Road to End Game: How to earn all 16 dog tags (and more) in our fifth expansion pack

As we near the release date for Battlefield 3: End Game, we are happy to introduce all of the new pieces of persistence that goes with it. Here’s how to earn every new Assignment, medal, ribbon, dog tag, and Trophy/Achievement in the fifth and final expansion pack for Battlefield 3. Let us know what you think of these in the comments section below.

Here’s the full release schedule for Battlefield 3: End Game:
PS3 Premium members: March 5th
X360 and PC Premium members: March 12th
PS3 players: March 19th
X360 and PC players: March 26th



1. Capture the Flag Medal

Get the Capture the Flag Winner Ribbon 50 times

2. Air Superiority Medal

Get the Air Superiority Winner Ribbon 50 times



1. Capture the Flag Ribbon
Play Capture the Flag once

2. Capture the Flag Winner Ribbon

Be on the winning team in Capture the Flag

3. Air Superiority Ribbon

Play Air Superiority once

4. Air Superiority Winner Ribbon

Be on the winning team in Air Superiority



1. It’s no Sidecar (Silver/30G)
Get a kill from the passenger position on a motorcycle

2. Heavy Lifter (Bronze/20G)
Kill an enemy after successfully paradropping an IFV

3. Capture the Flag (Bronze/20G)

Capture 1 flag while playing Capture the Flag

4. Transport Pilot (Silver/30G)

Transport a flag carrier in an air vehicle while playing Capture the Flag

5. AA’s Revenge (Bronze/20G)

Destroy an air vehicle using the AA jeeps (20G)



1. Defender of the Earth
Destroy 5 air vehicles using the AA jeeps
Reward: Fly Swatter dog tag

2. Scar Spangled Banner
Return 5 flags in CTF
Capture 2 flags in CTF
Win 1 round of CTF
Reward: Standard Bearer dog tag

3: Fatal Drop
From an airdropped IFV, get the following kills
Enemy soldier
Enemy transport vehicle
Enemy IFV
Reward: Look up dog tag

4: Road Warrior
Requires the following Assignments to be completed:
Defender of the Earth and Scar Spangled Banner and Fatal Drop
Destroy 20 vehicles
Get a road kill with the dirt bike
Rewards: Road Warrior dog tag
Unlocks “All About Precision” Assignment

5: All About Precision
Requires the following Assignment to be completed:
Road Killing
Score 20 headshots with pistols
Rewards: S-TAC pistol and S-TAC Dog Tag



1. Pancakes
Earned if the player falls over 200 metres and dies from the impact
Displays the number of deaths on the dog tag

2. Motorcross
Do 50 jumps with the dirt bike
Get 10 kills while on the dirt bike
Displays number of kills from bike

3. Elite Flag Runner
Capture 50 flags in Capture the Flag game mode
Displays number of flag captures on it

4. Capture the Flag Medal Dog Tag
Get the Capture the Flag Winner Ribbon 50 times

5. Air Superiority Medal Dog Tag
Get the Air Superiority Winner Ribbon 50 times

6. Capture The Flag Winner Ribbon Dog Tag
Win Capture the Flag 10 times

7. Air Superiority Winner Ribbon Dog Tag

Win Air Superiority 10 times

8. Capture the Flag Ribbon Dog Tag

Play Capture the Flag 10 times

9. Air Superiority Ribbon Dog Tag

Play Air Superiority 10 times

10. M1911 S-TAC Dog Tag

Obtain M1911 S-TAC service star 1

11. M1911 S-TAC Master Dog Tag

Obtain M1911 S-TAC service star 5

12. True Primary Weapon Master

Get 100 kills with each primary weapon class

13. True Handgun Master

Get 100 kills with handguns
Shows handgun kills

14. True Combat Efficiency

Obtain the Combat Efficiency Medal
Shows highest kill streak

15. Bomb Squad

Obtain 50 Anti Explosive Ribbons
Shows Anti Explosive Ribbons

16. Squad Wiper

Obtain 50 Squad Wipe Ribbons
Shows # of squad wipes



1. SCAR-L Specialist
Get 100 Kills with the SCAR-L
Capture the flag 3 times in Capture the Flag
Camos unlocked:
SCAR-L Desert Stripe Camo
SCAR-L Digital Woodland Camo

2. G53 Specialist

Get 50 kills with the G53
Destroy 20 vehicles as Engineer
Camos unlocked:
G53 Navy Blue Digital Camo
G53 Woodland Stripe Camo

