Battlefield 3: Aftermath – Rise from the Ashes

In our fourth multiplayer expansion pack Battlefield 3: Aftermath, we throw players into an all-new harrowing environment: The shattered districts, streets and cities of post-earthquake Iran. Players will struggle for supremacy and survival amongst the devastation, with heavily modified vehicles and the all-new crossbow at their disposal.

A whole new world
Following the earthquake event depicted in the single player campaign in Battlefield 3, operational capacity in the Iran region is severely compromised. From the ashes rise survivors who are beat up but not beaten. The whole style and tone in the entire themed expansion pack is one of being down but not out, and you can even see it in the multiplayer character design: These soldiers have bandages, cuts, and bruises and their clothes are torn.

Fighting amongst the devastation in this urban combat setting will test players in new ways, with plenty of opportunity for vertical gameplay and damaged buildings that create slanting ground and streets that have cracked open and have heaps of rubble in them. The earthquake has also damaged vehicles and weapons for both fighting forces, giving inspiration to a number of unique features in the expansion pack changing how the game looks, feels, and plays. In this blog post we will cover the new Scavenger game mode, the heavily modified vehicles, and the all-new crossbow introduced in Aftermath.

The versatile crossbow lets you deliver deadly force to the enemy in silence. Click for full size.

Fight for survival in the new Scavenger mode
Inspired by the earthquake theme and setting, the new Scavenger mode is a frantic hunt for survival. A new concept to Battlefield, lost soldiers start equipped with only a knife, one grenade, and sidearm and must search the environment for more powerful weapons to increase their chance at surviving and eventually winning.

In Scavenger mode, weapons spawn in predetermined locations all over the map, so it pays to learn the map to stand a fighting chance. The particular weapons spawning at these points however have an element of randomness to them, so in order to survive a Scavenger round you will have to explore as much of the map as possible. Sticking together as a team means you might be able to keep enemies from claiming these few and valuable weapons that can turn the tide of a round.

This is not your ordinary Battlefield map. Can you find the hardware you need to survive in Scavenger mode in this post-earthquake setting? Click for full size.

In all other respects, Scavenger behaves like a Conquest game. That is, the two teams battle for control over a number of bases and need to bleed their opponent down to zero tickets. The addition of the desperate weapon situation at the start of the mode is further underlined by the scarcity of ammunition – most weapons that you find in the destroyed environment have only one mag available. In the aftermath of the earthquake, every shot counts. Apart from this new Battlefield experience, the expansion pack also supports all game modes from the base game plus the highly popular Gun Master mode originally introduced in Battlefield 3: Close Quarters.

The new crossbow lets you deliver death in silence
Taking inspiration from real life disaster areas, the team at DICE looked at what military forces usually do in desperate situations like this. In Aftermath, the earthquake has devastated a lot of the available vehicles and weapons. This has forced both sides to use their engineering ingenuity to take what they can find in the rubble and build new weapons and vehicles to increase their odds at survival.

Markaz Market has seen better days. Click for full size.

Perhaps the most surprising and striking weapon addition in the history of Battlefield, Aftermath introduces the makeshift crossbow. Inspired by real life military engineering ingenuity, this crossbow is created by taking the stock of a malfunctioning assault rifle and assembling with the other parts needed, like a piece of wire for the string (maybe found inside a broken down car), some scrap metal for the bow mechanic  and a scope. Just add duct tape, and you have a new and silent way to deliver deadly force to the enemy. We will return with an in-depth look at the versatile crossbow and its many uses soon here on the blog, so stay tuned.

Modified vehicles showcase ingenuity and firepower
In the aftermath of the earthquake, a lot of the available vehicles are smashed up beyond recognition. To keep them in fighting shape, the crafty soldiers have modified them heavily to create new weapon platforms with what they have at hand. This means adding armor, patching up gaping holes, adding weapons platforms, and even retrofitting a civilian vehicle to create something that fills the role of troop transport.

The “Phoenix” (US) and the “Barsuk” (for the Russian team, meaning “badger”) is a light transport where a grenade machine launcher has been fitted at the back in conjunction with the already existing machine gun on top, making it a ride that will carry troops quickly from A to B while also being able to dish out explosive damage to enemy vehicles and structures and fend off approaching infantry.

Finally, there’s the “Rhino” – originally a completely civilian vehicle, but in Aftermath, you have to make do with what you can get your bandaged hands on. This formerly civilian van has been retrofitted with armor and a remote controlled machine gun controlled by the driver to turn it into a medium heavy troop transport.

In addition to these three new vehicles in Aftermath, depending on the game mode you’ll also see a lot of returning vehicles from the base game, including helicopters and tanks.

We hope you enjoyed this very first detailed overview of Aftermath and some of its key features. Stay tuned in the weeks to come for a deeper dive into our latest themed expansion pack, and let us know in the poll below what you are looking forward to the most.

Battlefield 3: Aftermath is included in Battlefield 3: Premium. Release is starting November 27th for PlayStation 3 Premium members. You can also buy it individually at $14.99 USD for PlayStation 3 and PC or 1200 MS points.

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  • bobassassin 07.13.14 at 00:37

    Will buy them even if they are a purchase past prim

  • bobassassin 07.13.14 at 00:34

    Please add more dlc map packs after final stand. even if you only reskin the other bf3 maps people

  • gammminghulk 12.19.12 at 17:41

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  • Rekr_Buchberger 12.04.12 at 00:42

    Hi, EA, could u pls don’t write that release is on the 4.12. because now its that date, and not the whole world can play it, maybe next time u write, thats only america has that release date

    • RigoMarquox 12.04.12 at 04:56

      We don’t have it in America either, so chill out.

  • TheHandgunSniper 11.29.12 at 21:53

    Looks awsome, too bad all of us PC players have to wait another week for some god-awful reason.
    Oh and one more thing, if you guys at DICE/EA let people download the content a week in advance, then none of us would have this horrible bottleneck effect with 20 million people trying to download it the same day!

  • BF5batman 11.26.12 at 23:56
  • tiganeuropean 11.25.12 at 13:30

    dinos would be awsome.and give us back the elevator mav dammit!!!! or a grappling hook

    • thomasf86420 12.02.12 at 04:44

      NO! You little cheaters abused the MAV. Im glad that shit is gone. Anything for you sucktard players to get an edge. PLAY THE GAME RIGHT!

