Rolling Thunder: Introducing the new Tank Superiority game mode

The expansion pack Battlefield 3: Armored Kill is rumbling ever closer to its September release, and it is bringing the heavy-hitting new game mode Tank Superiority. Read on for the full story.

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill is all about vehicle warfare. Introducing the new vehicle class Tank Destroyer, this third expansion pack will also feature an all new game mode where tanks reign supreme.

While our previous expansion pack Close Quarters focused on infantry combat and game modes like Gun Master and Conquest Domination, Armored Kill brings back all five regular game modes from the base game — and adds Tank Superiority on top of that to create yet another flavor of the ever evolving Battlefield 3.

Where tanks reign supreme
Tank Superiority is a highly tailored game mode for Armored Kill where platoons featuring Main Battle Tanks and Tank Destroyers fight for control over a single flag – often placed in extremely open and hard-defended terrain. The new game mode resembles a “King of the Hill” struggle and is available on all four maps in Armored Kill, each map featuring a mix of up to 16 tanks.

Rolling into action on the new Armored Shield map in the expansion pack Armored Kill. Click for full size.

As there is only one flag with a tight capture radius per map, heavy tank battles tend to flow back and forth as teams seek to bleed tickets from their opponent. For tank drivers, success usually comes by staying together in packs of 2-3 tanks working together. Going solo to the capture point typically means you get overwhelmed by a large group of enemy tanks.

To make sure there is plenty of opportunity for epic tank battles, respawn times for the vehicles are almost instantaneous. If you spawn at your home base and don’t see a tank, there is usually no reason to start legging it towards the front. A few seconds later, a new tank will appear for you and your team mates.

Main Battle Tanks and Tank Destroyers working together to defend the single capture point in the new Tank Superiority game mode. Click for full size.

Say hello to your new friend
The new Tank Destroyer brings a new type of vehicle into the mix. Think of it as a more lightly armored tank (similar to Infantry Fighting Vehicles in armor) but faster and with the same firepower as a main battle tank. Keep moving and the Tank Destroyer is hard to hit but packs the same punch as the regular tanks on the battlefield.

Besides experienced tank drivers, Armored Kill also calls for Engineers to repair your team’s vehicles, as well as Recons who can assist by laser painting enemy tanks with their SOFLAMs. This makes it easier for the Engineers to lock onto targets using their Javelins. Gameplay in Tank Superiority is extremely heavy on tanks, and there tends to be a lot of lock-ons from guided weapons that the enemy controls, whether that’s from Engineers or directly from the tanks themselves.

There are six available game modes in Armored Kill. All five from the base game plus the new Tank Superiority.

New ways to play
As Tank Superiority is a completely new game mode, it often calls for new ways to play. Lead Designer Gustav Halling created the game mode and knows better than anyone how it plays:

“With Tank Superiority I wanted to push tank-based gameplay to the extreme. This means there are a lot of new ideas to adapt to in this game mode. Tanks are the stars of the game mode, of course, but we also allow for some crucial infantry gameplay as well.

Usually, infantry will be Engineers or Recon, to either repair or destroy the vehicles with Repair Tools, Javelins, and SOFLAMs. Some of the maps are extremely open, like Bandar Desert. You would hardly ever approach the flag on those maps as infantry if you don’t have a death wish. On one or two maps, the capture point is somewhat obscured by terrain and allows for a higher degree of infantry combat.


“With Tank Superiority I wanted to

push tank-based gameplay to the extreme”


As a general rule, great tank commanders will make sure to travel in “wolf packs”, as lone tanks are easily picked off by well-positioned enemy tank squads. It’s important to use the new Tank Destroyer class to its advantage by constantly being on the move to become a harder target to hit. The number of lock-ons that you get from enemy guided weapons in Tank Superiority also means you probably want to equip your tank with IR smoke.

Once you have captured the control point on a map, it is normally a good idea to get the hell out of there, as you will be a sitting duck if you cluster up at the flag while the enemy outmaneuver you from higher terrain or from another advantageous position. Capture, then move back to defend is generally the way to play Tank Superiority and survive.

