Ask DICE: Battlefield 4 – Levolution and Commander Mode

We’ve been seeing questions pouring in from fans who are excited for the launch of Battlefield 4 – now just 2 months away!

In the spirit of keeping our fans informed and Prepared 4 Battle we’re continuing a new series called “Ask DICE,” featuring questions that we’ve received from Battlefield players with answers straight from the development team at DICE. Check back here at the Battlefield blog every other Friday for answers, exclusive info, and more.

Battlefield 4 Levolution and Commander Mode Q&A
This week we’ll be answering your questions on Levolution and Commander Mode – both exciting aspects of the game that make Battlefield 4 incredibly unique and fun. Levolution is a game-changing concept where the environment reacts to your every move, both big and small. Now you can bring down a whole skyscraper like in the Siege of Shanghai map or raise bollards to stop a tank or jeep from entering a certain area in the same map. Commander Mode adds a new layer of strategic teamplay to the game by letting two additional players take the Commander seat with a birds-eye view of the map to deploy powerful intel and assets to assist your team on the ground.


Oliveira117 asked, “In Commander Mode if your commander is AFK or doing a very poor job will you be able to vote for him to be demoted (or kicked) from the game? 

A Mutiny can be instigated by the team’s squad leaders if they feel the Commander is doing a poor job.

Mutiny will not be allowed for a period of time after a new Commander is chosen, so each Commander will get a chance to prove themselves.

Lieutenant00 asked, “What kinds of features will Commander Mode have, like Tomahawk, supply/vehicle drop, etc.?”

There’s a long list of things you can do as a Commander. From a birds-eye view, Commanders can control various support for their respective teams including cruise missile strikes, gunship, supply and vehicle drops, UAVs and more.

As your team carries out your orders and captures objectives, more assets are unlocked for use.

The Commander can also give you critical intelligence, calling out and pinpointing high value targets (players on a killstreak), and they can guide the troops on the ground to key objectives to win the battle.

Andy0440 asked, “How does one become a Commander?”

Players will queue into a server as a Commander and wait for their opening. We’re looking into giving players other options like going to Battlelog to customize their character/loadout and check out stats while they wait.

Cphacker95 asked, “Will Commander Mode be usable on console, being able to use the mode while on PS3/Xbox or will we need to get a Tablet?”

While you are able to use tablets for Commander Mode, you will also be able to use Commander Mode on current and next gen consoles as well as PC.

Fird96 asked, “Will other maps have their own “special” Levolution? Will there be the same Levolution (falling building) or different Levolution in other maps?”

Yes, Levolution occurs on every map. Some things are massive like reducing a skyscraper to rubble or flooding an entire level in real-time.  Others are small but hugely impact the game like shooting fire extinguishers to distract enemies or cutting the power of a building to blind opponents.

If you haven’t seen the Paracel Storm map we unveiled at Gamescom we encourage you to do so. There you can see how players have the option of taking down a turbine weakened by lightning in order to free the damaged destroyer stuck on it. If you manage to set the destroyer adrift, it will crash onto the island, changing the layout of the map and allowing your team to take control of the anti-air weapons on the ship.

These moments are all triggered by the players – they aren’t just timed moments that will happen no matter what you do in the match. You and your teammates will have to decide if it would be a better tactical decision to radically change the map, or if it would be wiser and better for your play-style if you stopped the other team from triggering these events.

NoVa X chopper asked, “Will the gameplay be different on next-gen consoles other than map size and amount of players? By this I mean will there still be Levolution on current gen consoles?”

Levolution remains the same no matter what system you play Battlefield 4 on and the Levolution moments on current-gen consoles will be just as game-changing as on next-gen. The only difference is that for the first time on console, you can play 64-player matches on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at 60 FPS.

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Next time we’ll be answering questions about Weapon Customization and Vehicles. What questions do you have? Let us know in the comments below.

Battlefield 4 begins its release on October 29, 2013 and will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Pre-order now and get the China Rising expansion at no additional cost.

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  • Kycist 09.20.13 at 01:25

    Any hope of making private online matches other than coop, or a split screen mode?

  • Into_the_Fray- 09.15.13 at 22:14

    Will the current gen. consoles be able to run the 64-player game mode(s), or will the next gen. consoles be the only ones strong enough to do so?

