10th Anniversary: Download and play Battlefield 1942 for free!

Thank you Battlefield fans! In celebration of the ten year anniversary of the Battlefield series and Battlefield 3™ Premium surpassing 2 million members, we give you Battlefield 1942™.

We are very happy and proud to be able to give you Battlefield 1942, the game that started it all. Now available for free* on Origin as a digital download for the first time, everyone will be able to download and play this original PC game that helped define DICE and the multiplayer shooter genre.

Karl Magnus Troedsson, Vice President and General Manager of DICE, has a message to all of our fans:

“Since the beginning, the reception to the Battlefield series has been incredible thanks to our amazing fans. Every day, we strive to provide our community with great games and new ways to play as evident with Battlefield 3 Premium. We wanted to thank our fans who have supported us throughout the years with a chance to go back and play the game that started it all.”

If you have any questions on this release of Battlefield 1942, check the FAQ below.

To further commemorate the 10th anniversary of Battlefield, we are releasing a rare compilation of concept artwork from the development of Battlefield 1942. This electronic art booklet contains a number of concepts showing visual and gameplay targets that the DICE team had more than ten years ago when they set out to create the game of their dreams. Just click here to download it, but be prepared for a hefty download – it’s all in 1920×1080 and weighs in at over 150 megabytes.

We are truly grateful for our fans and the support you have shown us through the years. Now let’s honor the heritage by once more joining the original Battlefield!

If you missed our series of retrospectives and other anniversary features celebrating the history of Battlefield, check out these earlier blog posts.

Battlefield 1942 Origin Digital Download FAQ
Q: Is it really free?
A: Yes! To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Battlefield 1942, we are offering this full game at no cost. We want everyone to be able to see where it all started.

Q: When is it available on Origin?
A: It’s live now under the free games and demos section! Head to this URL to download it: http://origin.com/demos

Q: Is this a remake of Battlefield 1942?
A: No. This is the original game Battlefield 1942, for the first time available as a digital download on Origin.

Q: Does this free digital download version include an of the expansion packs originally released for Battlefield 1942 (The Road to Rome and Secret Weapons of WWII)?
A: No.

Q: Can I play online against players who have the original disc-based version?
A: Unfortunately, no. This Origin digital download version can only be played against other players who are using the same version. But since it’s free for everyone, everyone can download their own copy of the game. This version of the game will only show applicable (new) servers in the server browser.

Q: What are the differences between this version and the original disc-based version of Battlefield 1942?
A: No practical differences. We have done some under the hood work to make this game from 2002 work as a digital download title on Origin.

Q: Can I run a server for the game?
A: Yes, you can easily run a server from the front end menu within the game client. This server will be visible to all other players via the server browser.

Q: Can I run a dedicated server for the game?
A: Yes, you can run a dedicated server by running the file “DedicatedServer.exe”. It is located in the folder where you installed Battlefield 1942 through Origin. This will present you with all available settings, maps and modes for you to customize before pressing the button “launch server”. This server will be visible to all other players via the server browser.

Q: Do you have official servers set up?
A: We are setting up new servers specifically for this release of the game. You should find them by searching for the phrase “EA PUBLIC”.

Q: I have problems connecting to online games
A: Please note that a sudden surge of players into Battlefield 1942 may make online play temporarily unstable. If this happens, please try again later.

Q: Can I use this version of the game together with old Battlefield 1942 mods?
A: This is officially untested and we cannot guarantee any mod functionality. Sporadic testing leads us to believe that Desert Combat 0.7 works, as well as Eve of Destruction 2.5. For more discussion on popular mods, head to the new Battlelog forums we have set up specifically for this release of Battlefield 1942. Please share your findings on which mods work and which do not.

Q: Will I need to manually patch this version of the game?
A: No. This version includes any updates needed. If we were to update this version of the game in the future (this is not likely), we will do so via Origin.

Q: I have a question that is not answered here. Where do I go?
A: Please note that while we are proud to present this game to all of our fans after 10 years, we are not able to actively support it from a customer support standpoint. Tailoring this disc based game to work as a digital download title has been a labor of love from us at DICE, and we are very proud to be able to offer this classic to everyone for free.

However, we are not able to support it the same way we are supporting Battlefield 3 and its expansion packs. We are hoping that those who find Battlefield 1942 interesting will have patience with any issues they experience and that they will help each other on the EA Answer HQ at http://answers.ea.com/.

