Announcing our 10 ”Pitch your map concept” winners

Hi Battlefield fans!

I’m Niklas Fegraeus, one of the Lead Designers here at DICE, working on the Battlefield series. I was asked to be on the jury for the Premium exclusive “Pitch your map concept” competition where you guys got to submit your very own ideas for a Battlefield map! I immediately accepted and have since had the pleasure to look through hundreds of amazing designs from all of you Premium members out there.

First of all, let me explain what I’ve been looking for when reading your designs. I’ve looked at these three, important criteria:

Gameplay ideas
This is the most important aspect of design. You need to have fresh and cool ideas that will allow other people to have fun! Without a good idea to start with, no great design can happen.

Quality of presentation
In order to convince other people your idea is great, you must present your work structured and clear, so that everyone understands and don’t get confused by messy information. After all, it doesn’t matter how great your idea is if no one else is able to understand it.

Visual identity
Beautiful things are appealing, and this is no less true for design ideas. If you present things that are of high visual quality and beautiful to look at, the greater the chances are that people will like what you make.

Finally, before I announce the winners, let me give an honorable mention and big thanks to ALL of you. It’s been really amazing to see your ideas and the creative work you’ve put into your submissions. I’ve seen all kinds of awesome stuff, from massive oil rigs to underwater theme parks. From time traveling battles to heartfelt tales from real soldiers fighting real wars. Even Chinese vampires! Again, thanks to all of you. And now, on to the winners (in alphabetical order)!

“Operation Fast Break”
Submitted by: Christopher, age 41, from Maryland, USA

In a nutshell:
Operation Fast Break is an adrenaline pumping aerial assault on a moving train. The attacking team uses scout helicopters to find insertion points along the train, dropping off attackers who then try to secure the train as it races through a mountain pass. Defenders on the train need to use all the weapons and spotting as they can to fend of this attack that can come from almost any angle.

My comments:
Hi Christopher! You describe gratifying James Bond moments as helicopters swarm the train like bees, dropping off soldiers while avoiding enemy AA and rocket fire… and I totally agree! It truly sounds like an awesome adrenaline rush that combines core Battlefield elements like helicopter attacks and great team play. What I love about your design is the creativity and well defined player “moments” that are so important when creating a gameplay experience. Your train assault is an epic win!

My additional request:
A new button screaming “All aboard!” when pressed!

“Devil’s Island”
Submitted by: Andrés, age  22, from Madrid, Spain

In a nutshell:
Devil’s Island is an amphibious assault on what used to be a WWII sub pen, located on a volcanic island surrounded by treacherous waters. The attacking team must navigate through old WWII ship wrecks, get onto the island, push through the terrain and finally infiltrate the sub pen. There is a problem however… the two volcanoes are fed up with being dormant, and erupt! The devil didn’t like his new company it seems. Players must not only avoid enemy fire, but also stay clear of super hot lava flows and deadly pyroclastic clouds, constantly changing the playing area and forcing players to adapt their tactics.

My comments:
Hola Andrés! There were many people suggesting the inclusion of volcanoes, but no one did it as vividly and well integrated as you. Also, the combination of tropical environments, old WWII wreckage and of course the active volcanoes will surely provide a breath taking experience. To me, the creativity you have poured into your design makes you a winner!

My additional request:
If you jump into the volcano, it starts raining!

“Operation Storm”
Submitted by: Tina, age 20, from New South Wales, Australia

In a nutshell:
In Operation Storm, the world’s largest commercial airliner becomes the scene of intense high altitude fighting, as a bomb is discovered onboard! Control is lost over the plane and players are thrown about inside the cabin. Still, despite all this chaos, the attacking team needs to find and defuse the bomb at all costs. Failing to do so will destroy the jet in mid flight, sending players crashing to the ground and having to deploy their parachutes and continue the fight in the dense jungles below.

My comments:
G’day Tina! Blowing up vehicles is definitely something Battlefield is known for, and you’ve taken this to a whole new level with your idea about an airliner featuring a dynamic (and very physical) infantry battle taking place in midair! And topping this off is a fall through the skies with guns still blazing as you land in the jungle and race to the remaining objectives on quad bikes. Your idea has epic moments, tons of adrenaline and even gameplay affecting g-forces, making it a winner!

My additional request:
Boomerangs for Recon! You know you have to.

“The Carrier”
Submitted by: Tim, age 19, from Napier, New Zealand

In a nutshell:
Intense fighting takes place inside a US aircraft carrier, as soldiers try to secure the mess hall, engineering rooms and hallways. To make matters worse, you are running out of time as the carrier is slowly sinking and tilting more and more on its axis. Darkness is ever present and the water is slowly rising…

My comments:
Hi there Tim! While ships and naval vessels were part of many ideas that were submitted to us, I found yours to be exceptionally well presented. You’ve described your thought process carefully and done great illustrations to further make your points clear. And, adding on top of that, the claustrophobic and panic inducing event of actually sinking makes your ship one I’d love to visit!

My additional request:
Darwin Award achievement for defibbing in the water!

“Heavy Desert”

Submitted by: Mattias, age 22, from Halmstad, Sweden

In a nutshell:
A large military base placed in a scorching desert, when suddenly, violent weather hits the compound. This huge map focuses on bringing the full Battlefield experience to the player. Everything from sniping, tank warfare and close quarters combat will be experienced by players in this huge environment, and the dynamic weather will provide beautiful backdrops and variations in gameplay.

My comments:
Tjenare Mattias! Gathering your ideas on a piece of paper is one thing. Building everything out of Lego and wooden blocks is another! You’ve taken presentation to the extreme in the best possible way and transformed your bedroom into a fully featured battlefield. Now, all I need is a shrink gun to get in there and play!

My additional request:
What does your living room look like?

Submitted by: Dave “EvilViking”, age 24, from Virginia, USA

In a nutshell:
A lone airfield surrounded by green hilltops in a rustic, “downtown America” setting. Large and inviting, these rolling hills provide ample opportunities for fantastic vehicle gameplay, while also providing a clear focal point in the single airfield. Air superiority will be the key to victory.

My comments:
Hey Dave! With your presentation of “Appalachia”, you’ve shown not only good ideas, but also fantastic skills in presentation. I know you’re a prolific YouTuber, and you skills in presenting things in a clear and entertaining way shines through your whole video. You’ve also captured the epic scale of Battlefield in a very inviting way with references showing the unique, American setting you propose. I actually think the best thing I can do is to not say anything else and just let you take over:

My additional request:
Hot air balloons at the airfield, just for enjoying the vistas!

“Bering Strait”

Submitted by: Aaron, age 21, from California, USA

In a nutshell:
War on a glacier! A bridge construction is halted as diplomatic relations deteriorate between US and Russia. Soon, war rages in a landscape covered in ice and snow. Fight in icy tunnels, on slippery slopes and in snow covered caverns to protect the bridge construction site and repel the attack.

My comments:
Hey Aaron! I’m really excited about the icy world you’ve created. I can totally see myself moving through the huge cracks, using protruding blocks as cover while spying on the enemy through areas of clear ice. You’ve not only created an intriguing idea for gameplay, but also presented both 2D and 3D artwork to present your design. For me, sliding downhill and slippery slide has never felt so inviting!

My additional request:
Snow chain unlock for my vehicles!

“Chulyshman Dam”
Submitted by: David “Luetin”, age 29, from London, UK

In a nutshell:
A huge Russian dam is the scene for this battle, as American forces discover a hidden missile silo capable of delivering strategic ICBMs to key targets. After a full vehicle assault on the dam, resulting in its epic destruction, the soldiers attack on foot as they breach the now exposed ICBM facility.

My comments:
Hello Luetin! As a frequent viewer of your videos, I was pleasantly surprised to see you taking your creative skills to task with designing an idea for our competition! While there were many people suggesting a dam as a key feature of a map, you’ve managed to stay above the curve by supplying not only a well presented and detailed sequence of gameplay, but also some amazing artwork. For your beautiful presentation and carefully formulated gameplay descriptions, you win!

My additional request:
A victory screen showing me firing an ICBM at the enemy base. In slow motion.

“Deep Blue”
Submitted by: Niklas, age 18, from Hamburg, Germany

In a nutshell:
The largest naval battle in modern history! Two full carrier groups clash in an epic battle, pitting cruisers, carriers and destroyers against each other. This very large Conquest map will see swarms of jets fighting for the opportunity to attack the surface vessels, helicopters and dinghies transport troops across the map to sabotage and disrupt enemy operations. And during all this, massive anti-ship missiles skim the surface in their search for their targets.

My comments:
Moin, Niklas! Your idea is by far the most “epic” to grace this competition. I can just imagine the awesome experience of having your very own warship (and everyone else gets one too!) Sure, you would need a small miracle if you actually tried to create something on this scale in a Battlefield game, but that hasn’t stopped you from stretching your imagination and presenting something that would be nothing short of fantastic! And for that, you are a winner!

My additional request:
A Battleship! No, wait. Two Battleships!

“Crusader Castle”
Submitted by: Bill, age 43, from Canada

In a nutshell:
An old castle ruin from the day of the crusades becomes a close quarters encounter! Situated on a hill top, this old bastion has been reduced to ruin and re-claimed by Mother Nature (mostly shrubberies in fact, Ni!). But as war approaches, the cries of battle can be heard once more in these old stone corridors.

