Ask DICE: Battlefield 4 – Vehicles

We’ve been seeing questions pouring in from fans who are excited for the launch of Battlefield 4 – now just months away!

In the spirit of keeping you informed and Prepared 4 Battle we’re starting a new series called “Ask DICE,” featuring questions that we’ve received from Battlefield players and answers straight from the development team. Check back here at the Battlefield blog every other Friday for answers, exclusive info, and more.

Battlefield 4 Vehicle Q&A
To kick the series off, we’re answering your questions about vehicles. The ability to fly, drive, roll, crash, and splash your way into combat has long been a staple of Battlefield. Battlefield 4 is taking this to the next level and extending the battle beyond the shores with new naval vehicles and amphibious combat.

What kinds of vehicles are in the game? Could you go into more detail about them?
With the new Chinese setting in the game we can confirm these all-new Chinese vehicles in Battlefield 4, including (but not limited to)…
-Type 99 MBT
-ZFB-05 Armored Car
-Z-9 Haitun Transport Heli
-Z-10W Attack Heli
-DV15 Interceptor Attack Boat

What kind of water vehicles will there be?
Amphibious Assault will play a big role in Battlefield 4 as we’ve added attack boats like the RCB-90 (U.S.) and jet-skis. Controlling the sea in addition to the land and air will play a crucial role in victory.

And, if you need to bail out of your jet-ski or attack boat, now you’ll be able to dive underwater or sprint-swim away to escape pursuers. If the situation gets desperate, you’ll also be able to use one-handed weapons and one-handed gadgets while in water for the first time.

When are we going to see videos or screenshots of more vehicles?
Right now! To commemorate the first “Ask DICE: Battlefield 4” we have this exclusive shot of the Chinese Z-10W Attack Heli. Check it out!

Vehicles Screen
Until next time…

Check back here at the Battlefield blog every other Friday for answers, gameplay previews, and more.

Next time we’ll be answering questions about new five-person Squads & four unique playable Classes, as well as questions on Multiplayer. What questions do you have? Let us know in the comments below.

Battlefield 4 begins its release on October 29, 2013 and will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Pre-order now and get the China Rising expansion at no additional cost.

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  • ITSBOTIME89 10.09.13 at 01:16

    I have noticed that in the xbox 360 beta, there are no attack boats, attack helicopters and no transport helicopters. This is one of the major parts to why I love and play Battlefield. I really hope there are these vehicles in the full game. I love Battlefield and I do not want to experience an awesome game (bf4) without the vehicles I mentioned. I really hope that these vehicles will be in the full game of Battlefield 4.

  • BRailho 09.16.13 at 21:25

    DICE hear the brazilians and put oneb razilian thing in the game can be a CAMO or a weapon the weapon can be added in a dlc a have an ideia for the weapon the IA2 its a good weapon made in 2012 in brazil its a very good weapon and i think this will be good in BF4,DICE your enemy will put this weapon in thei game and a loto of brazilian will buy the other game just for this Please DICE her the brazilians and put this weapon or the Camo in the game.Thank You.

  • RZseraph 08.26.13 at 18:22

    I am worried about jets: It is 2020 and in game jets are still the same as they were in WW2, all jets in 2020 must have Supermaneuverability. All fifth generation jets have this ability /F-22,PakFa/ as well as some forth generation jets have it /Su-27, Su-30,Su-35, MiG-35, F/A-18E/F/.
    I think that helicopters in BF4 should perform the Aerobatic manoeuvres too /Mi-28/.
    It would be great to perform the crazy maneuvers in BF4.

  • Drew_P_Bowls 08.24.13 at 20:29

    I have put together a few ideas that I would like to see in the next Battlefield game. Let me know what you would like to see!

    -Not being able to be revived from every single type of death. For example if a tank shell hits you, or you fall off a 10 story building, or you take a combat knife all the way through your throat you shouldn’t be able to be revived. Or from any type of headshot. I think it’s stupid how defibrillators can revive someone who got ran over by a tank, or shot in the head by a sniper round. I know it’s just a video game, but still.

    -Different vehicle match ups on different maps. To switch up the cosmetics, look, and feel of the game. For example instead of always having F-18 vs SU-27 and Viper vs Havoc. Some maps should have F-16 vs Mig-35, F-22 vs Su-37 Berkut, Apache vs Hind, etc.

    -Splitting the Medic class in two? I don’t think it’s very realistic (again I know it’s just a game) that there are so many medics on the battlefield. There should be a 5th class creating from splitting the current medic class in 2. So there would be Medic, Assault, Recon, Engineer, and Support. Although I am not sure what the assault class should specialize in.

    -Character customization. Make it so you can customize your soldier more. Such as helmet types, goggles/ballistic glasses, backpacks, vests, maybe in face paints?

    -More character models. Instead of the same exact looking guy for each class, have a few more options so you can select which one you want. Currently on BF3 sometimes it looks like a ton of clones out there.

    -More destruction: Not much needs to be said here. The BF3 destruction is good, but perhaps it could be enhanced a bit more.

    -More blood/gore? Now I am not asking for it to be ridiculous and turn into a horror film. But perhaps limb dismemberment? If you got hit directly by a high explosive tank round let’s just say you wouldn’t be in one piece…Or if you got strafed by an A-10′s main cannon and directly took shots to the torso, you would be ripped up so bad if not gone. This one is controversial though.

    -More vehicle combinations per map. Instead of just 2 on 2 attack jets on certain maps. How about 2 attack jets, AND 1 support jet per team on some maps? Since there will be more players per game now (64 I believe?) the lack of infantry wouldn’t be a problem.

    -Assisted suicide? Not going to lie this is one thing I like about the CoD franchise. If you damage someone then they kill themselves, whether it be on accident or not, you should get the kill. In BF3 if you shoot someone then they RPG the ground it just says “is no more” or “suicide” and you don’t get any credit. Same goes for vehicles, if you shoot a jet a few times (not enough to disable it) and they crash you don’t get anything.

    -Maybe increase the time it takes to enter and exit vehicles? I’m not talking about a full animation opening the hatch, starting the engine, flipping all the switches and taking off. I think just a second or two longer to enter and exit vehicles.

    -No ejecting from helicopters. Let’s face it, that’s not possible. You can’t eject from helicopters, you would fly into the rotors if you did. So if you get disable you have to land it or crash. But perhaps buff the helicopters in that case, like giving the gunner flares again to increase living times.

    -More jet weapons. I don’t want them to be overpowered but perhaps a few more gadgets/weapons should be added to jets and even helicopters. Such as the ability to have zoom optics for the pilots. Or maybe “dumb” unguided bombs that aren’t that powerful but can still suppress and get kills if they directly hit, get very close, or hit damaged players.

    -2 person jets. The pilot can fly and use the weapons. The second seat can have a spotting camera and perhaps a laser guider?

    That just about wraps it up, let me know what you guys think. Disagree or agree with anything? Feel free to let me know.

  • gtstcactus 08.21.13 at 07:20

    Are the PS3 & 360 versions of Battlefield 4 going to have 5 man squads? If yes won’t that be awkward having two 5 man squads and a 2 man squad? I guess there will also be a 2 man squad on a full team on PC, PS4 and Xbox1 32v32 matches.,,

  • RZseraph 08.19.13 at 15:30

    I want the ability to climb the edges and Supermaneuverable jets in BF4. Because jets in BF3 like from WW2 and it is not cool.

  • COOJO253 08.18.13 at 00:53

    So I heard the Chinese stealth jet is going to be in the game. Does that mean the F-22 Raptor will be in there also?

  • MrOlsin 08.17.13 at 02:09

    RCB-90 aka. Stridsbåt 90 (combatboat 90). SWEDISH POWER!

  • Airwolf3 08.16.13 at 22:31

    is the m2 Bradley going to come back in the game or dlc?

  • chris_haner 08.16.13 at 18:45

    with this soundtrack idea you should make a trailer or something with the song (miles away by Memphis may fire on their album challenger

  • chris_haner 08.16.13 at 18:08

    yeah i think you guys should make a new sound track, new game new people new sound track

  • General534 08.16.13 at 15:32

    Oh, and make a new soundtrack please. Farting into a mic isn’t good enough.

  • General534 08.16.13 at 15:28

    DICE, I’m going to ask you some things:

    1. JETS???
    2. Lazorz from BC2, the mortar strike that the recon had, that would be useful but to encourage teamwork you could have either the support class having a mortar and working together with recon, recon working with commander to lase for mortar strike, or recon lonewolfing calling a solo strike. I personally like the commander one. This is more of a suggestion rather than a question.
    3. Is the big skyscraper (you need to think of a name for it) the only destructible skyscraper on Siege of Shanghai? I’ll call it Big Daddeh.

  • Xida 08.16.13 at 10:48

    Are you going to fix squad spawning?

    Squad spawning needs to be fixed.
    Because it unbalances the game.

    The game becomes a SPAWNATHON

    Spawning should not be used as a tactic unless there is reasonable logic. It’s ok to spawn in base, vehicles, radio beacons or flags.
    Spawning on any squad mate is totally beyond remotely realistic and destroys the flow of the game (squad leader only spawn makes a little more sense). There needs to be a reasonable expectation of a front.
    If friendly players are constantly moving up from the rear from their base spawn it helps to reinforce the rear and the player’s up front can focus on the enemy in front instead of watching the back all the time.
    Players should not be able to spawn anywhere where their squad mates are. Enemies appear out of thin air all over the battlefield which does not enhance the game it simply makes it chaotic and rather stupid.
    For example in conquest, if your team holds every flag you can have up to 5 flag spawn locations plus 3 one for each squad mate plus your base. So a total of 9 spawn points. This is ridiculous!
    It is imperative to have a front! I cannot stress that enough. In the very least there needs to be a negative to squad spawning (aside from being killed straight away – that just increases the frustration).
    Here are some ideas on how to fix the problem:
    (1) squad spawning only works when 2 or more squad mates (or team mates) are within 10-15 metres of each other. This encourages the squad to stick together and provides the squad with some centralization.
    (2) squad leader spawn only set to default whereby the squad leader is the player with the most points (usually not a sniper). Or points scored from long range headshots do not count toward the squad leader selection.
    (3) players use a radio button to call for reinforcements which lasts 10 seconds. Squad mates can then spawn on the player however the radio signal temporally gives away the players position to the enemy.
    (4) when joining a game there are two options: put me in a squad or not. There needs to be a third option: “put me in a squad and elect me squad leader”. This ensures player’s who want to be squad leader can take the role willingly instead of random assignment. If two or more players elect to be squad leader then randomly assign it to one of them. ie someone who does not want to be squad leader is not assigned to the role.
    (5) immediately after death, allow players to spawn almost instantly in their team’s base spawn location without having to watch the killcam, so long as they don’t change their load out (also referred to as ‘quick spawn’.)
    (6) My personal favourite – players can always spawn on their squad leader, but only on their squad mates when a squad mate is near another team/squad mate or inside a vehicle. This would encourage players to stick together and stop the lone flanker from spawning his 3 squad mates behind enemy lines.

