Battlefield 4 goes to gamescom: Follow our live stream for all-new map and mode

BF4 will turn up at gamescom

Battlefield 4 is going to gamescom, providing our fans the chance to go hands-on with the game on an all-new multiplayer map. If you can’t make it to the show, the Battlefield Blog is the second best place to be, as we’ll bring the show experience directly to you. You can learn about some of the highlights in the upcoming days below.

Battlefield 4 at the EA press conference

Starting August 20, EA and DICE will make one its biggest gamescom appearances in history. First, on August 20, tune into EA’s 2013 gamescom press conference at 4PM CEST for the scoop on an all-new Battlefield 4 multiplayer mode and map. We’ll also give you the first look at our upcoming Battlefield 4 Premium content.

Battlefield 4 will be playable on the show floor with an all-new explosive game mode on a map that we have kept under wraps for the show. Starting August 21, you will be able to follow our live stream from the show floor for unedited gameplay footage, hosted by Corey Dunn that you might recognize from our hugely successful E3 live stream earlier this year.

Follow our live stream with an all-new map and mode

Corey Dunn and Alex Mendez from the BF4 live stream at E3 2013
Corey Dunn and Alex Mendez from the BF4 live stream at E3 2013 are back — and they’ll have a new map and explosive new game mode to take you through.

You’ll be able to follow the Battlefield 4 live stream from gamescom 2013 at — and when you log in you’ll be awarded the “I WAS THERE” dog tag for use in Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. RSVP to the live stream event to show your support for Battlefield 4.

Celebrate gamescom week with 2XP in BF3

To celebrate the show, we’re turning gamescom week into double XP week for all Battlefield 3 players! Join our gamescom updates here on the blog, then hop onto the Battlefield for a total of 120 hours’ worth of double XP. The double XP event starts August 21 at 2AM PST / 11 AM CEST (click link for a handy time zone table) and ends on August 26, 120 hours later.

Battlefield 4 gamescom 2013 highlights

August 20 @4PM CEST / EA press conference, featuring the latest on Battlefield 4
August 21-25 / Live stream from the show floor featuring all-new map and game mode
Daily / Updates on the blog with new game details, photos from the show floor, videos, and more

BF4 goes to gamescom 2013

Gamescom 2013 runs August 20-25 and is one of the biggest consumer game shows in the world. Stay tuned here on the Battlefield Blog for all things Battlefield 4 during the entire week. We’ll bring you the latest videos, gameplay details, and live footage directly from the show floor.

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  • Volt615 10.23.13 at 19:06

    Still waiting!

  • Volt615 10.03.13 at 13:21

    I still do not have the DOG TAG!

  • Volt615 09.17.13 at 22:17

    Still do not have the DOG TAG!

  • Volt615 08.29.13 at 07:40

    Well after 5 days I never got the dog tag nor have I been contacted in any way to notify me when they will be issued since they are to be used in BF3 & BF4.

  • FTWWTFUX 08.22.13 at 16:54

    hmmmmm. the other link says the event “ended” today is the 22nd. it has not “ended”!

  • Volt615 08.22.13 at 01:32

    I followed the link, logged in but I have yet to be awarded the dog tag “I was there” and it has been 7 hours now.

  • General534 08.20.13 at 18:18

    Go to YouTube’s Battlefield channel and watch the new Paracel Storm trailer! I wet 3 pairs of pants. And blog guys where’s the stream it’s supposed to start 2 hours ago and it’s still offline what’s the holdup?

  • sgtmattman 08.20.13 at 15:38

    I’m excited about seeing the new map and game mode can’t wait keep up the good work ea

  • jambolto 08.20.13 at 14:16

    has anyone read the polls. that’s right ea screw your press conference and your online passes

    • sgtmattman 08.20.13 at 15:37

      Hey fyi you know that ea is getting rid of that system right or you not been up to date for idk the past 6 months maybe you should think before you slam on them just saying man do some research please

    • Gonzai99 08.20.13 at 16:56

      theres no online pass.

  • gostor536 08.20.13 at 11:42

    is LISA gonna be there???

  • TheDiaperButtKid 08.20.13 at 01:34

    Who dressed those guys!? They should be fired immediately.

  • Leozori 08.20.13 at 01:27

    Could we get a high resolution version of this BF Cologne (gamescom) theme?

  • acealchemist 08.19.13 at 23:51

    I really hope and pray to see a Hardcore Gametype with increased bullet damage (More damage than BF3 current HC) I’m excited to see what DICE brings to the table! I also miss the old Hard core gold that was presented in BFBC2 that removed the mini map, it made this much funner and increased squad teamplay by 50% or more.

    • ZeroSigma 08.20.13 at 15:42

      They should just make the hosted servers more configurable so that host can add/remove mini-map, increase bullet damage (reduce total HP), increase fall damage etc which will allow you to host your own flavour of HC.

  • K0M4ND0_K3N4N 08.19.13 at 21:24

    I’m going to miss the livestream as I’m away :( will the footage from gamescom be uploaded here daily?

  • BiIlyMay 08.19.13 at 20:26

    Better b titan mode ijs

  • j_richie9 08.19.13 at 20:24

    I cant waite to get my hands on this :)

  • xxBMXxxASSASAIN 08.19.13 at 18:23

    So stoked about BF4! WHEN DOES THE EArLY ACCESS BETA startts from those whom pre-ordered MoH:Warfighter?

  • darkmouse13 08.19.13 at 17:38

    IL va sortir quand le trailer du pack china rising ?

  • MAD_JIHAD 08.19.13 at 15:32

    MOD support? LAN support? Battlerecorder? Proper spectator that actually represents what the player is doing? Is that to much to ask of a AAA game in 2013?

  • oxley75 08.19.13 at 15:27

    Does anyone know what time the streams will start in GMT?

  • ColonelChocomel 08.19.13 at 13:23

    I’ll watch the stream every day. I hope the new map and gamemode will be awesome.

  • lightspots 08.19.13 at 13:01

    Where is that bridge in the picture?

  • Cogneter 08.19.13 at 11:40

    The link to the livestream is a bit broken.

  • ll-BaconTank-ll 08.19.13 at 11:22

    More 2xp :O

  • gostor536 08.19.13 at 10:12

    YAY!!!! Corey and Alex are BAAACCCKKK!!!!!!

  • pfernandez1968 08.19.13 at 09:35

    I been waiting for this… :D