10th Anniversary: Battlefield 2142 Retrospective

As our 10th anniversary celebrations continue, it’s time to take a closer look at the classic Battlefield 2142, including one of the most memorable trailers for it.


“This video almost functions

as a tutorial for the game”


DICE’s Senior Video Editor Roland Smedberg remembers the making of the trailer: “Like the launch trailer for Battlefield 2, this one was also used as the intro for the game. It also had the same type of opening sequence as Battlefield 2 with the sun and the moon, so there was a clear connection between the two. What I like the most about this trailer is the craftmanship that went into it: I like the angles, the camera movements — it just looks good. We deliberately showed as much of the setting as possible, and the video almost functions as a kind of tutorial for the game. This was also the title where we introduced in-game dog tags for the first time. You can see at the end of the trailer that we show a dog tag that says thanks to our beta testers, which I think was a neat touch. I remember this random YouTube comment where someone said that the trailer alone was worth the price of the game. :)”

Battlefield 2142 retrospective (originally published at www.dice.se)
Now officially an Electronic Arts studio, it was time for DICE to explore new territory. Having placed their previous online shooters in WWI, WWII, the Vietnam War, and modern day settings, Battlefield 2142 took place in a future where a new Ice age has thrown the world into a panic. The soil not covered by ice can only feed a fraction of the Earth’s population, and players choose to fight for one of two military super powers in an epic battle for survival: The European Union or the newly formed Pan Asian Coalition. Introducing a futuristic art style, science fiction weaponry, and the asymmetric game mode Titan, Battlefield 2142 still has a hardcore following that doesn’t want to leave the future behind.

Follow us on the Battlefield Blog as we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Battlefield with classic trailers, game retrospectives, classic concept art, and more. Every post celebrating the anniversary will be tagged “10th Anniversary”. Also, make sure you pick up the celebratory Battlefield 1942 wallpapers and anniversary logo from our previous blog post.

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  • dominikacz 09.17.13 at 15:37

    Bf 2142 is very good game

  • RS_RedBaron 08.22.13 at 19:07

    This game was a good bf game! I had so much funn. Please Dice\EA make a new 1. On the Frostbite and more of what bf2142 had…and more!

  • sn_250 05.08.13 at 19:53

    how have i never heard of this game…LOL

  • geoarcas 03.21.13 at 15:07

    Nice game but i never manage to play online

  • HBrun-2 10.21.12 at 15:33


  • me_grimlock45 10.21.12 at 12:15

    I gave up Counter Strike, COD, and Medal of Honor, because I got hooked on this game! It was underrated but it will always be my favorite game. They should stop BF4 and BC3 and focus on a BF3142. Nothing better than attacking silos, and blowing up the titan. Please update version on consoles! NPA clan for life!

  • MOTYSHIZ 10.19.12 at 04:38

    This game was underrated like mad.
    Then again, it was a pain to get it running at times…

    I still rate it as one of my favorite games of all time, if not my favorite of all time.

  • Tubbernut 10.18.12 at 17:49

    remake this game on frostbite 2 engine and on multiple platforms for everyone to enjoy, this was my favorite pc game back in the day and is still up there even today

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