5 new Premium exclusive Assignments and weapon camos live

Just a quick note to all of our Premium members: 5 new Premium exclusive Assignments tied to 5 new weapon camos are now unlocked in the game for you. You can study the new Assignments and rewards in this Battlelog News post: http://bit.ly/Qwd0Gz

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  • raph032 11.04.12 at 10:44

    I think DICE is going to put 2 camos for each gun, so the next soldier ugrade will be maybe for the M4A1, M16, M249 and M40.

  • Spec_Ops_Gamer 10.24.12 at 23:30

    EA I think a lot of your fans would agree with me when I say that you guys should ADD SOME FREAKIN CAMOS FOR WEAPONS LIKE THE M4A1, M416, M16A3/A4, M60E4, etc!!!!! For Example: It would be cool if there were the tactical and desert stripe camos for these weapons. I got Premium because I thought EA listened to their fans so please hear me out and add camos for guns other than the ones you have already given camos! Thanks…
    It would also be great if other people could comment on this and agree.

  • {SA}StayAlive 10.16.12 at 14:23

    Great stuff, does anyone know when DICE is planning to release real bullets, you know…the ones that actually drop the enemy when hit? BF3 has great potential but with current settings it’s just another arcade game. If you’re looking for a more realistic shooter look at ARMA 3 when it comes out.

  • shiggarfraggar__ 10.11.12 at 17:12

    No, jackass, they aren’t admitting anything to the quality of the game when they make changes that balance the game out or stop people from abusing glitches and such. All they are doing is trying to make the game more profitable and more fun for all players, not just try-hards like you who have spent 35 24-hour days of the last 365 in the year playing this game, perfecting your craft at it. Besides, what do you care what DICE adds/nerfs/changes? According to your Battlelog profile it hasn’t stop you from kicking a bunch of ass. As one of many of my friends that fall under the “CoD ship jumpers” moniker you tossed out there, I can tell you that it’s not us that are whining about the game, it’s whiny little kids and people that don’t like change from previous games. There is a reason why we jumped ship and it’s because we didn’t want something like CoD anymore, which even now, it’s still not like CoD in the least.

  • FIST2CUFFZ 10.10.12 at 16:15

    You CoD’d the game to death. The second you change the game is the second you admit to making a sucky product. Stick to your guns and quit bending to the will of those who suck at your game, like the CoD ship jumpers.

  • CeeBeeNord 10.10.12 at 12:40

    i dont know about all the others, but i really dont care about the cammo on weapons. I care about the weapon that is shooting at me, or the one im picking up after killing someone. The assignments for the cammos are unused in my account ( exept the once ive got for just playing the right class) There are soooo many guns and additions to those guns in the world, and you bring us cammo for the once i have played through, or dont want to play with. I love the additions to guns (ie: silencer etc). and would love to get some more guns or additions to the once already added.

    BTW: When is the greyed out silencer comming for the shotguns?

    Love your game, but you are going to loose alot of players soon if you dont give us anything factual to play for. The New map expantion was a bust.

    • FIST2CUFFZ 10.10.12 at 16:13

      Right there with you. With RIS on the majority of the guns. Why can’t I have a flashlight and Laser? Or a Red dot and Acog (flip side) Or an IRNV with illuminator and or a Scope? Why can’t I have A silencer a Laser and a Flash and a forgrip…. Why can someone put down 6 tank mines but only carry 2 claymores? Kinda dumb. Or have 8 RPGs ..Really? Why do Claymores disappear after death like they are tied to someones life, but tank mines are forever? DUMB moves by DICE to appease players who cry. The game was perfect in the beginning with exception of MAV riding, and Killing.

  • YourMothersPink 10.10.12 at 05:13

    How about the people that spent 60$ on the game and another 45$ on DLC and have been playing since day one. Do they get anything special or is this only for premium members who JUST bought the game with premium included for a flat 60$ fee. Bullshit don’t yah think?

    • shiggarfraggar__ 10.11.12 at 16:35

      Nobody bought the game for $60 with Premium included you moron. Also, if you spent $45 on DLC, that was your choice to buy B2K, CQ, and AK separately since Premium was available before the release of CQ. If you would have just spent the $50 on that then, you wouldn’t have a reason to b***h and moan now.