    Nothing is more frustrating than being spawn camped, and squad spawning makes the whole thing worse.
    When players spawn into the game there should be an expectation of a front. Don’t get me wrong – its ok for players to outflank etc but NOT to then multiply behind enemy lines. Thus is very very wrong.
    For conquest squad spawning is not required and battlefield worked fine before its creation. In rush , the maps need redesign so the objectives are further from the defenders but the bomb count down timer is increased.
    I want to finish by saying battlefield was great until squad spawning. Please fix ASAP.
    BTW: please do not take this post to mean I hate battlefield 3. Rather it is positive criticism.
    And please do not reply with the usual “go play COD” etc. if I liked COD I would play it or buy premium close quarters (which I will not do).

  • SHOCKWAVE DMOC 08.16.13 at 06:32

    Can we repel off buildings?

  • SHOCKWAVE DMOC 08.16.13 at 06:27

    Can we repel off small buildings in multiplayer?

  • Jaecracksz 08.16.13 at 05:16

    I would like to see a new cool mode sepreate from multiplayer that’s 4 player co-op, dinosaur mode yep

  • Soviet Hobo 08.15.13 at 20:31

    Dice: I currently have an Xbox 360 and I am planning on buying an Xbox One around Christmas time. The problem is that I CANNOT wait until after Christmas to play BF4. So since players are able to switch their profile data from the 360 to One, will that be an option on BF4? Meaning, if I purchase BF4 for 360 and play until I get the One (and an Xbox One version of BF4), will I be able to transfer my progress (ranks, unlocks etc.) from console to console? Thanks in advance.

  • Comando3718 08.15.13 at 19:04

    Hey Dice, Will the transport choppers be able to hold more then 3 troops in the passenger positions. (co-pilot and two in the back) I recently saw gameplay from planet side 2 where 10 troops load up in an air transport and fly to an objective that is being taken by the enemy and stop the enemy from taking it. I know that the default transport helicopter is the huey and the chinese equivalent but maybe a bigger capacity helicopter will be available as an update? (bringing back the blackhawk helicopter perhaps???)

  • KING OF J0K3RS 08.15.13 at 09:59

    Dice, will you be able to cook grenades? just in case someone doesn’t know what it is, I will let you know. it’s when you hold a grenade after a pin is pulled to reduce the time of the explosion after it is thrown. now I got to say something. at least 50 % of the question ask so far are damn good ones that deserve to get answered. then there are about 25% of them are on the right track. then there are the imo ( in my opinion ) are stupid ass questions that are unnecessary. people this is an army game, that means no swords, zombies or fucking paintball. there are people here that actually asking questions and throw ideas out to make the game better. then we got these douche bags who are probably not even battlefield fans who try to fuck it up for everybody. yes I know there are zombies on COD games, but that is because COD games online multiplayer is so weak and played out that they got to add shit like that to make it interesting. I know I use to be a COD fan and I don’t think that Battlefield is still going strong enough to not even think of shit like that to revitalize the franchise.

    • KING OF J0K3RS 08.15.13 at 10:14

      sorry correction I meant to say that I don’t think battlefield needs to because it’s still going strong enough to not even think of shit like that to revitalize the franchise.

  • renegadeControl 08.15.13 at 08:46

    I would like to ask about the Skill System… By the looks of the screenshots from BF4 you have made Skill a prominent stat about a player. At the moment the skill system seems a little flawed and overly weighted to the rank of player you come up against. Currently , Even if you come first in a match – have a positive K/D – have obviously played the objective, you can have situations where you skill level is dropped considerably , in my humble opinion this doesn’t seem like a reflection of your skill within that match ?

  • StarkOwl7470737 08.15.13 at 05:28

    deathmatch I ment

  • StarkOwl7470737 08.15.13 at 05:27

    there should be a deathmath one vs all players not just team mate play. idk if evreyon agrees but having to rely on teammates all the time isn’t that fun. especially if you play battlefield games a lot.

  • JTubbzy14 08.15.13 at 01:10

    Will the commander ever be able to deploy a toxic gas that needs a gas mask to go through it?

  • JTubbzy14 08.15.13 at 00:41

    Will there be swords as special knives?

  • mrs_diablo69 08.14.13 at 23:44

    will there be jets in battlefield 4 like i whish they would put jets on siegh of shang hi that would be fun flying through buildings and stuff

  • halex3 08.14.13 at 22:33

    Will there be a Private mode? For A.I bots like a practice mode for players? And how can we ask DICE ?

  • StarkOwl7470737 08.14.13 at 22:24

    if there wont be a zombie mode it should be part of an expansion pack

  • StarkOwl7470737 08.14.13 at 22:22

    will we be able to creat are soldier for different clasees or will they be assigned to us. im also wondering if theres going to be a zombie mode

  • xjamicanshottax 08.14.13 at 19:43

    Hi there see the battlefield 4 but when we going to see BFBC 3

  • Lieutenant00 08.14.13 at 06:47

    Will Consoles got cut from what PCs will have? If so, what exactly is being dropped/cut off?

    • Lieutenant00 08.14.13 at 06:49

      I feel that this is an important question that needs answers for some people that are Consoles gamers as opposed to PC gamers…

  • Lieutenant00 08.14.13 at 06:43

    I kind of agree with stark, but I think the instead of blow it up… Just make it fall. It gives people a chance to be able to bail and at least immobilizes it…

    • StarkOwl7470737 08.14.13 at 22:26

      thanks but yeah not having it blow up first thing give players a chance

  • StarkOwl7470737 08.14.13 at 05:55

    in battlefield 3 you had to shoot the pilot to destroy the helicopter so my ? is that if I shoot the helicopters blades will it take out the helicopter. that’s the way it should be since that’s how helicopters get destroyed in real life.

  • Peso Much 08.14.13 at 01:11

    For Commander Mode, I know that it will be on mobile devices but will it be on devices such as smartphones? I’ve only seen through trailers commander mode being displayed on pc’s and tablets but never smartphones?!

    • StarkOwl7470737 08.14.13 at 05:56

      I would say yes since a smartphones almost like a tablet.

  • GutsOnTheFloor 08.13.13 at 23:45

    Us battlefield fans want a specific answer from the dice team. The question is when will the battlefield 4 beta be available for the people that either preordered Medal of Honor warfighter, preordered bf4 deluxe edition, or are premium members of battlefield 3. We really want to know when you guys are planning to release bf4 beta.

  • Lieutenant00 08.13.13 at 23:00

    I think the Venom transport helicopter and Viper attack Helicopter are cool… but in all actuality, it should be the Black Hawk transport Heli and Apache Heli. Everyone I have talked with agreed with me, so just think about it…

  • Lieutenant00 08.13.13 at 22:57

    I have a great question that includes BF2, will you bring back weapon pick-ups? I remember in Battlefield 2 that you could run around and find random weapons and kits on the map… It was really a hide and seek for some of the great weapons.

  • KING OF J0K3RS 08.13.13 at 08:56

    I completely agree with G that the F-22 Raptor is a MUST in BF4. now I somewhat agree with whisker that if the server is going remove something from action just completely remove it from that match. trust me nothing pisses me off more than getting on a server that says like no shotguns. then there is 5 Assholes running around with shotguns on purpose. after I get killed like ten times in a row I get pissed say fuck this and use a shotgun and I get banned or kicked. WTF! I think when you have a server that you should be able to choose your maps choose your modes and then select already listed modes. like knifes only, pistols only, RPG’s only. the server owner shouldn’t have that much control. they should have some, but not all. plus I believe that admins shouldn’t be able to play the game. I think what should happen is that there should be 2 or 3 people in the game, like in spectator mode. for the sole purpose of being an admin. then after every match do a rotation.

    • KING OF J0K3RS 08.13.13 at 10:42

      what I meant to say when I said there should be 2 or 3 in spectator mode. I was talking about having the usually 24 for current gen or 64 for new gen +pc and 2 or 3 admin spots. honestly there should be 3 admin slots because incase of a argument the 3rd can be the tiebreaker. I think if it’s that way the favoritism would be way down. because I am tired of admin’s killing, kicking or banning me because I am kicking there ass all up and down the map. oh and I think the new guys on the match should automatically be the admins. I am not saying a guy logs on and tells one of the admins tag your in. I am just saying that if someone comes on during a match or before a match starts they should automatically be an admin for the new match. plus I would like to add that there when doing this there should be no power what so ever be given to anyone on who is the admin. or the whole thing would be a waste because then people with put favoritism on that as well. because if the server owner or the admins has all the power to do what they want, when they want then nothing is going to change.

  • Lieutenant00 08.13.13 at 06:12

    Hey Dice… I want to know if commander mode will only be available on mobile devices, If so which Devices? Also I would like to know if Playstation and XBOX will get the massive number of players in a match that PC gets? One More, (I know bear with me) I would also like to know, what kind of things are included in the Levelution piece of gameplay? Ill check back everyday until BF4 comes out… Why? Cause Im a Battlefield Soldier in the Battlefield Nation! Thanks for reading and for bearing with my clustering comments. Comments/Questions/Friendly Chat from the Dice Team go to and good night from East USA.

  • ghostrider8697 08.13.13 at 05:33

    Hey Dice when will you put the battlefield 4 beta on the xbox 360 ?

  • danhaggis 08.13.13 at 04:23

    here is a question , are you going to fix hit boxes?

  • Lieutenant00 08.13.13 at 03:32

    Hey Dice, again… I would like to ask three other questions. One: Will players on Playstation and XBOX get cut loose of certain things (Like in Battlefield 3)? Second: Will you take the Dog Tags that people earned in BF3 and transfer them into BF4? Third: Will you make a couple maps dedicated to Naval Warfare… Like say a battle between a wrecked Aircraft Carrier with a few flags on/in the ship that you use boats to get there, unload troops, and support allies from the water? I am very curious and again, Thanks for reading. ;)

  • Lieutenant00 08.13.13 at 03:01

    Hey Dice… I want to know if your going to incorporate a security camera room for buildings… So that players can monitor parts of the building and alert teammates of incoming enemies in the buildings… I am really curious if you would throw something like that in… If you get the time e-mail me at… I have some questions and an interesting handful of ideas that I think you would enjoy hearing. Thank You for reading. :)

  • G Aka hOLd ThaT 08.13.13 at 00:59

    I would love to see new jets such as the F-22 Raptor for U.S. troops, the J-20 for Chinese troops, and the T-50 for Russian troops. These 3 fighter jets are the top of their respected nations today and into the near future. With a new engine like Frostbite 3.0 the F-22, J-20, and the T-50 should be the new jets of choice for Battlefield 4 by DICE, hands down.

