Deliver death in silence with the versatile new crossbow

Perhaps the most striking and versatile weapon addition in the history of Battlefield, Aftermath introduces the makeshift crossbow. Read on for an in-depth look at its many uses and different bolt types that let you adapt to any situation on this earthquake shattered Battlefield.

Hit by the earthquake from the Battlefield 3 single player campaign, Aftermath centers around the struggle for supremacy amongst shattered streets and buildings.

Inspired by real life military engineering ingenuity, this crossbow is created by taking the stock of a malfunctioning assault rifle and adding the other parts needed, like a piece of wire for the string and some scrap metal for the bow mechanic. The result is an improvised and silent way to deliver deadly force to the enemy, including four distinct types of bolts to switch between depending on what the situation calls for. If you’re a Premium member, check out two minutes of exclusive crossbow gameplay footage in the latest Premium exclusive video that was released today!

Four bolts let you adapt to any situation
Once you have unlocked the new crossbow via the Assignment Sticks and Stones [Perform X], you will have immediate access to the standard barbed crossbow bolt.

While we wouldn’t recommend anyone being hit by this bolt, it has a rather pronounced bullet drop bolt drop and therefore limited range. The other three bolt types for the crossbow are individually unlocked by Assignments, and you can bring both your crossbow and all associated bolts back with you to the base game.

The high explosive bolt is a short range bolt laden with C4, exploding on impact. While not packing as much punch as an RPG shot or C4 charge, it still gives Assault players (who normally only have grenades in way of explosives) a chance to destroy vehicles or blow holes in the terrain to make tactical use of the destruction in Battlefield 3.

Then there’s the scan bolt, featuring a tip that includes a radio emitter, scanning the nearby area for enemies (in a 10 meter radius to be exact). Finally, the double feathered aerodynamic balanced bolt gives any class the ability to deliver deadly force at extreme range. For the Engineer class, for example, this means a rare chance to broaden their play style by adding long range engagement to what they already excel at: repairing/destroying vehicles and medium range combat.

In this manner, the four different bolts and the crossbow become a jack of all trades solution suitable for any class. While none of the available bolts are as powerful as the standard weapons they mimic (a genuine sniper rifle will always be more powerful than a sniper bolt, for example), the ability to switch bolt type on the fly means any class can adapt to any situation. We are super excited about this new addition to Battlefield and are eager to see how it will shape gameplay online, both in Aftermath and when bringing it back to the base game.

Did you miss our first in-depth look at Aftermath here on the blog? It talks more about the setting, the new vehicles, and the new Scavenger game mode where you have to explore the environment to find new weapons.

  • Indignant Yeti 02.04.13 at 19:29

    Adding a crossbow, even as unrealistic as this one, is the FPS version of “jumping the shark.”

    • VLFORCES 02.13.13 at 01:17

      It isn’t is irrealistic at alll

  • eredi_13 12.19.12 at 23:35

    The xbox is just about useless! The reload time takes way too long and you cant switch bolts in the order you want to. The HP bolt has just about no range. The balance bolt doesn’t even come close to comparison to any type of sniper rifle, i don’t understand why they say this adds to long range engagement.

    • VLFORCES 02.13.13 at 01:18

      Not at all, is just that you don’t have the skill to use it.

  • Killa_Tre_303 12.19.12 at 11:27

    How do you change bolts and sights???

  • Bitter_Blue 12.14.12 at 19:12

    how do you change bolts?

  • Fernando979 11.24.12 at 23:10

    Will the crossbow be available in other levels such as Seine crossing and kharg island? And THE skins?

    • VLFORCES 02.13.13 at 01:19

      yep it is

  • WHOISJOHNGALT 11.22.12 at 17:00

    two words Dinosaur Horde.

    if you want this mode as well, please ask for it. i don’t care if it’s in end game, i just wana shoot some raptors, T-rex’s & Spinosaurs!

    • metafa 11.23.12 at 12:44

      LoL… ridiculous… I would really view my Premium money being wasted if there were dinosaurs in the game. Where do you kids find all that time to play? Shouldn’t you do homework or sth?

