Road to End Game: Creating the perfect dirt bike playground

The dirt bike is one of the fastest and most agile vehicles ever in a Battlefield game. In this blog post, QA Analyst Malin von Matern explains how End Game became the perfect playground for this new and exciting ride.

Taking to the road in the March expansion pack Battlefield 3: End Game.

Hey there, I’m Malin von Matern, QA Analyst at DICE. With the work of End Game in my rearview mirror, the motorcycle is – hands down – my favorite vehicle when it comes to quickly getting to where I want while still having a blast. When I have some time to spare I often boot up a level and see what I can make the motorbike do, just for fun.

When the jumps started to take form on the four different End Game levels I wanted to make sure that they didn’t just feel randomly placed – but rather something that lived naturally within the maps and their gameplay. I wanted every single one of the jumps to feel authentic, fun and just a little bit crazy. Check out the video below where we had some dirt bike fun trying out a few of the jumps in our play test.

The QA (Quality Assurance) Analysts at DICE are specialists that focus primarily on how the game plays and how everything fits together from a consumer’s point of view. In my position, I also help out polishing features and backtracking bugs to make sure we don’t redo old mistakes, along with – of course – helping out to eliminate the present ones. My work on the upcoming expansion End Game focused a lot on polishing and tweaking the motorcycle jumps that can be found across the levels.


“I wanted every single one of the jumps to feel

authentic, fun and just a little bit crazy”


The first thing you might notice when playing the different levels is that the jumps on each respective level don’t always look the same. On Operation Riverside for example, the jumps are very clear and often made out of metal ramps supported by dirt piles, compared to Kiasar Railroad where the jumps are less obvious, molded with the landscape and often made out of wooden planks laid out on dirt mounds. This encourages players to explore the levels to see if they can find all the jump spots.

Operation Riverside is one of four maps in End Game, and one that features a lot of rollercoaster style jumps tailored for the new and agile dirt bike.

Each and every jump has been molded by hand to exclusively fit the area they are placed in. We worked in the mindset of carefully bringing the jumps into the flow of the map instead of trying to force them in where they don’t belong.

From bump to jump
When we created the jumps I worked very closely with the level artists and designers. The bigger jumps were often placed by one of them, while I later moved in and made sure the jumps were actually doable and just difficult enough to be enjoyable.

Creating a well-designed and successful jump requires more than just making a bump in the ground or adding a random ramp to a prop. To create a jump that works as intended, you need to make sure you work with the physics engine in the right way, almost like when building a jump in real life. If the jump is too long or too steep you will lose speed and possibly fail the jump, or the jump will simply become dull and forgettable. Make the jump too flat and it will likewise lose its edge.


“The jumps were carefully molded to keep

that awesome rollercoaster feeling”


Something I learned is that you want the jump to have a nice curve in order to simulate the g-forces that take place when pulling off jumps in real life. The curve also helps the motorbike keep its momentum all the way through the jump, giving you those epic “big air” moments. I have always liked watching downhill MTB videos, which is something I used to my advantage when working on the jumps in End Game to make them feel both epic and realistic.

One good example of a jump that was close to impossible to make in the early stages of production was the double-jump formation on Operation Riverside. The jumps and the landing areas were misaligned, causing the player to crash and stop dead upon landing. The river in that area was also unforgivingly deep at the time, which caused players to lose their bikes if they ended up falling short. After a few hours of work though, the jumps were shaped into what they are today – carefully molded to keep that awesome rollercoaster feeling, while still being smooth and possible to pull off.

The smaller jumps were often spawned out of prototypes of some crazy “what if” ideas, where I often discussed with the different level artists about where I thought a jump would be fun to have. Many of them were cut – like one crazy idea where you would jump over one of the helicopter pads in the US base in one early version of a level – but a few of them can still be found in the game.

Quality jumping
One thing that is very easy to forget when building a jump is that it’s more than just the time you spend in the air. It’s a combination of several things: the approach, the jump and the landing.

