Only in Battlefield 4 – Real Players, Real Gameplay

Fans know that Battlefield games are packed with unique, thrilling moments – the kind of moments you can find Only in Battlefield. That’s why we’ve asked some fans to tell us their experiences in Battlefield 4, and we’re sharing their stories with the world.

Only in Battlefield means jumping out of a jet, spinning around, and destroying the jet chasing you with an RPG. It means bringing down a skyscraper and parachuting off as the building crumbles beneath your feet. It means that moment when your team erupts in cheers as you make the impossible happen.

You’ve been living Only in Battlefield moments for over 10 years, and Battlefield 4 will deliver even bigger, better, and more intense experiences. We wanted to give you a taste of what Only in Battlefield means in Battlefield 4. Check out the first of many dynamic, unscripted moments to come.


Only in Battlefield 4: “Beach Bomb”

Only in Battlefield 4: “Tank in a China Shop”

Only in Battlefield 4: “Death From Above”

Only in Battlefield 4: “Sweet Revenge”

Only in Battlefield 4: “Rooftop Tank”

Only in Battlefield 4: “Crash In Guns Blazing”

Only in Battlefield 4: “Ride Off Into the Sunset”

Only in Battlefield 4: “Taking Out Tanks Left and Right”

Only in Battlefield 4: “I Stabbed Him in the Water”

We’ll be showing off a ton of new Only in Battlefield moments from Battlefield 4 in the coming weeks. Subscribe to the Battlefield YouTube channel to make sure you don’t miss out.

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  • SITH LORDS FURY 05.10.14 at 08:05

    Why does this game reset all the classes after every map. It’s the most frustrating glitch of this game. Every match taking 5 minutes to re- customize your loadouts drains my enthusiasm to even want to play. It’s also the reason I refrained from buying premium. This game to so riddles with glitches and bugs that it doesn’t feel fun to play. I play this on Xbox one and even on a next gen console it doesn’t feel or look better then 360 bf3.

  • neonzombie18 04.21.14 at 22:13

    Please fix PS3 campaign health regeneration problem!

  • neonzombie18 04.21.14 at 22:11

    Please fix the campaign health regeneration and save problem! I need to complete the campaign to unlock multiplayer weapons but my damn health will not regenerate so I keep dyin and can’t complete the game. Please FIX!!!!

  • tea_manuel 04.16.14 at 01:30

    I’d like to see the dog tags displayed after a kill like they were on BF3. One of the great things on BF3 was showing off certain things via dog tags after knifing, shooting and just killing your enemy. In BF4, the dog tags in kill cam are just pointless now.

  • timeofgrace 04.10.14 at 21:56

    DICE please fix servers crashing in xbox 360 wasted 60 dollars.

  • GoatChicken007 04.08.14 at 21:44

    Ok, listen up everybody complaining.

    1. It wasn’t DICE’s fault the game was out buggy, blame EA’s greed for money.
    2. If you think they are going to listen to you, then go sit in a corner and think about your life. They have tons of things to do and work day and night so you can have at least a half-decent shooter. If you think things will be fixed overnight, the gun shop is just around the corner.
    3. Have you ever created a multi-million franchise, AAA game? I don’t think so. It takes forever to make a game as massive as this; be grateful these people are smart enough and actually made a good franchise. You didn’t have to have Battlefield at all.

    So shut your mouths before whining about netcode. It happens to every AAA game, you shouldn’t act like it will kill you.

    • illfingas 04.18.14 at 18:39

      and we should listen to you because you’ve made a aaa game I’m a consumer who made a purchase of under the assumption that it would function and it doesn’t function as advertised if it was a car or a tv id return it for a refund but because its software thats not possible so yes we want the thing fixed asap I’m sorry if thats a problem for you therapist is right around the corner maybe have that looked at !

  • skull06puller 03.24.14 at 21:10

    I’ve had my problems with the game but nothing that detoured me from playing it or switching back to bf3 or any other game for that matter. It freezes on me from time to time and the kill cam still freaks out from time to time but nothing to crazy. I shut it off and and restart it and go about my evening. If some of you guys are having such horrible problems you may need to think about investing in a new or updated console or something but stop blaming the developers for everything little thing. Its technology and its gonna mess up. Thats just how it is. Accept it or stop using it.

  • buroy 03.04.14 at 02:00

    living bf3 for battlefield 4…..

  • botkiller1376 02.28.14 at 21:06

    The flare is useless make it better like make it so it can light in you hand and you can trow it if you want to

    • griff420blazer 04.03.14 at 03:18

      and be able to use it as a decoy for heat seakers whilst a passenger in little bird and transport choppers..

  • rimka12but 02.23.14 at 18:39

    problem de server

  • dragonstormer 02.12.14 at 21:38

    why are all these videos on siege of shanghai
    and some video was a part of the trailer i’m not complaining
    I’m just thinking

  • BLCK_MTHRFCKR 02.12.14 at 19:36

    Bring back that battlefield 2 run…. Shit just worked the way it ought to…

  • JGRANGER09 02.11.14 at 18:21

    everyone should stop hating, i do not ever have any problems playing battlefield…upgrade your shit or get better internet connection fools.

  • kingcitycrusher 02.11.14 at 09:40

    “Only in Battlefield 4 – Real Players, Real Gameplay” – Except for everything in the videos. Fucking retarded.

  • me3_0A90CCC1D 02.10.14 at 09:26

    What consoles do you people play on i havent run into any of those problems ever

  • BadDog1969 02.10.14 at 00:57

    Why all the problems with BF4? I am no programmer but I know that I check a product before the customer takes possession of it and takes it home to their family. There is not much more disappointment a parent can have to give a gift that makes a kid frown when it was intended to make a smile.

  • Thisguy069 02.08.14 at 16:32

    cant play the game it will not load why and how do i fix this

  • ratrod27 02.08.14 at 04:19

    Wtf is up with dawnbreaker on 360? Freezes every damn time … Both 360 too old and new….. PLEASE FIX IT DICE!!!