  • WHOISJOHNGALT 11.22.12 at 16:57

    if they are looking for weapons to add:
    Ingram MAC-11
    Desert Eagle
    Micro UZI
    HK USP
    HK MP-5
    Barret Mod 99
    AK-47 (i know they have the AK-74 but it just isn’t the same)
    M32 (40mm GL)
    Throwing Knife
    Ballistic Knife
    LAAW (light anti armor weapon)
    M8 (carbine, SMG & SAW variants)
    M1A1 Thompson
    and yes i am a gun nut & yes i CAN go on like this ALL DAY (i just thought a flame thrower was to black-ops)

    • Thumper5643 11.23.12 at 22:48

      Yeah, this isn’t CoD

    • CHAINSAW305 11.26.12 at 06:06

      mp5 is there dewd…and so is the draganov…gun nut!!!?????

    • VLFORCES 02.13.13 at 01:15

      They all are COD style weapons

  • WHOISJOHNGALT 11.22.12 at 16:42

    one word: Akimbo. and not retarded like in COD. you should be able to look down the sights with 2 guns. i know it wont be as accurate as with 1, but it is not impossible

  • Ereidy_13 11.21.12 at 05:49

    I can understand an instant kill with a well placed head shot but a one hit kill to the body is just stupid. Are you guys saying that the M98B using the .338 cartridge cant do it but an arrow to the body can?! get real.

    • CHAINSAW305 11.22.12 at 06:33

      Look man I totally agree with u on the the usas nerf….but they nerfed the sht outta the famas and the irnv scope and they are complete garbage now…also I believe if you are as close a range needed to one hit kill an enemy with this weapon…the m98 and several other weapons already have one hit kill abilities at close range dewd.

  • USMCG_Rapture47 11.16.12 at 20:47

    Napalm Bolts anyone? Vaseline, a plastic bag, and an arrow with a flaming tip shouldn’t be THAT difficult?

  • Kevin_sapo 11.14.12 at 14:23

    Finally a one hit weapon! Hope DICE ignore ANYONE bitching about it being Overpowered and never nerf this! a number of people complained and DICE nerfed great guns and ruined most of the experience! don´t NERF anymore shit! it is enough already!

    • Ereidy_13 11.21.12 at 05:58

      You obviously don’t even know what your talking about, its called balancing. bet this guy was the one abusing the USAS frag and dart glitch. There really isn’t any solution to someone who sucks and cant adapt :}

  • Alkanida 11.12.12 at 23:11

    My BF3 Hatemail Collection:

  • coloneq 11.12.12 at 02:26

    Its a modified M417 sniper rifle! >:o

  • p1011457 11.11.12 at 04:51

    I hope they make it a one shot kill to the head or body. Also they should make the arrows stick out of where u shot him, YOU’RE KNEES WILL DIE!!!!!!! :P

  • Solarstorm09 11.10.12 at 10:46

    from HarshGunner´s comment i thought of this, what if you could attach a blade of some sort on some certain weapons on the slot where you can place underslung rail/foregrip/bibod (cant remember whats the slot called)? maybe a makeshift ducktape contraption :D

  • HarshGunner 11.07.12 at 23:38

    This is a good input but a realistic looking m1 garand with a detachable bayonet and a rifle grenade attachment would be even better. Not like the one from bf1943

  • ilPavo 11.07.12 at 10:22

    Nice but I would have preferred a Barrett cal. 50 sniper rifle

    • Kevin_sapo 11.14.12 at 14:29

      and I would preffer Deagle baby ;D

      • WHOISJOHNGALT 11.22.12 at 16:38

        3 words: Akimbo Desert Eagle!

  • Benze2244 11.03.12 at 13:30

    Looks like a solider found an M417 and made it to a crossbow.
    But got damn it looks awesome!

