DICE Makes It Easy to Upgrade to Next-Gen Consoles

This holiday, DICE will unwrap the next generation of all-out warfare with Battlefield 4 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. That means best-in-class multiplayer is coming to consoles, with huge 64-player battles running at a smooth 60 frames-per-second.

Whether you are playing on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, we want to make your transition to next generation consoles easy. That is why today we are informing the devoted Battlefield community that all the time and effort you spend building up your Battlefield 4 stats will carry over when you upgrade from the Xbox 360 to Xbox One and from the PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4.

Bring your BF4 MP stats to next-gen

Bring your BF4 MP stats to next-gen

That way, on October 29, you can get in the game without any worries that you will have to start ranking up all over again when the next generation consoles launch. We got your back.

Today we also wanted to inform the community that DICE is promising to keep the action going all year long with the return of Premium membership for Battlefield 4. With membership, players can expect themed digital expansion packs, new weekly content and personalization options. And just as your stats, unlocks and rank will be transferrable from current-gen to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so too will Battlefield 4 Premium membership.

Pre-order Battlefield 4 to get the China Rising expansion pack at no additional cost.



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  • psl1089 05.22.15 at 22:59

    Gen 4? I didn’t realize the SNES was capable of playing Battlefield 4.

  • iM_TaN6o 05.14.15 at 10:34

    I’ve synced my stats once a year ago but then I no longer used the ps4.
    now starting the game does not give me the ability to synchronize more statistics.
    How can I fix, someone can help me?

  • darkmatter0002 04.19.15 at 19:09

    I was thinking about getting BF4 for the xboxone but I have it for PS3 and also premium. If I transferred my account would I still be able to play with my friend on the PS3 and also go into the Xbox one with my other friends and also would I have premium on the Xbox one and rank up from the PS3 as I play on it?

  • RandumbDude98 03.07.15 at 23:04

    Just started playing bf4 on Xbox one, and it transferred my stats, but not my premium membership

  • Oxxford699 02.18.15 at 13:58

    the problem that I am having is that when I switched my stats from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4 stats they did not transition over.I have called playstation twice EA 5 times and contacted DICE through one email and 2 tweets and have gotten nowhere no one from any company will help me solve this problem…..HELP!!!

  • JerZ_Juggalo 01.09.15 at 22:20

    Is my progress kept online? I recently had to replace my hard drive thanks to all the bf4 crashes which caused me to force the ps3 system off. Now although i feel ea/dice should reimburse me at least partially, I’m more worried i lost my progress-unlocks etc since i never backed up my ps3. Could anyone tell me if i am able to and how to get my online progress on a new ps3?

  • DorkyDimwit 12.30.14 at 22:15

    OKAY – Q: I transferred my XBOX 360 to a friends XBOX ONE so we could play, then got my own XBOX ONE, but the stats that it is using is from a month ago… is there any way to RE-TRANSFER it to MY BOX and get my latest stats that I have on my XBOX 360 account?

  • X_Elucidator_X 12.29.14 at 02:52

    Please Help Me With This So I Just Bought A PS4 And That I Wanted My BF4 From PS3 To Be Transferred Or Cross It To The PS4, And That Your Supposed To Go To The PS4 PSN Store After Right And There Should Be PS3 To PS4 But Its Not There Anymore And I Wanted Only To Pay $9.99 Right Because Thats That Official Cost To Transfer A PS3 To PS4 Games So I Cant Cause Its Not There And So I Just Bought The BF4 That Was $12 Because Its Sale, Will My Data From PS3 BF4 Will Be Able To Go To My PS4 BF4 And I Had Premium For PS3 And When I Went In The PS4 PSN Store I Only Saw That It Was Free So Thats Why I Just Bought The $12 BF4 Before It Ends And Might Cost $20 Or Higher So I Just Bought Before Its Finished. Please Help As Soon As Possible. Thank You

  • ShaunTheRedOne 11.14.14 at 11:09

    Hi, I know its late, but I getting an XBOX One soon, If I get B4 can I still transfer my 360 stats and upgrades ?