  • Whiskeralpha 08.13.13 at 00:26

    I have a question about the server side admin control. Will there be ways to modify game play on the server side? Such as “pistols only” or “no explosives” or “disallow “X” weapon/attachment” options like that? Example, there are lots of “no explosive” servers out there but they are all script based which means a player can disobey the rules before they are punished. And all it takes is one well placed C4 or grenade to turn the tide on a map. For example, if the server admin disallows “grenades” then none of the players on that server would have grenades. So no accidental or intentional use, because that item simply won’t exist.

  • crumps84 08.12.13 at 22:42

    When you do double XP maybe you should give every player a certain time to do it. What I mean is instead of running it for a weekend, give us a date when double XP starts and then for the week everybody only has say 24 hours worth of double XP. When the 24 hours of gameplay is up then your double XP finishes. Gives people who can only play for a short time a chance to take advantage of the double XP. The majority of people who play all weekend on these double XP are the people who play it all the time anyway who don’t need the XP!

    • L0rdofWar1982 08.12.13 at 23:18

      Excellent idea!!

    • MAC DADDY WEST 08.12.13 at 23:53

      i agree with u 100% they shoud do that but not only 24 hrs they should give us 48 hours of 2xxp i always miss these big battlefield 2xxp events all the time im lucky if i can get 2 play 1 match during 2xxp becuase conquest is my fav game mode but sometimes is really long and i got work so i cant enjoy my 2xxp cuz i work on the weekends and got school during the weekdays so im lucky if i get 2 play battlefield 3 or 4 days a week for a few hrs cuz im so busy and if they add that feature that ur talkin about crumps84 well then i can enjoy evey second of my eared 2xxp on my own time when i get my chances 2 play if dice add this feature it would be amazing and helpfuly 2 all battlefield gamers

  • Chopper213 08.12.13 at 21:37

    There should be a map of a large neighborhood with fully accessible houses, with something like a mansion that can be destroyed.

  • FEARsABYSS 08.12.13 at 21:14

    There should be a map dedicated to a constant flow of helicopters bring troops in and out. Think of the movies black hawk down and We Were Soldiers. Itd be sick!

  • FEARsABYSS 08.12.13 at 21:12

    Battlefield 4 needs to have a map dedicated to air transportation. Meaning one team will rely on a constant flow of transport helicopters (venoms, little birds, etc) to bring in troops and the other will need to have anti air. this way there is always constant air drops and extractions going on. itd be sick!

  • bclinker 08.12.13 at 20:01

    lets say i have a friend over and we want to play battlefield 4 will we be able to both play at the same time from the same PlayStation 3

  • Drew_P_Bowls 08.12.13 at 19:44

    As America’s Army 2.8.5 and 3 and other games do, Will we expect to see a Vital Spot system/skeletal system for vital spots such as when we shoot a player in a VITAL spot, they start bleeding/if dead cannot be revived? It’s frustrating enough to see a .50cal / a tank/ c4 kill a guy, and he is revived like nothing happened…

    For instance, Headshots are instant death as well as NO WAY TO REVIVE…
    Ran over by a tank = NO revive…your moosh.
    Shot by a tank = depends on where you were hit

    This could be implemented with ease and assure players to keep under cover and not run around like COD players…Your life is important and not all wounds could be healed by a medic pack…only a few. If your REALLY injured/bleeding you need to camp at the medic pack alot longer/need some kind of injection/tourniquet from the medic directly

    Will we expect to see more realistic play?

    Question 2: If we counter knife someone knifing us, will there be an endless cycle to counter knifing such as about to get knifed, counter knifed, HE counters the counter then you do the same until someone pushes the WRONG button…or someone comes along and puts a bullet in his/your head….?

    Adding the fight scenes to this with punching and kicking etc like in single player during the counter knife animations would be SO DOPE (slang was needed)
    Like this but for multiplayer :
    also like the first part when you need to follow the wire…but endless if you both keep countering…

  • gd074 08.12.13 at 18:20

    Ok so we all know playstation 4 & xbox one is on the way. I dont mind buying a copy for my playstation 3 and then a copy for my playstation 4 whenever it releases but will i have to start multiplayer from the beginning?

  • yodasherwood 08.11.13 at 22:51

    Hey dice I was wondering if “ask Dice” could be on Google plus so you guys could schedule a time to maybe have a hang out for the questions?

  • Petes MaGeets 08.11.13 at 17:07

    Is the death cam where your player character raises his hand before dying going to stay the same? I have no problem with the cam, I just thought if the camera were to specifically follow the characters eyes as he flies through the air or simply falls on his back to see helicopters or soldiers above would really add another layer of immersion.

  • killzonekill3456 08.11.13 at 09:54

    Will Premium make a return in BF4? If so, will there be a Premium Edition for the game, and when will it come out?

    • MAC DADDY WEST 08.11.13 at 21:17

      Killzonekill3456 of course bf4 will have premium and yes there definitely will be a premium addition but itll most likely come out the fist day of release because last time i pre ordered bf3 and when i went 2 pick it up the first day he asked me do i also want 2 buy premium and he told me it gives me access to all map packs and new wepons and knife and 2xp dates etc. so yea itll most likely come out first day of release for bf4 as well like bf3 did.

  • KING OF J0K3RS 08.11.13 at 09:44

    when will we get the battle screen and the new/updated battlelog? also will you be able to take advantage of the battle screen and/or the new battlelog with BF3? It would be nice if it would work for both games.

    • MAC DADDY WEST 08.11.13 at 21:05

      KING OF JOK3RS the battle screen will only be available for new gen and pc not 360 and ps3 so the battle screen will come out most likely January 2014 for new gen and pc the new battlelog however will most likely come out when it comes out the first day oct 29th for all platforms new and old gen and pc but how ever sense pc and new gen will have more updated hardware in it itll have way more amazing things and all the new features for battlescreen premium players etc. old gen will still be fun 2 play on but itll be way better 2 play on new gen and pc because ps3 and 360 wont have as much amazing things like using a tablet for example 2 see the whole map see all activity going on it’ll also be epic if they add this feature – on the ps4 controller there’s a screen in the middle and id think it’ll be cool for ps4 players 2 use that screen 2 the bf4 advantage by using that whole screen as a map so that way u play the game on ur tv console and u can look down at ur screen on the controller and see all the activity on the map aka in the middle of the ps4 controller screen to see both ur teams activity and position aka so u can see where ur team mates are at (and enemy player positions as well if ur team mates spot them of course)so u can see were they are at as well so it’ll never be a slow match and ull be able find people faster and get more kills and a higher score. but old gen will still have some good features but way more and better features on new gen and pc so and no the new battlelog and battlescreen will most likely only be available 2 bf4 players not bf3 but its not a definite im just giving my humble opinion on what i think will most likely obviously happen.

  • MAC DADDY WEST 08.10.13 at 21:59

    in the very beginning of that comment i put below take out the and spelling part and read the rest thanks hope u guys understand and no im not a lil kid im 18

  • MAC DADDY WEST 08.10.13 at 21:55

    and spelling this is the same comment but this time with the proper grammar id like 2 ask some questions about bf4 (1) on ps4 in the middle of the controller theres a screen will u be able 2 see the whole map on there instead of pressing the pause button or a tablet u could see the whole in tire map in the center of the controller so you’ll know where all the enemies and friendly’s are if u guys add this feature that would be epic (2) if i play bf4 on 360 but then switch 2 ps4 1 year later can i transfer my progress 2 the ps4 that i had on my 360 i probably think it’ll be no cuz xbox and PlayStation are different (3) on old gen console how in the world do u guys expect 2 do the 5 player squad feature if it only goes up 2 24 players?aka 12 vs 12 there would be 2 squads on each team that have 5 players in a squad and 1 with 2 players i don’t know how that would work out 2 well on 360 ps3 unless u guys convince ps3 n 360 2 expand there severs 2 make it a larger amount of players on each sever equal (4) make your grenade system better i get too much grenade hit markers in bf3 make them stronger (5) make shotguns less over powered 1 shot on fair (6) my fav class set up is recon class using m40a5 with 12x scope and straight pull but with 44 magnum make your bolt action sniper rifles have more damage tired of getting hit markers with my fav sniper the only time i get a 1 shot 1 kill is 2 the head i mean most of the time i admit its always 1 shot 2 the head mostly but sometimes its a hit marker 2 the had dosent happen often but i don’t want to see that anymore definitely not in and im really good at sniping i always get a head shot rare if i hit them through and down i got the bullet dropping and curving down pat on every sniper from any distance and i look forward 2 using the 20x zoom in bf4 (7) make heat seekeing distances the same for both helicopter and jet 8. make heat seeking less time it takes 2 long 2 lock on 2 air craft by the time i get a lock on sometimes not always i nearly crash into them cuz it takes 2 long 2 lock on but i good at it cuz im used 2 it (9) let us control our jet speed so we can go both fast or slow at certain mph (10) will u be able 2 go fast in a jet ski in that game in the trailer they seemed 2 go 2 slow 11. will there still be bullet dropping for snipers i hope so i really enjoy being far range sniping and angling my scope in a certain angle to let the wind drop and curve the bullet 2 hit the enemy its fun and challenging and realistic keep that feature like in bf3 in bf4 (12) let us see some jet footage in bf4 hope i get some feed back from u guys see ya on the battlefield everyone!

  • SASHABERKUT 08.10.13 at 12:27

    What about the possibility of including a free review of air equipment without holding the button? And also more realistic flight physics of helicopter and airplane?

  • SASHABERKUT 08.10.13 at 10:59

    the inability to adjust the speed of the mouse to the ground and air vehicles is very sad … in battlefield 4, this problem will be solved?

  • SASHABERKUT 08.10.13 at 10:52

    you have an idea to create a separate game modes such as the military simulator? maybe you could create a huge map were the subject of a military action … the game can be divided into two main modes is …. arcade and simulator …

  • SASHABERKUT 08.10.13 at 10:49

    What about the enemy’s direction indicating the azimuth ….? azimuth without detachment is difficult to coordinate their actions ….. really miss the game scopes for grenade launchers such as the RPG for example, have any ideas on this? working in the helicopter cockpit and aircraft in arma? whether ideas for game mode such as scripts in Arma?

  • JEowns2123 08.10.13 at 09:17

    I just became a premium player not to long ago do I still get the beta?