  • Hp009 11.03.12 at 05:27

    i would like to see a tracer dart as in bc2….so much fun
    any hackers or a holes you could plant a red flashing beacon on there head and not that easy to attach to choppers

  • hrodwolf9 11.02.12 at 17:55

    Will we be able to fire the scan bow on a tank so it could be seen by teammates ? If any class can C4 tanks, then Dice should bring back the fast firing by switching primary and canister shell !

  • Alkanida 11.02.12 at 15:45
  • ariaandkia 11.02.12 at 10:06

    If you use a crossbow on my server, I will ban you /jokes. In seriousness though, how does that design make any sense? I won’t say it can’t work, but I’m pretty sure there are much more efficient designs. That seriously looks like some guy found a bunch of scrap parts and duct taped it together and found that it worked as a weapon

    • ariaandkia 11.02.12 at 10:19

      Ok, I see why now. Even so… There are better ways to do it…

    • Solarstorm09 11.10.12 at 10:48

      as long as what the dlc is about, and what the blog says, thats exactly what the crossbow is supposed to look like?

  • Ares1995 10 17 11.02.12 at 06:25

    People talking bad about bf3 can just get off and play cod if you want but don’t be stupid and say its copying it just because they made small maps and crossbow. All you like doing is comparing everything to cod, just because another game has a weapon that cod had doesn’t mean copying. Everyone comparing to cod is just stupid period.

    • Kevin_sapo 11.14.12 at 14:26

      I agree! did you know? I am a silent Assassin! and with this Crossbow I will be even more silent lol, nerd warning on me :D

  • The_Ignorance 11.01.12 at 22:43

    Why are we introducing a CoD aspect to the game will be interesting to say the least

    • Oof14346 11.02.12 at 01:21

      It is not a CoD aspect. Crossbows were in Battlefield 2.

    • Ares1995 10 17 11.02.12 at 06:29

      Just shut up your like a little girl, how is this like cod just because of a crossbow your so damn ignorant.

  • Ev1l D3m0n 11.01.12 at 18:01

    1-hit disable on choppers? My God DICE… what have you done?

    • Kevin_sapo 11.14.12 at 14:27

      I love the idea :D mohaha! I am comming for you now bitches!

  • o0MaxPayne0o 11.01.12 at 03:14

    I can see it, ” X-Bow’s, X-Bow’s everywhere…”

    • wernersbacher 11.01.12 at 15:47

      I can see it, “no x-bow” servers

      • Ev1l D3m0n 11.01.12 at 18:02

        Or Xbow only servers o_O

  • staffsargent91 11.01.12 at 00:38

    this crossbow looks awsomeeeeeeeeeee i cant wait for aftermath its gona be f….n awsome

  • the1800Hrs 10.31.12 at 19:45

    Cant watch the video in iPad

  • gloosenjaut1 10.31.12 at 15:21

    no puedo ver el video

  • WH1T3B34RD 10.31.12 at 06:28

    i can’t wait for it

  • Symaotic 10.31.12 at 06:17

    IS this weapon going to be completely silent on maps?

  • GI ALPHA 10.31.12 at 04:24

    Lets give it up for the redneck who made the cool crossbow!

  • Skopcony 10.30.12 at 23:56

    Can it be used on regural maps?

    • xX_pansain_Xx 10.31.12 at 00:11

      Well just think about it. The crossbow is probably going to be released as a weapon to unlock through an assignment, similar to B2K and CQ. All of the weapons that you unlock from B2K and CQ are allowed to be used on other maps, so yes, my honest belief and opinion is that you will be able to use the crossbow on other maps.

    • Monkeys_Guns97 10.31.12 at 00:58

      This is a silly question, right up on top in the blog it says you can use it in the regular maps… Please.. Stop being lazy and READ it….

      • Monkeys_Guns97 10.31.12 at 00:59

        Sorry my bad, another blog post said that it could be… My bad for being rude and “immature” I am deeply sorry. Anywho, yes it can be used on the regular maps..

