Road to End Game: High-speed Capture the Flag

We are re-introducing the classic game mode Capture the Flag to Battlefield players with End Game. In this in-depth post, learn all about how this high-speed flag hunt is the perfect fit for the all-new dirt bike.

One of the new game modes in End Game is our unique Battlefield take on Capture the Flag. Click for full size.

For seasoned first person shooter players, Capture the Flag is a classic game mode. Two teams fight for control over the enemy’s flag and need to capture it to score a point. Now, we are very happy to present our Battlefield take on this exciting mode in End Game – further broadening our range of available gameplay experiences.

The all-new End Game dirt bike is without a doubt the star of this game mode. It’s the perfect getaway vehicle for when you’ve snatched the enemy flag and need to wheelie back to your home base. The addition of a passenger seat means you can have some protection while boosting away from your pursuers.


“The new dirt bike is without a doubt

the star of Capture the Flag”


The mission in Capture the Flag might sound deceptively simple: Hike from your starting base to the enemy base and capture their flag, then bring it home to score a point. The only problem is the enemy is trying to do the same to you – and if your own flag is no longer at your base, you are not allowed to score. This calls for a well-balanced mix of defense and lightning quick offense if you are to have a chance at scoring at all.

Capturing a flag is instantaneous. Just run over it to snatch it, then make it back home to score. Recovering your own flag that an enemy has dropped is not so simple, though. Rather, it is similar to how you would capture a base in Conquest. There’s a timer ticking down once you are within capture radius, and the time it takes to recover the flag is directly affected by how many friendly soldiers you have in the flag’s capture radius. Once it’s recovered, it will be automatically placed back home in your base again.

Once you’ve captured the enemy flag, it’s carried on the back of your infantry soldier or attached to your vehicle. While we love the fast and agile dirt bike, you will always have to weigh its speed against its low safety against enemy fire. If you would prefer a slower but more armored ride home, we’d recommend a jeep or tank instead – but whatever ride you choose, you will always be asked to make that judgment call whether speed or armor is your top priority at any given time.

Make a quick getaway with the all-new dirt bike once you’ve snatched the enemy flag.

Gameplay-wise, Capture the Flag  is highly dynamic with exactly two hot spots that can change at any time: The position of your home flag and the position of the enemy flag. For example, there’s no reason at all to hang back at your base if your own flag isn’t there anymore. You either protect your flag, snatch it back, or grab the enemy flag. Those are the only strategically sound actions you can take in a round of Capture the Flag. Coupled with the mobile nature of both flags, this means that firefights can suddenly erupt anywhere across the map and then suddenly change location again.

We hope you will enjoy this new addition to the available Battlefield 3 game modes come March (If you’re an old-time Battlefield fan you might remember we also had Capture the Flag already in Battlefield 1942, available as a free download from Origin). Stay tuned for more in-depth blog posts on End Game in the weeks leading up to launch.

Battlefield 3: End Game is out this March. You can purchase it separately for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 – or get it two weeks early at no extra charge if you become a Battlefield 3: Premium member.

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  • Indignant Yeti 06.14.13 at 01:47

    The dirt bikes are ridiculous. Their slogan was right “Only in battlefield” because BF is the only place a dirt bike can go full speed, hit a person and not crash. Stupid, stupid, stupid…

  • koonze 03.26.13 at 17:20

    this is such a scam. same maps just rearranged. like moving your bed to the other side of the room and saying you have a new bedroom. stop taking advantage of the gaming community and double dipping every chance you get. i’m so fed up with this game i can hardly express my frustration. its like having the most beautiful woman in the world in your bed but you can’t get it up…. thats BF3 in a nutshell.

  • richardtn 03.05.13 at 18:49

    I would love if I could download End Game now as I got a message two hours ago saying I could and it is still not available in the in-game store or PS store. You folks need to step it up.

  • Flwerz 03.03.13 at 11:56

    I hope that there is a proper, no blue tinge, bf3 night map. I play on console and have seen some mods for PC with a proper night time experience where torches and IRNV are needed.

  • XxfirejohnxX1234 03.02.13 at 23:51

    dis is going 2 be fun :D

  • KiloStrike11 03.01.13 at 08:50

    @Ten4tiger-Tank its a hardware limitation

  • TEN4Tiger-Tank 02.25.13 at 22:52

    Dear Dice, I am a PS3 player and the main reason i began playing Battlefield 3 was for the big maps and vehicle warfare, and I was really disappointed to find that Conquest 64 is only playable on PC. Don’t get me wrong I still love the game but it would be real nice to see Conquest 64 for console. I understand that possibly it is a perk that you give to PC players or that there isn’t enough console players. Whatever it is I hope that you can find a way to make the EPIC game mode playable on console with the release of Battlefield 4. I know that the release is a long ways a away, so in the meantime I am very much looking forward to the End Game release and the Air Superiority game mode!

