Road to End Game: High-speed warfare

Our fifth expansion pack End Game is looming ever closer. In this first in-depth reveal we detail the overall scope of this massive themed expansion pack – bringing speed and agility to the Battlefield and introducing the all-new dirt bike.

All-new fast and agile dirt bike
When building End Game, high-speed warfare was our mantra. Nothing illustrates this better than the new fast and agile dirt bike, that lets you take a friend to the frontlines at high speed while doing wheelies and quick stops. It’s a true two-wheel vehicle with its own physics engine that is a perfect fit for our returning game mode Capture the Flag.

We have hidden a lot of cool jumps for you on all maps that you can attempt if you need a quick getaway in a daredevil fashion. The dirt bike is clearly the star among the new vehicles in End Game, and we will return shortly with an in-depth blog post focused solely on this agile and versatile addition to the ever-growing Battlefield vehicle line-up.

Call for reinforcements with the new dropship
But that’s not all. You can also jump into the seat of two new AA vehicles or use the new dropship to call in reinforcements or parachute in behind enemy lines. The AA vehicles is the first time in Battlefield 3 that a troop transport has been fitted with a roof mounted AA turret in addition to a rocket launcher, effectively making it able to defend against both ground and air vehicles. The dropship gets awarded to whatever team holds the central flag in Conquest mode and lets you drop in an additional Infantry Fighting Vehicle by parachute, forcing the enemy to keep close tabs on your position or risk being overrun.

Fight all year around
End Game contains four vast and varied maps, each inspired by one of the four seasons. If there’s something our line of expansion packs have shown, it’s how many different flavors of combat Battlefield 3 can cater for. From the classic gameplay of Back to Karkand to the tight infantry combat on Close Quarters and massive all-out vehicle warfare of Armored Kill – we love to give our fans new experiences while staying true to the Battlefield core.

By making each map distinctly unique, End Game serves as a beautiful reminder of the broad range of vistas we can deliver with the Frostbite 2 engine, and how the environment influences gameplay in subtle ways. From the beautiful fall-themed Operation Riverside, with its many rivers and electrical sub-stations, to snowy Sabalan Pipeline, End Game brings all of your favorite settings into one tight package.

The return of Capture the Flag and Air Superiority
Capture the Flag is a classic multiplayer game mode for anyone interested in shooters, and it was actually part of the original Battlefield 1942 released more than 10 years ago. End Game marks the first time in a decade that Capture the Flag returns to the Battlefield, and we think it’s a perfect fit with the new theme of high-speed warfare and mobility that the dirt bike brings to the game. Stay tuned for an in-depth look at our Battlefield version of Capture the Flag in a later blog post in this series.

Also new for End Game is the jet-based Air Superiority game mode where players can take part in massive dogfights, much like when this game mode first appeared in Battlefield 1943. If you’re a Premium member, you can watch an exclusive video right now featuring extended gameplay from Air Superiority mode. Just head to the Battlelog Premium videos section to check it out. We will return with in-depth Air Superiority information later in this blog series, so stay tuned for that.

Like all of our themed expansion packs, End Game is more than ”just maps”. Apart from the new vehicles, Capture the Flag and Air Superiority modes, we are also packing it with new Assignments, dog tags, Achievements/Trophies, and more.

Join us here on the Battlefield Blog for more breaking news on End Game up until the launch this March. Let us know what you think in the poll and comments section below, and we’ll make sure to check in and discuss with you!

Battlefield 3: End Game is out this March. You can purchase it separately for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 – or get it two weeks early at no extra charge if you become a Battlefield 3: Premium member.

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  • ROLANDO57MOTA 04.11.13 at 06:54

    put the old maps of bfbc2…. ( . Y . )

  • TheSingh992 02.24.13 at 01:16

    is it nessessary to get the previous pack to get this one?

  • MrpmMxr 02.22.13 at 03:19

    also a mix of some helicopters, too! you know: those air vehicles that are used by the US army.

  • MrpmMxr 02.22.13 at 03:15

    Pls remember that for some gamers who play as engineers, vehicles like tanks add an added challange and fun and realism to the game. Even if a map has a focus on infantry, a tank or two is always welcome for the challenge, like in Grand Bazaar.