    • BigDjr1970 10.31.12 at 02:57

      Yes you can

    • BigDjr1970 10.31.12 at 02:58


  • MundaneRaptor 10.30.12 at 23:44

    Ya know what aftermath needs! a Trailer with a faster remix of
    That would rock…

  • xosrov 10.30.12 at 23:15

    why just can you do some new thing ? like a new sniper , the intervention m200 from call of duty MW2 .Or the galil from call of duty black ops

  • 81DP_LeB-Velasco 10.30.12 at 23:08

    give me one!

  • MelonVita 10.30.12 at 23:01

    Why is everyone talking about the ‘magazine’? I don’t see a single mag on it. I see the slot, cause it looks like it was made out of an old rifle.

    • Bossninja37 10.31.12 at 00:04

      Some people can’t read. That’s why.

  • T WOOKS 10.30.12 at 22:41

    Disapointing.. Been playing the Battlefield seires since i was a child (Battlefield 2[PC]/Battlefield 2: Modern Combat[Ps2]) and i must say this is the worst thing i’ve ever seen happen to Battlefield. I offten wonder if ANYONE from the Devs department even plays this game because Crossbows are not what we need.. It’s just going to turn into somthing everyone uses all the time and then gets nerfed and becomes useless like almost everything in this game.. Would of liked the GUNS that were promised to us alot more than this waste of time.

  • TRY_to_KNIFE 10.30.12 at 22:20

    Again closer to some call of duty ‘guns’

  • TheMuffin 10.30.12 at 21:35

    As a crossbow designer, this thing makes me cringe. How do you cock it with no stirrup? With no fletching groove, how does the arrow sit on the track? With no sight bridge and integrated tumbler system, how do you keep the string cocked? And where are the cables supposed to go when you cock it? There is no lower track for them to sit in. The whole thing looks like a joke and whoever designed it needed to spend more than ten seconds on google images before creating it.

    • Garland_Greene 10.30.12 at 22:08

      You do realize is a game right,and most of this game in reality are thing that would never work in real life?

      • BatisdaCJ 10.30.12 at 22:13

        WHAT?! Are you saying, that I can’t jump out of a jet mid air, shot another jet with my RPG, and then jump back in again irl?! :o
        So not playing this unreal game anymore… :P
        It will be fun to see what stuff we will be able to do with this thing. However, I might agree with some of the others, it just don’t in BF that much : / But Ill give it a try ^^

    • TMAN2468 10.30.12 at 22:36

      This crossbow looks to be designed off of the PSE TAC 15i crossbow system. Any doubts or criticisms should be quelled after watching the video from their website. ( … and I also agree with @Garland_Greene… this crossbow design for the game may not be perfect but it was based on a true to life weapon. But please keep in mind that this is a VIDEOGAME… no one ever claimed it to be perfectly accurate/ and real.

    • Polarjoe 10.31.12 at 11:56


      “As a crossbow designer” I think you should probably go back to your workbench and stop playing FPS games…

      • TheMuffin 10.31.12 at 15:50

        How does that make any sense? That’s like saying I shouldn’t drink soup because I’m a lumberjack.

        Folks, it’s not about realism, it’s about the perception of functionality. Guns appear to work in these games because we can’t see the parts that make it actually function. A crossbow is the exact opposite. All of the parts that make it function are on the outside aside from the trigger. So when something is missing it is immediately evident. Most folks won’t notice, but if say, the barrel was missing from your M16, you’d question why. That’s all I’m saying. At least give the illusion that it would be a functional weapon. As it is right now, there is just no way it would even possibly work.

  • NickN3720-1 10.30.12 at 20:58

    Wow, way to completely ruin class balance DICE.

  • Maeldun81 10.30.12 at 20:37

    DICE is really running out of ideas….

  • NO_FEAR 10.30.12 at 20:07

    Crossbow wars!

  • Sirhc978 10.30.12 at 19:44

    I guess the C4 bolt is a good idea for the Recon class…I really hope this is used like an equipment though (i.e. RPG) and dosent replace your main weapon, because that would be stupid.

    • Dr.TekHOUSE 10.30.12 at 20:13

      it’s equipment, if you take a good look at the video, you will see the teammates using xbow carring the main weapon in the back.

