Celebrate The Battlefield 10th anniversary with us

The legendary Battlefield 1942 launched one decade ago and changed everything. Join our week long celebration of the Battlefield series, full of retrospects, classic trailers, legendary concept art, and great price promotions.

It’s going to be a great week for Battlefield fans in all of our channels. Later today, we will repost one of the classic trailers from Battlefield 1942 with comments by its original creator, DICE Senior Video Producer Roland Smedberg. Back in 2002, it was extremely unusual for game trailers to feature actual in-game footage the way we did.

Each day until September 28 will feature something new from the rich history of the Battlefield series. If you’re an old time Battlefield veteran or a fan interested in gaming history, you don’t want to miss this.

Download remastered anniversary artwork
To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we have custom created a few other pieces of artwork as well that we want to share with you. Feel free to download these to adorn your desktop or website. There’s the 10th anniversary logo plus four never before seen desktop wallpapers in full HD resolution. These were created here at DICE by upscaling select scenes from the classic Battlefield 1942 intro. Just click the thumbnails below to download the 1920×1080 versions. Enjoy!

Announcing The Wake Island Dog Tag Challenge
Help commemorate the launch of Battlefield 1942 by revisiting Wake Island (in Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand). Next week, we launch the Wake Island Dog Tag Challenge, where we task PC players to compete against Xbox 360 and PS3 players to reach a specific number of game rounds on this legendary map. Stay tuned for the full details on this challenge soon.

Chat with Battlefield 1942 veteran Lars Gustavsson next Tuesday
Few people at DICE know more about the Battlefield series than Lars Gustavsson. He has worked on almost every Battlefield title since the start, and Codename Eagle (the spiritual predecessor to Battlefield) before that. Come Tuesday, you will be able to chat with Lars Gustavsson on Origin.com and ask him anything about the history of Battlefield. We will get back to you soon with the exact timings for this rare opportunity.

Week long celebration
This is the first decade of Battlefield, and this is just the beginning of our celebrations. Stay tuned for more happenings on our Facebook channel, YouTube, and Instagram. Each day until September 28th will celebrate our proud Battlefield heritage. Battlefield has been truly life-changing for us at DICE, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank our fans from the bottom of our hearts. We couldn’t have done this without you.

Today only: Battlefield Anniversary Sale
To kick off the celebrations, Origin are discounting select PC Battlefield games currently on sale on Origin (regional differences will be present) to just $10 or equivalent in your territory. Head to Origin now to stock up on the Battlefield games missing in your collection, but make sure to do it today. The offer only lasts until midnight today on September 20th (incidentally the date when Battlefield 1942 originally launched in Europe).

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  • martin_top 09.29.12 at 06:10

    Feliz cumpleaños Battlefield te llevo jugando desde 2003 y nunca he encontrado ningun juego que pueda superarte, grande 1942!! :D

  • MatheusValle1199 09.26.12 at 22:52

    Congratulations Battlefield, Dice, Frostbite for his series of games that appeal to everyone until today playing.HAPPY BIRTHDAY BATTLEFIELD!!!

  • BEY0NDER 09.26.12 at 19:57

    Ahh, the game that STARTED IT ALL…

  • Gunner_1st 09.26.12 at 10:48

    All this does is remind me of how DICE cheated the PC community, months of build up, and then took our money, only to NEVER release 1943 for the PC

  • 88_i 09.26.12 at 04:42

    Happy B’Day 2u… you smell like an FPS and u make a bloody good one 2! Hip hip horah!

  • ChicoLui 09.26.12 at 02:59

    Happy 10th Anniversary,and thanks for all the entertainment I’ve received from the battlefield franchise.

  • SGTSNIPES 09.25.12 at 11:03

    Love to see a mixture of old BF games rolled into one with the new Frostbite 2 engine also,happy 10th anniversary dice.

  • Shi_ga_kita 09.25.12 at 06:03

    if possible I would like to speak with the idea people at DICE directly. I own a copy of every game in the battlefield series on either xbox or pc (pc being my favourite) and would like to suggest aome ideas. I spoke to some of my friends and would like to do surveys of the fanbase. I don’t have rescources but if anyone can help me to get into contact with the DICE marketing and management, we could make the ultimate PC first person shooter experience.
    One of my favourite things about battlefield (which I think alot of people miss is that you drop your magazines. a feature from battlefield 1942 to battlefield 2: modern combat.
    Another important part of battlefield vietnam and battlefield 1942 was the number of AI’s available in single player games. Aswell as a complete lack of a true campaign with set missions and scripted dialogue.
    Look at battlefield 1942 gameplay and compare it to battlefield 3, The sheer amount of possibilities was astounding and while much has been added, the classic experience has been left behind so that battlefield is now only better than call of duty. I don’t care about the graphics of the game.
    I don’t care about mainstream ideas like pulling all your bullets from one clip and putting them in the next so that you somehow keep whatever you don’t shoot off. The most important thing is that
    you have forgotten what it was like when you were BATTLEFIELD. If I can play battlefield 4 on an old laptop with battlefield 2 graphics, I would be extremely happy. I want to see a good game, if I can blow my way through buildings, then I don’t care if each individual brick is a single magnificent 3d object.
    If I can fight a hundred effective Ais (not literally of course but 32 vs 32 would be favourite) then I don’t care if I can make out each individual beard hair. I like bullet travel time and physics engines, but I also like being able to run the game for more than half an hour on my laptop. Bring in fans and talk to them. Customize a game for the fans and let the fans beta test. I don’t care if im in the beta test or not but if you want the marketing point of view, a game made from the ideas of the fans for the fans and marketed as such will be the best selling point of a game ever. Has anyone ever tried it?

