Battlefield 4 wins the Official Gamescom Award for Best PC game

Fans and press have given us great feedback for Battlefield 4 at gamescom!

UPDATE: Battlefield 4 won eight awards, including the Official Gamescom Award for Best PC Game, Most Wanted PC Game (Computec Games), Best Graphics, and Best FPS (World Game Navigator) – as well as several Editor’s Choice Awards.

BF4 gamescom awards

Battlefield 4 won the following eight awards at gamescom 2013:
Best PC Game | Official Gamescom Award
Most Wanted PC | Computec Games
Editor’s Choice PS3/PS4 Award | Play3
Editor’s Choice X360/Xbox One award | XBG 360 Games
Editor’s Choice PC award | PC Games
Best Graphics Gamescom 2013 | World Game Navigator
Best FPS Gamescom 2013 | World Game Navigator
Game of Show | XGN

Battlefield 4 also received an additional 16 nominations including Game of the Show (Gameswelt) and Best Action Game (Gamescom).

Bam! Executive producer Patrick Bach with the Computec “Most Wanted PC” Award.

Sample BF4 awards at gamescom 2013
A sampling of the awards we’ve posted on our booth wall here at gamescom 2013.

We’re both happy, proud, and humbled that Battlefield 4 entertains as much as we’ve always hoped it would. Special thanks to all of our fans. We wouldn’t be here without you. See you on the Battlefield!

Want to hit the Battlefield on day one? Pre-order Battlefield 4 to get the China Rising expansion pack at no additional cost.

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  • Adam821748 09.08.13 at 22:02

    no surprise there

  • CHECKMATE-USA 08.30.13 at 09:18

    how about we wait until its public and we can see the lag issues and game play glitches before we all praise it…

  • Mr 80D 08.29.13 at 05:52

    No surprise been a Hardcore Enthusiast of Battlefield since 1942 played everyone that has come out. Glad to see you still got it.

  • RentedH1tm4nBen 08.28.13 at 23:37

    They’re lucky crytek isn’t there and btw i know people like BF graphic but it’s not real time so if crytek would’ve been there a big nono for best graphic and btw idk why din’t forza 5 get the best graphic

  • MuriDiSonno 08.28.13 at 04:00

    Awesome, keep working guys, you are doing a nice job!

  • wWaAVve 08.28.13 at 03:07

    What i liked most about creating a map and gameplay plugin/mod for Bungie’s Myth2:Soulblighter (one of the greatest games of all time by the way) was…
    Noticing the mistakes created while adding an effect or physics change. The mistake became THE GREATEST feature to keep at times. The small things.
    For example, a smoked stone chard that once landed on the grass from the spinning javelins that cut across the landscape, set fire to it once.
    So I tweaked the variables to make random stones on occasion, but often enough to happen, yet still looking natural and not obvious, set FIRE to the landscape along it’s path.
    After adding black smoke trails to those “random” stones, and stretching the distance those spinning javelins could travel across the long, winding green- hilled landscape, chopping in half any enemy that the weapon encountered in its 100 meter distance, while spitting out limbs and smoke-charred objects that occasionally lit pockets of land on fire was AMAZING.
    That’s no different than when Patrick
    first discovered the sniper “mistake” of being able to shoot through helicopter windows in B3.
    Or DICE noticing the sand dune “waves” that created tank battles that led to ships in a roaring sea.
    Keep noticing the small things DICE, the mistakes, and links to piece together great things.

  • PRDXN 08.28.13 at 02:03

    In my opinion BF4 is such an awesome game and it deserves all of this awards

  • IITHEPATRIOTII 08.28.13 at 01:52

    Well deserved!

  • hADji_KiLLa 08.27.13 at 20:19

    The BF franchise continues to add variables that enhance gameplay and give players numerous options. Meanwhile COD just repaints the house…. its the same house.

  • CareerBASSPRO 08.27.13 at 18:33

    BF4 deserved every bit of it.Nothing can be better then BF4. CoD doesn’t stand a chance!

  • FruitCakeFPS 08.27.13 at 16:55

    Totally deserved it. I mean, which FPS can be better than BF4 right now? CoD: Ghosts? Nope. And oops.. Accidentally used the forbidden word.

  • wWaAVve 08.27.13 at 02:19

    Oh, and I forgot to mention It’s hard to recall a SINGLE day I haven’t watched at least one Battlefield 4 Video if not a few Dozen, studying it against all of my past FPS experiences realizing none can ever compare, except maybe the very first time I started Halo 1 Campaign. And that’s saying a LOT since Halo was a game changer for all that followed…

  • realny718 08.25.13 at 15:28

    Congrats, by the looks of it, these awards are in the right hands. Good work guys.

  • Bloodzzzzzzzzzzz 08.25.13 at 08:18

    Congratz Patrick

  • o T R U 3 z 08.25.13 at 05:37

    Congratulations DICE and Patrick Bach! Should’ve received every FPS/Graphics awards in my opinion.

  • lightspots 08.24.13 at 01:23

    Why not make dynamic objectives just like siege of shanghai in paracel storm?echo flag shall be movable and can be sunk by extreme fire power.russian base shall be drivable,but with a limited range.and both bases should be destructible.

  • Joao611 08.23.13 at 23:00

    I don’t like that rape face Patrick is doing at me… D:

  • CareerBASSPRO 08.23.13 at 18:42

    It deserved it it will be the best game yet!

  • wWaAVve 08.23.13 at 17:01

    Well deserved! Proof that your own tastes are matching your core audience and beyond. Keep play testing the shit out of it in the office and if you don’t like something don’t add it. We trust DICE so you can glance at the fans opinions but in the end YOU are in control of the masterpiece. Thanks and I can’t wait 3 damn months!
    And I really can’t wait for Friggin’ Star Wars but I won’t even think of that yet!! B4 will carry us until then!
    Congrats and thanks for never settling. Keep pushing all boundaries and it will always pay off!!
    (New Battlefield Player)

    • [DICE] H Brun 08.23.13 at 22:25

      Thanks a lot! It’s like we said, we wouldn’t be here without our fans.

  • MtnDewMe251 08.23.13 at 16:28

    Ya Damn Right!!!! when is bf4 premium edition going to be available for pre-order???

    • ColonelChocomel 08.23.13 at 16:45

      There’s no premium edition yet. You need to buy premium seperately at the moment.

  • ColonelChocomel 08.23.13 at 15:42


    • [DICE] H Brun 08.23.13 at 22:25

      Thank you!

      • gd074 08.24.13 at 00:08

        i have to ask this, i know we dont speak about your competition on this
        but i want to know if they were even nominated?
        the reason why i ask is because the past couple years it seems like they win all the awards when battlefield is clearly better. i really dont understand it. Congrats!!
        this year i just have a feeling you will win every award in every category.

        • HE-HAW 08.27.13 at 14:39

          we all know who you are talking about i used to be a cod fan but only because i had never played battlefield but after 10 mins of playing battlefield 3 i was hooked now when i turn on cod the game annoys the hell out of me and i reckon its the same for a lot of people they lost this year because they put out the same crap year in year out…!…