  • Top Shotta32 10.30.12 at 19:21

    This looks like it actually could be fun not sure as of yet.
    But one thing i am 100% sure about is that i ain,t buying Premium.
    If i like the look of the game play when it get,s uploaded on youtube then i might give it a go.

    • MiStArEdX 10.30.12 at 21:09

      You don’t have to buy premium, just the DLC Aftermath….$50 vs $15

      • HateMagnet- 10.30.12 at 22:02

        Um there is 5 DLCs and at 15 bucks a pop, you are better off spending the one time 50 bucks. Don’t be stupid.

  • demonfel 10.30.12 at 19:20

    Would have prefered a .50 caliber sniper rifle.. But Okay……..

  • cowsandchickens 10.30.12 at 19:02

    Well this weapon is going to be useless to me

  • SamRock 10.30.12 at 19:01

    Just like the Crossbow will we be able to take the new character models to the base game? If not please allow that! It will add a nice variety to the existing game.

    • ElofssonN 10.30.12 at 19:04

      ofc you will be able to play with it in normal game ea and dice wants to sell premium so i think its a sure thing ;)

      • SamRock 10.31.12 at 11:08

        I doubt becuase nothing has been mentioned about it so far! Just imagine having new set of clone soldier running on the vanilla maps!! It will be awesome

  • EmanuelFS 10.30.12 at 18:58

    explosive bolt nerf in 3,2,1…

    • steveballmer 10.30.12 at 19:16


  • Lumos 10.30.12 at 18:50

    Holy shit, this is awesome. I’ll do my best to be the first person in the world to hit 100 service stars with the crossbow.
    However, please don’t force me to do stupid assignments for it, like the “MTAR Specialist” (and most others actually), which has two completely unrelated to the gun tasks.
    Nevertheless, awesome. I’ll finally be able to at least play Assault in CQ matches… And to be honest, I don’t care much about anything else in Aftermath except the crossbow.
    Keep up the good work, people of DICE! And while you have certainly had some faults because of the ever-spreading unwanted CoD-influence, this thing here is SPOT-ON.

    Release it in November pls. :P

  • rogersmithbigo 10.30.12 at 18:37

    did someone say grappling hook/zip line?

  • OctoberMedia 10.30.12 at 18:30

    So are we also getting Horses and Bayonets?

  • xYogotiss 10.30.12 at 17:44

    This will be interesting

  • Hundredscalps 10.30.12 at 17:31

    Real cool concept with the different bolts!

  • XtremeClowny 10.30.12 at 17:31

    No. What are we playing cowboys and indians? Where is my horse?

    At least in Bf2 the crossbows were useful…

    • wernersbacher 10.30.12 at 17:32

      Did you get what the 3rd DLC is about?
      If you don’t want to play, so don’t.

    • SpeedRacer1955 10.30.12 at 17:40

      Your horse is in the Tora Bora Valley along with your bayonet in the saddle bag. I think its a change of pace to the one hit one kill run and gun style of gameplay. This is what is needed instead of zombies and items that don’t fit the gameplay. Now if we could get the cloak of invisibility and pulse lasers that will complete the game… LoL this is not an ultra gadget game it is a tactical FPS like America’s Army that the US Army uses to get an idea of what they need in recruiting new soldiers.

      I applaud the effort that Dice has attempted here.

      • xxBushWookiexx 10.30.12 at 17:50

        i like that they added something to the silent one hit one kill, however, its will be interesting if my bolt will drop a man in one shot, yet my 308 round from a sniper rifle wont. Fix that and they will be back on the path for “realistic”. MOH was a testing point for BF3 with the new engine and guns. that’s why people died so quick in the beta. since then, nerfing has taken away the realism of BF. I kept hoping (and still do), that they would bring it back to what it was in the beginning.

