Setup Saturday wrap-up: Awesome gaming rigs from our Battlefield fans


Maybe you’ve seen our Setup Saturday/Sunday posts on the official Battlefield Facebook channel? That’s where Battlefield fans share pictures of their awesome gaming rigs, and we thought it would be great to do a recap of some of the most attention-grabbing ones in this blog post round-up. Here goes:

Nothing says you’re serious about gaming like a water-cooled open case PC with blinky lights. Thanks, Kenny D!

Dwayne D 559407_10151397495017672_339345082_n
How many monitors and dials are enough? See image. Kudos to Dwayne D!

Shaun L 64409_10151398553362672_665375417_n
Wait, what? Now this is just ridiculous! Thanks to Shaun L for sharing this crazy setup.

That’s it for today. Have a serious rig like these? Submit a photo on our Facebook channel and tag it “Battlefield” for a chance to be featured on our official channel. Prepare your hardware for Battlefield 4 by pre-ordering now.

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  • SEVENOFONE1 05.29.13 at 23:40

    I am in a state of shock seeing all these gaming riggs they are just amazing. just to see what work has been to achieve these magnificent machines If one could get a gold medal for this well you would all win they are brilliant. I am jealous of you all. thankyou for showing them.

  • The_BF3_Sargent 05.14.13 at 04:41

    wow huge cmputers that sick dude ,can cause a eye damaged

    • EXILE157 06.11.13 at 04:43

      lol “huge computers”??? & You mean focusing on a high resolution compressed 20′ 30′ Monitor can cause you “eye damage”??

  • B1ack_Warrior 05.13.13 at 17:31


  • l-o-ELiT3-o-l 05.12.13 at 15:54

    fcing awesome

  • ClPOTA 05.03.13 at 03:03

    Всем Привет

  • Drover115 04.30.13 at 20:55

    Took me 7 years to put this together, battlefield 2 bad company, bf3, and others.. but it’s a pretty bad ass set up.. the computer alone is worth 5500 cdn, it’s truly a one of a kind.. great for fsx, dcs, but my new favorites are bf3 and soon to be bf4.. enjoy the pic..

  • MAGGOOCHEF 04.30.13 at 11:03

    Holy mother of god I just hate this guy lol fucking sick setup

  • Commando484z 04.27.13 at 02:16

    Wow,I can’t even BEGIN to imagine how much money even ONE of these setups cost.