    Thank you very much, TEN4Tiger-Tank (Canada)

    • knightfang77 02.25.13 at 23:45

      the reason there isn’t 64 player mode on consoles is because the current generation consoles do not have enough power to handle 64 players at a time in the game. both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 3.2 Ghz CPU’s and only 512mb of memory. while a typical gaming computer will have as much as 8-16 GB of memory. and likiely running at least a quad-core processor

      • call9114this 03.01.13 at 13:09

        technically the PS3 can handle 64+ player multiplayer, but the PS3 servers on battlefield 3 weren’t built for 64 man multiplayer. though memory is also a problem its more about whether they would want to sacrifice graphics for bigger matches on console. You can guarantee that the 64 man matches will happen on Battlefield 4 but only on PS4, XBOX720, and PC while PS3 will be its standard 24 possibly 32

      • koonze 03.26.13 at 17:22

        thats such a copout. its 2013. there are tons of things that can be done to improve this game. but they’d rather just make more money reselling the same crap.

    • KiloStrike11 03.01.13 at 08:49

      its a hardware limitation

    • NazRazor 03.02.13 at 16:05

      ps3 cannot support 64 players for bf3 actually bcoz ps3 is out dated tech….

  • A Ninja Plumber 02.24.13 at 16:40

    I would pretty stoked if they added a map that took place on a huge college campus. Imagine, dice can cater to close quarters combat by having multiple building with things like class rooms and tight hallways and have the original battlefield experience with a vast campus with large out door space with things like fields and maybe even a stadium. with room to spare for vehicle warfare.

    • A Ninja Plumber 02.24.13 at 16:40

      for bf4 of course.

    • coolbreez420420 02.25.13 at 09:49

      it almost sounds similar to the Stadium map from Black Ops but bigger

    • CHAINSAW305 02.27.13 at 12:12

      Can there be tanks and lav’s???…I’m all for close quarters…as long as it doesn’t ruin the core gameplay of vehicles and infantry together…Unfortunately Aftermath had a lack of vehicles and I got bored quick!…I believe this map pack is gonna be awesome!…Specially with that snow map and the two forest maps..Also with Air Superiority it will be nice to go 12v12 jets..I just wish they took out the damn desert map and put in a jungle one instead…Also the dirt bikes I’m sure will be sooo much fun!..I believe when it comes to close quarters.. it should be a game mode on every map…So everybody gets what they want.

  • WHIT3 DYNAMIT3 02.23.13 at 19:39

    What about a mode where the RU team has to destroy three American C-130s ( with the anti-air turrets on them in armored kill) that the U.S. A-10s, F-18s, and F-35s must escort. Whether the C-130s be flyable would be a server decision. Come on Dice! You tried it with Armored Kill!

  • Doombringer211 02.22.13 at 14:12

    Hmmw asrad- a new hummer jeep with rocket launchers on top of it

  • Doombringer211 02.22.13 at 14:11

    2 of the 4 new vehicles: Dirtbike, and a new hummer jeep

    • WHIT3 DYNAMIT3 02.23.13 at 19:35

      Well we have a dropship, dirt bike, and a “light-weight” AA otherwise known as the HMMW ASRAD.
      What could be the 4th?

  • ConnieDoyle 02.21.13 at 22:38

    So does working at dice give u hacks?… virtually no recoil in the bike chase seen on the support riding shotgun?.. perhaps just seems less recoil..or perhaps altered for them so they can have fun..

  • bumbl-bee-tuna 02.21.13 at 04:07

    I wish Dice will make it so whan you put down a claymore and you die it stays where it is like the landmines do

  • d3cim0 02.21.13 at 02:17


    • el-kuadrao 02.21.13 at 06:03

      this is battlefield if u wanted dinosaurs go and play Jurassic Park on sega

  • DORTHY- 02.20.13 at 21:17

    this game mode will make good use of my smoke grenades it sounds. s+s=s stealth+smoke=success

  • VVebz 02.20.13 at 12:39

    Camping snipers stay away from this game mode! Especially on xbox with its stupidly small multiplayer limit. You will ruin everything! I am keen to give this a go but as per usual, bad or non existent team work and cooperation will surely be the down fall for this game type.

    Would be nice to see bikes in some of the old maps such as Caspian Border. Would make me want to play some of the Armored Kill maps more often too!

  • Vozone 02.19.13 at 11:22

    My Prediction: Support class will be king – C4 and claymore spamming on flags.

    Still… can’t wait!

