Youtuber “mrsyndicate” plays Tank Superiority:
“It’s like close combat with tanks!”

Tom “The Syndicate Project” and gaming buddy Joel “Incredible Orb” dropped by the Battlefield 3 booth at GamesCom today. This is their first impression after having played Tank Superiority in Battlefield 3: Armored Kill.

Tom and Joel are two great guys and Battlefield fans who stopped by our booth today. The former is probably best known as “mrsyndicate” and has 1.2 million subscribers on his gaming YouTube channel. They both caught our attention at the booth by their tight team play and loud cheering. After the gaming session was over, we caught up with them to hear their thoughts on our September expansion pack.

Hey guys. You’ve just played Tank Superiority on Armored Kill. What’s your first impression?
Joel: Fun! A lot of destruction!

Tom: Fast, action-packed and loads of tanks so you can jump straight back into the action.

Joel: You would think that there would be like a …

Tom: … A calm moment.

Joel: You think you would shoot their tank and it would take some time before it respawns, but they’re right back in there with another tank and it’s just straight combat to combat to combat.

"mrsyndicate" enjoying a spot of all-out vehicle warfare at GamesCom 2012.

Yeah, the DICE team has set spawn times to virtually zero specifically for that effect in this game mode.
Tom: It was amazing. One minute you’re like: ‘Oh there’s just one tank, we’re having a little battle’. Next minute you look to your left and it’s four tanks driving towards you and you go: ‘I better drive off pretty quickly, otherwise I’m gonna get destroyed!’

So what’s your take on the new Tank Destroyer vehicle class?
Tom: The new vehicles are amazing. So much faster …

Joel: I like the different levels [on the map Death Valley] too. On one side there was this kind of little hill …

Tom: … Take the higher ground!

Joel: Yeah, exactly.

Tom: Take the higher ground, or take the crazy battlefield in the middle.

There’s also that bridge in the middle of the map.
Tom: Can you get on it?

Joel: I could swear I saw a sniper up there.

Yes. You can drive a tank up there on the bridge if you want to.
Joel: I totally missed that!

Tom: It’s a really good map. It’s probably one of the funniest Battlefield games I’ve ever had, that.

"Take the high ground or take the crazy battlefield in the middle", as Tom would put it. Click for full size.

What are you looking forward to the most with Armored Kill?
Tom: Honestly, I often get sniped a lot. You’re up against some really good players who are good at gun combat. I prefer driving. When you’re in a tank, there’s no getting sniped. It’s my driving skill and accuracy against yours, and it’s more of a one versus one situation.

Joel: I think it’s going to be a good balance, because you have Close Quarters that is super close combat and now it’s more tanks and …

Tom: … It’s like close combat with tanks!

Joel: Yeah, total mayhem! Total mayhem, but with vehicles. God, I can’t wait. I had a ton of fun in there.

Tom: You could hear and see us screaming and shouting!

Joel: It’s so hectic.

Tom: It’s a fast-paced and awesome game. I can’t say anything different.

What are you looking forward to in the future for Battlefield 3?
Tom: Motorbikes. That’s what I’m looking forward to. Everyone’s just going to be doing tricks everywhere. You need to put a ramp somewhere. Hidden.

Motorbikes have been revealed and confirmed as present in the fifth expansion pack End Game, coming March 2013. We’ll bring Tom’s ramp idea back to the developers in Stockholm. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, guys. Stay tuned everyone for more daily updates straight from Europe’s biggest games show.

Tom on Battlefield
“I’m really a multiplayer kind of guy. You know, playing with a good squad. [Battlefield 3] is a game that you can submerge yourself into, and it’s more about the win than your kill to death ratio. Be a team player.”

Joel on Battlefield
“I started with Battlefield 1942, and then Secret Weapons of WW II. I played that like a ton, obviously when I was a lot younger. And then I went from Battlefield: Bad Company 2 to Battlefield 3. I definitely enjoy Close Quarters, because even though [Armored Kill] is super fun, I usually want to run around and shoot people. So Close Quarters was like amazing to me.”

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  • Budbass070 08.29.12 at 14:35

    i can’t wait for it !! the CQ Dlc i didn’t like that so much ..i play BF because of the size of the maps ect
    BC2 still the winner btw :P

  • Amokboy 08.29.12 at 13:05

    Der Stahl sei mit euch! Warum gibt es keine Deutschen Kampfpanzer?

  • Panckeswitcheese 08.28.12 at 23:10

    wait armoured kill coming out on september 11th right? so wouldn’t premium members get its 2 weeks early??

  • oo_CAILUS_oo 08.26.12 at 12:33

    What I would love to see is day and night versions of all maps, and add in some random weather. This would give further longevity and flavour to all maps. I’m not saying that it changes during the game, but it’s randomised before the game begins.

    • snipershot01 08.28.12 at 01:12

      yeah your right they should put that in like caspian border at night and snowing and burnt it would look kwl

  • Doombringer211 08.25.12 at 17:00

    nice cant wait for it

  • iwan787878 08.24.12 at 20:54

    Can’t wait to try that armored tank fighting.

  • WuZzEh FuZzEhZ 08.23.12 at 22:53

    dude prenium event sorry for my speeling dice your assome but comeone why onther close queters for only preinum i dident buy this game for close maps i bought it for fun and all out vehicle warfare not close maps by the way i love armred kill i love your big map

  • fivebythree 08.23.12 at 16:25

    Hell yeah! Motorcycles will make the game that much more fun. Good call gang.

  • XXXX__RICH__XXXX 08.18.12 at 12:40

    I can see on the above picture that the tank got those metal grids on the sides, but do these detonate RPG`s before the RPG`s molten metal core can do any damage…..meaning does these metal grids work just like the real thing…?

    • XXXX__RICH__XXXX 08.20.12 at 19:08

      What….NOBODY……Come on DICE please tell us if the slat/metal grid armor works or if its just for show. :0)

      • PsychoVII 08.21.12 at 02:37

        i think is the reactive armor for the tank destroyers (new vehicles)

      • MarkieeAi 08.21.12 at 02:47

        It works just like Reactive Armor I would guess. It completly blocks the damage that RPG or tank shot would do. But then that extra armor on One of the Sides or the Back is gone :)

        So you basically have a shield on the back and sides that can protect you to 100% for damage but only for ONE shot, however it is possible to repair these with a repair tool

    • xX ZyxxaN Xx 08.22.12 at 18:03

      -_- you do know that that grid is the armor witch you can have on the tanks. Go to your loadout and check your tank for reactive armore.

    • HEY CROSSCUTT 08.23.12 at 13:27

      these metal grids are reactive armor, you can unlock them in most ground vechicles such as tanks and IFVs.reactive armor protects your tank from a strong hit eg. rpg or tank shell but only wonce on each
      reactive armor is the last unlock for tanks and IFVs

  • Sgt.Spiedkop 08.17.12 at 16:59

    My LIFE is COMPLETED <3 close combat with tanks <3

  • killuminati360 08.17.12 at 15:51

    Man, BC2 fanboys need to stop crying about BF3. Go play BC2, if you’re not happy with BF3. It’s BF3! Not BC2. BTW, I liked BC2 too. But this is BF3 and I play all the maps and I enjoy variety. Yeah, I got my favorites, but I’m not trying to be a pro on just one. Fucking boring. If you play only Metro , then you should play like a pro, but you will suck and quit out of frustration on the rest of the maps, because you only play one or two maps. Can’t wait for Armored kill.

  • MatiasOC-S 08.16.12 at 23:15

    “It’s like close combat with tanks!”

    Yes! is like get aids with sex!

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