If you remember the game mode Air Superiority from Battlefield 1943, I wanted to create something similar for Armored Kill. A game mode that takes the theme of the expansion pack and makes it even stronger. I hope you will love it as much as we do here at DICE.”

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill is released in September and is included in Battlefield 3: Premium. Stay tuned as media coverage from Armored Kill preview events start to hit online.

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  • KONFLIKT 09.05.12 at 20:17

    Type : -[DICE]- into the the search & you will find hundreds of DICE/EA servers. Although they are not as populated as the rented servers, I think due to the fact that DICE/EA buried them inside the server browser. I think they need to do a better job to let players know that the regular servers still do exist. I had friends trade in the game and stop playing due to the fact that they thought only rented servers were accessible. DICE/EA is losing players and money due to this, I only came across it by a blind try in the dark entering the DICE prefix into the SEARCH on the browser. They just need a bar on the server that only lists their servers, so those looking for vanilla ranked games can use the DICE/EA servers & not worry about ADMINs booting them for unfair reasons.

  • VandrStyle 09.04.12 at 15:53

    Well to just insult the creators of this awesome game is not all that well said in my opinion. Imagine all the baserapin’, team killin’, punk playin’ if there wasn’t an admin on every server. You can see it on the (DICE) ones. I agree there are many kids that abuse the power of being an admin for their own advantage and that can be quite annoying at times. But then, once you found your favorite server with admins that play fair, this game just rocks beyond imagination. So it’s not all that bad as you put it here. Like a sir

  • KiloStrike11 08.12.12 at 00:36

    DICE – ADMINs SUCK……DICE – ADMINs FUCK THE WHOLE GAME UP. Summing it all Up: If your a good player and the admin sucks or isn’t getting his/her way, then you’ll be kicked 99% of the time (exaggeration = maybe). What the hell were you guys thinking when thought it would be wise to allow some fucking idiot have total control over a “RANKED MATCHED GAME”. Dice you need to be in control of “RANKED MATCHED GAMES” not some fuckin idiot who sucks at the game. I guarantee that a majority will agree with this post. So fix it!!! PLEASE!!!

    • Gangsta_War96 08.12.12 at 14:24

      You just need to enter a DICE/EA official server

    • MMFWCL Phoenix 08.13.12 at 20:24

      Look around the Server Browser, there’s plenty of EA- and DICE-hosted servers to be found if you’re having a problem with that. That said, there’s also quite a few servers that list their rules only to have people blatantly disregard them and then whine when they get kicked for it. While running my server I always enforced the rules with an iron fist, regardless of whether I’m winning or losing. It’s a game. Losing is part of it. Some people are sore losers. Learn to find the ones who are not, because trust me: there are plenty of people on BF3 who will hit you with a compliment or a friend request instead of the banhammer when you’re doing good.

      • BonzerCaesar76 08.14.12 at 18:24

        True. when someone is doing great, i sometimes try to befriend them.

      • ChillBroSwaggins 08.16.12 at 20:02

        Well said.

    • Wrathgar 09.11.12 at 07:46

      Rule #0: Do not piss off the admin.

  • KiloStrike11 08.12.12 at 00:35

    DICE ADMINs SUCK……DICE – ADMINs FUCK THE WHOLE GAME UP. Summing it all Up: If your a good player and the admin sucks or isn’t getting his/her way, then you’ll be kicked 99% of the time (exaggeration = maybe). What the hell were you guys thinking when thought it would be wise to allow some fucking idiot have total control over a “RANKED MATCHED GAME”. Dice you need to be in control of “RANKED MATCHED GAMES” not some fuckin idiot who sucks at the game. I guarantee that a majority will agree with this post. So fix it!!! PLEASE!!!

    • myfatbanana 08.16.12 at 23:36

      thats why you need to get your own server or a friend who has one dude

  • Gangsta_War96 08.11.12 at 13:34

    How about adding a radar guided missile for jets in armored kill?

  • xAOFxBradxUkx 08.11.12 at 11:55

    DICE, You have to bring back Air Superiority, Whether it be in a patch or in End Game. PLEASE bring it back!!!

