All-New MP Footage, Open Beta Details, BF4 Premium Announced

Wow. Tons of exciting Battlefield 4 news have been flooding in from the EA press conference at gamescom and we’re still catching our breath. Read on for all the Battlefield 4 updates from Cologne.

First off, we’re proud to show you the Battlefield 4 Paracel Storm multiplayer trailer, which demonstrates the intense naval battles Battlefield 4 has to offer. Experience how Levolution works at sea and witness how Frostbite 3 creates dynamic waves that offers new challenges and tactical opportunites in multiplayer.

Pre-order Battlefield 4 to make sure you are prepared to enter the Battlefield on day one.

Battlefield 4 Open Beta in October
DICE GM Karl-Magnus Troedsson also revealed the Battlefield 4 open beta. Available for all gamers on PC, X360, and PS3, the beta will feature the Siege of Shanghai map in the classic Battlefield Conquest mode. Battlefield 3 Premium members, those who pre-order  Battlefield 4 Digital Deluxe Edition and owners of Medal of Honor: Warfighter (Limited or Digital Deluxe Edition) will have access to the exclusive beta early October for three days. Following that, the open beta will kick off. This will be the perfect opportunity for everyone to Prepare 4 Battle before the October 29 launch.


Pre-order Battlefield 4 Digital Deluxe Edition to get access to the exclusive beta.

During the conference we also announced Battlefield 4 Premium. Designed with our fans in mind, this membership will give players two weeks early access to five future Battlefield 4 expansion packs. Premium users are also prioritized in server queues and will enjoy unique camos, emblems, dogtags and more. Watch the Battlefield 4 Premium trailer below for the very first details of the upcoming expansion packs.

Learn more about Battlefield 4 Premium.

So there you have it: the EA press conference brought three major announcments for Battlefield 4 fans, and we’ve only just begun. Gamescom is soon in full swing, so stay tuned on the Battlefield Blog for daily updates from the show floor all week.

Remember to make your voice heard in our poll. What announcement from this day of gamescom excited you the most?

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  • DarkReconDevil75 10.27.13 at 23:02

    Not to spam the comment or nothing but can anyone tell me why I can’t find my BF4 premium? I downloaded it and looked at my ordered history and it keeps saying I refund it (I do not remember the time when I refund it), but I don’t remember getting a e-mail confirmation or anything like that.

  • Daatomicsoldier 08.26.13 at 01:54

    And yet again…. DICE makes an amazingly, eye-popping video game that rockets us into outer space, Outstanding job, DICE

  • Daatomicsoldier 08.26.13 at 01:50

    I don,t remember this from the gamescom 2013 press conference but does anyone know if it will let you customize your character?

  • Biggstuff 08.25.13 at 12:54

    I can’t wait for Battlefield4.i love the previous battlefield games but I would love some avatars tho complement my ps3/4. Are there any in the pipe line?

  • TakahashiRyos-ke 08.23.13 at 01:00

    I’m a BF3 Premium member, and I am satisfied with the extra money I spent. But the #1 thing I want out of a BF4 Premium membership is getting a discount on the expansion packs vs. buying them individually, one by one as a non-Premium player. If there is no discount, I won’t buy Premium membership. I don’t care about emblems, dog tags or even early access.

  • xxBMXxxASSASAIN 08.22.13 at 21:53

    Funny how since the day I picked up the preorder of MOHwarfighter.. we sll wsited almost exactly s year.. just to find out we get 3 days early acces to the beta before sny1 else does…

  • NotimPorten 08.22.13 at 01:54

    I’m pretty disappointed. By “two weeks early access” I thought it meant getting earlier access than others, until the full game is released. But just 3 days? Seriously?

  • PaiSand 08.21.13 at 19:49

    Only 3 days for the exclusive access? Really!? I could understand 2 weeks, but 3 days? That’s what it takes to download the game.

  • saadtasmia 08.21.13 at 19:13

    Will there be Levolution on PS3?

  • xxGnomercyxx 08.21.13 at 09:10

    When does the beta come out. i have it on my Origin. is there a date when it’ll be available?

  • ChickenWings122 08.21.13 at 07:45

    What will be the difference between BF4 for the PS3 and PS4?

    • ViciousBroccoli 08.21.13 at 08:50

      I know that the ps4 version will have a total of 64 online players as opposed to just 24. Plus, it will run on 60 frames/minute. Other than that, I do not know what else is different

      • Largoh 08.21.13 at 09:10

        You mean 60 frames a second. Otherwise it will be a slide show…

      • WarTornRemnant 08.21.13 at 11:46

        It’s 60 fps, meaning 60 frames per second. A minute would be unplayable lol

        • ChickenWings122 08.21.13 at 12:19

          So will there any graphic difference? Like, say if I stuck with the PS3, would I be able to enjoy the full experience of the Frostbite 3 engine?