My comments:
Hey Bill! Documenting fascinating locations around the globe is something many people have done in this competition, and this has resulted in some truly remarkable reads. But, while many of these would surely do really well as Battlefield levels, I’ve been more willing to reward personal creativity rather than documentation. You sir, however, have done this both at remarkable quality, as well as very in-depth analytic consideration of the details surrounding the gaming experience. You have truly transformed your trip to this Jordanian castle to an amazing Battlefield experience, and for that, you are a winner in this competition!

My additional request:
I want to cut down the largest stone pillars in the castle… with a herring!

Thank you again to all of our over 600 fans who pitched their map concepts to us, and congratulations to our 10 amazing winners! We will reach out to our winners via email to send you a winner’s code that you can redeem at the DICE Store for your limited edition, signed and numbered lithograph featuring artwork from Battlefield 3. Let us know in the poll below which of these pitches you liked the most.

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  • Chillman2000 02.06.14 at 19:31

    It should be cool DICE wih a “Gotland” map in Sweden or in Norrland :D

  • Lieutenant00 08.18.13 at 07:31

    I would really like to see the top three or four maps in the poll put into BF4 reality, it would be very intersting to see them in action.

  • Xyth0s 08.03.13 at 02:03

    Bring Chulyshman Dam and Appalachia to Battlefield 4.

  • SirSt3v3n 03.08.13 at 19:26

    The Carrier has my vote, but Deep Blue would be a very close second. I would love to see these maps coming to BF3, soon, but realize that development takes time. DICE would be negligent if they did not give some serious work to those two maps, and bring them to BF3 and not some future Battlefield game.

  • xX Stratos Xx 02.22.13 at 22:13

    Chulyshman Dam Reminds me too much of Davman Peak. Appilachia Is my favorite, tho maybe Scaled back a bit as i think it would be a bit TOO big (Or have 2 Heli/Plane Spawns instead of only one)

  • blackbird333 02.22.13 at 18:03

    You’re posting this again?

    My map has a two lane suspended bridge 1000 feet over a narrow gorge with a river and train tracks below (Google “Royal Gorge Bridge”… it is in the Colorado Mountains The Gorge is a very narrow rocky canon. The Bridge sways a little in the wind (makes it more challenging for snipers). On both sides of the Bridge are villages and outposts. In Conquest, you have 5 flags….with the main flag in the middle of the bridge. Also, in Rush, once you take the M-Coms on the bridge, you parachute down to the river in the Canon and duke it out to take more M-Coms near the railroad tracks and river. The Scenery is beautiful.

  • gambler521 02.12.13 at 17:53

    All very good, hows about Chulyshman Dam on entrance, subs/frogmen from the top of the dam and wingsuits for opposing forces?

  • General534 01.03.13 at 01:40

    xD It would be so epic if the gameplay was like that singleplayer launch trailer, or Going Hunting. I’m sorry if you think I took your idea, I think it’s similar with the MCOMS/Control Boxes, but I didn’t quite understand what you were putting out there. I wish DICE was more community-based :( .

  • General534 12.23.12 at 19:00

    I would like a mix of The Carrier and Deep Blue, with lots of action involving ships and aircraft, even scripted and player-driven events, and destruction. As seen on “Going Hunting” in the campaign, walking on the deck of an immense, rain-battered carrier with missiles coming off of nearby ships, jets flying overhead, and ships sinking would be truly epic. Even slingshooting off one in a jet in that environment would add to the effect.

    My ideas:
    A carrier (with the environmental features and backgrounds above) having jets taking off to defend the carrier regularly, jets circling on the port and starboard, missiles launched from other ships, and an enemy fleet with similar happenings. Gameplay is focused on vehicular combat, as you can control ships, jets, and infantry. I heard that “you would need a small miracle”, and a small miracle we already have. Remember Battlefield 1942? They had gigantic maps, with an immense sea, carriers, battleships, destroyers, submarines. I think with enough time put into it, this could be achieved with Frostbite 2, perhaps in the upcoming Battlefield 4. I have no idea what BF4 is about, but I have an idea that it will either be another sequel like Battlefield 3, or DICE will change the name right as they release the first info, to another title. The reason it was simply BF4 previously would be to keep the information tight, and if a surprise comes like so, it would be an amazing game, but if BF4 is a continuing series to BF2 and 3, modern combat focused, Deep Blue would play amazingly.

    My idea for gameplay:
    I was thinking in many maps about what I call “control boxes”. They could be a reason to capture MCOMs, or something different all together. Basically, if you activate a control box, it activates an event on the game, FOR EXAMPLE: You activate a radio control box, coordinates are displayed on screen, you hear radio chatter, and an airstrike hits a target. This would work exceptionally well on amphibious assault maps such as Kharg Island, and especially Deep Blue. Maybe a “Deep Blue: Day 2″ map would add an island for capture with bases, sort of like Midway in BF1942.

    (USA point of view) You walk down the deck of the rain battered carrier. Missiles launch in the distance, jets fly overhead, some slingshot off the deck of the aircraft carrier. You hear radio chatter with in the comms hallways of the carrier. You put your helmet on and enter a jet. (There are different classes to spawn as, new ones that fit with the map type, presumably. The map is in a sort of Rush Mode.) You begin letting go of the cables holding your jet, the afterburners start and you fly off the deck of the carrier. You turn your plane left and right, and roll back around the carrier, performing a loop. The objectives are updated, and 3 of your squadmates come up beside you in airplanes. Your formation banks left, towards the enemy fleet.

    Meanwhile, another player walks down the deck of a battleship, and the cannons fire off into the ocean, and an explosion forms. On the enemy carrier, another player, an enemy, gets repair equipment out and desperately tries to put out the flames ignited by the USA battleship.

    You and your squadron dive towards the enemy carrier and drop your payload of missiles and bombs, behind you the ship explodes.

    Meanwhile, the enemy players scurry all over the carrier, flak gatling guns roar and missiles are launched, the flames are put out in one section only to ignite elsewhere. USA paratroopers drop onto the deck and enter the hatches, and a battle takes place inside. The water is rising with every hole the bombers put in, and the soldiers try to fight their way to the deck again. When they finally make it, you and your squadron drop the final blow. Friendly helicopters fly in to extract the units on the sinking carrier. On the other team the players run towards the top as the jets and helicopters topple into eachother and the ocean like dominos, the rain makes the carrier slippery, some people fall into the water. A mix between Titan mode and the Titanic comes into play, as the remaining soldiers desperately fight for survival against the remaining USA soldiers. The immense aircraft carrier does not go into the ocean like the Titanic, but rolls onto its side. Boats, aircraft, and infantry crash into the water. An explosion comes out of the aircraft hangar and the hatch is blown sky high. The carrier is still tilted on its side diagonally, and a jet smashes into the tower. The tower crashes into the exploding ship as the jets fly overhead and the rest of the ship heads to the bottom of the sea. The USA jets land back at their carrier, and are halted by the cables holding them again. You step out of your jet, and take your helmet off. The helicopters land, the battleships continue firing shots. You defeated the carrier, but not the fleet.

    • HARDMIX1933 12.28.12 at 18:49

      You took my idea but it would be good if dice or ea read our comment and gave us a chance

      • General534 01.03.13 at 01:40

        xD It would be so epic if the gameplay was like that singleplayer launch trailer, or Going Hunting. I’m sorry if you think I took your idea, I think it’s similar with the MCOMS/Control Boxes, but I didn’t quite understand what you were putting out there. I wish DICE was more community-based :(

  • HARDMIX1933 12.21.12 at 19:06

    Add 2 new game modes air fight & naval or battleship fight for the next bf3 update for free please
    Air fighting are jets only fighting above a desert
    Battleship mode is where we must fight against enemy ship to take control ,,,, we must find a way to get in the enemy ship armed 2 mcom .. Each ship has its own mcom in that way some member of a squad would attack or denfend their ship and finally take control of their ship …jet are allowed
    Finally please add 1 or more map for bf3 non premium member!!!!
    My psn name is hardmix1933

  • bobqwerty 12.19.12 at 18:41

    There’re awesome concepts here, although some of them wouldn’t be feasible or suited for multiple game modes. To choose one or another would be a waste. I think a mix of some of the concepts would be fantastic, even more so if there were events triggered at the end of each match.

    I thought of something similar to the “Chulyshman Dam” concept, the RU would be blocking the dam due to strategic reasons, it would be blown at the end of the round causing a flood.

    The river flow would be divided into two streams by a hill, the map would have a rather symmetric shape. Still there should be more room, here is where the “Appalachia” concept comes. Bridges could link the bases apart from the dam, with a railway bridge and a highway crossing the two flags up in the hills (D and E -read Caspian-). The railway bridge would have a tunnel slashing the hill in the center at a height of 40 meters. Facing the dam, the base on top of the hill in the center would offer a great perspective of the map (like Caspian).