If you don’t give the player enough information about the jump on the approach, it’s easy to misalign the jump and end up crashing into a rock or a tree. An example of this is the problem we had with the mega jump on Operation Riverside mentioned earlier. When players came up on the second jump while approaching from the Russian side of the river, many ended up crashing straight into the rock wall. The reason this happened was because the jump itself blocked the players’ view, forcing them to guess the correct alignment for the jump. Even those who had taken the same jump several times still made the same mistake, including myself, regardless of the hours I’d spent tweaking it.

Death trap (left) avoided by careful placement of tree as visual marker (right).

Same death trap as above, this time from a 1P view.

The way I solved this was to give the player a subconscious guide away from the rocky mountainside. I placed a tree between the jump and the wall, high enough so that its top branches were visible over the tip of the jump, as a natural indication that there was an obstacle just out of sight. And what I soon noticed was that almost everyone that tried the jump after the change succeeded on their first try.

What I personally love with solutions like this is that whenever I run the jump myself, I rarely actually think about the tree being there. I just automatically steer away from it when approaching the jump. It’s little details like this that often make the difference between failure and success and it’s fascinating to see the effects they have on player behavior.

One thing that’s important to remember is that apart from spending a lot of time having a go at all the jumps yourself, you also need the opinion of others. I often handed control to colleagues or simply walked around in the studio during playtests to see how different players used the bike and what complications they ran into when attempting jumps. Getting feedback from others is the best way to know if the tweaks you are doing are working as intended.

Caution: Mid-air collisions with other dirt bikes can be hazardous to your health.

Defy the sky gods
While the two most jump heavy maps are Operation Riverside and Kiasar Railroad, the other two maps – Nebandan Flats and Sabalan Pipeline – rely more on using the skills you have learned on the constructed jumps on the raw terrain. I have personally had lots of “Battlefield Moments” during playtests on these maps. My knowledge of what I can make the motorbike do has saved my skin more than once. So don’t be fooled if you have a hard time spotting jumps on those maps. They are there, just a bit more hidden.

My personal pro-tip to you guys and gals out there would be this: The way you approach a jump and what you do just before you hit the air can drastically change the way you jump. That’s good to know for those times when you don’t want to over shoot a jump and you need a more controlled landing. The times you just want to do that big jump and spend some quality time with the birds, don’t touch the boost (which lets you do a wheelie on your bike) until you hit the last two to three meter line away from the tip of the jump. This will help give you a nice kick away from the ground and definitely send you flying. ;)

Another thing that’s worth mentioning is that passengers won’t add any weight to your bike, so you and your buddies can freely jump together! Be careful when boosting with a passenger on the back of the bike, though, as you are actually blocking that player’s aim in case you run into any enemies along the way.

I personally hope that when all of you get out there and get your hands on the motorbike for the first time you will have as fun as I had while building the jumps. I also hope that both the jumps and the bikes themselves will help you find new ways to fight all across the Battlefield.

Game on, have fun, and I’ll meet you on the Battlefield!

Malin von Matern (”vonEdfa”)
QA User Experience Analyst

Battlefield 3: End Game is out this March. You can purchase it separately for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 – or get it two weeks early at no extra charge if you become a Battlefield 3: Premium member.

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  • Indignant Yeti 06.14.13 at 01:48

    Those dirt bikes are ridiculous. How can a dirt bike go full speed, hit a person and not crash or flip?

  • xSKDxHardScopez 03.29.13 at 21:55

    Only if players played like that and quit camping.

  • koonze 03.26.13 at 17:25

    you guys didn’t “create” anything. you moved objects around from maps you’ve already developed…and added a dirtbike. big whoop dee fucking doo. fix the game before you try to make more money. stop using the ragdoll engine on vehicles too. its fucking pathetic. and another thing…. why does my vehicle explode if i walk 20 feet away from it? is there some sort of ambilicle cord attached to my soldier and the vehicle? dice needs to go play socom 1 & 2 amd learn something. then try again.

