Ask DICE: Battlefield 4 – Multiplayer

We’ve been seeing questions pouring in from fans who are excited for the launch of Battlefield 4 – now just months away!

In the spirit of keeping our fans informed and Prepared 4 Battle we’re continuing a new series called “Ask DICE,” featuring questions that we’ve received from Battlefield players with answers straight from the development team at DICE. Check back here at the Battlefield blog every other Friday for answers, exclusive info, and more.

Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Q&A
This week we’ll be answering your questions on Multiplayer. From the beginning, victory in Battlefield means working as a team to take down the enemy. Battlefield 4 continues this proud tradition with renewed focus on teamwork and squads.

So without further ado…

Manu_lanza97 asked, “Are there going to be jets in Battlefield 4? What types of jets?”

Battlefield 4 will definitely have jets! We’ll be giving you more information about jets soon, so stay tuned. For now, we’re happy to reveal the Chinese J-20 Stealth Jet – a totally new addition to jets in Battlefield.


R3NAI55ANCEMAN asked, “Is the tower in Siege of Shanghai destroyed by the players themselves or is it set off by the score of the match, like the red-and-white tower in Caspian Border, in BF3?”

Battlefield 4 will feature game-changing destruction on a whole new scale with a concept we call Levolution – this is what you’re seeing when the skyscraper in Siege of Shanghai is destroyed.

The skyscraper in Siege of Shanghai is brought down when players destroy the four main pillars of the building. This means that it can happen at any time in the match.

Levolution happens on all levels from the big like the skyscraper moment to the small like shooting fire extinguishers to distract your enemies so you can easily take them out or cutting the power of a building to blind your opponents so you have the advantage on the battlefield.

These game changing events not only affect the player’s tactics but also the visual identity of the map.  And what’s most important, it’s you triggering these things to happen.

R3NAI55ANCEMAN also asked, “How many players can one match have on the Xbox 360 and the PS3?”

Battlefield 4 will support 24 players on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, with two additional commanders depending on the game mode. We will support 64 players on PC as well as Xbox One and PlayStation 4, a first for the Battlefield series on console. Battlefield 4 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will also run at 60fps, another first for the series on console. The Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, with also support 2 additional players taking on the role of Commanders, depending on the game mode.

Additionally, squads now consist of five teammates.


Reconer asked, “Can we play as the Russian forces in multiplayer?”

The playable factions in multiplayer are Russia, China, and the U.S.

Gary D asked, “Will there be mortars in BF4?”

Yes, there will definitely be mortars in Battlefield 4! A redesigned, remote-controlled Mortar will allow Support players to give indirect fire support while staying with the squad.

PatchRowcester asked, “What changes are being made to BF4 to encourage teamplay over individual stats?”

One of the ways Battlefield 4 will encourage teamplay is Field Upgrades. The idea behind Field Upgrades is to give individual rewards for squad based team play performance. You earn them through squad scoring such as squad healing, completing objectives with your squad members, squad resupplies, squad repairs, and other squad actions.

Instead of one single specialization in Battlefield 3, you can now pick from different upgrades paths, each containing four specializations. Keep the squad alive, and you will move through the accumulative upgrade path. However, if your entire squad is eliminated, you will lose some of your progress.

We’ve also seen some questions floating around about suppression, so we’ve decided to shed some light on it.

Suppression has been refined in Battlefield 4. There will be no more suppression in close-quarters combat, and LMGs will have beefed-up suppressive fire abilities allowing you to pin down your enemies.

Suppression also causes visual impairment, while being suppressed no longer impacts the accuracy of your weapon. Instead, a sway effect makes aiming more difficult, but with some skill you will find it possible to counteract.


Until next time…

Check back here at the Battlefield blog every other Friday for answers, gameplay previews, and more.

You can also see the DICE developers and leads live on stage during the EA gamescom 2013 press conference, where they’ll be detailing even more Battlefield 4 multiplayer. Learn more about the conference here.

Next time we’ll be answering questions about Levolution and Commander Mode. What questions do you have? Let us know in the comments below.

Battlefield 4 begins its release on October 29, 2013 and will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Pre-order now and get the China Rising expansion at no additional cost.


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  • BFG Ri0T 02.16.14 at 23:48

    how the game is played

  • BFG Ri0T 02.16.14 at 23:48

    DICE should add submarines in naval strike it would really change hot the game is played

  • ozmodon 11.26.13 at 05:25

    Please bring back the option to form a squad before joining a match, it’s very frustrating trying to play a match with my friends and not being able to join the same game. This will make it a lot easier and keep my friends from going back to call of duty.

  • OZARMYSTRONG 11.04.13 at 03:03

    I’ve converted from call of duty to battlefield and I’m passing it on to my friends and brothers. Now in bf3 we were able to squad up before joining a match and this is not available in bf4. Are you guys going to add this feature to this game because it will definitely make it easier to play with friends and convert my friends from cod fans to bf4 fans.

  • XL Extinct 10.15.13 at 10:13

    ******DICE*** I’ve been playing the BF4 beta and it looks great!! But I Feel like you can do more. i love that you have chosen to make a cover system, it requires us as players to use more skill making the game just that more competitive. Heading farther towards this direction of a cover system would be a, DIVING and SLIDING motion. It would be awesome to be able to slide into cover and it would make the game that much more realistic. And diving into water or of a building ect. would just be fun to do I know I would do it all the time haha. This is the number one thing I feel battlefeild4 should have that has never been done before other than that its super fun I cant wait to own it keep up the good work:)

  • ChoppySenna99 10.03.13 at 10:38

    Can you please please please allow for an option in the controls so that you can select the original battlefield 3 controls. The controls can be customised but we just want an option to allow us to set the controls the same as they were in battlefield 3. This is very important and I’m sure most fans would agree!!!

  • itheboss02 09.17.13 at 04:20

    Could you please change the look of the US assault model in multiplayer to sorta-match Irish’s outfit in campaign? Also add the helmet and mask from the regular model to this one? Please because the one thats shown now kinda looks bad to me.

