Battlefield 4 announced: DICE’s next blockbuster will launch Fall 2013

At a massive event held in Stockholm on March 26, DICE unveiled Battlefield 4™ with a staggering 17-minute live demo in front of 500 journalists and community members. Read on for the first details on the game that will usher in a new era for the Battlefield series.

500 press and community members gathered at the Skandia theater at the heart of Stockholm for the gameplay reveal of Battlefield 4. The event was also mirrored in San Francisco.

We are very proud and excited to have finally unveiled Battlefield 4. At two events – one held in DICE’s home town Stockholm, one in San Francisco – we played the Battlefield 4 “Fishing in Baku” single player demo live in front of hundreds of journalists and community members. Their impressions from the gameplay reveal will start to hit the Internet as you are reading this.

Bringing the best of multiplayer into single player
Battlefield 4 is a seminal moment for the series and for us at DICE. We have long been known for our award-winning multiplayer. This time around, we are bringing the best elements of our multiplayer into the single player campaign.

This means that gamers will experience huge environments, a playground of destruction, access to an arsenal of vehicles, and the ability to direct squad mates – all within the single player campaign. Battlefield 4 is our most human, dramatic, and believable game yet, powered with our proprietary Frostbite™ 3 engine. This is the engine that will let you own land, sea and air.

Watch the 17-minute gameplay reveal
You can view the staggering 17-minute “Fishing in Baku” demo above. The demo begins as the player – Recker – opens his eyes to discover that he is trapped in a rapidly sinking car with three of his squad mates. Shooting the window is the only way out. Panic and fear are pushed aside as Recker makes a difficult decision – take the shot and recover the intel but risk that not everyone will survive.

Join the exclusive Battlefield 4 Beta
We are also happy to announce the upcoming exclusive Battlefield 4 Beta. There are a number of ways to get into this Beta: By pre-ordering the Battlefield 4 Digital Deluxe Edition on, by being a Battlefield 3: Premium member, and by being a registered owner of Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition. We will have more information on the exclusive Battlefield 4 Beta at a later date.

From now until release, we will have much more to share with you, and we are looking forward to every step of the way. Here’s hoping that you will join us on our biggest adventure.

Battlefield 4 will release Fall 2013. Join the discussion on the newly opened Battlefield 4 forums on Battlelog. Pre-order Battlefield 4 now and get a Premium expansion pack at no additional charge.

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  • WUNTERSLAUSH0 10.22.14 at 14:39

    i was here

  • SEEYAarg 07.15.14 at 05:34

    i was there

  • SEEYAarg 07.15.14 at 05:33

    i was here

  • ScubaRec0n 01.12.14 at 22:49

    I was here

  • SkiMask- 10.30.13 at 14:19

    I was here

  • stalker2511 05.21.13 at 18:14

    i was here

  • TheAwesomeFour 05.21.13 at 11:11

    i was here

  • TBone1050 05.19.13 at 21:10

    Is there going to be any new vehicles? It seems in the trailer they have had a lot of the same ones from BF3.

    • H1TMAN jimmy 05.20.13 at 02:41

      Yea im pretty sure the vehicles in the gameplay were just place holders.

  • maxuuu 05.17.13 at 22:32


  • maxuuu 05.17.13 at 22:30

    jak zdobyc ten niesmiertelnik???? bylem na stronce zwiastun widzialem logowalem sie i nic………………..? HHHHHEEEELLLLPPPPP :)

  • luffi010 05.17.13 at 18:57

    i was here TT

  • luffi010 05.17.13 at 18:56

    i was here

  • schvedbad 05.16.13 at 19:54


  • -Originalkiwi 05.13.13 at 23:18


  • BA2VGT 05.12.13 at 14:34

    I was there

  • DYNOSAURUSh 05.08.13 at 07:55

    “I WAS THERE” Psssshhaha! I have the “I AM HERE” Dogtag, special for certain people at the screening. Suck it bitches.

  • RedOPants 05.07.13 at 09:04

    I heard there will be commander, if so, make it just like bf2, but pleaase add the ability to drop boats and tanks as well as jeeps. I cant wait! BF is a big part of my life! big bf2 fan

  • its-Mik 05.06.13 at 22:23

    how do u get the i was there dog tags?

  • ToAsT_NiNjA_522 05.05.13 at 21:05

    I was there

  • daniz1712 05.05.13 at 17:15

    i was there

  • Sean-P4P 05.05.13 at 10:11

    Iam here but still no iwas there dog tags WTF

  • Sg.Holland 05.05.13 at 01:20

    I hope Multiplayer is going to be awesome!!!

  • GabrielBelmont 05.01.13 at 22:30

    i still need to get the I was there dogtag

  • CavaloDeTroika 05.01.13 at 00:26

    I just come here comment for remember DICE to create a system more ristrong to detect cheaters, or spend some time to make this game impossible to cheat. please !

    anyway look a great game one more time :)

    • xyvyx 05.08.13 at 01:14

      Agreed, you can’t block or prevent cheaters… it’s just a fact of life… or code/game development as it were. So what we NEED is a better way to block or identify cheaters.

  • SA80 SAS 04.30.13 at 12:37

    Looks brilliant… Does anybody know how to unlock the enlisted Tag ive spent days trying to get it by all means please HELP lol….

  • psichopat. 04.26.13 at 20:47

    gillie suits !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 5a5quatch 04.26.13 at 20:14

    Any one know the game modes that will come out? Im specifically interested if they will start with ctf maps this time.

  • GTFO Mvp 04.25.13 at 23:33

    I hope when the game comes out there is more customizing to make the character yours and not look the same as everyone else

  • YMCMB_TROLL 04.25.13 at 19:20

    maybe some sort of two seater jet would be amazing but an actuall jet not ‘gunship’ something like where the second player in the jet could lock on to groud units ie tanks, buggys, bikes… and maybe a takedown without knifing like a human shield?!

  • KawasakiKXx 04.25.13 at 01:14

    PLEAS take off the scope glare on snipers and add two seats to the jets and gillie suits bring them back! And can we get Blackhawks ????

  • CEPOBchanin 04.24.13 at 15:48

    “DICE” the best games in the world

  • PAOLO_ROYALE 04.24.13 at 08:30

    A suggestions for Bf4 multiplayer Squads:
    PLEASE don’t separate squads when finding servers – nothing worse than setting up a squad at the main multi player menu only to then be put on opposing teams when placed within the game.

  • Desert Fox 23 04.22.13 at 22:47

    Battlefield 4 looks amazing – but I would have much rather preferred you show up 17 minutes of multiplayer to announce the game.

    P.S. – This time around, please include flyable jets and helicopters in the single player campaign.

  • GrislyOrchid 04.20.13 at 18:15


  • KillStroy_UA 04.19.13 at 19:30

    очень жду,особенно премиум акк как появится сразу куплю,думаю игра будет шик

  • Bigudi32 04.18.13 at 15:07


  • slavikf 04.18.13 at 07:28

    Вот бы Арику на фросбайт положили бы!

  • THE-LIL-BUSS 04.18.13 at 04:12

    Will battlefield 4 be on playstation 4 please someone answer

  • Pierba 04.15.13 at 18:58
  • DARK KNIGHT0199 04.14.13 at 22:35

    I love single player campaign and co-op wish dice would make new dlc for bf3.

  • DARK KNIGHT0199 04.14.13 at 22:31

    I miss air strike seen in bad company

  • Dreigo42 04.14.13 at 07:27

    Will you be able to play as a female in multiplayer? My wife loved playing Battlefield 3 but always wanted to be able to be a girl.

  • CEPOBchanin 04.13.13 at 19:44

    ВСё очень круто, жду с нетерпением!!!

  • Diahrea 3xplode 04.13.13 at 19:15

    Another thing about sniping. If you are counter sniping and zoom on a person who believes they’re hidden in brush maybe some light brush such as tall grass or a few shrubs and the cover they chose to hide in doesn’t appear to you and they are sitting out in the open clear as day. It would defeat the purpose. Ive seen this in gameplay and could prove a problem to people who like hiding but most the times its effective.

  • tippin_slow 04.13.13 at 08:33

    I think ghilie suits should be apart of the recon class, they would look amazing, and each class should have its own separate uniform unlocks. Flashbangs and semtex would be a nice addition to the game as well.

    • Diahrea 3xplode 04.13.13 at 19:08

      I agree with you completely not to mention Ghillie suits were part of battlefield 2 so why not bring them back. Camouflage is a huge part of being a recon/sniper.