    Forthcoming the dam, two flags rather close to each other would offer a small open field, just like the awesome concept art Luetin provided us. The opposite forces wouldn’t have large bases far away from the action. The ‘RU’ would have two spawnpoints, a small base at the basement of the cliffs a little more to the right of the dam -with an assault tank, a jeep and an ATV- (it wouldn’t be visible in the artwork =P) and a dirt road upward -with a transport heli, a jeep, and an ATV- leading to the flag in the middle and the one below the railway bridge (D). The flag layout would be similar to the one in Caspian but B would shift with C. The new ‘C’ would be closer to A (the dam). 5 flags on CQ Large, 3 on CQ Small. There should be a route with a zigzag pattern toward the road on top of the dam, connecting A to E.

    Caspian layout:×455.jpg

    On ‘Conquest Small’ the flag uphill near the US base and the prime flag near the dam -with the littlebirds- would serve as primary spawnpoints. The map would be the size of BK/AM maps.

    (Operation Storm and The Carrier concepts are great too; gunfights inside a warship or a plane would be great. Albeit if the plane was at an airport it would be breathtaking. We could have two flags inside the plane, one at the airport lobby and other two at the airport hangars -with Jets and everything-).

  • gammminghulk 12.19.12 at 17:46

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  • dekoffiezetter 11.28.12 at 18:33

    Make them all! Epic new expansion pack :D

  • Miles514 11.26.12 at 21:19

    Woot! Luetin got in the top 10! I do hope these maps get put into Battlefield 4, but PLEASE do not make a single player campaign. Make it just multiplayer with more maps and gameplay, and possibly with the additional time and space from not having SP include maybe 32 players into consoles if possible?

  • FeeLiX 11.12.12 at 20:04

    I would LOVE to play on Luetin’s map…it looks just awesome.

    I also liked Appalachia a lot. It could be extra cool if you could destroy the bridges like in BF2…I just miss that feature so much :(

  • deadeyeJT 11.07.12 at 06:50

    What A cool Bf3 map would be a navy battle in russia shooting guns on Huge boats little boats if you guys like my idea make a youtue video and say my idea in it

  • TriadWarfare 11.07.12 at 03:23

    Love to see the return of naval battles of BF1942. That is something that is seriously lacking on the BF sequels. If you love naval battles to return to BF3/BF4, vote for Deep Blue.

    Note: The only modern aircraft carrier the Russians have is the Admiral Kuznetsov. That ship can only carry Su-33 planes (and possibly MiG-29k in the future) as they are optimized for aircraft carriers. It would be a challenge to make aircraft take off and landing to work properly with an engine only optimized for infantry and vehicles. Landing a vehicle on another vehicle will cause clipping issues and won’t work properly unless the codes are rewritten. Probably that’s the reason why DICE avoided the inclusion of sea battles on their future releases. Good job on the person who was able to inform DICE that there is still a market for naval battles.

  • Hunter4wds 11.04.12 at 20:43

    Nice!! When is gonna be ready to kill and destroy some in those maps?? :P

  • Shattaan 11.03.12 at 09:15

    Congrats to all the winners, very wonderful stuff. But I’m disappointed, here we thought people are going to make BF3 more realistic through having the opportunity to introduce more bold realistic scenarios. After all isn’t the concept of the game a living reality for some in tehran and elsewhere. Now the list i went over is not bad but it belongs in a splinter cell, or COD series not BF3.. too bad for us i guess..

  • EmanuelFS 10.30.12 at 19:17

    when we can see these maps and game modes???? Its so awesome!!!

  • |Mr.Clean| 10.30.12 at 19:15

    They all look good.
    Could build a DLC simply off the Pitch Your Map Winners for this contest.

  • Red_Devil_US 10.26.12 at 02:29

    I’d like to see an ‘escape’ or ‘retreat’ game mode: one/some/all make it out aliv in the time limit/no time limit and you win.

  • redtacoman 10.23.12 at 16:35

    all these ideas are great! would be legit to get all these put into BF3 in like a map pack called community, i for one will be happy to pay for all these maps. “chulyshman Dam” artwork looks just damn awesome, he should make art work for you guys. but devils island the carrier and the dam, if you could only choose two those would be it, but i would love to have then all, thank you dice, have a nice day

  • Coreyweb 10.18.12 at 16:18

    Does this mean one, or some of these maps are going to be created? Cause they ALL sound like they’d be REALLY sweet. The ones that stood out to me (especially in emersion and interesting gameplay) are the plane one. How cool would it be to have a plane blow up and have to parachute down! Man I thought the base jumping was the coolest thing I’ve seen in a game. That’d be freakin’ sweet too. I also like the Ice/glacier one cause I think that would make for great gameplay and unusual gameplay. But they also sound awesome! MAKE THEM ALL DICE! :D

  • EEEvilBill 10.17.12 at 13:17

    I’m flabbergasted! My Crusader Castle pitch is a winner! While I was touring these castles over the summer, it kept occurring to me that these place would make fantastic FPS locations. When I got back home, this competition was up. Talk about timing! I think there were better slides in my PPT presentation that would have helped the concept rank better in the winners’ poll, but I’m thrilled to have made the final cut.

    Small aside: This was posted over a week ago, but I don’t see an e-mail with winner information. Have these been sent out yet?

  • {SA}StayAlive 10.16.12 at 14:13

    Somehow I have a feeling this game will suck even with new maps, it’s the arcade style game play that makes this game a real joke. Too bad, this game has AMAZING potential but for some odd reason the developers won’t allow tweaking the servers to a “more realistic” gameplay. Look at ARMA 3 if you are looking for a true battle simulation.

    • -GA-Mancsfinest 10.17.12 at 12:21

      lol they said arma 2 and operation arrowhead were realistic battlesims,while the graphics look good in arma 3 no one knows how it will play ,but arma 2 isnt even in the same league as bf
      ask yourself whos bigger bohemia or Ea Dice? who has more investment,more experience and some of the best modelers / the answer is obvious

      • {SA}StayAlive 10.18.12 at 15:38

        No doubt Dice has better tools and experience, that’s what I meant by “AMAZING potential, it’s just unfortunate server admins cannot increase the hardcore settings to be more realistic, specifically bullet damage. To be clear, I’m not saying they should change the game for everyone…just to allow those who want more serious gameplay the ability to do so.

  • Willie_Apiata_VC 10.15.12 at 12:31

    For all of the people complaining about “The Carrier” listen up! The Carrier map was loosely inspired by the emotional target for Wake Island by the DICE artists. If it is ever labelled a rip-off of something, it is not the MW3 campaign level, but more like the ‘Iron Gator’ map from BF2 Special Forces DLC, (which by the way was unintentional) however as a true BF fan I’m sure you already knew this. Battlefield 3 has a completely different style of gameplay and better graphics, but not always totally different looking maps (this isn’t necessarily a bad thing).

    Now the the real reason you’re mad: It happens to be popular.

    Reason for popularity:
    -Game developers now have a nasty habit of dangling a whole lot of cool stuff in front of the player forcing them to think about how to obtain this cool stuff quicker, which unfortunately means smaller maps, because of the time difference between spawning and getting the XP needed for some achievement. This speeds up progress for the individual, feeding their materialism and shifting the focus of the game to what they get at the end of a match. As long as the developers over complicate things with camos and attachments and rewards, map design will be inconsequential and people will always favour the small maps regardless of whether or not they are a “CoD convert.”

    In creating “The Carrier ” I wanted to design a map that has the benefits from its size, fast paced gameplay and complexity but shifts the ultimate focus toward the immersive and highly dynamic environment and the process of engaging the player in the three dimensional space in front of them. In other words you should enjoy running through the corridors as water billows out of the fixtures, lights flicker, spark and crackle as you pass by, the tilting ship makes your stomach turn and a deep groan echoes throughout the ship’s hull instead of focusing on that next awesome dog tag. Because without immersion, the game becomes pointless. For me Battlefield has always been about immersion, the way things look and sound and feel in the moment you notice them and in a very visceral way.

    This what my map is about, not some pastely old submarine rendered in a five year old modified quake engine. Learn the difference.

  • thehitman1398 10.15.12 at 06:19

    Hey Niklas Fegraeus, you guys infringed on your contractual agreement. In the terms and condition information and I quote from the web page,

    Winner Determination: Winners will be determined according to the process set forth below.
    a. Judging Phase: During the Judging Phase, a panel of qualified judges determined by
    Sponsor in its sole discretion will select 10 entrants with the highest-scoring Submissions
    (the “Top Entry” or “Top Entries”) based on the following criteria (“Judging Criteria”):
    visual identity 25%, gameplay ideas 50%, quality of presentation 25%.

    It says a panel of qualified JUDGES with an “s” will scour the entries. You at the top of this blog said, “I was asked to be the judge and jury”. I’m not being a sore loser, but to think you cannot even judge the contest like you said you where going to do, is just sloppy on your part. I bet you did not think anybody would catch it. So how come you with your “Building everything out of Lego and wooden blocks is another! You’ve taken presentation to the extreme in the best possible way” Bob Marley smoke fest opinion is the sole factor in choosing the winners?

    A lot of people put in actual hard work that took more then five minutes to do. I mean, look @notman entry from this blog, better then half of what you picked. Although him and “Chulyshman Dam” ideas are close in nature, that does not mean you should pick some crappie ideas and presentations because of that if that was the case. Seriously “Appalachia” is just Caspian border and bander desert dumb down, really just a bunch of openness (no offense to EvilViking because I’m sure that took a long time to make and I will give you a lot of credit for that, but really it’s just generic level design, nothing personal).

