ain’t broke. don’t fix it.

  • mamosley2 08.16.13 at 01:25

    I like literally all of these changes except the armor ability. This makes the playing field unlevel and is a very slippery slope

  • FlyingNinja69 08.16.13 at 01:21


  • AWPtical800 08.16.13 at 01:08

    I love how all of the CoD bitches are going with Shadow… What happened to Blitzkrieg, balls-to-the-wall action? I think that Battlefield would benefit from a little more ground aggression that didn’t involve hiding inside a tank.

    • lAfternoonl 10.23.13 at 14:39

      Then play team death match and stop acting like a little child.

  • casper307 08.16.13 at 01:08

    I cant wait to be able to C4 tanks with Recon!

  • toilerseatdrama 08.16.13 at 01:06

    Dice, you are headed down a slippery slope with the new perks. In BF3, no matter which perk people chose, whether it be extra ammo or suppression, every one was still on an even playing field. Everyone had the same health, everyone can be spotted, and everyone had close to an equal chance of killing or being killed. It’s what made Battlefield the great game it was, that anyone could come in the game and have a chance of doing well for their team in a variety of ways.

    That being said, some of these new perks (especially Armor and Stealth) takes away this even playing field. We all know armor will be the most chosen perk, because it gives the player am advantage over others. As useful as the other perks could be, no one would choose them, because they would be at a disadvantage to all the players with ARMOR. STEALTH is also a bad call. One Great feature during gameplay is the ability to spot. It gave players a chance to defeat a threat as a team, and it was a perfect way to balance the power of a sniper, who can take out people from long distances. By spotting, teams could actually defend against a potentially unseen target. STEALTH would give long-range players an unfair amount of leverage against those up close and personal during the game.
    Every perk in BF3 was balanced. They were there to complement a player’s gameplay styles and preferences. They were never there to give an advantage over other players, which made Battlefield a great experience for both the casual and more serious players. These new perks are risking the feel and good things that Battlefield offer. These ARMOR and STEALTH perks sound like the new Juggernaut and Ninja perks that stopped causal players from enjoying Call of Duty.

    • casper307 08.16.13 at 01:11

      OMG smack yourself for even mentioning COD. Stop your belly aching they know way more about Battlefield and how to make it great then you ever will.

      • toilerseatdrama 08.16.13 at 01:20

        You know, I’ve owned every BF game since BF 2, and have enjoyed every single one. And I think I’m pretty close to 200 hours with BF3, so I’m pretty sure I can state an opinion on the matter (hence why there is a section for comments).
        I reference another FPS game that people enjoy, and it’s a crime to you? I know they are two different games, but making a Juggernaut reference is pretty valid in this case with armor being a perk. And yeah, they are the experts, they make the games, and they do a wonderful job at it. However, the community who plays it helps make games great. It’s their feedback that Developers look toward, to understand what the players want. You don’t have an opinion for yourself, fine. But don’t hate on me because I have one.

    • AWPtical800 08.16.13 at 01:40

      While I do agree that STEALTH needs to go, I think ARMOR is still balanced. It only protects the chest, not the head, and since sniper rifles don’t kill in a body shot to the chest (unless it’s pretty much point-blank) anyways, I don’t see the problem. Also, if DICE implements an increased damage specialization (i.e. Stopping Power, to go along with your CoD simile), it’d balance the playing field against ARMOR users.

    • DA2_2964066572273595967132028152 08.16.13 at 14:50

      No dude, your argument IS the slippery slope……..
      Armor is just like flak, who cares, they don’t do much at all in hardcore. Stealth only affects motion sensors, that means it won’t do anything in hardcore either, because, well, DUH, no minimap brah

    • BobTheSnowman 08.18.13 at 07:33

      I don’t believe they (perks) would be that bad. For example, Armor…In real life some soldiers do have more advanced armor than others, or heavy infantry are more heavily armored…Also, to does who say remove flak jacket…There are flak jackets in real life and the purpose is to increase chances of survival from explosives…Whats with all the hate? Also, If what you say is true, that most people will choose the perk armor…Then wouldn’t it be the norm? If the majority of the people have the same thing (in this case armor perk) everyone has the same chance of killing each other since nearly everyone chose armor according to you…and the 5 to 10 percent that didn’t…Stop being such hipsters and get with the program…Or if you have the skills. Armor won’t really effect it them that much

  • Mr Higgzz 08.16.13 at 01:06

    Would there be and a way to have a custom field upgrade path, I would love to be able to pick exactly what I want.

  • Haitaish 08.16.13 at 01:04

    I agree that there shouldn’t be a armor perk in the game. I’m with the rest of them though.

