Frantic and explosive: Battlefield 4 Obliteration mode overview

DICE has always wanted to widen the available experiences to players of Battlefield. Never has the game modes on offer been so diverse than with Battlefield 4. If you’ve followed our live stream from gamescom, you know already that one of our all-new game modes is the explosive Obliteration, and we wanted to let you know more about this great addition to the game.

Obliterate the opposition

Obliteration is one of the most frantic and high-paced modes available in Battlefield 4. Two teams face off on medium-sized battlegrounds where one bomb spawns in a random central location. The mission: To pick up the bomb and arm it at one of the enemy’s three military installations and blow it up. When the bomb has detonated, a new bomb spawns in a random location, and the race is on again! The first team to destroy all three objectives wins.

The single available bomb creates a strong focal point of action, with both teams risking it all to be able to bring the bomb to the enemy base. It’s a game mode all about staying on the offensive and all about being a mobile team player.

The daily BF4 live streams from gamescom will be back with more Obliteration gameplay in the upcoming days. In the meantime, you can check out jackfrags’ video capture from his gamescom session playing Obliteration to get a taste of what’s in store.

We also have a second all-new game mode in Battlefield 4 called Defuse – where players don’t have any respawns at all for an even tighter and quicker infantry-only game mode. More on Defuse later.

So there you have it. From infantry-only tight mode Defused to frantic mobile warfare in Obliteration and the Battlefield classic Conquest on vast open maps. No matter your style of pay or preference, you will find the mode in Battlefield 4. Let us know what you think in the poll below!

Battlefield 4 releases October 29 with seven game modes: Team Deathmatch, Squad Deathmatch, Rush, Domination, Conquest, Defuse, and Obliteration. All seven game modes will be playable across the 10 multiplayer maps launched with the game. You can pre-order Battlefield 4 to get the China Rising expansion pack at no additional cost.

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  • TBROD 10.10.13 at 03:41

    Sounds fun but lets get CTF in BF4

  • ShadowWolf81 10.10.13 at 01:13

    For the poll. Its a tough choice between Conquest and Rush. The new Obliteration map might be fun (have yet to try it enough, But curious if it will be ‘limited’ to 32 player matches, or if pc users can go up to 64 on it.

  • Lord Brewster 10.09.13 at 19:53

    I can see Southpaws being at a disadvantage in obliteration mode. Running through the map with a bomb will require lots of jumping around. On the xbox 360 dice really should have a control scheme with the jump button as one of the shoulder buttons!

  • ITS-P01NTL3SS 09.11.13 at 12:06

    Dice fix the realism please as trees dont break at the right place when you shoot at it and there is no way possible to shoot the windmill in the sea down with a machine gun standing far of on land ..that is un realistic and impossible as those windmills are keeps a sea line warship in place from moving and then this guy comes and shoots it with a machinegun down …thats pathetic…really

  • DSX1999 09.07.13 at 04:31

    So are all the maps gonna be set in China and the surrounding areas? Or can we get some US Invasion maps like BF2′s Armored Fury Expansion. Love to have a Siege of Shanghai style throwdown in NYC or maybe fight on the streets of Downtown LA

  • DSX1999 09.07.13 at 04:16

    Where’s the option in the poll where I can select “Other” and say Onslaught Mode lol

  • The-umbrella-360 09.07.13 at 02:09

    bf4 should have a suvivle mode but not people and not zombies but dinosaurs because dinos were found alot on maps in bf3 so there should be a online suvivle with like 10 to 15 dice please do this evan if it sets you back like 3 more months it would bring the game to a hole new level please please please!!!!

  • wWaAVve 09.01.13 at 07:35

    Game’s looking great so far! Can’t wait.

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