  • USMCG_Rapture47 11.16.12 at 20:44

    Everyone’s talking about dinos, zombies, and new game modes… Does no one remember the mods which brought some of the realism crowds to BF3? How about modability? Does no one remember the Project Reality Mod for BF2? The one that allowed limited kits on the field? Production buildings for kits, weapons, and vehicles? The one that took (at the time) a two year old game off the shelf and gave people a reason to play it again? That had bullet drop, and bleeding out? Made the hardcore mode even MORE hardcore? The one that added vehicles with SPRINT. (sound familiar DICE?) I agree that there could be more game modes to the game. I miss the old, buggy Titan mode from 2142. Pods were an awesome idea in my opinion and I LOVED dropping in on someone’s head. But I also miss jumping out of my airplane to shoot the other pilot midair, and steal his vehicle. Unrealistic, sure! But was fun as hell. How about tailoring the game modes to the REALISM of what we’re playing? Modes for normal, and modes for hardcore? How about bringing back the BF2 .50 cal and a Russian KSVK element? How about adding scopes that have a comparable zoom. Seriously? A 12x scope that can barely see to 600m is sad. Variable zoom scopes from MOH:WF would be a nice addition to the BF3 series. (for fear of sounding like a COD fanboy), the hybridized scopes from warfighter would even be a decent addition. How about tying in the BF3 series to the Warfighter series with an unheard of DLC that isn’t listed as a thank you to your loyal BF3 fans? Maybe bringing back the old Spec Ops weapons and equipment. NV’s, Grappling Hooks, Bouncing betties? Vertical game play is nice, but whats the point if I have no way to get to that vertical position minus a squad beacon, ladder, or stairs camped by a guy with c4/claymores? If there’s no new game modes to come minus a survival with predetermind “randomized” locations (how do you double negative something even more than to make a predetermined location for weapons, Why not just randomize them completely?) Why not just add a 3rd faction so we get Team, vs Team, vs Team matches? US, Russians, and Infidels/Rebels maybe? l DICE, I applaud your current achievements and the milestones you’ve made, as well as the homage payed to the old BF series maps, but I’d also like more of them back. I liked BF2 because it wasn’t linear and was fresh to the FPS genre. And on a final note, PLEASE remove, or fix the lag compensation. I feel like I’m playing a modernized Mortal Online. A LEAN function would even be nice. Camos with no ghillie suits… seriously? So I can hide in a bush with woodland camo, but I’m still silhouetted against the sky by my homo sapiens figure. hmm.. Somethings still not right. =[

  • Xmw4everX 10.31.12 at 17:17

    really why do you want to play with some dinosaurs? there’s no point in that.. they don’t fit in this game.

    • Fivesierra 12.04.12 at 06:29

      Facepalm* -_- he was making a generalized point dipshit…. Anyways I wish there would be weapons other than the crossbow. I want to use a stoner 96

  • NorCal Badboy 10.31.12 at 17:10

    you idiots why to you keep asking for a lame game mode like dinos how old are you guys dinos stoped being cool for me and most when we turned eight. dice please never make dino mode its a horible idea this is a war game not turok or some other lame game instead of makeing new code for that shit give us more guns vehicles two seat jets all air mode and all sea warfare that would be cool.

  • Foxhunter 10.31.12 at 16:10

    hold up i had to read back a little bit on the posts yall just criticized a dude for saying dinos died billions of years ago really why not save your comments for the ones that brought up dinos but sunglasses would be nice so would the crossbow ive been waiting on them to make one

  • Cravit8 10.31.12 at 15:25

    My guess is that limited ammo will inspire an amazing amount of knifing.
    I have seen some knife genuies lately and they will love aftermath

  • T WOOKS 10.30.12 at 22:51

    And i hope the devs take notice to the polls and see that more people care about a tiny little change in the game (Sunglass’) more than anything they worked very long and very hard on to show them that maybe they should ASK the gammers what they want instead of adding nonsense (Crossbow) to this game.

  • T WOOKS 10.30.12 at 22:46

    For all you dino-mode cry babys go fuck off and play turok or somthing.. Stop giving the devs an idea because they will probably implament this god awful idea and destory this game more than it already has been.

  • hector2670 10.29.12 at 01:04

    looking close to the sun on this game would like blind me

  • SrNightWing 10.28.12 at 18:58

    Dinosaurs are never coming to battlefield games ever. Dinosaur mode is stupid and unrealistic. Dinosaurs have been dead for billions of years. If you want to play a survival similar to “Dino mode” I recommend good games like call of duty black ops,call of duty world at war, and call of duty black ops 2. Those have really good zombie games. DINO MODE IS NEVER COMIING TO BATTLEFIELD AND I DON’T WANT IT TO COME. if it comes its going to turn into call of duty. Even though they are both good games I like them to be both different

    • swedenrule1 10.29.12 at 18:28

      Do you know anything about the dinosaurs? They died only 65 million years ago

    • XKaioKillerX 10.30.12 at 18:16

      “Dinosaurs have been dead for billions of years.”

      You’re a fucking dumbass. Dinosaurs are no where NEAR being extinct for one billion year. You are an extreme moron, who managed to find his way into the internet. Please take a leave. Also, fuck your shit. Dinosaurs are the shit man. I would trade my virginity for a “Dino” mode in BF3.

  • DonRapMe 10.26.12 at 06:30


  • MajorWolfenstein 10.25.12 at 21:49

    Dino DLC

  • Shiro22 10.24.12 at 19:19

    If you want DINO MODE in upcoming DLC reply to my post so DICE can see the interest. I have a few ideas – post yours as well!

    Survival – fighting against dinosaurs to control territory previously held by dinosaurs.

    Ambiant – dinosaurs naturally apart of the environment ‘gotta watch out for more than enemy soldiers!’

    Hunter/Capture – Pegged against an enemy squad to hunt down dinosaurs and take over a single village

    Rescue – (dino version of rush) rather than arming an MCOMM, you rush in to rescue a fallen comrade –
    strap him to a stretcher and carry him back to your base while the enemy and dinosaurs fight to keep you from returning your comrade.

    • idrnkshampoo 10.24.12 at 20:10


    • Stormrider_333 10.25.12 at 09:01

      Dino Mode FTW.

      C’mon DICE, I know you can!!

    • codmonkey45 10.25.12 at 13:10

      oh hell yes i want it

    • SrNightWing 10.28.12 at 18:51

      Dino mode is stupid. The Dino’s in the game are things dice put to mess with us. We are NEVER getting Dinosaurs in the game EVER. So stop asking you stupid people.

    • Jean[FIN] 10.29.12 at 01:07

      I like the idea of Dino DLC but your game mode ideas are not appealingto me at all. The “rescue your comrade” game mode did have some sence in it but the other ones…meh

  • Twistapaphatty 10.22.12 at 02:28

    That was a very apt description of what ‘DINO MODE’ is, thank you.

