Introducing Spectator Mode in Battlefield 4 at E3 2013

It’s been a long requested feature, and we are happy to announce that Spectator Mode will definitely appear in Battlefield 4! If you’ve watched our multiplayer live stream from E3, you’ve already seen an early version of it in action. In this post, we give you some added detail and answers to this upcoming feature.

Battlefield 4 Spectator Mode was announced at E3. Here’s what the Spectator Mode HQ in the Battlefield 4 booth looks like.

In our EA press conference on June 10 at E3, we announced that Spectator Mode would definitely be coming to Battlefield 4. The cheers from the crowd as we made the announcement was amazing — we knew you’d be excited, but we’ve been quite frankly blown away by the community response! Now, we’re here to answer your questions and give you some added detail about this core feature.

First, one reminder: Spectator Mode (like Battlefield 4 itself) is still in pre-alpha stage. This means that we are still working on its design, implementation, and function.

If you have already joined our multiplayer booth live stream from E3, you’ve already seen some amazing unedited “Siege of Shanghai” multiplayer gameplay and an early version of our Spectator Mode in action.


For us, the proof is in the game, so we wanted to make sure we could share true 64-player match and a first glimpse of Spectator Mode. What we are showing at E3 is only a preview of what’s in store, though. Spectator Mode will play a pivotal role in our support of the competitive gaming scene, and we also recognize that many players will use it to make great “Only in Battlefield” videos, analyze the game, learn how to become better players, and seeing the “Only in Battlefield” moments in great Battlefield 4 matches. We are continuing to develop Spectator Mode with all of these functions in mind.

We’ve still got a way to go before Spectator Mode is finished, but we knew that you would give us some of the most important feedback we could receive — that’s one of the reasons we love going to these shows. Below, we are addressing some of the questions and comments we’ve received on Spectator Mode so far.

Battlefield 4 Siege of Shanghai Vertical Combat
Battlefield 4 Siege of Shanghai Vertical Combat. Click for full size.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Tune in for the final day of live streaming with multiplayer action from our booth at E3 June 13!

What’s up with the different colors on objectives and soldiers?
The current implementation in Spectator Mode quickly helps spectators identify the two teams (one will always be blue, the other always red). This can be different from a gamer’s first-person view has a different and more granular color coding, where green means squad mate, blue is team mate, and red means enemy. We’re working to implement a color-coding system that will be both consistent and recognizable to bring continuity between matches.

What is the yellow menu bar at the top of the Spectator Mode view?
This is a placeholder design that will be changed in the final code. It will change based upon which player you are spectating in order to help give you instant perspective on the Battlefield.

I saw some glitches in Spectator Mode — What is up with that?
Large parts of Spectator Mode and Battlefield 4 itself are still in early development. It is inevitable that pre-alpha code will have some artifacts like this. The final product will be optimized, but we wanted to give you a first look at what we have in store for you.

One of our main goals with showing Spectator Mode this early is to gather valuable community feedback, so please let us know what you think. Submit your feedback in the comments below or let us know what you think on the official Battlefield Twitter, Facebook, and Battlelog forums.

One more day of Battlefield 4 live streaming coming up! Don’t miss our unedited gameplay from the epic “Siege of Shanghai” multiplayer map where you can take down an entire skyscraper.

Stay tuned here on the Battlefield Blog for all the latest updates straight from E3, including videos, screenshots, daily recaps, and more.

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  • dimitris15 07.07.13 at 15:52

    Hey dudes i have just gained my Battlefield 4 beta key and it’s amazing.
    Click here to gain yours:

  • Beetle Bailey 06.27.13 at 00:23

    DICE, please please please add BattleRecorder functionality. That was a transcendent feature that let us see EVERYTHING. With Spectator Mode, you can never predict when those BF moments are going to happen. Never miss a shot with BattleRecorder!

    I would gladly pay hundreds of dollars for the game if that feature were guaranteed for all BF games going forward.

  • Brimfallow 06.23.13 at 17:19

    I’m someone who gets bored with games like this so quickly because (IMO) of a lack of diversity in gameplay. What causes this? The static nature of it; that is, nothing seems to change in real-time except for what is happening straight in front of you and this is always your direct experience to the game. I want the developers to experiment like crazy. Of course they won’t get it all right, right away but I’m more than willing to put up with less-than-perfection while they tweak. Any new way in which other players can instantly change my direct experience within the game is highly valued to me. More interactivity for users that can have instant game-wide effect WILL make EVERY game seem fresh. This evolves gaming into the future. Gameplay/software needs to keep up with hardware advancement. DICE continues to push the envelope.