We are also opening up a new forum section on Battlelog where you can discuss Battlefield 1942 and specifically this Origin release of the game.

* Conditions apply; please visit http://www.battlefield.com/battlefield-1942 for complete details.

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  • JamezCameron 01.14.14 at 05:34

    oh wow so many people that complains about how useless this f2p update, if U WANT BC THEN BUY IT DONT ASK ABOUT EA TO MAKE IT FREE… fackin poor bitches

    • JamezCameron 01.14.14 at 05:35

      to make it free * lol

    • TimeWarp83 01.10.15 at 13:57

      There is a solution against the gamespy shutdown. You can play all the mods online and the server will be back.
      You need at first the basic game BF 1942 –> 1.61 Patch (only if you have the release 2002 edition) –> Online Patch 161b (Anthology) –> team-simple.org/download/bf1942-v1.61-origin-patched.zip (thats for find back the server in your Browser, fix your widescreen, and give compatibility to Win 7/8 Users) –> go in the bf1942 folder and overwrite the old bf1942.exe with the new one –> right click on the Desktop BF 1942.exe –> Properties –> compatibility –> set start as Win 1998 (v) and as Admin (v) –> click ok thats it you are back again online!

  • Paxpaw 09.18.13 at 23:16

    Thanks for the free game. I look forward to the day I can play it. Nothing happens when I click on play.

  • Lieutenant00 08.18.13 at 07:42

    FYI, yes I also had the Secret Weapons of WW2 DLC re-downloaded with the actual game.

  • Lieutenant00 08.18.13 at 07:40

    Funny that I actually STILL have the CD and just re-downloaded it the other day… I forgot how simple, innovative, and fun it was. Battlefield 1942 has 100% got access to my personally classic game titles.

  • EzQS x ROCKSTAR 06.30.13 at 19:29

    how come it wont let me go on to the site to download it ?

    • ZaVe HaZaRd 09.05.13 at 23:50

      hey u have to go under the free games u cant look for it

  • CranGolumCrush 03.03.13 at 16:38

    Awwwww hellz yes, I’ve been looking forward for this for WEEKS

  • assemahmed05 02.11.13 at 17:21

    what to your play?

  • naida123 02.07.13 at 17:24

    I cant believe that people complaint at a free game!!!Some people are saying why no Bad Company free,dudes this game isnt dead THIS GAME STARTED THE BATTLEFIELD SERIES AND NOW ITS FREE!!!

    • cpl.angrylego 02.22.13 at 02:06

      IKR, guys, if you are gonna complain about the kickoff to the bf series then go die in a hole because you dont deserve an account on this blog

    • homeboyzero 03.05.13 at 10:50

      Why are you complaining about free comments?

  • louiskiller10 02.06.13 at 19:16

    i cant do anything if i start sigle player or a multiplayer server it crhased and it goes to my desktop help plz

  • =Grimm=1Glosters 02.01.13 at 21:23

    Rerelease this game with updated engine and modern graphics and you will have another hit on your hands.

  • brenoXplay 01.31.13 at 15:24

    Basicamente Minha arma desaparece no Multiplayer QUANDO morro.

  • brenoXplay 01.31.13 at 15:22

    Basicamente minha arma some no Multiplayer quando morro

  • brenoXplay 01.31.13 at 15:19

    Eu to com um problema no Battlefield 3 no multiplayer :
    Eu começo o jogo de boa ,mas se eu morrer minha arma some e eu não consigo soltar granadas ,dar facadas ,atirar ,mas consigo soltar meu Medic Kit no chão !!
    Alguém por favor me ajuda to desesperado(PS 3)

  • Danninja4 12.29.12 at 20:13

    Does it work on Windows 7?

    • SMADDEUS 01.19.13 at 18:57

      Of course, silly question, why it wouldn’t if they released, think logically all ways why it wouldn’t…there are no logical ways that it shouldn’t be, the are only logical ways that it works on Win7.

  • gammminghulk 12.19.12 at 17:42

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  • Biel377 12.10.12 at 17:57

    orgulho tenho eu de jogar BF3

  • beuteltier23 12.05.12 at 01:48

    great game!

    i cannot set my screen resolution to 1280×1024 though. how can i fix that?