    …im kidding, are you retarded? what the hell is dino mode?

  • CuDdYy 10.22.12 at 00:56

    I think what everyone would like in BF3 would be a survival type of mode where you go in rounds and trying to survive rounds like DINO MODE they should really make that and I know its too unrealistic but come on lets face it sometimes too much realism is boring but please DICE please give us DINO MODE or some kind of surviving game mode of rounds of DINOS or something but I think DINOS would be better and funner so if anyone is reading this we should spam this forum for DINO MODE

  • Fortune188 10.21.12 at 04:29

    I hope they make these maps playable in Rush and normal Conquest. That was one of the main reasons why (IMO) B2K was the best expansion. It was playable in all the base gamemodes and neither side had an extremely unfair advantage like in Armored Kill

  • xXxPRambo 10.20.12 at 20:21

    The point of this whole comment is about how we need more game modes so if you want read below if you don’t want to then you don’t need to read anymore as i already said my point.
    I got to say i agree with what you guys are saying but this game really has many modes missing that are necessary for the game for example i sold my black ops game for bf3 but after a time i bought black ops again just to have the search and destroy survival feeling and where i bring my opinion is that there’s only Conquest, Rush, death match and Gun game why do i say that? well its quite simple Conquest domination(QC), scavenger conquest(AM), Tank superiority(AK) and assault conquest(BTK) they are all based around some kind of flag and to be precise i’m sick of playing the same kind of mode. I was a BF fan before even though i am poor so i couldn’t buy a better Gaming PC (4 year old ASUS laptop) i am now getting more frustrated at how bf is going and i wish there where more game modes like Team elimination(can support vehicles), squad elimination, Titan mode, some kind of escort mission,Kill the leader ETC, Theres many modes that can come around yet we only have the same mode after mode of the same style..
    Yes even though i started playing bf games at bf2 i was young and mindless instead of today where i am more of a picky and fault-finding.

    (PS) delete the other comment it keeps hiding itself =( sorry for double post.

  • CHAINSAW305 10.20.12 at 13:30

    They haven’t ruined bf dewds…Yes its wayyy more infantry based..which I don’t agree with…I love big maps with tons of vehicles…but this is the koolest idea they have had other than armored shield..I’m not too big a fan about the crossbow..its suppose to make up for the guns we were suppose to get..but still.. I think it should remain in aftermath and not the core game..I personally love the idea of fighting in war/earthquake torn maps..something completely new to bf..I’m glad that they will keep the core tanks and helicopters in this expansion..the game mode gun master is I’m sorry dice…not as popular to the true bf fans as u think..I’d rather have tank superiority than stupid gun game…I’m glad that your finally giving us a different look with the soldiers..we desperately needed a true soldier upgrade and I think you should Include this with every expansion or give us these new soldier looks with the soldier upgrade..also the game mode scavenger is perfect for this expansion…I thank you dice…just hope you stay true to the franchise and don’t give in to we can have our true bf maps more often than infantry maps…domination and your infantry based maps are whats ruining bf because its just bringing in more cod players…now it seems like your turning toward that direction…which will ruin the game that you guys stood by and what made bf soo different and fun to play.

    • CHAINSAW305 10.20.12 at 13:32

      I meant armored kill.

    • Grizzles_san 10.20.12 at 15:21

      I agree mostly. They’re not making the game too infantry based; B2K is pretty heavy on vehicle warfare, then they added a whole expansion based around vehicles with AK. Close Quarters and Aftermath were the only thing to give infantry fighters a shot at the dominance chopper pilots, jet pilots and ace tankers get in all of the vehicle maps. Metro is a popular map for that reason, you don’t have to worry about the fact that Engi is your weakest class or Recon and Assault are your favorites and they have no anti-vehicle for once a vehicle has you in the crosshairs. They’re giving options. If you don’t like Gun Master, you never have to play it. I just enjoy it because it’s different. I’ll like the scavenger mode just because it gives a survival feel to combat which is cool to me.

      • xXxPRambo 10.20.12 at 20:17

        The point of this whole comment is about how we need more game modes so if you want read below if you don’t want to then you don’t need to read anymore as i already said my point.
        I got to say i agree with what you guys are saying but this game really has many modes missing that are necessary for the game for example i sold my black ops game for bf3 but after a time i bought black ops again just to have the search and destroy survival feeling and where i bring my opinion is that there’s only Conquest, Rush, death match and Gun game why do i say that? well its quite simple Conquest domination(QC), scavenger conquest(AM), Tank superiority(AK) and assault conquest(BTK) they are all based around some kind of flag and to be precise i’m sick of playing the same kind of mode. I was a BF fan before even though i am poor so i couldn’t buy a better Gaming PC (4 year old ASUS laptop) i am now getting more frustrated at how bf is going and i wish there where more game modes like Team elimination(can support vehicles), squad elimination, Titan mode, some kind of escort mission,Kill the leader ETC, Theres many modes that can come around yet we only have the same mode after mode of the same style..
        Yes even though i started playing bf games at bf2 i was young and mindless instead of today where i am more of a picky and fault-finding.

      • Webke 10.23.12 at 01:30

        it’s not just the DLC’s ; all the main maps are more infantry based and flags clusterd together; true battlefield maps were all like the ones in armored kill …. any map besides those 4 are not true battlefield maps and are more focused on infantry/console/call of duty

  • maicalgeacson 10.20.12 at 12:47

    It’s just another lie of DiCE that the crossbow is a new idea. They never planned to put it here. They did that because they saw it in upcoming Crysis 3. They said:”what a luck, if people will think this is cool there, it will be coll here , too, and we can also say that this is an original idea”. Lets’ see further: “the expansion pack also supports all game modes from the base game plus the highly popular Gun Master mode originally”….lol Really ? “highly popular” ? What a morons…they like to brag themselves as if people would it liked it, because nobody praises them for anything. Gun master is the least “popular” assholes. You know why ? Because is pointless as long as the map is full of cheaters, you know the ones you were incapable to get rid of with your “sofisticated” methods …lol
    Moving action to some post-earthquake building brings nothing original. It brings is only in your narrow mind, DiCE ! You simply don’t know what to do to keep pace with other multiplayer games.

    • Grizzles_san 10.20.12 at 15:31

      DICE didn’t say they invented the crossbow, settle down angry ranting gamer. Crysis didn’t either. The crossbow has been in games for years. The rest of your complaints are just poorly written rants and opinions.