    P.S. There’s a reason why you guys at DICE have not put this on battlelog, because you would be embarrassed buy what this chump of a judge/lead designers picked. But you don’t care anyways….. Like I said back to Borderlands 2 where the company actually cares about what they put forth.

  • MFA-Devastor 10.14.12 at 15:46

    Good job DICE, you soon go to put a map Call of duty on your game, at the same time nothing surprising, you listen to only 5 % of the real community of Battlefield, needs not to wonder that you have a great deal of job for nerve or the other stupidity of the kind.
    As you can see him, the most original maps and which correspond perfectly to the game are: Deep Blue, Devil island, Appalachia and fast break.
    And what have we at the top of the classification? A remake of Laguna Presa, the submarine of MW3 and finally Appalachia.
    You deduct from it what? I personally I deduct that from it since the beginning you listen to all these tearful come from Call of and that from it it is exactly they that destroys your game, and who afterward goes the transformed to double of COD.

    You’re fed up remarks that made him to you? We are fed up that you do not listen to us (we the old truths of BF).
    Begin to prepare your first two maps, the most beautiful series died by your great kindness to listen to whoever.

    • DDU ReapersRage 10.15.12 at 04:02

      It’s not a submarine you fuckin tard. A carrier map, carriers much like the ones on Noshar canals or gulf of oman.
      To remind you, it was a MISSION not a MULTIPLAYER MAP PACK. Can you feely access the MW3 map on Multiplayer?

    • Commander3192 10.15.12 at 04:47

      thank you sum1 who thinks the same as me because i am sick of COD knobs coming to bf3 and FU*KING it up listen to the real battlefield players.

    • Willie_Apiata_VC 10.15.12 at 15:47

      Reads like the boxing commentator “Floyd” from Family Guy Season 9.

  • Mario_Bones 10.14.12 at 14:37

    Putting my pitch out there for you guys to see as well :)

    • Blapeuh 10.17.12 at 15:55

      To be honest, i like your creative idea. But i like your presentation even more so.
      I mean this is how a professional presentation is done (not with Lego and blocks, come on!).
      It has all the elements, all the game modes and yet it is not even in this top ten!?
      Seeing this saddens me more, i feel like the competition is a joke.
      Nice try though!

  • Cojags 10.13.12 at 23:56

    So will this be a map we can play soon on Xbox or something cuz the chusylam dam or operation storm look like cool maps

  • Jrkn 10.13.12 at 21:00

    Why not recreate pearl harbor but with modern day weapons, one side has only an air attack i.e. jets, while the other side has the ground to defend i.e. aa guns, ship artillery, i think it would be a good all out deathmatch

    • TEH SPAZZINATOR 10.14.12 at 05:55

      recreating that wouldn’t make sense, because the only reason the Japanese did so well was because the Americans were unprepared for the attack. In addition to this, anti-air weaponry has greatly improved since WWII and would make it nearly impossible for any invading aircraft.

  • gbolcer 10.13.12 at 19:34

    I wish I would have known about the contest sooner. I would have submitted one. The scenario would be a sniper/anti-sniper fortress map. There’s be a heavily defended, central missile site in North Korea. Snipers need to air drop in at night and get close enough to put enough rounds into the missile before it launches, so it’s a timed map. Shooting too early gives the sniper position away and draws the mortars and heavy guns and patrol vehicles and gives them time to repair it. Shooting at just the right time causes the missile to blow up on launch. The round ends when the timer runs out and either the missile blows up or is successfully launched.

  • QKSILVR73 10.13.12 at 17:27

    I think some of the BF2 Project Reality maps should be used. Kashaan Desert for one. Video here. Not my idea but still would be cool.

  • BrotherPappy 10.13.12 at 17:22

    “The Carrier” sounds a lot like Iron Gator from BF2 Special Forces. Would love to see this redone in BF3 … epic greatness all around. Make it happen …

  • JBOMB8383 10.13.12 at 15:34

    I like the idea of a map set in southeastern U.S. I live in south eastern Kentucky. I think the airport should be a little smaller, small rural areas like where i live has airports but their small and only hold 3 or 4 planes. If you do decide to do a map like that check out a topographic map of Pine Mountain in Leslie and Harlan counties. It’s a high mountain with a main road leading to the top. Great areas for all types of fighting. I drive it a lot and with a few changes think it would make a great map.

  • RogueSpear69 10.12.12 at 23:34

    That’s BS if anyone would like to see my entry that didn’t make it PM me your email address and I will send you the PDF presentation I created for a map and mission mode.

    • ironpete0827 10.13.12 at 01:57

      if it was hat good u would be a finalist u poor sport

      • notman 10.19.12 at 20:09

        Umm, clearly not. Unless he used popsicle sticks, and elmers glue, his entry probably didn’t qualify for their level of ‘professionalism’

  • SodaBob 10.12.12 at 21:16

    The link I followed said “Design your own BF3 map? These guys did!” Color me EXTREMELY disappointed! This isn’t designing your own map, this is drawing a cartoon and having DICE design your map. I understand the legal and even technical difficulties with allowing us to have a map editor for the game (having read some info from DICE/EA on that topic at the launch of the game about why there wouldn’t be an editor). But when I saw the link title I got excited, thinking maybe they had surmounted those legal and technical difficulties. Then to find out it was just this? That was just cruel, guys :(

  • sxeCyka 10.12.12 at 20:26

    Dice, I hope you read this: The two maps of Devil Island, and the Carrier were my favorite, because of their FOCUS on environmental interaction. That being the water rising in the carrier, and the map slowly tilting more and more. Or the lava flowing in on devil island. I miss maps that weren’t stagnant, and had more to offer besides a couple of facades to buildings being destroyed.

  • repcommando377 10.12.12 at 17:09

    Chulyshman Dam is good but thats not a true conquest map. its design is very linear. This is a rush oriented map like metro. This map would need to be changed to include vehicle use on both sides of the dams and infantry combat in the middle for it to work as a conquest map.

    appalachia on the other hand has lots of room to be modified from a large conquest map to a rush and squad tm map, like fighting in the rustic towns of america or fighting between the planes on the tarmac.

    plz think about how dice will overuse each map for different play styles before voting, cause what we defintely dont need is another OPERATION METRO where the map is COMPLETELY LINEAR.

  • BF3PILOT4EVER 10.12.12 at 12:26

    I love the idea of Appalachia but on the airport can it have 20 jets on the runway< i want it to be the largest ariel battle in the history of battlefield

  • CoolSmek2011 10.12.12 at 10:30

    WOW! Very glad to have made it into the top ten! (Aaron – Bering Strait) I can’t believe it! There are some interesting ideas pitched here. I’m liking the Chulyshman Dam concept.

    I have to say though, I would be disappointed if a “close quarter” map makes top vote. This is Battlefield after-all. We tried and true Battlefield players crave open areas that require team effort from all fronts! Large scale! Otherwise it becomes mindless deathmatch (which admittedly at times is just fine).

    Anyway, that’s just my two cents. Would hate to see a contest as rare as this get wasted on something that doesn’t bring Battlefield3 to its full potential.

  • KyleNad 10.12.12 at 06:29

    I think Deep Blue is a brilliant idea. Although i do understand how it could be quite a process to build a map on such a large scale. To compensate for this, I propose that you cut the overall size down to two main aircraft carriers. Have Zodiacs and Choppers as the soul modes of transportation. To add to the mix, you could throw in a medium sized oil rig (preferably multi-leveld) To add in some extra flags for a conquest mode. With heavy artillery and Heavy machine guns available on each ship, battle on the oil rig could be chaotic and extremely intense. Also a simple interior boat layout with wet docks in the bow of both ships will also give good insertion point battles, as well as some close quarters action in the hull of the ships. All in all this concept could be amazing, and it seems doable. This map concept has my support 100%

  • Gandallf 10.12.12 at 06:14

    Operation Storm is good but only because of the exploding plane, then parachuting down. Seems like a good visual, but unfinished concept, seeing how really no way an enemy can realistically get soldiers in an immense plane flying in the air. If you wanted to blow up a jet liner…you’d do it from the outside. But honestly i vote for it, because if it somehow won and the developers honored the results, it would be interesting to see how they’d pull it off. Everything thing else doesn’t seem very innovative.

  • NEMISIS 10.12.12 at 05:59

    Deep Blue is an awesome concept and I think a great idea for a map. Most of the others are variants of existing maps in existing games with some good tweaks. Storm is a great concept but, I can’t get past the how do two combatant groups get on the same flight. Devil’s Island. Very nice, very original. Yet, for me the winner is Appalachia. Just don’t underplay the role of a sniper in an environment like this. Besides, it would be nice to see my backyard in a map.

  • Steamtex 10.12.12 at 04:27

    Appalachia and The Carrier are genius. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

  • Cyrus_rev1 10.12.12 at 00:47

    I would rather see Kubra Dam from BF2 done for BF3 than any of the maps suggested here

  • SFR-TINY 10.12.12 at 00:20

    i cant wait to be able to fight with enamies in a carrier

  • Bogeyx 10.11.12 at 17:12

    “Darwin Award achievement for defibbing in the water!”
    haha pls xD
    Clushyman Dam or Appalacjia ftw!

