Announcing our 10 ”Pitch your map concept” winners

Hi Battlefield fans!

I’m Niklas Fegraeus, one of the Lead Designers here at DICE, working on the Battlefield series. I was asked to be on the jury for the Premium exclusive “Pitch your map concept” competition where you guys got to submit your very own ideas for a Battlefield map! I immediately accepted and have since had the pleasure to look through hundreds of amazing designs from all of you Premium members out there.

First of all, let me explain what I’ve been looking for when reading your designs. I’ve looked at these three, important criteria:

Gameplay ideas
This is the most important aspect of design. You need to have fresh and cool ideas that will allow other people to have fun! Without a good idea to start with, no great design can happen.

Quality of presentation
In order to convince other people your idea is great, you must present your work structured and clear, so that everyone understands and don’t get confused by messy information. After all, it doesn’t matter how great your idea is if no one else is able to understand it.

Visual identity
Beautiful things are appealing, and this is no less true for design ideas. If you present things that are of high visual quality and beautiful to look at, the greater the chances are that people will like what you make.

Finally, before I announce the winners, let me give an honorable mention and big thanks to ALL of you. It’s been really amazing to see your ideas and the creative work you’ve put into your submissions. I’ve seen all kinds of awesome stuff, from massive oil rigs to underwater theme parks. From time traveling battles to heartfelt tales from real soldiers fighting real wars. Even Chinese vampires! Again, thanks to all of you. And now, on to the winners (in alphabetical order)!

“Operation Fast Break”
Submitted by: Christopher, age 41, from Maryland, USA

In a nutshell:
Operation Fast Break is an adrenaline pumping aerial assault on a moving train. The attacking team uses scout helicopters to find insertion points along the train, dropping off attackers who then try to secure the train as it races through a mountain pass. Defenders on the train need to use all the weapons and spotting as they can to fend of this attack that can come from almost any angle.

My comments:
Hi Christopher! You describe gratifying James Bond moments as helicopters swarm the train like bees, dropping off soldiers while avoiding enemy AA and rocket fire… and I totally agree! It truly sounds like an awesome adrenaline rush that combines core Battlefield elements like helicopter attacks and great team play. What I love about your design is the creativity and well defined player “moments” that are so important when creating a gameplay experience. Your train assault is an epic win!

My additional request:
A new button screaming “All aboard!” when pressed!

“Devil’s Island”
Submitted by: Andrés, age  22, from Madrid, Spain

In a nutshell:
Devil’s Island is an amphibious assault on what used to be a WWII sub pen, located on a volcanic island surrounded by treacherous waters. The attacking team must navigate through old WWII ship wrecks, get onto the island, push through the terrain and finally infiltrate the sub pen. There is a problem however… the two volcanoes are fed up with being dormant, and erupt! The devil didn’t like his new company it seems. Players must not only avoid enemy fire, but also stay clear of super hot lava flows and deadly pyroclastic clouds, constantly changing the playing area and forcing players to adapt their tactics.

My comments:
Hola Andrés! There were many people suggesting the inclusion of volcanoes, but no one did it as vividly and well integrated as you. Also, the combination of tropical environments, old WWII wreckage and of course the active volcanoes will surely provide a breath taking experience. To me, the creativity you have poured into your design makes you a winner!

My additional request:
If you jump into the volcano, it starts raining!

“Operation Storm”
Submitted by: Tina, age 20, from New South Wales, Australia

In a nutshell:
In Operation Storm, the world’s largest commercial airliner becomes the scene of intense high altitude fighting, as a bomb is discovered onboard! Control is lost over the plane and players are thrown about inside the cabin. Still, despite all this chaos, the attacking team needs to find and defuse the bomb at all costs. Failing to do so will destroy the jet in mid flight, sending players crashing to the ground and having to deploy their parachutes and continue the fight in the dense jungles below.

My comments:
G’day Tina! Blowing up vehicles is definitely something Battlefield is known for, and you’ve taken this to a whole new level with your idea about an airliner featuring a dynamic (and very physical) infantry battle taking place in midair! And topping this off is a fall through the skies with guns still blazing as you land in the jungle and race to the remaining objectives on quad bikes. Your idea has epic moments, tons of adrenaline and even gameplay affecting g-forces, making it a winner!

My additional request:
Boomerangs for Recon! You know you have to.

“The Carrier”
Submitted by: Tim, age 19, from Napier, New Zealand

In a nutshell:
Intense fighting takes place inside a US aircraft carrier, as soldiers try to secure the mess hall, engineering rooms and hallways. To make matters worse, you are running out of time as the carrier is slowly sinking and tilting more and more on its axis. Darkness is ever present and the water is slowly rising…

My comments:
Hi there Tim! While ships and naval vessels were part of many ideas that were submitted to us, I found yours to be exceptionally well presented. You’ve described your thought process carefully and done great illustrations to further make your points clear. And, adding on top of that, the claustrophobic and panic inducing event of actually sinking makes your ship one I’d love to visit!

My additional request:
Darwin Award achievement for defibbing in the water!

“Heavy Desert”

Submitted by: Mattias, age 22, from Halmstad, Sweden

In a nutshell:
A large military base placed in a scorching desert, when suddenly, violent weather hits the compound. This huge map focuses on bringing the full Battlefield experience to the player. Everything from sniping, tank warfare and close quarters combat will be experienced by players in this huge environment, and the dynamic weather will provide beautiful backdrops and variations in gameplay.

My comments:
Tjenare Mattias! Gathering your ideas on a piece of paper is one thing. Building everything out of Lego and wooden blocks is another! You’ve taken presentation to the extreme in the best possible way and transformed your bedroom into a fully featured battlefield. Now, all I need is a shrink gun to get in there and play!