  • 101_ParaInfantry 10.20.12 at 06:34


    • WynoBot 10.20.12 at 09:03

      Completely disagree. Been playin BF for years, BF3 is my favorite by a long shot headshot bonus. This game’s only similarity to COD is that it’s a FPS.

      • PersianKush 10.22.12 at 23:09

        “By a long shot headshot bonus”… I like that

      • Webke 10.23.12 at 01:32

        are you sure that you are playing battlefield 3 and not something else? cuz everything you are saying makes no sense at all.

  • SirTurtleBack 10.20.12 at 03:17

    Im hoping the sunglasses block some of the fucking sun out

    • Grizzles_san 10.20.12 at 15:29

      I’m hoping that too. Maybe even dull out the tac-lights and lasers. I love BF for having the realism of the sun being something to contend with but sometimes the advantage of having the sun at your back is too much lol.

  • Danishiwa 10.19.12 at 23:17

    “The addition of the desperate weapon situation at the start of the mode is further underlined by the scarcity of ammunition – most weapons that you find in the destroyed environment have only one mag available. In the aftermath of the earthquake, every shot counts.”

    Well.. another reason for making normal mode equal hardcore, and hardcore more hardcore!

  • xISolid_SnakeIx 10.19.12 at 22:18

    Also, something to say… people keep saying “this isn’t battlefield” when this is actually what battlefield is all about…what the real battlefield is at the time. We aren’t fighting in dense jungles anymore. We’re fighting in urban areas now, in deserts. The Battlefield will and always have been changing as the real life battlefield changed.

    • Wonderer505 10.20.12 at 01:23

      I Agree! Battlefield was always where you don’t just run around shooting everyone but going to places, being able to fight anywhere in unique environments, tight and wide areas in urban, woodland, deserts. Who knows where we are going deployed next, regardless of “Whats with the place?”. This is Battlefield, and if they say you got go here and kick a**. Then you know you’re going to.

    • SmokaSizzle70 10.20.12 at 14:07

      Well said man. I couldn’t agree more.
      The trouble with people today is that they will Never be satisfied.
      Keep it up EA/DICE.
      BF FTW Hooah.

      • xXxPRambo 10.20.12 at 20:45

        Its not about satisfying, its that they are really outdated on how to gain popularity like said in my other comment lack of game modes some people are not mindless zombies who like to play the same kind of mode every single time, lack of good maps(example metro, Donya fortress, bazzar and Death valley),Lack of the use of frostbite 2 engine(giving an example will greatly increase the length of the comment so i will not give it unless some one ask), no enough gameplay options(same as the example before only if someone ask) and lack of promises that they made(example the day/night cycle if i remember correctly there was a screen shot showing dawn, noon, dusk and night of the same place so many assumed there was gona be a day/night cycle and battlerecorder oh how i remember that promise now we are going to “get” it in bf4).
        This is what DICE is doing right new guns and vehicles every map pack, game engine and physics upgrade every game, going for the little details like when shooting against the tanks you need to be at a angle to get a certain number of damage and dumb down the game for casual players (i do not support this one but its necessary for casual players so i did add it here)

  • Baldr12 10.19.12 at 22:01

    Limited ammo? What if there is a Support? Ammo Boxes will be removed? Grenade and Side Weapon? This don’t go well with the class system where everyone has a ton of equipment with him. I think there will be no classes at all in this mode, ’cause in “Scavenger” would sound strange that from nowhere a Recon puts a MAV for example.

    • notman 10.19.12 at 23:02

      I think it’s going to take from gun master, where you don’t choose your class, and you don’t have the regular ‘accessories’ for that loadout.

  • donkey888 10.19.12 at 21:54

    Okay, so one map is post earthquake Iran. What are the other three?

  • holygeist 10.19.12 at 21:05

    (xcuse for my bad english)
    mmmh perplex .. more we’re getting DLC’s, lesser they’re interesting.
    4 new maps in the same environment .. :( & verticlay Like CQ again :((

    I would prefere bug fixes, less suppression, less explosions shaking..
    And maps-like that works great with the initial bf3 Metro, Seine, Bazaar, Noshar
    Dice founded a good recipe with those maps …
    New sort of game mode could be definding/attacking a moving convoy or train for exemple

  • Mallefus 10.19.12 at 20:27

    “assembling with the other parts needed, like a piece of wire for the string (maybe found inside a broken down car), some scrap metal for the bow mechanic and a scope. Just add duct tape…”
    Thats all bullshit. It’ll be a one hit weapon thats silent and has to reload after each shot fired. It’ll probably be a uniclass weapon too so everyone can take advantage. I do like the hunting for weapons though but ill just play as support and restock everyones newly scavenged weapons.

  • P-R-I-M-E-R 10.19.12 at 20:21

    This Trailer was GARBAGE…. Sunglasses????Lame. Didn’t really show anything, but a wimpy crossbow.
    I guess it’s going to be another disappointing expansion. you guys can’t seem to get it right. You take a good idea and always screw it up.

    • donkey888 10.19.12 at 21:53

      quit yer bitching. This one looks original and like it could be a lot of fun.

  • Very_MeanSid 10.19.12 at 20:06

    WHY??! Does there’s ALWAY have to be some idiot(s) that request a ‘Zombie mode’ just why…? it’s NOT call of duty for fuck sakes! and thank god DICE hasn’t given into that request. Zombies are for fat nerdy jerk offs who have no GF’s… Shit DINO survival mode would be better OR hell fighting UFO’S and aliens would better than a stupid zombie mode.

  • Mr.Over 10.19.12 at 19:57

    Where are the dinossaurs ??!!!

  • notman 10.19.12 at 17:40

    I hope this ends up as fun as it sounds (and DICE doesn’t fuck up the balance, like they seem to do so often). My only critiques, are that I think the weapons, in scavenger, should be in completely random locations (they said some sort of random, but not locations), and I find it funny, that the storage containers, in all of that violence, didn’t fall over, or get crushed by that crane ;)

  • afatcow123 10.19.12 at 17:35

    STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THE CROSSBOW AND THE SUNGLASS, the map is really bright and with the sun glasses you will proably be able to see the enemy better. And dont compare BF3 to Cod becuase they are introducing the crossbow

  • skeal88 10.19.12 at 17:14

    It would be nice if we can have the badass combat knife that has the guy running in the aftermath cover

  • Darkerdayzud 10.19.12 at 17:10

    Why do people bitch about crossbows…pls stfu….this is gonna be sweet. I personally dont care about crossbows…so unless they one shot enemys i wont use them.

    A fourth DLC for BF3 …HELLS YEAH!!

    Scavenger mode sounds insane! :) GO DICE!

