Road to End Game: High-speed warfare

Our fifth expansion pack End Game is looming ever closer. In this first in-depth reveal we detail the overall scope of this massive themed expansion pack – bringing speed and agility to the Battlefield and introducing the all-new dirt bike.

All-new fast and agile dirt bike
When building End Game, high-speed warfare was our mantra. Nothing illustrates this better than the new fast and agile dirt bike, that lets you take a friend to the frontlines at high speed while doing wheelies and quick stops. It’s a true two-wheel vehicle with its own physics engine that is a perfect fit for our returning game mode Capture the Flag.

We have hidden a lot of cool jumps for you on all maps that you can attempt if you need a quick getaway in a daredevil fashion. The dirt bike is clearly the star among the new vehicles in End Game, and we will return shortly with an in-depth blog post focused solely on this agile and versatile addition to the ever-growing Battlefield vehicle line-up.

Call for reinforcements with the new dropship
But that’s not all. You can also jump into the seat of two new AA vehicles or use the new dropship to call in reinforcements or parachute in behind enemy lines. The AA vehicles is the first time in Battlefield 3 that a troop transport has been fitted with a roof mounted AA turret in addition to a rocket launcher, effectively making it able to defend against both ground and air vehicles. The dropship gets awarded to whatever team holds the central flag in Conquest mode and lets you drop in an additional Infantry Fighting Vehicle by parachute, forcing the enemy to keep close tabs on your position or risk being overrun.

Fight all year around
End Game contains four vast and varied maps, each inspired by one of the four seasons. If there’s something our line of expansion packs have shown, it’s how many different flavors of combat Battlefield 3 can cater for. From the classic gameplay of Back to Karkand to the tight infantry combat on Close Quarters and massive all-out vehicle warfare of Armored Kill – we love to give our fans new experiences while staying true to the Battlefield core.

By making each map distinctly unique, End Game serves as a beautiful reminder of the broad range of vistas we can deliver with the Frostbite 2 engine, and how the environment influences gameplay in subtle ways. From the beautiful fall-themed Operation Riverside, with its many rivers and electrical sub-stations, to snowy Sabalan Pipeline, End Game brings all of your favorite settings into one tight package.

The return of Capture the Flag and Air Superiority
Capture the Flag is a classic multiplayer game mode for anyone interested in shooters, and it was actually part of the original Battlefield 1942 released more than 10 years ago. End Game marks the first time in a decade that Capture the Flag returns to the Battlefield, and we think it’s a perfect fit with the new theme of high-speed warfare and mobility that the dirt bike brings to the game. Stay tuned for an in-depth look at our Battlefield version of Capture the Flag in a later blog post in this series.

Also new for End Game is the jet-based Air Superiority game mode where players can take part in massive dogfights, much like when this game mode first appeared in Battlefield 1943. If you’re a Premium member, you can watch an exclusive video right now featuring extended gameplay from Air Superiority mode. Just head to the Battlelog Premium videos section to check it out. We will return with in-depth Air Superiority information later in this blog series, so stay tuned for that.

Like all of our themed expansion packs, End Game is more than ”just maps”. Apart from the new vehicles, Capture the Flag and Air Superiority modes, we are also packing it with new Assignments, dog tags, Achievements/Trophies, and more.

Join us here on the Battlefield Blog for more breaking news on End Game up until the launch this March. Let us know what you think in the poll and comments section below, and we’ll make sure to check in and discuss with you!

Battlefield 3: End Game is out this March. You can purchase it separately for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 – or get it two weeks early at no extra charge if you become a Battlefield 3: Premium member.

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  • Cloudyr00m 02.03.13 at 22:33

    I understand how difficult, but fun at the same time being a game designer must be, however you have to take a step back and look at why your game is REALLY popular. Gun mechanics and infantry fighting with a mix of some light air/armor tossed in there. This being said why the heck wouldn’t you focus on THOSE MAIN ELEMENTS for your DLCs? The Xbow got me excited because it made me think maybe we’ll see some guns/class balancing for End Game. I love how there’s going to be new maps! I think capture the flag has a 60%/40% chance on being successful, and air sup has a 25% chance on really catching on. With all this, I just hope you focus on the basics with BF4, and ask yourself why is COD so popular? Give us guns, balance, maps, and toss in the extra stuff dice does great: armor/air/perks/platoons etc. IF you stick with the basics you cannot loose!