My additional request:
What does your living room look like?

Submitted by: Dave “EvilViking”, age 24, from Virginia, USA

In a nutshell:
A lone airfield surrounded by green hilltops in a rustic, “downtown America” setting. Large and inviting, these rolling hills provide ample opportunities for fantastic vehicle gameplay, while also providing a clear focal point in the single airfield. Air superiority will be the key to victory.

My comments:
Hey Dave! With your presentation of “Appalachia”, you’ve shown not only good ideas, but also fantastic skills in presentation. I know you’re a prolific YouTuber, and you skills in presenting things in a clear and entertaining way shines through your whole video. You’ve also captured the epic scale of Battlefield in a very inviting way with references showing the unique, American setting you propose. I actually think the best thing I can do is to not say anything else and just let you take over:

My additional request:
Hot air balloons at the airfield, just for enjoying the vistas!

“Bering Strait”

Submitted by: Aaron, age 21, from California, USA

In a nutshell:
War on a glacier! A bridge construction is halted as diplomatic relations deteriorate between US and Russia. Soon, war rages in a landscape covered in ice and snow. Fight in icy tunnels, on slippery slopes and in snow covered caverns to protect the bridge construction site and repel the attack.

My comments:
Hey Aaron! I’m really excited about the icy world you’ve created. I can totally see myself moving through the huge cracks, using protruding blocks as cover while spying on the enemy through areas of clear ice. You’ve not only created an intriguing idea for gameplay, but also presented both 2D and 3D artwork to present your design. For me, sliding downhill and slippery slide has never felt so inviting!

My additional request:
Snow chain unlock for my vehicles!

“Chulyshman Dam”
Submitted by: David “Luetin”, age 29, from London, UK

In a nutshell:
A huge Russian dam is the scene for this battle, as American forces discover a hidden missile silo capable of delivering strategic ICBMs to key targets. After a full vehicle assault on the dam, resulting in its epic destruction, the soldiers attack on foot as they breach the now exposed ICBM facility.

My comments:
Hello Luetin! As a frequent viewer of your videos, I was pleasantly surprised to see you taking your creative skills to task with designing an idea for our competition! While there were many people suggesting a dam as a key feature of a map, you’ve managed to stay above the curve by supplying not only a well presented and detailed sequence of gameplay, but also some amazing artwork. For your beautiful presentation and carefully formulated gameplay descriptions, you win!

My additional request:
A victory screen showing me firing an ICBM at the enemy base. In slow motion.

“Deep Blue”
Submitted by: Niklas, age 18, from Hamburg, Germany

In a nutshell:
The largest naval battle in modern history! Two full carrier groups clash in an epic battle, pitting cruisers, carriers and destroyers against each other. This very large Conquest map will see swarms of jets fighting for the opportunity to attack the surface vessels, helicopters and dinghies transport troops across the map to sabotage and disrupt enemy operations. And during all this, massive anti-ship missiles skim the surface in their search for their targets.

My comments:
Moin, Niklas! Your idea is by far the most “epic” to grace this competition. I can just imagine the awesome experience of having your very own warship (and everyone else gets one too!) Sure, you would need a small miracle if you actually tried to create something on this scale in a Battlefield game, but that hasn’t stopped you from stretching your imagination and presenting something that would be nothing short of fantastic! And for that, you are a winner!

My additional request:
A Battleship! No, wait. Two Battleships!

“Crusader Castle”
Submitted by: Bill, age 43, from Canada

In a nutshell:
An old castle ruin from the day of the crusades becomes a close quarters encounter! Situated on a hill top, this old bastion has been reduced to ruin and re-claimed by Mother Nature (mostly shrubberies in fact, Ni!). But as war approaches, the cries of battle can be heard once more in these old stone corridors.

My comments:
Hey Bill! Documenting fascinating locations around the globe is something many people have done in this competition, and this has resulted in some truly remarkable reads. But, while many of these would surely do really well as Battlefield levels, I’ve been more willing to reward personal creativity rather than documentation. You sir, however, have done this both at remarkable quality, as well as very in-depth analytic consideration of the details surrounding the gaming experience. You have truly transformed your trip to this Jordanian castle to an amazing Battlefield experience, and for that, you are a winner in this competition!

My additional request:
I want to cut down the largest stone pillars in the castle… with a herring!

Thank you again to all of our over 600 fans who pitched their map concepts to us, and congratulations to our 10 amazing winners! We will reach out to our winners via email to send you a winner’s code that you can redeem at the DICE Store for your limited edition, signed and numbered lithograph featuring artwork from Battlefield 3. Let us know in the poll below which of these pitches you liked the most.

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  • Chillman2000 02.06.14 at 19:31

    It should be cool DICE wih a “Gotland” map in Sweden or in Norrland :D

  • Lieutenant00 08.18.13 at 07:31

    I would really like to see the top three or four maps in the poll put into BF4 reality, it would be very intersting to see them in action.

  • Xyth0s 08.03.13 at 02:03

    Bring Chulyshman Dam and Appalachia to Battlefield 4.

  • SirSt3v3n 03.08.13 at 19:26

    The Carrier has my vote, but Deep Blue would be a very close second. I would love to see these maps coming to BF3, soon, but realize that development takes time. DICE would be negligent if they did not give some serious work to those two maps, and bring them to BF3 and not some future Battlefield game.

  • xX Stratos Xx 02.22.13 at 22:13

    Chulyshman Dam Reminds me too much of Davman Peak. Appilachia Is my favorite, tho maybe Scaled back a bit as i think it would be a bit TOO big (Or have 2 Heli/Plane Spawns instead of only one)

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