  • MAC DADDY WEST 08.10.13 at 05:53

    i ment progress

  • MAC DADDY WEST 08.10.13 at 05:51

    id like 2 ask some questions about bf4 1. on ps4 in the middle of the controller theres a screen will u be able 2 see the whole map on there insted of pressing the puase button or a tablet u could see the whole in tire map in the center of the controller so youll know where all the enimes and friendlys are if u guys add this feature that would be epic 2. if i play bf4 on 360 but then switch 2 ps4 1 year later can i transfer my progree 2 the ps4 that i had on my 360 i probably think itll be bo cuz xbox and playstaion are diffrent 3. on old gen console how in the world do u guys expect 2 do the 5 player squad feature if it only gose up 2 24 players aka 12 vs 12 there would be 2 squads on each team that have 5 players in a squad and 1 with 2 players i dont know how that would work out 2 well on 360 ps3 unless u guys convince ps3 n 360 2 expand there severs 2 make it a larger amount of players on each sever equal .4 make your granade system better i get to much granade hit markers in bf3 make them stronger 5. make shotguns less over powered 1 shot on fair 6. make your bolt action sniper rifles have more damage tired of getting hit markers with my fav sniper aka m40a5 its my fav sniper the only time i get a 1 shot 1 kill is 2 the head 7. make heat seekeing distances the same for both helicopter and jet 8. make heat seeking less time it takes 2 long 2 lock on 2 air craft by the time i get a lock on sometimes not always i nearly crash into them 9. let us control our jet speed so we can go both fast or slow at certain mph 10 will u be able 2 go fast in a jet ski in that game in the trailer they seemed 2 go 2 slow 11. will there still be bullet droping for snipers i hope so i really enjoy being far range sniping and angling my scope in a certain angle to let the wind drop?curve the bullet its fun and challanging and realistic keep that feature like in bf3 in bf4 12. let us see some jet fottage in bf4 hope i get some feed back from u guys see ya on the battlefield everyone! and i know i might have messed up on some spelling grammar but i know i was just trying 2 type fast hope u guys dont mind

    • Gonzai99 08.10.13 at 06:09

      The middle of the the controller isn’t a screen its a touchpad….

  • IllusiveParadox 08.09.13 at 21:10

    I’ve seen all of the gameplay possible for this game and I’m worried about vehicle proximity. As you know, in BF3, every time friendly vehicles came near each other, you would start teleporting and ended up backwards. I’ve noticed this in Bf4 gameplay. I hope this gets fixed.

  • TEXAS-MENACE 08.09.13 at 20:46

    Will there be a battlelog app for psvita? Will commander mode be available via psvita? Will there be two player jets? Pilot/co-pilot in multiplayer.

  • killerkalv 08.09.13 at 20:39

    will you be able to transfer your progress from consol to pc? it’s so frustrating to play up tlevels on a consol and then when you buy it on pc you have to start all over again at level one. having to lay down hours and hours just to get up to the same level on another platform.

  • yPAH 08.09.13 at 19:43

    WHERE IS !!!
    MG3 !!!
    M95 !!!
    M85A2 !!!
    M136AT4 !!!!

  • LuckySl7vin 08.09.13 at 19:04

    DICE, I would like to know whether you bringing back fully destructible environments to the degree that was showcased in BFBC and BFBC2. As a soldier in real life I found BFBC2 to be a tour de force in tactical freedom that has never been found in any other game. Being able to manipulate the environment (buildings, trees, earth) is an essential part of warfare and something that was captured perfectly in BFBC2. Can we expect this level of freedom on BF4?

  • XxXPostXxX 08.09.13 at 17:23

    It is now August – when is the Beta coming up????

    I can’t wait to get down on some BF4!!!!!!!!

  • XxBooBoo476xX 08.08.13 at 23:37

    When are we gonna hear more info about the beta?

  • Nucly 08.08.13 at 22:26

    It would be cool if they added a paintball map. Like it is 8 vs 8 or 4 vs, you can/or not shoot your own team mates. you fights in a small/big room with no vehicles and you can’t spot players. You shoot paint balls, with paint ball guns. When a enemy kills you. you spawn behind a fence or something, like a spectator. And you can watch the rest of the game behind there. Ummm.. and you can choose your own game modes ( capture the flag, team deathmatch, free for all…etc) I think that would be awesome. Just like In real life paint ball matches. ( Idk where to ask dice are, so i’m just posting it here)

    • KING OF J0K3RS 08.09.13 at 08:53

      not to sound like a dick, but that sounds gay. that is like a pro bowler using bumpers, like lance Armstrong using training wheels, like the NFL playing touch football. do you see my point? you want to have in my opinion the best war game and give it pads and a fake gun that shoots paint. shit you might as well be Hilary Clinton. hey I will help you out, there already is a paintball game out. it’s called Greg Hastings Paintball 2, buy it and knock yourself out. now on to business, I also think that they should reveal more info on the beta. i am not sure if they have said or not, but does anyone know if the beta is a multiplayer or campaign beta?

      • MAC DADDY WEST 08.09.13 at 18:06

        KING OF JOK3RS the officail realease date has not been announced obviously but how ever alot of famus youtubes belive the bf4 beta will launch september 24th and i know for a fact it is in deed a multiplayer beta and u will only be allowed 2 play 1 multiplayer map most likely sige of shanghi but i think u get 2 play 1 or 2 champhaign missions as well

    • Velociraptorx_l_ 08.09.13 at 15:55

      Nucly, fack you and go play cod, this is battlefield, here is everything realistic

  • MAC DADDY WEST 08.08.13 at 03:07

    im a 360 player for now but later in about a year ill get ps4 and get it for ps4 as well and also what the hell is up with all the hit markers i get in bf3 that i hope they fix in bf4 i like 2 use the recon class with a really good bolt action sniper for example m40a5 of my choice and i use that all the time and i use it with 12x scope and stright pull bolt for a fast cock back for both veary long engagements and short range so then im in a gun fight with a sniper long range or a try hard up close i can cock it back in time 2 shot him a second 2 to finaly finish what i should have gotten the shot aka a kill but no sometimes 1 shot 2 the head with a m40a5 sniper isent good enuff 2 kill him so i hve 2 use stright pull bolt 2 cock it back in time for my second shot 2 finly get the kill after 2 shot 2 the head when it shold be 1 shot 2 the head i mean 2 be honest most of the time it is a 1shot 1 kill 2 the head when i shot them in the head with my sniper but some times at the most importation times its a s*** marker fix it this time dice in bf4 and make sure not 2 make shot guns so god damm over powered like wtf shot guns kill me all the time 1 shot any where the only time i win a gun fight between a shot gunner is wen i shoot me way before he hots me or if i do a s*** ton of man overs such as diving 2 the ground and dogging bullets left and right then i have 2 get a head shot in order 2 kill hime other wise itll end up being none other that a god dam s*** marker fix the cap were tlling u guys 2 fix dice in bf4

  • MAC DADDY WEST 08.08.13 at 02:50

    your absoultly right lol im in jets all the time and use the gun roy and i shot a tanks that armor takes for even 2 penatreate its so fustrating i hyave 2 fly back and forth like 20times 2 take out 1 tanks wtf and another thing they also need 2 fix is there gay granade damage system its so harrabile the could be an enemy in a corner with 50% helath and i throw a granade and get a hit marker and there not medic wtf? they made bf3 amzing and all but there was alot they needed 2 fix that they dident that we coustamers should make sure dice gets are messages 2 make sure they fix it definitly this game aka bf4 and i know its not dices fault about the stupid limit on how many players are allowed on a match it sucks ps3 and 360 is stuck with 24 man severs wen xbox1 znd ps4 and pc are lucky and get 2 play up 2 64 player man severs i wish there was a way that dice and ea could persuade xbox and playsation 2 incease there multiplayer severs atleast 2 32 player on old gen aka ps3 and 360 i mean all of us aka ps3 ps4 xbox 360 and 1 and pc we all are gonna pay 60 for the game but new gen and pc make us old gen palyers feal like s*** and they give new gen and pc so much more privliges and upgrades and more amazing things like playing commander mode on tablet or using the taqblet as a large map point of view so u no were everyones at so ur not goin up and down the map 24 times 2 find mabey 6 people lol but thats for only pc and new gen its sucks 2 im gonna be plyin bf4 on the 360 for a year and then im buy ps4 and bf4 again for ps4 so that why the ps4 price will go down and all the bugs will be removed 1 year later wen i buy it

  • KING OF J0K3RS 08.08.13 at 01:39

    hey man I hear you and don’t worry about the spelling I understood it. it’s incredibly frustrating when your in the perfect position to kill something and you can’t because you can’t get a lock on it. it’s tear your hair out frustrating. something else that dice needs to fix for battlefield 4 is realistic damage on vehicles. for example my friend try to kill a tank with a RPG and it took 6 shots to take it down. I understand tanks have a lot of armor, but that is just crazy.

  • -LegendaryPC- 08.07.13 at 23:17

    I have a question, in the new Battlelog is it going to say: Game disconnected.Could not join the server. every time i try to play the game i invested 110$ on. (plus i bought it on Xbox too WITH premium so another 110$). Let me know because I feel at the moment i’m being scammed and laughed at.

  • KING OF J0K3RS 08.07.13 at 22:41

    first of all great question cmcflex I couldn’t agree more that u should be able to communicate with your squad/team without setting up a party. another question I have is please dice tweak the locking device for the jet/helicopters because on bf3 it sucks. I have accidently jet rammed people just because I was trying to get tone to fire a missile at them. so magnify the range of the target locator for the air vehicles at least 3x what it’s on bf3. also I think it would be awesome if there was something for soldiers like what mines are to vehicles. we need something other than the claymore to set it and forget it. some ideas would be like a proximity mine or trip wire with a grenade or plastic explosive. also put something like that for the sniper class so the snipers have something to protect themselves from a behind attack.

    • MAC DADDY WEST 08.08.13 at 01:13

      KING OF JOK3RS i couldent agree anymore with you more i alos think its bull shit 2 i know exactly whay ur talking about i like 2 fly?kill in jets aswell but it takes for ever 2 lock on with heat seekers and dont feaql like uising that perk were it slightly lets u lock on fast because i like 2 use my air radar more but also heat seekers with ecw jam i sholdent need 2 eqip a god dam perk 2 make the lockl on heat seekers veary slightly faster 2 lock on and how in the f***in world can a god dam helicopter lock on 2 me with there heat seekers from over 3thosand metters but i gotta be within 500 metters 2 lock on a helicopter with my jet it should be equl distances forlocking on for both jets and helicopters its b s like i said eairler i can be in my jet 3thousand meters away and still get locked on! but wen i try 2 lock on 2 them back from that far ii cant i gotta be within 500 metters and closer 2 lock on to them wtf! veary on relistic everything else cool tho but dice really needs 2 fix that issue for bf4! anyone else agree?

    • MAC DADDY WEST 08.08.13 at 01:17

      and sorry if i messed up on some grammar and punctuation i was just trying 2 type really fast so it dosent take forever lol:-)

  • cmcflex 08.07.13 at 20:58

    Will there be an ability to communicate with squad only or full team on the fly? I’m thinking a PTT-style communication scheme would be sweet, where pressing a button broadcasts voice to the team, while other communiques stay within the squad.