  • edegen 03.20.13 at 21:30


  • DarkMatterGaming 03.20.13 at 18:28

    ive found a spaceship Easter egg

  • DarkMatterGaming 03.20.13 at 18:27

    ive found the spaceship Easter egg

  • polis58 03.07.13 at 14:27

    I can’t wait to play it!!!

  • xViscousKillerx 03.04.13 at 19:22

    Dices’ ultimate achievement. Awesome work Dice!

  • Robot501 03.04.13 at 17:17

    I forsee a lot of X-Game wannabes dying to strategically placed mines. Go ahead, run that little dirtbike up that ramp. Be careful where you land!

  • SGT_payback716 03.02.13 at 08:05


  • SGT_payback716 03.02.13 at 08:04


  • PRESIDENTIAL GK 03.01.13 at 09:21

    I’m waiting its march 1 hooray now where’s my bike I can’t take it the feeling is eating away at the lining of my stomach anxiety like like a bomb aaaah I’m gonna blow

  • alphaeagle97 02.27.13 at 13:35

    DICE is the best!

  • Jefe Thunder IV 02.23.13 at 00:07

    i live BF3 & Rallisport Challenge
    insane work DICE

  • XTREEM93 02.22.13 at 10:01

    Keep Doing what ur Doing Dice, haters gona hate.


    • SGT_payback716 03.02.13 at 08:13

      do what your doing only going to get better

  • XTREEM93 02.22.13 at 09:56

    And all u guys hating on BF and comparing to CoD , Keep your Bitching to yourselves. Theres no need for you to compare the 2.

  • freakondrums 02.21.13 at 04:54

    I thought BF3 was an awesome game when it first came out because you could do more than MW3, then they started doing all these crazy updates to try to make the game better. Then the glitches came and all the cheating became more intense.
    I think now there are a lot of hardcore gamers/fans out there that have been following the BF series from the start are so turned off by what has become of BF3 and the money spent on “Premium” are turning away from it and not wanting to spend money on BF4, no matter how much hype they put into it as their selling point, it may just be the same crap as BF3.

    • XTREEM93 02.22.13 at 09:53

      Really Feakondrums, you really talk shit about playing BF, you complain cause of glitches and all and cheaters, i say so what? so what there are cheaters, so what there are glitches its all nothing its just a game, u cant win all the time but seeing that your complaining about the makers spoiling the game i wanna see you make a game as good as BF3 or the whole BF franchise. I also tell you this do not doubt the power of the PS4, PS3 hardware has restricted game developers form making wat they want, u will be proven wrong.

    • Jefe Thunder IV 02.23.13 at 00:05

      please go back to COD,
      we dont need you

  • freakondrums 02.21.13 at 04:35

    Just waiting to see what kinda Glitches and cheating is gonna be happening with all the “new” stuff.
    And what it takes to get the programmers to fix things and how many times they’re gonna change things like they always do. As much as this kinda stuff has been going on, I hope that when BF4 comes out, they already have made the game the way it’s sopose to be played fairly and get rid of the “rent a server” and have a lot more of their own servers to play on.

    • YourMothersPink 02.22.13 at 02:57

      try playing on console if you have problems with cheaters..

    • Buckstabu 02.22.13 at 22:59

      You’re… You’re seriously bitching about new content. Of course it’s not going to be perfect on release. They see what the problems are after millions of people try it, and then fix them. You whiny prick.
      You’re getting new content. (OPTIONAL NEW CONTENT, MIGHT I ADD.) and bitching the entire time. I wish I could hate you to death.

  • TT__StormMaker 02.15.13 at 18:32

    Battlefield was known for its maps due to the size of them .. now its known as a COD replacement for when they get bored of killing zombies in space!