    • DDU ReapersRage 10.15.12 at 04:05


  • D1R3x 10.11.12 at 17:01

    I find the idea good when standing around cars, bicycles and trucks could be used to drive. As in Operation Flashpoint.

  • MontagoDK 10.11.12 at 14:56

    This contest is a joke…

    though i hope that one or more of the maps will contain my pitched ideas:

    my pitch: Dense forest with less sniping due to heavy fog, and very few vehicles.

  • Willie_Apiata_VC 10.11.12 at 04:38

    Hope you guys liked my “Carrier” map. I know its not “true Battlefield” but I thought that creating a map with interest and longevity (given console numbers and the inevitable decrease in popularity of Battlefield 3 over time) might help keep it alive and still playable with fewer players. For PC gamers, despite your preference for large open maps, the fact is that the most popular maps are those like 64 player Metro on Conquest. Although I too, don’t like this (too many choke points/bottle-necks) I thought that a sinking aircraft carrier might offer the same style of gameplay but with more flow and a more immersive environment.

    In any case, a big thanks to all of my voters and friends for their undying support.

    PS. if anyone is interested in some BF3 avatars that I made follow this link:

    • DDU ReapersRage 10.11.12 at 07:00

      I hear-by, as an american citizen, whom has supported BF3 since word caught wind. Would like to grant you permission to beef out the carrier map, and give them a taste of what you have to offer. Designing the Battlefield. Make people drool, so you can get more revenue.

      • Willie_Apiata_VC 10.11.12 at 15:39

        Haha! Awesome. Seeing as I am a design student, I guess I could make it a project on the side. Prior to doing this final image I did several thumbnail drawings of other areas of the ship, so I would be more than happy flesh them out over the next year or so and upload them somewhere.

    • Kosac 10.11.12 at 12:15

      this is more like close quarters style map.. but this can be hit… :)

      • Willie_Apiata_VC 10.11.12 at 15:41

        Possibly the result of watching “Under Siege” too many times :P

  • Over421 10.11.12 at 03:39

    Deep Blue looks awesome. As a concept.
    However, “The Carrier” doesn’t seem Battlefield-y enough.
    If some surrounding boats and helicopters were added (a mix of the two maps) then the map could end up being pretty good.

    • DDU ReapersRage 10.11.12 at 03:45

      But ” The Carrier” idea involves the anticipation of a ship that has been hit by enemy fire. Sweeping the ship, in dark and light shadows. And then you work your way out on deck to find light rain, and plenty of cover from equipment, and/or cargo

      I want to fill you in if you havn’t noticed. Battlefield/DICE creators today are all about new ideas, and new concepts.
      They went from classic maps, to tight close knit maps, to the biggest map in BF history.

      I don’t think Battlefield/DICE is looking stay the same, if they made “The Carrier” to specs, and add a little FROSTBITE 2 Juice. It would give them ideas for more. Like deep blue. Classic warfare on that behalf.

  • DDU ReapersRage 10.11.12 at 03:37

    “The Carrier” was originally my idea from an email i had sent to them Saturday, September 1st.

    If they had excepted my email instead of going with some one who wants an achievment for defibbing under water, then i would have told them that the carrier is more than just a platform like COD. Because of the new technologies available to DICE, thanks to FrostBite 2, they can acheive more enhanced details including, graphics, lighting, obstacles, destruction inside and outside the carrier, and the mulitple layering they do for serperate deck levels. Access of the cabins, main deck, carrier runway, mess hall, bridge ,ect.
    “The Carrier” should envolve a maze like cargo bay, with water swooshing from being opened.
    Damaged light fixtures, and open flames from possible contact by enemy fastmovers would enhance the feeling and plot of the map.

    Mission Status: Aboard and sweep out any remaining insurgencies.

    Envirmoment: Early morning, with light rain.

    Conquest Flags: plcaed at bothe ends and directly in the middle. (optional)

    Rush Objectives: (optional) Mess hall , The Bridge

    The whole ship should be accessable, plenty of cover and obstacles.

  • redbyte-venax 10.10.12 at 17:33

    retards voting for a shitty cod map “the carrier” thnaks for ruining the battlefield franchise

    • o0_bobbo_0o 10.10.12 at 20:01

      This map would take place all over the carrier. Not just on top. Take a good look at all the other maps and tell me that they are all very unique and different than the rest of the BF3 maps out there already. This one is the most different and unique.

      With the Frostbite 2 engine, you could make the entire ship playable, every room and chamber. This could make up a HUGE map is done right. I voted for The Carrier. At work too. I’ll vote for it again when I get home on my ip. Of course the destruction would be minimal, but could be very awesome with pipes bursting and whatnot.

      • notman 10.10.12 at 21:20

        He’s referring to the fact that this map already exists in Modern Warfare, and involved the whole ship. It’s still a small area, with limited routes. It will be nothing more than a kill factory, and will offer nothing for people who like to use strategy.

      • DDU ReapersRage 10.11.12 at 03:40

        Yes exactly.

      • Omega8Trigun 10.11.12 at 11:12

        People aren’t concerned about the fight on top, lol. They’re concerned about playing below decks in cramped hallways like in Close Quarters, which sucks. Battlefield isn’t about a map of little rooms and hallways on a ship. ONE ship isn’t a BATTLEFIELD.

        The destruction would be nonexistant. In case you’ve been under a rock for a while, the point of having destruction in the game is that it actually has an impact on the gameplay. Collapsing buildings, blown up walls, etc all dynamically change the game and make it more deep. A few pipes bursting just for some cool effects to look at is a pathetic excuse for Battlefield destruction.

    • Pajaro_Caniggia 10.10.12 at 22:44

      Im agreed with you, just bring back Arica from BC2, that was an epic map!

    • Excalibucreation 10.10.12 at 23:24

      DICE should make a back to Ghost town expansion back and re-make Iron Gator, Ghost town, Warlord, and Night Flight.

  • RanCorX2 10.10.12 at 17:09

    instead of tdm, rush and the other dull modes, make something epic that that’s a mixture of conquest assault with a dash of close quarters combat, air/sea & land battles with various map stages to play through + loads of explosions.

  • RanCorX2 10.10.12 at 17:04

    dice should make something like this;

    two new gamemodes & map idea.

    please return the series to being epic.

  • takealookthere 10.10.12 at 16:57

    “The Carrier” seriously got the #2 spot? Is it just me or did that map get introduced back in the first mission of a CoD game?……. How would that factor into a great idea for a BF3 map?

    • DDU ReapersRage 10.11.12 at 03:53

      You’re too worried about a mission from another game . THIS IS BF3 not CampersOnlyDude

      DICE would totally blow that out of the water.

      ONE: It would be played for multiplayer use only.

      TWO: You can access the ship freely.

      THREE: It isnt a mission, It’s for Survival of the Fittest.

      – Not for camping circle jerkers- COD related Only.

  • FIST2CUFFZ 10.10.12 at 16:07

    You pulled out two horrible drawings as finalists…. I’m thoroughly convinced the contest wasn’t for real.

    • MontagoDK 10.11.12 at 15:03

      i agree… or maybe we are just missing the REAL presentation… seriously.. those pictures/drawing shown are just hillarious.

  • FIST2CUFFZ 10.10.12 at 15:58

    NONE OF THEM you should reopen the contest so I can pitch my idea of an Oil Rig in the middle of the ocean with two carriers on opposite ends of the map. No land assault, just Water and Air.

  • stolzerRabe 10.10.12 at 14:05

    The Story of “The Carrier” reminds me of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare -.-

  • DnD x tAcTiCzz 10.10.12 at 13:49

    I think a map that would combine a night time assault with the use of night vision and thermal/infra-red and a troop drop by a player piloting a Chinook and transport helis would be radical, shame i missed the competition as i have some epic ideas for some exciting maps, any chance of another design your own maps thing??

  • Superflario 10.10.12 at 13:37

    I can easily see “deep blue” being the bf3 equivalent of the 1942 map “battle of midway”. I disagree with Niklas Fegraeus saying that a small miracle would be required to have that kind of scale in a map, it took minutes to cross the midway map by plane in 1942, i think that even a map slightly smaller than the midway map would suffice, even taking in consideration jet planes. TLDR; You’ve made bigger maps, Deep blue would not be a challenge in that respect.

  • KillerRu 10.10.12 at 11:41

    The carrier in my opinion, half underwater, where u need to swim trough certain parts of the ship. That’ll be awesome!

  • RanCorX2 10.10.12 at 11:28

    is it possible to vote for none of them?

  • speedyfragallez 10.10.12 at 11:24

    there is one map MISSING in battlefield 3 and that is the desert combat map GAZALA:

    I am really missing this map with the nice canyons and as they offered a great gameplay experience no current battlefield 2 or 3 map could give tank drivers and helicopter players.

