Meet the coolest guy at GamesCom:
One-handed “InhumaX” has mad Battlefield skills

Tag along as we meet the seriosuly skilled one-handed Battlefield 3 player “”InhumaX”. When we saw his video on Battlelog, we knew we had to fly him out to GamesCom to greet him.

– I can’t believe that I’m here. The same evening that I posted my gaming video on Battlelog, friend requests were popping up all the time, and the German Community Manager sent me an invite to GamesCom. I was like: ‘What is going on?!’

InhumaX is from Austria and made the trip to Cologne to hang out with DICE and play Battlefield 3: Armored Kill before it releases in September. After posting his gaming video on Battlelog showing how he plays one-handed, he has received a lot of new friends. Some just want to play, others are handicapped players who want to share their thoughts and tips on how to play with a disability.

"The only thing that's a bit difficult is sniping."

We step outside of the community lounge with InhumaX for a chat. He picks up a cigarette from the pouch at his kilt and lights up in a courtyard that is somehow eerily reminiscent of the plaza in Ziba Tower.

– I’ve been playing consoles with one hand ever since the Nintendo 8-bit era. That’s the easiest console to play since it only has two buttons and the D-pad. But I don’t have any problems with Battlefield 3. The only thing that’s a bit difficult is holding my breath when sniping by clicking down the stick. But I generally play any class.

Yes, yes. Never mind that. What’s up with the kilt? Yep, that’s a proper kilt he’s wearing, and totally pulling it off. He brought two of them to the show, the other one being in a blue/green pattern.

– A friend of mine bought a kilt. I thought it was cool, so I asked my girlfriend’s aunt — she makes clothes for a living — to create them for me.

If you’ve seen his video or his Battlelog stats, you know InhumaX has some serious skill. It’s great to meet a fan who has been an inspiration to other handicapped gamers. As we leave the courtyard for the bustle at the show floor, we think that we must have met one of the coolest guys at GamesCom right there.

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  • Gnascher 12.15.12 at 18:21

    i am an Amputee, left hand, i play with a WolfKing game pad in my lap with a hook, and a Razer Mamba mouse, I’m getting SaynPlay soon, i just built a Z77 computer to put it in. i do pretty good, i play a lot. i have over 1000 hrs on BFBC2.

    Keep On Gaming..!!

  • A-BD96 10.03.12 at 12:40

    I give this guy and others totally respect! :)

  • blackburn-sniper 08.24.12 at 02:41

    good to see that people like me are in the news – i am a vet and it is hard playing one handed – but i do shoot alot of birds out of the sky!!

    • MrCornMuffin 08.25.12 at 09:00

      well god bless you and i personally thank you for putting your life on the line like that my good sir both you and him are very inspirational

    • espric 08.26.12 at 22:58

      Thank you for your service! :)

  • Doatg 08.23.12 at 19:14

    Well i say this is a great testimony to him and everyone else with a handicap, good for him.

  • Schwiizer_Kase 08.23.12 at 17:33

    1.1 kd, are you taking the piss?

  • mattmedlam 08.23.12 at 16:09

    all respect to this man. imagheyman i don’t know if you’re being an ignorant Tw at for the fun of it but u can clearly see this guy has only the use of one hand, so either you’re retarded or just a bigot but lets see how good your stats are compared to this inspirational guy

  • imagheyman 08.23.12 at 14:57

    counts 2 hands? dice you retarded?

    • ZeroToy 08.23.12 at 16:10

      DICE meant one-handed at the fact that he can only use one hand to play. Not that he doesn’t have a two hands. -_-

  • imagheyman 08.23.12 at 14:53

    + console noob has aim assistance.. not playing one handed with built in cheats lol

    • BenXL 08.23.12 at 17:06

      wow you’re a douche

    • Huzukk 08.23.12 at 18:59

      You are a serious piece of shit, faggott!

    • joost96 08.24.12 at 01:03

      stfu doesnt make any sense what your saying you know that.

    • Squeakypistolas 08.26.12 at 11:06

      u r a freaking low life! is it so hard for you pay respect and say nice things to people that deserve it! dooooshbag!

    • Gnascher 12.15.12 at 18:26

      Please… give up the Hate’n, just get your Troll off and let it go.

  • imagheyman 08.23.12 at 14:51

    i see 2 hands?

  • NICKRPG38 08.23.12 at 03:38

    you know the m18 claymore how a enemy walks over it you get a kill i LOVE it but could you make a detonator like with c4? could you make a detonator m18 claymore like in real life!!!!???? EXAMPLE if your playing close quarters you place a detonator m18 claymore at a flag you wait until the icon starts blinking CLICK BOOM you get a muti-kill so can you guys try to put this idea in the game and i will love DICE for ever!!!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE its just my thinking so if you put it in the game make it have a GOOD radius and a GOODrange to thank you i LOVE YOUR GAME GO BF3 and GO DETONATOR CLAYMORE BY GO BF#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ReconRanger18B 08.23.12 at 13:37

      You must be 1 of those players that puts claymores down facing walls because you don’t see the front & read “Front Toward Enemy”.

    • EliteRifleman 08.28.12 at 19:17

      Well just use c4 then, duh…

  • MICHAELG213 08.21.12 at 08:17

    i play battlefield using my feet…

  • XXXX__RICH__XXXX 08.20.12 at 19:04

    How do you do it, do you make a custom button/stick setup or just plays with the standard setup..?

  • swampdonk88 08.19.12 at 00:15

    Add me up Inhumax. One handed or two handed. Lets game man! :) Lucky to of played armored kill. :P

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