  • kirbythebamf 10.19.12 at 17:07


    • Miwenskee 10.19.12 at 17:14

      I wasn’t too happy about it when I initially heard it, but I think they backed up their decision nicely. It says in the post that it is an improvised post-disaster-made weapon, of course it’s not standard issue. Quite frankly you don’t seem as if you’ve read it and you should have.

    • SeLf_TerMenatO-r 10.24.12 at 03:32

      USA standard protocol in disaster situations involves the making of crossbows and bolts using common materials. It’s clear you didn’t read the passage.

  • milosv123 10.19.12 at 16:56

    Crossbows…i see EA trying to please the “younger than 12″ crowd huh…

  • avyay90 10.19.12 at 10:17

    I wish the sunglasses have some gadgetry on them, some sort of vision thingy or something. I understand all stuff is messed up but something like that should do.

    • milosv123 10.19.12 at 16:54

      Are you serious? Isnt the extremely electronic detailed hud and retarness of spotting people through walls enough you want more? Kids these days…

  • o_NO_HANDS_o 10.19.12 at 09:16

    I look forward to using the machete looking weapon the guy in the AFTERMATH cover art is holding

  • VK_SHA63R 10.19.12 at 08:33

    This sounds awesome I can’t wait to test out the new vehicles!
    And can everyone shut up about COD?!!! Look at your game cover for christs sake if you really need a bloody reminder of what you’re playing! Battlefield has never been close to COD & never will be! You all act like they’re the only two bloody FPS in the world!

  • LEMONOWSKI 10.19.12 at 08:30

    I seriously hope that, that is some type of machete weapon! I like the assassinations in BF, but I want some Killzone 3 brutality!

  • Caios 10.19.12 at 07:46

    Can we compare COD with Battlefield? i’ve played both games and Battlefield put COD to shame! Well done DICE! Greeting from Portugal!

  • Unseen5hadow 10.19.12 at 07:33

    Wah wah cry like little babies. Thats all you sound like. If you think COD was the first to use Crossbows your kidding yourself. Also crossbows and bows are awesome killing machines so get over yourselves and stop judging before you even use it. So tired of the gaming community acting like little babies everytime someone tries something different in their games.

    • milosv123 10.19.12 at 16:55

      Crossbows were used in Battlefield 2: Special Forces DLC as A zippline crossbows, and in some other mods it was used to kill…

    • bones212 10.19.12 at 17:05

      im with this guy if your all gonna bitch and whine about bf3 copys mw3 lets put it in perspective in no order cuz hell if im gunna do that much reasearch but for arguments sake bf3 copys cod in turn copied from medal of honour in turned copied say quake which copied doom so in all half you people birchin aint got a clue because the only machine you ever played is a damn ps3 or xbox360 true gamers know what there on about we played god damn comodor 64 and know what a true loading screen was lasting about 3 hours and for the record crossbows were in turok before cod was even bloody inveted

  • 101_ParaInfantry 10.19.12 at 06:58

    Is the extension of Black Ops, this is not BF what are you guys doing with this game. Shame on you DICE

    • EXILE157 10.19.12 at 09:17

      BF2 Special Forces (2005) & BF2 AIX MOD, Had this way before “COD” what the F you talking about!? “Black Op’s” came out (2010)…………Idiot!

    • ThaKleanupGuy 10.19.12 at 17:00

      lol you guy are a truly f***in pessimist aren´t you??? :D
      look there is plenty of “true” bf maps out there already for real! i dunno wtf you are playing but i see no point in your argument… dice is only adapting and innovating the game in order to add more variaty which in my opinion is a good thing…. they are not trashing the game up, they are expanding!! :D
      and by the way…. you dont have to play aftermath when you dont like it…there´s still the orginal game, there´s b2k and there´s armored kill with plenty of “true” bf experience ;)

    • SeLf_TerMenatO-r 10.24.12 at 03:31

      What the heck is wrong with you? Black Ops is NOT the only game to have crossbows. Oh, Dawnguard for Skyrim added crossbows, they must’ve copied Black Ops! And BF2 Spec forces had a crossbow. GTFO

  • eidolon77 10.19.12 at 05:29

    I would like to see that beastly knife displayed on the poster in Battlefield instead of the current box-cutter.

  • renegadetanker 10.19.12 at 04:21

    DICE This is just my opinion…. If you would not only make the crossbow buildable but kind of bring in some of the ghost recon future soldier aspect on weapon builds, like changing out butt-stocks, triggers, and such. or even ammo like armor piercing, or tracer rounds for hand held weapons. Can you imagine tracers for sniper rounds, sure they can give your position away but if your not using a high powered scope it would be pretty sweet.

    On another topic: Dual weilding pistols/ with the exception of fully auto pistols such as the g series.
    But to do so you would have to take something away like a primary weapon away all together or no equipment item such as eod bot, medic kit, tugs.

    • renegadetanker 10.19.12 at 05:13

      What does anyone think about my idea’s? Just kinda wanting some feedback please leave me a comment

  • PNOYWENDELLWOE 10.19.12 at 03:44

    DEAR DICE … Ghillie suits would be a great addition to bf3 isnt it ?

  • liilturt13 10.19.12 at 02:55

    DICE!! i love you guys (^_^ )

  • godofcod58 10.19.12 at 02:04


  • patzivota 10.19.12 at 01:42

    finally… new character models…. getting sick of the same 8 guys running around! how about new character comments? and a crossbow?? sweet! if you add an AT4 launcher for the eng kit then by golly DICE I’ll love you forever. NICE WORK DICE!!! Got some sweet stuff coming out to keep the game fresh. I’m sure End Game will be even more appealing.

  • hvymtal 10.19.12 at 01:35

    I’m honestly more excited than anything to see what the dam faces on the Russians look like!!!

  • PlagasX 10.19.12 at 01:34

    Why don’t we have Guile suits yet like in BC2??….

  • MuD88 10.19.12 at 00:57

    A lot of people are saying this isn’t Battlefield… In my opinion, I think this is more Battlefield than anything. I’ve been a fan since the first one. Battlefield is the reason why I built a computer in the first place. Yes, the big maps and planes and chaotic all-out warfare is how it started, but that’s not how every battle is fought in real life. Battlefield is expanding, well… the battlefield. Close quarters, urban warfare and now this. If you don’t want to play the smaller maps or new game modes, then don’t. You’d be missing out though. Battlefield was made for change because the real battlefield is always different.

    • MR-LEWIS777 10.19.12 at 01:05

      After reading this, you must all apologize to DICE for your asshattery.
      Good point sir

    • 101_ParaInfantry 10.19.12 at 07:00

      PLay the real one BF2 and BF2142 and they make opinion!!