    So looking forward to see in the next DLC the Gazala map

  • Sgt_Thagesson 10.10.12 at 09:00

    Didnt u see Daskros map design? it shoukld be one of the best! Most of these maps are way to smal… cod kids

  • blackbird333 10.10.12 at 08:10

    This contest was just a joke, right? The maps displayed are meant to be a “joke” right? I mean “come on”…… a map with Lava flowing? The only map that even comes close to something “Original” or descent is the Appalachia map. I submitted a map that blew all these maps away, yet you posted some really crappy ones. My map had a two lane suspended bridge 1000 feet over a narrow gorge with a river and train tracks below (Google “Royal Gorge Bridge”… it is in the Colorado Mountains The Gorge is a very narrow rocky canon. The Bridge sways a little in the wind (makes it more challenging for snipers). On both sides of the Bridge are villages and outposts. In Conquest, you have 5 flags….with the main flag in the middle of the bridge. Also, in Rush, once you take the M-Coms on the bridge, you parachute down to the river in the Canon and duke it out to take more M-Coms near the railroad tracks and river. The Scenery is beautiful.

    • Pil0t_Err0r 10.10.12 at 08:35

      Deep Blue was a great idea as well as Appalachia. But yes, most of these were very silly. ( a train? I prefer large scale battlefield maps)

    • TheBigBlob417 10.10.12 at 08:37

      Oh do shut up. No one really gives two shits about how much you wish YOU won, and good YOUR map was compared to the top 10. stop being a sore loser, and grow up.

      • blackbird333 10.10.12 at 08:40

        And you’re an idiot. If you think those maps are good, then you need to go back to “Call of Duty.” Did you even google “Royal Gorge Bridge” and check out the set-up? I doubt it.

      • blackbird333 10.10.12 at 08:42

        Ps….. Lego blocks and wooden blocks? Give me a break. This is why I’m not taking their picks seriously….it must be a joke.

    • iFreakNL 10.10.12 at 11:03

      This contest is just fun? Come on dude. Great designs need redical pitches. Get a break!

    • The GodKiwi NZ 10.10.12 at 14:32

      Your Idea is far to linear and An almost Identical ripoff from counterstrike. Get over yourself

      • blackbird333 10.11.12 at 13:40

        I’ve never played counterstrike, so I don’t know what you’re talking about. How is my Map too linear? You have two bases on the opposite side of the gorgeous bridge setting – the side that takes the bridge, wins the area….a lot like bridges over the Rhine in WW2; also, you have transport helicopters to get you from side to side in Conquest.

        BTW, every M-Com battle is linear, Pinhead. The Bridge would have catwalks and such. Also, during Rush, the Bridge would have obstacles (blown up cars, tanks, and etc) to have as cover. Finally, jumping off a 1200 foot suspension bridge down to a river with train tracks / train station below would be a blast. Then going up around the bend to take more MComs in the narrow canyon would be epic.

  • notman 10.10.12 at 07:55

    Keep in mind guys, they never said any of these submissions would become a reality. It would be nice to see a community submitted map, just saying, don’t get your hopes up.

  • WLF42 10.10.12 at 07:08

    Modding tools would still be better, but I don’t think modders could put large scripted multi-player stuff like that dam breaking, so it’s awesome that Dice is letting the community pick map designs, but seriously people, the carrier? Oh right I guess the close quarters folk must have voted for that one.

    • thehitman1398 10.10.12 at 07:12

      Only one person voted…….His name is……Niklas Fegraeus, one of the Lead Designers at DICE, talk to him. I’m gonna setup a petition to revoke this contest rulings. It says in their own terms and conditions that a panel of judges will score the contest, not on person that was on a, All day binge.

  • thehitman1398 10.10.12 at 07:07

    Hey if you want dynamic whether introduced into operation firestrom then Heavy Desert is your map of choice. But how about make a new level with dynamic whether, HHHAAAA wait a minute, that’s what I did, and here’s the proof.


  • thehitman1398 10.10.12 at 07:02

    I’ll say one more time for shock-n-aww, Your logic is flawed @LordSos91, a 6 year old, could have, and did make this map you ca’t tell me when you see and read what the level is, is just a joke. This competition was a joke. YOUR LOGIC (and mind) IS FLAWED @LordSos91

  • B0vRn3 10.10.12 at 07:00

    Naval Battlefield is what I’d like to see. That would be awesome.

  • thehitman1398 10.10.12 at 06:59

    First @LordSos91 how do you know that put him at last? and second, if people thought DICE was looking for people to use glue and sticks to win, people would have thought differently. Your logic is flawed and would not doubt it, if you have some relative that works with them.

  • LordSos91 10.10.12 at 06:16

    i like how Heavy Desert is last, yet he’s the only one that got creative and used lego/blocks, now thats some imagination and he deserves to win for putting his time and creativity into it. most of you will probly disagree, i rate Heavy Desert 5/5 and the others that used computers to make 4/5 and the people who used crayons, my kid is 2 and can do better lol but other than that great job everyone good luck

  • HeavyMetalJesus 10.10.12 at 05:28

    Remake Omaha beach – make it in realistic dimensions. And bring the MG3 back.

  • Annihilator1138 10.10.12 at 04:36

    So glad Luetin got placed in the Top Ten! I thought his design was great! Good for him!

  • TougherApollo1 10.10.12 at 04:11

    I have a request for you to give me a chance to post my idea of BF 3 MAP.
    Not just for the competition but for the sake of sharing my concept and design.
    If you agree to it..please send me a confirmation on

    Really Appreciate it ……….

  • SamOrayX 10.10.12 at 04:09

    I think Deep Blue is gonna be epic in Conquest mode.

  • fodz 10.10.12 at 03:54

    Aftermath: 4 new mobile battlefields
    The Carrier
    Operation Fast Break
    Operation Storm
    Bering Strait

    starting off in huge vessels and watching them deteriorate as the battle is fought, a glacier slowly melting under you from explosions and jet engines, the carrier sinking beneath you, an airliner plummeting towards a jungle island, mounting a train via quad bike or helicopter!


  • XiYen 10.10.12 at 03:35

    Ugh, why do I have to pick just one?! I would really like to see the following: 1)The Carrier, 2)Chulyshman Dam, 3)Appalachia, 4)Deep Blue, 5)Bering Strait, and 6)Devil’s Island.

  • SFC DEATH 10 10.10.12 at 03:12

    Ok here are the top ten, and congrats to those who won, but how about showing us the top 25- or 50?

  • DarkEvill93 10.10.12 at 02:50

    military binoculars

  • Megagoth1702 10.10.12 at 02:44

    so ea.

    Y U NO GIVE MOD TOOLS TO PREMIUM USERS you sons of bitches, we paid for your god damn DLCs already! now let us make some MODS god damn you!

  • blunzmaroon 10.10.12 at 02:01

    please read dice people, all i ask is that when u add one of the maps make a game mode for playstation and xbox with more than just 24 players so players like myself can enjoy the “virtual battlefield” and not waste half the game running around just trying to find a single person.

    • Rinzir 10.10.12 at 02:56

      |The reason its a 24 player max is because the console systems simply can’t handle more. Ever have your game freeze before finishing that that’s 500% ticket metro map ? System Limitations

      • soccerruhl 10.10.12 at 03:07

        Thats not true at all. MAG played an amazing 256 people on some maps. Most maps played 128 people. Please do some research before you make claims.

  • Bruno747 10.10.12 at 01:57

    Wouldn’t it just be easier to oh I don’t know, release the mod tools already and actually have the maps rather than wait on dice to do something with them?

    • Excalibucreation 10.10.12 at 02:00

      I like the way DICE is doing it maps are always pro quality and I’ve had some very bad experiences with mods in the past.

      • Megagoth1702 10.10.12 at 02:45

        then play some PR you newb. project reality that is.

  • Megadave1994 10.10.12 at 01:52

    The light that fills my lonely cell,
    Is blocked out by the key,
    That locks the door to this hell,
    The place they wanted me.
    Time’s racing like the wind,
    Execution’s near,
    Oh lord, I wait for death,
    And, yes, I have no fear.
    I recall that night, my every breath,
    And, step along the way.
    Closed my eyes, walking,
    As danger paved the way.
    The devil, and the darkness
    Let her evil wander free
    And, here on Devils Island,
    The final stop for me.

    Devils Island, Devils Island

  • thehitman1398 10.10.12 at 01:36

    @Excalibucreation did you notice that the kid-ah-I-mean-22 year that made Heavy Desert is from Sweden. Guess who else is from Sweden, DICE. Ring any bells everybody, I think this was someones kid that works there and they wanted to put it up. Clearly this competition was rigged, I mean you cannot look at that pic and read the description of the level and not think a 6 year made it.

    • Excalibucreation 10.10.12 at 01:41

      conspiracy theory, any volunteers to write a book about it.

    • Excalibucreation 10.10.12 at 01:46

      That’s a good point, and I used to think DICE was a good company…fixing this would restore my faith in them.

  • Excalibucreation 10.10.12 at 01:31

    You can buy one it’s complicated but I did it, they’re 10 bucks I once post how on the forums.

  • nas_nastiix 10.10.12 at 01:30

    The Carrier is a good idea & dice can make a new game mode on that map .. looks interesting

    • Blambaby 10.10.12 at 01:36

      Heck yes. Make it a ship to ship assault with plenty of stuff for all the classes to do. Recon can pick off deck gun emplacements, support can breach water tight doors, etc.