  • JonasMorais89 08.08.14 at 18:09


    I need someone to answer me urgently.

    I have the premium package BF4 for the Xbox360, and bought a Ps4, I can transfer my premium account for the ps4? or will I have to buy another premium?

    Looking forward,

    Thank you,

  • Im Ditton 06.27.14 at 03:30

    So I bought premium for my xbox one, is there anyways I can also transfer that back to the 360 so I can play that with friends? If you can transfer it from 360 to xbox one, can’t you do it vise versa?

  • stickerkeeper 06.12.14 at 01:15

    Yea I am planing to go from Xbox 360 to ps4 can I do this

  • Chopper007 02.12.14 at 07:32

    if you transfer premium to xbox one from xbox 360 do you still have it on xbox 360

  • Chopper007 02.12.14 at 07:11

    how do you upgrade your premium from current-gen to next-gen

  • IIGENI 01.19.14 at 16:16

    Im also interested to get answer the question: can i transfer my progression, stats and unlocks from xbox360 to ps4? It would be nice to get official answer. Thank you

  • bdog757 12.26.13 at 06:01

    what ABOUT XBOX 360 TO PS4?????????????????????????? PL HELP

  • WoundedPatriot 12.06.13 at 18:31

    At the risk of being ridiculed, I am a novice BF4 player on XBOX360. I bought the Premium package, but everytime I try to use a bonus item, I cannot select it for my soldier in his loadout. What the what am I doing wrong. Also, is there not a way to change your loadout between battles? I can only change during the battle and that takes a lot of time.

    • The Decaff 12.11.13 at 21:43

      Have you downloaded “Patch 3” from the xbl market place? If not, try downloading that and see if you can then select your weapons for china rising. If you’re trying to modify your equipment out of a match, go to multiplayer then select test range. You have to load up the test range in order to do that and it will carry over to multiplayer. :)

    • NACHT GOTT 12.22.13 at 22:27

      for changing loadouts between battles the only way is to change it using battlelog.com on your computer (pc/mac/any others) or the battlelog app on your mobile device other than that there is no way to change your loadout outside of a battle. in bf3 you were able to change loadouts in the start menus but not anymore, probably because dice assumes you can either wait till you enter a match to change things or that you could use your battlelog to change it instead. also as a side note before the bf4 version of battlelog no one could change their loadouts in between matches and excluding bf3’s menus and bf3’s battlelog no one could change their load outside of a match.

    • Zuytdorp 03.15.14 at 01:12

      yes; have your ipad on battlelog/loadout when you play, your can them change and save as you like, the results updated with the PS4

    • SpatialWalnut78 05.04.15 at 09:32

      To set it up between games, go to battlelog.com and login to your origin account, and it should show your progress and everything. From there you can customize load outs, emblems, and even open battle packs. It is really a helpful tool.

  • arebider 11.27.13 at 18:51

    can i go from 360 to ps4 ?

  • cdc2787 11.21.13 at 20:25

    Has dice responded to High Verse?

  • ATotalScrewBall 11.12.13 at 12:27

    Is there a time limit for transferring your Premium status and BF4 stats i.e… Your transfer onto Next Gen will have to take place by the end of December 2013 or your Premium status and BF4 stats will be lost

  • JynXten 11.11.13 at 09:56

    What if you don’t want to carry your stats over and would rather start again?

    • The Decaff 12.11.13 at 21:54

      IF you’d like to restart your stats follow this procedure. I don’t believe it resets your weapons and unlocks however. Purely your stats.

      Log in to Battlelog ( http://battlelog.battlefield.com [battlelog.battlefield.com] ). At the top right of the browser you will see your login name. Click it and go to settings;(drop-down list). Click on the soldier tab > Reset Stats. A warning box will then pop up. If you still wish to have your stats reset, hit the confirm button. You need to be premium in order to do this.