          • PrecedentPeak89 08.21.13 at 14:44

            Well, as for the FULL experience, no. The engine would run a lot better on PS4.

    • DrunkSanTa217 08.21.13 at 22:57

      Graphics, multiplayer, on the PS3 there can only be 24 or 32 players online in multiplayer, on the PS4 64 players can be online in one game at once.

  • RazorBear72 08.21.13 at 07:41

    Open beta….feeling a pissed about preordering warfighter for this

    • twilpawa 08.21.13 at 10:03

      we will get it early

    • PrecedentPeak89 08.21.13 at 14:44

      You guys get three days to enjoy it before they let the rest of us in.

  • Jeremiad c(-; 08.21.13 at 07:27

    Meh, by pre-ordering Deluxe edition you will only get 3 days “exlusive” access… That sounds bad and waste of all excitement. I thought that it would be 2 weeks before like with all BF3 DLC’s.

    • mizzou852 08.22.13 at 07:18

      The beta isnt DLC though so you shouldnt have thought that.

  • DerpyLynx97 08.21.13 at 06:01

    now that I remember, pre-registration details were on the back of the box….then again, that limited edition code better work.

  • DerpyLynx97 08.21.13 at 05:59

    so I feel like I got ripped off pre-ordering MoH: Warfighter Limited Edition. I really hope the Bf4 beta announcement on the box wasn’t a lie.

  • kfrogg1 08.21.13 at 05:31

    what about all of us who pre-order metal of honor to get battlefield 4 beta

  • BrownBacon 08.21.13 at 05:26

    it’s simple on the cover Medal of Honor war fighter Limited Edition gets access 2 battle field 4 beta so if we don’t get it I can sue for false advertisement

  • dschuth 08.21.13 at 05:06

    Wtf happened to the Medal of Honor “exclusive access”????????

    • BrownBacon 08.21.13 at 05:27

      you might be able to sue for false advertisement

    • Savage-Dawg 08.21.13 at 05:28

      YEAH thats messed up they did not mentioned that. We preorded MOH and we are not getting BF4? Thats messed up right there.

  • Tyben23 08.21.13 at 05:03

    Nice job Dice, I been a fan of your games for a long time. Now lets get out there in have fun, oh one more thing. More guns please, and make the M82 sniper rifle playable for those who reached the 100 mark in BF3 or who reach the last level (making it unlockable for anytime use). Thanks for your ears and eyes!

    • Tyben23 08.21.13 at 05:07

      Forgot to add, last level of BF4 for permanent use of M82 sniper rifle.

  • Hated Greatness 08.21.13 at 04:40

    If BF4’s Premium is of similar quality and size as BF3’s….consider me SOLD!

  • Lucifer6six6 08.21.13 at 04:33

    Im hoping that the owners of Medal of Honor Limited Edition a least get in a few days early for the beta… that was one of the major reasons I even bought the damn game….

  • ~TAMAN~ 08.21.13 at 02:46

    someone give me some information please
    If i buy premium do i get the base game????

    • Nekotaro 08.21.13 at 04:29

      you won’t.

    • Lucifer6six6 08.21.13 at 04:34

      No. Premium is an add-on.

    • Skater_Ricky 08.21.13 at 04:55

      “Buying Battlefield Premium for Battlefield 4 will give you all 5 Expansion Packs “All DLC Maps” along with getting content 2 weeks early such as Game Modes, Weapons, Vehicles, and all 5 Expansion Packs.

      Think of it like this you buy Battlefield 4 Premium you get everything that will be for BF4 from launch day tell they no longer have DLC for the game. Battlefield Premium members also get extra in-game features like “Priority Server Queues” so when you join a game server you have priority over someone that just has the base game.”

    • Savage-Dawg 08.21.13 at 05:28


  • rockgator8 08.21.13 at 02:05

    no mention of those of us that preordered moh war fighter?

  • G Aka hOLd ThaT 08.20.13 at 23:29

    I will gladly be getting Premium upon it’s release. Best value by far and this little tease of intel they gave us about the upcoming expansion packs is making even more excited to play it!

  • THINK-_-GREEN 08.20.13 at 23:22

    Second Assault maps are:

    Operation Firestorm,

    Gulf of Oman,

    Operation Metro,

    Caspian Border,

    I’m pretty happy with the selection, kinda sad to not see Wake Island since its a pretty navel heavy map and an “original” but after BF3 I don’t think it would be too popular.