  • clavocusvile 04.13.13 at 02:47


  • awwolf 04.13.13 at 02:35

    I’m for the single and multiplayer too

  • soup39RUS 04.12.13 at 19:19

    Yes camouflage cloak would be very article and AK 12

  • Michell050 04.12.13 at 16:16

    I’m actually hoping that they’re adding a “ghilly suit” for snipers, so they can hide themselfs.
    Wouldn’t that be great?

  • kostja08 04.12.13 at 15:54

    Please Ка-52 in BF4!!!

  • ILOV3LASAGNA 04.12.13 at 04:05

    i am actually looking foreward to both multiplayer and single player. They should put a both button on the poll.

  • mowers2010 04.11.13 at 17:00

    I will like it if they bring out the 50cal for snipers

  • smotrs 04.11.13 at 04:24

    How about separate servers for Console users and PC users so the cheats can all play together?

    • gpi_iii 04.11.13 at 17:34

      console users uses gamepads, pc users the mouse. I sperimented that mouse is more fast and accurate than gamepad. I think that if a console user fight against a pc user, the pc win.

  • clavocusvile 04.10.13 at 21:30

    agree with AbusedBrocoli. Actually adjusting scopes would be amazing. and keep snipers from being so good in those huge maps.

    • Diahrea 3xplode 04.13.13 at 19:11

      Its a game you can only make it so realistic without making it un-fun.

  • clavocusvile 04.10.13 at 21:28

    personally i think realistic would be take downs if you hit them in the leg. execute from there, and easy for them since they already have the prone crawl animation. And the biggest thing i wanna see is customizable first person asthetics in MP. The same gloves for us an russian get really annoying to see over and over again, and kind of detaches you from feeling emersed.

  • RamboHeinrich 04.10.13 at 19:02

    i am also a realistic fan , so i would wish , that you shut down the light ( fire ) of the bullets .

  • tiggitytsh 04.10.13 at 06:33

    I wish BF was more realistic in that if your health is not 100%, your reflexes should be decreased, like in real life. So someone at 20% cant shoot as quickly as someone at 100%, etc.

  • The Raging Tech 04.10.13 at 05:45

    When I play the single player, I am going to feel like I am being told what to do because my last name is Recker.

    Big Fan of Battlefield

  • AbusedBrocoli 04.09.13 at 21:43

    Dear Dice Please create a feature in BF4 which alows us to change the Zeroing of the scopes e.g- press page up (or down) to increase of decrease zeoring on the scope, with an actual animation of the caracter reaching for the scope knobs and twisting them from 3 (300 meters) to 5 or 2, that would give the game a new layer of gameplay and a more strategic approach for us sniping ‘afficionados’. thank you

  • prize 04.09.13 at 16:56

    i have not recived my i was there dog tag

  • BREEZY_MONTANA 04.09.13 at 04:12

    Split Screen For Multiplayer PLz…

  • GaM3R958 04.08.13 at 23:53

    This game looks amazing. although the multiplayer better be good single player is always great but i want serious action packed multiplayer.

  • HuKuTa 04.08.13 at 21:00

    please put the sight back on the rpgg like of badco 2 and please get some better camos for guns(all guns)and why cant we preorder right off the psn network or the xbox store no one likes lugin around disks it would be nice to just download everything without having to wait 2-7 dau shipping and then bla bla.. just download to the sys and start kikin ass . nam-sayn.

  • Deleunes 04.08.13 at 11:58

    I just hope that the Singleplayer would be very nice, alongside the Multiplayer.
    And of course, Bug-Free, because BF3 has a lot of unfixed bugs ;)

  • smotrs 04.08.13 at 06:13

    What’s the difference between the BETA and the preorder version?

    • HuKuTa 04.08.13 at 21:03

      beta’s the trial before the release with like a map or 2, lets u play before the game comes out and the preordderd game is the finished product u get on the release date

  • xMagicBulletx 04.08.13 at 04:06

    best game ever

  • TigerTank74 04.08.13 at 00:56

    Hi, is the “i was there” still available to get,& how?

  • TwistedMetal91 04.07.13 at 10:56

    Hey CoD fanboys, looks like BF4 is going to take it to the max. Rofl #DealWithIt

  • Ant3_Exedy 04.06.13 at 22:57

    TOTAL FAIL AV ER ATT VISA EN SINGEL PLAYER CAMPANJ VIDEO PÅ ERAT “UNVEILE” PARTY. Battlefield är och bör ALLTID focusera på MULTIPLAYER och Bad Company serien på Singel playern.

  • Alkanida 04.06.13 at 22:32

    Check my Remake Trailer with Classic BF Theme:

  • Andi_72_ 04.06.13 at 18:23

    Ja wie sieht es aus, keiner weiß genau wann die PS4 erscheinen wird!!!
    Ich vermute mal so gegen Weihnachten, im Preis ist man sich auch noch nicht einig, da wird ja noch spekuliert, da die PS4 eine komplett neue Hardware auf PC Basis heraus kommen soll, wird wohl der Preis um die 500€ liegen.
    Keiner weiß wie stabil die PS4 laufen wird, aus Erfahrung weiß man ja wie es bei der PS3 war.
    Ich werde erst ein mal abwarten, solange meine PS3 noch läuft kaufe ich mir keine PS4.
    Eins ist auch klar Ego Shooter zockt man ja so wieso an einem PC und nicht an einer Konsol.
    Um ein Game so richtig genießen zu können ist der PC immer klar im Vorteil und wird es
    auch bleiben.

  • smotrs 04.06.13 at 17:22

    So, is BF4 the same for PS3 and PS4, or will a new one need to be purchased when the PS4 becomes available? In other words, should we wait for the PS4 before purchasing it well we be able to transfer it to the PS4?

  • Stekkepier 04.06.13 at 15:56

    I think Battlefield Always was and is the “better” one

  • Blue Brawler302 04.06.13 at 00:32

    i wonder if cod fans notice how hopeless they are now..

    • dekansnowman2012 04.06.13 at 18:17

      After buying COD:BO2 and taking a break to play BF3 more, that was the final nail in the coffin. I realized I had way more fun on BF3, and I played longer because it wasn’t the same boring formula. Then, when I started playing with guys that actually communicate and play as a team, then I had a blast and realized I’m not buying another COD product. I’m a BF guy now, so much so that I built a new system just to be ready for 4.

  • HERMAN.P FRAPMAN 04.05.13 at 22:56

    P.C version: lets hope Dice, EA & Origin sort themselves out and this time release a game that works as perfectly as BF2, unlike BF3 which is a broken, glitchy mess !!

  • x-M4X-x1 04.05.13 at 12:06

    I agree GriffithJordan rush and conquest would be better with more than 24 players in console

  • GriffithJordan 04.05.13 at 04:23

    Dice needs to increase the amount of players on each team for xbox 360 and ps3

  • inkio[ITA] 04.05.13 at 00:32

    Multiplayer, if possible, without cheater :/

  • penguinguy50 04.04.13 at 21:57

    Check out me and my friends BF3 channel

  • glafon 04.04.13 at 16:17

    я также ожидаю от BF4 multiplayer будет ожидающим

  • DonkeyRacer98 04.04.13 at 16:11

    i hope multiplayer going to be amazing like battlefield 3

  • XxadamxX0001 04.04.13 at 13:56

    Hmmm so many good games this year

    • DazzaDaBest694 04.04.13 at 14:15

      This is going to be a brill gme and i am going to pre order it this Saturday or the saturday after for xbox he online will be amazing and frostbite 3 will improve the online experiamce by miles and his will beat all games coming out this year by far as long as they take their time with it and dont eush the end like they did with mass effect 3

  • AlexBizzar 04.04.13 at 03:02

    I agree with Mr. mudcar. I’ve always been a proponent of character customization; single player or multiplayer, it doesn’t matter. It creates a feeling of individuality and the chance to let you create your BA-looking character the way the USER feels is necessary. What’s interesting is that this is something that has somewhat fallen off the radar in recent games with the exception of a few.
    After watching the Live Free or Die Hard movie trailer that is Battlefield 4 I’m extremely curious to see demos for the multiplayer; I’ll be more excited once Bad Company returns… hopefully. My one fleeting hope is that they’ll have just one level that is purely woodland in a large map. Ghost Recon had this and people loved it. I’d be curious to see what they could do with a map like that and all their tallent.