  • TT__StormMaker 02.15.13 at 18:25

    what happens these days whenever you play the game ? .. you get the dicks who wanna just try and make life hard for there own team or simply just wanna piss about playing “peek a boo” on top of construction site roofs and dont seem to realize the whole meaning of team work! .. you wont get people using them dirt bikes to help the team but instead use em for the sake of doing jumps and pissing about … I use to only play call of duty games but after seeing it turn into a game that just attracts KIDS i decided to give battlefield a go .. Your starting to do the same thing when it comes to making what should of been a battlefield game / add on all turned out to be a kids playground with “jumps” .. SNAP out of it and make battlefiled how it was before all the crazy ideas messed it up! i.. what we getting next to ruin the game with ?

    • StrikeBlaze 02.17.13 at 04:12

      Well if people actually played the game correctly. they could have ALOT of teamwork involved with the dirt bikes, exactly what the video above shows… Now if players decide to act childish (which sounds like you) it is not DICE’s fault, its the player and I don’t blame them. They want to play a game and we don’t have any decision on if they can or can’t. If you like playing as a team, maybe play with a few friends or join a clan that promotes teamwork or tactical realism, search online, it is very easy to find one.

  • stat30fbliss 02.15.13 at 17:13

    It never ceases to amaze me just how shitty your fans are DICE. Your game isn’t perfect, but I for one, love it. The rest of these trolls are just complete nit-picky douchebags…

    • StrikeBlaze 02.17.13 at 04:15

      Same here man, couldn’t have said it better myself!

    • XTREEM93 02.22.13 at 09:59

      nothing can be perfect theres has not been a perfect game nor any other living thing or unliving in life, thats the way life is u gota live with it. peace man

    • Buckstabu 02.22.13 at 22:49

      I agree completely. They sit here and bash this shit. I absolutely love this Idea, and I CANNOT. WAIT. For Capture the Flag. I’m so glad to see that they made much more fast paced maps, and the idiots who sit around bashing their hard work and great ideas, Can shove it.

  • Negnawus 02.14.13 at 21:53

    This will be a letdown like everything else, just as BF4 will be a buggy unbalanced hurdle jumping medics fest with alan kertz as lead designer. Isnt it time for someone else to fill that role and bring back battlefield to what it was ?

    • Pergatory 02.15.13 at 18:38

      Well just to let you know the original did have bikes in it. The game that got us were we are today BF 1942 desert combat mod so we kinda are going back to the roots and I love the fact there will be a CTF mode it gives the campers a place to pitch the tent.

      • StrikeBlaze 02.17.13 at 04:15

        However, look at all of the other CTF gamemodes in different games, there isn’t much camping at the friendly flag because everyone is so concentrated on taking the other team’s flag. Look at games like Combat Arms (i know, not the best game) or maybe even CS, not much camping.

        • Buckstabu 02.22.13 at 22:51

          You’re seriously implying people don’t camp in CS. Have you even PLAYED CS? There isn’t even a capture the flag in CS! And people camp all the time! What are you even saying bro.

        • Buckstabu 02.22.13 at 22:56

          Not to mention, play a well structured CTF game, Starhawk for instance. Half the team stays behind and protects the flag.Unreal Tournament. We have squads dedicated to standing around a flag. Not to mention, with Support being able to set up Bipod, you can expect camping.

          It’s like none of you people think before posting.

    • austin6598 02.17.13 at 02:18


  • meny82 02.14.13 at 04:09

    I do not need a fucking bike or a jump. These will feature for TrollTube, nothing else.

    • vonEdfa 02.14.13 at 09:47

      Will the people doing those videos have fun while doing them? Probably. All that matters to me. :)

      Please remind me to design you a flying asparagus for our next game. That will definitely send people trolling.

  • Bishops_karma 02.13.13 at 15:34

    Not crazy about the whole dirt bike scene, it looks like it might be great but at the same time will battlefield start turning into another racer game with bikes? I guess I will find out when I play it if it’s stands up to the rest of the game. I think they should have stuck with adding new fighter jets and new ways to kill your enemy perhaps new guns that have different effects. (ex. exploding bullets)

    • StrikeBlaze 02.17.13 at 04:17

      Technically there are exploding bullets, remember way back when the USAS12 with the Frag Rounds attachment and how that was WAY overly powered?

