Battlefield 4 at Gamescom 2013: Recap

It’s been an exciting week for Battlefield at gamescom 2013. In case you missed any of the news, we’ve put together a brief recap.

First up is the Battlefield 4: Official “Paracel Storm” Multiplayer Trailer, showing off a brand new map with tons of naval warfare, unique Levolution moments, and more.

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Battlefield 4 Beta

We also revealed that the Battlefield 4 Beta will launch in early October. The Beta will feature the Siege of Shanghai map in the classic Battlefield Conquest mode. Battlefield 3 Premium members, those who pre-order Battlefield 4 Digital Deluxe Edition and owners of Medal of Honor: Warfighter (Limited or Digital Deluxe Edition) will have access to the exclusive Beta early October for three days. Following that, the open Beta will kick off. This will be the perfect opportunity for everyone to Prepare 4 Battle before the October 29 launch.

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Levolution Trailer

In addition to the Paracel Storm trailer, we also showed off Levolution, in ways both big and small.

Learn more about Levolution

Premium Announced

Membership gives you early access to five future Battlefield 4 expansion packs, and much more. For the first details on Premium in Battlefield 4, check out the Premium Trailer.

Learn more about Battlefield 4 Premium

New Game Mode Revealed

During the Battlefield 4 Live Stream, players tried out a new game mode, Obliteration.

The goal in Obliteration is to destroy your enemies’ targets using bombs before they destroy yours. The catch? The bombs are placed in a central zone and it’s a race to pick it up. To get a feel for Obliteration, check out this short clip recorded live at gamescom 2013.

Watch more Live Stream footage

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  • fancybard933 09.27.13 at 04:38

    Why no deluxe edition for nextgen consoles and i need my dogtag coz i preordered the game on nxtgn console: Xbox one

  • Volt615 09.17.13 at 22:14

    Never received my Dog Tag!

  • Volt615 09.09.13 at 05:57

    I am still waiting on my “I was there” dog tag! Come on EA, how many times must I post in the forums and on this Blog before this is resolved.

  • CareerBASSPRO 09.05.13 at 18:52

    Obliteration will be a great game mode until people learn where to sneak, how to plant faster, how to camp the bomb without being shot or seen, and other little in’s and out’s making it a hard game mode that will eventually turn into MLG game mode type thing.
    Also people will abuse the Commander mode power to drop big buildings on people getting lots of team kills making people rage quit the game.
    I just hope that when i get into a game i can play in a good squad and not some now it all kid who steals all the kills and shows off his gun to EVERYONE.

  • Khaled_bf3_2012 09.01.13 at 18:17


  • RascalxRaccoon 08.29.13 at 19:11

    is anybody else slightly concerned about obliteration? all i can see is tons of c4 camper chugging campsauce allday with thier bipods out. and not to mention all of the at minethat can be hidden in all of the grass and foliage that is around. all im seeing in that last video is ctf on kiaser railroad. just playing devils advocate here guys.

    • wWaAVve 08.29.13 at 19:42

      I am slightly concerned about too much C4, mines and other explosives in general.
      The reason is we tend to move around quickly as Infantry in FPS games but in real life we’d take our time to notice these mines.
      It’s obviously too early to tell and I hope this is something DICE is aware of while play testing,especially since one of the themes in B4 is to increase mobility. Mines or set-and-forget explosives could go against that theme and become frustrating for infantry especially in Obliteration.
      We’ll see but I trust DICE.

      • GameFreakBoy 09.06.13 at 14:31

        Don’t forget that explosives and other equipment can be spotted too.

    • GameFreakBoy 09.06.13 at 14:25

      If there is a commander in that game mode. No one will be able to hide. If he camps for too long and you don’t like it, mark him as HVT. :) Now everyone sees him and wants the bonus points.
      But yeah. I can see how the fun of this game mode will eventually be ruined by some people.

  • tropbope1 08.29.13 at 10:39

    Viva o Battlefield, parabéns a todos.

  • KnockFoX 08.29.13 at 06:03

    DICE add MI24 SuperHind in the game PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!