  • High Verse 11.02.13 at 18:41

    This is great but, I do have two questions. First, we be able to transfer from Xbox 360 to PS4 or PS3 to Xbox One? I don’t want to start a console war however, I do know that some will be switching to a more preferred platform. Secondly, will DLC, Premium, and other purchased in-game content carry over? And if so, will it be cross platform?


    • InfinitezeeK 11.15.13 at 04:33

      YES, can someone please confirm this, I have the same question because obviously that is what I want to do. I couldn’t care less about the achievements, but I do want all the upgrades, ranks, unlocks etc that I got so far. Can DICE please comment on this.

    • cdc2787 11.21.13 at 20:24

      I too would like to know the answer to this.

  • SgtCarrotTopp 10.31.13 at 18:18

    IT says that al MP stats are carried over which is an amazing thing (thank god… ehem DICE) but does that include DLCs as well, such as China Rising (Got the Pre-Order DLC) and Second Assault? Second, is SA going to be available for Current Gen Consoles?

  • 4rg0n 10.05.13 at 10:37

    RIP – CoD’s players!!! :D

  • Varana 10.01.13 at 09:41

    LOL! people complaining aboyut upgrading a pc each 6 months… you dont need to do that anymore, you only need to have the gpu driver updated. With consoles you cant even upgrade… in 3-6 moths there is a pc more powerful than the console, with better cpu, gpu, ram etc… PC is the best plataform. with the best playability (keyboard+mouse, joystick, xbox’s controllers, ps controllers, other controllers and gamepads, etc) with the best compatibility, and a big ETC…

    • OV3RL0AD3D 10.02.13 at 20:25

      Ok dude, but you PC gamers will never taste great titles – unless you have the pc and consoles as well – like Halo series (since the third one), Gears of War (since the second), God of War (since always), Last of Us, GTA 5 (at least for a while), Ninja Gaiden (all of them), Dead or Alive, and other thousands of consoles exclusives… just saying

    • fgruner 10.31.13 at 02:45

      PC’s are already way better than the next gen consoles.

      • Highest0UTSID3R 03.12.15 at 11:08

        Does your little pc have 8gb of ram? Didn’t think so.

      • SpatialWalnut78 05.04.15 at 09:35

        There are some games that just work better on PCs, like Arma and Battlefield ( which sucks cause I don’t have a PC, while others like COD are just better played on consoles.

  • BeddaChedda 09.30.13 at 21:46

    console doesn’t require ram and processor upgrades every 6 months, there are way more modders on pc, either platform you play on there are modders, and unless you are modding, how the hell do any of you know when someone is modding and when they are not??? you don’t, so stop your needless whining and play the friggin game ya bunch of girls. y’all sound like a bunch of whining school girls…Seriously

  • B14CK WO1F 09.25.13 at 01:50

    Espero con mucho ánimo la beta

  • Ph2_93 09.24.13 at 22:02

    hi, i have a BIG question, if i were to preorder BF4 on Xbox one and want to buy the xbox 360, will my data be able to transfer between xbox one and Xbox 360??? HELP please lol

  • Fawkes13 09.17.13 at 08:56

    hi, i have a BIG question, if i were to preorder BF4 on ps3 and want to buy the xbox one, will my data be able to transfer between PS3 and Xbox??? HELP please

    • Ph2_93 09.24.13 at 22:04

      They are pretty good for xbox 360, so we don’t tend to have this problem.

  • jukePHS_21 09.14.13 at 02:27

    hi, i have a BIG question, if i were to preorder BF4 on Xbox 360 and want to buy the PS4, will my data be able to transfer between XBOX 360 to PS4 ??? HELP please

  • elementira 09.10.13 at 16:09

    HI everyone, one question :) when i want to upgrade my ps3 bf4 to ps4 bf4 should I download bf4 for ps3 over PSN or can i do it by buying the bf4 disc for ps3 then upgrade over psn to bf4 ps4? :D

    • ApostleJack 09.14.13 at 00:20

      Assuming you don’t want to spend like $120, Buy the disc version on the PS3 then trade it in and pay an extra $10 for the PS4 version. Gamestop, EA, Amazon and a bunch of other places are doing a next gen trade up program.