  • hapakSVK 12.02.12 at 13:32

    how I can run bf 1942 on ps3?

  • Dradd3n 12.01.12 at 04:45

    This has brought me out of retirement both as a player and as a modder. I am extremely happy to see this has happened. The community is growing again and the old days have returned. Using PB is a bit of a pain with the Origin release but can be done. For those interested in a Community being built around this great news and is slowly but surely compiling guides and other useful information go to http://www.battlefield1942.net We also have a great server on the East Coast for you to play on.

    Admin it would be appreciated if you will leave that link. The site is strictly non-profit and we do not even ask for donations. We just love the game and want to help spread the joy!

  • Mkjunior008 11.21.12 at 10:34

    Is it also available for mac users?

    • j211shadowman 12.19.12 at 16:32

      what part of PC game don’t people understand? LOL

  • Rgsbarros_RJ 11.17.12 at 18:10

    What is happening with the game’s online servers? I’m three days trying to get the server that I rented and I can not, I will have some compensation for that? The server name is: Tramontina Brazil Rapido Cut for PS3

  • cheveybabe 11.14.12 at 06:03

    I had the collection of battlefeild wwll anthrology but i only have disc 1 and disc 5. were can i get the rest of the disk info and their code?

  • YEAH x ReaPeR 11.12.12 at 23:23

    so how do i get it to the games marketplace

  • JohnnyBNL 11.10.12 at 15:45

    I would love to see Battlefield 1943 on PC as a full release title, on a DVD in stores. As a full re-make + new maps on Frostbite 2 (or 3). Not as colorful as the Console version, a bit grayer.

  • shadowninja776 11.09.12 at 23:31

    Someone please help there are no servers on the server list

    • p1011457 11.22.12 at 02:34

      Hit update or refresh in the multiplayer menu

  • Xp[nl] 11.08.12 at 10:16

    Im almost sure I played all mods of this game(at least 50) This game was great but some mods like Forgotten Hope, Eve of Destruction and Desert Combat where outstanding. Those where the days :)

    • commando_Cris 11.08.12 at 13:35

      You forgot the Galactic conquest mod :P that was really fun XD

  • kog-style 11.08.12 at 09:22

    PS. Reegad should be given credit also

  • kog-style 11.08.12 at 09:20

    Ston3Cold has come up with a solution for those who are getting the “invalid CD key” error when trying to play online. find it in this thread:


  • Alkanida 11.08.12 at 00:31

    If you’re having problems with the game, this could help:

  • MH-Hirnschuss 11.07.12 at 19:21

    Same here, anyone know how to fix this?

    • MH-Hirnschuss 11.07.12 at 19:22

      I tried playing online but its telling me I have an invalid cd key?

  • thatreconguy 11.07.12 at 16:17

    i downloaded it, but no servers show up in the server list

  • fozjulie 11.07.12 at 11:43

    downloaded , installed , played .
    nothing wrong with it and I know everyone`s got it and everybody`s played it.
    this is free and still good fun . good old games . [ silent hunter 3 ]

  • Valmanways 11.07.12 at 10:25

    I could play BF1942, but i cant Play FH, because FH installer dont detect BF1942 and just it siad ” you muse need 1.6.101 version to install” ive already seek 1.6101 version but its all dead what i can see.
    now what i have to do to play FH?

  • clivewil 11.07.12 at 08:00

    yeah, me too, i can’t even install it – origin opens an ‘activate game’ window and wants a product code. the only answers i’ve seen in EA’s faq are registry hacks, i hope that’s not the ‘official solution’ to this issue… i made several attempts at installing this, got the same result each time.

  • Essleyd 11.07.12 at 04:10

    I tried playing online but its telling me I have an invalid cd key? :(

    • MattCuervo 11.07.12 at 06:02

      Same here, anyone know how to fix this?, please

  • skitish_kid 11.06.12 at 13:55

    Big upz!! its on the download now cant wait its been a while this will be fun :)

  • MA5TER_AU 11.06.12 at 11:08

    Sweet as!!! FTA clan started on this game and we are all going to play. Anyone want a clan battle let us know at ftaforum.tk

  • Malbon0 11.06.12 at 10:36

    this doesn’t really require much computing power compared to how powerful pc’s are these days, anyone on a console should be able to play this on any laptop a piece of piss, buy yourself a mouse, learn how to use wasd and stfu and play this awesome game!