    • Haitaish 08.16.13 at 01:05

      I’m fine*

  • wWaAVve 08.16.13 at 01:03

    Whatever you do please don’t overwork a masterpiece. People already love the Alpha if we had too much stuff without it having been thoroughly tested it could get out of control and away from the BF essence. “Simplicity is the highest” so please be careful. Enhance what already works don’t throw too many unknowns in all at once in this version please. Thx

  • BlackDevastator 08.16.13 at 00:55

    Get rid of armor, unspotting, stealth, reduced fall. You already have body armor on your character which takes into account why you don’t die after being shot once, realism folks. Silencers and crouch/crawl are ways of sneaking and people do it well enough with the system we have now in BF3. Spotting is a tool for team play so do not undermined that! Bad enough people will couple these with unspotting/silencer/stealth and literally just do COD stealth killing. And come on, jump out a building and see how hard it hurts, don’t puss out and make it not hurt!

  • GREENBUTT 08.16.13 at 00:54

    so the only way to get these perks to work is by team play/doing stuff. so to me it’s pointless to achieve being that i have the tendency to do shit myself. will i have less of a chance to get these perks to activate, will they activate mid game or when i respawn the next time. as for character models haha really u.s and russians are practically the same with different color schemes. look at medal of honor warfighter that’s a pretty good example on models hell do it like medal of honor but keep it faction based not global.

    • Action_-_Myster 08.16.13 at 01:02

      i may be wrong but i think the progression bar is shared for the squad, so any little you can do helps the squad.

      • [DICE] Vincent Vukovic 08.16.13 at 09:36

        If you play well together with your squad, everyone will get rewarded.

    • lAfternoonl 10.23.13 at 14:45

      They did say it’s more team based so just join a platoon or play with friends. MAny of the perk upgrades is going to help my platoon on the field. People are bitching about the upgrades because they have no one to help them earn the perk.

  • Pilgrims Pain 08.16.13 at 00:51

    This game is going to be incredible, I only wish more customization had been put into the appearance of your character. I know it’s purely aesthetic, but it’s just awesome being able to set foot on the battlefield with your own personal character, not just some copy of everyone else with the same class. Also, I know game types haven’t all been released yet, but I wish DICE would throw in a third person mode. On a large-scale game like battlefield, a third person mode would be incredible! Few games have been able to properly pull off the third person gameplay, but I think you DICE could be up to the challenge if they wanted to tip the scale of bad-assery!

  • Dead1Eagle8 08.16.13 at 00:46

    Anything involving armor, stealth or unspotting for ground units is a mistake. I thought you guys were trying to focus on realism?

    • Action_-_Myster 08.16.13 at 01:00

      and bulletproof vests are unrealistic? and the fact that humans cant see through walls and can’t actually know where you are after you leave the spotter’s sight is unrealistic? i’ll agree though they’r emaking stealth a little too powerful, maybe they can make it like flak where the effective range of explosions is reduced for you, you can still die, you just need to be closer to the explosion. maybe they can implement stealth similarly, where you need to be closer to the t-ugs than normal to be spotted by it.

  • Lizano 08.16.13 at 00:46

    Excited with these news. DICE, a good feature would be a friend squad, if you have more then just 5 friends playing the game, they can create another squad and we can see them with a different color in the game. Please, more first person death animations, that one with the hand is getting older, or even better, to see your own body flying around after a tank blast. And about female character on MP, and if you’re thinking about that on future games or even on BF4, do something that alows only real girls to get that female character, something linked to Origin or something, I dont want to see guys trying to satisfy their sex fantasys playing with a woman on the game. Thanks for everything, you’re awesome DICE.

    • HououinKyoum4 08.17.13 at 16:46

      Yeah lets make it so you have to put your hot period inside a machine that will succesfully identificate you as a female.

      Stupid moron.

    • GRIM PANDEMIC 08.17.13 at 21:54

      I agree

    • Hybris3 08.21.13 at 16:58

      Totally second that, please make it easier to play with friends, and join friends on the battlefield. We shouldn’t be separated by autobalance for example or scrambled to opposite teams etc.

  • Cactuskooler 08.16.13 at 00:42

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DICE, please take the armor spec, the reduced fall spec, and the stealth spec out of the game. This is not what battlefield is about, keep CoD and battlefield their own separate games.

    • DA2_2964066572273595967132028152 08.16.13 at 14:45

      did you even read what these things do? They are nothing like CoD traits or w/e shit they call them. Armor and flak have been in the game, stealth only affects motion sensors when players aren’t running. Reduced Fall is just reduced fall, who cares. It’s not a big deal at all..

