Join 3 days of Battlefield 4 live streaming from E3!

EDIT: Live stream starts today at 12.30PM PDT / 9.30 PM CEST (click link for local times).

Battlefield 4 is at E3 2013

Starting June 11, we will live stream all 3 days from the Battlefield 4 multiplayer booth at E3! Join us as we show multiplayer footage from the chaotic “Siege of Shanghai” multiplayer map demoed at the EA press conference, get developer interviews, new Battlefield 4 details, and more.

You will be able to follow the 3 days of live streaming right here on the Battlefield Blog. The first day of streaming starts June 11 12.30AM PDT / 9.30PM CET

Watch live video from BATTLEFIELD on

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  • dimitris15 07.07.13 at 15:54

    Hey dudes i have just gained my Battlefield 4 beta key and it’s amazing.
    Click here to gain yours:

  • jfKiller4 06.18.13 at 23:05

    Hirollr69 watch ali as bf4 gameplay he has some good sniper action

  • Scorpion52RUS 06.17.13 at 19:39

    looking forward to

  • Hirollr69 06.14.13 at 06:29

    Would love to see some sniper action plz. Maybe from high in skyscrapers

  • MagnetikMan 06.14.13 at 03:15

    What about team killing in vehicles? Is it possible?

  • MagnetikMan 06.14.13 at 03:03

    How do you become an actual commander in a game?

  • xXMiChAeLg98Xx 06.14.13 at 02:42

    why cant i sing in to get the dog tag is this actually live??

  • xXMiChAeLg98Xx 06.14.13 at 02:40

    wow i couldnt get the i was there dog tag it wont let me sign in

  • eyewishwalrus 06.14.13 at 01:58

    fuck you cunts, i couldnt get logged on until it was finished. wasnt me logging into origin enough, wouldnt accept my login for ages FUCK YOU

  • BadBiki 06.14.13 at 01:24

    why are most of these players so noob ? :)

  • GLOOMY_AND_GRAY 06.14.13 at 00:02

    can a commander SPOT an individual player as a target for there team

  • Alge4 06.13.13 at 23:29

    Is it possible to take out the bridges or making them at least more difficult traverse.

  • TubaPlayer01 06.13.13 at 22:50

    ive these trailers like a million times now

  • shot10063 06.13.13 at 22:14

    im taking his tags!!!!!!

  • Smidarn 06.13.13 at 21:55

    Why all this Commercials? Seen the trailers alot alreay… let’s Watch the stream without commentators. Just put some skilled player on cam and take a break.

  • FluchNderBastarT 06.13.13 at 21:35

    Ich hasse Amerika!

  • shot10063 06.13.13 at 20:28

    i think that they should let you change your helment or mask or armor

  • yo_mama_rocks 06.13.13 at 18:36

    Okay guys I’ve had an idea… it would be great if they included a grappling hook type gadget that takes up a slot but you could only use it for rappelling because it would give you too much of an advantage and although it’s not everyone’s idea it would be awesome because it gives a lot more experience to the player.

    Reply and let me know what you think, thanks :).

  • GLOOMY_AND_GRAY 06.13.13 at 05:08


  • GLOOMY_AND_GRAY 06.13.13 at 05:08

    are the flashbangs ?

  • GLOOMY_AND_GRAY 06.13.13 at 04:48

    does anyone know about the mini med packs? whats that about?

    • yo_mama_rocks 06.13.13 at 18:46

      I think it’s to heal you so like you don’t have to throw it but I think it’s only limited to so many oh and you can throw it like say on a team mate and they’ll heal up whilst going in there direction because it will be stuck on them :)

  • sam120492 06.13.13 at 00:24

    are there any defibs or what?

  • Daz_22c2000 06.12.13 at 22:44

    is there any info about license upgrades. e.g battlefield 4 xbox 360/ps3 to battlefield 4 xbox one/ps4 or will you have to buy a copy for each

  • Pavanjit_1 06.12.13 at 21:55

    show me the gameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee u shit faces

  • iTzZo0oRk 06.12.13 at 04:18

    i wanna die from this game its epicccccccccccccccccccccccc !!!!!!!!!

