Battlefield 4 E3 Recap: Thanks for Making this a Great Show!

The curtain has fallen, the computers are being packed, and DICE are on their way back to a beautiful Stockholm summer. Be sure that you have all the latest Battlefield 4 info as we take you behind the scenes in our look back at the fantastic E3 of 2013.

Nice view of the Los Angeles Convention Center.
Nice view of the Los Angeles Convention Center.

We are committed to continue pushing Battlefield 4 even further, fueled by the amazing reception, energy, and excitement that the Battlefield community has expressed. E3 brought the reveal of multiplayer, Commander Mode, Spectator Mode, 64-player next-gen console combat, and introduced the concept of Levolution, allowing players to shape the Battlefield in game-changing ways.

Take a tour in our multiplayer booth
It’s one thing to play with 63 other people online, but to actually stand with them as you play? It’s amazing! Check out these pictures from the E3 showroom floor where we recorded the Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Live Stream. Commander interfaces, custom Battlefield 4 rigs, and dedicated Battlefield fans!

Gamers got their first hands-on with 64-player Battlefield 4 multiplayer on the gloriously chaotic "Siege of Shanghai" map.
Gamers got their first hands-on with 64-player Battlefield 4 multiplayer on the gloriously chaotic “Siege of Shanghai” map.

Commander Mode announced
Fan-favorite feature Commander Mode is back. Last seen in Battlefield 2, this highly requested feature is making its way to consoles, PC, and tablet computers.

Battlefield 4 Commander Mode runs on tablets and mobiles as well
Commander Mode is back — and works on tablets this time around.

This mode allows for a single player to be designated as the commander for each team with the power and responsibility to lead  their teammates to victory. And while the Commander’s role isn’t on the ground, they still possess abilities that allow them to turn the tide of a battle.

Surveillance, vehicle deploys, and tactical airstrikes can all be found in a commander’s arsenal. As squads acknowledge, execute, and complete assigned objectives these increasingly powerful and deadly abilities will become available, meaning that teamplay is more important than ever.

But perhaps the Commander’s most important and powerful asset is their ability to view the entire battlefield in a top-down tabletop mode. From this view they can assign teammates to objectives and strategically command forces to victory.

Watch this video for a glimpse at how you’ll lead your troops into Battle, even while you’re away from your computer or console.

3 days of Battlefield 4 live streaming straight from our booth
Can’t get enough Battlefield 4 Multiplayer? Check out these recordings from the E3 2013 Live Stream, featuring more than a dozen hours of 64-player, unscripted, per-alpha multiplayer gameplay. You’ll also enjoy interviews with DICE staff, expert commentators, and top-tier community members. Big thanks to our hosts Corey Dunn and Alex “GoldenboyFTW” Mendez for their amazing job at guiding our viewers through the game at E3.

Corey Dunn (aka "Dunn") interviews DICE's Karl Magnus Troedsson in the opening section of our 3-day live stream straight from our multiplayer booth.
Corey Dunn (aka “Dunn”) interviews DICE’s Karl Magnus Troedsson in the opening section of our 3-day live stream straight from our multiplayer booth.

The Battlefield 4 Live Stream was designed for Battlefield fans. We’re proud to say that over just three days it received 2.1 million views, making it the most viewed broadcast on We designed this special programming with you in mind, so don’t miss out! Head to for full daily replays of our massive live streams!

“Siege of Shanghai” multiplayer hands-on
All-out War. Commander Mode. Levolution. Amphibious Assault. Frostbite 3. These concepts define the Battlefield 4 multiplayer experience.

During our time at E3 we began to examine how each would impact Battlefield, continuing to set it apart as the leading online multiplayer shooter. This brief video,  a five minute look at what will spark a billion hours of play, shows just some of the ways these ideas will change the way you play.

“Angry Sea” single player reveal
While many players will spend the majority of their time with Battlefield 4 playing with and against friends in multiplayer, DICE is committed to creating a single player campaign worthy of the Battlefield legacy that fans can be proud to claim as their own. Battlefield 4′s single player missions will change other way Battlefield fans look at a campaign through truly human characters, a dramatic arc that players can invest in, and unique, unforgettable challenges.

But what truly sets Battlefield 4′s campaign apart from past entries is that players will need their multiplayer skills to succeed. By blending in traditional Battlefield multiplayer mechanics, the genuine fraternity of a squad forged through hours of play, and a focus on allowing players to choose how to accomplish their objectives, DICE has set the stage for a campaign as fittingly unique as any online match.

See for yourself. Watch the “Angry Sea” trailer and, if nothing else, marvel at raw power and versatility of the Frostbite 3 engine in the hands of its creators.

Spectator Mode announced
We are happy to announce that the long requested Spectator Mode will definitely appear in Battlefield 4. While we knew that you’d be excited, we’ve been blown away by the response send attention this feature has received.

Producer Daniel Matros talks Spectator Mode with Corey Dunn at E3 2013
Producer Daniel Matros talks Spectator Mode with Corey Dunn. You can find this interview in the day 1 live stream recap over at (interview starts at 1h49mins)

As a quick reminder, Spectator Mode (like Battlefield 4 itself) is still in pre-alpha stage. This means that we are still working on its design, implementation, and function so any of the content that you may see related to it is subject to change.

Spectator Mode will play a pivotal role in our support of the competitive gaming scene, and we also recognize that many players will use it to make great “Only in Battlefield” videos, analyze the game, learn how to become better players, and seeing the “Only in Battlefield” moments in great Battlefield 4 matches. We are continuing to develop Spectator Mode with all of these functions in mind. You can read our in-depth recap of Spectator Mode at E3 here.

SallyThanks for tuning in, see you again soon!
Thanks for tuning in during E3 2013. It’s been a blast. Stay tuned for more in-depth details on Battlefield 4 as we near the release of our biggest game yet. Let us know in the comments section below what you think about our E3 show, and don’t forget to vote in our E3 poll at the bottom of this post. See you on the Battlefield! Oh, and Sally says hi. Sally’s the computer running the BF4 single player demo at the Microsoft press conference at E3. The Battlefield crew signed it. Click the pic to go to our Instagram feed for more pictures from the Battlefield.

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Battlefield 4 begins its release on October 29, 2013 and will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Pre-Order now to get the China Rising expansion at no additional cost.

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