        • |Mr.Clean| 10.30.12 at 18:44

          See, Being a relative veteran of PC FPS, I could tell you that this isn’t the first time I’ve seen a cross bow used as an unconventional means of bringing down your opponent. (Chaos for Unreal Tournament GOTY, Chaos UT2 for UT2004,); But this puts a spin on things that, I’ve gotta say, I’m quite psyched up for. Given that it’s similar in function to the compound bow from Crysis, I like the fact that they implemented the cross bow upper for AR-15s that can be bought IRL.

          Watch it or don’t. Thing’s real.

  • JR033193 10.30.12 at 17:24

    I’ts amazing how so many players have given up on DICE just cause of the bow and crack on them for copying COD,the bow was on BF2 way before blackops and you would know that if you’re a real BF player common people if anything this is quite a great twist on the battlefield and also scavenger mode will be interesting in my opinion thanks and keep up the good work DICE really looking forward to my christmas present.

    • xxBushWookiexx 10.30.12 at 17:43

      well aware of it, been playing BF since 1942. But Close Quarters was a rip from black ops. Donya Fortress looks just like the map Villa on black ops. i noticed that on the trilaer before it even came out. They have constantly been nerfing guns because of all the whining from the influx of COD players. In the beta people dropped in 3-4 rounds. A lead developer even said that they were not bringing commander mode back in because they thought it would be too hard for the target crowd they are trying to bring into battlefield. That would be the COD crowd. From a business standpoint it’s genius, and i get that. But from a fan of the original BF style, it sucks. BF always kept thing a little more realistic than the other games. Frostbite 2 was supposed to make most things destructible. I think BC2 had more destructible buildings in it. 30mm cannons on the Tunguska do 10 damage? takes 10 hits to put a man down with it? little birds guns do 10 damage? it carries either 7.62 rounds or .50 cal rounds. .50 cals on tanks do the same damage as an assault rifle? I mean, come on. There is a reason a ton of “real BF players” have left the game.

      • Krujelikruj 10.30.12 at 18:17

        Well you sir nailed it. There should be a mode in the game that makes it more realistic, like Hardcore but with realistic damage. I mean i’d like to see somebody get shot 9 times in the chest with a 30mm cannon and just run away like nothing happened in real life. The most powerful weapons are just ridiculously nerfed so that COD kids wont flood the chat with whine all the time. If there was a gamemode available like that then maybe i’ll start playing again, then people could choose between playing a realistic game or a more arcade-like one like CoD. Hardcore just aint enough for me at least.

        • Magister Mundi 10.30.12 at 18:56

          You know what would be really awesome? If everyone stopped trying to copy Call of Duty. Seriously – if people want to play Call of Duty, they’ll play Call of Duty, not Battlefield. I think this “trying to get fans from Call of Duty” strategy that EVERY FPS seems to be adopting is a flawed one. Because all it does is alienate your player base AND not do its stated objective, because Call of Duty will be better at being Call of Duty than Battlefield will.

          Seriously – I don’t even like regenerating health in a Battlefield game, because it fundamentally skews the balance of classes (and you end up with swarms of Engineers). But if you then take that and combine it with very forgiving damage rates? Yeah. Recipe for disaster. And honestly not very many well-populated servers.

          I admit, I love me some Battlefield 3, especially because I enjoy figuring out different unlock combinations, but I keep going back to Battlefield 2 and thoroughly enjoying how balanced, quasi-realistic, and lethal it is. Also worth noting that I regularly see more people playing BF2 than I do BF3. Not always, but often.

          • CHAINSAW305 11.26.12 at 06:48

            Yea I wish the damage was as lethal as it used to be…sadly I’m stuck on console so its worse…and then u got soooo many servers with nothing but infantry based maps…its bad…I love the guns, the way u move, the attachments and how many there are…I’m glad they put armored kill on console and the jets…but with sooo many cod fans on console its hard to find those true bf players…with regenerated health and the gun nerfs its not like it used to be and I miss it.