  • ST1_MikeMack 10.19.12 at 00:47

    I’ve read a lot of these comments. Agree with some, not so much with others. I appreciate that we are getting new content. I also appreciate that the devs are trying to be creative with environments, back stories, and weapons. The ARTWORK is PHENOMENAL, LOVE IT. The recurring issue that has a lot of people disappointed is that there are quite a few problems with EXISTING content that have yet to be fixed, acknowledged, or prioritized.

    If DICE were to simply ACKNOWLEDGE the known problems, that would be a massive and positive change from current community relations.

    • scole45 10.19.12 at 01:01

      ST1_MikeMAck….i def agree with you on all your points…I do love BF3…but there are still loads and loads of lingering issues still in the game. BFBC2 was and still is one of my favorite games ever. I do appreciate that DICE is still releasing new content …but i feel that they hardly listen to the consumers…With all these new additions…you would think they would introduce new weapons or some old weapons from BFBC2…i totally miss the XM8! A

      • 101_ParaInfantry 10.19.12 at 07:02

        What you guys are playing is a mix of what it was BF2 with COD no even close to Bad Company I’m not going to waste my time playing this game any more. Shame on you DICE

    • Cravit8 10.31.12 at 15:28

      Totally agree. They took away my MAV riding but there are glitches on Ziba Tower (and some other maps) that allow for essentially the same thing. Recon was so weak, nerfing the MAV was a huge let down for me personally.

  • FannySmasher5000 10.19.12 at 00:26

    God damnit DICE! Why only 1 new weapon?!?!

    Groza (
    KSVK (
    9A-91 (

    TAR-21 assault rifle (for assault) (

    Im pretty sure there is more that others can add to this list!

    But overall I like :)

  • loopy1111 10.18.12 at 23:54

    Crossbows and sunglasses? how about re-intruducing some BF2 maps and features like:
    more BF2 maps
    road to jalalabad (favrite)
    mashtuur city
    dragon valley..etc. ..etc..
    flash bangs
    grappling hooks
    zip line

    In my opinion, BF2 was a much better game, of course not graphic like.
    I wish it was 2005 again

    • ST1_MikeMack 10.19.12 at 00:43

      ..and SQUAD VOIP
      ..and TV missiles that don’t crater your own helo

    • 101_ParaInfantry 10.19.12 at 07:05

      This people killed BF since day one no clue about what is was BF 2 Agree with you where are the maps? No even Karkand is a complete map. The war was not with the Russians

  • ihavemoreswag 10.18.12 at 23:15

    I have to say, this is a new direction battlefield is taking. But I’m sort of thinking they taking this “A little overhead of the franchise.” I mean, yes. This Game was suppose to be something spectacular, and take a “slice of the COD franchise”. But think about this DICE… Do you really think you need a Slice of COD’s stuff. Do you really need to take a whole new direction of the original classic gameplay of Battlefield? Do you really think this DLC gonna be a success? What I’m saying is… Battlefield seems to lose it’s “original” formula. It seems to be something else instead of BATTLEFIELD. Just analyze what I’m saying. I’m HOPING…. someone will understand this.

    • InSaNek12 10.19.12 at 00:55

      I understand what you mean, and I don’t think they are taking a slice of the COD Franchise, but they are trying to appeal to a wider range of FPS players. I’m like you, I like the original Battlefield “formula” but I am open to new things, and I think this concept looks beautiful, I just hope they implement it correctly.

  • lllLukeNukem 10.18.12 at 22:56

    Dice, as a rather profitable entity, does not give a fuck it seems

  • lllLukeNukem 10.18.12 at 22:54

    This isn’t what the battlefield franchise needs, but for some peculiar reason it’s what the fans of what battlefield delivers seem to enjoy. F ck me I must be a terrible fan for thinking this, 4 tight close quarters maps, 1 new weapon, and a few re-classifications of pre-existing game play elements aren’t what I pictured when thought I was saving money by buying premium. Otherwise i wouldn’t spend $15 dollars on this. I recently re purchased 1942 at a flea market for $5. You’re trying to F cke me here Dice. Where are the maps like Gazzala and El Alamein? Large maps! Big Maps! Its a battle out here not a firefight. Stop trying to be like the others in the genre, some one of which EA is also trying to convince people is worth their money, and be Battlefield again for god’s sake

  • glassfish 10.18.12 at 22:30

    I’m looking forward to some new maps. Scavenger mode sounds great.

  • drumscarinbr 10.18.12 at 22:13

    This new expansion looks pretty cool, I guess. The crossbow looks kinda cheesy and COD-like, but oh well, most of the COD players are little kids and now, so are those that play BF3, so I understand DICE’s business model in catering to that crowd. It’s all about the $$$.

    My only real critisism about what I’ve seen so far is that it looks like there’s a lot of ‘copy n paste’ involved in the map creation. I see the same semi trucks, same cranes, same buildings, etc. Maybe this is a software limitation…..or just uninspired laziness? I’m not sure, but it does bring more monotony to the game.

    The new character models do look cool though.

  • GREENBUTT 10.18.12 at 21:52

    i hope these skins carry over to all of bf3 and you can outfit them with camo

  • xNICO1337x 10.18.12 at 21:46

    Support looks like a badass without his helmet

    • ihavemoreswag 10.18.12 at 23:08

      So right. I always thought he would be some ugly retard. Lol. :P

  • marrbreezzy75 10.18.12 at 21:45

    can yall please add the apache or black hawk in this expansion pack it would be sick to see them back and for the R.U. team you can have that golden heli from battlefield bad company and something to match the black hawk

  • ghost909090 10.18.12 at 21:27

    I whish new weaopn, like Razoritel Grenade, flash bag , tear glass

  • DarkEvill93 10.18.12 at 21:27

    Sunglasses. (41%, 2,707 Votes) Hell Yeah!

  • ghost909090 10.18.12 at 21:25

    no new weaponf, dice say going to new weapons in afther math

  • Shalashaska_19 10.18.12 at 21:24

    You wanna know DICE what i REALLY REALLY looking forward in Battlefield 3: Aftermath? Is that by the time this DLC is out the sound bug is fixed ONCE AND FOR ALL.

  • GUTZnPAPERCUTZ 10.18.12 at 21:04

    I think BF3 is a Rich Experience! What does User Interface Expertise have to do with this article for DLC? Your comment is invalid.

  • ruderger 10.18.12 at 21:04

    are there more earthquakes while playing? that would be cool, like more buildings fall down and more cracks in the road

  • TheFinnishSniper 10.18.12 at 20:41

    Can I choose the sidearm in scavenger?