  • secondarycolours 09.05.13 at 04:30

    People aren’t playing BF3 on ps3 anymore, because it’s so dang easy for kids to hack. That’s really ticks people off and is the reason nobody plays BF3 anymore. IF dice would dig their heads out and realize people only want to level up for weapons and privileges (NOT HIT POINTS/XP POINTS) then I’d support them allowing cross platform leveling, otherwise their working for nothing. Just look at the BF3 servers…. I’ll play the beta and if people start hacking it,(making themselves nearly impossible to kill) I’m done with battlefield forever. everyone plays Battlefield for fun, not to be killed by hackers.

    • Midknight_Dreams 09.06.13 at 20:39

      Your comment is flawed in almost every way. First of all, more people play bf3 on ps3. If you go on bf3stats.com right now you can see that there are more players using ps3 than pc or xbox. I have not run into one hacker in my 350+ hours of playing bf3 on ps3. PC is easier to hack because hackers can simply run bf3 with there modded hack engines. Just because you can’t kill an experienced player on bf3 dosnt mean they are hacking. Last but not least is your biggest flaw. “IF dice would dig their heads out and realize people only want to level up for weapons and privileges (NOT HIT POINTS/XP POINTS) then I’d support them allowing cross platform leveling”. Wow. The purpose of getting XP is to unlock weapons, camos, attachments, etc. Everyone knows this(except you obviously). DICE has made an amazing game and have maintained it very well. Battlfield 4 is everything Battlefield 3 should have been. DICE listened and they have done well.

      • secondarycolours 09.18.13 at 23:27

        [quote]“IF dice would dig their heads out and realize people only want to level up for weapons and privileges (NOT HIT POINTS/XP POINTS) then I’d support them allowing cross platform leveling”. Wow. The purpose of getting XP is to unlock weapons, camos, attachments, etc. Everyone knows this[\quote] No, there is a damage modifying ranking system(service stars)in place that people always hack. Players don’t have the time to rank to “Level 100 Col.” Even if they did make level 100, they’d have an outrageous number of kit and weapon service stars.

    • ZeroEdition 09.12.13 at 07:44

      How come that I didnt see any hacker on ps3 and ive played for 500 hours :P

    • RSDSwego 09.17.13 at 20:04

      here m8. depends on wht console your on.

      cod every console bf pc (sometimes consoles) kids? u heard f voice changer?

  • hawkone96 09.05.13 at 03:16

    Ive read online that some how premuim will transfer to next gen. Does this mean if i buy premium for the 360 it transfers to the xbox one. Another thing i want to know is if i have a premium account for bf3 on 360 but i am going to playstation 4 for next gen will i still get the special dog tags that may or may not be given to those who have played bf3. Kind of the way bf3 had dog tags for playing bf2 and bf2bc vietnam

  • aRoundToDaSkull 09.05.13 at 00:06

    I understand the stats will transfer from 360 to One and PS3 to PS4 but will the stats continue to transfer after the initial migration? For example: I plan on purchasing it on 360 and for Xbox One because i will have good squad members that will not upgrade to the next gen and I will still want to play with them on 360. Will the stats accumulate/migrate between consoles continuously or will we at least have the ability to update stats on the 360 after leveling up on Xbox One? It would be a pain if I didn’t have the same unlocks when I play with my 360 buddies.

  • Inndik 09.02.13 at 16:56

    Maybe because some players don’t have the money to have PC which run correctly the game with full options, and the console version is not so awful..?