  • happyday2060 09.12.13 at 05:16

    Do you believe that players will immediately begin the map trying to set-off Levolution spots, especially the biggest game-changers? Would this be considered a problem concerning gameplay and the flow of battle?

  • NWI_AZTEC 09.07.13 at 08:58

    Will there be a system for platoons/squads of 5 or more players to bypass auto-balancing so they can remain on one side?

    Are there dumb bombs for jets?

    Is ranking slower than BF3, and or are there more unique ranks?

    Which gadgets/explosives will not disappear after death/re-spawn?

    Will modes like Scavenger, Gun Master, Assault, Air and Tank Superiority make a return at some point?

    Will vehicles have limited ammo? Will they have to resupply at base/at an ammo crate? Or will it slowly re-gen?

    Does each faction start out with a different set of weapons like in Battlefield 3?

    What’s the difference between bronze, silver, and gold Battlepacks, and which of these will come with your Premium membership?

    Will you be able to spot an enemy player through smoke?

    Have improvements been made to vehicle physics, specifically tanks sliding, jeeps rubber banding colliding with other vehicles?

    Any new maps to be revealed before the game launches? Names? Map layouts? Screenshots? Gameplay?

    Can everything in the Premium and Digital Deluxe Edition Battlepacks be eventually unlocked/earned?

    Will players lose ammo if they reload a non empty magazine? Server option?

    What game modes will be available for the Siege of Shanghai Beta?

    Can the smaller First Aid Packs and Ammo Packs be resupplied? How many will be available to give out?

    Will the US have the F-22 to compete against the SU-50 and J-20?

  • DSX1999 09.07.13 at 04:01

    Please tell me Onslaught Mode will make a return. I mean you put Rush in BF3 why not Onslaught? Gotta add that extra bit of variety. You got all these new game modes and guys made up your own Survival Mode. Why not bring it back for the latest and craziest Battlefield yet?

  • The-umbrella-360 09.07.13 at 02:14

    bf4 should have a suvivle mode but not people and not zombies but dinosaurs because dinos were found alot on maps in bf3 so there should be a online suvivle with like 10 to 15 dice please do this evan if it sets you back like 3 more months it would bring the game to a hole new level please please please!!!! SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Timo82 09.06.13 at 08:50

    I pre ordered bf4+ premium.When will you take the money from my account?

  • Raptor620 09.04.13 at 21:54

    Will the mortar strike from BC2 return or something similar.

  • Lukuro 09.04.13 at 15:55

    A team chat will be awesome. Not need to talk to the other team, at least not in battle. Or let just the commander talk to everybody on the team.

  • TakahashiRyos-ke 09.04.13 at 15:15

    Something important: Will Commanders be able to use two-way voice comms to speak with their team members (at least squad leaders)?

  • HaakonOfNorway 09.03.13 at 18:54

    I’ve heard rumours about two different types of jets in BF4, ground attack jets and (fighter) jets. Can you say anything about this, and will the jets have better air-to-ground capabilities, for example a maverick missile?

  • Jah_Warriah 09.03.13 at 17:49

    impossible request: M1 Garand, Thompson.

  • Bonethepwn 09.03.13 at 15:12

    Why was a unique weapon like the AN-94 not inluded in bf4?Are there any plans to include it via a DLC?

    Will the weapon modifications be better balanced as in bf3, where most people relied on a couple of very strong modifications and discarded the rest?

  • ppppigeon 09.03.13 at 00:15

    I wonder if you are going to fix the bizarre decisions re: comms. Its mad that I cant talk to people in my squad, unless we’re in a party which we formed outside of the game. Im hardly ever in one of those partys, but always in a squad. Isnt this game won via communication and team play? Also, why oh why, can I not speak to the pilot, when Im the gunner? He may be in a different squad, but we’re in the same chopper! These things I would expect….BF3 is the first game to completely break this communication stuff. Even counterstrike did it better. A nice addition though, if you were moving forwards rather than backwards, would be to be able to speak to the person physically near to you. This would also be audible to nearby enemies. Perhaps it could be done with a key press?

  • Tez Dredd 09.02.13 at 20:11

    Will there be a way for people to invite a tablet user into their game regardless of console? Or for the tablet user to select a game that their friends are in?