  • LowkeyBH 06.18.13 at 08:06

    There’s currently a 4 player cap for the spectator mode in the pre-alpha. Also they’re looking at the delay feature, which for people who don’t know, it will counter the cheating aspect by making the spectators see :)

  • Rick0Shay 06.17.13 at 18:40

    The anti cheat / hacking issue needs to really be addressed imo. It makes the game almost unplayable at times. And no matter how many cheaters get banned they just buy another copy and come back under a different name. So even cheating pays – EA and Dice that is. And honest gamers have to just like or lump it – or play something else.

  • Stoppablemurph 06.17.13 at 06:31

    spectator mode looks awesome, but i’m wondering how many people are able to spectate at once during a match?
    i’m hoping there’s a Very high cap, or at least quite a few people at once.
    also really like the commander mode and the huge skyscraper in seige of shanghai, but i’m hoping that’s not the Only map with something like that how caspian border was in bf3..

  • itramc 06.16.13 at 17:15

    As long as they put a delay in the feed, like for LoL, everything should be fine.

    • Stoppablemurph 06.17.13 at 06:43

      that’s probably a good idea, either that or have an option for servers to turn that feature off like hardcore mode or something. then if you don’t want to feel like people are cheating, you can just join another server.

  • DV_ant 06.15.13 at 15:38

    So basically if I’m spectating in a game that i have friends playing in I will be able to talk to them while their playing(via voip)and tell them where all the enemy are etc.
    WTF isnt that like legitimizing hacking

  • HKGK 06.15.13 at 11:21

    i would really like it if thy step it up with there anti-hacks

  • HKGK 06.15.13 at 11:18

    i would really like is thy step it up with the anti hacks

  • HKGK 06.15.13 at 11:17

    I am just warring if Dice is doing something about the hacking

    • Rick0Shay 06.17.13 at 18:43

      Agree totally. This is not something that will go away it will just get worse. Sp EA and Dice need to properly address it. It makes the game almost unplayable at times. And no matter how many cheaters get banned they just buy another copy and come back under a different name. So even cheating pays – EA and Dice that is. And honest gamers have to just like or lump it – or play something else.

  • fede01_8 06.14.13 at 14:52

    i don’t know if the Spectator mode is a good idea, people will take places from others that want to play, unless it’s limited to a couple of players

  • youlikeicecream 06.14.13 at 12:07

    Spectator mode looks fantastic and is a much needed feature. Something I didn’t see mentioned on the live stream was Battle Recorder, will this be included?

  • iiFaDezZ09 06.14.13 at 10:45

    I’m just waiting for the requirements so i can get a PC that can run it dosnt matter the price it will cost i just want to play it on PC

    • Stoppablemurph 06.17.13 at 06:40

      just get a nice card, i prefer amd personally, but nvidia makes great cards as well. definitely go with an intel processor though, amd is alright, but for gaming intel is killing.
      anything haswell i5 or higher (4670k) will be great.
      8gb ram is plenty, but more never hurts.
      definitely put the most money into the graphics card though, a high end one if you can. like a 7950/7970, or for nvidia 670/770/780/titan.
      also, some will disagree, but from personal experience, one powerful card is more convenient and generally gives as good or better experience than two cheaper cards. always go for the highest end single card you can afford.

  • WarReporter 06.14.13 at 09:55

    Can’t wait. All this goods in one product. BF4 will rock. Hope the levolution (in future) would be still progresing-maybe in BF5 we could see randomly created levels, and never play this same map twice:)-could be nice;)

  • EagiZ 06.14.13 at 03:13

    Looking great! A battle recorder would be nice as “grädde på moset”.

  • dan_3_16 06.14.13 at 01:43

    will this be on PS4 too?? please make it happen, please, please.

    • 3l_R4ptor 06.14.13 at 02:27

      Yea and in fact I think you can pre-order it right now on PS4! :)

  • M0LLY WH0P 06.13.13 at 22:03

    I can see people using spectator mode to cheat. I think you should some how disable communication with people in the game and xbox parties. If a player is spectating he can not create or be in a xbox party.

  • BERRIOS321 06.13.13 at 21:22

    rappelling would be an awesome multiplayer feature aswell

  • lights0n 06.13.13 at 21:10

    So Cool.

  • yo_mama_rocks 06.13.13 at 18:28

    It would be great if you brought like a grappling hook device/gadget to the table that fills a slot, but you could only use it for rappelling so it doesn’t give you too much of an advantage but it gives more experience to the player that would be awesome.