Road to End Game: How to earn all 16 dog tags (and more) in our fifth expansion pack

As we near the release date for Battlefield 3: End Game, we are happy to introduce all of the new pieces of persistence that goes with it. Here’s how to earn every new Assignment, medal, ribbon, dog tag, and Trophy/Achievement in the fifth and final expansion pack for Battlefield 3. Let us know what you think of these in the comments section below.

Here’s the full release schedule for Battlefield 3: End Game:
PS3 Premium members: March 5th
X360 and PC Premium members: March 12th
PS3 players: March 19th
X360 and PC players: March 26th



1. Capture the Flag Medal

Get the Capture the Flag Winner Ribbon 50 times

2. Air Superiority Medal

Get the Air Superiority Winner Ribbon 50 times



1. Capture the Flag Ribbon
Play Capture the Flag once

2. Capture the Flag Winner Ribbon

Be on the winning team in Capture the Flag

3. Air Superiority Ribbon

Play Air Superiority once

4. Air Superiority Winner Ribbon

Be on the winning team in Air Superiority



1. It’s no Sidecar (Silver/30G)
Get a kill from the passenger position on a motorcycle

2. Heavy Lifter (Bronze/20G)
Kill an enemy after successfully paradropping an IFV

3. Capture the Flag (Bronze/20G)

Capture 1 flag while playing Capture the Flag

4. Transport Pilot (Silver/30G)

Transport a flag carrier in an air vehicle while playing Capture the Flag

5. AA’s Revenge (Bronze/20G)

Destroy an air vehicle using the AA jeeps (20G)



1. Defender of the Earth
Destroy 5 air vehicles using the AA jeeps
Reward: Fly Swatter dog tag

2. Scar Spangled Banner
Return 5 flags in CTF
Capture 2 flags in CTF
Win 1 round of CTF
Reward: Standard Bearer dog tag

3: Fatal Drop
From an airdropped IFV, get the following kills
Enemy soldier
Enemy transport vehicle
Enemy IFV
Reward: Look up dog tag

4: Road Warrior
Requires the following Assignments to be completed:
Defender of the Earth and Scar Spangled Banner and Fatal Drop
Destroy 20 vehicles
Get a road kill with the dirt bike
Rewards: Road Warrior dog tag
Unlocks “All About Precision” Assignment

5: All About Precision
Requires the following Assignment to be completed:
Road Killing
Score 20 headshots with pistols
Rewards: S-TAC pistol and S-TAC Dog Tag



1. Pancakes
Earned if the player falls over 200 metres and dies from the impact
Displays the number of deaths on the dog tag

2. Motorcross
Do 50 jumps with the dirt bike
Get 10 kills while on the dirt bike
Displays number of kills from bike

3. Elite Flag Runner
Capture 50 flags in Capture the Flag game mode
Displays number of flag captures on it

4. Capture the Flag Medal Dog Tag
Get the Capture the Flag Winner Ribbon 50 times

5. Air Superiority Medal Dog Tag
Get the Air Superiority Winner Ribbon 50 times

6. Capture The Flag Winner Ribbon Dog Tag
Win Capture the Flag 10 times

7. Air Superiority Winner Ribbon Dog Tag

Win Air Superiority 10 times

8. Capture the Flag Ribbon Dog Tag

Play Capture the Flag 10 times

9. Air Superiority Ribbon Dog Tag

Play Air Superiority 10 times

10. M1911 S-TAC Dog Tag

Obtain M1911 S-TAC service star 1

11. M1911 S-TAC Master Dog Tag

Obtain M1911 S-TAC service star 5

12. True Primary Weapon Master

Get 100 kills with each primary weapon class

13. True Handgun Master

Get 100 kills with handguns
Shows handgun kills

14. True Combat Efficiency

Obtain the Combat Efficiency Medal
Shows highest kill streak

15. Bomb Squad

Obtain 50 Anti Explosive Ribbons
Shows Anti Explosive Ribbons

16. Squad Wiper

Obtain 50 Squad Wipe Ribbons
Shows # of squad wipes



1. SCAR-L Specialist
Get 100 Kills with the SCAR-L
Capture the flag 3 times in Capture the Flag
Camos unlocked:
SCAR-L Desert Stripe Camo
SCAR-L Digital Woodland Camo