    I will be playing mainly on the 360 and friends are moving to xbox one before me so I was hoping to be able to play as BC in their games.

    Keep up the good work, I’m eagerly waiting for release day!

  • V_KURKIN_V 09.02.13 at 09:16

    Will you be able to use the tanks are two types of ammunition for the main gun together with the coaxial machine gun, not a replacement? Will there be added to the game AK 12 carbine mod 7,62×39 for the balance SCAR H and ACE 52 CQB? Will there be added to the game russian pistols GS-18, SR-1 “Gyurza”, APS “Stechkin” or TT model 1933, as well SVU rifle? Also want’s to see in game GM-94 hand grenate launcher for balance the XM-25!

  • _D3v1lS1r- 09.01.13 at 23:13

    Will battlefield 4 feature a kill cam?

  • jobo92DK 09.01.13 at 23:06

    will titan mode come back?

  • Da Bx Ghost 09.01.13 at 21:15

    How do you contact the commander while on the field.are only squad leaders allowed to contact for help or does the whole team have access to the commander?

  • xIlIxGHOSTxIlIx 09.01.13 at 20:56

    How many different cammos will there be for weapons and vehicles?

  • chewyz_me 09.01.13 at 20:43

    Can a commander party up with regular players?

  • x_LIKE_OLD_DAYS 09.01.13 at 20:34

    In BF4 we have attachment allowing us to have tactical Light and liser sight. Can we switch off one and still have the other one?

  • Xyth0s 09.01.13 at 18:38

    DICE, you guys better have the L85A2 and the M1911 in Battlefield 4. Those are Battlefield classics!

  • toribicks 09.01.13 at 14:04

    DICE, please add in the options the possibility to change voice of the soldiers separetly, like it was in Bad Company 2, because in Russina version of the game, for example, both Americans and Russians soldiers speak in Russian, pleas fix it, its not authentic

  • mangui24 09.01.13 at 10:31

    Will there be radically different kinds of attachments for vehicles?

  • wWaAVve 09.01.13 at 08:55

    Alborz Mountain would make a GREAT avalanche levolution map and is a nice map in general.
    Any chance on bringing that one back?
    Atvs, snowmobiles,or motorbikes zipping in between fallen rocks and up steep snow capped mountains with pine trees and stone ledges is pretty sweet.

  • SKlTSO 09.01.13 at 03:00

    Will we start with more than 1 Frag in bf4 or will stay the same, please give more than one

  • Hueydj15 09.01.13 at 01:39

    Since there is now naval combat where mines for the water like they are on land?

  • BlackbirdSJ 09.01.13 at 00:59

    Can you make your own camo using pre-made patters and a colour pallate?

  • DeathByDawn14 09.01.13 at 00:55

    Will the US ever get a different helicopter ,or the russians. If not, will the helicopters be balanced?

  • HumanWeaponX1221 08.31.13 at 23:31

    Hi Dice, couple of questions about Commander Mode. You’ve addressed how you enter the Commander Mode by way of waiting in a specific Commander queue for that server, but what am I supposed to do for 45 minutes while I am waiting. Yes, you just mentioned above that you are thinking about instituting Battlelog while we wait, which is good, but what if the Commander never leaves for the whole match? Then what? I don’t want to just wait around all day, not being able to play on the ground, OR in Commander mode? Is there some system to cycle or to open up Commander mode to the next person in the queue after the match ends so other people can get a chance to get in and check it out?

    Which brings me to my next question, how do you leave Commander Mode? From the sound it it, if you decide you don’t want to play Commander mode anymore, when you leave, you just end up back out of the server. What good is that? Why can’t I just leave to spawn into the match on the ground? I know you said the Commander is not a “playable” character on the ground, like it was before, and I totally get that, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to go back and forth between Commander and a spawnable player. Then that would address the issue of having nothing to do while you are waiting to queue, you could just play in the server you are waiting for, getting a feel for what’s happening on the ground before you become a Commander. And then if you get sick of playing Commander or decide you are no good at it and think someone else would be better, you can then leave Commander and spawn BACK into one of the 64 player slots on the ground, granted it’s not a totally full server on your team.