  • mudcar 04.04.13 at 01:24

    I hope there’s more character and weapon customization but I have pre-ordered it woot!

  • Whirler 04.03.13 at 15:42

    The Digital Deluxe is no longer available on… you might want to look into that or at least give a shout out about it…

  • Whirler 04.03.13 at 15:39

    Will Battlefield 3 Premium Members get anything in Battlefield 4?

  • Whirler 04.03.13 at 15:37

    Will Battlefield 3 Members get anything in Battlefield 4?

  • xXBANDIT42Xx 04.03.13 at 11:03

    i just hope that you can select either hardcore mode or non hardcore in the main screen more like bc2! i hate the fact that everyone plays on (fake mode) non-hardcore its almost impossible to find a good game on hardcore mode! i started with bc2 a few months after it came out and fell in love bf3 was ok considering i was so used to bc2 i just hope bf4 will let me stab some noobs in the face! and drop the teabag in there mouth!

  • Korruptor23 04.03.13 at 06:09

    Can already see piss poor single-player story / script writing:

    - An insertion team’s cover was just blown, let’s all just nonchalantly WALK out of here like nothing happened, there’s no WAY our exfiltration points could now be compromised.
    - Mil-spec clothing is made of either a NYCO blend or meta-aramid fibers (fire resistant), it does NOT hold a glossy, reflective hue, such as synthetic nylon or rayon, under light. If it did, it would make identification of them as TARGETS easier. FLAT, dull, neutral colors help one blend into the background.
    - Huey transport vs. Havoc attack chopper – dead meat, wouldn’t even stick around under compromised airspace to even ATTEMPT an exposed roof pick-up. Chopper pilot and crew died unnecessarily. US modus regarding flights subject to enemy contact are restricted to cover of night.
    - CONCRETE building crumbling around character, even directly on top of and survives? Yeah, not likely with all the ordnance that Havoc was spitting out.
    - 3 guys would have been enough to lift the EDGE of that concrete slab enough to wiggle free, negating the need to amputate, nevermind the scene in no way dealt with the skeletal support structure of the body.
    - Seriously, no tourniquet you’re dead in under a minute, it’s called bleeding out. And the tourniquet would have been applied BEFORE cutting the limb.
    - BTW, who called the cab?
    - Running from a chopper in a car only to down it with handheld explosives – COD Modern Warfare anyone?
    - Carrier assault on China or portions thereof, sounds a lot like COD Black Ops 2. Though the future of naval SOF will be done by attack submarine or the retrofitted Ohio-class SSBNs, now SSGN (guided missile – Tomahawk).
    - 3hour first aid course? These guys are expected to be multilingual and all cross trained. SOF corpsmen / medics are fully-trained combat lifesavers, a full MOS, Special Operations-capable is an add-on tag, just like the Ranger or jump-certified tabs.

    Come on EA / DICE. I’ll play and enjoy, I’ll even accept some mechanics that aren’t true to life necessary to craft an immersive story, but building multiple layer upon layers of inconsistency just to push a pre-determined outcome isn’t satisfying.


    Other than that, more destruction! I’m tired of running into something with a 60-ton tank, and the tank coming to a stop! Tired of hitting something with a 105mm HE shell, only to see it remain. And bullet penetration, sheet metal does NOT constitute cover, merely concealment.


    BF4 on PS4, looking forward to it.

  • GRIM_REAPER_8070 04.03.13 at 06:06

    when i look at the pictures i forget that their not from a movie

  • TURMATURTLE 04.02.13 at 21:39

    With me starting battlefield with bad company 2 i could think of lots of things to bring to the next battlefield witch was battlefield 3 and after playing it all the way through all the great map packs i honestly cant think of one thing that would make the bf4 game better because it has everything an uve never been like that with a game but i i had to say one thing it would ve to include more weapon customizarion in bf4 like camos and attarchments so i cant wait for bf4

  • BxRumble 04.02.13 at 16:36

    Being prior service for the US Army MP this game is outstanding! Their are a few little details I would like added hopefully its in BF4. I cannot wait for it to drop I hope the weapons are more customizable.

  • CANDYBUMPERS 04.02.13 at 08:01

    Game is really amazing! gameplay was awesome! the only thing which I don’t like is the main cover. I was hoping for an even better cover some what like bf3′s covers

  • M40A3 BMXeR 04.01.13 at 23:49

    the trailer looks great, and the dynamics seem good too. The thing that sets it apart from the COD series, is the destruction. Lets hope that DICE are true to their word and make it like Bad company 2. OO rah

    • Bush_Killa-73 04.02.13 at 02:10

      Even better if it’s much more open like they promise as in by taking Bad Company 1 as a starting point. BC2 was just ok. BF3 was pretty dull. They should look for inspiration from games like Crysis 1 & Far Cry 3 to see how to do engaging SP that people don’t just finish once & then never want to play again..

  • agri161 04.01.13 at 22:03

    When we see a multiplayer game????

  • TopSsss 03.31.13 at 22:02

    DICE please dont trick us with the BF3 Premium pack payment. Cant wait to play the singelplayers lookt good. keep up the good work.

  • Alkanida 03.31.13 at 19:33

    I made a BF4 Montage with a Classic BF Theme, Check it out:

  • SanJinBai 03.31.13 at 08:44

    Dice, you’re the best, good luck to you!

  • brovascka1 03.31.13 at 08:33

    Анимация шикарная,впечатление сильное получили я и мои друзья

  • xxDeltaTeam6 03.31.13 at 06:04

    Animation to get into the vehicles! Battlefield 4 would be the best game ever and new knifing as well!

  • LeQuackk 03.31.13 at 04:41

    DICE please we want back the Commander option but with some improvements, the ghillie suit!, the option of mark enemies it would be only for Recon as in BFBC2, a more costumizable soldier ( including; camo, weapons, etc) but not falling in excentric stuff like hats, aka TF2, a stopping power efect when you hit an enemy, it’s really anoying shoot to an enemy and then they start to jump as little stupid rabits and straffing as well. The ability to throw flares to give advices to nearby air vehicules, suck support fire or rescue.

    • SHifty.Pwrs 04.01.13 at 12:28

      I think thats what all want, back to BF2 action, all those great thinks, you wont find in BF3…

  • 1Raz1el 03.31.13 at 03:15

    DICE, please, don’t disappoint us. А так, Все мы очень ждем и надеемся, что, – это будет просто шикарная игра – игра года!

  • DukeofDarkness95 03.31.13 at 03:03

    cant wait, pre ordered it today, got the dog tags, and the code for bonus bf4 in game content

  • StupidKiLL3r 03.31.13 at 00:37

    xobx 360 brasil

  • hollowfied24 03.30.13 at 23:12

    Xbox 360

  • nqw1p79 03.30.13 at 23:10

    ^^ ㅎㅎㅎ PS3..^^

  • hollowfied24 03.30.13 at 22:07

    ya i know the ghillies suits need to comeback plz put it back on

  • clavocusvile 03.30.13 at 21:24

    Ghillie’s and customizable first person gloves etc for multiplayer would be nice. the same look gets really old.

  • hollowfied24 03.30.13 at 20:35

    is it rue if you pre order BF4 do you get the premium free..?

  • AF-RJacks91 03.30.13 at 20:11

    Dinosaur mode !!!

  • Xx Desirez xX 03.30.13 at 17:19

    already…. seriously?
    1. Spell the word dinosaur right and
    2. There is no dinosaur mode. Get over it.

  • 000tonyo000 03.30.13 at 15:49

    el multijugador battlefield 3 es espectacular,esperamos que en battlefield 4 lo superen superen

  • Flying_elf249 03.30.13 at 15:14

    Dice It would be cool if you do a dinsour mode it will bring alot of players
    it would be cooler if the mode was at night

    • Xx Desirez xX 03.30.13 at 17:18

      already…. seriously?
      1. Spell the word dinosaur right and
      2. There is no dinosaur mode. Get over it.

  • ZOMBIE_KILLA123- 03.30.13 at 14:57

    This game is gonna be wicked!!!

  • XxBebi9000xX 03.30.13 at 13:20

    Is the rumor true or false that they will include a dinosaur mode.I hope its true

  • XxBebi9000xX 03.30.13 at 13:15

    I heard a rumor i dont know if it is true that there will be a game mode that includes dinosaurs or something i really dont know

    • Flying_elf249 03.30.13 at 15:11

      It would be cool i think dice should definitly do it, it will bring alot of new players.