    • Shoot ur Asx 02.04.13 at 09:55

      dude i think dice knows what there doing they’ve made a good profit from battlefield and look at the poll results and you will see that the number one thing voted for is air superiority is number one so get ur facts straight like ur screwed up thoughts

  • iknowjack123 02.03.13 at 21:50

    No offence DICE but, this looks like another half-assed dlc. We get a dirtbike, which will play just like an ATV. We get a dropship that is essentially an AC-130 without guns mounted on it. Then we get a hummer with an AA launcher/Grenade launcher.
    Air Superiority will be some silly 5vs5 jet fight full of non-stop beeps from AA missiles. I’m sure it will suck even more then Tank Superiority does (which is a shame because Tank Superiority was full of potential).
    Oh yeah and to top it off what ever happened to the promise of “New Weapons”?
    All-in-all DICE, your expansion packs have really gone downhill since B2K. For gods sake, step it up guys!

  • Xxscopezeagle00x 02.03.13 at 21:06

    i feel bad coz there is no dinosaur mode i thought dice promised us with it

  • laci6051321 02.03.13 at 18:00

    Will there be new weapons?And, I’m sorry for you guys excited for the air superiority mode, beacuse you’re gonna be disappointed.Air superiority is gonna be shit, yes, people will play it for the first 5-6 weeks, but we’re gonna get molested by heat seekers, and there will be no ground targets which is a part of the jet flying thing.I really love playing with jets, but it is gonna be absolute crap.

    • Shoot ur Asx 02.04.13 at 10:00

      ur an idiot , 5-6 weeks then of just air sup , then 10 weeks of ctf , and then the trophys and assignments they r gunna have , nothin last 4ever

  • Tokyo_Panda 02.03.13 at 14:42

    Everything sounds very nice, but I have only one gripe: Once again no new weapons. Disappointing and depressing as it is the last expansion. The veteran weapon was also disappointing being a weapon you would expect to be a standard weapon or one you would unlock through gameplay rather than as a veteran reward. And from my understanding the game’s developers get exclusive weapon attachments for guns you could never unlock according to the Official Strategy Guides.

    Overall I am very pleased with the game, but those listed disappointments hold it back from legendary status in my opinion. But, I still enjoy the game and hopefully I can see some of those ideas and new ones applied to BF4 which I am looking forward to.

  • Souldier44 02.02.13 at 22:43

    i ment like

  • Souldier44 02.02.13 at 22:40

    air superiority should have and a10 just jike tank superiority had the main battle tank

  • deathrowjoker 02.02.13 at 09:53

    does “and more” mean dinosaur mode??????? :D

    • Battlefield31999 02.02.13 at 10:05

      I agree but there going to have it for Battlefield 4 trust me.

    • metafa 02.02.13 at 11:35

      Whats wrong with you? Really… PLAY TUROK and STFU! BF will never be about dinosaurs, why not ask for a squirrel mode or a sex-offender mode?? Idiots…..

      • avennR 02.02.13 at 13:07

        You seem to know very little about BF3.

      • RIKYYRM 02.02.13 at 17:49

        Someone’s got anger management issues.
        JOKES mudafaka, you know them

      • Souldier44 02.02.13 at 22:32

        that a pretty good statement.

  • Battlefield31999 02.02.13 at 09:09

    I wish there was all of thee above

  • DDU ReapersRage 02.02.13 at 08:58

    Badass. Dogfights will be epic. And not to mention the return of capture the flag.

    Way to go DICE and FORSTBITE

    • hunting4u2 02.02.13 at 19:08

      Cant wait for the dogfights. Good job DICE and Frostbite

  • thephillster79 02.02.13 at 07:25

    All I have to say is this, STOP THE HACKERS!! At this point I could care less about new DLC’s, maps, weapons, ect. I think I speak for all the honest players here when I say enough’s enough. Glitches, aim bots and the like. Nothing spoils the amazing game you’ve created like being cheated. There has got to be a way to stop this more effectively. And to those of you who are cheating, and you know who you are, grow a pair and fight like a man.
    It’s just sad when a game as epic as Battlefield is nearly spoiled by those who can’t handle losing. Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, thank you DICE for the amazing game!! You’ve got a player for life here, keep up the good work. Can’t wait to get my hands on End Game. Happy hunting.