      • Sirhc978 10.30.12 at 19:48


      • CHAINSAW305 11.26.12 at 06:32

        Yea bf has changed completely…I’m not a fan of it…specially since this game shipped with more infantry style maps and then they brought close quarters into the game…u know it kinda sucks having sooo many cod fans complain the way bf was and dice changing it to there was always different for awesome reasons and now its trying to meet bf and cod players in the middle…I just hope they don’t go too crazy and get rid of vehicles and big maps…at first I didn’t like the crossbow at all..specially on all the maps…it just seemed like it belonged on scavenger mode only…but I believe it will work out and people should have fun using it.

  • wernersbacher 10.30.12 at 17:21

    Crossbow on standard maps?

    • SpeedRacer1955 10.30.12 at 17:41

      Why not!

      • ken0308a 10.30.12 at 18:40

        “both in Aftermath and when bringing it back to the base game”?

  • xxBushWookiexx 10.30.12 at 17:19

    Bad enough they molded Close Quarters after Black Op’s. now they are bringing in the crossbow too. Throwing Tomahawks will be next i guess. I think the Battlefield i have known for the last 10 years is officially dead.

    • Jim_Russel 10.30.12 at 17:25

      Actually, Black Ops and Battlefield copied the Gun Game after Counter-Strike and just because they are adding a crossbow doesn’t mean they are coping any game and in fact just want the players to have more choices to do stuff with the weapons and have fun playing the game with it

    • kulyar0092 10.31.12 at 07:45

      Hate to intrude on your lamenting, but you see, close quarters and the crossbow are additions, as opposed to a subtraction. Now you can play classic battlefield (bf3+B2K+AK) and COD-esque gameplay all in one game.

  • [RAR]oMiNous 10.30.12 at 17:15

    Will this be a primary weapon or a gadget?

  • DreddGarr 10.30.12 at 17:07

    Bruno747, the header says makeshift.. so they basically used the riflle part, and left the mag in for uhmm… balance? use of trigger? grip?.. Who knows but it sure is a sweet spin-off of the real combat version the TAC15 look it up on google..


  • TacticalMicrowav 10.30.12 at 17:06

    I wonder if the scan bolt can also kill!!

    • JR033193 10.30.12 at 17:18

      I’m sure you will get some a hitmarker just like in BC2 when you hit someone with the scan ball i’m confident you will be able to kill someone with the scan bolt but it’ll take more than one to kill an enemy.

  • ShavedApe 10.30.12 at 17:05

    Please please please dont make the assignment requirements stupid like the camo ones are. I dont want to have to get 300 kills with x gun plus 30 gaymore kills at 20 anti tank mine kills on choppers just to unlock a camo for a gun ill never use. So please make these assignments something other than say get 50 roadkill with EOD for eg.

    • MelonVita 10.30.12 at 23:00

      lol too true

  • LeKirk 10.30.12 at 17:04

    So the crossbow is made from scrap parts but they still have radio emitter bolts?

    • Carlve88 10.30.12 at 17:13

      looks like a tug minus the stand. wich would make it scrap parts

  • JohnMirra 10.30.12 at 16:59

    > tactical use of the destruction in Battlefield 3
    Nice joke here.

  • Bruno747 10.30.12 at 16:56

    Interesting take on a crossbow, whats the magazine well for?

    • Bruno747 10.30.12 at 16:59

      Nevermind I found the part about it being made from a damaged assault rifle

      • [DICE] H Brun 10.30.12 at 17:03


    • wernersbacher 10.30.12 at 17:20

      Which magazine? The magazine slot is empty.

  • delapresilla 10.30.12 at 16:54

    Nice, I really love the idea but… What about the 9 other weapons promised for Aftermath?

    • At-M 10.30.12 at 16:58

      there were no promised weapons, they promised 20 additional weapons, and with karkand and cq you got them, the crossbow is actually the 21st

    • BiGrAbIdSkUnK 10.30.12 at 17:01

      yes At-m is right delapresilla, there has already been 20 new weapons, and looking at the battle-log and on the game itself it has never said there would be any new weapons on aftermath or the expansion after so the 21st weapon was a surprise and everyone should be happy that they are getting something

  • Dandan642 10.30.12 at 16:53

    Good addon