  • YOUNGGUNSHOT 10.10.12 at 01:29

    i have bf3 but no online pass :/

    • Excalibucreation 10.10.12 at 01:33

      You can buy one it’s complicated but I did it, they’re 10 bucks I once post how on the forums.

  • Solid_Mitch_Rapp 10.10.12 at 01:28

    Couldn’t decide which BFBC2 level to vote on – battle on an airline (as was single player campaign), or Chulyshman Dam (Laguna Presa-esque). Both are winners in my book.

  • megaD 10.10.12 at 01:28

    OK, EA & DICE never released any SDK, level design or mod tools so this contest is a bit sad but I voted anyway.

  • ROCKDPM 10.10.12 at 01:19

    As long as Deep Blue has down pour’s of Rain like the story mission where you were in the gunner seat for the F18, Then it gets my Vote!

  • EyezGlazed 10.10.12 at 01:10

    “Heavy desert” – why are there no explenation to the numbers? I bet the submitter Mattias had it sent in.. w/o it all he’s really done is to suggest dynamic weather /:

    • thehitman1398 10.10.12 at 01:19

      I know right. And its basically a layout of operation firestrom with it mixed up a little.

      • Excalibucreation 10.10.12 at 01:20

        A six year old could have made that, the block set up

        • thehitman1398 10.10.12 at 01:22

          LOL, probably was, because a six year old judge the contest. HHAAAAOOOO, lol

          • Excalibucreation 10.10.12 at 01:28

            DICE should have a permit site for map ideas and discussion in the community and with the professionals we could create the greatest game ever.

          • Excalibucreation 10.10.12 at 01:33

            actually it would be improving the greatest game ever

  • mario14893 10.10.12 at 00:59

    A battle in the city of New York faces a battle with seven civilians with the new game modes is to save hostages

    • Excalibucreation 10.10.12 at 01:03

      hostages might be a little touchy but securing something would be awesome in multiplayer… so many good ideas why don’t we all work for DICE

      • EyezGlazed 10.10.12 at 01:11

        Ever played counter strike? /: Hostages could be done and done well.

        • Excalibucreation 10.10.12 at 01:13

          just thinking some people would get mad and say were teaching kids to go rob some place and hold hostages like the Medal of Honor playable Taliban problem

  • Excalibucreation 10.10.12 at 00:57

    Sorry I posted this to the wrong spot

  • Luetin 10.10.12 at 00:56

    Hey guys thanks for voting for my design just wanted to repost and say that I also created a youtube video showing and explaining the video in full. You can also download the full design PDF with 4 more illustrations form the pdf in the notes :

  • EyezGlazed 10.10.12 at 00:54

    What osoblanco90 said: DINO MODE!! Why didn’t I submit this? It would have been epic and with a great detailed description :o

  • Silentknite29 10.10.12 at 00:53

    Heavy Dessert for me!! .. I can imagine a HUGE Sand Storm ( Haboob ) rolling in half way through the round , effects of that being many from muffled sounds of shooting and reduced sight. This map would be a first map which would make IR scopes very effective .

  • Excalibucreation 10.10.12 at 00:53

    I originally had a theater base but in the wake of the Colorado shootings cut it out. As for the petition I’m not exactly sure how to get one started but if you do start one and put a link here and on the battlefield forums, also don’t be hostile to DICE attacking them isn’t my intention helping them improve is also a direct vote could be an issue with millions of maps we would need their help to sort out the worst and let us vote on the rest with maybe 10 ideas per day and some sort of bracket.

    • thehitman1398 10.10.12 at 00:59

      Ya, I’m better now. And it would be to have Premium players vote on the concepts. I would not have the bashing I did earlier. But I’m going get something set and let you know. Because not to be rude to the people who submitted and won, but there are better submissions then these, I’m just being honest. And Dice also did not follow the format stated in their terms and conditions which also I don’t like.

      • Excalibucreation 10.10.12 at 01:08

        some of the winners are good ideas I think Bering Strait would be an awesome map

        • thehitman1398 10.10.12 at 01:31

          Yes, but we all want snow maps and they just put out a snow map in armored kill. Rather then just making a map that you can see from other forms want, I thought they would embrace new ideas. I like the concept of Operation Fast Break, but it would only be limited to team death match.

          • Excalibucreation 10.10.12 at 01:44

            the amount of helis would make it really hard for the defenders especially because they shortened the range of the AA missiles a while back I don’t think the defenders would win very often.

  • Bronacle 10.10.12 at 00:47

    Appalachia is by far the most awesome one! It is a compilation of some of the Project Reality forest maps and the BF1942 map Guadalcanal. Just awesome!

  • Excalibucreation 10.10.12 at 00:41

    How do you all like my idea, post your thoughts or suggestions for change.

  • steve1891 10.10.12 at 00:37

    Chulyshman Dam and The Carrier sounds interesting for me :)
    hopefully these maps will be useable for all BF3 players :D

  • osoblanco90 10.10.12 at 00:34

    dino mode

  • Excalibucreation 10.10.12 at 00:31

    Some one start a petition to let players vote on the maps that were submited

    • Excalibucreation 10.10.12 at 00:32


    • thehitman1398 10.10.12 at 00:45

      Not bad, I like the idea of being on a college, but they may have stayed away from that because of all the college campus killings in real life.

      But I’m 100% in favor of doing a petition. It even says in their terms and conditions that a PANEL of JUDGE”S” would review, not one guy. So let’s get this petition rolling.

      • Excalibucreation 10.10.12 at 00:57

        I originally had a theater base but in the wake of the Colorado shootings cut it out. As for the petition I’m not exactly sure how to get one started but if you do start one and put a link here and on the battlefield forums, also don’t be hostile to DICE attacking them isn’t my intention helping them improve is also a direct vote could be an issue with millions of maps we would need their help to sort out the worst and let us vote on the rest with maybe 10 ideas per day and some sort of bracket.

    • notman 10.10.12 at 00:54

      I was thinking the same (but not official). I was going to look for an open polling site, where we could post our submissions, and see what the community would have chosen. DICE would never second guess their choices on here ;)

      • thehitman1398 10.10.12 at 01:02

        Let me know if you find anything because, this seems like you said, he picked the first 10 out of his mailbox.

  • rogersmithbigo 10.10.12 at 00:22

    Battlefield 2
    Dalian Plant • Daqing Oilfields • Dragon Valley • FuShe Pass • Highway Tampa • Kubra Dam • Mashtuur City • Operation Blue Pearl • Operation Clean Sweep • Road to Jalalabad • Songhua Stalemate • Zatar Wetlands
    Special Forces
    Devil’s Perch • Ghost Town • Iron Gator • Leviathan • Mass Destruction • Night Flight • Surge • Warlord
    Euro Force
    Great Wall • Operation Smoke Screen • Taraba Quarry
    Armored Fury
    Midnight Sun • Operation Road Rage • Operation Harvest

    • Galadrid 10.10.12 at 00:37

      Epic maps that would be awesome with frostbite 2! DICE remade karkand, gulf of oman and wake island so it would be easy enough to remake the old bf2 maps!

      • thehitman1398 10.10.12 at 00:50

        Do you even take yourself seriously? These submissions was suppose to be your own level design. Not kissing their ass’es and re-hashing their old maps. Come on now, be serious.

  • box-art 10.10.12 at 00:20

    Looking at some of these submissions, I regret now that I did not submit my own, I had some ideas that were a bit more original than this I have to say. Some of these are not good at all when you look at how they would work for Rush AND Conquest, I can’t see how a lot of these would work outside one game mode, which is something that should have really have been a criteria.

  • TardyLux 10.10.12 at 00:19

    I HAD an awesome idea… but since I wasn’t allowed to join the competition, I didn’t hand in my map design. It’s sad that some countries arn’t allowed to have fun too…

  • KrigarN^ 10.10.12 at 00:18

    If the map Appalachia is made by the same EvilViking that made custom maps in World in Conflict, than it’s surely of good quality.

  • Gunboats 10.10.12 at 00:18

    Chulyshman Dam just seems a little wacky to me.

  • gdelan1 10.10.12 at 00:17

    Sorry I missed the contest! I had a great idea that was so different from any of the above ones too. My idea was for two hundred story apartment/office towers that stand about 200 yards or so apart. You would have access to the stairwells, the apartments & offices on many of the floors, the expansive lobbies, the underground subway connection that connects the two towers, etc. There would be a roof helipad on each building, with a scout chopper on one, a huey on the other. As for vehicles, that’s it. Weapons would be limited to CQB (subguns, shotguns, pistols) and Sniper only.

    The towers would offer hundreds of snipe points, places to hide, devastating claymore opportunities, and more. The objective would be to take and hold flags in both of the towers and underground.

  • notman 10.10.12 at 00:09

    Can’t view it right now on my phone, but I do agree, an underwater battle would be cool. Rather than a glass box though, I would have gone with one of those underwater hotels.

    • notman 10.10.12 at 00:11

      Ignore this duplicate ;)

    • thehitman1398 10.10.12 at 00:15

      ya I had the wrong file but the one above it works fine. Go to the one that says “Sorry had wrong file” that,s the one that has my idea.

      • notman 10.10.12 at 00:53

        It wasn’t the link, but the file type. My phone wouldn’t open the power point format. Now that I’m on my PC, I can see it.