  • Hawk987 03.30.13 at 12:21

    Please make a something with the introduction of bullets in a bullet-proof vest. Let the soldiers fall (stray away from the feet) when the bullet or bullets strike in body armor from a close distance . Thank you!

  • thelandofgods 03.30.13 at 11:17

    please no shotgun for secondery

    • AngelZGhost 03.30.13 at 12:12

      I think the shotgun is your third gun, because it looks weird and only holds 3 shells…

  • stevenzjjh 03.30.13 at 09:15

    why it can’t sell in China? Origin should learn Steam to think for Chinese game players

  • WesleY-O-HuanG 03.30.13 at 07:32

    NO reason to leave it, love BF so much, hope it will be interest and more gift for pre-order

  • NIGHTHAWK21123 03.30.13 at 06:56

    im a huge fan of EA but now im kind of disappointed that you wouldnt take our money over hear at the WII U

  • Leatherbelt88 03.30.13 at 06:09

    Next Gen Console compatible?

  • NorCalTanker 03.30.13 at 04:01

    I just Pre-Ordered it!! When does the beta start!!??

  • tonyterrybill35 03.30.13 at 03:36

    Cant wait

  • XxBebi9000xX 03.30.13 at 01:18

    I heard a rumor that has been spreading or something that there is going to be a game mode that includes dinosaurs or somethig i really dont believe it

  • ChispaQlo 03.30.13 at 01:11

    SWEET! Acabo de recibir una tarjeta gratuita de Microsoft pin puntos en freemspointsforever com

  • ChispaQlo 03.30.13 at 01:10

    SWEET! Acabo de recibir una tarjeta gratuita de Microsoft pin puntos en freemspointsforever com

    Ablando de bt4 Todo es muy hermoso y si es verdad parese que el juego va a ir tambien en xbox 360 y ps3 al igual que las nuevas consolas

  • liwszth 03.29.13 at 23:09


  • 67Mat 03.29.13 at 20:58

    for me singleplay has the same priority like multiplay, what would you say, when it’s possible to play the campain with your friends as a squad? (sp goes to next gen of coop)

  • stat1124 03.29.13 at 19:22

    Im a premium member and can’t wait to play the Beta. Pls give us access to all vehicles in the full beta, not just the alpha phase this time around!

    • TougherKiller98 03.30.13 at 05:25

      if they were to put all the vehicles in the experience would be ruined

  • Kaossilator-US- 03.29.13 at 19:00

    Please put the game mechanics shown off in the single player into the multiplayer as well. Like getting knocked down and having to get back up, checking if the mag is loaded, offset iron sights, opening/closing doors, etc. Mod Tools is a BIG MUST! It takes a game from lasting for a 1 or 2, to lasting for several years! Doesn’t that make good business sense?

    • Coreyweb 03.30.13 at 20:37

      breaching doors and opening doors would be a cool thing to have in multiplayer…other stuff you mentioned….not so much.

  • swifter008 03.29.13 at 18:05

    Because of no Mod tools, & no tactical commands I’m not buying this game. I’m Still playing battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2 & now Arma 3.

  • CrazyPepson 03.29.13 at 17:08

    Please Dice/EA Do something about the Jet’s joystick gameplay on BF4 (In BF3 its bugged) and make something like Battlefield 2 Expansion pack that gave us ropes and things to climb walls etc ;)

    • Coreyweb 03.30.13 at 20:38

      that’d be kinda cool…if you had to scale a cliff…..don’t think it would work well though for gameplay in multi

  • hollowfied24 03.29.13 at 16:43

    i heard BF4 is going to be on all consoles even the new consoles (Xbox 720,PlayStation 4) this summer when i start working again m first paycheck is going straight to Pre-Ordering BF4. Cant Wait!!!!

  • jacobleon 03.29.13 at 16:05

    BF4 on PS4…………Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaassse

  • Andrae04 03.29.13 at 14:34

    On BTF3 we have a heart meter that never seems to change no matter what you do. The guy that is running shouldn’t have a better accuracy than the guy that is not moving. These are the things that me and a lot of my battlefield 3 friends had discuss when playing the game.

  • Andrae04 03.29.13 at 14:24

    For suppression, when ever a round hit you it would be better to let the player aim of shift. Its not fair on BTF3 when we aim down sight and while suppressed the round is not hitting where we are aiming. That really piss we off especially when using Recon with those high power scope. Just let our aim of sight shift when a round hit you. When a bullet hit a player they keep on running at full speed, It feels as if the gun don’t have stopping power. let player slow down. Only when his health is recover he should able to move back on full speed.

    • Hawk987 03.30.13 at 12:03

      absolutely right +!

    • Hawk987 03.30.13 at 12:21

      Please make a something with the introduction of bullets in a bullet-proof vest. Let the soldiers fall (stray away from the feet) when the bullet or bullets strike in body armor from a close distance . Thank you!

  • Andrae04 03.29.13 at 14:09

    On Battlefield 3 single player every things looks bigger. The players and the vehicles but when going on multiplayer everything looks tiny. Please let Multiplayer have more larger character so it will be much easier to kill when they are close.

  • metafa 03.29.13 at 11:49

    I preordered because I believe in you guys releasing a battle recorder for bf4. Please don’t dissapoint us on that manner. If you don’t I will play this to death!

  • LL Twin 03.29.13 at 01:11

    You love Jay, huh? Yeeeah, me too.

  • Chillin Villian 03.29.13 at 00:16

    Looking forward to the latest and greatest from EA and Dice!

  • nemojac 03.28.13 at 23:57

    and maybe 64 players on console servers!

    • ImpulsiveKill3r 03.29.13 at 02:35

      haha oh god no. BF is not for xbox, it’s for PC. Now buy yourself a gaming PC goddamnit!

      • nemojac 03.29.13 at 02:50

        I do have one but im thinking from the view of people who ARE on Ps3 and xbox

  • NPG-70 03.28.13 at 22:55

    BF4 + Frostbite3…Christmas comes every two years at around the end of October.
    Nice one Dice for keeping BF the only shooter worth playing. Just please don’t start mucking around with MP servers like activision did.

  • NPG-70 03.28.13 at 22:54

    BF4 + Frostbite3…Christmas comes every two years at around the end of October.
    Nice one Dice for keeping BF the only shooter worth playing. Just please don’t start mucking around with MP servers like activision

  • XxFuRcHmAnNxX 03.28.13 at 22:29

    offline big wars!

  • jekbro 03.28.13 at 22:16

    даеш показ Мультиплеера!!!!

  • nemojac 03.28.13 at 22:16

    Question: In BF4 beta will DICE include vehicles to allow us to get a feeling for the new vehicles with the maps, unlike what they did with Operation Metro where there were no vehicles.

    • XxFuRcHmAnNxX 03.28.13 at 23:57

      in alpha there was a lav

      • nemojac 03.29.13 at 02:51

        Yea but the map was so small you couldn’t do much with it, and that was the only vehicle as well.

  • BooMm-J-DAM 03.28.13 at 21:43

    dice has done incredible job making BF3. Just can’t wait 2 get my hands on BF4. Eagerly waiting release date.

    • nemojac 03.29.13 at 02:52

      I agree the release date is nagging me, and just look at the graphics!

  • Indiana_Jones_TP 03.28.13 at 21:26

    Can’t wait… Just please – Rihanna is cool, but NOT for Battlefield videos. Bring Jay-Z/Linkin Park back.

  • AculrStratygst 03.28.13 at 20:19

    Epic single player makes for a more epic multilayer experience….they took multilayer and put it in the single player…genius. Def. getting the next xbox, but this time around I’m getting BF 4 on PC…You only live once and you cant take it with you. This type of logical thinking may vary….thank you !!!! Let Go

  • Pazuzu-II 03.28.13 at 20:00

    I think DICE have some new stuff about MP. For example maybe give us a 128 players on server! that will be cool!

    • TougherKiller98 03.30.13 at 05:27

      really? 128 people, that would never happen even in pc

  • Killer_Kiiing_23 03.28.13 at 19:35

    Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaase make a offline Multiplayer!!! Thanks

  • AculrStratygst 03.28.13 at 19:20

    Single player looks fun….Really fun and that is never the case with me. I will be playing the single player first and then MP. Already have a feeling MP is a beast. LET GO…

  • jlhernandez88 03.28.13 at 19:12

    I am hella excited for this game! I’ve watched the trailer a few times over and I just get more excited. Its going to be awesome. I also personally liked bf3 maybe its because i am fairly new to the games. started with Bad Company 2 after playing just a little of the campaign on BC. and if they are just focusing on the game itself and not so much on graphics that is awesome beause it will be way better and it already looks amazing.

