The Road to Battlefield 4: Field Upgrades Revisited

We are very happy to see the amount of engagement our blog post ”The Road to Battlefield 4: Tweaked to the Core” created.

As you may already have seen, there’s much chatter around the Internet, and we’ve seen fans wanting to hear more about how especially some of the Field Upgrades work. So, we asked Alan Kertz, our Core Gameplay Designer, to explain the Armor, Reduced Fall, Stealth and Quick Unspot Field Upgrades in more detail. You can find his answers below.

Unlike previous versions of Body Armor in Bad Company, this Field Upgrade in Battlefield 4 is more similar to the more limited setups in BF2 and BF2142. It does not increase your overall health, instead it makes the small upper chest hit box more resilient to damage, equal to the rest of the body. In practice, this means that snipers can’t 1HK your upper chest at point blank ranges. It also provides some small protection from shotgun burst damage, though your head, legs, arms, and stomach remain unprotected. At medium and longer ranges, the armor has no effect on how many bullets it takes to kill a player. Essentially, Body Armor is for countering CQB sniper rifles, and not much else.

Reduced Fall
Small falls will not cause damage, however, the lethal fall distance remains the same. For example, without Reduced Fall jumping from the 2nd story of a building would cause 25 damage, and jumping from the 3rd story might cause 50 damage. With Reduced Fall the damage from the 2nd floor jump is eliminated, but jumping from the 3rd story will still cause 50 damage.

Stealth and Quick Unspot
These are both minor adjustments to the spotting system. Players are spotted for about 7 seconds by default, the Quick Unspot reduces this to 5 seconds. It’s important to note it doesn’t otherwise change any spotting behavior, for example if you track a spotted player he will stay spotted even with Quick Unspot equipped. Stealth simply adjusts the speed threshold for detection in Motion Sensors. A basic player can avoid being spotted by a Motion Sensor if they crouch or prone while moving. Stealth allows you to move at normal speed, however all players will be spotted by Motion Sensors at Sprint speed. Stealth is only available to the Recon kit, and must be earned through squad play. Both of these are good tools to play in a stealthier manner, but they hardly make a player invisible.

Stay tuned for more in-depth gameplay details as we walk The Road to Battlefield 4.

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  • NationalSalmon3 10.20.13 at 06:08

    DICE you need to take in consideration that some of the field upgrades give no benefit to hardcore no-map players and make a different progression for this mode. If you don’t you basically are wasting a spot in the progression. Cough cough Stealth and Quick Unspot

    Armor- Why would you make the armor less effective to a long range sniper. The logic you are using does not make sense. Why would I want more protection from a sniper rifle up close when chances are the snipers in the game are going to be at a distance?

    Reduced Fall- I am so glad this was added (I would always make jokes when I died saying I should have equipped squad ankles lol smh), I cant tell you how many times though that I have died playing hardcore from a 2inch drop no its not a typo 2 inches! That is my most hated peeve in BF3 and you never fixed it. I mean damn I have to have at least 1000 deaths just from falling 2 feet and its so damn annoying. I really hope you fixed this glitch in BF4.

    • Paradox310 10.26.13 at 23:20

      Gee, atleast on consoles, dieing from a 2″ fall has never happened to me, really. I’ve personally seen ( in real life) a perfectly healthy human being (wearing absolutely no gear) step down off a 4″ curb and brutally shatter their ankle so, what makes you so special? You should be ashamed, as any true fan of the franchise would embrace the fact that there is such great attention to detail.
      ‘Reduced Fall Damage’ does nothing but an injustice to those that actually care to take the time to use stairs. The Shadow, Sprint, and Reduced Fall specializations are the worst, half-cocked ideas to ever come out of Sweden…

  • KuzuRanger 09.22.13 at 04:09

    Listen. I love the idea behind how Field Upgrades work; team cooperation unlocks more upgrades. But the way they were represented in the Alpha and explained in LevelCap’s video is not optimal. We are in fact not capable of tailoring the upgrades to how we want them. Each class can choose from 2 paths which in essence determine which gadgets you must choose or else completely waste the upgrades. Or choose the 3 general paths which again do not let you mix and match to your preferences. I thought this was meant to give us more options but what is does in fact is limits how we can play based on those choices.

    For example if I wanted to be Support with ammo boxes and mortar, I would probably choose Indirect Fire path. Ammo box, Ammo 50%+, Launcher ammo and Vehicle repair. OK well that is already assuming I want a Starburst or launcher.. but what if I don’t? I have no way to pick another upgrade. What if I don’t play on playing in vehicles? Then that’s another upgrade gone to waste. These choices are not related to how we want to play the game.

    I sincerely hope for the retail version of the game that these choices are not tied down to pre-determined paths. Or if so, allow some additional customization WITHIN those paths so we don’t have to either A) waste upgrades or B)stick to the same suggested gadgets in order to take advantage of the upgrades.

  • xNightmar3s 09.05.13 at 18:03

    The upgrade path “shadow seems nice, but to op for universal, it will most likely be the most used if it comes out as it is.

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