  • Harry_10202040cz 09.12.13 at 06:25

    Je potreba dat take na tan televizi

  • BearsFan529 09.01.13 at 02:10

    Would it be possible to beef up the rocket launcher in BF4 just a tad because it is a bit weak in BF3

  • Smok3y56 08.31.13 at 22:23

    I think the engineer class needs a deploy able object like sandbags or a machine gun in placement. In battlefield at the moment, all you can do is destroy objects, but not build anything. I think it would be a good idea if the engineer class had an entrenching tool for building sandbags or digging a trench, which are destructible. For making defensible positions and provide cover for anyone on the battlefield. Also having the engineer being able to place down, for example, an m240b on an tripod to provide a large amount of fire. If this machine gun position is implemented it should have something limiting the ammo of it. This two things would make the game really stand out from other games.

  • elBarto8889 08.29.13 at 00:45

    So, if its possible to watch any person on the battlefield although they’re on the enemy team, how will you verify that people are not staying in contact with players giving away enemies’ current position?

  • V_KURKIN_V 08.27.13 at 10:05

    DICE, in BF4 handle cocking at the AK12 again on the right side and reload the same as that of AK74M in BF3. But in reality, AK12 have cocking handle located on the left side. Also in the design of the AK12 appeared slide catch, which is designed to speed up reload. In theory AK12 reload should be the same as that of the M16 fast. Also used variable rate of fire: automatic – 650 rounds / min mode cutoff line for 3 shots – 1000 rounds / min. Fix it please!

  • DeathByDawn14 08.27.13 at 04:10

    Hey. I would just like to know if there will be any co-op like in Battlefield 3. If any, what will be new about it?

    • tmladd 08.28.13 at 05:52

      I think that I saw somewhere that a Dice employee said there will not be COOP, since there main focus is on Multiplayer and Campaign. Which hints at something they may not want to announce yet *Cough* dino *Cough*

  • RZseraph 08.26.13 at 18:22

    I am worried about jets: It is 2020 and in game jets are still the same as they were in WW2, all jets in 2020 must have Supermaneuverability. All fifth generation jets have this ability /F-22,PakFa/ as well as some forth generation jets have it /Su-27, Su-30,Su-35, MiG-35, F/A-18E/F/.
    I think that helicopters in BF4 should perform the Aerobatic manoeuvres too /Mi-28/.
    It would be great to perform the crazy maneuvers in BF4.

  • MEXICAN98XL4D 08.26.13 at 07:40

    You should at least put a couple more of players in a match for xbox 360 and ps3 instead of just 24,only if its possible though.

  • Karaul7 08.23.13 at 10:51

    Russia and China have the same Z-11W helicopters?(Google translate)

  • MtnDewMe251 08.23.13 at 04:33

    Dice, now that PREMIUM has now been announced, will you be releasing a premium battlefield 4 to buy or pre-order? if so how much will it cost?

  • V_KURKIN_V 08.22.13 at 07:44

    Dtar DICE, why in the game is so little of Russian weapons and so many weapons of NATO and other countries?
    1. Why not balance for SCAR H (7.62 x 51) in assaul rifles, for example AEK 973 (7.62 x 39), or AKM (7.62 x 39), or the same as modified AK12 (7.62 x 39)?
    2. Why not balance for ACE 52 CQB in carbines, such as the AK-104 (7.62 x 39) or the same AKU12 modifications in 7.62 x 39?
    3. Why not balance for the M98B sniper rifle, for example Orsis T-5000?
    4. Why there is no balance to the M82, for example SVK “Kord”?
    6. Why there is no balance to the XM25? for example GM94?
    7. Why is there no Russian pistols TT model 1933 (7.62 x 25), APS (9×18), GSh-18 (9×19), SR-1 “Gyurza” (9×19)?
    This is discrimination based on nationality? Discrimination is a violation of human rights! You’re against the violation of human rights! Or not?

  • V_KURKIN_V 08.21.13 at 17:53

    Dear DICE? have two questions for you, after the broadcast of the gameplay from the show gamescom 2013:
    1. Why does the Russian PAK-FA 20mm cannon, not 30mm? In reality, it will have a gun GSH-30-1 30mm caliber!
    2. Why Russian army is fighting in the game at the American military boats? The Russian Navy has its own combat boats!

  • DisguisedMike 08.21.13 at 14:28

    When you go prone near a wall in BF4, does half of your body get in the wall like in BF3?

  • V_KURKIN_V 08.21.13 at 09:41

    From the exhibition DLC shows that all of the major actions unfold in China and around it. Dear developers, not whether you plan to add in addition to the card game of the European theater of war?

  • UnderseaCloth01 08.21.13 at 03:48

    Are there any new Game modes that Battlefield 4 will feature? Or will there be new ones featured in DLC?

  • A-Belgiumbears-A 08.20.13 at 18:42

    Give some more examples of levelution ?

  • AirForceJedi91 08.20.13 at 09:42

    I really wish there was a grid system so we could call out enemies in a general location without having to necessarily spotting them

  • Twip 08.20.13 at 01:53

    The inclusion of a mobile device to add situational information to the battlefield seems like a great idea. Could any version of this be implemented using a multiple monitor setup (ie expanded map view on a secondary monitor)?

  • mangui24 08.19.13 at 22:13

    Will there be any other big buildings (besides the one we’ve already seen in Siege of Shanghai) to destroy in BF4? Not asking for the maps, just asking if there’ll be. Yes or no?

    • RUSSIAN1479 08.20.13 at 18:03

      One would assume that it will be there somewhere in other maps

  • xhallow 08.19.13 at 19:16

    Will you guy bring back zip line and grappling hooks from bf2?

  • Natedog325 08.19.13 at 15:53

    So for Xbox360 do we only get 12 players a side? That really sucks.

  • RZseraph 08.19.13 at 15:28

    Another concern of mine is that support soldiers won*t have C4, 3-6 C4*s only per soldier will destroy the C4 fun in BF4.

  • Chyumgo 08.19.13 at 15:25

    They will be female models in game?
    Avatars too? :)

  • RZseraph 08.19.13 at 15:18

    I want the ability to climb the edges and Supermaneuverable jets in BF4. Because jets in BF3 like from WW2 and it is not cool.

  • flip782 08.19.13 at 12:30

    What internet speed (mbp/s) will be required to play Battlefield 4 multiplayer on PS4

  • jewie27 08.19.13 at 10:07

    Please fix Nvidia 3D vision support in BF4. Remove the 40 fps cap!

  • o T R U 3 z 08.19.13 at 09:09

    As a true fan of the hit battlefield 3, and a soldier awaiting battlefield 4, I must ask: Hardcore? We’ve heard of many modes and the basics, but we rarely hear the soldiers ask of the hardcore mode! Or at least, they haven’t been responded to. So my main question is, will hardcore return? If so, will the entire HUD be disabled for the most realistic experience?