  • MetalGear1971 03.28.13 at 18:59

    They recognized that Bf3 wasn’t the best and many fans were disappointed,and will do their best to bring them back too.

    I’m sorry guys but this made me laugh. I am one of those old Battlefield fans but no matter what they put in this game won’t bring me back. EA fucked up this series when they released Call of Battlefield Duty 3, simple as that.

    EA, you guys should have fixed the game properly. Instead all you did was give in to fanboy requests, and adding ridiculous unlocks for weapons such as 12X scopes on shotguns. At least battlefield 2 did that stuff right, but then again all you guys care about is turning a good franchise into something that’s not even worth the name Battlefield.

    Also, when you release your newest baby don’t forget to yet again release Premium and encourage braindead idiots to offend those who don’t own Premium. Your whole Premium garbage divided an already divided community even more, and what is left of precious Battlefield 3 now? Most weapons are nerved because some fanboys whined about it, and the game is just a mere shadow of what once was a great game franchise.

    EA, fuck off with your garbage and stick to COD.

    • Omri302 03.28.13 at 22:08

      alright, but you shouldn’t judge a game to much, some games that look really bad turn out great. You haven’t even seen the whole single player, plus you never know on how the multiplayer will turn out. And for Bf3 being to much Cod play a game on a bigger map and have a squad, you are the one who maybe making it to much cod

    • Coreyweb 03.30.13 at 21:02

      you don’t own battlefield bud. It’s not your IP. 20 million people love BF3. You apparently are just one of the ridiculously prideful people who can’t handle change or adapt…or enjoy a game for what it is…(a piece of art/product you bought) and think somehow that spending $60 to $120 on one game makes the entire Battlefield IP belong to you. (there are lots of these kinds of people) You wanna own Battlefield? You better start saving your moneys….if not….enjoy what you enjoy, and don’t buy what you don’t want)

  • P3CFULAPACOLYPS 03.28.13 at 18:50

    Battlefield 4 NEEDS a guest system. Battlefield games have always beem my favorite, but when my friends come over we can’t play it.

    • Coreyweb 03.30.13 at 21:05

      I totally agree with that. Except I also understand that it’d be really hard to pull off. Cause Battlefield games aren’t “arcade” games like Halo or COD…so it’s much harder to do. Not to mention the amount of bandwidth, etc. that it would take. It’d be quite a feat.

  • BoganBattler 03.28.13 at 18:27

    This is what I want from BF4

    - 64 player matches
    - More focus on team work. Squads that work together get more points over squads that play like lone wolves
    - commander back
    - better destruction (and more realistic physics)
    - a way to counter knife kills
    - better animations all round
    - sniper scope anti-glare cover (it could be a unlockable accessory for the gun)

    • Coreyweb 03.30.13 at 21:12

      what game are you playing dude? Squads that work together get A TON more points than lone wolves. You can go 4 and 75 KD and still break 10 thousand points. (but of course someone who goes 75 and 4 and does a little bit of teamwork is gonna probably still have some more points than you.) Everyone complaining about “gameplay” ever thought that maybe its just the way they’re playing the game? You hate “spawn camping?” Ever think that maybe that’s occurring because you are sitting in your spawn putting beacons down trying to snipe? NOT putting beacons down behind enemy lines and ATTACKING THE OBJECTIVE? Hmmmm….

  • Omri302 03.28.13 at 18:26

    If you read what they have said in the meeting to a gamestop journalist you could see they did not care about the graphics and are trying to do their best to bring back Battlefield to what it originally was. They recognized that Bf3 wasn’t the best and many fans were disappointed,and will do their best to bring them back too. I cant wait to see how much more they put into this

  • Apestar68 03.28.13 at 18:02

    freakyj92 – Not just me then, thought I was getting paranoid:-/

    • freakyj92 03.28.13 at 18:06

      Nope. Happened this past weekend in fact. My buddies and I just joined the losing side of a game, turned our team around and wiped the floor with the other team which consisted of many of the same clan, and less than a minute before the game end… banned, all of us. And again, we aren’t the best players in the world by any means, we were just having a really good game.

      • Apestar68 03.28.13 at 18:09

        Some people just like pissing you off because they think it’s funny, DILLIGAF to them all.

        • freakyj92 03.28.13 at 18:57

          Haha. Exactly! And it does help that our our clan name is GFY : )

  • Apestar68 03.28.13 at 17:56

    Looks great just hope they stop all the cheats and bunny hoppers, and for F*#k sake work out a way to stop base rape! Also stop sad little kids kicking you from the server just when the round is about to end because your kickin’ their ass! Go play COD if you want to play a kids game!

    • freakyj92 03.28.13 at 17:58

      Amen to that! I’ll be the first to tell you I’m not that great of a player, but the times I am kicking ass and the little punk @$$ kids boot me right before the game ends is really annoying.

  • freakyj92 03.28.13 at 17:49

    Question: When I (eventually) get a PS4, will I be able to play the multiplayer part of the game with PS3 users? Or will the PS4 be limited to other PS4 consoles?

    • nemojac 03.28.13 at 17:51

      Yea he’s got a point, But I personally dont think so cus it’s never been like that with any game. BUT it would be nice.

    • nemojac 03.28.13 at 17:52

      But PS4 players will have a controller advantage if the touch screen will be part of the game, so it would be unequal.

      • freakyj92 03.28.13 at 18:02

        Yeah, I thought the same thing nemojac. I think they might limit the consoles to each other because of the controller. But there is the option for 3rd party upgrades like being able to use a mouse and keyboard with the PS3, so maybe they won’t take the controller into consideration. Well, that’s my hope anyway.

  • NAVY_SEAL__TEAM6 03.28.13 at 17:19

    Damn cant wait for BF4 its gonna be somenthing amazing

    • Xstealthstreak 03.28.13 at 18:07

      I can’t wait too, Battlefield 4 will get a amazing multiplayer, I think:)

  • SilverSurfer67 03.28.13 at 17:16

    Looking forward to BF4, looks great, Will this be out on the new xbox 720 ????. So many rumours!

  • KSC-BF3 03.28.13 at 16:20

    Word War II, Vietnam War. Modern conflict is boring (BC1, BC2, BF3, BF4- DICE I want something new)

  • justincarter317 03.28.13 at 15:13

    Oh and yes, 50 vs 50!

  • justincarter317 03.28.13 at 15:09

    Something I think would be cool is of course a zombie mode, Just where you can team up with other ppl and try to last!

  • bocky1990 03.28.13 at 15:03


  • Alkanida 03.28.13 at 14:42

    If you’re BF4 addicted already enjoy the BF4 Theme (5min Loop):

  • Alkanida 03.28.13 at 14:41

    If you’re BF4 addicted already enjoy the BF4 Theme (5min Loop):

  • agri161 03.28.13 at 13:32

    Let it be cool to see a large battle 64 Vs 64. sounds wounded. flaming helicopters. firing artillery fire.

  • milkydonk 03.28.13 at 12:34

    bring bombers into the game like Russian side has the TU 95 bear, the American side has B2 spirit or B 52 stratofortress, Chinese if that’s the third faction has the TU 160 black jack even tho its Russian but most Chinese military equipment and vehicles are.

    Or self propelled guns like M-109A6 paladin American, 2S19 MSTA-S Russian or NORINCO PLZ04 Chinese.

  • EnDless_oP 03.28.13 at 12:10

    Will there be a return to a kind of titan mode like from Battlefield 2142 except instead of a futuristic flying ship maybe an aircraft carrier?

  • RaYjOeSkI 03.28.13 at 11:57


    • dl3_v_Elb 03.28.13 at 13:28

      It is too bad BF3 team play wasn’t really. I’ll take an invite and cover you. However, I think the hotdog snipers and birds will have an ongoing kill advantage if the maps remain relatively small and the targets so predefined.