  • hector2670 08.10.12 at 21:53


    • MMFWCL Phoenix 08.13.12 at 20:27

      once i get my BF3 back i will, i recently sold my Xbox to move to the PSN, i just have yet to get BF3 back. I made Colonel Star 77 on Xbox before i sold it and disbanded my squad, so hit me up if you want to invest in a future team player. Phoenix_MMFWCL on the PS3 network.

  • Vola00 08.09.12 at 21:31

    Very intresting, can’t wait for it :D

  • NOOB PAWNER99 08.09.12 at 18:27

    Looks sweet! I would think that the Support class would also play a large roll in this, with C4 traps, covering large open areas from a fixed position on a bi-pod , and defending flags.

  • Transporter1974 08.09.12 at 01:15

    Cant wait to play it!!

  • TrevorMcNeill 08.09.12 at 00:19

    you have got to be kidding me why could they not use air superiority

  • irishbarFighter 08.08.12 at 22:48

    I love freakin tanks, great job dice!

  • Assassin0fLove 08.08.12 at 22:17

    Why do people think anyone gives a shit about their stupid opinions? If you dont like it, fuck off, theres always COD

  • JMB_THE_DEFILED 08.08.12 at 20:36

    I wish they would eliminate the increase in ticket count or make those servers unranked

  • YeahBuddyTx 08.08.12 at 14:40

    im going to speak for the developers as if i do know them because im pretty sure im feeling the same way as them about these comments.. all faggots who are finding something to complain about trade in bf3 and pre order black ops 2, this armored kill dlc will make this game even more war like i have a 52′ hdtv surround sound this game hasn’t upset me, i started playing BF on 1943 this game will be the top war game in my eyes for you stupid retards stop sucking on your mom’s tits and get ready for war either way if the dlc’s disappointing i will be still playing BF3 this is the most realistic game on the market be thankful for what you have, fuckin sissy’s

  • powerfulattacker 08.08.12 at 11:59

    It would be cool if you had to hold the point for a certain amount of time or amount of tickets and then the enemy got pushed back to a new flag further into their base, kinda like that homefront mode. And then a team wins by pushing the other team all the way back or something. Would be more interesting than just the same flag everytime. :/

    Still looking forward to lots of tanks!!! :D

  • XxSnowman_185xX 08.08.12 at 11:47

    i love you people that whine, it makes me feel so much more humble, thanks NOOBS!

  • Dragoons47 08.08.12 at 00:03

    You have not even played yet! Go play Atari 2600 for a while and then come back and enjoy the game. Enough of the whining about the little things. DICE makes great games, period.

  • gameboy0895 08.07.12 at 19:01

    I think this game mode is going to flop. Seriously 1 flag? It’s going to be chaotic. I’d rather have a game mode resembling ‘World Of Tanks’ where the opposing sides have to get to the other enemy base and capture it (or) eliminate the entire enemy team. I think this is a lot more fun than what you guys have right now. Only one part of the map is going to get used…. there is no room for tactical gameplay here.

    • General534 08.08.12 at 18:35

      Is this the only BF game you have played, BF3? Isn’t chaotic what DICE specializes in? I would not like it like WoT, at all. Have you ever heard of Air Superiority in BF1943? That involved tactics and it was lots of fun. I hate all the people who whine just because they have an EA account.

    • Assassin0fLove 08.08.12 at 22:15

      no one cares what you think.

  • CG_recon 08.07.12 at 12:31

    What kind of teamwork can be in this madness? Gameplay is “grab the tank and brake your “shift” key to get killed faster”.

    teamwork? – no voip.
    tactical team work? – around 1 single flag?
    it will be just some crash\boom\noisy frames on your screens, nothing more. :\

    Dice, how could you………… ah………..

    • {SA}StayAlive 08.07.12 at 17:40

      I totally agree. It’s a shame this game turned into a joke, players run like chickens with their head cut off on servers. Looking for ARMA 3 for team, tactical gameplay.

    • General534 08.08.12 at 18:36

      People like you anger me.