  • tuoVout 02.02.13 at 07:03

    We want Battlefield 4 already! Give me, give me, give me.

  • SasquatchMedic 02.02.13 at 02:30

    cant wait for some Epic CTF games

  • Blaze9119 02.01.13 at 23:54

    I don’t understand how people on Xbox and Ps3 can parachute behind enemy lines when there aren’t any front lines to begin with. Many of us just want a good firefight but this just leads to more people getting shot in the back.

  • j_b22 02.01.13 at 22:34

    It would be great if you can have more players in 1 room on ps3. I mean 12 vs 12? Thats not enough players.. Make it 15 vs 15 or 20 vs 20

  • USMCSuperTonyD11 02.01.13 at 21:04

    No news about any new weapons, I hope that my fears are wrong about there not being any new guns.

    • XXLANT 02.01.13 at 22:30

      A few new copters or jets would be nice too. AND i hope they fix the wind turbines’ rotation direction already… (the blades are flying backwards)

    • laci6051321 02.03.13 at 18:06

      I’m afraid of the same thing, they’re probably not putting weapons, now I don’t really think it was worth buying premium, beacuse maps and game modes fade, but weapons don’t.For example, noboy plays Close Quarters anymore, and everyone thought it was fun, yet people still use weapons like ACR, which is a part of Close Quarters DLC.

  • NahYoChill 02.01.13 at 18:29

    first blog post in over 2 months. stop slacking.

  • turtle_140 02.01.13 at 16:59

    Do something about those INTRUDERS (hackers)

  • Dooshed 02.01.13 at 16:16

    Do something about the hackers… Pretty please?

  • =(HANNlBAL)= 02.01.13 at 16:15

    i am disappointed that none of the maps out for BF3 to this day do not feature four ATTACK HELICOPTERS (2 per team, EXCLUDING TRANSPORT AND SCOUT)

    i spent countless hours on Dalian Plant, Dragon Valley.. i was hoping for a BF3 revival of this kind of map, but maps on BF3 on have 2 attack helicopters


    • BTL-A4_Ace 02.01.13 at 20:22

      I couldn’t agree more. I really, REALLY miss that about BF2. :(

      Same goes for all the fixed wing aircraft. I want more aircraft of varying types available on more maps and game modes. In other words, I want to fly the A-10C and Su-25TM in Conquest WITH the F/A-18E and Su-35BM! And visa versa for Rush mode.

      I really wish DICE brought back all the other aircraft, too. Like the Hind, Black Hawk, Apache, Hokum, Strike Eagle, Fulcrum, Fullback, etc. Not to mention, all the Chinese and MEC forces. :/

  • oFishBowl 02.01.13 at 15:12

    Battlefield 2: Modern Combat has CTF back in 2005. I’m not sure what category you put that into(elitist PC fans, go home). I would loved to have seen a jungle map, or even a player cap increase on the consoles. I know 8 more could be supported..

    • SoCalFoley 02.01.13 at 22:33

      The FPS would completely go to shit though.

    • WeHaveATechnical 02.05.13 at 14:08

      Remember console noobs… without PC’s there would be no console

  • Yousefu 02.01.13 at 14:52

    I don`t think there will be any jungle maps, as the story was all in the middle east, and they create their play ground around it, but i hope there will be some expansion to the game where the story goes to a jungle ( probably wont happen).

  • Side08Swipe 02.01.13 at 12:07

    I hope the “spring” map is a jungle map. All we need is one jungle map and this game will have every kind of environment you can fight in

  • CHAINSAW305 02.01.13 at 12:04

    Dirt bikes!…Air superiority!…All we need is a jungle map dice!

  • dubey 02.01.13 at 08:00

    So BF3 will have 0 jungle maps?

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