  • skinnyamers 09.02.13 at 16:36

    I cant see why people would want to play this on next gen console compared to PC

  • Jyrk1_ 08.31.13 at 11:22

    It would be great if I could get my PlayStation 3 stats and everything to PC version, but I think that won’t be never happening. But still going to buy Batllefield 4!

  • King Hunter 666 08.30.13 at 00:13

    I connected psn account to orign with my xbox as well, are we able to then transfer the progression from xbox to ps4? we will at least have the same origin account to do the transfer

  • MatheusDebull 08.26.13 at 11:16

    What about those people who want to own the game on multiple platforms so they can play with their friends?

    I buy an Xbox One but still have friends who wish to play on Xbox 360, so I get BF4 on both. What does that mean? I now must buy BF4 premium for both versions? How will the stats be handled?


    • CryoK1LL4 08.29.13 at 15:58

      I don’t think the actual game (whether it be Battlefield, COD, anything) controls being able to play amongst separate systems. In multiplayer, you can only play with the people on your same system (similar to how xbox 360 people never play against PS3 people). The consoles are on different servers. I have spoke to several GameStop employees about this and they say you WILL NOT be able to play with xbox360 players while you are on the XboxOne. Being premium in a game has nothing to do with it, its about the servers.

      Source: GameStop, Blogs

  • Koffieslikker 08.24.13 at 13:25

    So basicly you buy the 360 game for €60 and then buy the XB1 version (which is pretty much the same) for another €70. Then you want us to buy the Premium for another €50. That’s a total €180 for 1 game. I’m sorry… That’s too much. Frankly I don’t care whether my stats get transferred or not. I do know that our beloved friends from Call of Duty can upgrade their game to next-gen for just €10, which is quite fair to be honest (stll is €120 though). Where’s the love for the fans of Battlefield? I mean I allready feel left behind by Microsoft (no Xbox One in Belgium this year), but what if my favorite game lets me down too?

  • Beest PlaYer 44 08.24.13 at 07:34

    what do you do to transfer stats’s

  • SabataDB 08.23.13 at 07:26

    People, it clearly says right there in the picture. xbox 360 to xbox one, not vice versa and ps3 to ps3, also not vice versa. It also shows no pc to xbox one, and no xbox one to xbox 360.

    One way trip from current consoles to their successors.

  • BS_Ford 08.20.13 at 07:19

    I wish you could migrate your stats from pc to xbox one…

  • SlezyOnlneJerk 08.19.13 at 02:56

    Does this mean if you purchase a bf4 for Xbox one it will play on your 360? Or will you have to purchase one for both consoles?

    • xX MR MANSOM Xx 08.20.13 at 04:49

      Your very dumm.. Just hope u know that.. :)

  • SupaWFL123 08.19.13 at 02:40

    Can you transfer your stats from current gen consoles to a pc? Please say yes…

  • daaanger 08.17.13 at 22:21

    Will there be an option for ghillie suits in bf4??? Please says yes

  • gbhjuy 08.15.13 at 16:22

    Hellow,dear DICE:
    l’m a fan of you.l have some questions want to ask you!

    1)Can l transfer xbox360 to ps4?(the same question for Cakalusa)

    l’m a xbox360 player now and l decide to buy ps4,but l want to experience bf4 immediatel-y .So l want to play it on xbox360 then ps4 .

    2)Can l pay less money for bf4 on ps4 when l bought bf4 at xbox360,and can l download digital bf4 from psn(no disc)?(the same question for CrysisPointman and jerryken987)

    That pay too much, if l buy bf4 again and l don’t want the disc.l want the digital.

    That’s all l ask,and YOU konw the ENVIRONENT has CHANGED.YOU have ORIGIN that you can download data fron it not from XBOX LIVE and l remember EA had agreement with MICROSOFT that EA can RUN its OWN SERVERS on XBOX LIVE.
    l think it not difficult for you.

  • tecknobabble 08.15.13 at 14:26

    The core stats are all visible through battlelog, so they have already been extracted from the Xbox Live and PSN environments, so why can’t that be used as the source for the transfer?