2. G53 Specialist

Get 50 kills with the G53
Destroy 20 vehicles as Engineer
Camos unlocked:
G53 Navy Blue Digital Camo
G53 Woodland Stripe Camo

3. M39 Specialist

Get 50 kills with the M39
Kill 10 enemy flag carriers in Capture the Flag
Camos unlocked:
M39 EMR Tactical Camo
M39 EMR Woodland Oak Camo

4. QBB-95 Specialist

Get 100 kills with the QBB-95
Get 50 ammo resupplies as Support
Camos unlocked:
QBB-95 Airman Camo
QBB-95 Berkut Camo

5. MK3A1 Specialist

Get 20 kills with the MK3A1 as Assault
Get 20 kills with the MK3A1 as Engineer
Get 20 kills with the MK3A1 as Recon
Get 20 kills with the MK3A1 as Support
Camos unlocked:
MK3A1 Airman Camo
MK3A1 Woodland Oak Camo

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  • LethalCaliber47 05.16.13 at 05:35

    i like the dirt bike one

  • CEPOBchanin 04.18.13 at 15:15

    it,s cool !!!

  • RisingDnA 04.10.13 at 02:10

    still working on a few

  • CyberSniper84 04.01.13 at 01:25

    i got all of them. like a boss

  • DarkMatterGaming 03.29.13 at 23:04
  • DarkMatterGaming 03.29.13 at 23:03

    ive just unlocked the G53 assignment and the true gun master dog tag

  • jfrancod31 03.29.13 at 05:44


  • Jaum182 03.27.13 at 22:38


  • srglt8 03.27.13 at 18:40


  • Papy-SEB- 03.27.13 at 18:39

    I like the “Make my day” dog Tag i’m on the way for that ;)

  • doDaRolexSweep 03.27.13 at 16:22

    1.assault rifles
    2.sniper rifles
    100 kills with each

  • xSoGx Mayhem 03.27.13 at 15:59

    That also includes PDWs and Shotguns.

  • eng98 03.20.13 at 15:26

    i have got 100 kills with every primary weapon and i haven’t unlocked the dog tag True Primary Weapon Master what can i do? ]{}[PLEASE REPPLY]{}[

    • Maumaufilm 03.20.13 at 21:49

      No one knows exactly, but just try in one day to make 100 kills with a primary weapon on each class.

    • P3RR1_BF3 03.24.13 at 16:03

      this tag is easy to get if your good on ziba tower map but you will need to keep track of your kills with certain weapons just because you have have service stars with most guns you need to start from scratch so all i done was this. 100 kills with any assault rifle then 100 kills with any carbine then 100 kills with any support lmg then 100 sniper kills then 100 shotgun kills then 100 pdw kills (example m5k mp7 p-90) some of these kills are trackable with camo assignments. any kills you have had when you started end game will of been counted allready so you might be almost there. hope this helps mate good luck.

    • xSoGx Mayhem 03.27.13 at 15:59

      That also includes PDWs and Shotguns.

  • DarkMatterGaming 03.18.13 at 08:36

    ive just unlocked the M1911 S-TAC and it is beast check it out on my channel ~

  • Mjr Winters82 03.16.13 at 11:18

    U see I have obtained an combat efficiency medal last night shows in battle report ..and I have get that dog tag Unstoppable well he just blink before game crashed … but now when I log on my profile he’s not there :[ any chance to recover it …

  • tubzy2608 03.13.13 at 15:57

    4 all u winein bitches play cod if ya dont like it even thow a no yal stick with bf3 their loads of dif game modes lots of guns n plus my 9year ild doesnt winge as much as u freaks top game

  • FirstFox121 03.11.13 at 04:22

    okay nevermind… I should have seen the “roadkill” tag before… now THAT clears things up! …thanks anyway.

  • FirstFox121 03.11.13 at 04:19

    do I need to complete all the other assignments before-hand? because Battlefield 3 nor the Battlelog app is giving me any other details…

  • FirstFox121 03.11.13 at 04:16

    Guys! I need some help… I have been preforming headshots with various types of pistols (including the m1911) and have not gained any credit for the assignment (s-tac m1911) am I missing something? or is this a problem that I am only dealing with?

  • Oktobrios 03.11.13 at 03:38

    does the primary mastery mean that you get the left dogtag for each weapon? please reply.