  • stangracing_35 02.07.14 at 00:22

    we r so sick of sending these reports that u haven’t fixed when we freeze up all the time.home many times do we need too send a report a nite too all that have made this game too.needs too be fixed asap

  • FROSTY-DRAK 02.06.14 at 16:22

    So there I was on the battlefield game was pinging ok soldier models were spawning guns were attached to people and was killing having a good time thought great this patch fixes everything the screen fades to black and the game freezes. Come on far go mate. I screams at the telly. Back to Bf3 till the next patch.

  • luxeled 02.03.14 at 17:49

    i thought ghosts was awesome but when i bought bf4 it was so realistic and cinematic and bf4 is the best game in the world because they fixed the game so quickly

    • navybrotbone830 02.19.14 at 20:49

      i totally agree with you i use to be a call of duty player but i was at my friends house one day and he had battlefield 3 and i played it and it seemed to not interest me and i went back and he was flying jets around and it looked fun so i gave it another try ever since iv gotten battlefield i think call of duty is the worst game ever!!!

  • robinhakan790 02.03.14 at 17:36

    one of my best only in battlefield momenst were when i was playing oblteration on golmud railway and there was at least 15 players at the same place, bullets and explotions were everywhere and then i ran to one of the triggers pressed the button and just boom 5 enemies a tank and a car was apsolutely destroyd and it was just the coolest thing ever in my total 101 hours of playtime with bf4

  • CRAZYISLANDER 02.02.14 at 19:11

    the multiplayer quick game menu needs to have map selection and hardcore yes no option
    also why cant i find a single person in the hardcore games. why havent there been any unlocks for the transport choppers example different door guns like .50s and mark 19s and allow the pilot to change from flares to ecm. the chopper mode in air superiority needs to be its own game mode with more maps. last of all why the F35 i can think of way better planes then that one. like the F15 silent eagle, the nasa F15 active, F14 tomcat, what was wrong with the F18. any other plane would do, even an F16 would be better then an F35 i would even take the F4 phantom.

  • YOUR_MONSTER 02.02.14 at 16:45

    where is this mass amount of choppers in air superiority from game trailer??????fix audio also

  • NiNeK_CRO 02.02.14 at 14:36

    If you’re looking to buy this game just wait for few more months until it gets cheaper and you get full version and not this beta crap that they call game.

  • MARSOC_0Ps 02.01.14 at 00:05

    ONLY IN BF4. HA Thats perfectly true, only EA would release a game so unfinished. Holy freaking crap this game is almost unplayable for me and thousands of others. It makes me mad also that DICE is getting the blame for this BS, they are a good company and amazing at what they do if you freaking give them enough time to do it. The beta IS NOT OVER, and the game should never have been released as it is. This is a unfinished game and nobody would be pissed if they released it as a post-Beta but unfinished game yet, then us, your customers, would’t be pissed and raging, all this hate would be turned to constructive critisism and crap would get done and everyone would be happy.
    -sorry for the rant
    P.S. Freaking fix the packet loss issue
    P.P.s Freaking fix the sound issue

  • kinqpin28 01.30.14 at 16:26

    for a while now (after the latest mp update) what happens is that i get killed but the player that killed me has zero life. Now maybe that’s normal but in a round 5,6,7 or even over 10 times i start to wonder. This has not happend before so how this is possible i like to know? I’m a premium member (BF games rule) have fast internet and play on a white 360. something else while playing tdm a noticed a player while not getting killed placing a claymore again and again each time one detonaded while i can only use one . Remember tdm not conquest. How is this possible

  • Leberwurstbanane 01.28.14 at 17:46

    FIX the Paketloss Problem!
    3 different Internet Connections!
    3 different Gaming PC´s (fresh win7 and win8 system)
    30-70% Paketloss on every Server withi more than 6 Players!
    Me and my Firends from Germany (NRW) Have ALL Paketloss from 30-70%!
    Al other Games, Programs, Ping tests work fine!


  • King_Wapiiton 01.28.14 at 00:42

    only thing I am ticked aboot is the fact that ever since I hit 100 all my xp just drops off at 0 not allowing me to move on!! unless there is like a hardcore mode I unlock to reach the last 10 levels I want to call b.s.

  • xPelaajaz 01.25.14 at 13:50
  • user8 01.25.14 at 01:08

    In between games it would be nice if they would rebalance the teams so the next game isn’t a total killfest, and fix the freezing,I have to reboot my system every time it does it and it happens a lot.

    • anthonybbk 01.27.14 at 01:46

      same here I have to reboot a lot 360

    • Col_Smurf 01.28.14 at 01:07

      Then you need to find a server that runs that particular plugin. Don’t be lazy and expect someone to change their settings for you.

  • Spower007 01.24.14 at 13:41

    Tank Massacre! Crazy tank stories from BF4! One example on Silk Road. Me in a tank with a gunner and enemy engineer’s with RPG’s and SMAW’s coming at us, shooting from behind the dunes, there was a little bird chopper flying around us shooting and some engineers firing rockets from the chopper, there was an APC and enemy tank coming from there spawn to get us, couple of support guys on C4 dirt bikes & even a sniper had parachuted in trying to C4 us! My gunner was shooting the sniper and the engineer’s running around us, I was rotating between my HE and Staff shells and took out the APC and tank at a distance. Then I hit one dirtbike with a Staff shell as it jumped over a dune, massive explosion and flaming dirtbike goes flying by! Now my gunner is firing at the little bird which is still hovering and shooting at us, I start trying to hit it with a Staff shell, get a hit but they have an engineer stop firing rockets and start repairing, but he flies to low and I nail him with an HE shell right in the front window, big explosion and a multi-kill!
    It was crazy!
    Only in Battlefield 4

    Went 15-1 that round and 14-1 the next time we did Silk Road and it was the same craziness!
    Pumped for Second Assault with the old BF3 maps coming back!

  • PopQwZz 01.22.14 at 17:57

    Only in Battlefield 4: Huge Jet Explosions & Epic Jet C4 Kill

  • L3GENDARY THOR 01.09.14 at 16:33


  • ALTARB0Y 01.01.14 at 13:06

    I wish the game would have had more operation tests before release. I love the game, the graphic are great the game modes keep it fun and there is something for everyone. Just saying I would have bought the game regardless of the release date, just wish it came with fewer installation and loading problems. I know the rush was Christmas but hell, X-Box 1 and PS4 weren’t released until November. I could have waited if problems could have been fixed. But, great job on the in-depth thought that went into BF4. ( That wasn’t sarcasim)

  • MetaI_Gear 12.31.13 at 06:17

    heres some good ol rocket noob action!

