Only in Battlefield honorary mentions

It’s tough sitting in the jury when you create so many great videos. If you remember, we picked the top 10 and final three winners in our Only in Battlefield contest a while ago. But there are so many great entries that we haven’t had a chance to properly highlight and honor yet. This blog post will honor a few of the ones that we think are different or corny or amazing enough for another round of highlights. Presenting (in no particular order) the Only in Battlefield honorary mentions 2012.

Everyday I’m Javelin
Out of all 1,200 videos we received, “Everyday I’m Javelin” by German team “Die Geilen Uschis” is probably the one that made us laugh the most. This amazing 10 minute epic features both slapstick and beautifully co-ordinated scenes where Engineers fire their Javelins simultaneously at enemy aircraft with hilarious results. Group jumping off the roof of exploding building is another specialty from this group that worked for months to put this video together. They actually submitted for our first Only in Battlefield contest a long time ago, and they’ve always been one of our favorites here in the DICE office. For your awesome teamwork, sense of humor, and great editing, we salute you. Oh, and when watching this one, make sure you don’t miss the awesome 8-bit Battlefield theme remix at the very end.

Do a Barrel Roll (in a chopper)!
It’s always mesmerizing to watch a super skilled helicopter pilot do his thing. Like user LeSmashface, making short work of the opposition on Operation Firestorm with a combination of agile flying and precise cannon work. What happens next is totally unexpected. But you get a hint in the video title.

Engineer’s Best Friend
We received a lot of humorous videos to the challenge. One of the cutest ones was this homage to our friend the EOD bot. Ever since our GamesCom 2011 gameplay trailer, this Engineer companion has been the source of a lot of love and affection. In this video, we see how user zockerboy100 uses his trusty companion to get out of a pinned down situation. Who’s a good bot?!

Erase and Rewind
This explosive entry (to say the least) was submitted by user TheAthenaGaming with no real title, so we made one up. Hope you like it, AthenaGaming! This video focuses on the explosive destruction of Battlefield 3, featuring a number of cool shots showing how things blow up, then in reverse how they get assembled again. It’s one of those rare videos that is unique and focuses on a single aspect of the game that makes you appreciate all its little details even more. We especially like the cuts in Close Quarters where we see shots going from undestroyed to totally ruined in the blink of an eye. Gorgeous stuff.

Defy the Skygods
If this was a competition to come up with the most epic and poetic sounding title to a video, “Defy the Skygods” would have taken first place hands down. What’s in the video isn’t half bad either. A large number of users sent montages where they exacted punishment on airborne enemies, but few did so with such a large amount of finesse and dedication as user whyhalothar. Using mainly tanks and unguided (as they are) RPG’s, he makes any pilot regret his decision to climb into the cockpit. Take that, skygods!

Until next time, keep those videos coming.

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  • SemperFiMarines9 12.15.12 at 15:37

    thats nice

  • proleter_tz 12.15.12 at 09:02

    RPG-7v7 KING

  • titanilla 11.24.12 at 08:45

    Ezek nagyon jok ja es ha valaki van aki tud magyarul beszekni az jelentkezen a cseten tittanilla.

  • lugaru100 11.22.12 at 19:35


  • lbolls 11.19.12 at 16:58


  • Killerdoomsky 11.06.12 at 02:42

    I was expecting something from BF2 with the barrelrolling, it was a common heli technique for dodging rockets and gunfire as a pilot. im sad that it wasnt encorperated in BF3.

  • ariaandkia 11.02.12 at 10:26

    I had to laugh at the first one. Pretty easy to do it with help. But the old way of dodging stingers and heat seekers in helis without flares? Yeah, I did barrel rolls and spins, in the air, with my gunner or passengers jumping out 90% of the time in pure terror as I “spun out of control” on purpose (and with a lot of control). So the first one made me laugh. Also, taking out helis and even slow moving jets isn’t that hard. You should see us taking out gunships and jets that are in heavy dogfighting mode. Jeeze I wish I had submitted a video now (didn’t even know about the whole deal till a few days ago).

  • blackholiday440 10.24.12 at 19:02

    well i have been tinking like if you people make another battlefield you should put the people from medal of honor team up with battlefield and go against all call of dudty people

  • 5HM3D 10.23.12 at 14:48

    well, that was all very.. discouraging

  • UneManArmy 10.17.12 at 20:53

    How about this one?
    Got it the other day in the Gunship!

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