  • Sum1betterthnU 08.28.13 at 23:07

    Add Supermaneuverability @ jets! :D
    it would be soooo fuckin cool ^^

  • kadasha910 08.28.13 at 19:19

    We hope to be in the game F-18D aircraft, as in Battlefield 2

  • deafwing 08.28.13 at 18:55

    honestly not surprised at the award

  • NUYORICAN_ 08.28.13 at 04:24

    Is the CO-OP Mode STILL 2 players

    OR. Did they Make it for. 4 or 5 Players

    That would be GREAT to do …. With 4 or 5

  • OkeanosCH 08.27.13 at 14:27

    “i was so clever, i bought MOH AND(!) Premium and now i only got 3 days early access”
    You guys want some cheese with your whine?

  • wWaAVve 08.27.13 at 02:45

    …studying them against all of my FPS experiences, tweaking them in my mind like a fine scene in a past animation or film class…

    • suprafan2jz 08.27.13 at 03:29

      Haha true story. Except for the campaigns have been a little weak in recent titles. Other than that the visuals, physics, mechanics, dedicated community, solid drivers for Nvidia and AMD, weapons and vehicle variety, bullet time and physics…the list goes on and on. DICE and the Frostbite engine are far superior and way ahead of their time. I can’t wait!

      Btw, Star Wars Battlefront? High five!!!

  • wWaAVve 08.27.13 at 02:12

    Oh, and I forgot to mention I can’t recall a SINGLE day I haven’t watched at least one Battlefield 4 Video if not a few Dozen, studying it against all of my past FPS experiences realizing none can ever compare…

    • wWaAVve 08.27.13 at 02:51

      …like this endless loop you can follow, flowing to my above post and around, reminding us also of the constant game flow in Battlefield…

  • PRETTYFOX 08.26.13 at 23:35

    Oh no! Only three days of exclusive beta access! What did you do exactly to get exclusive access at all? Buy a game that gave you gameplay as well as the Beta access? Buy BF3 Premium which gave you a lot of content as well as Beta Access? Preorder BF4 for what, ten dollars more? If itd oesn’t come with the original version?

    Oh no! I forget you should get exclusive shit for doing nothing!

  • II_Snake_Eyes_II 08.26.13 at 22:17

    Will be camo on player same as tons of camos on weapons?

  • deafwing 08.26.13 at 20:58

    Great stuff … show was good. Wish there was more on Commander mode and using mobile devices though. The announcements were all good. Also it would have been nice to see more console gameplay as well.

  • ColonelChocomel 08.26.13 at 15:13

    I’ve watched the stream every day and it’s a great map. Can’t wait until it’s released.

  • NagatoKotora 08.26.13 at 09:23

    Those of you who are practically saying, “I bought MoH and Premium just to play in the BF4 Beta”. Really? Grow the fuck up.

    • Noobish-Icecream 08.26.13 at 09:29

      I don’t think they bought MoH and BF3 Premium just to play in the BF4….they are just saying that 3 days before the BETA isn’t enough END OF DISCUSSION

    • IIIllIIllIIllIII 08.28.13 at 05:13

      Grow up yourself before you start throwing big boys words out of your mouth kid.

      I take most that complain, such as myself, isn’t irritated over the fact that is 3 days in itself nor bought anytihng just for the exclusive beta. But what is irritating is only getting 3 days, after DICE and EA used this so called “Exclusive beta” as such a huge sales trick for MoH preordering, Battlefield 3 premium sales and Battlefield 4 preordering. So one would assume one might be given at least a week. As 3 day’s does feel quite like a ripoff given how much it were promoted in their sales.

      But if it is now only to be 3 days, at least they could have been as kind as to put those days on a weekend and not in the middle of the week.

      Regardless, I am thankful for getting a few days anyhow. Better than nothing thats for sure!

  • Volt615 08.26.13 at 09:05

    After five days of logging in and watching live streams, I do not have my “I was there” dog tag yet. When do we get it?

  • Noobish-Icecream 08.26.13 at 08:48

    wow really DICE 3 daus before the BETA ???
    look at all the angry comments about this…you better change this!

  • Die_Melkman 08.26.13 at 08:38

    I remember paying way more for GW2 and also only got 3 day early beta, so i guess this has become the norm for treating clients and fans. I guess were worth it -_-

  • Dystopia74 08.26.13 at 08:24

    only 3 days before the open beta….. that is a joke dice!!!