  • Sh4dowGr1p 06.12.13 at 03:30

    STOP TALKING and show gameplay!!!!!!!!!

  • mavsforever3 06.12.13 at 03:29

    O, and Chris is gaaaayyyyy

  • mavsforever3 06.12.13 at 03:28

    OMG BF4 looks amazing, YOLO

  • mavsforever3 06.12.13 at 03:28

    Chris is a douche

  • Topaz123 06.12.13 at 02:25

    Add attack drones for the commander or have another squad member added to fly the unmanned drones.

  • iiibreadseaman 06.12.13 at 02:24

    what about bf4 premium?

  • mrs_diablo69 06.12.13 at 01:55

    yea make alot more stuff destroyable

  • dan_3_16 06.12.13 at 01:52

    and also that mall

  • dan_3_16 06.12.13 at 01:41

    make that bridge destroyable

  • mrs_diablo69 06.12.13 at 01:19

    dont ask y i have mrs_diablo69 it was my moms old account and she stoped playing so i just use this account

  • mrs_diablo69 06.12.13 at 01:18

    i love the destruction and just to let u know im a guy

  • dan_3_16 06.12.13 at 00:44

    also please get that spectator mode on ps4

  • dan_3_16 06.12.13 at 00:44

    please add custom vest and gear, you already got the brand partnerships, like LBT, crye, etc, let us be able to equip custom gear or hats like an lbt 6094, a fast helmet, etc.

  • funkeemonkey22 06.11.13 at 23:30

    Is it a live stream of actual multiplayer or just guys reviewing the the multiplayer trailer?

  • Cryptic-Panther 06.11.13 at 23:16

    So am i seeing this? the enemy is now Blue instead of Orange… so we to kill the Smurfs instead of the Doritos,

    • xammax1 06.12.13 at 00:26

      It’s a bit confusing. I think it has something to do with the commander mode.

  • ATZE_PRU 06.11.13 at 20:43

    whatz goin on here … DICE … nice to know you disabled

  • iwillkillyouslow 06.11.13 at 20:37

    Where do you go to see the livestream

  • MasterGrapfruit 06.11.13 at 20:33

    They’re late :l

  • Stormar 06.11.13 at 20:32

    8.30 uk tme a hr to go

    • Big Yeash 06.11.13 at 20:38

      According to the link, it’s meant to be 7:30
      It’s now 7:38

  • CrazyCrackAnimal 06.11.13 at 19:54

    When does the Beta gets Released Cant Fu***** wait This game will make a History in Next Gen Games

  • xjamicanshottax 06.11.13 at 19:26

    We want more player for the ps3 35 or 45 and no commander for the ps3 and ps4 if we can’t kill the commander we do’t want to see it

    • firedragon_514 06.11.13 at 19:32

      the ps3 isnt capable of having 35 or 45 man servers

    • CrazyCrackAnimal 06.11.13 at 19:55

      And for the ps4 too

    • Zen_Shot 06.11.13 at 20:06

      Who is this “we” you speak of? I want commander mode so please don’t think you’re so special that you can speak on everyone elses behalf.

    • PainDominates 06.11.13 at 20:15

      the ps3 isnt capable of supporting 32 or 48 player games(same with xbox360, just like in bf3), but the ps4 will support 64 player games.

      • dan_3_16 06.12.13 at 01:30

        ps4 and xone support 64 players its confirmed, see it on

    • dan_3_16 06.12.13 at 01:34

      the ps4 support 64 players its confirmed and it does have commander mode

  • xammax1 06.11.13 at 19:20

    Uk time. 7.30. Is that right ?

  • xF4ce_Manx 06.11.13 at 18:28

    Looked epic looking forward to the rest

  • MasterGrapfruit 06.11.13 at 17:59

    Can’t wait! hopefully we see more maps and more destruction!