    • mark_mcr 08.20.13 at 17:03

      i agree and hope thats the case … i have an xbox 360 and im getting the ps4 + i dont think its fair if people that are crossing over from xbox to playstation or visa versa should miss out !

  • TheKritter71 08.15.13 at 03:30


  • BOSSC351 08.15.13 at 02:05

    When are you going to fix BF3??? Broken single player game….. Out of region players using lag to cheat. Players absorbing 2x the damage. Players surviving 3 direct tank round hits. Boosting cheaters. Invincible level 100’s. Be damned if im paying for BF4 when you wont fix the game you aready sold me.

    • Pete La Ro 08.17.13 at 02:44

      “Fixing” BF3 every time some whiner got his ass handed to him is what finally made me put the game down for the summer. You whine about the auto shotgun having frag rounds and presto, it turns into a suck fest because you didn’t have the brains to use one yourself and demanded your favorite gun be buffed. Same thing with the IR scope, too easy to see an enemy in the dark. Well, DUH. So they ruined the IR scope and no one uses it because there’s ALWAYS enough light to see by, ironically the flashlight acts like a supernova in broad daylight and causes you to miss point blank with a shotgun. And I am so sick of hearing about level 100 colonels ( they had to reach colonel BEFORE they became level anything) being invincible. The only level 100’s I know that are invincible are the poor sports banning people for non-existent aimbots when some one less leveled than them hands them their tags. Too many level 100’s got that way by spawn camping against a stacked team roster of noobs and randoms and they can’t handle a real fight with anything other than their regular weapon set. If I have to look forward to another nerf-fest in BF4 every time I get good at something I just won’t bother. I’m a damned good pilot but it’s no fun facing unskilled bozo’s packing AA missiles that go right through your flares and ignore below radar flying. What’s the point of getting good at it? The real problem is that other guys don’t learn the vehicles or strategies by training on them for fear their stats will drop. I’m still not level 100 because I just don’t care about the rank, I care that my squad wins and I get to fly a jet and help them stop helicopters killing everyone. It’s a better flying game than H.A.W.X.2 was.

  • v3nga13 08.15.13 at 00:30

    When can i download the BF4 demo from medal of honor warfighter limited edition???

  • JhonWayne101 08.14.13 at 21:36

    They are going to do something about cheaters and the auto aim?? I stop playing BF3 since DICE let cheaters plays without doing anything.

    • Pete La Ro 08.17.13 at 03:39

      Frankly DICE goes out of it’s way to punish cheaters and boosters on the leaderboards but there’s not much they can do about companies like “Evil Controllers” who think their name is SO hilarious when their rip-off illegally modded and altered hardware ruins the game for people who play fair. Boosters and cheats have very fragile egos and very little real skill but want everyone else to think they are the “best”. What they are are chicken sh!t cowards playing with loaded dice who think ruining someone else’s game is funny. They cost the industry millions in litigation and patent infringement knowing the suckers they fleece with their “Modding service” don’t dare turn them in to the attorney general for fraud because the suckers are in fact their accomplices. Microsoft could do more to help crush these fools by making it possible for you to program the buttons on your controller in every game, removing the temptation to buy a controller that has been modded to the same configuration for different shooters layout’s. Aimbots on consoles? Not easy to do without risking your hardware and memory. I won’t play PC because there’s just too many cheats out there and hackers who see every new punkbuster update as a challenge to overcome because they’re still living in their parents basement. It’s more likely you’re playing against a pro with good reflexes and no life other than the game. There’s nothing wrong with playing with a pro, but I probably won’t stick around for another match if the guy tea bags me and acts like a cocky jerk instead of giving some pointers. There are a lot of kids out there with an attitude problem that I’d just as soon ban from the server if they’re going to be dicks and not respect the No T b@g rule our clan has. I’m nearly 50 years old and I don’t need the grief. People who don’t want to be on your team are a lot worse, they can give your vehicles to the enemy then switch sides for a laugh. All you can do is ban them after so many backstabs.