  • PlasticParty 02.18.13 at 11:42

    тупые школьники,абрамс захватил флаг РФ,РФ захватывает флаги США,каждая команда должна вернуть свои флаги,в этом и заключается режим

  • SeaBee-SCW 02.17.13 at 11:52

    So negative….try getting off the game and going outside a bit, get some fresh air.

  • PS 007 02.17.13 at 02:28

    Sounds absolutely BORING…sigh unfortunately I’ll probably have to play it once or twice–just like Air Superiority :(

  • Homedemon 02.17.13 at 00:40

    лол на Абрамсе , флаг РФ , ленивые ЖОПЫ

    • Letol 02.17.13 at 13:50

      Флаг России на танк Абрамс, потому что американская команда захватывает флаг России. Идем дальше и продолжить звонить разработчиков “ленивые придурки” из невежества, однако.

    • subwoffer13 02.17.13 at 20:40


  • UnderToker 02.16.13 at 20:40

    This map reminds me of “Dragon valley”
    If only eh……

  • UnderToker 02.16.13 at 20:39

    Flag carrying bikes ?
    Not over keen tbh
    Game over in ten minutes or less I’d wager unless the maps are huuuuge ?

    I’d like to see some video of each map as well please

    Can we play other modes on these new maps ?

  • KSI Red Crayon 02.16.13 at 19:40

    So is CTF going to be on the End Game Maps only, or can we expect them to be on maps from other DLCs, as well? That would be nice. Playing CTF on a map we’re familiar with. So far there hasn’t been any backward compatibility with new gametypes, though. Or forward compatibility. (No Conquest Assault on CQ, AK, or AM, for example)
    I’d like to see it compatible with other maps…

    • des-stevenator 02.16.13 at 22:34

      not true AM has gunmaster and conquest assault

  • twixttheeyes 02.16.13 at 16:23

    Will the kills you get on the bike and the squad driver assists be counted in the “Need a Ride” assignment?

    • VVebz 02.20.13 at 12:42

      Kills on a bike? Ambitious but intriguing. They should have Mad Max style spikes for limb mutilation!!

  • Bibi_Banana 02.16.13 at 10:04

    bike with nos

  • stuN007 02.16.13 at 02:39

    i hope u can put a turbo on the bike

    • ADI_BINOD 02.16.13 at 05:42

      There is. When activated you get a boost and you do a wheelie. This is only a short boost though, DICE developers suggested that the boost be used just before performing a jump in order to get maximum distance and/or height.

  • FlatFootTroll 02.16.13 at 01:04


  • ORFK_derElch 02.15.13 at 20:21

    what happend if the flag carrier will shoot down? will it stay at the place where it got losed? have the enemy team to carry back the flag or have they only to walk through and it will be spawned back in the flag area? is the flag carrier spotted automaticly?

  • dubey 02.15.13 at 19:16

    Can you tale the flag with the heli or jet? Are there any heli and jets in CTF mode?

  • ColeTheEpic 02.15.13 at 17:57

    Looks like that map is Alborz Mountain without snow.

    • cpl.angrylego 02.16.13 at 00:20

      I think its looks similar, but more open, I think the lake/river is what makes it seem so much like alborz

  • Bob_Juan_Santos 02.15.13 at 17:46

    Are you able to ride in a air vehicle while holding the flag?

    • Morphv 02.15.13 at 18:39

      If you can, you should not be allowed to have one in a jet. There is no reason for a jet to carry a flag; that would be pointless and would allow a good pilot to just play keep-away all day long by skirting the edges of the map.

      • [DICE] H Brun 02.15.13 at 18:47

        You can’t take flags in jets, for that exact reason. Also, if you try to leave the playable area, the flag will be dropped.

        • exUSSR_BuzZ 02.15.13 at 19:47

          that makes sense, looking forward to this new DLC =)

  • Morphv 02.15.13 at 17:41

    Looks awesome, can’t wait to play CTF! PLEASE fix the issue with TV missiles not doing any damage when they hit a flying jet. 3-4 out of 5 times that I hit a flying jet with a TV missile; it explodes and doesn’t do anything. I typically only hit jets in the front and center when they have turned around and are flying straight at my chopper to attack me, but this happens ALL the time.

  • WolfskinLux 02.15.13 at 17:13

    nice… :)

  • Nico Carolinux 02.15.13 at 17:05

    Vai ser muito foda demais! Adoro CTF!

  • stat30fbliss 02.15.13 at 17:04


  • TURBO_T187 02.15.13 at 17:01

    whooop ctf :)

  • MLP-Rainb0w-Dash 02.15.13 at 17:00

    End Game is going to be awesome :D

    • Cashewchikn 02.15.13 at 22:27

      LOL not as awesome as your username/profile pic xD