    • lAfternoonl 10.23.13 at 14:37

      The “Reduce fall damage” is a great idea for people that play hardcore. I play hardcore and die from a small fall, So stop thinking about you’re self and think about others before you post.

  • zepy3 08.16.13 at 00:34

    This all seems cool and yet… Why aren’t some things like Defib Upgrade, Advanced Spot, Motion Sensor Upgrade, Ammo Bag Upgrade, and Fast Repair XP based rather than a selected spec?

    To me it doesn’t incentivize players to actually do them and they all give a great benefit to the team. Granted I don’t know the whole system as of yet but those seem like things that should just naturally improve the more you do them rather than something that has some kind of on/off selection.

  • mistah ARK 08.16.13 at 00:34

    Please, for the love of all that is battlefield. DO NOT put Armor or Stealth in the game!!! They are starting down a dangerous path of turning your balanced perks into CoD-style upgrades. All the other perks are minor, besides Flak, which I also really wish you’d take out.

    • WandererBR 08.16.13 at 03:59

      Agree completely. What’s the point of adding such cheap upgrades that punishes everyones who tries to run a different spec?

    • DA2_2964066572273595967132028152 08.16.13 at 14:47

      I don’t know what you are talking about, but in BF3, they don’t do much at all in hardcore, and stealth only affects motion sensors when the player doesn’t run. Well guess what, there’s no minimap in hardcore :)

  • Buriedpanther 08.16.13 at 00:31

    My airsoft gear looks exactly like the Chinese or russian assault characters.

  • Alvirulan 08.16.13 at 00:22

    These features look amazing! But I’m wondering why there are no female soldiers?

    • InsaneSiKness 08.16.13 at 10:12

      That does sound like a good idea for the women gamers.

  • Smokle 08.16.13 at 00:17

    why not give users more of a customization for their chars, looks gear, colors, a way to level their own chars instead of just preset ways, things that will make battlefield 4 come out and shine

    • Smokle 08.16.13 at 00:19

      like have different branches in each class/spec to allow a user to go how they like it offer different things for each idk just more to it that way people are leveling a char they truly want to

  • Indignant Yeti 08.16.13 at 00:16

    The Shadow path is stupid as hell. What, is this turning into Call of Duty?

  • Nevil909 08.15.13 at 22:41

    I would prefer the cinematics used in BFBC2,way more epic & team-minded than a killcam of 1 player.Lots of new Epic Info,thanks DICE!

    • ColonelChocomel 08.15.13 at 23:28

      I totally agree.

    • [DICE] H Brun 08.15.13 at 23:33

      Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more in the weeks to come, and make sure to vote for your favorite upgrade path.

      • SOLIDSNAKE1217 08.16.13 at 00:22

        So the Recon and Support both have C4 & Claymores ? did i read this right or am i going blind ?

  • wWaAVve 08.15.13 at 22:23

    I would LOVE to see a Final KillCam added to the end of every match! Just ONE killcam at the end. I realize that “other game” has this but so what, it would be GREAT to see it in BF, even better due to the variety of vehicles and ways of dying.
    Imagine 64 players witnessing a 10-15 second scene or spectator recording of the ending of a great battle! There is such a rush when seeing this in the end of that “other game” in fact that’s probably the best thing it can offer.
    The way BF matches currently end seem so sudden, almost anti-climatic. This Final Killcam would be EPIC!
    It fits BF perfectly.
    Please take a pole to see the vote. It may surprise you!

    • [DICE] H Brun 08.15.13 at 23:28

      Thanks for the well articulated feedback! Will send it along for the developers here at DICE.

      • OneHappyPumpkin 08.16.13 at 00:45

        “…will net you ARMOR.. grant you increased protection from shots to the chest..”
        I don’t think there should be any bonus giving players more health over others. It’s just my opinion. Way back in my CoD days I remember being so frustrated by someone using Juggernaut, I can only imagine how annoying it will be in Battlefield. If I read it correctly, the support class uses this right? That means if an enemy Support guy is shooting at me from a distance and I wanted to fight back, I would for one be suppressed, two, I would have an even harder time killing him because shooting at his biggest body part is where he now has more armor. Basically I’m forced to shoot him in the head before he kills me… while being suppressed. We should be able to vote on what we don’t want to see in BF4 as well!

      • wWaAVve 08.17.13 at 16:07

        Thank you for listening with the intent to constantly improve your art.
        That is a testament to why you guys make such great games and reminds me of why when Myth came out from Bungie in the 90’s that it was so enjoyable- their connection to their community.
        I really look forward to B4, Star Wars and beyond!