10th Anniversary: Battlefield 2 Retrospective

The 10th anniversary celebrations continue! We are showcasing classic trailers from the series, and now the turn has come to Battlefield 2 from 2005. Below is the launch trailer for Battlefield 2, created by DICE Senior Video Editor Roland Smedberg.


“In this trailer we wanted to show

a lot of ways to take out a base”


Roland Smedberg remembers: “For the Battlefield 2 launch trailer, we really wanted to show a lot of ways you can take out a base in multiplayer. The trailer pretty much shows what could happen in a round of Conquest, and it was also used as the actual intro to the game. We wanted to get across that you had everything at your disposal from jets to helicopters and tanks and infantry. I think we still managed to get some humor in there with a few neat idle animations in the soldiers.”

Battlefield 2 Retrospective (originally pulished at www.dice.se)
One of the most loved games in the series, Battlefield 2 took what made the series great and made everything bigger, better, and deeper in a modern day era. Featuring three playable forces and more than 30 vehicles, players could engage in all-out vehicle warfare in some of the biggest 64-player matches ever to grace a PC.

Battlefield 2 featured immense environments from city streets to remote forests, and introduced maps that have acquired legendary status and are still played today, including Strike at Karkand. Battlefield 2 also introduced the concept of a deep persistence system where players unlock ranks and awards and gradually unlock weapons as they earn experience on the battlefield.

This was also the game that took team play to a new level. Squads commanded by squad leaders were introduced, as well as a Commander on each team to guide their team to victory and support them with a multitude of intelligence and assets. An even heavier emphasis was placed on team play, as players now also received points for team actions like healing.

The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences presented Battlefield 2 with three awards: PC Game of the Year, Outstanding Achievement: Online Game Play, and First-Person Action Game of the Year. Other prestigious awards for Battlefield 2 include Technical Excellence Award 2005 from Gamespy, Game of the Year 2005 from PC Gamer, Best Online/Multiplayer Game 2005 from 1up.com, and Editor’s Choice Best PC Game 2005 from Gamespot.

Follow us on the Battlefield Blog as we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Battlefield with classic trailers, game retrospectives, classic concept art, and more. Every post celebrating the anniversary will be tagged “10th Anniversary”. Also, make sure you pick up the celebratory Battlefield 1942 wallpapers and anniversary logo from our previous blog post.

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  • FathomsDown 03.07.13 at 13:36

    I loved BF2 but, initially, missed many of the features that BF1942 had such as the heavy bombers and ships which made it feel so epic. The expansion packs soon made up for the slightly slower game play and I soon racked up more hours on BF2 than any other BF game.

    The sad thing for me is that BF2 marked a high point in the series with each game getting steadily dumbed down and less entertaining. I did like BFBC2 as it had its own feel to it rather than follow the declining BF style. I just hope BF4 goes back to the series’ roots with more classes, different equipment (such as tear gas, night vision goggles, grappling hooks, etc.) and more large vehicle action. Oh, and I hope it gets properly play tested this time!

  • SpeedLight357 12.21.12 at 17:33

    So far, the best BF i’ve played…please make it back for free…

  • Polux06 11.19.12 at 02:43

    BF2..the game i liked the most..
    BBC/BBC2/BF3 never achieved it…
    Everyone i know (playing the genre) always hoped for a new BF2 every time a new BF came out.. always resulting in deception.

    I agree with what ppl are saying… less COD more BF… even if the market is there for the Callofduty..there’s a reason why some ppl prefer/stick to the Battlefield series.

    BF2 was to the Battlefield series what San Andreas was for GTA… an apogee from which point it went downhill.. after that we lost all the new features that they had very well integrated..

    and bring back the ability to play music like in Battelfield vietnam.. ;p

    thing that i miss in the BF series:

    the ability to lift vehicles from vietnam
    the music that we could play in vietnam
    the commander seat in BF2
    the ability to call for transport/supply/airstrike
    the quick command/answer menu.. was useful for ppl not using a mic..

    i wish for bigger squad..maybe 6 pl…

    my 2 cents..

  • Gijs Konings 10.10.12 at 12:58

    If you make Battlefield 4 more like Battlefield 2 instead Battlefield 3 more Bad Company 2 is. I will ensure you, you will make more money than the Call of Duty franchise. Friends of mine who don’t have Battlefield 3 (just a few) didn’t buy it because it is not like Battlefield 2. Yes Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 are awesome, but I can speak for the most fans out here that it isn’t better than Battlefield 2. Still you did a great job with Battlefield 3 (and also I can’t wait for Battlefield 4 and Bad Company 3).

    • Killerdoomsky 11.06.12 at 02:50

      BF3 made the series pop to cod fanboys, bout it. BF was a good game since BF1942. nuf said.

  • Lord Brewster 09.28.12 at 17:05

    I never played BF2, was it really that good? Having fallen in love the series after playing BFBC 1&2 I bought an old copy of Battlefield 2 Modern Combat on the Xbox 360. It was terrible!
    If BF2 was so good, how about a BF2 HD multi-player rerun for Xbox Live using the frostbite 2 engine? BF 1943 is looking a little tired and old now, especially with the stunning visuals you get in BF3.

    • Sting1279 10.28.12 at 04:54

      Yes, it was that good. Gameplay was second to none. Never got bored playing that game. Can’t say the same for BF3.

  • EvilElvis-IRL 09.28.12 at 14:58

    Miss playing as commander. Battlefield 2 was the best, nothing has come close since IMO

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