  • E5-Marcher_dk 03.28.13 at 11:10

    How about we get 2 maybe 3 persons planes like the ones in we had in Euro Force. So a pilot and 1-2 gunners. It would be epic

  • krists-r 03.28.13 at 10:57

    I hope that when BF4 comes out that they would put more players in even 36 players be good as there on BF3 there are some maps that are too big for 24 so please for next gen or even on ps3 or xbox try to make the servers bigger and more player can join the game and have fun . (:

  • agri161 03.28.13 at 09:37

    from two local plane, I would not mind to. Would that it were possible to the wounded players. For example, after artillery hit.!

  • ayrglokbv 03.28.13 at 09:30

    multiplayer 100%

  • LousyJoker 03.28.13 at 09:24

    please, make more emphasis on rush mode of a game – good urban maps (middle-east) for infantry fights & not too many tanks/LAVs

    • krists-r 03.28.13 at 10:52

      but if that would happen that wouldnt be battlefield any more if you want some thing like that then go and play shity call of duty dont waste your time here

      • Coreyweb 03.30.13 at 21:17

        so expanding Battlefield to encompass all the sweet aspects of multiple types of gameplay (that you can CHOOSE to take part in or not) (which BF3 did quite well with DLC, etc.) is a bad thing? As much as you desperately want to think that Battlefield only encompasses conquest mode with vehicles (which it still has so I don’t see what the problem is)…it doesn’t. You don’t own the IP.

  • The ButcherBiz 03.28.13 at 08:44

    there screwing the game up bc of ps 3, ps4, xbox 360 .if you guys wasnt so cheap and could afford a good computer we would have better game.

    • The Red Ivan 03.28.13 at 08:46

      The absolute truth,

    • Omri302 03.28.13 at 18:46

      if you were any smarter you would know that DICE makes game for PC then dumb it down for consoles its easier that way instead of trying to enhance it for the PC from a console made game.

  • The Red Ivan 03.28.13 at 08:31

    Where is the commander? Where are the bigger squads? Where is the balance?

  • Austwolf2013 03.28.13 at 07:16

    I think it looks great being an EA battlefield 3 player for 10 years this game has the potentional to be the best game in 2013 I love how they increased there frost bite engine it looks amazing

    • SaintSauzee 04.04.13 at 15:22

      A Battlefield 3 player for 10 years……AMAZING!!

  • OPASNYU NUDIST 03.28.13 at 07:09

    в России игру ждут с нетерпением…особенно мультиплеер!

  • Fergyton 03.28.13 at 06:11

    I don’t have very high hopes for this game. As they have demonstrated with BF3 and the Bad Company games, EA have wanted DICE to move further away from what made BF2 and the other battlefield classics so fantastic, and have move towards the “next gen” fast paced action-explosive first person shooters we are seeing today.
    I can only dream that DICE or more EA have engineered this game to be closer to the classics, heavy on balance, difficulty and more so on teamplay, and not an shiny fast paced explosion simulator.

  • Thundastrik3z 03.28.13 at 04:38

    They need better ai, vehicles throughout the campagin like that jeep that ‘he’ was able to drive, they need new knifes, and animations for knifing and an entering vehicle animation kinda like far cry. They should include a two seater jet for multiplayer and a new transport vehicle (jeep) for 6+ troops, allso they need to work on making the experiance even for next gen consoles and pc as bf3 was sooo much more pc orinatated so please DICE make sure the ps4 and next xbox get an even playing field with pc especailly with them having the ability to run 64 players per server

  • pplayt 03.28.13 at 04:33

    They should have the Bradley Fighting Vehicle in the multiplayer that would be a great add on to the game

  • Brandonboy97 03.28.13 at 04:30

    Bro, I take French. I actually know what you’re saying, somewhat :D You’re saying that you’d like to know if it’s possible for them to put a menu for being able to configure the keys. Also, you want there to either be a co-op story or several missions (added into the game). And no, I did not convert this via a translator; I promise. Did I get most of that right?

  • Vorits 03.28.13 at 03:30

    Hope the AI will be smarter than what i saw in that video.
    dumb staring enemies and allies that can’t even walk properly less shot at a target is not something i want in a game at the year 2013 :/
    And then there is the hope of vehicle ammo resupply. Same with ammo boxes for the support class. It shouldn’t be infinite.
    Commander system back with the squad system from 2142 please :)
    And two seat air planes and similar option for Tanks!!! gawd i want that back!

  • archimist 03.28.13 at 03:02

    Tout bonnement magnifique.
    J’aimerais savoir si sa serai possible de mettre un menu pour pouvoir configurer les touches, et un mod-coop story ou plusieurs missions. thanks

    • Brandonboy97 03.28.13 at 04:26

      Bro, I take French. I actually know what you’re saying, somewhat :D You’re saying that you’d like to know if it’s possible for them to put a menu for being able to configure the keys. Also, you want there to either be a co-op story or several missions (added into the game). And no, I did not convert this via a translator; I promise. Did I get most of that right?

  • iTRook-199 03.28.13 at 02:39

    Sure the multiplayer because most fans spend thousands of hours playing online

  • gamer42j 03.28.13 at 00:58


  • MajorBWPayne 03.28.13 at 00:42

    ok looks like I can’t vote in the poll for some reason since it is requiring some type of server authentication, but anyway my vote is here:


  • ILikeBeans 03.27.13 at 23:58

    Why am I being asked for login authentication when I’m already logged in? I can’t edit my profile.
    SP should just be a Noob trainer like in 2142. That would be more beneficial then having to join an empty server. Can anyone name a game that is a really good muti as well as a SP? Just market the SP as a different game and sell it as a really good SP and concentrate on MP fixes IMO

  • che_nohcho_007_ 03.27.13 at 23:40

    I look forward to campaigning

  • LUNIZ stunnin 03.27.13 at 23:04

    MP & campaign !! Will be best game out

    • skystherule 03.28.13 at 00:18

      only on the new gen consoles

      • captainbirdman84 03.28.13 at 02:22

        Theres a screenshot on the home page that shows ps3 and xbox360 case art and the release date is expected fall 2013, way before the next gen consoles

  • destroyer5020 03.27.13 at 22:58

    Am I the only one who is extremely exited for the campaign?

  • destroyer5020 03.27.13 at 22:58

    Am I the only one who is extremely exited for the campaign? I’m exited for both

  • lazyboy76 03.27.13 at 22:33

    They should just sell the game as MP only and either make it cheaper or include all the extra maps at the same price, I’m getting pee’d off with having to shell out the extra dough for extra content or premium membership

  • SERIX 03.27.13 at 22:23

    MP only. Single suck

  • DrSlite 03.27.13 at 21:43

    Haha, single player. Multiplayer only for me.

  • Daatomicsoldier 03.27.13 at 21:30

    Im excited for both multiplayer and singleplayer, 1. They make some of the best graphics i have EVER played in video games 2.Their multiplayer games are absolutely amazing
    (not only for vehicular warfare, more on the map size and game modes) 3.The single player has great story and creative elements.

    • Kcsuperstar16 03.27.13 at 22:32

      I know right both makes you very excited Woah!BF4

  • caliboy1229 03.27.13 at 21:27

    I will be able to play the beta on xbox since I pre ordered medal of honor warfighter. But let me say something Battlefield 4 will be a fail on xbox 360 and ps3 those consoles wont be able to handle it and you wont get the full experience like we did for BF3. if battlefield 4 wants to make a hit it has to be on the next gen consoles and it has to be at least 64 player combat. I am not going to get this for xbox 360 or ps3 I would rather wait for it to be on the next gen consoles and I expect everybody to do the same.