    That seems like a way to make this whole process a lot more enjoyable and efficient for everyone, which I know you guys care a lot about. Please address how this will work at some point. Thanks Dice and keep up the great work.

  • Oliveira117 08.31.13 at 21:56

    My questions are other than the American’s Cougar Mrap, what other MRAP’s will Battlefield 4 feature? Also since you can get upgrades for your vehicles, (like we had on our trucks overseas) will an armor upgrade be added for the MRAP’s such as EFP armor that we used, which is used against shape charges such as RPG’s and such? I think this would be a great logical and realistic addition the the MRAP’s you feature. Also you should really add the Panther and Buffalo MRAP’s as well!

  • wWaAVve 08.31.13 at 21:26

    Question for Lars:
    Can the squad leader communicate with the Commander via headset as an option and vice versa?
    That would be cool!

  • ISAF Mobius 18 08.31.13 at 21:03

    Will skin and camos for your weapons and vehicles have any in game value or purely for show? (i.e. A green skin on your tank will make it harder to spot in a jungle map compared to one wearing an artic camo on the same map)

  • Daatomicsoldier 08.31.13 at 19:56

    I saw you have a new progression type of thing called battlepacks, are these always new attachments in addition to the ones you unlock? and is there ever a stop to these battlepacks? or are they unlimited?

  • MadCast: Meteora 08.31.13 at 19:29

    WIll we be able to play in game while waiting in the commander queue? That would be optimal as I do not want to sit around forever waiting to be commander, I would still like to help my team on the ground.

  • BearsFan529 08.31.13 at 18:53

    Can you be a commander on PC or tablet for a Xbox One game?

    • desertblackout 09.01.13 at 02:18

      You can be a commander on PC,tablet,or console!

  • M0NUM3N74L 08.31.13 at 16:45

    will there be any damage perks like in BFBC2?, ie explosive damageMK2, Magnum ammo or body armour?

  • ThiSIrody 08.31.13 at 16:26

    Are you able to put a customized emblem on your Weapon/Vehicle?

  • BlackbirdSJ 08.31.13 at 16:04

    Will there be underwater vehicles?

  • SN1P3R001 08.31.13 at 15:02

    How does the unlock system work for non-class specific weapons now that there are far more of them than just pistols and shotguns?

  • Ronakit Virasak 08.31.13 at 14:36

    In Second Assault will there be Weapons from Battlefield 3??

  • NTAxSMERK1x623 08.31.13 at 13:05

    I have an idea for future or current game if able to apply. When a player uses c4/claymores and uses all at once say for ex. to blow a bridge but gets killed before using it. It’ll be a nice touch if the drop the detonator, and it stays there till picked up and used by that player and when spawned back in can only have 1 or 2 till he/she picks up the detonator and use explosives for the loadout the person has used on tge bridge. Question also will the be a “realism mode”? Thats even more hardcore than hardcore

  • 53COP-ceco 08.31.13 at 12:48

    Hi, I m admin of Battlefield servers from first start. And with BF 3 i saw the worst admin abuse ever. So i have few question about servers and commander.
    1. Is commander player only in conquest mode or all modes ?
    2. If is first answer is yes to all modes, can we turn of commander on rush and other modes and keep server still ranked?

    And i have one big wish please limted Rush mode on 32 players max and squad deatmatch on 4 squad x5 players (20 slots), cus RUSH and Squad Deathmatch, TDM 64 slots servers on BF 3 is not Battlefield , its the bigest mindf*ck fps.

    P.S. sry for my bad English.

  • Excalibucreation 08.31.13 at 12:25

    @Dice so system requirements would be nice, I’d like to actually be able to play the game after I buy it and not have to wait for a new GPU, or something like that to be shipped to me.

  • K0M4ND0_K3N4N 08.31.13 at 11:31

    DICE please answer, will we have the option to disable the HUD completely on PS4 as you can on PC?

  • Blueecho01 08.31.13 at 10:53

    Is Battlefield goig to keep original EA servers this time instead of only having rent a server as the only option with update

    • itsRickytakerz 08.31.13 at 12:47

      lol you have the option to rent a server from day 1

  • RedWafflesBG 08.31.13 at 10:10

    I’m Asking for the Recon class …Will they have an Ghillie SUit … even Customizeable for those who want to play with it … China rising …Without Ghillie Suit … wow In this JUNGLE … Sniper without Camouflage is USeless … Don’t you think ?