      • Ceph Deception 11.01.13 at 12:54

        I really do not see how people think that modded controller’s make you a better player, they don’t do anything spectacular at all that is why they can not ban them, I have a scuff controller with 4 paddles and it is 100% legal to use by Microsoft, heck Microsoft sponsor Scuf, And I can do 5 times the damage with that than any noob using a modded controller. People winging about modded controllers are just people who winge about everything else.

  • CrysisPointman 08.14.13 at 21:00

    Now if I bought BF4 for 360 and then got and xbox one would I have to buy BF4 over again since there is no backwards compatibility?

    • jerryken987 08.14.13 at 21:14

      You will have to pay twice for the game, good marketing dice…

      • OptimusJarrod 08.15.13 at 14:29

        Not necessarily. The GameStop by my house allows you to trade in Battlefield 4 on PS3 of Xbox 360 and get the new copy for PS4 or Xbox One for $10. They are running this promotion on quite a few games that are releasing on both consoles during the launch window. This game was on their list at least.

    • MarkHawk 08.14.13 at 21:20

      Gamestop announced a trade up program where you can trade a last gen version for the next gen version for 9.99 http://www.gamestop.com/nextgenoffer

      • s_p_a_w_1 08.14.13 at 23:14

        I asked gamestop yesterday and told me that its xbox only.

      • SFAL 08.15.13 at 00:03

        Yes, but that deal ends on December 31st, and there’s no way anyone with any sense is going to buy an XBONE before it’s been out at least six months to a year. :)

        No, seriously, if I’m already playing BF4 on the 360, why move to playing it on the One at all? Much less paying $10 and giving up the disc for the privilege of doing so. No thanks. That’s a lot of what’s going to happen from letting people preorder the 360/PS3 version before the new consoles were even announced officially as available. Why bother moving.

        Plus, think about everyone playing Saint’s Row IV, Rocksmith 2014, GTA V etc on the 360. They have not much of a reason to move to a One any time soon, since none of those (and a bunch of other games) will even be on the One any time soon. If ever.

        Having the same game available on both last gen and next gen console, XBOX or PLAYSTATION, at the same time? Seems a strange thing to do. Is somebody in charge here? Or are people just throwing darts at a monkey who hits an announcement lever or something. Yeah, it’s just all kinds of fued.

    • moh3dasy 08.14.13 at 23:31

      I think yes you have to buy the game for Xbox one to transfer your stats over

    • lord_of_blah 08.15.13 at 00:23

      Yes, because the 360 and XB1 versions are different games. GameStop is offering a program where you only need to pay $10 for the upgrade if you give them the 360 version, though.

  • Apathet1cHer0 08.14.13 at 20:52

    64 player maps on next gen consoles?!? Or just for PC

    • PNOY_GeLL 08.14.13 at 20:56

      its for next gen consoles and PC.

    • joe-z69 08.14.13 at 21:13

      On the next gen consoles to

    • SkyeWolf 08.14.13 at 21:48

      Yes the next gen consoles will support 64 player matches, and are very on par with the PC version

      • StUpIdKoAlA 08.14.13 at 23:59

        Actually no because on pc it’s suppose to be 70 players so that the five members squad can work properly…

  • Cakalusa 08.14.13 at 20:43

    What about Xbox 360 to PS4?

    • xXFatality06Xx 08.14.13 at 20:45

      I’m wondering about that too.

    • Cyko_Kn1ght 08.14.13 at 20:54

      Not gonna happen I am afraid, cross platform is a whole different story. Updating from xbox 360 to xbox 1, and ps3 to ps4 would be easy enough but highly doubt that you will be able to move your profile from an xbox to playstation.

    • CeeBeeNord 08.14.13 at 21:10

      Hahaha! Gotcha! :)

  • xi-cottonseed 08.14.13 at 20:43

    See you guys on the battlefield.