It’s a wrap! GamesCom 2012 is over — see you next year

72-year old Battlefield player Heiner made our Facebook page explode with likes.

A whole week of gaming extravaganza at GamesCom in Cologne has come to an end. At its tenth anniversary, there is no denying that what started as a fairly German-centric event has transformed into the biggest European playground where media and fans alike share their passion for games.

For us at DICE, there is nothing finer than going to these shows and letting people literally get their hands on our games. Last year, we were humbled by the great surge of people lining up for their first hands-on with Battlefield 3. 10 months into Battlefield 3′s life, we continue to be amazed at our loyal fans and extremely active and engaged players.

Attending shows like these is also a wonderful opportunity for us to meet our fans and get to know them a little bit better — whether that’s Internet phenomenon “mrsyndicate”, one-handed Battlefield player “InhumaX” or the world’s most veteran Battlefield player (and possibly the oldest man attending GamesCom). You are the lifeblood of this industry. Without fans who share our passion to come out to a show like this, shake our hands, play our game and tell us what you think of it, there would be no Battlefield.

To all of you we met this year at GamesCom, and to all of you we didn’t have a chance to personally meet and greet — thank you!

/The DICE team

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