  • UntotenKartofel 08.20.13 at 23:04

    Hmm…I pay 60 dollars for a game that I play for ten hours. Then I spend 300 hours for a game that I spent 40 on, then another 40 for premium for another 200 hours. Guys, for the money you spend, it’s totally worth it, but please take out admin powers for servers (rules ate stupid, map sets and increases tickets are fine). The biggest problem I have with dice though is how that ignore fixing glitches. Metro…. wouldn’t it take adding on one wall to fix that glitch instead of adding another 15 gigs of data of expansion packs? Please, just more involved maintanance

  • MattJeter-Xz 08.20.13 at 22:32

    Battlefield 3 Premium was also a $50 add-on. Did you guys expect to get $15 expansions, and other things for buying the game?

  • An_Lei_Laoshi 08.20.13 at 22:04

    Someone really voted the PREMIUM? OMG…

  • LyKwiD_eLiFiNt 08.20.13 at 21:59

    So is BF4 Premium an add-on to the standard edition? So $120 for bf4?

    • G Aka hOLd ThaT 08.20.13 at 23:25

      You don’t have to buy Premium at all the base game will be mind blowing on it’s own. However, if you want the best value and continually fresh new content, and an even more epic online warfare experience then you will buy it. Bottom line Premium is the best “bang for your buck” compared to any other DLC from any other game.

  • Smooch01 08.20.13 at 21:29

    Still hoping for some details about the “Rent-a-server”. Are we going to be able to exclude 500% ticket servers with our quick match functionality? Admin abuse and team swapping still going to be unbalancing games? gimme details plzz

    • MattJeter-Xz 08.20.13 at 22:32

      So don’t join the server. Or buy your own.

  • Vegeta10101010 08.20.13 at 21:14

    wait $69.99 for deluxe then you have to buy Battlefield 4™ Premium 49.99??

  • saadtasmia 08.20.13 at 21:11

    Will levolution be available on PS3 and XB360?

  • Loki823 08.20.13 at 21:01

    Ouch, that should be upsetting for the BF community. The “Exclusive” Beta for BF4 actually only being 3 days early access while everyone has access to it after that. Not really worth it considering some purchased MoH Warfighter Limited Edition just for that chance (including myself). Seem a bit of a rip off.

  • bee144 08.20.13 at 20:51

    oooohhhhh yeaaaa! It’s about time. A little ticked though about the closed beta only lasting 3 days. Should be at least a week until it opens up.

  • karl120699 08.20.13 at 20:39

    its AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

  • ProPrince1915 08.20.13 at 20:29

    Dice you are amazing the new paracel trailer is above and beyond phenomenal

  • LyKwiD_eLiFiNt 08.20.13 at 19:54

    So Pre-ordering Premium BF4 is less than preordering standard BF4! Sweeeet

  • General534 08.20.13 at 19:46

    So I got MoH Warfighter and BF3 Premium does the Closed Beta even matter anymore it’s just a ripoff now that theres an open beta

    • [DICE] H Brun 08.20.13 at 20:21

      You get one exclusive Beta before the Open Beta.

  • NWI_AZTEC 08.20.13 at 19:41

    If I buy PREMIUM for PS3, will there be any sort of discount for PREMIUM when I inevitably switch to PS4?

  • GreenPlease 08.20.13 at 19:28

    Eye spy in the BF4 trailer:
    -The F-22
    -Little bird
    -Boats have TV missiles…
    Ah, who am I kidding. I saw the F-22 and stopped caring about everything else :D

    • Luck0fShields 08.20.13 at 20:11

      where did u see an f22?? i saw the j20 and the sukhoi pak fa

    • GoldenEagle-SY 08.20.13 at 20:58

      sry to kill the joy :D, but the jet was the Russian T 50 Pak Fa,”Google it”, and the other jet was the Chinese J 20, they both are stealth fighters like the F 22, will be mostly on the US side, and the F 35 for the Carrier.
      But till now I can’t figure why a Russian Jet is on the US side on this map.

  • shintopig 08.20.13 at 19:24

    When will we be able to buy BF4 Premium? I’d rather just buy the game & premium together and get it over with; I want both anyway.

    Is there a discount for getting the game & premium together?

    Is there a premium edition to the game, like there was in BF3?

  • 00killer123 08.20.13 at 19:21

    Nice job dice, although I don’t know why you guys would cut it so close with the beta. If it were me I would draw out the beta for as long as possible and get as much info from it to fix everything. We don’t want an uncompleted game. All around great job.

    • NWI_AZTEC 08.20.13 at 19:43

      I suppose they’re keeping to the plan they had for BF3’s BETA. Not sure how much sooner the closed beta will be before it’s OPEN but there will be a lot more players in the closed beta,

    • LyKwiD_eLiFiNt 08.20.13 at 19:55

      They’ve already tested it. They just release the beta to give people a taste of the game, and make them want to buy the real thing

  • Toona_Boy 08.20.13 at 19:12

    Shut up and take my money.

  • FiFa_iZa_CraZe 08.20.13 at 19:03

    Holy Mother of Jesus i need Battlefield 4