  • breenm2 03.11.13 at 01:07


  • ProNpandreas 03.09.13 at 01:56

    unlock the other assigments and u ill get it unlocked afther ur done whit the assigment!!

  • xNICO1337x 03.07.13 at 22:19

    Don’t know why they wouldn’t include an M16a3 skin. That would have ended it on a perfect note. But still some really good additions with the dog tags

  • Alkanida 03.06.13 at 18:05

    Here’s some End Game Gameplay guys (Day 1 Highlights):

  • Tough Guys R us 03.06.13 at 01:35

    hey i know im late but how do i get the M1991?

    • 323ver1 03.06.13 at 14:03

      It’s the M1911. There a leaflet in your BF3 game case. Read it to know how to get it from EA GunClub

    • GeneralRommel42 03.06.13 at 21:43

      I don’t think there is a M1991. I
      But I defiantly know there is the M1911 SEU Socom with the Suppressor and the XD-79 Tactical Flashlight.

    • ProNpandreas 03.09.13 at 01:55

      unlock the other assigments and u ill get it unlocked afther ur done whit the assigment!

  • l FL4SHP01NT l 03.05.13 at 23:46

    Such a shame that PS3 get to play it first, and PC players are the ones the won the competition.

    • GeneralRommel42 03.06.13 at 21:48

      PC Did win yes. But see, in our world nowadays whomever pays the most will get it the first. Understand what I’m saying here? Now see don’t get me wrong here, I love PC and All, (I even got a very good one running) But I play PS3 the most and like it more in my opinion. I’m hey, to be honest we’re all entitled to our stupid opinion, lol.

  • ProNpandreas 03.05.13 at 21:44

    need 11 heshots to get m1991 s-tac :D

  • Papy-SEB- 03.05.13 at 20:08

    I would thanks first Dice Team for the fun I have BF since few years now… All tags, equipements and all this kind of suffs are nice, but why not new exclusive camos for winter, including weapons and wear ?

  • iFrag-oK- 03.05.13 at 19:33
    Check out this link, the game is not released yet for PC and Xbox 360 players… -_-

  • cstrfrk_2 03.05.13 at 19:25

    I’m waiting to download Endgame too . It’s suppose to be out today right ?

  • Bed_Cat 03.05.13 at 17:32

    im trying to find end game on ps store asn guess what? its not there…or the in game store! great! plzz somebody helpp me

  • volmok767 03.05.13 at 16:09

    am trying to get endgame,am a premium member an today it soppose to be the release date for endgame. I went to the store and nothing in there, is not showing any trace of the DLC. Any comments guys?? Please help

  • eXpErT-Aka 03.05.13 at 12:38

    EA premium members like me can t download the DLC for free! Other companys had this problem trough the store and they resolved releasing the DLC in the game store!
    Please resolve this problem.
    Thank you

  • krazy_kaveman 03.05.13 at 01:58

    lol i’m getting the pankakes dog tag, i want it to show my 22,000+ deaths XD

  • myrenggubben 03.05.13 at 01:14

    I have 78 squad wipe ribbons, does that mean I’ll get the Squad Wiper medal instantly? Or do I have to get 50 more?

  • Vallkyr 03.05.13 at 00:40

    I still think you should have a golden trophy/achievement for doing all assignments

  • Tony2796 03.04.13 at 23:41

    i think for true primary weapon master it should be 500 kills with all primary it only makes sense i mean you do MASTER the weapon at 500 kills

    • Daniel_Alex_420 03.05.13 at 01:36

      I already have 500 kills with all primary weapons, can’t wait to equip this tag.

    • RobmAntiC 03.05.13 at 08:18

      I co-sign.

  • TheDiaperButtKid 03.04.13 at 23:26

    Fix the COOP service star dog tags. I don’t want to earn them, but I do want to stab the person that did!

  • CosmicStrike 03.04.13 at 20:26

    I wonder if you already have 100 with each primary weapon if this will unlock?
    12. True Primary Weapon Master
    Get 100 kills with each primary weapon class
    i think i still need to work on a some sniper rifles.

  • xViscousKillerx 03.04.13 at 19:15

    FINALLY! camos for other guns!

