Battlefield 4 at Gamescom: Day 3

It’s been a big day at gamescom 2013. Read on for a brief summary of the day’s events and tune in tomorrow for another exciting day of Battlefield 4.

First, we’re happy to show off our new trailer. Levolution is a unique concept encompassing the idea that your actions should matter. Levolution means changing how an entire match is played in big and small ways. It means bringing down a skyscraper, flooding the streets, crashing a destroyer, and so much more.

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New Game Mode Revealed – Obliteration

Today players tried out the new game mode Obliteration on Paracel Storm. Watch this short clip to get a sense of how Obliteration works.

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New Live Stream Highlight

You can catch the latest gameplay and interviews on the Live Stream every day from 14:15 – 16:15 CEST, and you can watch replays all day. Take a look at this Live Stream Highlight, recorded live from gamescom.

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You can also read an interview with Shoutcaster Corey Dunn, one of the voices behind the daily Battlefield 4 Live Stream.

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  • o T R U 3 z 08.25.13 at 05:28

    The new planes are very cool and outstanding, but in reality, wouldn’t they whoop an F-18? Those fighters are top-of-the-line. Compared to an 80′s Navy/Aircraft Carrier-based fighter? Would it be the F-35 finally getting a chance, or the Americans versing a normal Su-35? Still looking forward to the Chinese’s main fighter! (Excluding the J-20, I know my planes :) ] This probably won’t be revealed until China Rising’s debut trailer, but are those B-52′s? The cold-war-era bomber?

    • RJth3sniper 08.26.13 at 01:11

      I hope that they have the F-35 or something for the US but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was an F/A-18E Super Hornet since the Navy mostly uses them. And I think those were B-52′s considering how the US still uses them as their primary strategic bomber, they may be old, but they’re still pretty beast.

  • lightspots 08.24.13 at 03:01

    Is the water releashed from the levee gonna flood that whole city?and is the water height gonna rise and rise?

    • NL-FORCE-PK 08.24.13 at 17:13

      Yes the water will rise and flood into the city. High enough for the boats. Answer that you question :)?

  • I-Immortal 08.24.13 at 01:16

    Nice trailer :D Please, tell the music creator that he’s doing a great job :) This new theme is actually my favorite :P

    • o T R U 3 z 08.25.13 at 05:30

      I still like 1942′s, but I love the fact they keep the same theme song, edited every new release.

  • sergente_simone 08.23.13 at 10:12

    the enemy imust red not blue

    • I-Immortal 08.24.13 at 01:24

      Don’t worry, I think it’s just because of the spectator mode ;)

    • o T R U 3 z 08.25.13 at 05:31

      Spectator mode is the reason, seeing the actual gameplay proves it.

  • Z4KJ0N3S 08.23.13 at 06:35

    The commentary in the Obliteration gamemode is literally the most incoherent thing ever recorded. Could you PLEASE just tell us what the gamemode is so we don’t have to suffer through that awful, awful thing?

    • EL1T3 KI11A 08.23.13 at 06:52

      You’re right, they should have highlighted a segment where they actually described the game mode. That would’ve been way more preferable to jumping right in with no context.
      What I got from that video is it is sort of like rush, Search and Destroy from CoD, and Football all in one. So to summarize this into a coherent summary: There’s one bomb at a time. Both teams objectives are to destroy the other teams M-COMs. They fight to capture the bomb and blow up the other team’s objective. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. Once all of one team’s objective’s are gone, the game is over and the team with 1 or more objectives left is the winner. There are no draws.

    • NL-FORCE-PK 08.24.13 at 17:14

      Agree, i do not hear the gun sounds and explosions only their voice. its irritating.

    • o T R U 3 z 08.25.13 at 05:34

      I took it as an all-out version of their Defuse mode. For COD players: Search & Destory (Defuse) And Demolition (Obliteration) But, there being bombs randomly around the map instead of every player having one, along with unlimited lives. And 16v16, not 6v6. Battlefield/DICE made a smart decision bring these in, and it’s their own version, not a copy of S&D/Demolition. Many other games have the same modes.