  • L3GENDARY THOR 12.14.13 at 10:54

    hello! this is my only in battlefield moments!! RPGGGGGGGGGG

  • phinnv8 12.10.13 at 03:15

    “Only in Battlefield 4” – No way to join a multiplayer game with your friends.

    • ALTARB0Y 01.01.14 at 13:08

      Yes there is, there is a setting in the options menu to join with friends. It’s working better now then before.

  • p3832011 12.01.13 at 22:55

    Only in Battlefield!!!! INCOMING!!! HAAAAYAAAAA

  • GrizzlyThomasX1 12.01.13 at 15:49

    I am 19 years old and looking for friends to play Battlefield 4 with (or any other Xbox One game). My gamertag is GrizzlyThomasX1. I like to earn all the achievements for all of my games and I will help anyone who wants to earn achievements. I am a competitive player and communicate well on the microphone, but since I just had head surgery, I won’t be able to use the mic until around December 3.

    • ALTARB0Y 01.01.14 at 13:13

      If I had an Xbox 1 I would sure play with you, I love competitive gaming but I am, to coin the Battle Field Friends, a PC elitist. I play PC only, if you ever decide to dable in the realm of the best gaming experience offered look me up. I play with several clans that play competitively. My game name is AltarB0y. The 0 is a zero.

  • Seattles_Clutch 12.01.13 at 12:04

    Wow fix this game cant change classes without losing primary weapons cant change weapons or I get spawned with only a knife. I have to quit after every game and restart from the menu. So the 2xp us for those who dont have any issues but those of us who still have issues no xp

  • ViverrineMean89 12.01.13 at 00:53

    funny thing is a got the expasion, china rising, but yet on multipalyer i cant play on the maps… again another disappointment….

    • ALTARB0Y 01.01.14 at 13:16

      Try disabling your firewall and turning down you virus protection and doing a repair install, this has worked for several of my friends. Just make sure you turn it all back on when you are done.

  • ViverrineMean89 12.01.13 at 00:38

    battlefield 4 is a disappointment, more like COD (call of Duty)……. Maps too small, with too many vehicles, some maps are a joke, and dishonour’s the battlefield series… come on guys sort this out please

    • CatholicLady 12.27.13 at 02:40

      I completely agree with you now it should be called Battle arena instead of Battlefield.They sold out to Cally of Duty fans for sure.I have been a loyal Battlefield gamer since the first ever Battlefield and absolutely loved and was addicted to them Until now Bf4 is so disappointing!

  • ViverrineMean89 12.01.13 at 00:35

    Battlefield 4 is a disappointment, most of the maps are too small, yet they have too many vehicles in them, operation locker?? thats a joke, sorry to say but battlefield 4 is becoming COD (call of Duty).
    Some of the maps are getting too boring, and they are nothing what battlefield series should be, for example large to medium size maps, where you have to think and work as a squad or team to achieve the goal, but frankly this isnt…. just another shoot them up, die game….
    Am wondering if i shouldve have brought this game at all…
    Tho with battlefield 3, yes its got its failures but at least you can enjoy a full game, and it runs better than BF4..
    The control do take awhile to get used too, but confusing at most of the times..
    Please make BF4 better, more larger maps, less COD style….

  • TACO_69er 11.24.13 at 07:23

    BF4 is garbage. Every FPS has L1 as aim and R1 as fire. Not BF4. That’s not all. I can’t even play a multiplayer game. The “EA online servers aren’t avaible” message is the only thing I see. Worthless game. I’m sticking to BF3 for as long as possible.
    Good job guys. You sure be proud of yourselves.

  • elvisrocks77 11.22.13 at 23:28

    It’s nearly 2014 and major advancements in tech., etc., but they can’t seem to understand that you shouldn’t start someone in game play on a map with only 20 tickets left. So nice to log in to play and be placed into a map that has just finished with a loss and you get credited with a loss in a game that you didn’t even play in.

  • elvisrocks77 11.22.13 at 23:26

    What is up with XBOX getting second assault before PS3? I read their explanation and it was quite insulting for them to say that the XBOX Multiplayers really supported BF. That’s interesting considering the servers were always full on BF3. PS3’s and PS4’s are not cheap and neither are the BF games. Seems like a good way to alienate a huge chuck of it’s customers.

  • Alkanida 11.20.13 at 12:32

    Same old Glitches like BF3…Only in Battlefield, huh?
    Deja Vu moment right there…please fix this crap!

  • BIGWIZZARD818 11.17.13 at 01:21

    when are they gonna fix glitches C’mon

  • z0mbieland 11.14.13 at 00:13

    A real Epic Helo Theft:

  • Reoser13 11.13.13 at 13:17

    Wha wha, OldschoolGT F*** off we don’t have time for whinging B******.

  • OldschoolGT 11.11.13 at 08:50

    ATTENTION: Next time, never pre-order a game.

    if you do, you will just get a nasty surprise of what happens when a dev fucks up. youve taken everything that was good in bf3 and you thrashed it.
    best thing to do is wait for reviews and wait for price drops before getting a game. i was like many others who was a full on battlefield fan, but pretty much all of us agree that youve totally and completely fucked this one up. and now cod is laughing at you.

    the refund policy for my local games shop is if the game is unplayable and faulty. and thanks to your constant game freezing every time i enter a server, this technically makes it unplayable and faulty. so im gonna get that refund and get call of duty ghosts.
    once again, you guys fucked up and lost half of your long time bf followers, you bunch of fuck ups.

    • Blastback666 11.19.13 at 17:12

      The freezing is from indirect fire and perimiter defence avoid thos two and you should be fin. I also kinda felt some sort of way when I could not play the game for the first two weeks.
      By the way cod ghost sucks!

