Vote for your favorite Battlefield vehicle

DICE is proud to have delivered online vehicle warfare since 2002. But what’s your favorite vehicle in the history of Battlefield? Vote below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.


Vote “Transport” if you love the tuk tuk from Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam!

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  • AboutAsp 10.11.14 at 18:19


  • Blapeuh 09.05.13 at 22:16

    The AAV-7A1 AMTRAC in BF3 is by far the most underestimated force on the battlefield. Park this thing off to the side, drop troops and shell the hell out of any position. In the hands of a skilled player this thing even can take out MBT’s. It’s crazy how much armor this thing has. Oh and did it tell you it can swim! Sure winner right there.

  • loli2133123 08.03.13 at 14:17

    I like Attack Helicopters! Especially Z-10W!

  • Ghosthunter620 08.02.13 at 19:22

    I would like to see the V-22 osprey in the frostbite 3 system because with all the other modern technology like the F-36 harrier or the super hornet the osprey was left out. It could be a attack or transport depending on the amount of seats. the transport could have 5 seats with a gunner on the cargo door (or back door).The attack should have 4 seats, The pilot, and three gunners (the back door,and the two sides).

  • DaBigWorm2003 07.26.13 at 22:01

    I screwed up when getting MOHW and got preowned so I cant play bf4 beta but I still preordered it

  • IIIIINEXUSIIIII 07.20.13 at 18:55

    Open the dog tag, “I was there” please

  • d-kil 07.16.13 at 23:31

    Yes me to i am bf3 Premium member i have mohw and have btf4 preororder

  • lolsoldier234 07.15.13 at 09:28

    I love bf4 but I dont understand why I can not play bf4 beta or alpha

  • BTL-A4_Ace 07.12.13 at 19:54

    I LOVE jets, but DICE – please, please, PLEASE bring back two-seater jets for BF4.

  • TR_MEGATRON_TR 07.12.13 at 18:59

    Attack Helicopters

  • BrokeStop 07.11.13 at 19:43

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  • Treyman624 07.11.13 at 09:39


  • PILOTS-ZW 07.10.13 at 03:26

    I LOVE Jets …..

  • cykel 07.09.13 at 02:22

    Seems like some forgot to mention the submarine. The only veichle i ever REALLY loved.

  • Dallias-SOC- 07.08.13 at 23:15

    My favorite vehicle is jet… Cant wait to see how it’s looks in bf4 :D

  • JohnnyBNL 07.08.13 at 19:30

    My favorite vehicle is “on foot” nothing that can lock me and getting me killed by a Javelin / Stinger. Because, that’s the biggest thing i hate.. Choppers & Jets that can instant “spot you” from the air (from miles away!?) They just go high up the sky drop down and press a number of times “E” so that they spotted you so they can kill you… ANNOYING / only in Battlefield :(.

    • ARMAVIRUMQU3CANO 07.08.13 at 22:35

      maybe as a default safe only infantry and ground vehicles should be able to flag people…

    • airmen69 07.09.13 at 01:27

      Your game is COD. ¡¡¡¡THIS IS BATTLEFIELD!!!!

      • ARMAVIRUMQU3CANO 07.09.13 at 05:20

        hey wingbat, if u wanna talk about ur problems go vent off to ur bff flyboys…

        • ARMAVIRUMQU3CANO 07.09.13 at 05:22

          …but dont bring ur emotional baggage crap here

  • Zen_Shot 07.08.13 at 18:51

    Love being a heli pilot. Especially transport. Dropping a bunch of guys off to take a flag then returning to pick them up again. Great stuff but unfortunately there is no reward whatsoever for skillful, non-combat flying.

    • ARMAVIRUMQU3CANO 07.08.13 at 19:26

      I think the main problem with the transports are they are too slow to dodge behind structures or do any tricky maneuvers to dodge missiles…and even with an engineer patching up ur still gonna get shot down by MGs if u dont crash into a building first

  • ARMAVIRUMQU3CANO 07.08.13 at 17:59

    I luv transport choppers

    • ARMAVIRUMQU3CANO 07.08.13 at 18:01

      however, i rlly wish the transports had at least a machine gun for the pilot…

  • dimitris15 07.07.13 at 12:03

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  • BMDC 07.07.13 at 06:33

    To me there is nothing more thrilling than knocking a helicopter or jet out of the air with the main gun on the MBT.

  • Happy_With_3 07.07.13 at 06:12


  • XxTrollHunter98 07.07.13 at 02:58

    Attack heli are the best. But their to hard to get one. Their allways being used by other player and most of then cant fly any way.

  • Daatomicsoldier 07.04.13 at 18:43

    Attack heli hands down.always a heartpounding ride back and forth… taking out vehicles from the air… dodging missiles and firing right back at the guy who fired it at you. always amazing times

    • Daatomicsoldier 07.04.13 at 18:44

      anyone agree?

      • ARMAVIRUMQU3CANO 07.08.13 at 18:03

        their fun for a quick ride, but as soon as you start getting shot at by an mg… ur out o luck. Id rather rumble around in a transport with one engineer in the back patching the thing up

  • Deadpan_Assassin 07.04.13 at 07:47

    What about the PAC gunship from 2142?

  • Protector one 07.03.13 at 21:44

    2142 Launch Pods! How do I vote for those? (Or Titans, for that matter.)

  • omegaman122 07.03.13 at 01:51

    Chopper for sure, but the old battlefield 1942 Bf110 with 3 gunners was unbeatable.

  • xAnAngelOfDeathx 07.03.13 at 00:49

    Is there an rss feed for this blog?

  • Felix Mann 07.02.13 at 22:21

    I like attack helicopter but you can introduce difference between light and heavy helicopter. Also for aircraft you can introduce attack/bomber jet and fighter jet and close air support jet in the same map to give the possibility to change strategy.

    • meny82 07.06.13 at 06:40


    • ARMAVIRUMQU3CANO 07.08.13 at 18:24

      I think putting another class of airplane into battlefield is a bad idea unless there is a single player training option… it took me forever to finally be able to effectively fly a jet, and that really slowed down the game for me. I also think single player training options for helicopters would help out with the “stupid pilot” problem.