  • Daatomicsoldier 03.27.13 at 21:21

    They let the battlefield 3 beta be public, i don’t see why they won’t let this be public

    • MrGREEN63 03.27.13 at 21:31

      I think its great. It gives us something that we have paid for.. I mean i wouldn’t mind it being public. I’m surely not against the idea, but I’ve been a battlefield fan for ages lol.. I dont buy premium or season pass or whatever its called on any other games.. I bought premium because i love this game and play a shit ton of it. I think its awesome that their giving us something that we spent so much money for… I mean its like $30 right now… I spent $50.. but anyways i heard that the beta is just like the DLC’s It will go public, but will be released first to BF3 premium members. So just look forward to it. Im pretty sure you’ll find someway to play it regardless.. I mean i would of haha

  • pickw1ck 03.27.13 at 21:19

    Multiplayer >_<

  • nOtOriOus_Snipes 03.27.13 at 21:04

    Damn man there only letting people to get beta if youre premium or warfighter owner.I hope for xbox if you have gold they will let you get it grrr so fricken excited for this game

    • MrGREEN63 03.27.13 at 21:28

      I think its great. It gives us something that we have paid for.. I mean i wouldn’t mind it being public. I’m surely not against the idea, but I’ve been a battlefield fan for ages lol.. I dont buy premium or season pass or whatever its called on any other games.. I bought premium because i love this game and play a shit ton of it. I think its awesome that their giving us something that we spent so much money for… I mean its like $30 right now… I spent $50.. but anyways i heard that the beta is just like the DLC’s It will go public, but will be released first to BF3 premium members. So just look forward to it. Im pretty sure you’ll find someway to play it regardless.. I mean i would of haha

  • Zwirni 03.27.13 at 20:58

    Hope that the SP sotry becomes beeter as that one of BF3

  • About50hoars 03.27.13 at 20:49

    Hopefully they can make the multiplayer a little closer to bad company 2 this time around

  • deafwing 03.27.13 at 20:31

    multiplayer .. duh … EA needs to stop this SP BS for this game .. if I want an epic SP game I’ll play God of War of something else like that

  • Shadow_of_Darks 03.27.13 at 20:20

    Multiplayer!!! I can’t wait!

  • tetrijebe 03.27.13 at 20:18

    can’t wait both

  • marshmans 03.27.13 at 20:13

    MULTIPLAYER!! But the campaing looks REALLY impressive.. Total mind blow

  • Freedom_Myth 03.27.13 at 20:03

    Can’t vote… i will just post it here. Multiplayer! The single player already looks way better than BF3 though so props there! :) Can we preorder it for ps4? It is coming out right around the same time isn’t it?

  • FOXAUROR 03.27.13 at 20:03

    multiplayer for ever!!!!!!

  • CocaColaDk 03.27.13 at 19:54

    Me niether :(

  • Lynx30 03.27.13 at 19:50

    I can’t vote :C

  • decepticon11 03.27.13 at 19:47


  • fraenker 03.27.13 at 19:45

    I’ll be having fun.

  • AVeganPacifist 03.27.13 at 19:13

    I sure hope they have the beta soon, can’t have it too close to the release date.

  • bolshoy208 03.27.13 at 19:00

    Подскажите , когда выйдет пробная версия мультиплеера BATTLEFIELD 4

    • cgb591rock 03.27.13 at 19:02

      это будет осенью 2013 года

  • logiebear19 03.27.13 at 18:49

    The reason I choose multiplayer is because I hope its not likeedal of.honors at all! Because I wamt to choose my pistol for multlayer nit hav

  • MasterChief5430 03.27.13 at 18:48

    whats the password?

  • Maibex777 03.27.13 at 18:31

    Of course Multiplayer!!!

  • Owner203 03.27.13 at 18:27

    Omg want it

  • AgustinHV 03.27.13 at 18:24

    Can’t vote. :(

  • PRORussianz 03.27.13 at 18:06

    YEsssssss i cant wait

  • jeppi78 03.27.13 at 18:01


  • mc007906 03.27.13 at 18:00

    can’t wait

  • I_an_I_KORUPT_I 03.27.13 at 17:48


  • Zwahili 03.27.13 at 17:42

    Can’t vote in the poll, says it needs a password. Anyone else have this problem?

  • OSAID720 03.27.13 at 17:06

    I want it now !!

  • SasquatchMedic 03.27.13 at 16:55

    Can’t wait

  • Alemx14 03.27.13 at 16:30

    Cuando saldrá?

  • Indignant Yeti 03.27.13 at 16:26

    Why the hell does the guy in the gameplay video have a revolver? No one uses revolvers in the military. They’re low capacity and slow to reload. Relatively ineffective.

    • PurplePride13 03.27.13 at 17:23

      Thanks for the input.

    • PaperCow_II 03.27.13 at 18:04

      plus it was a russian revolver

    • Chriz1222 04.01.13 at 16:33

      Well. Considering the fact that they are most likely special forces, it may be because special forces can choose themselves wich weapons, and camouflage they wish to wear.

  • Indignant Yeti 03.27.13 at 16:24

    There’s no such thing as the “XBox 720.”

    • G97ginjaninja97 03.27.13 at 17:30

      pretty sure its being released at Christmas…

  • doDaRolexSweep 03.27.13 at 16:15

    Whens xbox 720 out? Its not gna be on the new console is it? Seen as bf4 is out soon?

    • Indignant Yeti 03.27.13 at 16:23

      There’s no such thing as the “XBox 720.”

  • raythegreek28 03.27.13 at 16:10

    No it was played on the computer because when you can chose to get into the car or help that guy who’s leg was stuck, it said to press the button “E”. Obviously there is no “E” button the the ps3, ps4, or xbox 360

  • RockDedJoy3 03.27.13 at 15:28

    Was the game played on a console coz on the top right corner there was a sort of achievment thing and dunno if the ps3 has it but surely its on xbox. so was it played on a console?

    • Affif26 03.27.13 at 15:35

      no, if you see when he was entering the car it says “press E”

    • raythegreek28 03.27.13 at 16:10

      No it was played on the computer because when you can chose to get into the car or help that guy who’s leg was stuck, it said to press the button “E”. Obviously there is no “E” button the the ps3, ps4, or xbox 360

  • Alkanida 03.27.13 at 15:24

    Here’s a BF4 Theme (5min Loop) until the game comes out:

  • Alkanida 03.27.13 at 15:23

    Here’s a BF4 Theme (5min Loop) until the game comes out:

  • Alkanida 03.27.13 at 15:23

    Here’s a BF4 Theme (5min Loop) until the game comes out:

  • Negnawus 03.27.13 at 15:10

    Holy all mighty mother of sweet chilli sauce!!

    Looks really awsome guys!

    Im so getting this for PS4 if its official they will release it for next gen ?
    Dang! Just hoping the wait beteeen game and new console wont be to long.

  • Armed-n-Sm0oth 03.27.13 at 15:09

    Very excited , please just Upload the game and let us play :D

  • HaloyCS16 sucks 03.27.13 at 15:05

    Halo reach and ghost recon future soldier are prime examples of this right here

  • maxpichev 03.27.13 at 15:03

    i wait! the game! Dice please Fast!! it is epic game its kill a Call of duty!

  • FarmerJ0e 03.27.13 at 14:54

    I love the fact that they do not change the game TOO much, some other FPS games will change so much between new releases that they lose the things we love about them.

    • HaloyCS16 sucks 03.27.13 at 15:04

      Halo reach and ghost recon future soldier are prime examples of this right here

  • JEDI MASTR DAVE 03.27.13 at 14:51

    Cant wait

  • purekangaroo29 03.27.13 at 14:43


  • chri396z 03.27.13 at 14:28

    soo does that mean that all premium members gets the beta?

  • agri161 03.27.13 at 14:12

    The plot is not just as important. (Multiplayer) should be chic. Many people buy BF for him.

  • CMEPTlo 03.27.13 at 13:58

    А я русский))))))))

  • vladXZ96 03.27.13 at 13:45

    It kind of reminds me of battlefield friends

  • SublustrumX 03.27.13 at 13:39

    Yeah…Looking very good. Really! But…Not incredible.. Not amazing like was first BF3 trailer. What I saw? Perfect animation, great graphics, nice but unrealistic physics (4:30-4:34 – shooting 3 times) and average destructions. All very dramatic! A bit of humor does not hurt!!! Right?

    • C4_Chevy_Ls1 03.27.13 at 13:48

      dude shut up…..someone always has to have something negative to say…

  • Joshuab1023 03.27.13 at 13:31

    IF BF4 comes out in fall and the Ps4 drops during the holidays then what? Will we have to wait to buy it for next-gen? The Ps3 cant handle more than 24 ppl in a match plus those graphics aren’t achievable, so for the ppl that want a bigger experience it seems to me we may have to may even longer. What you guys think.

  • TheShadowOD 03.27.13 at 13:30

    Don’t worry future PS4 players according to, EA Officials have stated that Battlefield 4 will be coming to PS4.
    “The game is coming to the Windows PC, PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360, according to Electronic Arts officials. While the PS4 edition is not currently listed on the official pre-order site for the game, an Electronic Arts official confirmed that the game is coming to the platform.”

  • BoA Wrath 03.27.13 at 13:25

    Looking good DICE. Looking forward to seeing what new toys we have to play with in Multiplayer.

  • CROW_CAINE_1 03.27.13 at 13:25

    can’t wait

  • Doo-Doo-Draws 03.27.13 at 13:24

    Looks good!

