Road to End Game: Fight all year round on four vast maps

Battlefield 3: End Game brings the battle to four distinct environments featuring everything from arid desert landscapes to snowy mountain areas. Learn more about the map variety on offer below.

Four distinct maps are on offer in End Game. Size-wise, they are comparable to Caspian Border and Operation Firestorm from the base game, while the flag layout resembles that in our previous expansion pack Armored Kill – Meaning that we have spaced the capture points and bases to make full use of the entire Battlefield.

While all maps are carefully created to cater for the new dirt bike, the new AA vehicles should see heavy use on most of the maps as well. This new transport has a roof mounted turret that can switch between rockets and anti-air missiles to protect your infantry and combat air threats.


Internal working title: “XP5_001” or River”
Supported game modes: Capture the Flag (NEW), Air Superiority (NEW), Conquest, Rush, Squad Rush, Team Deathmatch, Squad Deathmatch
Distinguishing features: This fall themed map houses an electric power substation at its center, with a small river flowing along its axis. The layout of the bases in Operation Riverside caters somewhat towards infantry action rather than all-out vehicle warfare. It’s generally speaking an infantry-friendly landscape where soldiers can go by foot between the bases, while ground vehicles need to take more roundabout roads to traverse the environment.

Across the river giving this map its name, players can find a spectacular jump in the form of a partly destroyed wooden bridge. A lot of other ramps have been carefully placed in the environment on Operation Riverside to make sure that the map is full of exciting options for riders of the new dirt bike. You can read more about the spectacular jumps in End Game in this previous blog post.


Internal working title: “XP5_002” or “Flats”
Supported game modes: Capture the Flag (NEW), Air Superiority (NEW), Conquest, Rush, Squad Rush, Team Deathmatch, Squad Deathmatch
Distinguishing features: In this arid desert dotted with gigantic wind generators lies a seemingly non-distinguishing warehouse. But behind its unassuming exterior hides a secret weapons and munitions depot, leading to a clash in the area. The relative openness of the desert setting allows for full freedom of movement for the entire range of vehicles at disposal in Battlefield 3 multiplayer. The low amount of natural cover available also demands quick transportation between capture points, as players are otherwise open to attack.


Internal working title: “XP5_003” or “Railroad”
Supported game modes: Capture the Flag (NEW), Air Superiority (NEW), Conquest, Rush, Squad Rush, Team Deathmatch, Squad Deathmatch
Distinguishing features: This picturesque summer logging industry setting sees a strategic railway stretch across the map – with covert weapons deliveries being its main purpose. The many height changes in this undulating landscape can be used to your advantage – There’s plenty of opportunity to hide from the enemy and use cover as you approach your targets.

While this map also has ample opportunity for dirt bike riders to catch big air, the jumps on Kiasar Railroad are typically more carefully molded into the landscape itself, or not as obvious.


Internal working title: “XP5_004” or “Pipeline”
Supported game modes: Capture the Flag (NEW), Air Superiority (NEW), Conquest, Rush, Squad Rush, Team Deathmatch, Squad Deathmatch
Distinguishing features: Ever since we demoed the Alborz Mountain map at GamesCom 2012 and saw the amazing fan reactions, we’ve known that snow is one of the most stunning settings we can provide in Battlefield 3. Sabalan Pipeline is no different. The oil pipeline traversing this frosty winter landscape has immense economic value and is a highly contested battlefield.

Similar to Operation Riverside, Sabalan Pipeline was built to cater for a mix of vehicle and infantry gameplay. Compared to the other three maps in End Game, Sabalan Pipeline has fewer and narrower roads that are important to control if you want to dominate the opposition. At the center of this map lies a central base that is also an essential asset, as it allows you extended control over the road leading to and from your main bases.  This is equally important whether playing the signature Battlefield Conquest mode or our take on Capture the Flag that we are introducing in End Game.

We’re excited to present our players with such a broad variety of environments to expand their Battlefield experience with come March. Join us here on the Battlefield Blog for more breaking news on End Game up until launch. Let us know what you think in the poll and comments section below, and we’ll make sure to check in and discuss with you!

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Battlefield 3: End Game is out this March. You can purchase it separately for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 – or get it two weeks early at no extra charge if you become a Battlefield 3: Premium member.

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  • DarkMatterGaming 04.12.13 at 13:30

    triple dirt bike kill OMG ~

  • SHTIHMAS 03.27.13 at 14:07


  • Doo-Doo-Draws 03.06.13 at 06:17

    End Game for Battlefield 3 will launch first for PlayStation 3 players with a Premium subscription March 5th followed by Xbox 360 and PC Premium players on March 12th

  • CyanHercules 03.03.13 at 23:06

    End game release date March 4th ?

  • Flwerz 03.03.13 at 11:57


  • {SA}StayAlive 03.01.13 at 14:55

    Don’t worry about a thing, just send your money to DICE…lol

  • beg2389 03.01.13 at 14:51

    give us a date already. its march 1st and still no exact date as to when i can play. i thought it would be out 2day, sorry for thinking you were awesome dice. seriously i dont want to have to check everyday of march till release. still how unsure are you of its readiness that we still dont have a release date, just some time in march. if you make me wait till march 31st i will cut you with a linoleum knife and steal your dog tag…. but for real WHEN IS IT OUT not month EXACT DATE

    • Travers333 03.02.13 at 15:15

      5th March for PS3 premium members.

    • donkey888 03.02.13 at 20:08

      Catch up dude, they have never said it wold be available March 1. In fact, none of the expansions became available the 1st of the month. What planet have you been living on. Catch up. Look it up, the release date for all platforms is well published.

    • AlexBizzar 03.03.13 at 02:50

      ok; ok; ok;.. stop, with the poor-english pleeeez!! U’re making. me stupidder. your use of periods with no capitals is beginning to piss me off. i mean really. how serious is ANYONE going to take you when you write/type like this. if you really want to be heard i implore you to use proper english language and punctuation. do us all a favor and purchase the MLA handbook and download Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips. yes i’m going on a rant because people like you are the reason why kids honestly believe that cursive writing is too difficult to read or write, and words like “then” and “than” are too difficult to know the difference between, or never use facts in writing and end up skewing news that is suppose to be unbiased and TRUE.
      … aaaand you need a girlfriend because worrying about a developer’s dlc release date is obviously far beyond any problems plaguing this world as it is.

      • Gkiller33 03.04.13 at 23:56

        Wow, for someone who is an english language and grammer citic, you sir are the worst at it!

    • KOD1AK4321 03.03.13 at 08:05

      PS3 Premium-March 5th
      PS3 non premium-March 19th
      XBOX 360 and PC premium-March 12th
      Non premium-March 26th

  • Negnawus 03.01.13 at 00:05

    You guys ‘playerbase’ are funny, keep coming with your Dear Dice we wish/want comments.
    Dont you get it ? They dont give a flying f about you, if they did dont you think we would have seen camos,maps and other stuff that we actually wish for. And the bugs! That keeps ruining the game, have been ingame since day 1!!
    Nah, a more ignorant company you have to look for!

    • harrydiablo 03.01.13 at 06:27

      I agree, they just came out with a couple things. When over 2million paid double price for this game

    • LOLCaatz 03.01.13 at 07:25

      I half agree and half don’t agree. The real people who are at fault are EA. When you try to make a game that appeals to everyone (like EA wants, so that they can receive everyone’s money instead of just a few people’s money) naturally it ends up similar to other games which appeal to everyone (like Call of Duty)
      And because EA is a company, they are interested in profits. If I were a company, I would be too – profits mean more money to spend on developing new games, acquiring new studios or (in China) paying huge bonuses to your executives.
      “Games” like ArmA2 are made for a very select audience. The people who buy it, like it. The people who don’t like it simply do not buy it.
      I’m pretty sure that at release time, DICE had the first few DLCs planned out already, and by the time Armored Kill was released they had End Game planned. Usually when you tweet to @Battlefield, they reply and say that they have forwarded your suggestion to the team – which I highly doubt, but appreciate the response anyway.
      To be honest, there are a few things that I really wanted that won’t be added. For example, I will never see what Caspian Border looks like at night, or Alborz Mountain in a thunderstorm. I can’t imagine that implementing different times of day and weather settings can be very difficult (after all, Battlefield 3 does use a lighting engine which allows for that). They are not going to make any more DLCs even though that is what many people want at this stage. I mean, post launch support is much better than many other games out there, but Battlefield 3 is still running strong and needs new content.

      • PRESIDENTIAL GK 03.01.13 at 09:35

        I agree More content more boom boom for my buck!!!!!

      • KOD1AK4321 03.03.13 at 08:11

        I completely agree with you…

    • {SA}StayAlive 03.01.13 at 14:52

      Ahhh, if you don’t like it – don’t play it & don’t buy anything else from DICE. As long as people pay there is no reason for them to change anything, it is a business after all. Our clan stopped playing BF3, cancelled the dedicated server and will never touch a DICE game again. It’s a shame most FPS games turned into a silly arcade, i guess the market has changed and it’s mostly young kids playing it now. If you are looking for a more serious FPS look at ARMA 3, coming out MARCH 5(ALPHA).

  • himzi 02.27.13 at 11:32

    SABALAN PIPELINE looks like a very good sniping map! :)

  • himzi 02.27.13 at 11:30

    There should be a full map of the New York City(in Battlefield 4) with full destruction, as in if C4 is placed on a pillar of a building the whole building will collapse.

  • ZaPz SHaDoW 02.27.13 at 03:41

    there should be a map where there are a bunch of aircraft carriers in the middle of the ocean. There would be an conquest objective on every ship and other game modes would take place on the ships. The only way to get from boat to boat would be to use a water vehicle or to fly.

  • BonesCapone 02.27.13 at 03:02

    Kiasar Railroad looks like it’ll be the perfect map, I wanted a full map in the style of the small shacks near the US side on Alborz Mountains.

  • Dmny23A 02.26.13 at 15:53

    Sebalan Pipeline reminds me of Port Valdez. I think I’m gonna love it.

  • Kremmen-_- 02.26.13 at 15:05

    Simple thing really. Would love to have Arctic Warfare Clothing for the snow maps to add just that little bit more. Otherwise all looks great!!

  • IR0NxH1DE 02.26.13 at 09:42

    I want a Port Valdez remake! Sebalan Pipeline reminds me of it.

  • kaiYOOM 02.25.13 at 22:54

    Dear DICE,
    for Christmas please give secondary smoke grenades (customizable color per squad/team), zip line out of HELO and off buildings, and bring back better destruction and uav/predator drone from BFBC2.

    Sincerely an avid and competitive 360 battlefield player.
    101 clan;

    • IR0NxH1DE 02.26.13 at 09:43

      The UAV is already in, its the MAV, and it was not a predator.

  • Blackburn8glk 02.25.13 at 18:20

    Dear DICE! I think that the recon class has been little bit hard to play as, for instance the reflection shine from your scope and your whole idea to play as a sniper gets different because you are to much visible and it’s harder to stay hidden and that is the “job” as a sniper. So please bring back the Gillie suits and it would be nice with some new camos with the endgame pack ore the next BF4

    Best regards from: Blackburn8glk, SWEDEN

  • Nyru Ozawa 02.25.13 at 08:42

    Please DICE! Premium members should get a snow Camo!

    Can’t wait for BF4, I think the Gillie suit needs a comeback!!!
    Also some different factions would be nice. Why are the Russians and Americans always fighting each other ha? It’d be cool to have different factions depending what map/ region you’re playing.
    Like Taliban Vs Americans for a map based in the mountain regions of Afghanistan and then China Vs America for another scenario!!!

    • JJ-Slick_33 02.26.13 at 02:23

      i completely agree. i think the closest one we have is the U.S. urban camo.

  • TheSameRemains 02.25.13 at 03:54

    Out of all the things dice has done with Bf3, i always disliked the fact that there were no gillie suits. i always feel sniping was pointless, you could already be spotted by lense glare and the camo did no help what so ever to camouflage you. I just hope dice brings a bigger Soldier customization with BF4

  • The Gussy Wuzzy 02.25.13 at 01:34

    They should put shovels in bf4.. Like did a trench or foxhole with one… Just an idea..

  • jujanbredin 02.24.13 at 19:12

    In Bf4 i hope that dice will give us some really cool maps and weapons and shit : P
    I would like to have some maps with hard terrains like a jungle in south america or northern scandinavia/siberian icy mountains and woods mabye north korea , or somewhere in africa . Im kinda tired of middle eastern to be honest…

  • Cloudyr00m 02.24.13 at 03:31

    They better be adding Jungle Maps, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, New Orleans, Portland, Canada, Dallas, etc. To BF4 – I wanna play in some US cities, I think BF3 used up the Middle East/ Europe. I know Dice has a ton of Euros on staff – but give us some American Cities! I promise that everyone will be stoked for it!

  • johnsonwisp 02.23.13 at 19:47

    DICE designer finally begin to play World of Warcraft LOL

  • owenharry2012 02.23.13 at 11:07

    In BF4 you should have a jungle, map called Amari Jungle a big construction sites like we have today with cranes and unfinished buildings that could be called hardhats, if I could attatch pictures I could of shown you how it could look and also a other map could be one set in Venice with 2 sides of like side walks with houses and markets next to them and bridges and also boats you can jump on this maps game modes could be Conquest, Rush, Squad Rush, Team deathmatch and squad deathmatch and also CTF and my own created game mode Boat Battle, I don’t know what the name for the map could be but DICE please take it into consideration, thank you.

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