    Regarding weapons, BF3 had weapon-specific suppressors (e.g., KAC QDSS for the M4/M16, AAC for the SCAR, HK416). Will you introduce weapon-specific grenade launchers, such as the FN EGLM? I would love to see a legacy M203 also. Finally, will the F2000 return with “under slung” 40mm capability?

  • SilentShadowfox 08.07.13 at 20:51


  • atimmit 08.07.13 at 16:54

    Will next-gen have the option of playing with current-gen? If I get Xbox one I would like the option of playing with friends on 360. Obviously you would be choosing to have same limits 360 has when you did this.

    How do preorder bonuses work on Xbox one now that they screwed with licensing. I don’t want to have to deal with a disc and now the only way to do that is with digital download. I don’t see how you preorder a digital download for Xbox one.

  • Anomander-RakeZA 08.07.13 at 13:53

    I often get killed by jets in bf3. I think they are way overpowered. Their rocket pods have seemingly no range limit or spread. the mounted machine gun is an absolute death ray. also unless you have a pilot on your team that can stand up to them, then so often there is some lvl 100 colonel dick flying around killing infantry like shooting fish in a barrel. I would like to see jets nurfed against infantry in particular. I hope that the frostbite 3 engine mimicks realty better, and thus doesnt let the jets do there stupid 20mph flight thing. they could also take away the ability of pilots to spot. finally there needs to be more cover available for infantry! most maps withs jets have extremmely limited cover that often gets blown to smithereens and then what? oh yes… killed like fish in a barrel. DICE, please please please dont make the jets into the god like weapons they are in bf3.

  • KING OF J0K3RS 08.07.13 at 11:02

    i know i said night vision twice lol

    • cmcflex 08.07.13 at 21:01

      It’s worth saying twice. I would love to see it. I would also love to see being able to illuminate targets with IR lasers.

  • KING OF J0K3RS 08.07.13 at 11:00

    will there be variable scopes? I understand there are scopes to that have different magnification, but even if it was for the sniper class it would be useful to switch between magnification instantly. also will there be thermal scopes and sniper night vision scope like the 3rd level on co op on bf3? which I might add that I felt gypped that the night vision night vision scope was on campaign and co op, but not on multiplayer. so if you can have all weapons, gadgets or anything else playable and/or useable on campaign for multiplayer as well. I apologize for the numerous comments, but I have lots of questions. I still might have some left.

  • KING OF J0K3RS 08.07.13 at 10:25

    I have multiple questions, you can either answer your favorite one or better all. will bf4 have the weapon and soldier customization like medal of honor warfighter or better? if so will camo choice have an advantage in the game? will there be something to stop from admins killing, kicking, or banning player due to just kicking there ass in the game? trust me this happens to me often.

    • KING OF J0K3RS 08.07.13 at 10:34

      oh one more question I have is will specializations have an actual affect to the game? for example will a flak jacket specialization protect u more or will a spas 12 still take at most 2 shots to kill you? will you run faster if you have the sprint specialization? if not what is the purpose of them then?

  • TheDraco108 08.07.13 at 05:56

    Will you be able to damage helicopters with primaries or sidearms?

  • xALAfreakinBAMA 08.07.13 at 04:47

    Will we have random weather/day or night effects on maps?

  • DrownedGiraffe 08.06.13 at 20:55

    will i be able to use commander mode on my smartphone?

  • iBLuFF_iBLiTz 08.06.13 at 18:58

    Will There Be LAN Support For BF4 on Next-Gen Consoles?

  • ARMAVIRUMQU3CANO 08.06.13 at 18:19

    that is a reply to ll MR RUSH ll on the subject of auto repairing vehicles

  • ARMAVIRUMQU3CANO 08.06.13 at 18:18

    not particularly, if jets would automatically heal on the runway, that would add an interesting perspective into the game… not so much with ground vehicles tho

  • Janoush7 08.06.13 at 18:06

    Please… Please, I beg you DICE to change the appearance of the American assault class.. The character literally looks like a monkey. The character model does not even look like a human. I have no idea how no one at DICE has noticed this.

  • CHEESEPUFF48 08.06.13 at 17:37

    2 maned bomber jets you can drive

  • Fle7cher 101 08.06.13 at 17:07

    Would love to see chinooks for support transport. That can carry two squads :)

    • ARMAVIRUMQU3CANO 08.06.13 at 17:52

      chinooks with chain guns on the side!

  • vjscope 08.06.13 at 16:59

    I have a question: We’ve all heard that VoIP will be back (and to my horror I discovered that it might support only squad talk). Can we finally hear more about this?
    - Is it going to be configurable (squad/team/alltalk)?
    - Are there different keys to squad-talk and alltalk (for example k = squad talk, l = speak to all)?
    - Is there mute or “automatically mute all players”?

    This is the only thing my community is interested in BF4. And only thing that I’m expecting from BF4 before buying. There is no teamplay without microphones. And don’t give me that cr*p about teamspeaks and mumbles. They simply don’t do any good for us.

  • BiIlyMay 08.06.13 at 16:45

    Will there be 70 players +2 commanders? Also, is there any new game modes for bf4? (Like titan mode =P)

  • gbhjuy 08.06.13 at 15:17

    Oh! l forget some questions to ask!
    1\Will you consider change the map at corner in multiplayer of battlefield 4?
    l really like the map of Killzone:mercenary(the game of sce ,guerrila).lts map have angles look very 3D and directly,and just like a clock.Is solider use the position of clock to report direction?

    2\Will you use the touch pad of ps4′s controller for melee combat just like Killzone:mercen-ary?
    lt’s really cool in Killzone:mercenary on psv.

  • RazerOnzaPr0 08.06.13 at 15:14

    Tell me about what will be the system requirements for your end product? And it will be information on the subject at gamescom?

  • RazerOnzaPr0 08.06.13 at 15:14

    Скажите примерно какие будут системные требования у вашего конечного продукта ? И будет информация по этому вопросу на gamescom ?

  • gbhjuy 08.06.13 at 14:54

    1\How do you deal with the five-men squad in 24 or 64 full players games?
    There are most 24 or 64 players in multiplayer of battlefield 3.
    In battlefield 3,a squad is four-men most,so it can have 3 squads vs 3 squads,when there are 24 also can have 8 squads vs 8 squads,when 64 players.
    But,when it is a five-men squad in battlefield can’t have 3 squads vs 3 only can 2 squads vs 2 squads and have 4 players can’t have full squads,so it’s a question!
    So as it when 64 players!

    2\ How do you balance four classes?
    In battlefield 3 ,l always use one class,because it’s enough for me ,just shoot,do nothing
    more,so it is also a question.

    3\Will have tutorial in multiplayer of battlefild 4?
    In battlefield 1943, l can use tutorial to learn how to drive planes and other vehicles.I also can exercise how to shoot better.Because of it,l also have more experience on the classes to use them.

    4\Will have some new skills in multiplayer of battlefield 4?How about the effect for me,vehi-cles and whole squads even for the all friendly?
    There are many skills in battlefield 3.but it isn’t helpful for me .Can you make some skills against some other skills,just like RPG ,such as pokemon(The game of Nintendo).l hope it will be better in battlefield 4

    These’re all questions l want to ask!

  • EXOG3N3S1S 08.05.13 at 22:33

    Will the footage we have already seen look as good for the Xbox One? I feel like I have royally missed out but playing BF3 on Xbox 360 as apposed to PC in terms of graphics and player counts. Not to say I don’t love it though!

  • ChrisAshes 08.05.13 at 20:17

    give me A-10 with a realistic gatling gun sound and damage, do not arm them with AtA Missles A-10 attack ground targets not other jets

  • tezey 08.05.13 at 16:55

    What jets wil be in game ? Will be Su 35 or F35 ?

  • barciorex 08.05.13 at 13:35

    Why there is so little info on jets? Are there going to be jets in BF3? How will be their mechanics and firepower? Copy paste form BF3 or bit more realistic?

    • [DICE] H Brun 08.05.13 at 18:34

      It wouldn’t be Battlefield without jets! Stay tuned!

      • Xyth0s 08.10.13 at 19:16

        Will there be some form of gore? Like bullet holes and limbs flying about? (Not like the Soldier of Fortune/Rainbow 6 gore) Of course it has it cons, being: If you are to die by a explosion and lose a or some body parts, you can’t be revived (If you have the revive feature in the game). Also if you are to be shot in the head you can’t be revived. Make the game better than expected. More realistic than expected. That would make a lot of peoples day. Secondly, how about night time combat? Not like the Death Valley night map. The Death Valley night map didn’t look like it was night. It looked like it had a blue tint on everything. Make it look like the DayZ night time. This way Tac-Lights do more than just blind your enemy. They can give away your position and light the way. Muzzle Flashes give away your position even more than they did in BF3. The Flash Suppressor has more of a use. Also IRNV Scopes are not pointless! More tactical and stealth gameplay! Watch this video from FRANKIEonPCin1080P! ) This has exactly what I’m talking about! Repost if you agree -Xythos (JuniotKestrel95 on Xbox 360)



  • StormkillS_Pro 08.05.13 at 13:11

    Будет ли дополнение в которое будет входить карта “Каналы Ноушехра ” ?

  • guillaume72 08.05.13 at 12:42

    hello, this battlefield need installation on xbox 360 4gb ? thanks for your help !

  • Chyumgo 08.05.13 at 11:17

    They will be female models in game?
    Avatars too? :)

  • Excalibucreation 08.05.13 at 07:05

    As a PC gamer I care about only one question, what are the system requirements and why have they not yet been released? There’s only 2 months until the game is released and I don’t know if I’m going to need to upgrade my GPU or CPU or nothing, disappointing

  • jdezer 08.05.13 at 04:12

    you could destroy by yourself

  • jdezer 08.05.13 at 04:01

    find out when you get the game

  • jdezer 08.05.13 at 03:53

    cant wait for naval wafare

  • Darkjester 117 08.05.13 at 03:39

    Can you customize your soldier at all?

  • xxnemesis1 08.05.13 at 00:45

    I wanted to know when you guys are going to release the pc specs for bf4?

  • iherwis117 08.04.13 at 23:52

    Is there four player Split screen? If there is, I am definitely getting this game.

  • MAC DADDY WEST 08.04.13 at 22:39

    no china oply im sure cuz in bf3 us vs Russia us won so now us and china’s gotta fight each other

  • gandalf1991 08.04.13 at 21:54

    You should make all vehicles ammos limited.. to avoid people playing only with tanks and helicopters. Infantry is too powerless against vehicles. Also you should put on consoles the possibility of locking weapons and gadgets in order to play specific mods, like “only pistol”, “only sniper” or anything else. A better cheater reporting system would also be useful.

  • Qe_te_importa22 08.04.13 at 21:42

    What about the scout helicopters, i am a big fan of those helis, their haven’t confirmed. Are their going to be in the game?