  • CubeHunter 03.04.13 at 19:10

    2 things:
    1. we get a M1911 S-Tac???
    2. what means the True Primary Weapon Master assignement???
    “Get 100 kills with each primary weapon class”
    sry my english is not the best^^

    • CosmicStrike 03.04.13 at 20:28

      it means use all the weapons available for each class as in weapons you can only use for that specific class aka be a Jack of All Trades type of player. I remember doing this in BC2 Vietnam. using the sniper rifle just killed my spm

  • Safrisar 03.04.13 at 17:39

    It says “our fifth expansion” does that mean its not your last expansion pack for battlefield 3? Because I would not mind paying for another dlc pack if its bad company related… *cough* best of the bad company series expansion pack, maps and guns dlc *cough*

  • ghost909090 03.04.13 at 16:33

    we snow cammo

  • szrz 03.04.13 at 15:14

    meh , still pathetic game play becase of all lock on weapons and supression , blee

  • Honspeida 03.04.13 at 13:52

    Again what iam missing is the defi Kill Dog tag

  • Jhonney-Weed 03.04.13 at 11:30

    This im sry is the biggest pile of crap there is… now i have been looking for a maintance plan or some kind of statement that the maintance is taking from around X to about X but noooo for all i know it could take 10 years

    • phalxor 03.04.13 at 14:51

      had to login to this “great” website 4 times just to reply that I too am left in the dust in regards to maintenance schedule downtime………………………………………………….

  • littleman794 03.04.13 at 04:19

    M1911 S-Tac hmm…. What about the .44 Silenced? Dx

  • Johnnie_Troller 03.03.13 at 22:33

    Eu queri “ibagens”! kkk

  • Akujuo 03.03.13 at 18:55

    I recall that End Game is going to be coming out March. 5th.. I guess I am right for once. I been pacing the floor waiting for it… To me please note Battlefield 3 and the rest of the Battlefield games are badass… Thank you, Dice and EA. To all you Battlefielders. Nice job and good gaming… See you ALL at the Battlefield..Get thoese Sandwich (dog tags.)!

  • CranGolumCrush 03.03.13 at 16:27

    Where are the pictures!? HAHA, EA FAIL

  • MC x Zombiekill 03.03.13 at 13:43

    why why xbox360 the 12e come on guys not fun ps3 5e no come on guys

  • SYN_Ornate 03.03.13 at 12:34

    for everyone that cant see the pics

  • lDeathAddeR 03.03.13 at 12:07

    No pictures – fail

  • tubzy2608 03.03.13 at 04:21

    B rod wot u been smokin

  • B-Rodr24 03.03.13 at 00:33

    lol get a new live, hater and stop saying WE, nobody is talking about early access and nobody care if you will buy BF4, that was not for you RapidFire4Real it was for the super player Kungfubeer

  • Sarg1010 03.02.13 at 22:58

    If DICE can’t even get pictures to show up, how can we expect Endgame to be much better…

  • DAROCK2300 03.02.13 at 22:46

    Where are the pictures of the medals, ribbons, dog tags, etc.

  • Play4Friends 03.02.13 at 21:55

    Nice!! But the pictures aren’t showing up for me :(

  • tubzy2608 03.02.13 at 21:40

    Bf3 awsome game hope bf4 simular but with a couple of maps from bad company 2 afrika harbour n that other desert 1

  • MOPSTERuk 03.02.13 at 19:08

    Ohhh and please sort out the camo and vehicle load-outs… they don’t save… rendering the use of camo useless (as nobody can be bothered to keep changing it on the fly) and makes the vehicle load out change at the beginning of a gaming session a pain in the ass.

  • MOPSTERuk 03.02.13 at 19:04

    12. True Primary Weapon Master
    Get 100 kills with each primary weapon class

    Grrrrr does that mean I’ll have to go through all my weaps again? really… or would it be retrospectively assigned?

  • Frey0r 03.02.13 at 16:36

    I’m happy to get the M1911 S-Tac.

  • Sidiox 03.02.13 at 15:37

    They are actually very good weapons and this makes more people use them.

  • Tap10lan 03.02.13 at 15:26

    That said: please give us a new BF2142 …

  • Tap10lan 03.02.13 at 15:26

    As usual, people whine. Try remembering the old days, when the games we also loved (BF2/2142/BC/BC2, and whatnot) stayed unpatched, we didn’t get anywhere near the amount of tweaking or DLCs/assignments etc. Can you do that? Now compare to BF3.
    Sure, there are always things you’d prefer having done/not done, but I prefer this very active support. GOOD JOB, DICE!