      • freakondrums 02.21.13 at 05:06

        Over powered? They’re frag rounds…now they’re bird shot. And speaking of frags…what about those stupid little light bulbs that they call grenades that can’t be cooked and when thrown, finally detonates after the room has already cleared.

    • freakondrums 02.21.13 at 05:00

      Thought maybe they’d give us the 50 cal. sniper rifle by now..

      • Buckstabu 02.22.13 at 22:53

        It’d be impossibly difficult to balance a .50 cal sniper rifle, because no one would ever live being shot with one of those, If you got shot in the foot with a .50 cal sniper, You’re dead. You’re gonna bleed out fella. So it simply wouldn’t be fair to give snipers one shot kill from across the damn map. anywhere on the body.

    • Buckstabu 02.22.13 at 22:54

      Exploding bullets made me chuckle, This isn’t Borderlands 2. Torgue doesn’t really exist.

  • gambler521 02.12.13 at 17:30

    Nice DICE, Mad Max.

  • hezbot 02.10.13 at 13:51

    Amazing DLC DICE. Love the motorbikes and the game is the best multi-fps in the world by a mile. To make it perfect you only need custom skins for soldiers, camo and skins for vehicles and changing weather. I’m hoping all this will be in BF4. Love your work.

  • Huli_199-US- 02.10.13 at 10:05

    Dice PLease make new Skins for tanks air planes! You have so many different environments (winter. desert. forest) and vehicals are same color skin in each one. It doesn’t look that realistic and cool! Also Russian MIGS have lots of other paint skins . you could make sea green\blue underneath the plane and white\grey or green for the top. Same for US jets. This would be a great add in to the end game Dog fight maps, or unlocks…

    • hezbot 02.10.13 at 13:47

      Totally agree with this. And I would add: DICE. You make the best and most realistic Multi-FPS in the world, but its realism is brought down by the repetitive skins for all the vehicle and the figures as well. We need customized skins for the soldiers so that on the battlefield there is distinctiveness as well.

      And lastly persistent weather would complete the immersion to perfection. I assume these will both be part of Battlefield 4??

    • vonEdfa 02.12.13 at 11:42

      Personally, I like the sound of this :)
      No promises, but I’ll try to bring this forward to the rest of the team. Might not happen for End Game due to time, but might be something for Battlefield 4..

  • ImplicitFlame 02.10.13 at 02:36


  • BlazeKingdom 02.09.13 at 20:51

    I am wondering about how well the dirtbikes’ handling will be, too much turning and you might just crash. Also, in the video it showed how the player was using that PKP Pecheneg, killing the driver of the dirtbike, wondering if the passenger automatically takes control of the dirtbike after the drive gets taken out, or just crash altogether! In the video, it cut just before showing what happened to the passenger when the drive was killed.

    • vonEdfa 02.12.13 at 11:48

      Personally I find them just responsive enough, but as with everything that might come down to personal preference.

      When it comes to the driver being shot; if the bike and the passanger survives that player will stay in the passanger seat. As in any other vehicle though, you are free to either bail or use the seat switch keys to take another vacant seat on the motorcykle. Meaning: if you’re quick enough you can still save your (and your motorbikes) skin. ;)

      // Malin von Matern

  • BudgetCross 02.09.13 at 19:36

    I don’t care about what trolls say. They’re never pleased no matter what the developers do but am very satisfied with the DLCs. At least DICE is trying new things that most developers don’t even attempt. Can’t wait for the dirt bikes and Air Superiority mode!

  • Bermbom 02.09.13 at 10:44

    I’m worried that endgame will be ruined with jets sniping every icon from 1000m+ away on PC version….

    And that heli’s cant be downed thanks to ECM-spam blocking all missiles !!!
    DICE, balance first please!!!

  • Pleasure Master 02.09.13 at 10:21

    And I found this one;

    Malin von Matern, did you check these things?