  • Xyth0s 08.04.13 at 20:28

    Yes you can play online.

  • LUKASFCT 08.04.13 at 18:24

    I can play online?*

  • LUKASFCT 08.04.13 at 18:23

    When i buy bf 4, i can play online. Or i need to buy premium like on bf3? Please answer this!

  • AculrStratygst 08.04.13 at 17:36

    Will Battlefield 4 multiplayer have dynamic weather ?

  • SOLIDSNAKE1217 08.04.13 at 12:23

    I wanna see some jet gameplay DICE wheres the jets and show us a few air vehicles unlocks as well or even a little snipet of jet gameplay

    • MAC DADDY WEST 08.04.13 at 22:27

      i agree i love 2 use recon class aka sniping and flying and killing jets and helis with my jet this guy is right show us some jet gameplay i love 2 kill with the jet

  • Saudaboazoz 08.04.13 at 12:07

    we need more hiden places for snipers, these places has to be difficult to find …keep going DICE i love this game

  • svx195 08.04.13 at 05:31

    Is there split screen in multiplayer and CO-OP. please add these in Battlefield 4

    • MAC DADDY WEST 08.04.13 at 22:29

      yea can play split screen online multiplayer but not sure about co op n it dosent matter co op isent that popular anyways

  • VASYYA 08.04.13 at 03:23

    M1 Grand Veterans battlefield, will be in the # BF4 ?!!!!!!!!

  • xxDarkhyronxx 08.04.13 at 02:55

    i wanna know all main weapons of recon Class? i hope you included some like TAC-50

  • alien_dynamite 08.04.13 at 00:06

    Are You finally going to remove the proverbial training wheels off the helicopters as in Removing the Artificial role limitations and make them a little more Manoeuvrable and fun to fly.

    • ARMAVIRUMQU3CANO 08.06.13 at 17:56

      I think the tougher the Helicopters are to fly, the better. It makes the game more challenging and when u finally are able to maneuver with it, you feel like a boss

  • ReaperMan707 08.03.13 at 23:13

    Can you confirm that in BF4 that we will be able to dive under water, will we be able to use weapons in the water?

  • DaSilvaSurfer99 08.03.13 at 22:30

    Can you confirm that small arms fire no does damage to helicopters?

  • Jarhead31ooora 08.03.13 at 22:15

    What are you going to do about players using thier admin
    Power to cheat and boot player 2 win, and boot a player just because they
    Are better!!

  • CrackleJackal 08.03.13 at 21:54

    It seems that internet lag has a big part in win/loss ratio so what if you have the service requesters(clients) automatically connect to a server based on the client’s upload/download speed and detache clients into separate servers. Server1: (UL/DL)slow speed. Server2: (UL/DL) medium speed. Server3: (UL/DL) high speed. Basing connection on just skill level doesn’t seem realistic.

  • Nathon Green 08.03.13 at 21:23

    Will there be a Flare Gun? To my knowledge there was not one in Bf3.
    With the addition of firing a single handed weapon in water and blacking out buildings, a flare gun would be an excellent sidearm to aid you in the dark, signal for pickup, spot out targets, etc.
    My sincerest thanks to the development team.

  • Xyth0s 08.03.13 at 21:09

    Will there be some form of gore? Like bullet holes and limbs flying about? (Not like the Soldier of Fortune/Rainbow 6 gore) Of course it has it cons, being: If you are to die by a explosion and lose a or some body parts, you can’t be revived (If you have the revive feature in the game). Also if you are to be shot in the head you can’t be revived. Make the game better than expected. More realistic than expected. That would make a lot of peoples day. Secondly, how about night time combat? Not like the Death Valley night map. The Death Valley night map didn’t look like it was night. It looked like it had a blue tint on everything. Make it look like the DayZ night time. This way Tac-Lights do more than just blind your enemy. They can give away your position and light the way. Muzzle Flashes give away your position even more than they did in BF3. The Flash Suppressor has more of a use. Also IRNV Scopes are not pointless! More tactical and stealth gameplay! Watch this video from FRANKIEonPCin1080P! ) This has exactly what I’m talking about! Repost if you agree -Xythos (JuniotKestrel95 on Xbox 360)



    • chickenZZherder 08.04.13 at 13:27

      Agree! More GORE! Also all maps would become more interesting with changing light and weather conditions. Longshot, maybe BF5?

  • Xyth0s 08.03.13 at 21:07

    @II Mr Rush I|, Thanks nice to have someone think the same.

  • VET MIKE 08.03.13 at 20:58

    in rush mode will the fog of war move up with each new spawn point to get rid of spawn killing?

  • 00killer123 08.03.13 at 20:51

    i think the more important question is there jets at all, i haven’t seen any footage of them, we want jets!!!!

    • MAC DADDY WEST 08.04.13 at 22:34

      agreed wheres the jets dice? i love killing in jets!

  • ICNG 08.03.13 at 19:09

    Will there be 2 seating jets?

    • Starkzard 08.03.13 at 19:29

      I hope so… :(

    • MAC DADDY WEST 08.04.13 at 22:37

      that would be amazing good idea dice should do that 1 driving and using the heat seekers guided missles ect. the other gunning the gun roy nice idea i like that and in real militarily warfare there are 2 people that go in jets and also 1 but u should like add jets that are ment for 2 players and other jets ment for 1 right any one else agree?

  • LIL MALOCO 08.03.13 at 18:04

    will there be a russian faction for the multiplayer of battlefield 4.

  • Acideaon 08.03.13 at 17:50

    Will there be more options for those of us with flight stick setups? I have a full CH products HOTAS setup with rudders and would love it if there is support for this on the PC as I know BF3 was very limited in what you could and couldn’t use.

  • Bermbom 08.03.13 at 16:34

    Stinger range: 400m

    SOFLAM range: 500m

    Attack Heli Cannon range: 1200m

    See the problem here?

    So my question: will BF4multiplayer be as unbalanced as BF3 is?

  • BOSSC351 08.03.13 at 15:32

    Does the game have client side or server side hit detection? Are there any region locks to stop players from using lag as an advantage?

  • xI3reeze 08.03.13 at 15:20

    One thing I would like to know, when you get put at the “Commander” will you get the option to be able to play in the game with the other players (getting kills, capping objectives), and switch to commander mode, or are you in commander mode all game?

  • Weaponx2121 08.03.13 at 14:57

    Will there be proximity chat like in Battlefield modern combat 2?? This would be an amazing addition because it would force the enemy and yourself to actually be quiet while playing. You could also ask someone not in your squad for ammo and health.

  • LoSZetaSS 08.03.13 at 14:56

    Hello DICE Z-10W Attack Heli No China Heli, WZ-10 Attack Heli YES

  • Dusty0885 08.03.13 at 14:48

    Can you do barrel rolls in Attack heli as in BF2?

  • Dusty0885 08.03.13 at 14:47

    Hello DICE, AIr vehicle physics, i heard it was improved, can you tell me more about it? what BF game is most similar to?

  • Piranha16 08.03.13 at 13:20

    Hi guys nice blog!!
    The one detail i actually want to know is about the sound.
    BF3 was able to use 5.1. Will BF4 be able to use 7.1??? And additionally please let us set up these settings ingame as well not manually in the settings file.

  • Bermbom 08.03.13 at 12:06

    - What did you learn from BF3 multiplayer?
    - Will the gross unbalance between air and ground from BF3 return in BF4 multiplayer?

  • HAMAS-GAZA 08.03.13 at 10:06

    we want to know if the arms in battlefield 4 are like the arms in BF2 I mean china and MEC or its only china army

  • Goridan 08.03.13 at 10:02

    What about russian faction? There are no details about it at the moment.

  • Oddball97 08.03.13 at 09:26

    Will there be multiple soldiers per account like there was in Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142? If not why not? It is a much missed feature that the three Battlefield veterans in this house would love to see in Battlefield 4.

  • TheSnakiest 08.03.13 at 08:38

    I hear that we may have a chance to try the Russian B.E.T.A. vehicle before the actual release of the game. Any info on whether it will be available this month?

  • El_Twin 08.03.13 at 08:06

    God i hope most of the questions and requests get ignored because they are pretty effing dumb. Said and done.

  • CrackleJackal 08.03.13 at 07:14

    I agree,you could also use a tough retro like cool to use your vocab theme.Writers need to write yo!

  • BOURNENYC 08.03.13 at 07:05

    Dice when it comes to sniping i think theres alot of room to make it way better for instance stop showing the location of the sniper after he snipes someone i think that is one of the most wackest things you do for such a great game. It just takes the whole sniping element away, i know that you just show the sniper and its close surroundings but after playing battlefield long enough you can easily figure out or narrow the location of the sniper which eventually will eliminate a good sniper spot cause now the enemy knows of it and will likely search these spots when they get sniped which again takes away an important advantage or element of being a sniper which is there not suppossed to know where you are shooting from especially if you are dead(cmon dice). I think if you make this change it will add a great element to the game entirely and make it more fun, realistic and challenging and give the sniper role its true identity. Also i think snipers should have a long range scope with nightvision and a ghillie suit for different enviroments and how about a machete instead of a knife cmon these are basics lets make it happen dice!!!!!

    • El_Twin 08.03.13 at 08:08

      There is something called hardcore!!! Solved, next please!

  • oom9-korps 08.03.13 at 07:04

    I agree with CIK. All the cursing gets annoying. I would love to be able to turn it off at least in multi!

  • CIK APOSTLE 08.03.13 at 05:34


    • MasterSoda360 08.03.13 at 05:36

      please, turn off your caps lock, if anything, it’s anoying

    • CrackleJackal 08.03.13 at 07:13

      I agree,you could also use a tough retro like cool to use your vocab theme.Writers need to write yo!

  • SG_Maelstrom 08.03.13 at 04:30

    DICE please tone down the sun in bf4, it would be appreciated

  • R3NAI55ANCEMAN 08.03.13 at 04:22

    -How many players can one match have on the Xbox 360 and the PS3? I have heard it won’t be 64 players but have heard either 32 or 24 players. Which one is it?

    -Is the tower in Siege of Shanghai destroyed by the players themselves or is it set off by the score of the match, like the red-and-white tower in Caspian Border, in BF3?

    -Can other major buildings in Siege of Shanghai be completely demolished like the skyscraper that everyone has seen in the reveals?

    • MasterSoda360 08.03.13 at 05:47

      They have already explained some of these questions you have asked, in E3 and whatnot

    • jdezer 08.05.13 at 04:11

      ps3 xbox 360 26 ps4 xbox 1 pc 66

  • II Mr Rush II 08.03.13 at 02:58


    -Will there still be the “you cant kill me” part of the revive animations?

    -Will High power scopes for rifles be able to put a mesh filter to reduce scope glint?

    -Other than iron sites for the Alt. weapon sights, will there be red dots too?