  • khald32 11.10.13 at 15:07

    Hi I seen this mosque Muslim abuse me and I saw him in the process of the story in Battlefield 4 Please, Delta in yamen

  • khald32 11.10.13 at 15:05

    Hi I seen this mosque Muslim abuse me and I saw him in the process of the story in Battlefield 4 Please, Delta

  • pdsdownunder1 11.07.13 at 11:44

    Have to complain about tank forward/reverse commands… at moment forward command of tank is based on direction of where you facing your gun….it should be only be based on front end of tank, if I command forward it shouldn’t change direction in movement of tank just because my gun is faces in a reverse direction!!! Please sort it out…battlefield has always been based on real life scenarios not what makes a gamers life easier otherwise we’d play black ops!!!!!!!!! . Another thing that’s become apparent….ground speed issues from people flying jets VS those watching from the ground!!! Something is major wrong there!!!! We want our button layout back from BF3 veteran is not the same, you’ve totally removed the skill advantage from BF3 players and enabled any dickhead the ability to fly or operate an aircraft with ease…again this not black ops, we want distinction between those who can and those who cannot…the beauty of BF3 was in mastering and earning the right to dominate in a vehicle…not equalising the battlefield…you’ve got it all wrong!!!!!!!!

  • xRockhoundxozx 11.07.13 at 03:36

    Not to mention that you have terrible spawn points for objectives on maps that spawn you no where near or outside the map. Some of the vehicles in this game are overpowered, such as one of the helicopters that will almost kill you in an instant. The choice of weapons are also garbage because you get no variety to choose from when it comes to them being overpowered as well. As for deaths, I crouch to where an LAV or Tank can’t hit me, but I still die after my head was out of sight. Cross-hair damage is way off as well when you are aiming down the sights and shoot or spray an opponent, or even when a shotgun at close range you fire first that the enemy takes no damage.

    For Rush objectives, you get spawn trapped easily compared to BF3, and a lot of the time there is hardly anything you can do about it. I have also had my share of grenades being thrown right at an enemy that go off but do no damage and get killed in return, C4 going off next to an opponent, M320, ect… I have to say that so far the multiplayer has gotten more and more garbage.

  • acidshell 11.06.13 at 02:41

    Only in Battlefield4 can you not have simple button mappings like you had in Battlefield 3.

  • R1ckyChav3z 11.05.13 at 22:28

    Here are some of my Only in Battlefield moments. I am working on class and weapon guides at the moment which will be up shortly, so please feel free to subscribe if you want to stay up to date on my nearly daily videos

    Battlefield 4 Knife Hack Master

    Gunship Knife

    Only in Battlefied 4 Sniper

    My channel: ♥
    BF4 Playlist: ♥
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    Steam ♥
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  • m3viper1 11.05.13 at 14:30

    to be honest I am disappointed in BF4. I could go on all day about everything but from what feed back you got already tells it all. One thing is when waiting for the helicopter to spawn back in I can fly over to it and drop off a guy to take it because it is sitting there but the other team can not see it yet. Also the time for it after getting destroyed to spawn back is to long. We need less time for new flares to because all the weapons that can shoot us down. Give the little bird some rockets for tanks and the troop carry helicopter pilot needs something to shoot also.

  • LADY K9 300 11.04.13 at 17:29

    How do you download disc 1?

  • xRockhoundxozx 11.03.13 at 20:54

    Just an FYI if you would like to keep from having your 360 crash on multiplayer, download Disc 1.

  • barriostyle 11.03.13 at 16:24

    This game in my opinion far better than the call of duty series. I still trying to figure out how to use all those weapons.

  • xRockhoundxozx 11.03.13 at 05:54

    I just lost a few hours of story gameplay because of a bug, and now having to start over again. Same as some others have said, why can’t you do what BF3 did and allow a party to join up together either? Game does crash a lot within the first week it has been out, and I hate having to cut my 360 off because of the data overload it gets. The listing is terrible because you have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page just to find a game that isn’t full either; At least do a better job to fix the filter also since what you want to look for isn’t exactly what you want either.

  • uptown1928 11.02.13 at 19:36

    how do u enter the code for this weekend?

  • Scandalous31 11.02.13 at 15:15

    Game crashes a lot. Double experience isn’t working. Why can’t me and a friend be in a lobby together and join a game? Get it together, EA!

    • ROCKSTAR veins 11.02.13 at 18:11

      Ditto ^^^ not being able to join at the same time is the worst… took my buddy and 1 35 min to get in the same game last night, and the reason it took so long was because the server browser isnt working every server says 0/24 and when I click on it they dont load…
      I mean wtf im about to start playing bf3 again, at least it works…

  • me3_08EA71527 11.02.13 at 08:59

    Also only in bf4, the loss of progress in your weapons! I Just lost the only unlock i had for my Grenades! I mean, Wtf? How… I was JUST using the MINI frags in my last game!

  • dabomb66 11.02.13 at 05:21

    I don’t mind the new controols

  • xavian1 11.01.13 at 18:46

    Totally agree bring the BF3 controls back to BF4

    • knworth 11.02.13 at 04:58

      I agree also! Hate the new controls and setups…

  • StangasaurusRex 10.31.13 at 22:44

    “Controller layouts (X360/PS3)
    We’ve increased the available controller options in Battlefield 4, including the new controller layout and multiple alternatives that we hope will make you feel right at home. If you’re more comfortable with the controls from Battlefield 3, we’ve got you covered. Just by bringing up the options menu, you can choose the “Veteran” layout, which is similar to that in Battlefield 3.”
    This is false! Developers – please bring the “alternate” vehicle controls in BF3 to BF4. The vehicle controls found in BF4 are all very poor. This could be a deal breaker for me! I just don’t get why you would remove this setup?? You have to know people like that configuration and would expect to find that configuration in BF4!!

    The main buttons that are issues with the BF4 configuration are the trigger options.

    BF3 Alternate:
    Left Trigger = forward
    Left Bumper = reverse
    Right Trigger = Fire
    Right Bumper = Gadget

    BF4 only has options where Right Trigger is forward and Left Trigger is reverse and vise versa. The only config where you have the right trigger = Fire has the left stick for forward and reverse.

  • PRIMETIMEMC 10.29.13 at 02:24

    This is my Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Moments Montage! Check it out!

  • axel_dahl89 10.26.13 at 16:10

    to pley beta ????

  • M200_xTerminator 10.25.13 at 08:00

    I initially thought the beta had a huge variety of new weapons, abilities, classes, and gameplay; but that apparently was nothing compared to the full game. Can’t wait to see the new knife mechanics in action–the ability to counter-knife, take tags while swimming, and all of the new and unique animations that are performed. Of course, I’m also curious as to what the actual types of knives available are, and how much damage they each do if one was to attack without performing an animation. Knifing in battlefield is just another quality that makes it a superior first person shooter–cant wait to see the full game!

  • Jameswha 10.23.13 at 23:50

    really what the game.

  • thebudworth 10.21.13 at 02:16

    Really looking forward to Levolution!

  • lllDEFCONZERO 10.19.13 at 03:07 BF4 Mid Air Chopper Jacking.

  • liverpool1958 10.15.13 at 17:23

    a nice ice cold steel rifle bayonet is needed. you cant beet it.

  • DarkMatterGaming 10.13.13 at 20:39

    I’ve got a battlefield 4 elevator moment that makes me laugh at the over poweredness off the USAS-12

  • Thudstick 10.11.13 at 09:10

    Please please please add dynamic time and weather. Also bridges need to be destructible. I figured that would be assumed in battlefield 3. You can’t imagine my shock when I tried repeatedly to blow one up and failed. Make bullet damage and hit boxes more accurate. I hate shooting someone 4-5 times with an assault rifle before they die. Maybe with side arms, but not a high velocity assault rifle. Also there needs to be a .50 cal sniper that is extremely difficult to unlock that one shot kills in the upper torso/neck. I hate that headshots are the only way to get one shot kills. Make assault rifles kill faster especially during 15m close quarter battles.

  • Ernest 21229 10.10.13 at 20:42

    please keep the boutton configuration the same as in bf3… please

  • Hideyoshii 10.10.13 at 17:22

    COD my ass. This is way more like BC2! I am loving it, way better then BF3!!!!

  • ll IZO ll 10.09.13 at 17:46

    Honestly to me it sounds like a bunch of call of duty haters comon honestly. I think there just mad ,because you cant ride tanks ,or blow up buildings , or i mean be fully intergrated in a large battlefield exp. Noooooo. There all like “yo this game sucks cuz i cant go o.d. O.p. , I cant be an individual, i cant find my way on this massive landscape and cant land nav. I hate flying helicopters and tanks everywhere. This game involes to much skill. F u battlefield 4 im returning it waaaa boohoo hoo.” its called domination for you call of duty players. You know your right dont waste money on something your not good at or cant play sorry you wanted to know what dice had to offer and you couldnt handle it sorry that call of duty doesnt give much back to its players. Well this game is for those with heart and team work hoohah, but if you dont have any go play call of duty and kill some zombies fly into space and destroy astriods or whatever it is you “cod-fish” players do. Im a battlefied player and proud of it hoohah.

    • (BLR) Pinsk 10.15.13 at 12:56

      от части я с табой согласен…….если у меня техника то я могу играть если нет то очень тяжило танк с РПГ не реальна однаму устранить слишком много времени нада 4-5 раз стрельнуть нада

  • ConvexElk8989 10.08.13 at 05:40

    i have a question if you get premium on the xbox arcade when the full game comes out do i have to buy the full game or does premium come with the full game when it comes out?

  • Zorua666 10.06.13 at 08:29

    I feel so sluggish when running in your ps3 beta. Also my sniper can’t out distance a pistol? Really???. I hate the new controls for spotting, driving, flying. I do like the c4 on the recon its very useful for taking out tanks and only tanks. Elevator camping with c4 is way to common. Add stairs to the roofs or something to prevent this. Also weapon switching is delayed by 1.13 seconds unlike bf3. Zeroing is taking the fun out of getting to know your sniper by taking away the guess work on bullet drop. Remove it please. Also sniper needs its tugs back instead of the motion bolts witch disappear about 1 second after throwing. That’s all I have to say on this beta as I won’t be playing it anymore. I will still get my pre order but won’t open it until I have seen youtubers play it and show me what its like. I don’t trust IGN or anyone like that that gets paid to rate the game. I have hopes you will make it a lot better before launch. Please don’t disappoint.

    • armyglenn1 10.08.13 at 09:26

      I agree mate, why couldn’t they leave the controls the same, I hope the graphics will be better, because they are like COD graphics, i.e. crap. the vehicles look really bad and I would have expected a lot more detail. The .50 cal, why bother. The only thing its got going for it at the moment is the sound. I have pre-ordered but if it all looks like this I will be trading it in.

  • Seabear69s 10.06.13 at 08:24

    You people have no patience. I have been playing with the same BETA errors as you all and have been having tones of fun. Yes the BETA is frustrating but this is why we are playing, to learn about all the “mounds of crap” so we can post in the FORUMS under issues to improve the game play. If you can’t handle this kind of early access then just wait until November to play. You complaints will not help nor solve anything if you project it in an angry manner.

    • ll IZO ll 10.09.13 at 17:32

      I have to agree with sea i mean dude its a beta. Have some appriciation these guys take there sweet time to prefect the game for us so we can enjoy a new experience everytime. I dont understand why no one gets it takes forever to make the game the way it is thanks you dice i mean come on like homeboy said blog issues in the issue section. I like to see yall try to make this game and add to it and someone tell you all the work you did suck or was horrible i mean comon people. Show some respect least they gave us a sample of something damn.

  • dprince72 10.06.13 at 07:11

    WOW it is amazing how fast the incredibly poor reviews are pouring in over the web on the demo and changes made to this game. But Funnier still is how the paid reviews from IGN, Gameinformer, Etc. Are like this game is amazing. Obviously they weren’t playing the same game we ALL are.

  • dprince72 10.06.13 at 03:59

    As far as i am concerned , I’ll be canceling my copy and getting a refund. In Battlefield 3 after ten kills with a gun, you get an attachment . I’ve killed at least 41 with every class and have NOTHING . People have max weapons, can snipe across map with pistols, I’m kicked after killing certain players (same player time after time) Obviously a programmer from one of battlefields design teams . These “Employees” always leave these holes in the game so they and there friends, and there friends friends, can get into the games “God Mode” this is garbage i’ve spent a 100+ for the game and premium membership and you allow this crap . I have been a licensed computer engineer for 12 yrs . I am a member of hundreds of gamer boards and sites everyone i speak to will here about how crappy your beta and game is. you made some good upgrades as i have previously posted this is true but you have created mounds of shit in the process. You dont care or wish to change anything significant cause to close your God mode holes youd have to shut down your beta and scrape the disc’s you’ve made . Dice there engineers and EA are nothing but Exploitative bullies. Why should you have the ability to do this in a demo or a production game. And before you wave your hands screaming your innocent , think if your not doing it then you’ve already been HACKED……. Even more reason to get a refund.
    SAVE your Money this game will be just as corrupted with back doors for friends and family to exploit which means those friends and family will show there friends so on and so forth.
    The only way to affect a change is if everyone gets there pre-order money back. Then and only then will a Small change be deployed and i promise you it will be small at best . Programmers are fickle and temperamental on there best days tell them they cant have a back door and they close it temporarily and later leak it to the public via YouTube like in MW3. You didn’t think the CALL OF DUTY serious split between development teams was simply because it was to big for one team did you people.

    • Padwan 10.09.13 at 17:21

      “In Battlefield 3 after ten kills with a gun, you get an attachment . I’ve killed at least 41 with every class and have NOTHING .”

      I think this is a stupid reason to not buy a game. I prefer how it takes loads of points to unlock these kind of things, in battlefield 3 it felt like i was being spoon fed all of my weapon attachments and and no one cares if you have 12+ years in Computer Engineering and it just makes you sound like twat that nobody wants to listen too.

      I also think you made this thing with the god mode up to make your argument sound better, and with the thing about attachments, some people just do nothing but play this game, the people you say are running around with everything unlocked probably got them from battlepacks or have clocked in loads of time, from the time you have posted your comment the game had beta had been up for 6 days which is enough time for people to clock in at least 24 hours of time, i only play on weekends and i have 9hrs so people who play during the week as well probably have 5 times the amount

      And if you think the game is broken, don’t refund it. Tell them that there are problems because this is a Beta(very important word there) and the main objective of beta might you ask?

      It is so people can report broken stuff

    • (BLR) Pinsk 10.15.13 at 13:07

      закрой свой рот лузер lol посмотрел кокой ты игрок нуб что ты можеш геймер чортов

  • Loligjunge 10.04.13 at 18:40


  • broteam32 10.03.13 at 20:36

    cant wait

  • broteam32 10.03.13 at 20:36


  • Btk_Dove_Dk 10.03.13 at 20:03

    omg cant wait……

  • Seeker619 10.03.13 at 11:44

    Tyler M. Was Blazed! Im glad origin is a Marijuana friendly company. I look forward to playing bf4

  • tyrellcain 10.02.13 at 13:47

    cant play as i keep getting this……………MSVCR100.dll is missing…how when i download from Origin ??????????????????

  • Grim0255 09.30.13 at 08:59

    all of this shit is scripted

    • Ruinous91 09.30.13 at 18:09

      So waht you are saying is, that it cant happen? Wow your lame, and why would they script it?! That are people that played the Alpha on PAX, E3 and so on!

  • lxus-90 09.26.13 at 20:22

    oh cannot wait too me i cant wait this my best favorit game for ever

  • TL-Teehk 09.25.13 at 16:02

    Cannot wait

  • LATEMCORONA666 09.25.13 at 07:32

    Get to the chopper

  • Lohoboy 09.21.13 at 15:32


  • REYSKI 09.19.13 at 03:46

    Got a question… what to do with all my PS3 games when i get the PS4? what you guys recommend?

    • BlackbirdSJ 09.20.13 at 12:08

      Didn’t Sony announce backwards compatibility when they first announced PS4? They said it’d be a paid system or something, but sony hasn’t updated.

      • BlackbirdSJ 09.20.13 at 12:40

        Alright, sony announced that you basically use a code for the ps3 game on the ps4 store. Then there is a $10 download of the game. Once bought and downloaded, you use the ps3 disc in the ps4. My suggestion is, keep your ps3 as well.

  • DSGarcia 09.17.13 at 11:07

    Can you make it so if you shoot the Parachute they will fall faster or even the their Death with enough Accuracy. I Feel This Would Add To The Realism of the Game.

    • X-CaptainAndrew 09.22.13 at 22:32

      In real life, some occasional small arms fire wouldn’t really do much, but it WOULD be awesome if they implemented something like that in the game, where heavier firearms could punch holes in the parachutes.

  • retiredoldgrump 09.17.13 at 05:08

    Bullshit, got to 100 by working hard and playing straight!

    • PIknows 09.17.13 at 22:06

      Hey Grump. I am a retired young old grump. 65!

  • brampl1 09.15.13 at 09:43


  • 4rg0n 09.14.13 at 22:01

    Amazing!!!! Bye bye COD players!!! hihihi..owned!!!

  • l3ackup 09.13.13 at 19:52

    I hope they make the AA guns destructible. Getting very tired of A- holes destroying vehicles at spawn. Also very user that is Ranked 100 should be reset to the begging, because we all know they didnt get there honestly.

    • BigDmagic 09.16.13 at 03:50

      your so stupid!! I got there honestly wat other way is there?

    • Palms 09.17.13 at 04:40

      Negative mate, put in over 1000 hours to date to get there and get all unlocks and assignments.

    • retiredoldgrump 09.17.13 at 05:07

      Bull shit, got there by working hard and playing straight

  • cocky456 09.13.13 at 17:48

    How the hell u get the dogtag I was there

  • jlc57 09.13.13 at 05:41

    The bottom boats shouldnt be seen
    Through watter
    And flaming grenads should go byby

  • jlc57 09.13.13 at 05:29

    Sniper scope glare should happen when
    Faceing the sun

  • ITS-P01NTL3SS 09.11.13 at 15:39

    When a building falls in water there ought to be huge waves, DICE ,to be realistic…need to fix that

  • ITS-P01NTL3SS 09.11.13 at 15:37


  • RabidBison92 09.10.13 at 00:33

    Dice PLEASE take the damn scope flash off the snipers. That was literally the worst cop-out “solve” to powerful snipe players I’ve ever seen. It completely defeats the purpose of being a sniper when the entire map full of players can see you from a mile away.

