Battlefield 4 Official Commander Mode Trailer

Fan favorite Commander Mode is back! At today’s EA press conference at the E3 show, DICE announced that a new Commander Mode will be present in Battlefield 4. Check out the Commander Mode trailer below and let us know what you think!

Learn more about Commander Mode in Battlefield 4 at the official site.

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  • dimitris15 07.07.13 at 15:55

    Hey dudes i have just gained my Battlefield 4 beta key and it’s amazing.
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  • Jigsaw1591 06.21.13 at 20:03

    Is this single player also?

  • nickgoescrazy 06.20.13 at 05:23

    i wonder if iits avalible on tablet like is thier an app for commander mode and i dont want people to screw up bieng the commander i wonder if its optional or by vote or random

  • THEJERKK 06.12.13 at 09:55

    will the people that have ps3 or xbox360 be able to launch missiles in commander mode or not.

  • Dom00 06.11.13 at 23:53

    Meanwhile in Cod you get a dog on your team

  • MindzX 06.11.13 at 11:16

    Ready 4 PC Battle

  • DrewMart 06.11.13 at 10:42

    I guess I’m late to the party. I didn’t even know commander mode existed. It looks awesome awesome awesome..! Oh my god, I want to see more, it looks so friggin fun!

    I can’t even think straight, forgive me.. does the commander lead the entire team, or individual squads? I’m guessing the entire team, considering tomahawks flying in from five different commanders would feel overbearing as an enemy ground unit.

    And different objectives taken serve the commander specific actions? If so, that’s a really cool way to give purpose to taking objectives rather than just draining enemy tickets. I love how you guys did this with the gunship in BF3.

    Like Lecran, I’m also wondering how players will get a shot at commanding. Is there a limit per day, or do we have to play the actual game to acrrue points to take the seat? Will there be games with no commanders? What if one commander drops out?

    K I’m gonna shut up, but BF has become my favorite online series, and this looks so cool and I want to know more! ^^

  • Super Kiwi98 06.11.13 at 08:37

    I can’t express to you people how much I love this… I was on the fence about buying the NextGen consoles, and even considered selling my gaming computer! But after seeing BF4… I just preordered this game on every platform…

  • Lecran 06.11.13 at 02:48

    Wow..just wow. I’m assuming the Commander will be the best two players on the server enemy/friendly or will it be by rank ? Either way, this will be the best thing ever to be added in an FPS game.
    As amazing as it sounds and is however, I hope that the way that they will implement this into the game, won’t give too much of an advantage to one player over the other.

  • vladXZ96 06.11.13 at 02:21

    No words,just THANK YOU DICE,oh,and goodbye social life

  • ETIENNE_ALEXEI 06.11.13 at 01:24

    amazing but we need release , sistem requeriments for pc gamer , to make pre-order….please

  • Opeltitan 06.11.13 at 00:50

    They did an amazing job with this. Can’t wait to check it out myself.

  • SolidSnake1980s 06.11.13 at 00:28


  • Odoiel 06.11.13 at 00:21

    And I can play on a tablet? saaaaaaaweeeeeet!

  • e1ght f1v3 z3r0 06.11.13 at 00:21

    i cant wait

  • Odoiel 06.11.13 at 00:19

    About time they brought this back