    -Is there a limit to the amount of revives an assault class can do? Will the battery run out on the AED? I find that the most annoying part of BF3 is a medic revive train.

    -Will medic points be balanced? Lvl 100 was made waayyyyy to easy on medic class?

    -What Features will not carry over to the Xbox360 BF4?

    -Xyth0s made a good point. Will there be deaths you cannot be revived from? e.g Head shots from High Caliber weapons? Knifes? Tank/LAV Rounds?

    Thanks for the time hope you get to answer some of my questions. Feel free to check out my Youtube channel.

  • kirre10 08.03.13 at 02:26

    Hello DICE. What im going to right is not just a question its also more like an idea for bf4. Say for example i play a conquest game and i jump in to the driver seat on a helicopter, running the assault class. after a while flying i get disabled but cant repair the heli. So my question is. Can you make like a very small area in every map that i can fly or drive in to with my vehicle without running the engineer class and my vehicle gets auto repaired.


  • Xyth0s 08.03.13 at 01:38

    Will there be some form of gore? Like bullet holes and limbs flying about? (Not like the Soldier of Fortune/Rainbow 6 gore) Of course it has it cons, being: If you are to die by a explosion and lose a or some body parts, you can’t be revived (If you have the revive feature in the game). Also if you are to be shot in the head you can’t be revived. Make the game better than expected. More realistic than expected. That would make a lot of peoples day. Secondly, how about night time combat? Not like the Death Valley night map. The Death Valley night map didn’t look like it was night. It looked like it had a blue tint on everything. Make it look like the DayZ night time. This way Tac-Lights do more than just blind your enemy. They can give away your position and light the way. Muzzle Flashes give away your position even more than they did in BF3. The Flash Suppressor has more of a use. Also IRNV Scopes are not pointless! More tactical and stealth gameplay! Watch this video from FRANKIEonPCin1080P! ) This has exactly what I’m talking about! Repost if you agree -Xythos (JuniotKestrel95 on Xbox 360)

    Sorry forgot the link in my last post.

  • Xyth0s 08.03.13 at 01:37

    Will there be some form of gore? Like bullet holes and limbs flying about? (Not like the Soldier of Fortune/Rainbow 6 gore) Of course it has it cons, being: If you are to die by a explosion and lose a or some body parts, you can’t be revived (If you have the revive feature in the game). Also if you are to be shot in the head you can’t be revived. Make the game better than expected. More realistic than expected. That would make a lot of peoples day. Secondly, how about night time combat? Not like the Death Valley night map. The Death Valley night map didn’t look like it was night. It looked like it had a blue tint on everything. Make it look like the DayZ night time. This way Tac-Lights do more than just blind your enemy. They can give away your position and light the way. Muzzle Flashes give away your position even more than they did in BF3. The Flash Suppressor has more of a use. Also IRNV Scopes are not pointless! More tactical and stealth gameplay! Watch this video from FRANKIEonPCin1080P! This has exactly what I’m talking about! Repost if you agree -Xythos (JuniotKestrel95 on Xbox 360)

  • yum yums 08.03.13 at 01:35

    Can you provide details on what platforms the Battle Screen app will work on (or whatever the app is called that allows remote commander, minimap, etc from a phone/tablet)? The official video shows it running on iOS devices, but no mention of Android (the most-used mobile operating system in the world), Windows Phone, or Blackberry 10.

    • [DICE] Vincent Vukovic 08.13.13 at 11:10

      Rest assured, Android is supported.

  • MAC DADDY WEST 08.03.13 at 00:35

    i wish there could be a 64 man multiplayer on all platforms i mean its kinda on fair how do you guys exspect us old platfoaurm gamers to play a 12 vs 12 match on even bigger maps? i mean if you cant do that atleast a 32 man sever for old gen so we dont feal left out n i just got my xbox lat year n got live earlier this year now all the sudden now i got the new gen console gettin shoved doen my ne4ck n now pc xbox 1 n ps4 get 2 play 64 man wen we xbox 360 n ps3 players are left in the dust 2 rot in a sack with no extra man multiplayer improvements i mean its really disapointing itl still be fun but like i said earliar how are we ps3 xbox 360 player gonna be able 2 play 12 vs 12 on even more extended maps ? its un fair cant u guys atleast make it a 32 play man sever? n the new gens n pc 64 man so we dont have 2 rot in a sack as bad if u guys can in prove the multiplayer sever for old gen 2 id think it would be even just as amazing as a 64 man so please if u guys can leave it 64 man on new gen n pc but please atleast exstend the ps3360 severs 2 hold atleast 32 or men in a sever please if u guys can do that that would be remarkable:)

    • Chewy034 08.03.13 at 00:49

      Mac Daddy West, first, we need you to use spell check and learn proper punctuation and grammar usage, if English is NOT your first language, this could be understandable. Also, DICE/EA have nothing to do with the 32 player cap on XBox 360 and PS3, those are simply hardware limitations that they have no control over. Also, no one is shoving a XB1 or PS4 down your throat, just because it is new, does not mean you have to get it. As far as the maps getting bigger, they will do exactly what they did in BF3, the 32 player maps were the same 64 player maps, just with a limited play area. Hopefully you can understand that no one is being unfair to you or XBox 360 or PS3 owners.

      • MAC DADDY WEST 08.03.13 at 05:32

        i know its not ea`s or dices fault its just that i wish there was some way although there probably inset because there not gonna focus on old gen wen new gen comes out i just wish there was a way that dice n ea could ask xbox n playstation 2 exstend there severs for newer games for like bf4 n no english is my primary language its just that i was typing 2 fast and dident feal like going back and fixing all my errors i dient know any one cared so much about correct spelling lol and i know what ur thinking im out my mind thers no way my i deas wou;d happen for old gen i just wish it would be the same amount or half amount of players for old n new gen because im dropping 60 dollars aka same price as all console pc price for bf4 n the new gen n pc is gettin more out of there money with the more people on there servers for new gen and 24 but i wish 32 for old gen atleast but i know thats not gonna happen and i know there not shoving the ps4 or xb1 down my throught its just that i just got live eairler this year and the another thousands of bucks out my pocket 2another new gen console i know ur thinking i dont have 2 get it but im trying 2 have you understand that im trying 2 stick up 2 date with gaming online with all my friends cuz there all gettin new gen and so am i im just a little bugged i have 2 pay alot more money on more new gen games assesories and console lol u feal me? and if i spelled alot lot of things wrong again im sorry im just trying 2 type and make this processes faster

    • KUNSCHNER 08.03.13 at 01:20

      Because last gen can’t handle it. It would significantly lower the quality and feel of the game.

  • IamAidenPearce 08.03.13 at 00:30

    My Question : Will it be a cobra sight in Battlefield 4?

  • Hunter Sandoval 08.03.13 at 00:16

    My Question: Will there be anything to counteract mines for the tanks I.e mine sweep forks

  • NioXin 08.03.13 at 00:01

    My Question: Other than networked waves, what tech has been added to Frostbite 3? Is there more polygon detail on everything? Higher resolution textures? Sound improvements? Tessellation improvements and on what objects (I don’t see any in BF3? Smoke Fog and Dust (everyone would like to see more) Could you do a blog series on these technology, engine and improvements like you did for BF3?

  • GhostNani 08.02.13 at 23:51

    What was the reason to put in the Counter Knife in the game?

    • MAC DADDY WEST 08.03.13 at 05:40

      because counter knifing is realistic and i bet when ur aboutta get knived when ur on a killing streak n u counter a counter knive 2 continue ur streak im sure youd be glad its in the game lol

  • yumni 08.02.13 at 23:30

    i mean launched bf3

  • yumni 08.02.13 at 23:24

    i got hate things in BF3/BF4(in movie) : its’ a player radio sound
    For example BF2 radio is good it’s noisy but pretty good But BF3/BF4(movie) is so silent

    when i saw ‘BF3 64player caspian border trailer’ i felt good because player radio message
    (for example, this movie
    ["Enemy locked" 1:09] ["object has been ~~" 1:21] )
    i love it but lunched game i never heard like this pretty good sound

    i want it in BF4

  • AlfaFoxWuf 08.02.13 at 23:18

    Will the weapons be as horribly imbalanced in BF4 as they were in BF3?

  • Malkantar 08.02.13 at 22:58

    Why do they always ignore Naval so bad. It was slowly getting better till Battlefield 2 came out. I would like sea battles like in the old 1942 games.

  • CrackleJackal 08.02.13 at 22:51

    Will there be any graphical differences in the PC,Ps4 and Ps3 versions of the BF4 game?

    • MasterOfWeed 08.02.13 at 23:11

      Do you really even need to ask if there’s going to be a graphical difference between PS3 and PS4? It’s pretty obvious that the PS4 version will definitely look way better than the PS3 version and it will have 64 players. The PS4 and the Xbox One will pretty much have identical graphics but in the end PC will always have the best graphics.

      • CrackleJackal 08.03.13 at 02:57

        I would like a game that is optimum made for the Ps4,not some slack job with ps3 graphics and added junk/players optimized for a Ps3 engine.

    • CrackleJackal 08.03.13 at 02:49

      Also so I know, Is there any differences in particle effects, color depth (bit) and artistic details in “PC,Ps4 and Ps3 versions”?This question is directed to DICE

  • manu_lanza97 08.02.13 at 22:39

    There’re gonna be jets in battlefield 4? What types of jets?

    • [DICE] Vincent Vukovic 08.13.13 at 11:07

      We will definitely have jets in Battlefield 4. Stay tuned for more information.

  • NurSharlin 08.02.13 at 22:33

    Wich maps will be at the “Second Assault” expansion pack?

  • CrackleJackal 08.02.13 at 22:32

    It seems that the vehicles realistic controls may get in the way of movability in the game.I remember Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas jet seems right on for vehicle movability.

    • MasterOfWeed 08.02.13 at 22:39

      Not a damn thing is wrong with the vehicle controls. As for the Jets it takes a while to learn how to control them properly. Plus if the Jets were as easy to fly as they were in GTA:SA then everyone and their brother would fly them.

  • s-----Q 08.02.13 at 22:25

    how many map in bf4? and the russia army is here?

  • CD_Ambion 08.02.13 at 22:14

    Will all the old weapons come back for Battlefield4?
    Will the G3 Rifle come back for Batllefield 4?
    Will the M60 Comeback?

  • ThrashReflex 08.02.13 at 21:54

    Can you tell me if vehicles will have there own sensitivity for console, this will make the movement of the tanks main cannon faster and the helicopters gunners will also be smother. Can we also get vehicle chat and a way to tell helicopter pilots skills i.e flying school of three level like co-op and every time you beat one you go up a level and make them difficult so you truly see people’s skill.

  • The_Chemist05 08.02.13 at 21:51

    I really hope you don’t mess up the guns like in BF3. Some are over-powered, others are under-powered and rendered useless. My expectations for BF4 is that it’s going to be absolutely epic.