    • to_colorful 03.02.13 at 15:36

      We had mods to work on for proper games, so taking time with patches was a relative non-issue.

  • MrNopox 03.02.13 at 12:54

    Don’t want the m1191 s-tac,i want the magnum laser aiming and suppresor…

  • stabbinu 03.02.13 at 11:39

    I see 2 distinct problems
    1 – Tomb Raider comes out
    2 – Sim City comes out

    They pick the most under-used weapons in the game, make us use them and for what – stupid ass camo that doesn’t get saved or used. Metro is about to be renewed as the most popular map once this drops. I’d much rather have another 5 coop missions instead of this crap. Oh well, we’ll find out quick who pads the most – because they’ll be the ones who get these assignments done first.

  • death_by_camper 03.02.13 at 06:30

    y no pictures

  • Kstan333 03.02.13 at 02:47


  • denjoga 03.02.13 at 00:16

    12 – 16 damn well better be retroactive.
    I’ve already done all of those, and if you expect me to do them again you can go f#ck yourselves!

    • MOPSTERuk 03.03.13 at 02:20

      lol agreed :) but prob will end up redoing them :(

  • alonsoTJ 03.01.13 at 23:28

    i was expecting new weapons not stupid camos and that shit.

  • ghost909090 03.01.13 at 22:54

    too bad no assiment for snow cammo

  • CitizenRYE 03.01.13 at 21:59

    They don’t highlight that you get a new weapon…M1911 S-TAC…that is awesome…love the M1911 platform. Would have been cool to have it open this weekend…well Tuesday it is then!

  • Maumaufilm 03.01.13 at 21:45

    No premium dog tags ???

  • RaedBoshmaf 03.01.13 at 21:19

    People if you can’t see the pictures of the dogtags/unlocks follow this link:
    the link have pictures of all the dogtags/unlocks hope that helped .

  • ImbaFreez 03.01.13 at 20:48

    So well first: S-Tac Dogtags is awesome, thank you! I’ll already have 5 Service Stars with it so it makes me really happy.
    BUT: S-Tac release for all? DAMN are you serious? That pistol was special, why will you make it public?If you make the S-Tac public where is the Suppressor for Shotguns? How about them? I bet you won’t release it, maybe because it is DICE only and special, same thing as the S-Tac but well… I don’t understand why you give them to everyone. The time when I played with DICE employees was the best time in Battlefield 3 and now something is ruined. All those People who worked hard for those kills (maybe annoying the employees a bit – too much) , disappointed. And I don’t think that you’ll give the Shotgun Suppressor to everyone, that would make the S-Tac public fail (In my opinion) amends

    Sorry but I don’t understand it.
    Thanks, ImbaFreez

    • l LiquidAcid l 03.01.13 at 21:10

      game devs usually release the “special” stuff when the games life is near its end. like recon armor in halo 3 and all the pre order skins in gears 3. at least you had that stuff for a while before, but i feel you. I’m basically just sayin it happens a lot.

    • RobmAntiC 03.05.13 at 08:33

      Devs are not always on every platform plus even if they are/were they wont always be carrying the s-tac so its nice that everyone who buys endgame gets a crack at it. they should of gave us all of the dev exclusive weapons. Since they took out all the other weapons we were going to get with AK and AM.

      • RobmAntiC 03.05.13 at 09:03

        Correction with AM and EG. They stated via twitter that both AM and EG would have new weapons. AK was new vehicles.

  • Regional_Emperor 03.01.13 at 20:12

    Am I the only person who doesnt care about 90% of this and was looking forward to more guns, which we apparently aren’t even going to get? I honestly am so bored with most of the guns, I have no idea what to use when I play half the time. These new gun assignments look pretty lame too. Why do you keep giving the same guns camo assignments? We better be getting new guns in a drop or something or End Game will pretty much be a bust in my books.