  • J0hnRec0n77 08.19.13 at 06:16

    Will there be clench protection for console players?

  • clayster66 08.19.13 at 05:36

    Will there be Keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox One version of the game?

  • Mr MAzTa BlasTa 08.18.13 at 22:53

    So if I buy the game for 360 and then xbox one when it comes out on that, will I be able to transfer my stats and unlocks?

  • xHappy_69x 08.18.13 at 18:20

    Do people private server owners will have more customization options? If I have a server where I just want to play only sniper weapon, me I can modify only sniper weapon options available for players to choose only sniper weapon? In BF3 any player can enter with any weapon and that makes many people do not respect the rules of the server. This change would be nice. Thank you.

    • shortyian 08.18.13 at 20:51

      Great idea. I would like this option too. Very annoying on a sniper only server when there is some idiot running around with a machine gun etc.

  • Galacknar 08.18.13 at 12:52

    When destroying the skyscraper, will if fall in the same place every time? Or will it be randomized depending on how you destroy the pillars?

    • That_is_ReaL 08.18.13 at 13:06

      I’m not a DICE producer or whatever, but it’s clear that the animation of the falling skyscraper is scripted and will happen every time the same way, that’s because it actually falls into water and doesn’t damage any other building, I suppose.

  • Leogim 08.18.13 at 12:30

    will there be voice communication (using microphone) with either your squad or either the team in bf4?

  • SOLIDSNAKE1217 08.18.13 at 11:31

    in looking forward to all the classes and new gadgets in BF4 but mainly the return to being able to play as A spec ops with the recon class being able to use Carbines and Claymores/C4 is just amazing Can’t wait

  • assault124 08.18.13 at 11:05

    witch asault weapons come into the game.


  • Karaul7 08.18.13 at 09:43

    whether the point is to change its location on the map as the Siege of Shanghai, on the other maps?(Google translate)

  • Red-IIX 08.18.13 at 07:22

    Can’t wait!

  • lightspots 08.18.13 at 07:08

    If most of those skyscrapers can collapse in multiple ways and day and night cycle is available,it will be even better!

  • lightspots 08.18.13 at 06:46

    I hope there is F22!

  • ElementGP 08.18.13 at 06:42

    Is there going to be some kind of an infrared scopes or sights in BF4? If so what are the zooms of the scope or sight?

  • Jru01 08.18.13 at 06:04

    Pretty sure tanks, helis, and jets do not carry unlimited weapons in the real world. My engineer runs out of rpgs until I resupply… how about vehicles needing to resupply.

  • ADAM21153 08.18.13 at 04:37

    Can you guys please add a theater mode pleeeaaaasssssse

  • HorseJoke 08.18.13 at 04:32

    Will Battlefield 4 still have TV missiles?

  • F-15_Eagle97 08.18.13 at 04:24

    I would love to see some bombs… Like UGBs on the jets. Will something like this happen. I mean you can make the plane have limited bomb ammo. Please make this happen

  • Lieutenant00 08.18.13 at 03:54

    Will DICE ever include bots w/human players in games like Battlefield in the future? It would give you a variety of things to do and adds in more people in a match.

  • NFSUNDERCOVERPS3 08.18.13 at 03:22

    Will the bullet drop range change for different weapons. Especially for sniper rifles

  • Oportooporto 08.18.13 at 03:11

    I want to know about the damage models of each type of weapon and if there are going to be more specific damage models for each single weapon, diferent from BF3, that , for exemple, most assault rifles did 25 damage

  • A Jeremy Obeys 08.18.13 at 02:44

    What about character customization? I know it sounds dumb but what about selecting what your character looks like or at least having randomizing skins for when you spawn in?

  • OrigBlkMjk69 08.18.13 at 00:47

    Anybody heard anything about damage points on bf4? I hate getting into a 1-v-1 firefight only to die and have my opponent get away with 0 or 1% health

  • Ghost2081 08.18.13 at 00:35

    I want the Euro Forces, I’m boring of USA/RUSSIA…

    • HorseJoke 08.18.13 at 03:37

      Yeah…. me too. I hope they include them in future Battlefield games.

    • Lieutenant00 08.18.13 at 03:50

      I would also like to see a variety of different militaries as well, I think they will include them in Expansion Packs along the way.

  • nanotech420 08.18.13 at 00:16

    Oh my god,.. guys,. give it a chance,. Im sure DICE put thought behind these options,. Headshots will be the paper to the rock of armor,.. c’mon,. wait ;till we try it.

  • onesweetcorvette 08.17.13 at 23:49

    I THINK IT WOULD BE AMAZING IF YOU COULD INTERACT WITH DOORS, close them, shut them then maybe hole up and wait for people it the rooms. Will this be in battlefield 4 plz answer my question i can’t wait for a reply

  • Trambis 08.17.13 at 23:22

    In BF3 and BFBC2 all the building were extremely similar, have you put any effort into making each building, room, window and staircase more unique? and can you collapse smaller buildings like you could in BFBC2?

  • lcriv 08.17.13 at 22:24

    Will PS3 players be able to play with/against ps4 players?

    • nanotech420 08.18.13 at 00:20

      Prob. not since Ps4 will have 64 players, Ps3 will have 24. -besides. this is the reason to go next gen.

      Ps4+Bf4 = Gr8ness.

  • V_KURKIN_V 08.17.13 at 22:22

    Each side of the conflict will have its own unique hand grenades, grenade launchers and gadgets, or again, everyone will use the American M67 and the others?

  • bec1986 08.17.13 at 21:25

    oh and enough with USMC equipment… apache is better .. bradley is better than LAV25 etc…

  • bec1986 08.17.13 at 21:24

    you better have that Bradley IFV in this BF

  • Mr Creepy Creep 08.17.13 at 21:14

    Armor needs to be removed. It’s going to be mandatory for all players, and if you don’t use it, you’re going to be at a severe disadvantage.

  • weapons248 08.17.13 at 20:46

    Please add airman’s camp for the US forces!

  • jambolto 08.17.13 at 19:37

    will there be a massive levelution type thing on every map or just on some. will there be more than one or is that just to optimistic

  • v LegendHD v 08.17.13 at 19:14

    they have now revealed you will be able to transfer stats from xbox360/ps3 to xbox one/ps4

  • YaBoiKenny 08.17.13 at 19:08

    Will u be able to stat transfer from Xbox 360 to PS4?
    And like most people who watched e3 multiplayer live stream, I noticed selectable knifes like the shank are their different knife animation for each knife, and how many different knifes are their?