  • Pleasure Master 02.09.13 at 10:14

    My internet connection is fine..
    I found this on Youtube, seems like I’m not the only one…

    • FlyingRaptorX 02.09.13 at 14:45

      If your ping is over 50 this happens, so makesure that it’s not a 02735928723597 people sitting on the same internet, couse it will make it slower. Also, find a server close to your country. It DO happen when you have 50+ in ping

  • Rumblenuts 02.09.13 at 08:06

    I grew up on dirt bikes so I hope that someone who has only watched videos of dirt bike riders knows the bikes should be fast out of the hole, fast to get up to speed, faster than anything else on the ground and quick turning/stopping to avoid fire from anything in the air or else you’re just an unprotected, easy target on a bike. I hope yall got it right and I’m looking forward to some air time, wheelies, rooster tails, power slides and slamming into other bikers while airborn/turning into a fireball.

    • vonEdfa 02.12.13 at 11:57

      I was not the only one working on the bikes. Setting up how the vehichles actually work and respond usually falls on the designers table. I was more in the other end of making the terrain and the jumps work in line with how the bikes are designed.

      That being said, I hope that we made them justice too :)

      // Malin von Matern

      • dirtyMC_85 02.12.13 at 18:07

        I just would like to agree with all of the following. DICE has come out with the most amazing fps in the world and quite honestly I don’t think you guys get enough credit. People were all stoked about mw3 (I personally hate it) and no one seemed to even recognize bf3. Now that it’s out, people have been wondering what they were doing with mw3 to begin with! Honestly me and my friend were determine what end game would be like (before the trailers were out) he though it was gonna have zombies in it bc it was called “end” game. Haha! Just wanted To give positive feedback! Y’all are doing awesome!

  • DarkFlame588 02.09.13 at 07:45

    I like Trials.

  • NoctyrneSAGA 02.09.13 at 05:11

    DICE: I’ve noticed that passengers are able to twist all the way around to shoot behind the bike. What kind of training have these soldiers gone through to be able to do this?

    • BudgetCross 02.09.13 at 19:27

      Lol! Maybe it’s kinda unrealistic but it’s okay.

    • vonEdfa 02.12.13 at 11:58

      All the soldiers in the swedish army goes through a special ninja training. Didn’t you know? ;D

  • Pleasure Master 02.09.13 at 02:51

    “The QA (Quality Assurance) Analysts at DICE are specialists that focus primarily on how the game plays and how everything fits together from a consumer’s point of view. In my position, I also help out polishing features and backtracking bugs to make sure we don’t redo old mistakes, along with – of course – helping out to eliminate the present ones.” So how do you explain being shot whilst behind cover?

    • Destro777 02.09.13 at 02:58

      Easy. Your connection is shit.

    • Buckstabu 02.22.13 at 23:06

      Simply latency issues. Just because that other person has a better connection than you, so they recieve information from the server faster. They see you even after you’re around cover. Get rid of that shit connection and you’re good bro,

  • Maumaufilm 02.09.13 at 01:51

    I think it’s great, can’t wait to try capture the flag with bikes.

  • Asjack666 02.09.13 at 01:44

    Show me this “dropship”, dont give a damn about this dirtbikes shit.

    • Jimx99 02.09.13 at 09:48

      You shouldn’t expect anything special,I guess it will be just an AC-130 dropping IFVs.Dirtbikes on the other side look intersting and fun.

    • BudgetCross 02.09.13 at 19:31

      And if they showed the dropship, this troll would say “Show me this “dirtbikes”, dont give a damn about this dropship shit.” There’s always something that trolls have to whine about. Of course they will show that, there’s still some time left before it releases d!ck fu*ker.

  • Swembizzle 02.09.13 at 01:14

    Awesome read! It will be interesting to see how CTF chases play out with these bikes and jumps. Every CTF game i’ve ever played has had a foot chase. With bikes, this could be a very cool experience.

  • xSatrox 02.09.13 at 01:11

    Fix the netcode first then play with jumps !!!!!!!