    • l LiquidAcid l 03.01.13 at 20:28

      i think there’s only 1 new gun. Theyre arent adding more because they probably figured that the 40 they launched with and the 20 others that came out in other packs were enough. I certainly do, what gun exists that wouldn’t be almost identical to one that’s already in the game? not to mention the balancing it takes to add new weapons. Not tryin to start an argument or anything i just think the weapons amount of weapons in this game is like not even an issue. what other game even releases guns? let alone 20

    • imcnblu 03.01.13 at 20:28

      Are you serious? The new weapon assignments are for guns that haven’t had camos, yet. Genius.

      Also, it was NEVER STATED that we were getting new guns with End Game. It was only EVER advertised for the first two expansions, Back to Karkand and Close Quarters. There are already almost 90 weapons in the game. You need more? How about not being ungrateful, and enjoy the game? Ever considered that? I think the new assignments will be fun. Not too concerned about the camos, as I don’t often use those weapons, but it’s something for me to work on down the road. If you don’t like this content, don’t buy/use it. Simple as that.

      • MacDuffin 03.01.13 at 20:44

        How you do realize, that before they changed it, both Aftermath and End Game had “new weapons” in their description.
        They changed this later on, most people assumed the crossbow was an attempt to cover it up, but they didn’t even try in End Game.
        I’m still excited for the DLC, but to say they never stated new weapons is a lie.

        • imcnblu 03.01.13 at 21:38

          Do you have any evidence of this? I never saw it, and I’m usually on top of that kind of thing. If it was there, and changed, I apologize for the mistake. But, like I said, this is no secret that these latest expansions weren’t going to have any new weapons.

          What it REALLY boils down to is, how many weapons does one REALLY need? With nearly 90 weapons already in the game, at least 20 of which are rarely used by ANYONE, I think this game has a pretty good abundance of weapons as it is. There are a few I would have liked to have seen in the game, but I’m not losing sleep over them. I have my preferred weapons, and I have some backups that I use, depending on the map and mode.

        • AngryDave-UK 03.01.13 at 21:44

          But it is a shame that people care more about new guns/unlocks than new gameplay though. CTF and Air Superiority are much better alternatives to more guns which will basically be reskins of something else anyway.

          I stopped playing BF3 a month or 2 ago because I got bored of the gameplay, I tried coming back for Aftermath but it was just the exact same predictable gameplay feel but on different maps. It didn’t change gameplay enough for me. But I will come back for End Game as it does appear like the gameplay will be fairly different to everything we’ve had so far.

      • des-stevenator 03.02.13 at 23:30

        actually it was, when premium came out it was on battlefields website

      • RobmAntiC 03.05.13 at 08:36

        Actually it was stated in tweets that both AK and AM would have new weapons.

  • SgtThais 03.01.13 at 20:09

    what about the patch details?

  • andrebeaver 03.01.13 at 19:59

    This expansion is gonna be awesome. But, let me bring one subject into matter… CO-OP DOG TAGS! WHEN THEY WILL BE FINALLY RELEASED?

  • StiffPvtParts 03.01.13 at 19:09

    Am i the only one who cant see the images? :c

  • KungfuBeer 03.01.13 at 18:45

    Glad you put so much effort into pleasing PS3 players. We’ll see how that affects your BF4 sales for PC, just as MOH:WF was abysmal, your cash-cow mentality is overplayed and PC players are fed up. Go back to the designer mentality of BF2 and we will continue to invest in your company.

    • RapidFire4Real 03.01.13 at 19:12

      Here’s the thing, PC isn’t the big dog in battlefield anymore. The community sucks and the hackers run rampant in the servers. I own BF3 on both PC and Xbox360 (and I’ve been playing battlefield since the franchise started). I would much rather play on console where its much harder to hack then try to find a good PC server with good admins. If one of the console creators wants to pay for early access to the dlc for players that’s their business.

      • B-Rodr24 03.03.13 at 00:24

        lol get a new live, hater and stop saying WE, nobody is talking about early access and nobody care if you will buy BF4

    • Rumi 03.01.13 at 19:55


    • imcnblu 03.01.13 at 21:45

      please, get over yourself. Just because they started on PC, doesn’t mean PC should be “catered to”.

      You already have 3 times as many players as console, and better map layouts for conquest. Is it REALLY that bad that PS3 gets it early? It was made public that PS3 players would get early access to the content 18 months ago. If you’re really still that bitter over something that is a year and a half old, you should really look at where you are in life, because things like this, don’t really matter in the end.