  • Ronakit Virasak 08.17.13 at 18:46

    Will There be split screen mode??

  • BROKENARROW1960 08.17.13 at 18:16

    Enemy spawns should have a 2 second lifespan if you jump out and try to steal an enemy aircraft. Also if you are going to limit mortars from your own spawn they should not damage enemy spawn.

  • teddybear420 08.17.13 at 17:54

    id like to see spawn protection taken away if you spawn on a team mate. or prevent spawns if team mate underfire.

  • RedOPants 08.17.13 at 17:53

    please make suppression very subtle, WHO CARES IF ITS REALISTIC!?!? if i want realistic, i will play ARMA or Reality mod for bf2! PLEASE MAKE IT FUN! NOT REALISTIC!

  • RedOPants 08.17.13 at 17:50

    please make in the battlelog a special place to see the server rules, so they dont need to have outrageous names, and while the game loads we can read the rules, a bit like bf2.

  • BROKENARROW1960 08.17.13 at 17:50

    If you rent servers on BF4 could you let the admins set more limits on what is used in the game. Now they can say no shotguns and then they have to kick someone for using them. If you had it set up so they could go through and tick off what they will or will not allow then it would end having to kick someone for not following their rules. Then you could have a CQ game on a map like Kharg Island set so that only recon could play and maybe all with the same gun. Or on a Map like Metro you could have it set to only allow pistols and hand grenades it would put everyone on an even level whether you are a level 100 or a level 1. No unlock advantages.

  • RedOPants 08.17.13 at 17:49

    I hope it wont be annoying that every time the round starts, the building is taken down

    • BROKENARROW1960 08.17.13 at 17:51

      That is the first thing anyone with C4 is going to do. You will never get to ride the elevator to the top without being killed when the building falls lol

  • halex3 08.17.13 at 16:37

    Such Stupid questions ( Are there going to be Jets in Battlefield 4 ? ) Noo! We are going to use Flying unicorns as Jets. WTF? Couldn’t have picked better questions like IDK maybe DINOSAUR MODE! or Practice Mode with A.I or a Private mode? or Will there be better and more DICE servers so Admins don’t kick us everytime? or Will you have Co-op just like BF3 did? Makes me upset how they Ignore other good questions Hell! They trolled us with the First one… asking about if there will be Jets. And if we will be able to play as Russian forces? another stupid question we already know the answer too. Come on Dice!

  • MAXWHATUP 08.17.13 at 15:51

    im wondering if you will be able to get BattleField 4 on an iphone without buying the main game

    • Tegis1755 08.17.13 at 16:02

      Dice already sad that, you’ll need to buy the game, and log on the battlelog account.

  • Fatt83 08.17.13 at 15:26

    I’m Wonder… the final release of bf4, will it still same as previous bf3 ? consist a lot of bug ? and after few month dice is manage come out a patch which is huge file size and slow connection player took days to download, Dice is responsible for this bug issue and you guys suppose send us a new DVD without charges and ofcoz apologize letter as well. Player not really hope pay u $$ and play your buggy game..

    if you plan to release a buggy game, then why u come out a beta tester ? and why dice still spend thousand to hire game tester ??
    sorry for my bad english, and i know someone can understand what im try to say…

  • seanwalker89 08.17.13 at 15:17

    Can we have the option to play split-screen multiplayer? Love nothing more than playing split-screen with my mates over some beers

  • Oliveira117 08.17.13 at 15:11

    In commander mode if your commander is AFK or doing a very poor job will you be able to vote for him to be demoted (or kicked) from the game? Also will you be able to apply for the commander’s job while in game and if you are the commander maybe you see someone applied for it and want to swap places with that player, so he can command and you can be on the ground while in game? I think this would be a great idea to implement into the game or at least have as an option for server options.

    Also, I know this is off topic, but I have hated that war games have yet to implement MRAP’s into the game (after spending a year doing route clearance in MRAP’s while deployed to Iraq) I REALLY appreciate the addition of them to the battlefield series… My questions are other than the American’s Cougar Mrap, what other MRAP’s will Battlefield 4 feature? Also since you can get upgrades for your vehicles, (like we had on our trucks overseas) will an armor upgrade be added for the MRAP’s such as EFP armor that we used, which is used against shape charges such as RPG’s and such? I think this would be a great logical and realistic addition the the MRAP’s you feature. Also you should really add the Panther and Buffalo MRAP’s as well!

    Thanks for all your hard work creating an amazing game for your fans!

  • 1ofgodssons009 08.17.13 at 15:02

    alternative endings$$

  • 1ofgodssons009 08.17.13 at 15:00

    will their ever be a multiplayer story line$$

  • MP_oolong 08.17.13 at 14:58

    Will there be single player or coop missions that teach new players how to fly jets and choppers?

  • BeastyHD 08.17.13 at 14:41

    Will there be 2 seater jets?

  • Punak33 08.17.13 at 14:16

    HI DICE, I started playing BF up properly with the arrival of BF3 .However, I’ve always liked sniper , but playing for him at BF3 was very problematic because of highlights glare optics 6x, 7x, 8x and 12x it was very wrong of you , and was an easy target for infantry and unfortunately for the vehicles. So I have a question , whether or not they also highlights the optics BF4 or if this problem will somehow treated.

    Thank you for your response.

  • USSRedshift 08.17.13 at 12:39

    Hey dice. Since this is set in the future, 2020 I think, Will the armies have new vehicles, I have noticed that the Russian assault Is carrying a AK-12, the newest Kalashnikov which is expected to be in the RU army in real life. Will vehicles be added like this? the Russian version of a Humvee is a GAZ 1975 so will you add it? Thx DICE if you reply

  • darkmouse13 08.17.13 at 12:05

    Dans le jets,es que il y aura l’ animation du siège éjectable ?

  • napalmM3zZ 08.17.13 at 12:04

    is there gonna be any beta release for xbox360?

  • Bo0gieMan 08.17.13 at 10:51

    can you release the picture of the soldiers without the BF4 logo? I want to put it on my desktop

  • AngelLoneWolf 08.17.13 at 10:12

    I Think you guys should make a new class that can only drive the helicopters,tanks,APC. I get kind of tired of engineers driving this vehicles and making them immune to death by hiding and fixing the vehicles. Also for the love of god Make players become better at aiming by giving vehicles limited ammo,smoke,flares. Maybe make it so that after you use your ammo you have to go to the main base to reload ammo.

