Battlefield Setups – July

There’s no denying that Battlefield fans have some of the best setups anywhere. Here are just a few of our favorites from the last few weeks!”

Wesley B

An ominous look into the layer of Wesley B!

Sam H has one of the cleanest Battlejuice setups we’ve ever seen! You can see his full build log here.


Elmy has his eye on the entire Battlefield in fully surround display!

Bob S

BobS took this SOFLAM and put an entire ZOTAC computer inside! One of the best Battlefield-inspired builds ever!

Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures of their rigs. If you’ve got an awesome Battlefield set, console or PC, send a tweet to @Battlefield with the #SetupSaturdaySunday tag.

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  • Lieutenant00 08.13.13 at 03:16

    What about the people without these elaborate setups… Like me on my handy dandy PS3… Do we get cut off from certain things like in BF3?