Deliver death in silence with the versatile new crossbow

Perhaps the most striking and versatile weapon addition in the history of Battlefield, Aftermath introduces the makeshift crossbow. Read on for an in-depth look at its many uses and different bolt types that let you adapt to any situation on this earthquake shattered Battlefield.

Hit by the earthquake from the Battlefield 3 single player campaign, Aftermath centers around the struggle for supremacy amongst shattered streets and buildings.

Inspired by real life military engineering ingenuity, this crossbow is created by taking the stock of a malfunctioning assault rifle and adding the other parts needed, like a piece of wire for the string and some scrap metal for the bow mechanic. The result is an improvised and silent way to deliver deadly force to the enemy, including four distinct types of bolts to switch between depending on what the situation calls for. If you’re a Premium member, check out two minutes of exclusive crossbow gameplay footage in the latest Premium exclusive video that was released today!

Four bolts let you adapt to any situation
Once you have unlocked the new crossbow via the Assignment Sticks and Stones [Perform X], you will have immediate access to the standard barbed crossbow bolt.

While we wouldn’t recommend anyone being hit by this bolt, it has a rather pronounced bullet drop bolt drop and therefore limited range. The other three bolt types for the crossbow are individually unlocked by Assignments, and you can bring both your crossbow and all associated bolts back with you to the base game.

The high explosive bolt is a short range bolt laden with C4, exploding on impact. While not packing as much punch as an RPG shot or C4 charge, it still gives Assault players (who normally only have grenades in way of explosives) a chance to destroy vehicles or blow holes in the terrain to make tactical use of the destruction in Battlefield 3.

Then there’s the scan bolt, featuring a tip that includes a radio emitter, scanning the nearby area for enemies (in a 10 meter radius to be exact). Finally, the double feathered aerodynamic balanced bolt gives any class the ability to deliver deadly force at extreme range. For the Engineer class, for example, this means a rare chance to broaden their play style by adding long range engagement to what they already excel at: repairing/destroying vehicles and medium range combat.

In this manner, the four different bolts and the crossbow become a jack of all trades solution suitable for any class. While none of the available bolts are as powerful as the standard weapons they mimic (a genuine sniper rifle will always be more powerful than a sniper bolt, for example), the ability to switch bolt type on the fly means any class can adapt to any situation. We are super excited about this new addition to Battlefield and are eager to see how it will shape gameplay online, both in Aftermath and when bringing it back to the base game.

Did you miss our first in-depth look at Aftermath here on the blog? It talks more about the setting, the new vehicles, and the new Scavenger game mode where you have to explore the environment to find new weapons.

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  • Indignant Yeti 02.04.13 at 19:29

    Adding a crossbow, even as unrealistic as this one, is the FPS version of “jumping the shark.”

  • eredi_13 12.19.12 at 23:35

    The xbox is just about useless! The reload time takes way too long and you cant switch bolts in the order you want to. The HP bolt has just about no range. The balance bolt doesn’t even come close to comparison to any type of sniper rifle, i don’t understand why they say this adds to long range engagement.

    • VLFORCES 02.13.13 at 01:18

      Not at all, is just that you don’t have the skill to use it.

  • Killa_Tre_303 12.19.12 at 11:27

    How do you change bolts and sights???

  • Bitter_Blue 12.14.12 at 19:12

    how do you change bolts?

  • Fernando979 11.24.12 at 23:10

    Will the crossbow be available in other levels such as Seine crossing and kharg island? And THE skins?

  • WHOISJOHNGALT 11.22.12 at 17:00

    two words Dinosaur Horde.

    if you want this mode as well, please ask for it. i don’t care if it’s in end game, i just wana shoot some raptors, T-rex’s & Spinosaurs!

    • metafa 11.23.12 at 12:44

      LoL… ridiculous… I would really view my Premium money being wasted if there were dinosaurs in the game. Where do you kids find all that time to play? Shouldn’t you do homework or sth?

  • WHOISJOHNGALT 11.22.12 at 16:57

    if they are looking for weapons to add:
    Ingram MAC-11
    Desert Eagle
    Micro UZI
    HK USP
    HK MP-5
    Barret Mod 99
    AK-47 (i know they have the AK-74 but it just isn’t the same)
    M32 (40mm GL)
    Throwing Knife
    Ballistic Knife
    LAAW (light anti armor weapon)
    M8 (carbine, SMG & SAW variants)
    M1A1 Thompson
    and yes i am a gun nut & yes i CAN go on like this ALL DAY (i just thought a flame thrower was to black-ops)

  • WHOISJOHNGALT 11.22.12 at 16:42

    one word: Akimbo. and not retarded like in COD. you should be able to look down the sights with 2 guns. i know it wont be as accurate as with 1, but it is not impossible

  • Ereidy_13 11.21.12 at 05:49

    I can understand an instant kill with a well placed head shot but a one hit kill to the body is just stupid. Are you guys saying that the M98B using the .338 cartridge cant do it but an arrow to the body can?! get real.

    • CHAINSAW305 11.22.12 at 06:33

      Look man I totally agree with u on the the usas nerf….but they nerfed the sht outta the famas and the irnv scope and they are complete garbage now…also I believe if you are as close a range needed to one hit kill an enemy with this weapon…the m98 and several other weapons already have one hit kill abilities at close range dewd.

  • USMCG_Rapture47 11.16.12 at 20:47

    Napalm Bolts anyone? Vaseline, a plastic bag, and an arrow with a flaming tip shouldn’t be THAT difficult?

  • Kevin_sapo 11.14.12 at 14:23

    Finally a one hit weapon! Hope DICE ignore ANYONE bitching about it being Overpowered and never nerf this! a number of people complained and DICE nerfed great guns and ruined most of the experience! don´t NERF anymore shit! it is enough already!

    • Ereidy_13 11.21.12 at 05:58

      You obviously don’t even know what your talking about, its called balancing. bet this guy was the one abusing the USAS frag and dart glitch. There really isn’t any solution to someone who sucks and cant adapt :}

  • Alkanida 11.12.12 at 23:11

    My BF3 Hatemail Collection:

  • coloneq 11.12.12 at 02:26

    Its a modified M417 sniper rifle! >:o

  • p1011457 11.11.12 at 04:51

    I hope they make it a one shot kill to the head or body. Also they should make the arrows stick out of where u shot him, YOU’RE KNEES WILL DIE!!!!!!! :P

  • Solarstorm09 11.10.12 at 10:46

    from HarshGunner´s comment i thought of this, what if you could attach a blade of some sort on some certain weapons on the slot where you can place underslung rail/foregrip/bibod (cant remember whats the slot called)? maybe a makeshift ducktape contraption :D

  • HarshGunner 11.07.12 at 23:38

    This is a good input but a realistic looking m1 garand with a detachable bayonet and a rifle grenade attachment would be even better. Not like the one from bf1943

  • ilPavo 11.07.12 at 10:22

    Nice but I would have preferred a Barrett cal. 50 sniper rifle

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