  • Bull0nFIRE 08.31.13 at 08:01

    So someone that’s actually got some degree of skill, and possibly even some teamwork going, can now be effectively fucked over by someone sitting on the toilet with their tablet…

  • Skater_Ricky 08.31.13 at 07:50

    @DICE Will Commands on Tablet’s be able to Voice Chat with Squad Leader’s in the Game via Bluetooth Headset connected to there tablet that’s support’s the Battlelog App?

    Also will Commander’s on Current and Next Gen be able to chat via Mic to Squad Leader’s?

  • ilya_poleshko 08.31.13 at 07:33

    Dear DICE! Сommander can launch cruise missiles on all maps or only some?

  • shams_123 08.31.13 at 07:00

    Is the commander mode available for current-gen consoles

  • AssassinPiggy12 08.31.13 at 06:54

    Hi Dice, thank you for this amazing game! The community really appreciates it! My question is this: How are you going to stop people from using the levolution right of the bat in the begining of the game? Whats the deterent? Is there a deterent?

  • caytxq 08.31.13 at 06:47

    Battlefield 4 is the best now and in fact only in Battlefield that we can experience something exciting and unique.Thanks DICE for doing all of these amazing things.
    As a fan of Battlefield,I have some suggestions and I really want DICE can response and make some change. For instance, the warship hits the same area every time and this is a drawback of Levolution. I think Levolution should mean random.If it is always the same situation,after several times of playing,players will get familiar with all of the trigger events in the game and they can predict these things.Then it will lose its attraction and unpredictability which will affect players’ feeling of the more real battlefield. And then they won’t be surprised. So I recommend that the trigger events should be different every time though it is not that easy to achieve the goal or maybe DICE can do this in Battlefield 5.

  • familysccrk 08.31.13 at 06:01

    Will any ground vehicle have missiles to take out air vehicle’s

  • familysccrk 08.31.13 at 05:54

    What new vehicles will there be?

  • familysccrk 08.31.13 at 05:50

    if there are going to be some of the same vehicles in battlefield 4 that were in battlefield 3, if so then will all the things we unlocked for the the vehicles in battlefield 3 that are the same in 4 will they just be unlocked in battlefield 4 or do we have to unlock them again?

  • LIR-AAK 08.31.13 at 05:46

    Will the game feature any player to player physical interactions? By that I mean actuons like a kit switch animation, mid game or a simple boost over an obstacle?

  • NoMoreNiceGuy 08.31.13 at 05:33

    Will there be more ways to cosmetically change the apperance of your vehivle exept different camos. Like emblems or dashboard toys?

  • KiloYankie 08.31.13 at 05:11

    is there any specific tablet platform for commander mode to work on?

    • Skater_Ricky 08.31.13 at 07:45

      My Guess for your question which I’m sure I’ll be right.

      Android Tablet with Android 4.0 and above. My recommendation would be Google Nexus 7, Google Nexus 10.
      And as for iOS I’m sure it’s going to be iOS 6.0 and above which means iPad 2, iPad 3rd Gen, iPad with Retina display (4th gen) and also iPad mini.

    • desertblackout 09.01.13 at 02:13

      No you can use a tablet if you want,Pc or console

  • Knightrider2993 08.31.13 at 04:53

    Some vehicles have limited ammo, how can you replenish that ammo. e.g. MBT’s main gun has limited shell capacity, how can we get more ammo when we run out

    • desertblackout 09.01.13 at 02:14

      I think the commander can drop ammo at a certain location or near you unless a support guy can drop a ammo bag which probably wont work

  • hellboy300 08.31.13 at 04:36

    when can we get r ours hands on the commander mode?

    • Knightrider2993 08.31.13 at 04:54

      Bf4 beta is available October 1st week. We should see it there.

  • NopeaceNolife 08.31.13 at 04:33

    Will the M4A1 return in Battlefield 4? Also will ALL maps have boats in them?

    • desertblackout 09.01.13 at 02:15

      The m4a1 is universal,which means that if your a sniper class you can use the m4a1