  • V_KURKIN_V 08.17.13 at 08:56

    Dear developers, please tell us in BF4 we’ll see the old model of the T 90, or we can count on the emergence of a new model of the T 90 MS “Breakthrough”? ( Also interesting to see if in the Russian army in game BMP 3 and armored car Tiger?

  • l-Colin-l 08.17.13 at 08:14

    Will there be a fifth class being introduced? I thought I heard rumors about that..

  • wWaAVve 08.17.13 at 07:52

    I would LOVE a gameplay mode called LONG PLAY!
    A match that is extremely long like 40-60 minutes!
    Sometimes when the play stops I am let down wanting a more tug of war play to keep going!
    Our team is coming back!
    Lets carry this out longer!
    Lets regroup our team and try the other strategy.
    One thing that makes a game like Planetside good is continuous battles.
    If we could have one game mode closer to that it would be AWESOME!
    I guarantee it will grow into a favorite game type!
    Just increase the ticket size to triple or more in conquest for example and VOILA done :)
    Please let DICE know now if you like this idea.
    They are reading this!

    • Jimx99 08.17.13 at 11:57

      You know there are 1000 ticket servers, right?

      • wWaAVve 08.17.13 at 15:54

        Awesome! Sorry I did not know that. First time about to really play BF. Can’t wait. Is it still easy to access these setvers with a PS4? I’ve only used consoles except for the original Half Life :)

  • meister_conqur83 08.17.13 at 07:39

    The J-20 looks great, but one problem, there is no internal cannon. As for the Russian, you should have the SU-37. By the way I am a Military aviation historian, so I know my aircraft! Rock on!

  • frostman_98 08.17.13 at 07:28

    dice I don’t know if you’ve been asked this a lot but can you make a camo or a special unlock to get a ghillie suit? it would be real cool and it would be easier to run and hide from helicopters and tanks. :)

    • Jimx99 08.17.13 at 12:00

      A nice thing would be to unlock a ghillie suit after getting a recon service star, kinda like a veteran camo.

  • LeTHaL-_-Razer 08.17.13 at 05:54

    DICE! As a dedicated fan that plays recon a lot, it would be awesome if you could put the intervention sniper rifle in the game and others that do around maybe 110 damage and drops to 70 after 50 meters. That would be great, as well as a device called a spotter that works similar to spotters in real life, that tell you wind speed and the distance of the target. Just thought it was a great idea. Cheers and keep up the great work, can’t wait for BF4.

  • AricTheBarrier83 08.17.13 at 05:33

    I played that game,only get 3 levels

  • AricTheBarrier83 08.17.13 at 05:30

    Will there be unlocks for playing campaign mode that we can use in multiplayer like you did with co-op in BF3? Also, will there be infra red scope that was usable in BF3 co-op but not in multiplayer mode?

    • AricTheBarrier83 08.17.13 at 05:42

      I think it would give some incentive for playing campaign mode because I think most people play these games just for the multiplayer

  • jayp01ws6 08.17.13 at 05:27

    Id like to see more than one attack helicopter per team available. I havent kept up with the bf4 development at all. So, my question is, what date will the bf4 beta be available on xbox360 and who can download it?

  • IBswisscheesen 08.17.13 at 05:26

    I understand C4, and motion sensor balls will be available for the recon class, what other equipment will be there for us to use ?

  • xHERNANDEZ3 08.17.13 at 05:23

    Will the server be free or we need to rents its in battlefield 4 ?

  • X40ozs2freedomX 08.17.13 at 05:20

    Id like to see a game mode with escort and or extraction of VIPs like SoCoM 2 that would be awsome :-) just like SoCoM 2

  • cc3d 08.17.13 at 03:54

    jets are just trolls. They contribute nothing to the team and harass everybody almost untouched. Only another jet pilot can be effective against them and usually there’s just one guy trolling the other team at 24-0 with no flag captures. Not very realistic either. Jets kind of break down the realism factor.

    • AricTheBarrier83 08.17.13 at 05:31

      I agree, most people just use them to get to towers only reachable by air

  • BloodThirstyHen 08.17.13 at 02:26

    In battlefield 4 will you get stuck in the air if you fly to high with the jet?

  • jjorlandos 08.17.13 at 01:55

    Are we going to have battle recorder on the next gen systems? You already have said that there will be spectator mode in bf4. I also noticed little hints that there might be battle recorder or it could be my wishful thinking getting the best of me

  • P01NTM4N 08.17.13 at 01:41

    What is the Nerf/Buff Policy for BF4? Can we expect players to overcome the curve, or should players expect to see the gameplay tailored to make things more “fair”

  • Lieutenant00 08.17.13 at 01:23

    I want to hear something innovative out of DICE… A three team Conquest would surely shake things up. A Dinosaur Survival mode has been mentioned quite a few times, could DICE please clarify if this is something you may put in BF4? Another thing is people complain about spawn trapping… what about say having a C-130 fly around the spawn area so people can parachute and run in a direction that it will take the enemy some time to get to. One more thing for Battlefield fans… Jets have always been part of Battlfield, so of course they will have jets! They’re not going to make you fly couches around for jets… They will have jets, so cool yours and sit on your couch calmly knowing jets are in. Jets weren’t in SOS only because it is a little difficult to turn your jet 90 degrees at an T-Intersection to go after someone! Thanks for reading! :)

  • DreSwaby 08.17.13 at 01:17

    STOP. LOOK. LISTEN…. I been waiting since march and its like crack/cocaine evaporating from my bloodstream… I NEED A FIX MAAAN! October is soo far far away and I don’t think I can hold out any longer. So here’s the deal; bump up the release date to SEPTEMBER already and I won’t levolute yo’ building… HAHAHAHA, I’m just kidding -_- not really.

  • Darklord1967 08.17.13 at 01:17

    For sake of repeating old posts, what about voip in BF4 for PC? it was such an important feature in BF2 and the PC crowd want it back.

    Just sayin…

  • inthezone10 08.17.13 at 00:59

    the commander thing seems stupid… its all fun and games until somone not even playing takes out 10+ players with a tamahawk, overpowered just like the AC 130s

  • Sasuke_Uchiha-N- 08.17.13 at 00:50

    Female soldier’s in mp? Oh and will the PS3 version of BF4 have the addition of boat’s since the ps3 is so ”limited”????