3. M39 Specialist

Get 50 kills with the M39
Kill 10 enemy flag carriers in Capture the Flag
Camos unlocked:
M39 EMR Tactical Camo
M39 EMR Woodland Oak Camo

4. QBB-95 Specialist

Get 100 kills with the QBB-95
Get 50 ammo resupplies as Support
Camos unlocked:
QBB-95 Airman Camo
QBB-95 Berkut Camo

5. MK3A1 Specialist

Get 20 kills with the MK3A1 as Assault
Get 20 kills with the MK3A1 as Engineer
Get 20 kills with the MK3A1 as Recon
Get 20 kills with the MK3A1 as Support
Camos unlocked:
MK3A1 Airman Camo
MK3A1 Woodland Oak Camo

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  • LethalCaliber47 05.16.13 at 05:35

    i like the dirt bike one

  • CEPOBchanin 04.18.13 at 15:15

    it,s cool !!!

  • RisingDnA 04.10.13 at 02:10

    still working on a few

  • CyberSniper84 04.01.13 at 01:25

    i got all of them. like a boss

  • DarkMatterGaming 03.29.13 at 23:04
  • DarkMatterGaming 03.29.13 at 23:03

    ive just unlocked the G53 assignment and the true gun master dog tag

  • jfrancod31 03.29.13 at 05:44


  • Jaum182 03.27.13 at 22:38


  • srglt8 03.27.13 at 18:40


  • Papy-SEB- 03.27.13 at 18:39

    I like the “Make my day” dog Tag i’m on the way for that ;)

  • doDaRolexSweep 03.27.13 at 16:22

    1.assault rifles
    2.sniper rifles
    100 kills with each

  • xSoGx Mayhem 03.27.13 at 15:59

    That also includes PDWs and Shotguns.

  • eng98 03.20.13 at 15:26

    i have got 100 kills with every primary weapon and i haven’t unlocked the dog tag True Primary Weapon Master what can i do? ]{}[PLEASE REPPLY]{}[

    • Maumaufilm 03.20.13 at 21:49

      No one knows exactly, but just try in one day to make 100 kills with a primary weapon on each class.

    • P3RR1_BF3 03.24.13 at 16:03

      this tag is easy to get if your good on ziba tower map but you will need to keep track of your kills with certain weapons just because you have have service stars with most guns you need to start from scratch so all i done was this. 100 kills with any assault rifle then 100 kills with any carbine then 100 kills with any support lmg then 100 sniper kills then 100 shotgun kills then 100 pdw kills (example m5k mp7 p-90) some of these kills are trackable with camo assignments. any kills you have had when you started end game will of been counted allready so you might be almost there. hope this helps mate good luck.

    • xSoGx Mayhem 03.27.13 at 15:59

      That also includes PDWs and Shotguns.

  • DarkMatterGaming 03.18.13 at 08:36

    ive just unlocked the M1911 S-TAC and it is beast check it out on my channel ~

  • Mjr Winters82 03.16.13 at 11:18

    U see I have obtained an combat efficiency medal last night shows in battle report ..and I have get that dog tag Unstoppable well he just blink before game crashed … but now when I log on my profile he’s not there :[ any chance to recover it …

  • tubzy2608 03.13.13 at 15:57

    4 all u winein bitches play cod if ya dont like it even thow a no yal stick with bf3 their loads of dif game modes lots of guns n plus my 9year ild doesnt winge as much as u freaks top game

  • FirstFox121 03.11.13 at 04:22

    okay nevermind… I should have seen the “roadkill” tag before… now THAT clears things up! …thanks anyway.

  • FirstFox121 03.11.13 at 04:19

    do I need to complete all the other assignments before-hand? because Battlefield 3 nor the Battlelog app is giving me any other details…

  • FirstFox121 03.11.13 at 04:16

    Guys! I need some help… I have been preforming headshots with various types of pistols (including the m1911) and have not gained any credit for the assignment (s-tac m1911) am I missing something? or is this a problem that I am only dealing with?

  • Oktobrios 03.11.13 at 03:38

    does the primary mastery mean that you get the left dogtag for each weapon? please reply.

  • breenm2 03.11.13 at 01:07


  • ProNpandreas 03.09.13 at 01:56

    unlock the other assigments and u ill get it unlocked afther ur done whit the assigment!!

  • xNICO1337x 03.07.13 at 22:19

    Don’t know why they wouldn’t include an M16a3 skin. That would have ended it on a perfect note. But still some really good additions with the dog tags

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