  • catguts 08.06.12 at 17:14

    This sounds exciting as can be new game mode new gianormous maps I cannot wait . This is going to combat serious teamwork and good gaming skills to warfare . Thanks DICE for the extreme challenges you are bringing to the game !

  • SamRock 08.06.12 at 13:04

    New Modes are always welcome!! And this one particularly sounds interesting… but I feel the game will become boring very quickly due to the fact that we will be *fighting for one flag at the same spot everytime*! After people start realizing what works and what doesn’t, the game will become repetitive and boring!
    So what I am suggesting is, at start of each round, place the flag at a random spot on the map (or it could be set of 4 to 5 predesignated spots). Predesignated flag will help to developer to decide and balance the spawn areas. This will change the strategy at every match and add more variety to the new mode.

    So (4 maps) X (# of random flag spots) = Lot of Awesome Tank moments.
    Else we will all end up with moments like Metro flag B .. where everyone knows the outcome if you hold a particular spot!

  • tagarmagno23 08.06.12 at 02:35

    i want to download battlefield games for free?

  • TheLastElite 08.06.12 at 02:15

    1 flag…. what a joke.

    • MAJDAD001 08.06.12 at 13:42

      have u not played bf 1943 at least its has air superiority in it and has 1 flag aswell so ur saying thats a joke as well when in bf 1943 it wasnt?

  • xXRECREATERxX 08.06.12 at 01:14

    Thumbs up under toker i agree

  • xXRECREATERxX 08.06.12 at 01:13

    Give a shout out if you agree

  • xXRECREATERxX 08.06.12 at 01:12

    I here alot of complaints and not to many thank you dice new maps vehicles and biggest map ever stop whining until youve played the maps and i love premium and i hate it when people camp with tje optic scope be a real man use the tank what its meant to be a tank gets in the fight and gets the job done ac130 plane all the way

  • Remex1988 08.05.12 at 21:33


  • THRASHER9876 08.05.12 at 08:41

    So there will be non-stop guided shell and javelin lock ons, great how am i supposed to use optics if it is necessary to have ir smoke just to survive a few seconds, great job guys….

    • UnderToker 08.05.12 at 11:25

      A bit premature considering none of us has seen the map, terrain, gameplay or even the DLC yet.
      Give it a chance, have a go, then be negative if it needs it.

    • BleedingShadows1 08.06.12 at 06:01

      For all we know Dice will give us even more ways of avoiding lock ons. They did say tanks are getting new upgrades and the such. We might even get tank camouflage so that they can look like part of the environment.

  • Akujuo 08.05.12 at 07:06

    I will think that Armored Kill will be an Epic part of Battlefield 3. I can’t wait untill it comes out next month… For those who use Battle Log and you want to join my platoon called 13th. Tank Battalion please sign up for it and we (us, and You all) will have an all out WAR in Battlefield new expansion pack Armored Kill… So please join.. Enjoy..

  • -Sxx- 08.05.12 at 03:44

    Are you actually kidding me? You’ve had DLC for infantry and BF3s countless maps are all based around infantry crossfire. You said this was about vehicles, that infantry CQC and such have had their bit, now it’s time for vehicle focus. I didn’t see any vehicles in CQC to ‘feed’ the vehicle side of the population. But you feel it’s fine to add infantry based areas to the vehicle DLC? You make no sense.

    Why do you keep going back on what you keep saying?

    • Gangsta_War96 08.11.12 at 15:10

      Your comment makes no sense! Nooooo m, tanks are no vehicles and the biggest maps with the most vehucles ever will just be used for infantry combat…

  • tinrisky 08.05.12 at 01:08

    I’m sure mortars will be an effective tactic here.

  • Over421 08.04.12 at 21:22

    Even though I suck at tank warfare, this will be EPIC.

  • XXXX__RICH__XXXX 08.04.12 at 20:05

    Instead of just posting PC screen dumps, couldn’t you also post PS3 dumps. Because when i look at these pics, then it so far from my PS3, that it is laughable. This looks so crisp, but on the PS3 in 720p, witch is the native resolution, then it looks NOTHING like this.