  • Kulaan D0 Vul0m 09.09.13 at 20:19

    I cat wait to play this. I have tempered steel in my shorts for this. Battlefield 4 will not be a game, it will be away of life.

  • ReViVaL_7 09.09.13 at 19:44

    Make the sniper 1 shoot kill plz dice

    • [TsM] Pro-BitT 09.10.13 at 15:56

      It is in hardcore…

    • Ironmask1 09.16.13 at 22:30

      If you want a kill shot you need to hit the enemy in the right spot, the head! One shot one kill. This is a true statement!!!

  • ReViVaL_7 09.09.13 at 19:42

    The best game bf4 ist very crazy game

  • yksssyk 09.08.13 at 09:28

    我無意冒犯,但很希望PS3也能夠32VS32的比賽,每次看PC可以這樣玩,非常羨慕! 有可能是PS3主機的問題。遺憾!!

  • Bad IDentitty 2 09.07.13 at 18:31

    Actual paid focus group participants

  • Agrovaine 09.07.13 at 11:13

    The cursing in game just makes it realistic. Just throw on some headphones so that your family don’t have to listen to the gameplay lol

  • The-umbrella-360 09.07.13 at 02:12

    bf4 should have a suvivle mode but not people and not zombies but dinosaurs because dinos were found alot on maps in bf3 so there should be a online suvivle with like 10 to 15 dice please do this evan if it sets you back like 3 more months it would bring the game to a hole new level please please please!!!! SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • OxideSeven 09.07.13 at 17:39

      PLEASE SHUT UP. I don’t care if DICE would put Dino Survival Mode in BF4 but I wouldn’t mind if they don’t. Polish their game is all I ask. PLEASE SHUT UP.

  • GamerfreakB7v2 09.06.13 at 22:33

    They started out interesting. but the later ones seemed kinda lackluster. Really, though, is it even possible to top the whole ‘Tank in a China Shop’ story?

  • zanychelly 09.04.13 at 02:38

    Batman Move ?? WTF ??

  • SixSillySins 09.03.13 at 04:48

    “real players”

    • Morimasa-VX9- 09.06.13 at 10:19

      They probably are, but are just too uncomfortable talking to a camera. There’s definitely a script though.

  • MrTurtleGriffin 08.31.13 at 05:33

    I Think it sucks how I never play people like them^ i always play with stupid kids that are like 10 -_-

  • -NIC-Diesen 08.29.13 at 20:29

    Amazing xD

    I Stabbed Him in the Water

    LMAO !

  • brent65622 08.29.13 at 19:02

    Bring back dragon Valley PLZ

  • DeaTH deALer044 08.22.13 at 15:09

    please dice place a .50 CAL in there for the recon class

  • NY88 08.18.13 at 20:47

    Please DICE allow me to impregnate you! Please!

  • assault124 08.18.13 at 11:14


    • Hohhoi 08.20.13 at 00:50

      I’m all for more weapons in the game, but the XM8 prototype? Eww. It’s even more generic than the M4.

  • proEclizpe 08.17.13 at 21:00

    I want to see more from that Charles W. guy in the purple shirt xD He’s hilarious :D

  • SpiritBear1100 08.17.13 at 19:26

    Dude, have you ever thought of people testing/ playing BF4 at E3 come on man, come out of your cave

  • hYp3rCuBe 08.17.13 at 08:38

    I preordered BF4 for the PC back in April, four months ago. When is it ever going to be released? Why do you accept pre-orders so many months before an actual release date? I don’t think I’ll be preordering anymore Battlefields, this is kind of ridiculous.

    Which brings up a good question, who just are these “Real Players”? How did they get to “play” a version of Battlefield 4 before me?

    • IITrue_LogicJKII 08.17.13 at 09:35

      The release date for BF4 was announced before you pre ordered BF4. It is your own fault that you pre ordered 5 months before the release… The game is to be released on the 30th of October. They said the date in May I think, although I’m not sure. Do some reading you dubass.

      • hYp3rCuBe 08.17.13 at 19:41

        Don’t call me a dubass when you think May comes before April. When I bought the pre-order, there was no indication of a release date, they didn’t have one at that time.

  • wWaAVve 08.17.13 at 07:53

    I would LOVE a gameplay mode called LONG PLAY!
    A match that is extremely long like 40-60 minutes!
    Sometimes when the play stops I am let down wanting a more tug of war play to keep going!
    Our team is coming back!
    Lets carry this out longer!
    Lets regroup our team and try the other strategy.
    One thing that makes a game like Planetside good is continuous battles.
    If we could have one game mode closer to that it would be AWESOME!
    I guarantee it will grow into a favorite game type!
    Just increase the ticket size to triple or more in conquest for example and VOILA done :)
    Please let DICE know now if you like this idea.
    They are reading this!

    • IITrue_LogicJKII 08.17.13 at 09:36

      You know that some servers have over 100 times the tickets of the standard game lol. If you want a long round play on those servers

    • DarkRonin 09.14.13 at 18:14

      Seriously? I have played matches that lasted nearly 2 hours. what kind of servers are you playing on?

  • Rauliont 08.17.13 at 07:25

    You are playing a violent video game but you’re worried about the cursing…?

  • jjorlandos 08.17.13 at 01:40

    Are they hinting to us that there might be a battle recorder?

  • KalistoD 08.16.13 at 23:45

    Turn off cursing? what are i like 12?

  • DexStar MorgueN 08.16.13 at 19:21

    @Snowboarder365 are you fucking kidding me? Turn off cursing? You must have little kids running around your house and your wife bitching at you about turning off your game because of the language. Stop being so whipped.

  • Snowboarder365 08.16.13 at 17:35

    Please allow the cursing to be turned off in BF4- especially mulitplayer, as well as the repetitive multiplayer character comments. Thanks!

    • DarkRonin 09.14.13 at 18:17

      Bud, please attempt to retrieve your balls from your wife, I think they are in her purse… and please turn in your “Man Card”

  • MammelToes 08.16.13 at 14:48

    In the water. No more racing to the shore to shoot!

  • merdan1993 08.16.13 at 13:55

    please release

  • XGN DR4KE 08.16.13 at 06:39

    When is Beta coming out please be this Month!!!!!!