  • DYNOSAURUSh 08.26.13 at 06:43

    …3 DAYS?!!!! WE MUST BOYCOTT IMMEDIATELY EVERYONE! Start a petition, now! We want the BETA right NOW. 3 days is not worth all the money spent!! F that S, Mother Truckers. You give us a game as bad as MOH:WF then SHAFT US with a 3 day early BETA?!!! How bout 3 weeks! CHANGE THIS IMMEDIATELY! You treat us like DONKEY BOOTY and we want a STALLION BOOTY!!!!


    Put that guy that makes the Trailers in charge of the whole franchise, just about the only person with any BRAINS in that place.

  • DeadhunterZ404 08.26.13 at 06:30

    3 days really Dice after all bullshit of buying moh and premium we get 3 days earlier ??? lol

    • MrFrownyFace 08.26.13 at 06:34

      That isn’t a big issue, really. What will be a problem is if there is a repeat of the BF3 beta: many did not got the early access they were entitled to (silly complaint yes, but a promise is a promise). As long as that is mitigated, there isn’t much of a problem.

      And how is buying premium and MoH bullshit? I enjoyed MoH a bit and got my money’s worth. I also played the BF3 DLC a lot and saved money. If buying either of those were an issue you need to think long and hard about your situation.

  • wWaAVve 08.26.13 at 05:37

    Thanks for creating a great game so far! And Paracel is an Incredible Map.
    However, one thing slightly concerns me…
    A difference I noticed between Paracel gameplay vs Shanghai gameplay is that Shanghai infantry fights seemed to last a little longer and had a heavier slightly richer feel.
    In Paracel footage people seem to die a little faster which takes you out of the epic action faster and more into killcams
    (i really like new killcams by the way!)
    This concerns me a little because one reason I no longer like some of the other shooters is that too often it felt like you died too quickly from a random enemy that spawned behind you or had a slight jump on you, quickdrawing an effortless kill.
    In Shanghai if you turned a corner and ran into enemy you still had somewhat of a chance, even a win, which made it very fun but intense, more unpredictable.
    I think Hardcore mode can have the quick deaths for some to enjoy,but I would want the regular mode to be closer to Shanghai model which was a masterpiece!

    Longer firefights=More Variety=Less Time in menus and Killcams=More Cinematic moments=More Suspens-ity,
    Cat and Mouse cover skills for shootouts and a richer feel.
    That was Seige of Shanghai.
    I would love that type of infantry gameplay throughout all of the maps!
    If you did change hit/miss ratios/damage etc from Shanghai demo,
    in my opinion I would rather have it back.
    Its just my opinion but Seige of Shanghai feedback after E3 was overflowing based on that same gameplay.
    Thanks for listening and for all of DICE’s hard work and passion.

    • wWaAVve 08.27.13 at 02:13

      Oh, and I forgot to mention I can’t recall a SINGLE day I haven’t watched at least one Battlefield 4 Video if not a few Dozen, studying it against all of my past FPS experiences…

  • dibis60 08.26.13 at 05:14

    How can we sign up for the open beta?

    • DYNOSAURUSh 08.26.13 at 06:53

      You surrender the rights to your first born child to DICE, then watch them eat the Placenta and chop up the Umbilical Cord into strands of noodles as they laugh at you for 3 days while they eat in slow motion and you’re forced to watch everything through the new killcam feature, only THEN you will have a chance to sign up for the BETA 3 whole days early.

      If you REALLY want the BETA, I will fork over mine to you for $500, a real fan spends real money, if you take nudes of your mom or sister over 18 I’ll get it to you for $50 though. Let me know where to send my PayPal info, you can get the nudes by hiding a cam in the bathroom.

  • PaiSand 08.26.13 at 04:52

    Thanks for the “exclusive” 3 days beta access.
    We are so lucky being so exclusives on the beta that we have the exclusivity for 3 days. That’s the love and respect EA and Dice show to us, the owners of an exclusive spit in the face.

    • Shagatron 08.26.13 at 05:23

      Jesus Christ. Are you fucking kidding me? Grow the fuck up you spoiled, pathetic piece of shit.

  • hKr-Dafix-mA 08.26.13 at 04:32

    Obliteration reminds me of Sabotage in cod