    • LoneHamish 08.17.13 at 01:29

      Females are still tragically under-represented in the military, 5 to 1 ratio of men to women.

      And why put “Limited” in quotation marks? It is limited lol. It’s hardware struggles to run Battlefield 3 at low!

  • Matt-The-Silent 08.17.13 at 00:37

    Really tho, a game mode i would love is a three faction battle version of conquest. On next gen and pc it would be 20 vs 20 vs 20 = 60 players + 3 commanders for each faction. This could offer such a new experience to battlefield! Also squad deathmatches should allow u to pick which faction u want to be, if squad leader. Then all your squad will be that faction.

  • halex3 08.17.13 at 00:36

    Such Stupid questions ( Are there going to be Jets in Battlefield 4 ? ) Noo! We are going to use Flying unicorns as Jets. WTF? Couldn’t have picked better questions like IDK maybe DINOSAUR MODE! or Practice Mode with A.I or a Private mode? or Will there be better and more DICE servers so Admins don’t kick us everytime? or Will you have Co-op just like BF3 did? Makes me upset how they Ignore other good questions Hell! They trolled us with the First one… asking about if there will be Jets. Come on Dice!

  • Matt-The-Silent 08.17.13 at 00:32

    Now the real question is… what happened to the DINOSAURS?! I really really hope to see that. Battlefield 4 has already sold me, but that would just top it off.

  • cywulf21 08.17.13 at 00:02

    I plan on buying the game on PS4, but i want to download it rather than buying the disc. Will i still get the China expansion? So far all i see is PC download and discs for console but i cant find anywhere where it states if console download, specially next gen, will get it too. Thanks.

  • GreenPlease 08.17.13 at 00:02

    I have a few suggestions regarding how the jets perform in BF4 (this is coming from a pilot who competed in the Top 100 pilots ladder and logged over 1,000hrs in the jet):
    -If a jet is “stealth” like the F-35 in BF3 make it show up on radar only sporadically in order to compensate for its horrible maneuverability.
    -In BF3 the Flanker was simply outmatched by the Hornet. It was easier to maintain optimum turn speed in the Hornet AND the Hornet rolled faster. Here’s an interesting dynamic for BF4: let both jets have the same optimum turn speed, pull the same g’s, and have the same radius BUT make it harder to maintain optimum speed in U.S. jet while allowing the U.S. jet to roll faster. The result will be that Ru pilots will tend to loop while U.S. pilots will be more inclined to switch and cut. It will make for much more interesting dog fights.
    -Make it so that the jet must land to reload air-to-ground munitions other than the main cannon. In BF3 if one team had two good pilots they could just mercilessly wreck the other team: engage and destroy a ground vehicle, destroy enemy fighter immediately after takeoff, wash, rinse, repeat. Forcing the jets to land to re-arm will prevent elite pilots from ruining games while still allowing them to contribute to the team.

  • pixistix69 08.17.13 at 00:00

    What about the pc chat channels? in game mic chatting would be a great upgrade from bf3

  • Killer_ScoutFTW 08.17.13 at 00:00

    Will there be maps with 3 Faction War? Russia vs USA vs China? 32v32v32? or 24v24v24? Would solve a lot of spawn trapping issues because to control all of the flags a faction has to be dominant over 2/3 of the factions.

  • Comedian1978 08.16.13 at 23:43

    One of my favorite accessories in BF on the PC is the option of using a flight stick. When if ever will this be an option on the next gen systems?

  • ElGrandeGato 08.16.13 at 23:22

    Yay. Finally fixed suppression like everyone has been suggesting for the last 2 years.

  • IREWolfman 08.16.13 at 23:10

    Has terrain deformation been removed from frostbite 3?
    I haven’t not the ground get damaged at all yet.

  • ToxicOut 08.16.13 at 22:57

    Can pay Eminem for make a music fort Battlefield 4 :) ? Survival by Eminem is amazing pity it was made for COD: Ghost, he would so well on a trailer for Battlefield 4 :)

  • kirit097 08.16.13 at 22:57


  • thesnipehype 08.16.13 at 22:47

    Will there be Ghillie suits in BF4?

  • same master 08.16.13 at 22:39

    Will we be able to cook hand grenades in Battlefield 4-multiplayer?

  • ISAF Mobius 18 08.16.13 at 22:37

    Will it be easier to invite more than four others friends into a server or keeping your squad together for console?

  • Raaah 08.16.13 at 22:30

    Will you guys add something to help people to learn how to fly helicopters and jets? Like a training mode in singleplayer?

  • sinbad269 08.16.13 at 22:28

    Are you bringing any older maps [from Bad Company 2 or Battlefield 2] into BF4?
    I’d love to see Daqing Oilfields or Dragon Valley as just a couple of examples. A finished Kubra Dam, as BFP suggested would be awesome too

  • Doom272Recon 08.16.13 at 22:15

    It will be possible to ps4 player to play whit ps3 player? And the tv missile on chopper will be easier to controle on console than bf3?

  • G_I_Cho 08.16.13 at 21:58

    Will there be bonus points for Assault’s M320 Smoke or Support’s M224 Mortar Smoke Shell for providing tremendous amount of covers and damage to enemy’s line of sight plus visibility? Every weapon in BF3 receives damage points except M320 Smoke and M224 Mortar Smoke Shell unless it’s a direct hit. I’m very fond of using smoke rounds during CQ, TD and especially during Rush providing covers when my team needs to break through heavy fire in the open and it’s most definitely a game changer 90% of time I’ve used it. M320 smoke and M224 Mortar Smoke deserves fair chance at receiving bonus points if a single indirect bullet can get you a 50 suppression bonus points. They say best defense is strong offense, right?

  • CFM BullzEYE 08.16.13 at 21:57

    What will the level of distructability be for the current gen consoles.

  • SSE_Sn3iK3R 08.16.13 at 21:55

    the control of jets, will more simulator?
    in bf3 is very arcade.


  • Riskehh 08.16.13 at 21:52

    DICE; .. I think it would be awesome if you can add a mode where your team has to arm an EMP and the other team has to defend it… when the EMP is armed, all the electronics (Tanks, Jets, Gadjets such as Red do sight) are disabled untill the end of the game. It would make an amazing infantry battle for the last 10 minutes lets say…

  • Lieutenant00 08.16.13 at 21:42

    Does DICE have an E-Mail for people to contact theyre different teams?