  • hackepeter72 10.18.12 at 20:24

    start with handgun/knife only, search for weapons, crossbow… this is not COD, this is fkn HALF-LIFE!
    Still waiting for usable bicycles!

    • MR-LEWIS777 10.19.12 at 00:55

      yes. with endgame, they can use the base of the new motorcycles and reskin it, as a leg animation and tadaa. bikecycle!. i already saw a bike leaning against a shed in armored kill and wondered if they were very subtly hinting at something as i havn’t seen any bikes in regular

  • Crayze Steve 10.18.12 at 20:18

    oh yes and ZOMBIES are needed, think about it, the whole of a map to travel, random healthkits accross the map, any weapon (supports and RPG’s make u slower) but minimal ammo drops, 4 player apocolypse, even with the 4 it’d beat black ops

  • Crayze Steve 10.18.12 at 20:16

    the crossbow seemed very stupid, but now that ive read this thread it seems legit, but to object i dont think that even the military engineers could slap together a makeship computerised machine gun, i’d rather have the troops exposed and shooting

  • manuelviana 10.18.12 at 20:13

    I expect THE 10 NEW WEAPONS YOUR PROMISSED DICE!!! And I don’t see them listed here. This concerns me greatly!

    • Action_-_Myster 10.18.12 at 20:42

      agreed, he package otherwise sounds great, but it’s still not entirely what we were promised, would like to hear whether it’s because DICE will add the all weapons to endgame or what? you can’t just remove a feature and not explain why

    • Sean TripleX 10.18.12 at 20:54

      You both do realize that they stated that they would have 20 new weapons in TOTAL out of all the DLC’s coming out. 10 from B2k and 10 from CQ. Be grateful and say thank you instead of Fuck you.

      • kitten_print 10.18.12 at 21:13

        Scroll down and take a look at that premium advertisement. If my eyes don’t deceive me, it lists “New weapon(s)” in each expansion (besides armored kill). Personally, a large reason of why i purchased premium was to get many more weapons. Im rather disappointed to be honest.

      • renegadetanker 10.19.12 at 04:45


      • Action_-_Myster 10.19.12 at 18:49

        i mean i don’t think i was THAT disrespectful to DICE…
        and anyway i did watch an old bf3 premium trailer and your’re right, someone mentioned this before you and i looked it up and it DID in fact say 20 new weapons. now i always understood that to be without including back to karkand… so i don’t know.

    • bazzington 10.19.12 at 07:30

      Chill dude… They said more deets would be added later… Of coarse there will be other weapons and cammos… And when people said there weren’t any weapons added in armoured kill think about the new tank destroyers and gun ship… They’ look like some pretty fucking big weapons to me…. Hahahaha idiots!

  • Sean TripleX 10.18.12 at 19:58

    This is my opinion and nothing leaked or official, but i personally think that in a month from now, Dice is gonna come out and confirm the use of like a “Ice pick” or whatever that is that is in the soldiers right hand on the cover of Aftermath. I’m gonna suppose (and it would be cool if this is confirmed) that with these “ice Picks” or whatever, that we may get the ability to grapple up buildings to second story floors or so on depending on a pre-planned route that Dice allows you where specifically you can scale a building. I hope this becomes a possibility because then this would make everything even more challanging for both sides! Whats everyone elses view about this? :)

    • renegadetanker 10.19.12 at 04:33

      Maybe rapel from roof tops not so much climbing in my opinion but that even sounds great too

  • Sinster 10.18.12 at 19:48

    About time there is a Sunglass perk.

  • GTPDan05 10.18.12 at 19:47

    I think if dice made bf3 dlc just like DayZ it would be very profitable for them and a joy meant to play for us the “players”.

    • kharl92 10.18.12 at 20:44

      yea that would be sooo nice playin day-z in BF!!!!

  • YourMothersPink 10.18.12 at 19:19

    Now we need some Snakes on a Plane, Zombies or maybe Scrap the next generic pack and lets go with some DinoSARURRRSS!!!

  • oVER112 10.18.12 at 19:12

    This definitely sounds like the most interesting BF3 DLC yet! Can’t wait to search for parts to build a crossbow and to play for survival in Scavenger Mode! This oughta change the mind of the majority of people who said that DICE is copying from COD, stop complaining about stuff that’s not even fully announced yet and you only have ONE piece of information about, this is NOTHING like COD, this…is…BATTLEFIELD BITCHES!

  • YourMothersPink 10.18.12 at 19:09

    MuddaFakin Sunglasses!!! I’ve been saying this since day one tone down the lighting or at least give us some Oakleys damn nice!!! Like how you guys are thinking outside the box on this one, almost feels like a post-apocalyptic nuclear summer type deal. Fallout? good stuff

  • Madzinkaiser 10.18.12 at 19:04

    What i expect? A decent Netcode for console.

  • EyezGlazed 10.18.12 at 18:30


  • KaosuKoden 10.18.12 at 18:30

    Sunglasses have got to be a joke, but if they do, they better be the oakley’s and better have polorized lenses, cause then they won’t give away position, and they’ll help take down glare. but for real, that scavenger looks like it’ll be tons of fun… just like the gun master. worth playing every so often, but not what I like BF for!

    • Camambert 10.18.12 at 18:33

      I just pressed sunglasses, cause I’m looking forward to all the other 3, so I voted for the one that I thought was a joke, and could mean “all of the above”.

  • Jester86241 10.18.12 at 18:29

    Looking forward to Scavenger mode. Sounds tense.

  • leon2805 10.18.12 at 18:26

    OK, this map pack looks to be the worse on yet. I have loved the other ones so far but really DICE do you not have any people on your team that can come up with any new ideas on your own for game types and accessories (e.g. Crossbow) you could have said that you would include a BAYONET which would have been more useful.

    Things that could have been more useful:

    Flares (for night games)
    Kriss Vector!

    Game Types I thought of:

    Building Bridges – A bridge has been destroyed and the US need to get across using a vehicle like the titan and the RU have to stop them in anyway possible (this could be done in open area or in aftermath type levels)

    • YourMothersPink 10.18.12 at 19:13

      Your pretty smart, Yah your ideas are great, someone higher this guy!

  • Sartos979 10.18.12 at 18:19

    no new guns?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m still missing the XM8-P and G-36 for medic!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Private UMPalot 10.18.12 at 18:13

    Sunglasses is an in joke.Anyone from the old Mordor will know it.