  • vladXZ96 03.27.13 at 13:11

    OH CMON guys,russias again?

  • RYNTORE 03.27.13 at 13:00

    i think so, because if u go to the site ‘pre-order’ there is only pc. if they would release it to ps3 and xbox 360, they would be on this site!

  • Dropinbodys24_7 03.27.13 at 12:45

    Any news on if this will be on next gen stuff? I’ll be playing on PC anyways.

  • GIDOKUN 03.27.13 at 12:35

    Super sklled guy, shooting choppers with M320! I like this.

  • Cristoof 03.27.13 at 12:32

    Other choice for vote ? Something like : A real update to correct multiplayer bugs ?
    Otherwise : Multiplayer for sure…Solo is just useless

  • E5-Marcher_dk 03.27.13 at 12:25

    Love the 17 min. Movie, nice story so far. And yes her ill support everyday ;)

  • Lev-King-RUS 03.27.13 at 11:41

    This is computer graphics. as we have Playstation graphics? and BF4 coming for PS3 or PS4?

    • emedg 03.27.13 at 12:03

      It’ll be for PS3, and it will have, probable, 720p low poly, not 1080, like in these images and videos.

  • ILikeBeans 03.27.13 at 11:40

    oh no [facepalm] more log in fails

  • agri161 03.27.13 at 11:34

    Russian bad guys, and America saves the world

  • agri161 03.27.13 at 11:33

    I think the game would be super, but then again as a Russian bad =(

  • Darkhunta 03.27.13 at 11:32

    is almost the same as battlefield 3 so why should 1 pay 70 euro for a game a already have

  • LiNcNeT 03.27.13 at 11:29


  • Portogas 03.27.13 at 11:28

    I can’t vote in this poll, it ask for authentication

  • TheOnlyamicicide 03.27.13 at 11:27


  • PaulFusioN 03.27.13 at 11:21

    BATTLEFIE 4 ))))

  • 53COP-ceco 03.27.13 at 11:13

    Uhhh BF3 new map pack…..

    • SoulsDream 03.27.13 at 11:28

      Niveau graphisme y’a une différence, niveau gameplay aussi, interaction avec l’environnement aussi, si tu vois pas ca, t’es pas un vrai joueur de BF4

  • Xbox720gamer 03.27.13 at 11:07

    how can i get free premium

  • RabbidDude 03.27.13 at 10:58

    Hell yes! I’m premium! Can’t wait for the beta to come out!

  • PrimusStove 03.27.13 at 10:50


  • geakzornl 03.27.13 at 10:49

    looking forward to this

  • NOZ_GhosT 03.27.13 at 10:47

    Going to be epic.

  • DMBZGX 03.27.13 at 10:44

    bfbc1 was the best

  • DMBZGX 03.27.13 at 10:43

    no colors and to much brigtness

  • DMBZGX 03.27.13 at 10:41

    no colors and to much light bfbc1 have best grafhics

  • xgaskonecx 03.27.13 at 10:18

    Какими будут системные требования, интересно. ( what are the system requirements? )

  • spartaco70 03.27.13 at 10:08

    si spera che aumentino il controllo e maggiori sanzioni contro i cittoni,tipo azzerare tutti i profili di ogni gioco su origin.almeno si gioca alla pari e non si rovina un bel gioco

  • Fe4rMe 03.27.13 at 10:02

    Is there a specific date for release?

  • FTWEECALVD0M3 03.27.13 at 09:55

    i would love if they did 32 vs 32 players on consle and bigger maps

  • Seems_17 03.27.13 at 09:52

    Жду подробностей про мультиплеер. Пару тизеров или трейлер- и я счастлив

  • xjamicanshottax 03.27.13 at 09:50

    I wood love to see dice fix the weapon like the m27 IAR and I wood love to see more weapon for the jets and tanks and the attack helicopter and more biger maps

  • AngelL1ve 03.27.13 at 09:42

    Идеально, для одиночной игры. Мультиплеер должен ещё больше удивить!

  • Stoned-Tom 03.27.13 at 09:39

    1 Team vs. 1 Team vs. 1 Team would be awesome for BF4 Multiplayer

  • AlecRaine 03.27.13 at 09:37

    Look like SEALS this time around. Also looks like some Medal of Honor with switching from scop to iron sights. Any way to confirm this yet

  • macarony007 03.27.13 at 09:30

    Looks good! I hope they will add some commander stuff to the multiplayer game mode, as in Battlefield 2. That would be fun, I think that others would like it also? :)

  • Cool1911 03.27.13 at 09:26

    The game looks good and the singleplayer looks better but the game is the same for me:p I think battlefield 4 is too early:p But i hope it will be really nice

  • DMBZGX 03.27.13 at 09:19

    same grafhics also

  • NoToEmpire 03.27.13 at 09:18

    After ruining bf3 with client side hit detection, I won’t purchase battlefield again until it has SERVER SIDE HIT DETECTION!

    Dice and EA sabotaged their game and goodwill. Not another cent.

    • xjamicanshottax 03.27.13 at 09:56

      What you taking a but boy the is the best game there is so stop being a L ok

  • Nonick AT HOME 03.27.13 at 09:18

    Bring AK5C and AT4!

  • Slipperyduck 03.27.13 at 09:14

    Same as BF3 – doubt I will even play the SinglePlayer, it’s ALL about the multiplayer

  • lolerzzzzzzz 03.27.13 at 09:10

    I rlly hope they stepped away from only russian as enemies thing

    • Buttersoft. 03.27.13 at 10:06

      I’m a little uncomfortable being around someone as vociferously erudite. Could you be more Muhrica-centric, please?

  • speedy_l_ 03.27.13 at 09:01

    Multiplayer sure:))

  • 1inq 03.27.13 at 08:57

    No battlelog, please!

  • Dimka51Rus 03.27.13 at 08:55


  • BlackGamer385 03.27.13 at 08:52

    hey guys what prefer singleplayer or multiplayer

    • ILikeBeans 03.27.13 at 12:00

      MUTI! I can’t believe this question is even being asked! BF was never an SP B4…until 3 and it was trash. Just refine the muti give us back in game VOIP. Give us 2143 instead.

  • lovk1y 03.27.13 at 08:48

    btw i can not vote (

  • lovk1y 03.27.13 at 08:45

    I care!

  • Firasgt 03.27.13 at 08:43

    ya we need MP who cares about SP

  • Ir0nslash 03.27.13 at 08:31

    Come on show some multiplayer footage , all this footage shows is Battlefield 3 with better graphics .. didnt amaze you as much as i was expecting … show something great !

  • S_Y_N_1_S_T_3_R 03.27.13 at 08:30

    Yes, it’s already been shown to some running on the PS4 dev kit.

  • SAMBLASTER117 03.27.13 at 08:28

    Best online shooter

  • WARHOG x1 03.27.13 at 08:26

    only in battlefield!. i have been addicted to bf series for some time now an i can see bf4 is going to be a gem. i am a battlefield freak in-fact . and hope for many more in the series. keep up the great work Dice.

    • [DICE] H Brun 03.27.13 at 08:38


      • PToastman 03.29.13 at 20:10

        I see that BF4 is available for pre-order for the PS3…I was under the impression that BF4 would be available for the PS4. I plan purchasing the PS4 when it’s released & as such I’m hesitant about pre-ordering BF4 since the PS4 option is not available. Will this change as we get closer to the PS4 release date or would I have to purchase an additional copy for that new system?

  • Fighting4Truth 03.27.13 at 08:25

    Sweet they announced you can get the beta if you’re a premium member

  • solo_71 03.27.13 at 08:21

    …nice, dice!

  • _Daniel93_GER 03.27.13 at 08:14

    lol in origin you can dowlload beta allready

  • lordnilsen 03.27.13 at 08:09

    Nice i look foroward to expansion pack

  • BotBratt 03.27.13 at 08:07

    Fuck BO2…. This gameplay made Crysis 3 look bad

  • Tiger_Drummer 03.27.13 at 07:58

    This looks like the greatest shooter of all time and I cannot wait. I know you’ve only just made the announcement but I have to ask, will this be available on PlayStation 4?

    • So Noizy 03.27.13 at 08:30

      yea it will be available for all next gen consoles

  • AlBiNo SkriLLeX 03.27.13 at 07:57

    Cannot wait for beta and hope they added more rifle customization and loadout (: