Road to End Game: Take part in epic dogfights

With End Game comes the new game mode Air Superiority, letting you take part in epic 12 vs. 12 dogfights above four vast new maps. Learn all about the return of this fan favorite game mode below.

Air Superiority is for players who want to engage in epic dogfights. It was first introduced in Battlefield 1943, and has been widely asked for in the community ever since. Now, we are happy to reintroduce it to old fans and newcomers to the Battlefield series alike. If you haven’t already viewed it, check out the End Game launch trailer below for a look at this new game mode.


“Air Superiority is for players

who want epic dogfights”


We know that jets are some of the most loved vehicles in our games, and Air Superiority is a game mode that caters to hardcore and new pilots alike that want nothing more than to soar at high speeds and engage in massive dogfights.

All pilots in this 24 player affair spawn in mid-air, leading to quick action and eliminating any concerns over jets being bombarded before they have a chance to take off. In fact, even though a skilled pilot will have use of his full range of tricks in Air Superiority mode, it’s also possibly the best place for a newcomer to rack up large amounts of air XP and get their first unlocks going. There will simply be too many juicy targets available to miss!

The sky is full of targets in the new Air Superiority mode in Battlefield 3: End Game.

As far as gameplay mechanics go, Air Superiority bears more than a resemblance to Battlefield’s classic Conquest mode, in that Air Superiority also sees teams fighting for majority control around a number of bases. But where Conquest naturally have land based capture points, the capture points in Air Superiority are blimps – three per map. As with Conquest, the team with the bigger presence around a majority of these capture points will cause the opposing team to bleed respawn tickets.

Air Superiority in End Game is a bit more tactical in nature than its namesake from Battlefield 1943. This time around, you have more capture points to fight over – and the team winning a round in End Game is normally the team with the best ability to keep capture point ownership, as opposed to the team with the most kills.

End Game will soon be out on all formats. When you’re ready to jump into the cockpit and take to the skies, make sure to bring these tips from Lead Designer Gustav Halling:

“On Nebandan Flats, a very skilled pilot can weave in and out between the many wind generators to shake followers and locked-on missiles. Also, when flying from point A to B, follow the terrain closely to stay “below radar” and avoid being locked-on by enemy missiles.”

This concludes the Road to End Game blog series. We hope you have enjoyed it. Battlefield 3: End Game is included at no extra charge with Battlefield 3: Premium and will be available for separate purchase. Full release schedule below:
PS3 Premium members: Out now
X360 and PC Premium members: March 12
PS3 players: March 19
X360 and PC players: March 26

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  • ASA-1R 07.13.13 at 14:24

    i am thinking about buying it so yeh its good and and helljumper thats not true

  • Shirtman2011 06.03.13 at 17:59

    I think they should put in air superiority without a DLC.

  • XxrookiegamerxX 04.08.13 at 18:45

    I like how you changed things up a bit, adding capture the flag, air superiority, dropship, you really improved battlefield 3, I think the battlefield franchise is on the right path.

  • koonze 03.26.13 at 16:58

    FIX THIS GAME BEFORE BF4!!!!!!! stop letting jets stop short in midair and continue flying! no one cares about how pretty your game looks if the gameplay sucks….which it DOES!!!!!!!

  • Helljumper218 03.26.13 at 04:00

    Well i wasted my money on this game, the most unbalanced gameplay i’ve seen.

    • WhiskeySandman 04.30.13 at 13:48

      Are you saying COD is more balanced? If you do then you’re a complete moron. This game has balance, symmetry, and asymmetry. It’s meant to be that way. If you don’t like the game, sell it so we don’t have to put up with whiners like you.

  • DarkMatterGaming 03.17.13 at 10:14

    i think this is one of my new favourite game modes also when flying in air superiority on Nebandan flats i had an encounter of prehistoric proportion ~

  • Migurn 03.15.13 at 18:38

    Hey. I just got a thought the other day. In Air Superiority there is no need to have options for what soldier-class you want to be. Why don’t you implement the option to choose your Jet set-up. So that you can start out with f.ex Flares and heat-seekers. But the next time you spawn you might want to try another layout f.ex take away heat-seekers and try the rocket pods in stead. There is no point in having to choose any soldier class in Air-Superiority. Just an idea.. :)

  • szrz 03.15.13 at 14:12

    yeah epic dogfights.. bullshit

  • BennyjBEFRAYED 03.13.13 at 01:44

    Well after a few hours of end game last night i am happy to say that this is probably going to be my favorite DLC of all. closely ahead of B2K.
    Air supp is good but would be better on a server with out the jet whores IMO. but that is not controllable and still a good mode all the same. CTF is by far the best game mode along with conquest naturally that i have played in any shooter and BF3 spin on it makes it epic indeed.

    Good work DICE. the maps are sweet too. at first i was not a fan of riverside but after bashing it out for a few rounds i realised it is an amazing map. good for all styles be it vehicles, choppers or infantry. just hope the sniper whores dont start showing up

  • Negnawus 03.12.13 at 23:36

    How in H! Can you actually think this is fun ? No tactics what so ever, unless you use a glitch or bug.
    kill,die,kill,die…..plz explain what the tactics are. Most boring game play ive tested in a long time.

    And CTF then, the teams are just swaping bases with each other.

    Do your self a favor when they release BF 3,5 i mean 4, dont fall for the premium scam.

    • koonze 03.26.13 at 17:08

      i totally agree. this company has become more focused on profit than providing its players with useful content and superior gameplay. rather than fix the TONS of crap thats wrong with the gameplay, they’d rather make more money and resell the same crap over and over. ITS BEEN 10+ YEARS OF THE SAME GARBAGE GAMES! ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE! the only thing that changes are the pretty pictures. bf2 was such a good game. then they started to cater to the COD community. we play bf because we don’t like the BS in COD…. but now its in BF3. stupid crap like crossbows. really???!! even the syrian goatmonkeys don’t use crossbows in combat. whats next dice? throwing knives and axes?! if this game doesn’t get fixed, ill switch back to COD. at least i know what to expect.

    • WhiskeySandman 04.30.13 at 13:50

      It;s meant to be fast paced you dip. If you don’t like it, go sell the game.

    • Shirtman2011 06.03.13 at 18:02

      Isn’t that what CoD and FPS games suppose to make you do.

  • =PT=Major_Dias 03.10.13 at 22:53

    Very Nice!!! No words for this superb mode!!!
    Keep on DICE!

  • allcaponne35 03.09.13 at 07:10

    Sitting on a moving bike and killing an enemy??? I can’t kill it shooting at him from 2m suppressed and in HC mode. Sure I get killed one noob shot (not sniper) from 100m…. LAG…? SURE AS HELL!! The first think I would like to see and hear at BF4 release mambo jumbo is “BETTER (FIXED) BULLET REGISTRATION…” “HARDCORE MODE IS NOW HARDCORE AND NOT OPPOSITE!”… Regretting new DLC…well, since I am not premium (read bug tester) I can’t spend my money yet for it…but like I said, cant imagine doing kill on a bike…

    • xXvader321Xx 03.10.13 at 19:09

      your so stupid its really not that hard or complicated your stretching it.

  • graydon3011 03.08.13 at 21:07

    You set ECM off before they release the heat seekers and flares after they release. Works for me and if I didn’t set it off in time I try to fly low so that the rocket “doing tornado’s around the airplane” hits ground instead of graydon.

    As for dice I agree they should take the time to fix a few things an example of that would be people getting on buildings that other players cant in aftermath but all in all they have released so much dlc and its all great dlc packed with stuff to do and unlock I think they are doing a great job.

    Keep it up DICE

  • veryDead 03.08.13 at 20:25

    This game has so many options now. No matter what you like, it is pretty much in there. I am more interested in CTF but I will definitely give AS a try. I am a horrible jet pilot so lots of room for improvement!

  • tacitassassin25 03.08.13 at 19:35

    I don’t know about you, but I had a 20 kill streak on my first round of Air Superiority. I love this game mode

  • LOL FuLkan 03.08.13 at 17:29

    Dude, no offense, but have you actually played this mode? I mean, you work for DICE right? I hope to god they let you play it, because EVERYTHING you claim in the article is 100% wrong.

    1. It’s not fun, tactical or anything You’re flying from a giant objective, to another giant objective, capturing it fast, trading points with the other team, which you guys seem not to mind with this expansion, yet you’ve changed the game’s mechanic to prevent that, lol.

    2. There is NO SUCH thing as skill in this mode, due to these reasons.

    A. You’ve opted out to give lesser skill players, weapons such as Beam Scanning, Heat Seekers, which require absolutely zero skill to use, zero skill to aim and zero skill to actually counter. Basically, you’re screwed, no matter what skill level, as soon as you get into any sort of engagement. 99% of people that play the game don’t use the main cannon on the jet, so you end up with nothing but games that revolve around you getting locked on, hoping to god that your counter measures work, and that you can SOMEHOW, get out of the range of the 6+ guys trying to Heat Seeker you. The sheer frustration of knowing that you’re giving up a death to people such as this, is amplified by the ABSOLUTE failure of Flares and ECM to do their job. I have put bout 20 hrs into this new DLC at my buddies house (he has a PS3, I’m on 360) and there wasn’t a god damn game where I didn’t see NUMEROUS missiles doing ridiculous thing such as, doing tornado’s around the airplane, for good 10 sec, and then hitting me, flat out failure of ECM to even jam the missile as it hits me instantly without me being able to get down low enough to hit the ground, Flares just not working at all, as you get hit after you flare. This issue isn’t very small either, it will happen 10x a round, every time you play, and you’re going to nerd rage about it, especially if you haven’t already gotten a few stars in the jet, and learned how to deal with this.


    Yup, majority of people, especially the higher level guys, as soon as they get hit by Heat Seeker, they suicide. According to them this is because of two reasons. The person is using Heat Seeker, so they don’t deserve the kill, or the re-spawn time is much faster when you suicide, as most people who use Heat Seekers can’t follow up with the kill, so they generally Disable, fly off without getting the kill, to try to do the same thing to someone else. Majority of people aren’t willing to sit there, waiting 20 sec while their Jet slowly trickles down in in health, and blows up.

    3. The unwillingness of DICE to radically or minimally change the game, for the batter, is also very disheartening for me. This game mode will come out on the 360 just as it’s on PS3, and nothing will change. I mean, the fricking map that you guys had the Beta test on, there’s still bugs that haven’t been fixed onit, why would I believe that DICE would do anything for later content?

    All in all, Air Superiority is a game mode that I’m going to avoid like a plague. I play Battlefield to have fun, not to be a lock on target for everyone and their mom. I also don’t blame them for this, I blame DICE.

    • julilien 03.08.13 at 18:06

      You are definitly right!

    • CaptainC4ps 03.08.13 at 18:15

      Looks like someone got his as* pwned by some noobs and is now raging about it.

    • Buzimu 03.08.13 at 18:59

      Actually, I disagree with you on every level.
      1.) While mayhem may not be very tactical, it can be fun due to the same reason as for any other game mode. You play with your friends/talk with your squad. Furthermore, it takes a deal of tactics and planning with your squad or team if you intend to have a sweeping victory instead of just hoping the other team sucks more than yours does.
      2.) Sure there is! Due to these reasons (you call this a point?)
      A.) Have you ever seen a newbie try to fly a jet or a chopper? They wont last long against any one of any moderate ‘skill’. Even for those who rely on missiles or flares for air combat need to know how far apart to space their shots or how long to wait before popping off flares. It takes some knowledge and know-how for both parties otherwise someone’s going down quickly. 99% of people do use the main cannon on the jet. I myself run with airRadar, MisslePods, and Extinguishers on my jet. I never use lock-on missiles to take down aircraft. Furthermore, it’s been months and months since i’ve ever been shot down or even targeted by a jet using lock ons. If i’m ever shot a missile at, it came from the ground. It’s actually quite ignorant to claim that 99% of people use lock ons. Millions of people play this game across all platforms. I’m guessing you’re claiming you’ve seen 99% of them use lock ons?
      B.) I’m not a super high level, but i’d like to think i’m pretty good at the jet. And I never suicide. Also, I never see anybody who’s jet i disable suicide. Sometimes they’ll bail out and join the fight on the ground, but i always look at the killfeed. And suicide is so few and far between, it’s not even worth mentioning. Who cares if he prevented you from getting a kill? He used a ticket to respawn, so don’t cry that he robbed you of 100 points.
      3.) Of course its going to be the same cross platform! Its the same content! Why would you think 360 maps would come with bug patches fixed present int he ps3 version? Patches come out for all systems at the same time. Do remember how buggy operation metro was when the game released? That was buggy as hell. But it’s not like that any more. Stop crying about things you cant control.

      All in all, nobody cares what you think. Maybe if you were any good up in the air, you would shoot them down before they locked on to you. :)

    • Kaappi_Jugent 03.08.13 at 19:38

      They should make respawn after suicide like 3 times longer or something that if it takes for example five seconds atm, it would take to respawn after suicide like 15-20 seconds. watching ur killcam for first 5 seconds etc.

    • Decyber 03.08.13 at 20:33

      I can’t wait to use my heatseekers, I use them all the time, and I love to see the bad child come out of people when they get hit by people like me. Your also one of the people who complain and cry when you see your enemy target jumping and he kills you. F***’ng crybaby nerd, if you don’t like it, go back to BF2.

  • hKr-Dafix-mA 03.08.13 at 17:03

    Yey, heatseeker warfare…

  • iR0cket 03.08.13 at 16:26

    I’m looking forward to practicing my dogfighting skills and then showing those damn helicopters and ace pilots in normal modes who’s the boss!

  • Neiserti 03.08.13 at 16:21

    Nice article! Grabbing that screenshot for my desktop wallpaper :D

  • iniduoHoudini 03.08.13 at 16:06

    Keep an eye out for that pterodactyl. You ask for dinos. They give you dinos.

  • Delerium369 03.08.13 at 16:04

    Looking good :)