  • Dead Sync 03.01.13 at 18:42

    Hey DICE! I think you did a great job here. Simply because, I think you did well by players by adding things that were often asked for, in one last go. Making it a “last hoorah with some extra bonuses” rather than just “one last DLC with CTF and AS” really stays true to the themed expansions that BF3 has done so well, and I applaud you for that.

    While I ALREADY HAVE my M1911 S-TAC service star (sorry to the devs I killed haha), I think its nice to let everyone unlock it, as well as thrown in 10 more weapon camos for the 5 weapons as an unexpected bonus, as well as add dogtags for primary/sidearm service stars, deaths, squad wipes, etc. All things that some people asked for at one point on Battlelog.

    Well done, sad to see the BF3 Premium season approach its close but Im excited for the future of Battlefield!

    • RobmAntiC 03.05.13 at 08:26

      I Co-sign this comment as well. They should of went ahead and gave us all the other dev weapons though. They are already in the game after all, we just dont have access to them.

  • ucancallmegordo 03.01.13 at 18:40

    so i see #10 and #11 on the end game dog tags… do we finally get the m1911 s-tac????

    • marty1181 03.01.13 at 18:43

      looks like it but if this is DICE’s way of saying “look we gave you a new gun” it’s a crap one. we keep asking for new weapons but they never give us any. this doesn’t count

  • neddi1887 03.01.13 at 18:36

    “PS3 Premium members: March 5th
    X360 and PC Premium members: March 12th”
    WTF Its a pc game! So release it for PC FIRST!!!

    • marty1181 03.01.13 at 18:39

      You’re a retard. I’m a pc player and an ex-ps3 player. they give stuff to the ps3 first because of something to do with battlefield 1943. i can’t remember what it is though

    • ApocD 03.01.13 at 18:40

      exclusivity deal between sony and ea, obviously, get a grip

    • MOPSTERuk 03.03.13 at 02:23

      It’s a consoles game ported to the pc lol, like most pc games these days.

    • TiagoKZD 03.04.13 at 15:47

      Where is it written that it is a PC game? o.o

  • Mr SIye 03.01.13 at 18:25

    Once again the assignments are so mindless. Give us a challenge.

  • demonyc embyr 03.01.13 at 18:03

    I’m thankful that there is finally a squad wipe medal. However, if anyone can recall, When CQ DLC was released there weren’t medals or dog tags for GM, DM, or TDMC. They didn’t release the unlocks and whatnot until later about AK DLC. Once they released it, all prior stats for the game were deleted. I’d won tons of Gun Master and Domination, but when I looked at the dog tag it said I had none. I currently have almost 20 squad wipe ribbons. It’s not a lot, but I’ve played for quite a while just to get that many. I really don’t want this medal to come out, and have it say I only have 1 Squad Wipe medal. Same with True Combat Efficiency. My highest streak is only 14, but I know of some people that have close to 30 or 40+ kill streaks. They wouldn’t be too happy if it goes back to 8 for a normal Combat Efficiency.

    My next issue, is a question. What’s the difference between True Handgun medal, and the Hand gun medal we already have? They both already display how many handgun kills we have? I understand if it’s a different picture, but seriously another one? Also, the True Primary Master. Is that all primary weapons from Assult Class, Engineer, Support, and Recon? Are Co-op weapons included? Are DLC weapons included?

    My last question is Road Warrior Assignment unlocks All About Precision. All about precision says Road Killing Assignment is required. I don’t recall a Road Killing assignment, the closest thing I can think of is the dog tag that displays how many roadkills we have. Unless you meant Road Warrior, that’d make more sense.

    Other than those questions, I’m really pumped for this DLC both on Playstation and Xbox! WHOO!

    • EVIL DNA NZ 03.01.13 at 18:18

      yeah I was gutted when the gunmaster dogtag said I only had a couple of wins… when in reality it was more like a couple of hundred. Especially when they were first placings not just on the winning team…

    • AL_GR33N_ 03.01.13 at 18:40

      They’re dog tags not medals. We’re not getting Squad wipe medal or True Handgun medal. What DICE are doing is adding new dog tags, and given the way the reduction of requirements was implemented, you will likely get these straight away if you already have the required stats.

      • demonyc embyr 03.02.13 at 07:31

        Yes I knew they were dog tags not medals. My bad. And likely to get them right away if you have the stats, but no promises. I doubt it, honestly.