        I see now, that you did what I was talking about. The concept included some of the resort tunnels, like I was thinking about. Abu Dabai is also building a completely submerged, resort, which I think would have been perfect submission. It would be based on an actual location, and will exist in the future.

        Anyway, good job on the idea. Again, I’m not sure what they based these final selections on, but it didn’t seem like all of them were based on actual concepts/ideas. I don’t want to rag on all the submissions though, because I know people worked hard on their entries. Obviously, that’s why people are pissed that their entry wasn’t accepted though, and I think many will be justifiably pissed.

  • Webke 10.10.12 at 00:08

    a lot of these I’ve seen in other games or older battlefields ….
    only a few that really strike me as new and cool ideas.
    I liked my own more (obviously :D) ah well :p

  • thehitman1398 10.09.12 at 23:59

    Sorry for the link not going to the right file. Here is the right link,

  • thehitman1398 10.09.12 at 23:49

    Here is my full pitch for the contest. I know the first drawing sucks (although better then some of these winners, lol) had to rush but you get the overall idea of the layout,
    Let me know what you think of the layout and design of the map, thanks.

    • Excalibucreation 10.09.12 at 23:58

      It’s strange, but the Bermuda triangle so it makes sense to be strange, it doesn’t make much sense tactically though. I’d give it a C-

      • thehitman1398 10.10.12 at 00:03

        I wanted to “flesh out the flow of the layout” better but did not have time. But I think shooting people in a room with water all around you would be awesome. But I respect your opinion.

        • Excalibucreation 10.10.12 at 00:26

          It’s better than most of the winning maps, the water might be a little disorienting though. What do you think about my submission, sorry its not online. A college campus that has been converted to a military base. flags would include a sports stadium, library, headquarters in school building, and and industrial tech school. It would be surrounded by a dense forest and accessed via a 8-lane highway. There’s a lot more details but I don’t want to write an essay.

  • Excalibucreation 10.09.12 at 23:42

    I respect DICE because they care about their costumers but some of these these ideas just aren’t that great. On a side note was their an age limit no one under 18 won?

  • Excalibucreation 10.09.12 at 23:39

    The lack of originality almost gave me cancer.
    Devil’s Island = Karg island(BF3) + Omaha Beach(1942) + Leviathan(BF2)
    The Carrier = Iron Gator(BF2)
    Heavy Desert = Bandar Desert(BF3) + El Alamein(1942)
    Chulyshman Dam = Kubra Dam(BF2) + Surge(BF2) + Mimoyecques(1942)
    Deep Blue = Coral Sea(1942)
    Operation Storm = Operation Market Garden(1942) + Battlefield Vietnam + some original ideas

    • SupahSang 10.10.12 at 00:08

      Kinda easy to put em off like that. What else were you thinking of?! Pretty much ANY idea they put forward, aside from space and the bottom of the fucking ocean, has already been done or happened in the real world. To point at Operation Market Garden and then say, look, his idea comes from that, it’s already been done, hence is not original, is tantramount to basically removing ALL forms of inspiration from real conflicts.

  • LACONICX 10.09.12 at 23:34
    • notman 10.09.12 at 23:54

      Another worthy entry. I’m beginning to think he just selected the first 10 out of his inbox

      • thehitman1398 10.10.12 at 00:05

        Are you replying to LACONICX submission or mine?

        • notman 10.10.12 at 00:44

          Laconicx. I was able to see his, because it was in PDF format

    • box-art 10.10.12 at 00:16

      I can only wonder why this isn’t on here, a lot cooler than, well, most of these.

  • thehitman1398 10.09.12 at 22:48

    Hey Niklas Fegraeus, you guys infringed on your contractual agreement. In the terms and condition information and I quote from the web page,

    Winner Determination: Winners will be determined according to the process set forth below.
    a. Judging Phase: During the Judging Phase, a panel of qualified judges determined by
    Sponsor in its sole discretion will select 10 entrants with the highest-scoring Submissions
    (the “Top Entry” or “Top Entries”) based on the following criteria (“Judging Criteria”):
    visual identity 25%, gameplay ideas 50%, quality of presentation 25%.

    It says a panel of qualified judges with an “s” with scour the entries. You at the top of this blog said, “I was asked to be the judge and jury”. I’m not being a sore loser, but to think you cannot even judge the contest like you said you where going to do, is just sloppy on your part. I bet you did not think anybody would catch it. So how come you with your “Building everything out of Lego and wooden blocks is another! You’ve taken presentation to the extreme in the best possible way” Bob Marley smoke fest opinion is the sole factor.

    A lot of people put in actual hard work that took more then five minutes to do. I mean, look @notman entry from this blog, better then half of what you picked. Although him and “Chulyshman Dam” ideas are close in nature, that does not mean you should pick some crappie ideas and presentations because of that if that was the case. Seriously “Appalachia” is just Caspian border and bander desert dumb down, really just a bunch of openness (no offense to EvilViking because I’m sure that took a long time to make and I will give you a lot of credit for that, but really it’s just generic level design, nothing personal).

  • thehitman1398 10.09.12 at 21:47

    First in foremost, there is only one that is good is “Chulyshman Dam” (If you really did that drawing, my hat goes off to you). The rest are just the same design as in bf3. And before I say anything more, if I would have lost because they where all really good or even halfway decent, I would have had no problem in that at all and would have been glad to see what bet me, but are you FUCKING kidding EA/DICE, seriously, this can’t be a really tread. A fucking quickly shitty drawn out sketch is a fucking winner ( ya I’m talking at you “Devil’s Island” it looks like you submitted as a joke and then you fucking win). I don’t even care if you ban my account, this is a joke. I would bet that they are not real submissions so DICE doesn’t have to give anybody the lithographs. I mean almost all of these are the same basic layout of maps that we already have, and you have the nerve to say these are new and exciting designs. You Niklas Fegraeus, I have lost all respect for you ( seriously “Building everything out of Lego and wooden blocks is another! You’ve taken presentation to the extreme in the best possible way” what the fuck are you smoking and you need to share) now I know that you and Dice are fucking jokes. You this will be the last time I fall for your sham of a contest, and I’m going back to playing BORDERLANDS 2, that’s a company (GEARBOX) that knows how to treat their community and also live up to what they say they are gonna do, the most upstanding classy company that you can think of. P.S. now I know why EA was rated the worst company out of the industry and DICE you’r right behind them with these kind of stunts. And to think I stood by you guys when the “premium bonus content-gate” was art work that everybody could get. I have lost all respect for you and your company PERIOD.

    Oh and here’s a link to my painting that got beat out by “Devil’s Island” crappy sketch,

    • notman 10.09.12 at 21:56

      For the most part, I feel the same. I don’t think they’re all crap, but the lego/wood block one got me. Quote from the rules “The Battlefield creators will evaluate your submission and take into account the quality of visuals, gameplay ideas, and the level of professionalism of your presentation.” I guess they didn’t say WHAT level of professionalism they were looking for though.

      I posted my submission in my previous comment, and while I can accept losing, it does hurt a bit to get beaten out by legos and wooden blocks :/

      • thehitman1398 10.09.12 at 22:09

        Did you draw out all those pics in your submission?

  • SquidThingy 10.09.12 at 20:27

    Congrats to the winners! :D Well done all!

  • waldo15 10.09.12 at 20:25

    You cannot have a BF game without a Damn Dam! Chulyshman has my vote…

  • random_name_koil 10.09.12 at 20:05

    I hope that Chulyshman Dam has alot of aircrafts.

  • random_name_koil 10.09.12 at 20:03

    Pleas vote for Deep Blue I think theres no real map where theres mostly aircrafts.

  • notman 10.09.12 at 19:43

    Here was my submission. Just wanted to share:

    • MillerLyte Kidd 10.09.12 at 19:54

      Bad Ass Bro! Liked the Visuals.

      • notman 10.09.12 at 20:14

        Thanks, I’m glad to see a dam map made it to the final 10, but I was hoping for something that would give the boats more purpose, and create more levels(elevations) of play.

    • thehitman1398 10.09.12 at 22:03

      Did you draw out all of those pics, or did you just photo wash the pic to make it look cool?

      • notman 10.09.12 at 23:09

        I drew the initial image, and the ‘details lower area’, using reference images. Because of time constraints, the remaining images I used some filtering tricks, and then painted over them. I know they didn’t ‘copyright’ images, so I didn’t want to add reference images that I didn’t own, but I felt they were key to my presentation.

        • thehitman1398 10.09.12 at 23:34

          Dude that is just sick. MAD PROPS to you bro, that first pic is just unbelievable, truly awesome and only Chulyshman Dam drawing is on the same level as you. See if you would have won and others like you, I would have been giving you guys the respect that you should deserve. But to see what he picked, my vote goes out to you hands down.

  • mwjk13 10.09.12 at 19:42

    Deep Blue for sure, the best map design and the proper open, sandbox map that battlefield was built upon.

  • -M-JAMMINSPORT16 10.09.12 at 19:36

    Great job guys! All of them look good. My vote is for Devil’s Island!

  • Luetin 10.09.12 at 19:29

    Awesome thanks guys, to everyone just so you can go check I also created a youtube video showing and explaining the video in full. You can also download the full design PDF in the notes :