Only in Battlefield 4 – Real Players, Real Gameplay

Fans know that Battlefield games are packed with unique, thrilling moments – the kind of moments you can find Only in Battlefield. That’s why we’ve asked some fans to tell us their experiences in Battlefield 4, and we’re sharing their stories with the world.

Only in Battlefield means jumping out of a jet, spinning around, and destroying the jet chasing you with an RPG. It means bringing down a skyscraper and parachuting off as the building crumbles beneath your feet. It means that moment when your team erupts in cheers as you make the impossible happen.

You’ve been living Only in Battlefield moments for over 10 years, and Battlefield 4 will deliver even bigger, better, and more intense experiences. We wanted to give you a taste of what Only in Battlefield means in Battlefield 4. Check out the first of many dynamic, unscripted moments to come.


Only in Battlefield 4: “Beach Bomb”

Only in Battlefield 4: “Tank in a China Shop”

Only in Battlefield 4: “Death From Above”

Only in Battlefield 4: “Sweet Revenge”

Only in Battlefield 4: “Rooftop Tank”

Only in Battlefield 4: “Crash In Guns Blazing”

Only in Battlefield 4: “Ride Off Into the Sunset”

Only in Battlefield 4: “Taking Out Tanks Left and Right”

Only in Battlefield 4: “I Stabbed Him in the Water”

We’ll be showing off a ton of new Only in Battlefield moments from Battlefield 4 in the coming weeks. Subscribe to the Battlefield YouTube channel to make sure you don’t miss out.

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  • tea_manuel 04.16.14 at 01:30

    I’d like to see the dog tags displayed after a kill like they were on BF3. One of the great things on BF3 was showing off certain things via dog tags after knifing, shooting and just killing your enemy. In BF4, the dog tags in kill cam are just pointless now.

  • timeofgrace 04.10.14 at 21:56

    DICE please fix servers crashing in xbox 360 wasted 60 dollars.

  • GoatChicken007 04.08.14 at 21:44

    Ok, listen up everybody complaining.

    1. It wasn’t DICE’s fault the game was out buggy, blame EA’s greed for money.
    2. If you think they are going to listen to you, then go sit in a corner and think about your life. They have tons of things to do and work day and night so you can have at least a half-decent shooter. If you think things will be fixed overnight, the gun shop is just around the corner.
    3. Have you ever created a multi-million franchise, AAA game? I don’t think so. It takes forever to make a game as massive as this; be grateful these people are smart enough and actually made a good franchise. You didn’t have to have Battlefield at all.

    So shut your mouths before whining about netcode. It happens to every AAA game, you shouldn’t act like it will kill you.

  • skull06puller 03.24.14 at 21:10

    I’ve had my problems with the game but nothing that detoured me from playing it or switching back to bf3 or any other game for that matter. It freezes on me from time to time and the kill cam still freaks out from time to time but nothing to crazy. I shut it off and and restart it and go about my evening. If some of you guys are having such horrible problems you may need to think about investing in a new or updated console or something but stop blaming the developers for everything little thing. Its technology and its gonna mess up. Thats just how it is. Accept it or stop using it.

  • buroy 03.04.14 at 02:00

    living bf3 for battlefield 4…..

  • botkiller1376 02.28.14 at 21:06

    The flare is useless make it better like make it so it can light in you hand and you can trow it if you want to

    • griff420blazer 04.03.14 at 03:18

      and be able to use it as a decoy for heat seakers whilst a passenger in little bird and transport choppers..

  • rimka12but 02.23.14 at 18:39

    problem de server

  • dragonstormer 02.12.14 at 21:38

    why are all these videos on siege of shanghai
    and some video was a part of the trailer i’m not complaining
    I’m just thinking

  • BLCK_MTHRFCKR 02.12.14 at 19:36

    Bring back that battlefield 2 run…. Shit just worked the way it ought to…

  • JGRANGER09 02.11.14 at 18:21

    everyone should stop hating, i do not ever have any problems playing battlefield…upgrade your shit or get better internet connection fools.

  • kingcitycrusher 02.11.14 at 09:40

    “Only in Battlefield 4 – Real Players, Real Gameplay” – Except for everything in the videos. Fucking retarded.

  • me3_0A90CCC1D 02.10.14 at 09:26

    What consoles do you people play on i havent run into any of those problems ever

  • BadDog1969 02.10.14 at 00:57

    Why all the problems with BF4? I am no programmer but I know that I check a product before the customer takes possession of it and takes it home to their family. There is not much more disappointment a parent can have to give a gift that makes a kid frown when it was intended to make a smile.

  • Thisguy069 02.08.14 at 16:32

    cant play the game it will not load why and how do i fix this

  • ratrod27 02.08.14 at 04:19

    Wtf is up with dawnbreaker on 360? Freezes every damn time … Both 360 too old and new….. PLEASE FIX IT DICE!!!

  • stangracing_35 02.07.14 at 00:22

    we r so sick of sending these reports that u haven’t fixed when we freeze up all the time.home many times do we need too send a report a nite too all that have made this game too.needs too be fixed asap

  • FROSTY-DRAK 02.06.14 at 16:22

    So there I was on the battlefield game was pinging ok soldier models were spawning guns were attached to people and was killing having a good time thought great this patch fixes everything the screen fades to black and the game freezes. Come on far go mate. I screams at the telly. Back to Bf3 till the next patch.

  • luxeled 02.03.14 at 17:49

    i thought ghosts was awesome but when i bought bf4 it was so realistic and cinematic and bf4 is the best game in the world because they fixed the game so quickly

    • navybrotbone830 02.19.14 at 20:49

      i totally agree with you i use to be a call of duty player but i was at my friends house one day and he had battlefield 3 and i played it and it seemed to not interest me and i went back and he was flying jets around and it looked fun so i gave it another try ever since iv gotten battlefield i think call of duty is the worst game ever!!!

  • robinhakan790 02.03.14 at 17:36

    one of my best only in battlefield momenst were when i was playing oblteration on golmud railway and there was at least 15 players at the same place, bullets and explotions were everywhere and then i ran to one of the triggers pressed the button and just boom 5 enemies a tank and a car was apsolutely destroyd and it was just the coolest thing ever in my total 101 hours of playtime with bf4

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