  • DEPOT_MAN 11.06.12 at 03:42

    Q: Can I play online against players who have the original disc-based version?
    A: Unfortunately, no.

    You realize shit like this is why Steam kicks Origin’s ass in almost every way, right?

    • Executor32 11.06.12 at 06:26

      You realize that even if it were on Steam, you’d still be unable to play with them? The last patch for the original disc version is 1.6, and this is a more recent version of the game; just like way back when, players running different version numbers can’t play together.

      • darth3pio 11.06.12 at 10:46

        The last version is 1.61b actually….

        • Executor32 11.06.12 at 23:30

          That affects my point… how, exactly? You still can’t play BF1942 with anyone who is on a different version number than you are. It was true 10 years ago when the very first patch came out, and it’s just as true today.

    • NoobMitHootX 04.16.14 at 10:21

      steam is gay.
      i fucking installed it and it fucking sucks.
      origin is better.

  • Killerdoomsky 11.06.12 at 02:28

    Here’s all you need to know about this game:
    1. its PC only
    3. no it will never be on a console
    4. ONLY PC

    • Thomck 11.06.12 at 06:11

      Man you realise that Xbox and PS3 Have HAD 1942 available free for a long time. Stop complaining, and know your stuff before you go having a spas.

      • teknokatz 11.06.12 at 07:08

        I could say the same. If you really DO know your stuff, you would know that Battlefield 1942 is not the same as Battlefield 1943.

        Get your facts right before you go about correcting people. It’s embarrassing even for me.

      • Gio2vanni86 11.06.12 at 19:54

        You must be delusional. 1942 never came out for Xbox or PS3.

      • j211shadowman 12.19.12 at 16:13

        1942 is the very first Battlefield game and its PC only. Considering it was released in 2002 4 years before the PS3 or Xbox 360 launched…..Know your stuff before making a fool of yourself in a public forum.

  • I8AllDaBadgerz 11.06.12 at 02:25

    Lol are some of you seriously believing they should have ported the game to consoles – why in the world would they bother

  • TheTiote 11.06.12 at 02:09

    Why are people on here whining about it not being for consoles? Battlefield 1942 IS A PC GAME. Do you seriously think that any publisher would go to the trouble of converting an old PC game like BF1942 and put it on consoles for free? You have to be completely thick to think that.

    Stop whinging and realize you get a lot of games exclusively and are generally treated better by games developers/publishers. Can’t believe people are that stupid.

    • Killerdoomsky 11.06.12 at 02:22

      Don’t even go there. BF1942 originated on the PC as a game of the year fps game. If you want to whine then go away, there is no need for you console players to complain about a game that was both made for and is played on PC. If you want to play it, get a PC. If you want to stick to consoles, suck it up. You don’t hear PC players whining that Halo isn’t on PC.

  • HumanBakedBean 11.06.12 at 01:57

    Feeling unloved and neglected dice. Console users have feelings too!
    Be afraid, because I sense a disturbance in the force.
    Come the revolution…

  • DemonikuBuroode 11.06.12 at 01:25

    All I can say is screw you EA and DICE! You have more than a single f’n platform fanbase or did you not know that? I’m not purchasing BF4 if you’re going to consistantly screw over platforms. I bought premium just like a lot of others and have yet to recieve a god damn lick of worthy bonus content.

    • A_F4T_NINJ4 11.06.12 at 01:56

      Ok, just shut up about the platforms, you think us PC people don’t hate Microsoft for taking the Halo series away from us? BF3 started out as JUST a PC game since that’s what it was made for, then as every game always does, the console baby’s are like “we want it too..blah blah blah…” Now i am not hating on consoles, i love my Xbox for Halo and my PS3 for Killzone and such, but its not fair for us either, PS3 got the map packs before anyone else. Its just marketing, they want you to buy a PC or an Xbox or a PS3 that way you can get ALL of their so called “bonus content”

    • NahYoChill 11.06.12 at 02:17

      you are an amazing specimen of a human being to feel the immense sense of entitlement that you do, you know that?