  • anonymous209 10.18.12 at 17:51

    Sooooooo no new guns? I expected new guns cause armored kill didn’t have any…

  • SonicArrowEA 10.18.12 at 17:49

    44% vote SUNGLASSES? what??….. sunglasses…. you are seriously? oooooooo damn… the scavenger mode si new way… i love Codfield3…. good work DICE/EA… oooooooo sh****

  • Kastrenzo 10.18.12 at 17:48

    I have to wonder, DICE, are you on the United States Military’s payroll? I bet you’d get a lot of bad publicity if you showed a single US soldier getting killed in your trailers. God forbid you make a game that doesn’t look horribly anti-russo and biased toward Flag Waving Overzealous “Patriot” Retards

    • xxSMITHEREENSxx 10.18.12 at 18:11

      What’s one of the first things you see on the Armored Kill trailer? That’s right U.S. Soldiers dying. Who’s the retard?

    • Acts7 10.18.12 at 18:41

      “Flag Waving Overzealous “Patriot” Retards”
      - – nice coming from someone who’s probably never lifted his finger to defend his own.

    • bazzington 10.19.12 at 07:16

      Haha YES! So true I thought I was the only one thinking this! It’s so one sided! Don’t get me wrong, I live BF3 and anything they make, but the Russians take a lot of shit! Although America hates everyone…. In fact America thinks it is the best country in the world. In fact it thinks its the only one. LETS BOMB EVERYTHING… “Peace keepers” my ass!!! Hahaha

    • zTZz 10.24.12 at 04:10

      Not a single US soldier killed? Hmm that last scene must be my imagination then

  • stubby01 10.18.12 at 17:44

    Wouldn’t sunglasses give your position away from the sun’s reflection?

  • KSI Red Crayon 10.18.12 at 17:39

    I assume Sunglasses will keep the pesky glare from the sun from blinding you? Haha. Regardless, I’m looking forward to Scavenger Mode. Everyone’s on (semi) equal grounds until you find some guns. Awesome.

  • Jam Man UK 10.18.12 at 17:38

    Scavenger and predetermined weapon pickups sounds like quake.

    Sounds meh.

  • EightShadows 10.18.12 at 17:37

    ‘CrysisField 3′


  • Mr.NiCoS 10.18.12 at 17:36

    lol wtf sunglasses & a crossbow lame.. we should get more weapons & maybe difrend kinds of appearance (other gear like helmets & shit)

  • Tallkido 10.18.12 at 17:35

    Broken game is broken
    An error was reported from EA Online

  • ABED1984 10.18.12 at 17:34

    How would the Sunglasses affect my Gameplay?! O_o

  • MagicFeather 10.18.12 at 17:32

    So many awesome new things, allot of love for the crossbow, but I also can’t wait for the Scavenger mode :).

  • ABED1984 10.18.12 at 17:30

    The “Survival mode” is the one I’m most excited about!

  • Savage-JCR 10.18.12 at 17:25

    Just a teaser for Crysis 3, but i´m looking forward anyway. I´m very happy with the last expasion pack and from this one I don´t expect much, but I hope it has better maps than the originals BF3 maps.

  • me_preston 10.18.12 at 17:25

    so we are not getting the 10 additional weapons that was advertised with premium? I guess a crossbow makes up for it all…

    • [DICE] H Brun 10.18.12 at 17:32

      This Premium product page has listed what you get with Premium since we launched the offer, summarizing what’s in the 5 expansion packs and more. These numbers have never changed, and the number of weapons is listed as 20. These include the 10+10 new weapons introduced in B2K and CQ. The crossbow makes the number 21. Check out the Premium product page here:


      • kitten_print 10.18.12 at 21:15

        Scroll down and take a look at that premium advertisement. If my eyes don’t deceive me, it lists “New weapon(s)” in each expansion (besides armored kill).

        Thats somewhat deceiving if you ask me.

      • maicalgeacson 10.20.12 at 12:57

        How about the LIE …concerning the 5 new upgrades for base game vehicles ? Eh ??? Do you see it anywhere ? I don’t. Know why ? Because they are liars and have no respect for customers and what they promise.

  • ReDR4VeN 10.18.12 at 17:23

    Now, it could be me, but it looked as if during the game, there were environmental effects like tremors that could help silence shots or even throw them off all together… if so… AWESOME! I’m REALLY hoping they implement more environmental effects to the game that actually make the game play a little more tricky.

    • renegadetanker 10.19.12 at 04:27

      Wow that sounds like a great idea i didnt even catch that that a great idea, but at the same time i thing a constent ground shaking or thundering sound would get a little annoying after so long. But in general thats a great idea in my opinion.

  • SixSillySins 10.18.12 at 17:22

    *Gets expansion pack just for sunglasses skin and plays on 24/7 metro*

  • MillerLyte Kidd 10.18.12 at 17:22

    This looks amazing!!

  • rpsx 10.18.12 at 17:21

    i see you guys finally hired some people with real UX/UI expertise. why don’t you give them a trial by fire and have them fix all the fundamental issues that make BF3 a poor experience? hope danger close figured out all the fails and fixed them. will be betting $65 they have. and, will be looking for my next opportunity to short EA. yeah!

  • Adam-xD-- 10.18.12 at 17:21

    Can’t wait for this!

  • QNoir 10.18.12 at 17:15

    How about you expect it on Wednesday and it won’t suck, lol.

  • PELMACHWARRIOR 10.18.12 at 17:14

    Oh Great this comes out November 27th and that is a Tuesday….anyone her remember that armored kill came out on tuesday and people in the US and me specifically had to wait until 7pm cause they update the store on play station network. They do it on tuesdays and it takes all day. this is going to suck

    • patzivota 10.19.12 at 01:45

      Everything comes out on tuesday’s in the gaming and movie world.

  • QNoir 10.18.12 at 17:13

    I love the idea of beginning with knives and handguns. And limited ammo. Knifing FTW!

  • Ev1l D3m0n 10.18.12 at 17:12

    “Highly popular Gun Master mode” LOL

    I’m looking forward to scavenger hunt though, it’s a nice arena twist on the Battlefield franchise. And crossbows. :)

  • matheusamarante 10.18.12 at 17:11

    I was disappointed not to have capture the flag mode

  • voltum 10.18.12 at 17:11

    About survey at the end: my own “most looking forward to” will be tremors while we are playing.

  • madmark99 10.18.12 at 17:09

    Love how most of the “What are you most looking forward to in Battlefield 3: Aftermath?” are for the sunglasses ha ha

  • Stilkdog 10.18.12 at 17:06

    This is one I can’t wait for! I love the idea of survival, hope it works out the way it’s planned.