  • LiKwid_OkeLot 02.18.13 at 16:53

    I know this is a stupid question but is dice putting dinosaurs on bf3 i just heard rumors about it

  • KILLERSNIPE07 02.05.13 at 22:39

    You know how are we even supposed to give our opinions to DICE if they don’t even look at what’s being said I mean they did good with the game but when was the last time that they gave us something that everyone was in aww about I believe the last time was close quarters when we got new guns sure the crossbow was talked about for awhile but after a week or two nobody really cared anymore but with new guns people talk and use them until the next map pack came out Mabey they would be doing a little better if they would listen to the people that play them all the time they think what there doing is what’s wanted because they only play like once a month if that even it’s sad how they take such pride I there accomplishments even though they don’t even listen to what’s going on in the game if they did they could improve what they add to the game

  • WeHaveATechnical 02.05.13 at 12:27

    Sadly we have enough ‘Air Superiority’ in the normal game thanks to unlimited weapons, unlimited countermeasures, practically unlimited spoting range, and near unlimited fly zone… combine that with AA that you need to be cleaning the windscreen of the jet or helo to get lock, and then a hit merely ‘disables’ allowing all crews to bale and repeat…

    How a jet can spot a single infantryman from edge of map is totally ridiculous… The ECM jammer leaves a stinger infantryman maybe 3 seconds inbetween cooldown and reload, alongside needing 2 stinger hits to get a kill, by which time crews have either…

    1) Baled to get another helo/jet
    2) Flew into enormous redzone to repair and return
    3) Simply flew higher or lower to avoid any lock at all

    Sadly Dice you should have stuck to BF2 format with Airplay and ensure a return to airfield/carrier to rearm or repair, air vehicles have become the new noob tubers of the game thanks to everything unlimited, this totally spoils the game now in my opinion… Dont get me wrong I want airplay but not on the practically unlimited basis as it is now…

    • mellow-yell15 02.15.13 at 18:57

      Actually they say it will be like iit was in battlefield 1943. If this is in fact the case then the entire map will be out of bounds unless you are in an aircraft. So there will be no injustice agaisnst infantry and no anti air ground weapons. Only air to air skill will matter.

    • mellow-yell15 02.15.13 at 23:18

      also now it only takes one stinger hit to disable a =n enemy vehicle

    • gstarq 02.23.13 at 03:32

      actually automatic re-arm or reload is fine for me. but if u talked about automatic repiar. i would be agree with that. or may be they need to land everywhere they want and repair it with engineer instead of self-repair

  • KILLERSNIPE07 02.05.13 at 05:26

    You are correct but really they need more guns I mean what is a one shot crossbow going to do against the dirt bike or a hummer with a rocket and regular turent we need a gun with real power to fight back with so it’s fair and so we can protect the flag without continuously getting run over all the time I mean really we haven’t gotten a new gun since close quarters besides the dinky little crossbow in the last map pack they could put some effort into the game and not just give us dog tags or camos I mean I could make a camo better then what they are giving us it takes no work at all

    • FooziIIa 02.05.13 at 10:43

      If u can handl a gun good enough u should be able to shoot them down from their bikes pretty easy

      • KILLERSNIPE07 02.05.13 at 22:46

        That may be true if you know what the person driving is going to do but you don’t now do you so the combination of trying to aim while the person driving is swerving makes it pretty hard to keep the gun on the target even for a little bit

  • Negnawus 02.05.13 at 00:41

    Battlefield 4 will be a flop! Why ? Kertz as lead designer. Premium members knowe now what a waist of money it was, so many will not buy that again. Shitty camos for guns that nobody use, some arts and other shit made in 5 mins.

  • KILLERSNIPE07 02.04.13 at 16:47

    I want them to add new guns I think that would be awsome if they would add some weapons so that infantry would stand a chance against the new fast moving veichles so that its not just road kills and so that you could actually do damage against enemy’s zig zagging all over the place so that you can actually hit the enemy and not just use light machine guns

  • LHL2500 02.04.13 at 11:55

    I’m looking forward to the new maps. Especially the ones that aren’t in desert settings.
    I would love it if they would add the maps from Bad Company 2, and perhaps some of the weapons as well.

    Capture The Flag will be interesting to try out again. I can’t remember the last time I played that.

    It’ll be fun to see how the dirt bikes handle. How are they compared to quads? Faster? More agile?

    New dropship? There’s gonna be a new dropship?..why?… meh.

    Air Sup Mode. As long as they stay on separate servers, so they can be avoided…..
    If I got stuck in a round of this crap, I would fly straight up above the centre of the map, eject, and have my self a stinger f$#&-fest.

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