    If anyone agrees to this and can help this happen, friend me on origin. Everything else I have is far too full.

  • ArcLight Raven 09.24.12 at 17:09

    I loved the old battlefields, where you could control the aircraft carrier and tactfully place it, the battle ships that you could shoot on shore, in vietnam where the chinook ch-47 could sling load tanks, jeeps, or any ground vehicle. I hope they make that possible again for xbox!!

  • XDnow 09.24.12 at 13:29

    To be honest i don’t like the new style of Battlefield games i really loved the WWII Theme i really loved those games i have every game for now all from Battlefield 1942 to battlefield 3 and to be honest i loved every game exept when we come to the modern war… im really sorry DICE but take back WWII theme :)

    • LemonJuiceDealer 09.24.12 at 20:49

      I agree with you, playing BF3, i can imagine playing 1942 with a frosbite tecnology….

  • MikeAP 09.24.12 at 13:07

    DICE should’ve stuck to the WWII theme. The current modern stuff just doesn’t work, and is extremely unrealistic…especially tank combat. Using an M1A2 without a laser range finder or ballistic computer is just mind-blowing for me. I’d much rather fight Sherman tanks against Panzers.

  • illbeback2 09.24.12 at 12:30

    Although wonderful games, each individually, none of the sequels can match the excitement we’ve all experienced running around the BF1942 maps for the first time. Made me a gamer at 32.

    • mrhankey1982 09.25.12 at 05:12

      dude i have the same fking face as u lol i swear

  • F_T-Major_C 09.24.12 at 10:02

    1942 was an amazing game…. I loved the team play aspect, but for me Desert Combat was the real game changer ( not on the list as not an official release ?? ) The hole team aspect was in my opinion far better than BF3 , Dont get me wrong I do enjoy playing BF3 but its not the same level . Bring back Capture The Flag for BF4. To me BF3 is too fast paced. run, shoot die spawn repeat again and again….. The little Birds and Gazelle took real skill to fly well, I could regularly defeat Jets in them, in BF3 I dont even bother climbing into them …. Battlefield is A GREAT franchise, why not open up the source code again to allow other developers the opportunity to maybe come up with another Desert Combat….

    • VolksDragon 09.24.12 at 16:02

      Desert Combat was the first “unofficial” mod done for BF that was any good, and it wasn’t made by EA/DICE. It was made by Trauma Studios (which was bought by DICE after the mod 0.7). You are correct, though, it made the game a LOT better with the Mod than without.

  • DotAXRU 09.23.12 at 16:41

    Battlefield 1942 + Battlefield 2 = 52%
    52% is more then a half of all votes. DICE should take it into account and make Battlefield 4 feeling more closer to thsese great games.

    • Joji 09.23.12 at 22:15

      By releasing BF4 within the next year or so, players like me will not be satisfied. I’d say, we should get mod tools for BF3 and continued support for the game as well. If not, I’d make sure BF4 is PC exclusive. Max out all the possible destructive elements in the game. I hate how consoles are compromising the full potential of the Frostbite 2 Engine.

    • R3FRESH 09.24.12 at 09:22

      Totally agreed, man! ,)

  • G-vi 09.23.12 at 00:26

    i would just like to thank dice for the best game ever made! (bf1942) i lost over 4 years of my life to it (sad i know) after some time i lost touch with the pc world and never really got back to it still dont play pc games but then i found bf3 and now it seems like every thing i done every game i played till now was just waiting for this to come out my wife is now a war widow and im hooked again DICE YOU NAILED IT AGAIN (just stop nurfing everything everyone can unlock everything so its all fair anyway if ppl dont wana use it thats there look out!)
    also alot of ppl saying remake 1942 with fb2 that gets my vote if not then at least El Alamein as a dlc
    anyway heres to another decade well done dice and happy birthday bf

    • G-vi 09.23.12 at 00:34

      p.s as a salute to 10 years of bf we at The Flying HellFish [TFHF] (PS3) have dedicated all our servers to 24/7 wake island for the week so all welcome to come join the anniversary celebration

      • SPEEDMAN 09.23.12 at 14:51

        but that’s not on PS3. i mean BF1942 is not on PS3 ?

  • popboo 09.22.12 at 22:55

    It a LoL

  • Commando484z 09.22.12 at 22:29

    SO…… why isn’t DICE making other post?They deleted the Vietnam one and removed the video for some odd reason…

  • dbole007 09.22.12 at 20:59

    I first played Battlefield 1942, but really got into BF2 and was hooked, even had a clan I was part of and played it regularly to the point of wife thinking she was a widow. Now I play BF3 on Xbox and love it, and really love the airplanes and tanks.

  • Blackbird1978 09.22.12 at 18:32

    I miss battlefield 1942 the most. It was for me the best game, too learn history and play in it. Hope that the bring it out again on the same engine of Battlefield 3 that would be very very cool.

    • TinyTurdz 09.22.12 at 22:16

      I agree on all your points.

      A true BF1942 with ships, subs, mod, bot, local server, and LAN support in BF3′s frostbite 2.0 engine would be greatness. …One can wish.

  • Loneranger640 09.22.12 at 18:30

    Love BF2 above all. Only the lame jets and heli’s destroy a good game. Became even worse in BF3. BF3 ended up being just another-massacre-shooter. The first “war” game that has NO jets and heli’s will be my favorite game.

    • Nattvasen 09.22.12 at 19:25

      Then play America’s Army :-) I like it!

    • BENSHIVD05 09.22.12 at 20:08

      The vehicles make Battlefield stand out from the rest. If you dont want that play something else.

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