  • ZombieCow 08.02.13 at 21:40

    Will we be able to transfer some of the unlocks from BF3 to BF4? If not, will we who bought the Premium package get some kind of recognition or a special Dog tag ?

  • Johnzerker 08.02.13 at 21:40

    I have a question in regards to the weapons that you can pick up in a multiplayer map and not equip I also wanted to know if the Barrett M107 is in game on multiplayer and how player customization is In game for multiplayer such as weapons and how your soldiers will look.

  • Persojet 08.02.13 at 21:36

    Will there be actually dark maps where you need night vision/lamp or just “wannabe” dark like BF3?

  • Sypher 08.02.13 at 21:34

    Will there ever be Fully Controller Support for those that play it on PC???

  • CYPsycho 08.02.13 at 21:25

    Will there be day/night cycles

    • NioXin 08.03.13 at 00:05

      Also, yes please have day night cycles, if not at least have all maps day and night options on server side.

  • CYPsycho 08.02.13 at 21:22

    Will there be communication bettween vehicle crew and other vehicles

  • CrowdedLight 08.02.13 at 21:21

    If other countries/factions are added, is there a gametype with 3 different countries/factions against each other at the same time? Would really be a tactical challenge. :)

  • tjagr39 08.02.13 at 21:21

    What kind of maps will be in Battlefield 4. Will they be urban, mountainous, snowy, or all of the above.

  • rreal47 08.02.13 at 21:13

    can you let us have options for transport vehicle upgrades? such as the Huey, Humvee, oh and bulletproof glass for the scout helis be awesome!

  • droptheG 08.02.13 at 21:12

    Will there be other countries involved in BF4? If so will we be able to play them in the multiplayer? Also I will be looking forward to the voice acting and language in the battlefield :D

  • eROkKs 08.02.13 at 21:12

    Please tell us more about the futures of rentaserver. Can i control my server from battlelog? Perhaps from my mobile device? Can i edit the maprotation without quitting the server? Will we be able to set custom rules? Will my server have a socialpage on battlelog?

  • Reconer 08.02.13 at 21:10

    Can we play as the Russian forces in multiplayer? And please, oh please, will they speak native language when you play as them?

    • 50-M82A1 08.02.13 at 21:15

      Judging from the fact that there was an Mi-28 Havoc in the single-player campaign trailer, it’s suggested that there will be Russians involved but from what I’ve seen, they only spoke Russian in BFBC2 and spoke just a little bit of Russian in Battlefield 3, so I honestly doubt that they’re gonna be speaking their full blown native language.

  • Bermbom 08.02.13 at 21:04

    How is balance being created for multiplayer? Will it be based on rock, paper, scissors?

  • SLTMOICESTLAZLO 08.02.13 at 21:01

    Will BF4 have a eSport mod ? If yes, can you tell us some details about it ?

  • RawH 08.02.13 at 20:58

    Will spectator mode be included in the console versions of BF4? Based on the E3 gameplay, I’ve only seen it used in the PC version.

    • MasterOfWeed 08.02.13 at 20:59

      Spectator mode will definitely be on the new consoles along with the PC and they can probably pull it off on the 360/PS3 as well.

    • [DICE] H Brun 08.05.13 at 18:43

      Spectator Mode will be in all versions of the game.

  • idevil800 08.02.13 at 20:57

    am more interested about the jets! please tell us something about them!

  • PatchRowcester 08.02.13 at 20:52

    What changes are being made to BF4 to encourage teamplay over individual stats? What I mean by that is, will there be more assignments (like the one for MTAR), which have us to silly things to get a weapon?

    I am clearly not helping my team when all I am trying to do is to get a kill with some random gadget to get an amazing weapon.

  • ReconSoldier82 08.02.13 at 20:46

    I noticed in one of the videos that the wind generator effects everything in the environment, does this include the individuals in the environment too? By that I mean is there windage on the projectiles. This would create a challenging, but fun, aspect to the gaming environment. Also, making it dynamic game play every round you play.

  • Vertigo101 08.02.13 at 20:44

    I’d like to ask this of the Dice Development team.

    1. A lot of video games out there have there own benchmark program will we have one for battlefield 4?

    2. How dynamic are the water waves in the game and can rain and wind effect the waves?

  • Fureasies 08.02.13 at 20:43

    Will Battlefield 4 coming two-seat jets?

  • ELITE_CHICOMALO 08.02.13 at 20:42

    Will BF4 keep bunny hopping? Can you remove jumping ability altogether. Nobody just jumps like so for no reason, unless there is an obstacle.
    Will you include Hardcore mode no map – RUSH only public servers?

    • Oddball97 08.03.13 at 09:34

      What if you want to jump from one building to another? I like the ability to jump when i want, i found the restrictions for jumping in CoD games quite clunky.

  • BakerAct 08.02.13 at 20:41

    Will u bring back 2-seater fighter jets ?? Pl0x say yesss !

  • ozone16 08.02.13 at 20:41

    Where’s the J20 Jet? Make it happen Dice!

  • Armed_Reepz 08.02.13 at 20:40

    What tablet do you need to play commando when you are out and about or shop to download it like eg: ipad (app store)

    • MasterOfWeed 08.02.13 at 20:46

      It will most likely be a free app like the Battlelog app.

    • [DICE] vincent0k 08.13.13 at 10:47

      Commander Mode will be supported on iOS and Android tablets.

  • Death1099 08.02.13 at 20:38

    Will the beta be out in August? It would be nice to beta test it for two months so people can report the bugs in the game. BF4 looks great.

    • MasterOfWeed 08.02.13 at 20:45

      The beta will be out in September as they announced but there has been no official opening day given.

    • IamAidenPearce 08.03.13 at 00:37

      They said : It will be out in Fall :)

  • Lousymoosii 08.02.13 at 20:36

    Max players on the PS3 and ps4 and pc would be 64 or just like bf3?

    • MasterOfWeed 08.02.13 at 20:42

      PS3 never had 64 players but the PS4 PC and Xbox One will support 64 players as announced by DICE at E3.

    • [DICE] H Brun 08.05.13 at 18:40

      BF4 will support 64 players on next-gen consoles/PC, with 2 additional players taking on the role of Commanders. We will support 24 players on X360/PS3, with two additional commanders.

  • DaNNi-World 08.02.13 at 20:35

    What competitive- / esports features and support can we expect on Battlelog for Battlefield 4? I made a wishlist awhile back, and it did get some response from you guys, so interesting to see if you have granted any of our wishes :D

  • Samuel_Curtin 08.02.13 at 20:33

    Will there be Battlefield Premium and will you bring back some maps from Battlefield 3?

    • MasterOfWeed 08.02.13 at 20:34

      They have already announced that Premium will be available at launch and they also announced that there will be a Premium exclusive map pack containing 4 of the highest voted maps from BF3 recreated in Frostbite 3.

  • mudcar 08.02.13 at 20:32

    Will there be more sub-machine guns in BF4 than there were in BF3 like stuff like the p90 pp-19 pp-2000 I really like sub-machine guns.

  • Awsomeboy584 08.02.13 at 20:31

    Will there be local multiplayer. So I can play with my friend on one console.

    • MasterOfWeed 08.02.13 at 20:36

      If by “local multiplayer” you mean split-screen it is highly unlikely that they will be able to do it but if they do it will only be on the new consoles.

  • GUNCYCLOPEDIA 08.02.13 at 20:30

    Xbox will be coming back I don’t know about xbow

  • DrSmoker 08.02.13 at 20:30

    Will there be something like BF4 Premium?

    • MasterOfWeed 08.02.13 at 20:32

      They have already announced that Premium will be available at launch and they also announced that there will be a Premium exclusive map pack containing 4 of the highest voted maps from BF3 recreated in Frostbite 3.

    • IamAidenPearce 08.03.13 at 00:38

      Yes dude… EA isnt stupid :D

  • GUNCYCLOPEDIA 08.02.13 at 20:29

    There are more improvement in the models Tanks to be precise.

    • MasterOfWeed 08.02.13 at 20:40

      The textures on the tanks have improved from what I can tell in screen shots/videos but I do know for sure that they will have multiple camouflage options for the tanks and all guns not sure about the other vehicles though.

  • BlitzKraig603 08.02.13 at 20:29

    Will there be classic BC2 weapons like the XM8? If there is one weapon I’d like to see come back, that is it.

  • YourPappy 08.02.13 at 20:29

    Will Bf4 be PreNerfed, it was so aggravating how you guys kept NerfingBF3.

  • kingfrederik 08.02.13 at 20:24

    so how over powered will these vehicles be? I mean in Battlefield 3 the engineer is incredible under powered and the tanks are almost impossible to destroy as one so I want to know how many rockets will it take to destroy a tank. Also many servers banned Stingers for no reason allowing jets and helicopters to decimate the ground forces will you take steps to allow stingers?

    • MasterOfWeed 08.02.13 at 20:29

      First of all, if you have a well coordinated team it’s not at all hard to take out a tank nor is it difficult to take out a tank with another tank even by yourself. Second, people don’t ban Stingers and Iglas for “no reason” they ban them because DICE drastically increased the range they can lock on after they made them disable in ONE HIT making them extremely overpowered.

  • KAELAN is Metal 08.02.13 at 20:23

    Is the Xbow coming back?

  • MasterOfWeed 08.02.13 at 20:22

    I want to see another map besides the Seige in Shanghai one. I’m starting to get worried that they’re only testing that one map and every other map is going to be a untouched glitchfest.

  • Al-Jebra_terror 08.02.13 at 20:21

    Will Russia be in the game as well? We really need more team diveristy like in Battlefield 2!!!

    • MasterOfWeed 08.02.13 at 20:23

      There will be Russians of course. They seem to be focusing on the China Rising expansion for right now instead of the base game.

    • IamAidenPearce 08.03.13 at 00:36

      3 Teams will come back in BF4 – The USArmy, Chine and Russian :D

    • [DICE] H Brun 08.05.13 at 18:36

      Russia, China, and U.S. are confirmed!

    • D0UBLED0G 08.13.13 at 00:20

      Of course Russia will be in the game it wouldn’t be battlefield if they were not

  • E5-Marcher_dk 08.02.13 at 20:21

    Well i just whant to know when the BETA opens?

    Just cant wait

  • MasterOfWeed 08.02.13 at 20:20

    They only revealed some of the new vehicles that are going to be in the “China Rising” expansion pack nothing from the base game yet. They would never take out Jets that would just be foolish.

  • Sh4dowGr1p 08.02.13 at 20:15

    so no planes???????

    • CeeBeeNord 08.02.13 at 20:19

      That would have been quite nice, actually.. The gameplay would be sooo much better without the “plane pros”.

      • StarkOwl7470737 08.14.13 at 06:00

        geez that would be great to have no planes. difficult to fly but I bet you that planes will be in the game though