    • -RiF-JaX 11.06.12 at 03:36

      OMFG….. you bloody think you got it bad?…Do u bloody realize that EVERY STINKING GAME now is made for Dumb arse consoles then PORTED to PC???. Back in the day before the skill less consoles (excluding the old school Cartridge consoles of course) came along along every game was made FOR PC!. Now, we have to deal with the garbage that becomes of a great game concept being rubbished to us because of the crap game mechanics that consoles seem to love. To play on a PC is to rely on the users skills…not a console programers “near enough is good enough” attitude. Every game we have received in the last 4-5 years or longer has been ported from console. Now, finally we get 1 of the greatest games of ALL TIME along side of the original Call of Duty, and you have a cry that it ISN’T made for console?….. Suck it up sunshine…..its about time we PC gamers are REMEMBERED as it was US who made most these game companies what they are today.


    • j211shadowman 12.19.12 at 16:22

      You mean console. Platform is a general term, a PC is a platform, a PS3 is a platform….. Maybe if you had a PC instead of a console you wouldn’t be so stupid.

      • j211shadowman 12.19.12 at 16:28

        Odd…you click reply on one persons comment and it posts to someone else’s. Awesome forum coding up in here.

  • AXIvan000 11.06.12 at 00:41

    so what consoles can it be downloaded and played on?

    • JinxSwe 11.06.12 at 00:48

      Its a PC game.

      • EvilDestructor 11.06.12 at 08:30

        The Consoles have Battlefield 1943. Its not for free, but the graphics are much better.
        So stop crying about it.

  • ey51 11.06.12 at 00:07

    wow EA. jee thanks!
    why don’t you do something useful and release bad company 2 for free for example?
    instead, you release for free a game that undoubtedly nobody will put half a cent on. a game that is dead. a game that you milked until the end. and you dont even include the expansions, and make it so it’s incompatible online with the original game.
    scumbag ea.
    meanwhile, valve release on steam for free games such as left 4 dead, team fortress 2, counter strike source, etc etc.

  • darth3pio 11.05.12 at 22:59

    I can’t believe the expansions weren’t thrown in….

    • Jedi_Gill 11.06.12 at 20:01

      I can’t believe you are complaining about a free game..

  • SiCaRiO31 11.05.12 at 22:23

    cant play, it says cd key incorrect

  • MillerLyte Kidd 11.05.12 at 22:19

    Only PC…Lame!

    • Jedi_Gill 11.06.12 at 20:02

      It’s always been a PC game.. they aren’t going to invest thousands of hours for a Console Release when it wasn’t designed for a console and they know they won’t ever get a financial return on it. Seriously.. you are complaining about something free.. I don’t get it.

  • Vicx 11.05.12 at 22:03

    “This Origin digital download version can only be played against other players who are using the same version.” ARE YOU F’N KIDDING ME?! no wonder people are saying it’s dead! If we could play with the existing disc-based players then maybe there’d be enough people combined to play with, but if we can only play with other people who have JUST downloaded this version alone then of course it’s going to be dead.

    Come on, we’re talking about the SAME game on the SAME platform, PC and PC players, yet we’re still unable to play together with the original disc-based 1942 players? how different can the disc and origin versions be that they’re incompatible?!

  • Larzo 11.05.12 at 21:39

    Never knew this would happen. :D Thanks!

    • Action_-_Myster 11.05.12 at 22:04

      same here, surprises don’t come too often nowaday, this is pretty ool

  • PwnsterMaster 11.05.12 at 21:36

    Argh, everytime I start the game,it crashes. I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit so it should work :(

  • TheLostSwede 11.05.12 at 20:32

    It doesn’t appear to be available in Asia… :(

    • TheLostSwede 11.05.12 at 20:34

      Never mind, I was looking in the free section, not the demo section

    • NoobMitHootX 04.16.14 at 10:22

      yeah cause asians are faggots

  • EelOBrian 11.05.12 at 20:02

    Thanks, guys! Runs great on Windows 7 64 bit, in case anyone’s wondering. Also, if you guys decide to update/tweak the expansions I’d sure toss a few bucks your way. Road to Rome has some good maps.

  • denjoga 11.05.12 at 19:04

    Stop spending time and resources patting yourselves on the back for past successes and fix all the problems with your current title.

    • Jedi_Gill 11.06.12 at 20:03

      What’s wrong about celebrating a game after 10 years.. If it wasn’t for this game you wouldn’t be playing any new ones..