  • Ztingjammer 08.04.12 at 17:21

    Thanks DICE, this is just what i’ve been waiting for! <3

  • MundaneRaptor 08.04.12 at 11:48

    Please can we get an update to the way battlelog voice works? like an opt-in auto-party feature so we can properly coordinate and communicate with our squad-mates ingame? Would it really be so hard to write a script battlelog voice to pull squad information and sort us into the appropriate parties? It would definitely make a difference for the release of Armored Kill.

  • angry_IT_Guy 08.04.12 at 09:41

    Will armored kill come with new maps, or re use existing maps, or both ?

    • TheOblivion94 08.04.12 at 12:58

      If you read it propely they did talk about “Bandar Desert” that will be a new open-space map, I imagine there are new maps because they are talking of “the biggest maps ever”.. so there WILL be new maps.. about the new game mode I don’t think it will be possible on old maps, can’t see 16 tanks in mètro LOL

    • Indignant Yeti 08.04.12 at 15:07

      Seriously? Have you been living under a rock?

  • standout5 08.04.12 at 00:33

    Why is it that sometimes i play battlefield 3 and i have 3 mines and on other games i have 5 mines? Same thing with C4, RPG, Stinger, and Javelin.

    • Eebz 08.04.12 at 00:43

      Squad perk of ‘SQD Explosives’ If you aren’t using it that means somebody in your squad is. Squad explosives gives more weaponry.

    • SimplyDisturbing 08.04.12 at 02:48

      Most likely, you or someone in your squad has the explosives enhancement.

    • Bed_Cat 08.04.12 at 05:24

      Maybe sometimes you have a squad mate whit the Expl specialization so you get more ammo for explosive stuff or maybe YoU are the one thats using the Specialization:p

    • cyclonus007 08.04.12 at 10:39

      One of your squad members is using the Squad Perks that give bonuses to squad members. Squad Explosives gives more rocket and C4 ammo.

    • Mooseandelk1 08.04.12 at 12:19

      Cause in bf3, u get different Squad Perks. when some in your squad has the explosive perks on, u get more ammo on everything that fires explosives. Javelin, Stinger, RPG, C4, Grenade Launcher etc. there are many swuad perks like, Sprint, Supression, More ammo, 2 Grenades, etc

    • standout5 08.06.12 at 05:07

      Aww damn are you serious?? I always thought squad explosive just makes the explosives more powerful and that was it. I got this game on the first day it came out and i play like a good 2 hours every day and i never knew about that. im a colonel 30 and i feel like a giant dumbass

  • {SA}StayAlive 08.03.12 at 19:22

    Was looking forward to purchasing this expansion, but due to the lack of hardcore mode(it is way too weak) I will pass not only on this pack but also on any other BF/MOH games. ARMA 3 has it down when it comes to “realistic” FPS. Adios muchachos!

  • flavio-krazy 08.03.12 at 18:46

    will be to kill the armored will have more players on the Xbox 360 platform? a patida of conquest? ie the size of the maps, the way and put more players (eg> the xbox has 24 players I think I kil in the armored dice q would have put 32 or more players to play on the maps of armored killl) and this would leave us very satisfied! and oh yes it would be worth buying a premium account it here and only a suggestion! I hope you guys entendao! why? and this great game that players q battlefield 3 on xbox 360 just ask! and I agree with them! thanks for attention!

    • LtGiuberia 08.03.12 at 20:40

      DICE can make 32 cause consoles can’t handle that many players on such a big map.

  • DimmyxDodger 08.03.12 at 17:17

    This is awesome, clearly dice you cant please everyone, but just know I have been very pleased…since launch date!

    And Im not just speaking for myself but for the 6-8 friends I play with regularly on xbox360 with premium accounts..We are all super stoked!

    Cant wait for SEPT!!!

  • moodii_77 08.03.12 at 16:26

    loved the new mode, really needs teamwork on this war
    is the rocket artillery going to be a new class of vehicle or not ????