  • Fird96 08.16.13 at 21:37

    Well the levolution on the map of seige of shanghai is totally impressive, but are the other maps have their own “special” levolution? Like in this map is the huge falling building making a massive destruction and change the map to a totally different situation, how bout other maps? Will there be the same (falling building and all) or different (like massive battleship explosion or maybe the gunship instead of exploding in mid air , its just crash into the battlefield and make a whole new chaotic situation). :D

  • Armond 08.16.13 at 21:33

    Why give Claymores and C4 to Recon AND Support class?

  • ZwiebyFred 08.16.13 at 21:29

    About boats, destroyers, submarine?

  • Lieutenant00 08.16.13 at 21:27

    Recently the DICE Team that have been working on Battlefield 4 have done a fantastic, A+, job on making BF4. Now there is an issue, DICE announced that consoles such as PS3 and XBOX 360 will not have what PC and New Consoles will. Answer me this… What will make you any different than Treyarch? Well, nothing will if you try to use Console wars as excuses for your industry. If you become just like Treyarch… Then people will not see a reason for purchasing Battlefield when they can get COD. If you make this change and force people to get New Consoles or PC’s… Then you will become an unreliable company that people will not want to get involved with. Thinking about the people will earn you more money in the long run when you have reliable customers… as opposed to the short run option which will get a quick buck, but lose long term customers. Do you want to be like Treyach and other short term gaming industries… Or do you want to be something better in the long run?… Think it over and Thank You for reading.

    • Irish_Divinity 08.16.13 at 21:36

      What are you even talking about? Why are you comparing them to Treyarch when Treyarch isn’t even the ones making the first CoD for next gen? Also, do you not know how hardware limitations work? The 360 and the PS3 can’t HANDLE everything they’re putting into BF4. They’re not giving current-gen the shaft out of spite. In fact, they’re not giving current-gen the shaft at all.

  • MasterMax08 08.16.13 at 21:23

    Will it be possible to use the chat when the round ends and the map switches?
    Maybe even be able to chat while you’re loading the map if that’s possible?
    Anyway keep up the good work and surpise with even more amazing tweaks and features! ;-)

  • IITHEPATRIOTII 08.16.13 at 21:18

    This game is not Battlefield 3.5, the graphics ARE better, even when I thought they couldn’t get better than BF3, the sounds are better, the engine is more stronger and better now, and there ARE more armies, now there is three factions for multiplayer. This game is not a Battlefield 3.5 this game is Battlefield 4.

  • cphacker95 08.16.13 at 21:17

    Hey DICE, I have a few questions about multiplayer. The first one is will Commander mode be usable on console, being able to use the mode while on PS3/Xbox or will we need to get a Tablet? Second is are most of the things in the beta going to stay the same in the final game? And lastly, will we get a chance to vote for maps for Second Assault?

  • MFramy_Lv 08.16.13 at 21:14

    is it going to be possible to play as a commander with a windows phone/xbox smart glass?

  • Ed195 08.16.13 at 21:09

    Will the A-10 be available again?

  • Lieutenant00 08.16.13 at 21:08

    Will there be light armored jeeps, or will you stick with regular armored Jeeps? You should put out a poll asking if people if they do or don’t want those Light armored jeeps (DPV, ITV, Buggy)… It would be much obliged by DICE to let the gamers have a deal of say in what they would like to see…

  • gunsunday314 08.16.13 at 21:00

    Dice will we see some return of large scale naval combat like BF 1942 with battleships and carriers?

    • Bush_Killa-73 08.16.13 at 21:08

      Yes indeed! Give us a 2142 Titan mode where we get to sink a Battleship :)

  • milos31SRB 08.16.13 at 20:59

    and yeas…why you make some para militaries with masks,some unoknown uniforms???..

  • milos31SRB 08.16.13 at 20:56

    DICE why is this battlefield 3.5 or just DLC??..because we expected much better graphics, better sound, better engine, more armies.. or some zombie DLC answer please..

    • IITHEPATRIOTII 08.16.13 at 20:58

      You made my day

    • gunsunday314 08.16.13 at 20:59

      Because those are the only things that make a fun game?

      • IITHEPATRIOTII 08.16.13 at 21:14

        Dude it was me joking, I was laughing my ass off when I read the comment Battlefield 4 looks nothing like Battlefield 3 in my opinion, it looks amazing and more well polished version of Bf3.

    • Lieutenant00 08.16.13 at 21:04

      You dont understand Milos, the graphics are better… Graphics can only be as good as reality. Right now graphics are very close to looking like a reality…

  • Lieutenant00 08.16.13 at 20:55

    I am very interested about that rumor too, Did DICE make a survival mode for BF4?

  • NoVa X chopper 08.16.13 at 20:53

    Will the gameplay be different on next gen consoles other than map size and amount of players? By this I mean will there still be levolution on current gen consoles

  • Lieutenant00 08.16.13 at 20:53

    I have decided that to make things easier, instead of having to type out Siege Of Shanghai… We should just type S.O.S…. For typing it all out is kind of uneccessary…

  • IITHEPATRIOTII 08.16.13 at 20:50

    Will you be adding the ability to cook grenades? Also, will dynamic weather be in every map? (Hopefully) And Dino mode? We want Dino Mode or at least some type of survival game mode that you can play with friends that would be awesome!

  • Lieutenant00 08.16.13 at 20:47

    What kinds of features will commander mode have, like Tomahawk, supply/vehicle drop, etc.?
    What kinds of things are included with levelution besides the building in S.O.S., and making the tank fall through the road?

  • Haibane 08.16.13 at 20:45

    Also yeah, don’t forget female gamers guys, allow for female soldiers, they do exist you know !

  • mafagafo69 08.16.13 at 20:43

    I would like to now if it will be possible to see if others are playng with mouse in the ps4 because in ps3 (bf3) theres a lot of players using mouses and of course they have a greater advantage in aiming

  • Haibane 08.16.13 at 20:42

    I’ve got two questions guys :

    1 will you do attachments for handguns too ? That would be really good.

    2 could you please do an infantry version of each map please ? Some people don’t like vehicles warfare so much

    • IITHEPATRIOTII 08.16.13 at 20:47

      Its called team death match and, haven’t you seen any of the BF4 E3 gameplay handguns can have up to 3 attachments

    • WandererBR 08.16.13 at 20:54

      Yeah, Handgun Customization is confirmed with 3 slots for attachments: Optics, Barrel and Accessory.