  • Prince James I 02.08.13 at 17:41

    Looks cool, but i traded in bf3 at gamestop 2 weeks ago. I was tired of the broken aiming on console. I know the game is awesome on pc, but console its broken still. And im a Premium member. But it tells u how bad game is if i traded it in knowing i will miss the End Game dlc that i paid for. When a game isnt fun and only frustrating, and u feel better when u dont play the game. Thats a sign that u dont care abouy missing anything. I rather play Bad Company 1 & 2 then play bf3. The aimsensitivity was perfect on there. I think Frostbite 2.0 is why console aim sensitivity is broken. I will continue to buyDICE games. In hopes one day they get aim sensitivity back to what Bad Company 1had. But i really know DICE wont be able to ever fix aim sensitivity on console because frostbite 2.0. But i keep hope alive.

    • zTZz 02.21.13 at 14:15

      Yeah thanks. While you’re waiting why don’t you go to typing class to brush up your typing skills, yeah? Hopefully by the time you’ve figured out how to put capital letters at the start of sentences the game would have improved

    • Buckstabu 02.22.13 at 23:08

      I can aim just fine on my PS3, Sounds like a you problem, not a me problem.

  • Skippington 02.08.13 at 17:34

    Are you kidding me? This is Battlefield not Trials HD. Who gives a !@#$ about jumps? Work on making good Battlefield maps.

    • Corky64 02.09.13 at 01:20

      There’s always an asshole like you who has to shit all over an awesome thing like this. Nothing pleases people like you. Everything they try to do to make the game fun and interesting is never enough for you.

      • Asjack666 02.09.13 at 01:43

        Like the dude said, THIS IS BATTLEFIELD. Every little fun and interesting thing they add is taking away from the feeling of a battlefield game. Dirtbikes? unpilotable AC 130? Crossbows? COMMON MAN they fucked up the formula for a good battlefield a long time ago with this game, trying to suck the dicks of the call o duty crowd. So shut the fuck up kid, this is Battlefield and it should stay that way, U and ur new and fun shit, Are killing my battlefield as it once was..

        • Destro777 02.09.13 at 02:32

          No YOU fuck off. Like adding bikes is there to please directly to the COD crowd. Are you even reading what you are typing? Battlefield these days is all about trying to push boundaries – trying new things. DICE is doing shit no one else in the first person shooter market is even attempting. The destruction engine alone is completely uncharted territories for online FPSs – other than shitty red faction, no one else has even attempted it yet. Theyve said time and time again – they arent going to just bring out a map pack like every one else in the industry. Its going to have a theme and offer different gameplay – they are doing this. Its time to stop living in the past and realize DICE is actually innovating in a sea of me toos games and studios. The main thing that needs to return to Battlefield is commanders – and the highly tactical gameplay that PC BF2 brought to the table. I have high faith this will return in BF4 – and all the early BF4 leaks say the same.

          • Destro777 02.09.13 at 02:37

            Those that stand still and stay the same – stand still and die the same. Games need to innovate. Games need to evolve.

        • h3Xh3X 02.09.13 at 17:41

          And get off my lawn, too!

        • xXvader321Xx 02.09.13 at 17:41

          i agree read the comment i sent him.

      • BudgetCross 02.09.13 at 19:24

        @Corky64 Couldn’t agree more.

    • xXvader321Xx 02.09.13 at 17:40

      hey stop being such an ignorant cod douche learn to respect they are just explaining something they are working on the maps they are just sharing there hard work to the community if you cant learn to respect this then go to cod elite where they will. go to hell. thank you. this is what the bf community does not want.

    • BudgetCross 02.09.13 at 19:22

      People like you will never be satisfied, at least DICE attempted to try something new and different and just because it’s an FPS doesn’t mean it can’t have anything other than “good COD style maps”.

  • DANNYonPC 02.08.13 at 17:21

    Dice just made Syncronized 3 from mashed8, looks really good tho