      • aH3RDofTURTL3S 10.13.12 at 16:05

        actually they are selling the game with premium for about $60 so you get all the dlc and the game for a better price than people who believed in the game from the beginning

  • scarpoche 10.07.12 at 22:20

    if u are going to do weapon camos as assignment rewards, which makes no sence. at least make them weapons that dont already have camo.

  • scarpoche 10.07.12 at 22:13

    granades, please differ colors between friendly and enemy so u can tell what is coming at u. obviously this doesnt matter on hardcore but would b very helpful on other game modes.

    • FIST2CUFFZ 10.10.12 at 16:16

      There shouldn’t be a grenade color period. They should take the glare off it. If you don’t see it comin too bad I mean the characters yell grenade anyway, and it makes enough noise.

  • DonRapMe 10.07.12 at 05:55


  • marine504 10.07.12 at 02:22


    • Ausmatt 10.22.12 at 09:10

      I Always love new weapons or items of any kind. All are welcome. Cannot wait for the next round.

      Just got my Custom Bullet Button Controller Ready to go kill some stuff with my new items.


  • styrvolt 10.06.12 at 16:49

    It doesn’t really add to the game. Neither does all those guns. But I suppose it’s kinda neat. If you’re a toddler :) No. Jokes aside. I would prefer some more physics in the game. Shooting a tires. Gun damage (however small) to air/land vehicles. More destruction. More players. You know, the stuff that are the building blocks of those battlefield moments. The gadget galore is fun and all, but in the long it wears off.

    Oh, and please allow us to have separate sensitivity settings for hip/ADS.

  • Gunner_1st 10.05.12 at 10:49

    Camo for your weapon is a total joke, it serves NO purpose in-game, a players body sticks out long before weapon camo, making it just eye candy, and totally non-functional!

    • scarpoche 10.07.12 at 22:01

      great point, please let us earn something that will help the guns performance

  • Ryouda 10.04.12 at 20:16

    comment on joue?

  • BIRTHDAYFACE046 10.04.12 at 17:09

    If only this website could reveal the process on which weapons are chosen for assignments. Its honestly becoming so mysterious and mythic it could be compared to Atlantis or the Bermuda Triangle. Any bit of information like “we cant input these changes yet,” or “we are saving them for a future update;” hell, im even ok with them making us pay money for them… but something, ANYTHING that would give us a logical foundation as to why they choose these weapons can be so fulfilling

    • Bob_Juan_Santos 10.05.12 at 06:06

      it can be random, or it’s their personal favorite. don’t like it? don’t do the assignments

  • FeLoN_Br 10.04.12 at 06:06

    DICE, why do you keep making this stupid assigments? why am’i being punished whith this anoying assigments, that no body likes to do just to get some camos?

    • Bob_Juan_Santos 10.05.12 at 06:06

      they are OPTIONAL, i guess some people are having trouble understanding that.

      • scarpoche 10.07.12 at 22:38

        trophys are optional also but so many people feel the need to obtain them, its predicated on completion. this is true with the assignments. people understand they are optional, they would just like to see more options as to what the assignments will be because of our need for completion.

  • DesoloateOne8892 10.03.12 at 05:32

    Question, will the PS3 sound loss issue ever be fixed….ever?

    • kharl92 10.18.12 at 20:49

      wait that happens to you too where no sound comes out ofyour TV?

  • SGTSNIPES 10.02.12 at 12:13

    I would also like to see more camo gear for the snowy environment.not that it will make much difference when spotted by thermal optics,but still would be nice.(more snowy maps would be cool too)

  • GORILA730 10.02.12 at 00:42

    dice can I please get an all white camo for the snow map on armored killed map pack. thanks

    • scarpoche 10.07.12 at 22:05

      if u do bring in white camo, this would be the only time weapon camo makes sence so keep this in mind.

  • GORILA730 10.02.12 at 00:39

    i feel what you are saying because im getting tired of getting booted from a room because im owning the clan

  • HalfaChance88 10.01.12 at 23:33

    Awesome how about fixing the servers. they still suck. NOBODY is in the DICE servers so nobody plays on them. Quick match should send me to a normal dice server not a privately owned server with admin abuse. Yesterday I got banned from two servers that were hard to find because it was normal CQ, 100% and no rules both times I hadn’t even gotten a kill but got banned. Not everyone wants to play a 500% game on some assholes private server. Servers worked perfect on BFBC2 but, they suck on BF3. TBLT