  • GeneralZod21 08.16.13 at 03:15

    BF4 is awesome!!!!!! whats up with the BETA!! i got premium and i have MOH but no sign of BF4Beta whats up with that yo!?!?! lol

    • General534 08.16.13 at 14:39

      Beta comes out on or around September 29th.

    • IITrue_LogicJKII 08.17.13 at 09:38

      late september the beta comes out(I think). It should be around a monthe before the release

  • BROKENARROW1960 08.16.13 at 01:27


    • General534 08.16.13 at 14:40

      Beta comes out on or around September 29th. It’s August 16th, if you don’t know what day you’re living in. So we all have a few weeks to go. Patience, grasshopper.

  • Indignant Yeti 08.16.13 at 00:25

    Here’s an idea. Let’s have no more experimental or prototype weapons that no country has ever used. For example, BF3 had the stupid Jackhammer shotgun of which 3 were ever made. Let’s make sure the sound on shotguns and snipers are fixed so that a shotgun using slugs or a sniper from 5 feet away actually make more than the bullet zing sound. Or how about if you’re downstairs from where people are shooting it doesn’t sound the same as if they were right next to you.

    • General534 08.16.13 at 14:38

      MK3A1 (Jackhammer) was in Battlefield 2 and they were putting weapons from Battlefield 2 in Battlefield 3 with Back to Karkand. Honestly, I hope they have a much greater variety of vanilla weapons in Battlefield 4, so I wouldn’t mind an MK3A1 or anything of the sort. It’s a gun, it exists. It’s a video game, anything’s possible, why not put it in? :D

  • AcidKittenz 08.15.13 at 20:52

    Too bad all of these people are actors.

    • General534 08.16.13 at 14:58

      Nope. Too bad all these OIBs (Only In Battlefield Moments) (I MADE UP AN ACRONYM!!!) are at least… not the best. Like the one where the guy shoots the glass comes down behind a guy, shoots him once, tomahawk comes in, knifes the guy, and walks away, in the trailer. It might be DICE or it might be not. But it is awesome. That’s an OIB… which means Officer in the Base. OIBM will have to cut it.

      And then there’s this: Ah, so I went poo, and I was runnin’ low on ammo. Pop another one, and when I ran outta ammo I jumped in the water. I was like OOOOOHH!! I stabbed him in the water it was awesome.

      He’s using an LMG probably Support kit and he runs out of ammo?
      If you didn’t watch the video you would have no idea what he was talking about.

      He started walking behind the guy in the water and said OOOOOHH!! and I thought he was gonna [DELETED CAKE].

  • PSYKoO666 08.15.13 at 20:36

    I cant wait to knife people in the water looks very cool! They should add a chilean corvo knife that would be awsome!

  • wWaAVve 08.15.13 at 20:11

    I’m an ex-COD player (only because i happened to go down that road years ago while friend chose BF). My advice could be seen as not as relevant, or the opposite, a fresh perspective…
    I am sick of COD gameplay (rushing toward middle over and over and dying every 5 seconds when someone spawns behind you)
    Then I took a look at BF4 alpha! Thank God! I started analyzing and watched every video, some 25 times, and even went back to BF3 videos!
    Now, even though my only experience was with BFC2 briefly on just Port Valdez map, I can finally understand what BF is all about and can’t wait to experience BF for the first time with what looks like the best one so far.
    What I like most about everything is the gameplay, the perfect balance of space or breathing room, with the variety of a large scale battle. There’s many other things I like about it, but to relate to the COD experience, I want to experience the opposite of COD (longer firefights, variety, etc) but most importantly not dying too often because someone spawned behind me. I couldn’t even get a breather to snipe, which is why I think so many people quick scope. That is also why my brief Port Valdez play turned me off about BF and is why I might not have switched over to BF earlier, because it felt like I died too quickly, without really spotting the enemy. That was my mistake due to a brief snapshot of an experience.
    It seems BF4 Alpha fixed that issue, and the damage/hit/miss model worked a lot better with longer fights, yet still realistic. I hope this same gameplay is retained and does not go back to poking a head out and dying without knowing what happened. At least most of the time it shouldn’t happen. And I’m a slightly above average shooter so it’s not like I don’t use cover or strategy.
    DICE, please keep the game as close to Alpha as you can. Don’t overwork the masterpiece. People LOVE it so far.
    I realize you are playing it, and I’m just watching it over and over, but this is what I and many other COD/BF converts will want. I love the heavier, longer gunfights, a little like Bioshock Infinite play, and that is one of BF4’s greatest strengths amongst others.
    I look forward to a new era!

    • BROKENARROW1960 08.16.13 at 01:28

      Listen to this guy.

    • General534 08.16.13 at 15:07

      “I’m an ex-COD player (only because i happened to go down that road years ago while friend chose BF).”

      You don’t have to try to hide it, only the tryhards are the ones who hate on COD players. :D

  • theJBRU 08.15.13 at 19:10

    Excellent videos! They really do a great job of highlighting what makes playing Battlefield exciting. How about featuring a woman gamer in a future video?

  • Agentcombat 08.15.13 at 19:02

    I would really appreciate it if you guys did the Squad stories campaign,like you did with Bad Company 2.I think it would definitely encourage squad gameplay on BF4

    • General534 08.16.13 at 15:02

      Yeah Squad Stories was like Only in Battlefield in BC2. Do those again those were epic definitely better than these xD

  • MAC DADDY WEST 08.15.13 at 17:43

    hey dice i think it would be amazing if you guys brought back the L96 bolt action sniper rifle and i also hope u guys bring back the stright pull bolt for bolt action sniper rifles i hope u guys bring back the L96 cuz its my fav sniper rifle from bf3 and id love 2 use it again in bf4 and please dont take out the bullet drop feature system its so amazing and realistic how i have 2 aim my sniper scope in a certain angle at a certain amount of meters to shoot my sniper and it comes out my barrel and curves and drops in mid air and hits the i love it please dont stop the bulllet droping and curving system i love it and it is certainly realistic keep up the good work dice see u all on the battlefield

    • General534 08.16.13 at 15:04

      They’re not stopping it they’re making it more realistic by being able to zone in your scope (adjust the trajectory of the bullets by measuring with the distance on the scope). In a pinch you might not have time for that and might have to rely on the manual method.