  • cubeline82 08.03.12 at 15:51

    dice fail ! arma 3 looks better

    • D1E_C 08.04.12 at 13:32

      BF3 and ARMA3 are completely different games, you can’t compare them. ARMA3 is almost a sim. If I wanted something that realistic I would join the army. I play BF3 to be entertained.

    • Gangsta_War96 08.11.12 at 15:16

      Do you really want to say this crap looks better then bf3?

  • cubeline82 08.03.12 at 15:48

    the end of battlefield 3 will be in 2013
    arma 3 is more realistic

  • CoLFC 08.03.12 at 15:13

    Although I cant wait for this DLC to land and this is the one I want most out of all previous and up coming DLC’s I can imagine this mode could turn into (infantry/jav-fest) with whole teams having no desire to win the game but want to sit there camping the outskirts of the flag just playing for points and kills as vehicle destroys and kills combined with short spawn times + lots of vehicles is going to bring the kinds of high scores that you typically see in close quarters

  • Jimx99 08.03.12 at 14:27

    Finally, teamwork in tanks!!

  • Pleasure Master 08.03.12 at 12:14

    hmmm, don’t know.. close quarters sounded like it was going to be awesome, but it was kind of a let down…the above game mode description reads a bit the same…wait and see i guess..

  • focustjn 08.03.12 at 11:18

    “With Tank Superiority I wanted to
    push tank-based gameplay to the extreme” so to all the winers a bit more team play and good communication and so on…. you make the game fantastic when you use it what it’s made for !
    this expansion pack sounds pretty good and challenging :)

    • Sebastoff 08.03.12 at 12:53

      How can there be coordination and teamplay without integrated VOIP?! Why would you need teamplay, coordination and/or tactics if all the action is based around 1 flag? There is not much to it. Drive to flag, continuously pop smoke for all the lock ons, kill some tanks, die, repeat x 1000. What a stale gamemode. Luckily there is still Conquest. Do hope they didn’t screw up the maps like vanilla and actually added value to the flags other than the AC-130 on rails.. you ARE the airstrike.. just not today!

      • warmonger367 08.03.12 at 16:36

        But there is integrated VOIP…

      • MundaneRaptor 08.04.12 at 00:42

        We seriously need auto-party mode for the battlelog voice when you join a squad. It’s insane that we can’t coordinate on the PC unless we’re in teamspeak, and there’s no squad leader channel either! That would help command and control immensely, even if you couldn’t do a squad leader channel and just did auto-party for the squads.

  • Biruke 08.03.12 at 10:45

    i meant a squad

  • Biruke 08.03.12 at 10:43

    Guys, when do we have automatic communication channel inside a team? It’s so hard to play with people you don’t know and don’t know what they are up to. Tank battles will require good coordination.

  • Nineduce12 08.03.12 at 10:39

    Infrared Smoke Everywhere!

  • lNicKelly 08.03.12 at 10:39

    another thing you will see are assault classes popping smoke to cover the tanks too, first thing i thought when I heart about the most ideal classes.

  • AdKUMA 08.03.12 at 10:36

    so looking forward to this, Aberdeen was one of my favourites on BF1942! Now, how about something a little Coral Sea flavoured?

  • Znidy_SEAL 08.03.12 at 10:35

    MAybe you should bring the Air Superiority to this game as well, cause there are some people that would love having lots of Jet dogfigts :D

  • stevieoggy 08.03.12 at 10:02

    It is like World of Tank’s, but with better graphic’s…AWESOME !

  • Ezias 08.03.12 at 07:47

    this looks AMAZING! although I can’t say I’m happy about the roller coaster of enthusiasm I feel with DICE.
    1-They put out the first trailer and I’m stoked
    2-They release bare minimum info during the EA showcase and I’m POed
    3-They announce the release date 2 weeks before it comes out and I’m up all night before to download and I’m excited
    4-I try it and I SUCK… getting owned by everyone and I rage quit and wonder why I spent money on the game
    5-I get better and I can’t think of a better game to play that BF3
    1026-I get bored and stop playing
    1027-BF4 comes out and it all starts over again!

    good job DICE, keep it up

  • LP23 08.03.12 at 07:33

    Good to see that infantry can actually do something in the new dlc – i personally think 100% vehicles would quickly become boring and repetitive (claustrophobic as well), so it’s a good thing that infantry can play a role.