  • ShockFap 08.16.13 at 20:41

    I pre-ordered Battlefield 4 digital edition but i didn’t get China Rising expansion pack and my BF4 beta isn’t there anymore:’(

  • JFresko 08.16.13 at 20:40

    Will we see new game modes and a new “gun master” experience?

  • psyRhen 08.16.13 at 20:39

    Just a quick little question about Ghillie suits. Are we ever going to bring back guillie suits to recon?

  • Koromaro 08.16.13 at 20:38

    I just want class limits. It gets out of hand when 98% of the team is sniping while the enemy controls objectives.

  • bf3fan603 08.16.13 at 20:38

    this is BS! i am hKr-cowman603-mA and I AM THE TOP COMMENT on battlelog. and they didnt say anything about my dino mode comment…

  • solid06 08.16.13 at 20:37

    are you able to choose a female character , is the glare of the flaslight going to be the same during daylight or night like it happened to bf3

    • solid06 08.16.13 at 20:45

      another sugestion a changing weather will also be cool

  • Lieutenant00 08.16.13 at 20:36

    The server support is there and they have the processing power for it… I know, I had friends of mine help me experiment with both of these consoles… Turns out PS3 and XBOX 360 can do a lot more than what people underestimate they can do…

  • Legonite15 08.16.13 at 20:36

    Will BF4 be fixing the scope glare issue, where someone with a high power scope has glare even if there is no light on them? I have had times where I can be standing in a completely dark room 5 ft from a window and someone can see me because of the glare that shouldn’t be there.

  • Filius Aurorae 08.16.13 at 20:34

    its not DICE being unfair….the xbox360 and ps3 can’t handle players. the server support isn’t there. talk to microsoft about it.

  • Lieutenant00 08.16.13 at 20:33

    Will BF4 have Bots to fight whenever your internet acts up and can’t get online? I remember you had it in BF2… It was helpful when internet crashed/had other issues. It would be nifty/very convineint for people to have this option.

  • Andy0440 08.16.13 at 20:31

    How does one become a Commander?

  • Lieutenant00 08.16.13 at 20:30

    I think that it is unfair for DICE to exclude PS3 and XBOX 360 from getting options like 64 Players in a match… That’s low, I thought DICE weren’t going to take advantage of these rediculous console wars. DICE, are you going to be a part of these console wars and potentially lose fans of Battlefield to people like Treyarch? DICE should change this and keep a level playing field for people that don’t have plans on getting New consoles. Come on DICE, you’re better than this… Don’t try to be like Treyarch who keep ripping off people by taking advantage of these rediculous console wars. Thanks for reading… and please don’t get into Console wars.

    • ArchmageDeekin 08.16.13 at 20:32

      Don’t be thick. It’s a hardware limitation. It’s already running at just 30fps, adding more than double the players would make it unplayable.

    • IITHEPATRIOTII 08.16.13 at 20:32

      Dude do you not know that the current gen consoles are shit and can’t run BF4 let alone BF3 with 64 players

    • andrex1999 08.16.13 at 20:34

      You know, they would have 64 players on console in all the other Games and in this one but they cant handle it?

    • KaosuKoden 08.16.13 at 20:34

      It has nothing to do with console wars and ripping people off. The PS3 and 360 are antiquated systems. Both Sony and Microsoft have been doing very well at covering this up by coming out with “slim” systems and cool accessories, but they still both have vastly outdated hardware. This is why they can’t do 64 players. Now, to counter your observation, DICE is a part of EA which is a part of Sony. So given the fact that they are treating the 360 and XB1 as the same as the PS3 and PS4 impresses me.

    • xxSMITHEREENSxx 08.16.13 at 20:39

      The PS3 and Xbox 360 could barely run BF3 at 30fps with 24 players and now that next gen consoles are getting 64 players AND 60 fps you think the PS3/Xbox 360 can magically improve themselves and be able to play at the level of the PC and next gen while not experiencing performance issues, that is some borderline retarded logic. If you want 64 player matches you’ll have to get a good PC, PS4, or an Xbox One.

    • bishop2007 08.16.13 at 21:21

      If you knew anything about either of the new console’s you would obviously know that they can actually handle 64 player matches vs. the ps3 and 360 that cant (ps3 tried with this awful game called M.A.G) but i HAVE to assume that your an intelligent human being and already knew this :)

  • BTL-A4_Ace 08.16.13 at 20:25

    ‘Grenade cook’ and two-seater jets, does BF4 have them?

    • xxSMITHEREENSxx 08.16.13 at 20:40

      I want to pull my grenade pin and run into a room of bad guys.

  • IITHEPATRIOTII 08.16.13 at 20:24

    DICE, will you be implementing the idea of “Levolution” into every map? And have you ever thought of making an awesome game mode where you have all 3 factions on the same map making it three teams trying to conquer the map and win?

  • hippyflapjack 08.16.13 at 20:23

    all buildings and civilian vehicles should be able to be entered.

  • hippyflapjack 08.16.13 at 20:22

    female characters? 2 seater jets? how will snipers be only one shot one kill if its a headshot? be able to chat to both teams? swimming underwater? online and offline private matches with friends just to play around?

  • Phorrum 08.16.13 at 20:22

    What is DICEs opinion on game balance when there are two teams of equal amount of players, but with a huge difference in skill between them? One sided fights, deployment and spawn camped matches?

  • mamosley2 08.16.13 at 20:21

    Please get rid of the “armor” ability… It will be overused, and overpowered. It makes the playing field unlevel as well.

  • andreas7000 08.16.13 at 20:19

    how can it be we dont get any female soldiers it wouldt be nice. Maybe in an expansion pack or microtransaction

  • superN_A_Ds 08.16.13 at 20:16

    Can you please post questions, with answers, that haven’t already been explained in the last few blogs. Thanks.

  • Johnzerker 08.16.13 at 20:12

    So on Battlefield 4 I have seen that you guys are implementing a sort of pick up weapon type in certain maps…whats the deal on that and is my M82A3 Barrett .50 going to be among them?

    • IITHEPATRIOTII 08.16.13 at 20:17

      Yes your Barrett .50 will be among them and the deal with that is they are pick up weapons and they are placed around in parts of the map, the pick weapons that I know of so far are the M82A3 Barrett .50 Cal and the Grenade launcher from the very first 17 minute gameplay reveal.