Design your dream dog tag (It might end up in BF4!)

What would your dream dog tag in Battlefield 4 look like? Get creative and your design just might end up in the game for everyone to wear!


We knew hunting for dog tags was going to be big – but we never knew how big. In Battlefield 3, we introduced hundreds of dog tags for the taking, and the battle still rages. Rest assured that Battlefield 4 will carry on in that tradition – some dog tags will be awarded for clearing certain milestones in the game, while some will be available by snatching them from enemy players.

We will get back in the upcoming months to talk more in-depth about the enhanced and deepened persistence in Battlefield 4 – but for now, we want to see what your dream tag would look like. Make something awesome, and we might even consider including it in the actual Battlefield 4 game!

Here’s how this will work:

Grab the blank dog tag template below.
Design anything you like on it.
Give your design a name (max 30 characters).
Save your masterpiece as a JPG or PNG.
Upload it to the Battlefield Facebook channel and tag the image ”MyBF4Tag”.


The Battlefield team will continually highlight great fan made designs in the upcoming weeks. If we  find something that blows our mind, we might contact you and ask if we can include it in Battlefield 4. If we do, our designers at DICE will give your dog tag a professional artist pass, build it, and include it in the game code for launch.

That’s it! Grab the template above and start creating. We are eager to see what you will come up with. For inspiration, you can see some of our finished dog tag designs for Battlefield 4. We know you already have some cool ideas – Threads like this on the Battlelog forums are awesome.

You can submit images to your created tags by hosting them on imgur and linking to them in the comments below!