    Also love that the other game modes will be included. Me being a console player and knowing that the conquest maps will probably be significantly reduced in size, if the flag layouts fail to impress, then rush can always be another option for the layouts for rush are always consistent across all platforms.

    Can’t wait for this dlc to come out, just hoping that the conquest layouts will make these maps feel “larger” than usual, not like another caspian border or operation firestorm.

  • Coffeeist 08.03.12 at 05:29

    Sounds pretty sweet. I think it might be cool if there were also ground attack jets on some maps to send into the fray, and give some more purpose to Recon SOFLAMs which although not needed to kill armor with a Javelin, are the only way to kill air power with a Jav.

  • Babydel 08.03.12 at 02:02

    Ok actually reading the blerb, infantry involved. Not good. But will have to wait and see.

  • Babydel 08.03.12 at 01:58

    From watching the video it’s only tanks in his game mode, no infantry combat all.

  • Harry_Bast4rd 08.03.12 at 00:59

    I agree with Sebastoff. I’m sure they made the flag unable to be SOFLAM’d but i bet there is a way around it…. I hope not.

  • TheAmericanNinja 08.03.12 at 00:36

    its just a new idea let them see it through, if it sucks then they will not do it again. BUT TRY IT FIRST

  • N-Shifter 08.02.12 at 23:52

    Whiney little kids that are never satisfied joined the series, that’s what happened imo.

    • ShootyMcStabbyfc 08.03.12 at 01:09

      Scratch that, reverse it.

      Those that are pissed are the ones that remember the greatness of 1942, 2142, DC, and PR.
      The ones who just joined the series are the ones these releases are catering to.

  • Lavalampe777 08.02.12 at 23:36

    This will be such bad…
    What happened with the Battlefield-series?!

  • drumscarinbr 08.02.12 at 23:14

    You guys really need to add things to the game that enhance gameplay. We don’t need more weapon nerfs/buffs. IMO, nothing has really been done to this game (post launch) to give the players more options to improve gameplay. We’re forced to wait so long between patches, only to fix some things, make others worse (unreliable flares and ECM) and leave others untouched (twitching tank/vehicle gun’s reticles, taking damage when falling small elevations, etc.

    I hope you’ll consider some of these suggestions as they have a lot of player support behind them. Why can’t you guys address some of these ideas? Why not address ANY of the ideas that are voiced over and over again in the forum/blogs?

    Here are just a few of them:

    Adding 5 flag variants AS AN OPTION to the vanilla maps: []

    Getting rid of some on-screen clutter: []

    Allowing more flexibility on custom servers (letting the hardcore community play 60% health + no MINIMAP games ………WHILE KEEPING THEM RANKED: []

  • Sebastoff 08.02.12 at 23:07

    1 flag?!!! PHAHAHA!! Expect 20 SOFLAM’s aimed at it, smoke everywhere, 50 javelins in the sky. Sounds more like Derp Superiority!

  • ShootyMcStabbyfc 08.02.12 at 23:06

    From 1942 to 1 flag mode. Unbelievable. It’s no wonder EA’s stock is cratering.

  • AoW I SainT I 08.02.12 at 23:02

    This game mode seems like it will be pretty fun actuall :D

  • JMB_THE_DEFILED 08.02.12 at 22:59

    Wait am confused. What stops people from playing like regular conquest. Any info?

    • N-Shifter 08.02.12 at 23:48

      The 16 tanks might put a stop to normal conquest play, wouldn’t you think?

      Sounds fun to me, another option in an already fun game, plus you get to play normal conquest mode on these maps as well so everybody wins :)

    • [DICE] H Brun 08.03.12 at 09:13

      To be clear, Armored Kill includes all 5 game modes from the base game, plus Tank Superiority.

      • moodii_77 08.03.12 at 16:37

        I liked this idea that A.K. will support all base mode I would like to tried all

  • Syntax_uJa 08.02.12 at 22:58

    First! Going to be SICK. <3<3<3