    • 0nly1nst0res 03.01.13 at 19:27

      All weapons will be used, and its pretty well defined, get 100 kills with every different primary weapon, assault rifles, sub machine guns lmgs sniper rifles shotguns, and true handgun is the same, 100 kills with every different handgun

      • demonyc embyr 03.02.13 at 07:39

        Actually it’s not well defined. If it were well defined, it may have said Premium dog tag. That way you’d know that other DLC’s may be required to unlock. Also, how do you know handguns are the same, it doesn’t say 100 kills with each hand gun. It says only 100 kills with handguns. Another thing I was contemplating today, was what about sidearms with attachments? Do they all fit under one sidearm, if it is indeed 100 with each pistol? Because if I recall correctly, there isn’t a dogtag for scoped .44, just the regular .44. But there are current dog tags for m1911: silenced and tact. I don’t need a smart a** answer for this, I haven’t played battlefield in a while.

  • dmobaidat 03.01.13 at 18:01

    fix the images please

  • ApocD 03.01.13 at 17:59

    fix the bloody images!

  • tiagoschambach 03.01.13 at 17:58

    it is out yet?

  • Mardigan67 03.01.13 at 17:54

    Still dont get why. New? Nope

    • RapidFire4Real 03.01.13 at 18:12

      Its really not that complicated, Sony was willing to pay to get their players the DLC a week earlier (Just like Microsoft did with black-ops), So if you’re upset that you don’t get it at the same time go complain to Xbox for not shelling out the cash to get it on their system first. If you’re not new to battlefield then this shouldn’t be new to you this has been the case with every DLC since the Back to Karkand expansion was released well over a year ago. If its that big of a deal to you go out and buy a PS3 and a new copy of battlefield. I’d rather have PS3 get it first, use them as beta testers for any bugs before it comes to the other systems.

      • Mardigan67 03.01.13 at 18:49

        Now i get it, thanks for the explanation. :-)
        And you are sooo right about the beta testers. Ones again, thanks

  • WIPEOUT-WARRIOR 03.01.13 at 17:41

    That sucks! big time if they release the s-tac to every1 it just takes the challenge away from trying to get it from the developers i really hope they dont release it and we will still have to get it from the developers

    • imcnblu 03.01.13 at 20:31

      There are still plenty of other Dice Exclusive weapons to take from them.

      The Suppressed .44 Magnum with Laser
      L96 with 20x scope
      and a few others. Plenty of things to take and use. I actually rarely encountered the 1911 S-TAC. I encountered the .44 Suppressed Laser a lot, though.

  • Mardigan67 03.01.13 at 17:38

    Why is PS3 first to get End Game??

    • RapidFire4Real 03.01.13 at 17:42

      Because they get every DLC first, it was their pre-order bonus for the game. You must be new to battlefield.

    • THU31 03.01.13 at 17:42

      Is this your first day here?

    • GWiz2010 03.01.13 at 17:58

      So, you must not be a PS3 Premium member… Don’t worry, I will play it and make comments and tell you what is cool and what is Super Cool… ok… don’t worry 2 weeks comes and goes faster than you think.

    • imcnblu 03.01.13 at 20:29

      You’re new, aren’t you?

  • Dusk118 03.01.13 at 17:34

    Looks like DICE is letting us have the M1911 S-TAC now. Kinda awesome if you ask me, and technically does count as a new weapon. Also, I can’t see any of the images. Can you fix this?

  • Riley25717 03.01.13 at 17:29


  • fr0dyp0p 03.01.13 at 17:29

    These are are well and good, but we all would agree that more guns would have been awesome. We haven’t had new guns since CQ. And the crossbow does not count.

    • DeLucaFTW 03.01.13 at 17:33

      We got a new pistol! M911 S-TAC

      • marty1181 03.01.13 at 18:41

        Doesn’t count. Technically that’s a gun we’ve always had. we want new, fresh guns. not the same gun with 2 attachments on it

  • Alkanida 03.01.13 at 17:27

    I Joined a Booster Lobby and served them right!
    Enjoy Commentary+Hatemail.

  • Jonnythebasterd 03.01.13 at 17:25

    yet again psn stick there tongue up the rectum

  • sasquatch jerky 03.01.13 at 17:24